MLS All-Stars 3, Chelsea 2: Match Highlights

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15 Responses to MLS All-Stars 3, Chelsea 2: Match Highlights

  1. Happy Boy says:

    great game

  2. Duneman says:

    It was a GREAT showcase. Plenty of great talent and goals. Phili had a perfect atmosphere. Say what you will about the importance of the game….but getting to see one of the best teams in Eruope against an MLS dream team is a real treat for the fans. One of the things I liked. I wonder what would happen if you tried to make an All-Star team out of the EPL clubs. I think you would just have complaints from players not wanting to play or WAY too many egos to come together with one practice or two before playing together. The MLS guys battle every week, but it was fun to see they gel so well and just have some fun.

  3. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Finally mls is understanding the real soccer fan by adding more flavor to the atmosphere and at the same time mls will gain new fans and bring back the lost soccer fans. In 5 years this league will surpass the Mexican league but the Mexican leagueplans to expand to 20 teams and make new stadiums. In 10 years in 2022 the mls will be In the top 2 sport leagues of the butUS, nfl mls nba mlb nhl.

  4. Vic El Paso texas says:

    By the way, if mls adds 3 to 4 teams in the southeast, the mls will only get better and stronger. In reality the east of the US has a lot of markets to select from and the west, not really.

  5. BSU SC says:

    Best All-Star game yet! Well done, MLS. Great event!

  6. fortunate only says:

    The Mexican League has no plans to expand to 20 teams yet you keep repeating it all over the site.

    And if you really think the MLS will surpass the Mexican League in five years, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  7. b says:

    Stop, just stop.
    It doesn’t even matter if your opinions are interesting or idiotic, they have close to zero relevance to what the threads you post them in are about. Start your own blog “my thoughts on the future of MLS” and get rich off your 0 visitors instead of hijacking SBI.

  8. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Yes they are and hopefully your brain and soul will still be up and running when it happens- i don’t care cuz mls is an awesome league that will surpass the mexican league. By the way I’m just trying to give some knowledge to people out there, besides just trolling like a no life, get some education. Cheers virgin

  9. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Another uneducated person on the internet- the relevance is there but at a higher degree- i suggest to start your blog as well as in, so can read say your level

  10. DJ777 says:

    The MLS is improving but before people start going crazy, the MLS needs to win a Concacaf champions league first before we even consider talk of being better than the mexican league. That league pays the players higher wages & therefore the lineups from top to bottom have more quality.
    It was a great win last night for the all-stars and that shows that the MLS is getting better. I hope the league only expands one more team. I would rather see more quality from the teams already in existence vs watering down the talent even more by adding 2-4 teams.

  11. TheFrenchOne says:

    twellman kept salivating over lampard’s “difficult strike” … freaking ridiculous. technically sound, yes. difficult? maybe for my U-8 team

  12. bryan says:

    i seriously cannot stand comments like this. you have NO idea what will happen. your assumptions mean JACK. just let it be dude.

  13. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Relax, live life.

  14. eddie says:

    MLS gave Chelsea a good thrashing. End of story.

  15. GW says:

    More than half the time that exact same pass gets blasted over or just wide of the goal.