Must-See Goal: Darren Mattocks

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66 Responses to Must-See Goal: Darren Mattocks

  1. DS says:

    Crap, on first glance this was just piss poor goalkeeping, but my god did Mattocks get up high. This one should go viral.

  2. vik says:

    posterized in soccer wow

  3. Landrewc says:

    Is it legal to jump up and kick a guy in the head as long as you score as part of the play?

  4. Steve says:

    I was wondering the same. It’s brilliant regardless, but he puts his knee right into the defenders head. I just don’t know the rules well enough.

  5. mcnelldr says:


  6. solles says:

    Great athleticism sure, but a must see goal? What are those standards? Looks like a college goal to me…. long hopeful blind punt upfield, a forward who outjumps the goalie, somewhat of a random outcome.

  7. CrispyST3 says:

    Haha yah, i think the ref was too busy being mesmerized as to how high mattocks got

  8. KP1935 says:

    If this happened in the middle of the field it would have been a foul. Also, I wonder if the coach will get any fine/suspension for the gesture caught on the video.

  9. BigDave says:

    Cap him!

  10. RK says:

    Agreed. The kid has ups, the keeper was dumb. It was a stupid “cross” (hail mary) in the first place.

  11. Joel says:

    Wow.. he could of probably jumped over both Toronto players.

  12. Brett says:

    It seems like he gets higher and hangs in the air because he bends at the knee and uses the defender to break his fall.

    Quite a jump to beat the keeper to it though. Good goal off a horrid cross.

  13. Jamie says:

    The fist pump? Seriously, or am I missing something?

  14. jcd says:

    That’s levitation, Holmes.

  15. keel says:

    a foul? seriously? defender backed in just as much as mattocks jumped into him. and mattocks was actually going for the ball, which the defender certainly was not. mattocks didn’t push himself up off the defender’s back….he was pretty much at the peak of his jump when they collided. no foul. not even close. not even in la liga.

    and we should note how mattocks teabags him for good measure on the way down. pure class…

  16. NE REVS says:

    Yes, Blake Griffen Corollary. Somewhere Pau Gasol just felt a disturbance in the force and Andrew Bynum made Andrew Bynum face.

  17. NE REVS says:

    That defender will regret turtling since that ended up going in.

  18. Camjam says:

    Wow, you two are hard to please. Honestly, I watched the end of the game, and when I saw this goal, I nearly peed. It was SHOCKING how high he got. This is must see based purely on the athleticism.

  19. Ashley Watson says:

    Damn, his vertical leap is NBA-caliber!

  20. RSLfan says:

    I am sensing a one game suspension coming here for a shin to the head of an opponent…

  21. RSLfan says:

    that was sarcasm, just wanted to clarify…

  22. Smits says:

    Nice jump on that goal but, dear God that Canadian accent is grating.

  23. TFCfan says:

    Yeh, an American one is really becoming.

  24. Camjam says:

    ‘merica! Personally I’m just stoked that us North Americans don’t sound like the Scots.

  25. Frank says:

    I know Mattocks is Jamaican, but does anyone (Vancouver fans?, Akron Fans?, Ives?) know if he has any interest in playing for the USMNT? And if so, is he close to citizenship?

  26. 20 says:


  27. kenji says:

    He went Beau Kittredge on that man!

  28. Weaksauce says:

    what a hater

    You were probably the guy who could never touch the net on a basektball hoop…

    MLS at its finest !

  29. solles says:

    What so jumping ability makes you a good player? you sound like the guys who used to say “if only Michael Vick played soccer, the US would dominate the world” which of course we know is complete nonsense…. or do you know that?

    great athleticism. fine. great goal? really?

  30. Onesto says:

    Aside from the absurd athleticism on display, consider his timing… absolutely flawless.. GREAT GOAL.

  31. Halford says:


    first time i watched it i was like whats must see about that?

    second time…oh good heavens what a leap.

  32. b says:

    He didn’t come to the US until Caleb Porter recruited him to Akron from Jamaica because the kid can seriously play. So he’s only been in the US for a few years. He would have to get his green card eventually, and then wait over five more years to become a US citizen. In other words, he would never play for the US unless Jamaica had no interest, which would mean we would have no interest.

    Diego Fagundez joined MLS at 16 and he will almost certainly never play for the US for similar reasons. He’s been in this country since age 5, played for US u-14s (citizenship not required at that age), and wants to play for the US, but it would take so long that if we wanted him, he would probably already be tied to Uruguay (they are already interested).

  33. Weaksauce says:

    You sound like the guy who is the size of a soccer player and would #$%# his pants if NFL size players started to play this game

    dopest Header to date! MLS MLS MLS

  34. Cholmondeley Warner says:

    No one’s going to mention the unnecessary and prolonged taunting of the TFC fans? there’s absolutely no history between Mattocks and Toronto so I don’t know why he felt the need to do that, seems a habit of opposing players at BMO Field that I don’t see elsewhere

  35. Don Pelayo says:

    That leap seemed to defy physics.

  36. Shane says:

    For Jamaica mon. And I wouldnt be surprised if it happens on 9/11

  37. Gerald says:

    Yeah I had just turned the game a few minutes before this goal, what a leap!! However TFC got the last laugh with a game winner 5 minutes later

  38. Shane says:

    I dont know how you call that taunting. There was probably a small pocket of ‘caps fans that he was showing his appreciation for. He was making a heart sign with his hands. Mattocks is a good kid, never seen him be a jerk.

  39. Frank says:

    That’s not a fist pump…it’s European for Middle Finger.

  40. sly says:

    Jamaica needs a new generation of exciting strikers. He needs to play for vancouver 2 more years before europe.

  41. Rasta says:


  42. Charles says:

    Holy moly that guy can fly.

    This is really what you want to see for MLS. Superstars that aren’t over-hyped and over the hill. There are PLENTY out there now.

  43. froboy says:

    Not in the business of stealing players from other countries. Its one thing for the german americans that have a legit tie to the US and wouldn’t be studs for their team of birth, but wishing for guys like Mattocks or Najar is kinda messed up. I love the USMNT, but we can get it done without pouching from other countries.

  44. Kris says:

    The defender never attempted to go for the ball. Then again, Mattocks didn’t give him much time.

  45. Eurosnob says:

    Weaksoauce, solles makes a good point. There is plenty of athleticism in the leap, but otherwise there’s nothing remarkable about this goal. Some of us do not get overly excited about an athlete scoring a header of a hopeful long ball, and that is OK. As for NFL players, not playing soccer, you made me chuckle. NFL athletes do not have the right body types to run for 90 minutes without the stoppage of play every 5 seconds. Some NFL players will have sufficient speed for soccer, but they won’t have endurance or technical skills to play the game. Plus, soccer requires a lot of creativity and improvisation, and the players have make their own decisions throughout the game. What would NFL coach do if a wide receiver decided to improvise rather than running a prescripted play? The games are too different and require different skill sets and body types.

  46. Rlw2020 says:

    Ya i really hope people in sweden and germany arnt talking about steeling span, gyau and other us top prospects just cuz they play club ball there…

    Cant wait to face him in the US-Jamaica games.

  47. THomas says:

    Why isn’t he in the NBA?

  48. Rlw2020 says:

    Awesome goal! Hope to see more of that in the future. Funny a few weeks ago while watching Colorado vs Vancouver i pointed out Mattocks saying he will take Cummings spot on the Jamaican team, feeling good about that prediction now.

    In other news, wow tfc! Another point dropped, in stoppage time too!

  49. Felix says:

    First I thought it was a display of Mattocks’ hops, but on the review I can see he basically hurdled the defender.
    I’m not taking anything away from Mattocks, but it seems like a foul.

  50. Curious says:

    …how is he going to meet US residency requirements while living and working in Canada?

  51. Rascal says:

    You are wrong. That is the TFC supporters’ corner. All whitecaps fans were at the opposite end of the field. The camera does not do it justice. He stood in front of the supporters doing the “shhhh!” motion for 30 seconds. About 10 beers went flying at him.

  52. happyjuggler0 says:

    I also saw in real time what everyone else saw.

    However I seem to be the first person here to realize that the reason why the keeper never got to the ball is that his defender got in his way.

    In essence mattocks scored the goal because yes he jumped very high and redirected the ball into the net; but also he scored because he was the only person anywhere close to the ball.

  53. Gnarls says:

    How ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away… With mind bullets!

  54. Gnarls says:

    Mattocks has hops, nice goal, etc., etc. I was just happy to see TFC win a game in clutch fashion. Have they ever scored a game-winning goal in stoppage before? Their fans deserve more of that.

  55. prizby says:

    best part of the goal is his celebration where he tries to incite a riot…only for it to come back and bite him in the rear when dunny scores in the 95th

  56. Colin says:

    Define “American accent” for me.

    Midwest? (Michigan? Wisconsin?) Southern? (SEC West? SEC East? Appalachian?) Northeastern? (Boston? New York? (Upstate? City?) Jersey?) So Cal? Nor Cal?

    Granted, dude who said Canadian accent is simplifying as well, could be Quebecois, whatever you call people who live in the middle, Saskatechuan-esque, or BC.

    I acknowledge the absurdity of this comment on a soccer blog, but hey, it’s the internet so what the h.

  57. b says:

    Don’t lump Najar and Mattocks together.
    Najar traveled to the US by himself at 14 to be with his family, he WANTS to play for the US but his citizenship will take so long that his career would be halfway over by then, so he chose Honduras. If our laws weren’t so lame he would be playing for us like he wanted. How would that be stealing him?

    Mattocks came to the US to attend the best college soccer program we have so he could be a pro and play in MLS, he has no desire to represent the US, he is a Jamaican and will play for them.

  58. Marlon says:

    Why would Fagundez be so far from citizenship if he’s been here since he was 5?

  59. b says:

    Good, a TFC player should do the same in Vancouver, spice up the rivalry.

  60. froboy says:

    Since when did Najar want to play for the US? Even if he did he would be just like Rossi who most people around here detest, dude is Honduran and should play there. Obviously if he wants to play for the US we’d take him, but i wouldn’t root actively for him to be Judas Najar like Rossi was. Laws aren’t lame, they are fair, we shouldn’t fast track guys just to play for our soccer team.

  61. b says:

    Spoiler alert: this isn’t the last goal in the game

  62. b says:

    There was an article which stated that he preferred to play for the US and that DC United officials were trying to help speed up the citizenship process but were unsuccessful.

    He would be a US citizen a lot sooner if he had not been an illegal immigrant until DC signed him and made him legal.

    When a 14 year old travels from Honduras to the US to start a better life, is a law abiding citizen and a productive member of society with a well paid job, they deserve citizenship imho. More than some lazy ignorant fools who just happened to be born here and sit around unemployed complaining about illegals.

  63. froboy says:

    Everything I read says he wanted Honduras, he will get his citizenship, but don’t see why he should get to jump the line.

    link to

  64. Soro says:

    Well, the play-by-play guy is a Brit. The colo(u)r mad is a Canadian who lived in the UK for 15 years. Neither one has a ‘Canadian’ accent if these is such a thing.

  65. Four Cents says:

    It’s defiantly a foul in my book and I don’t even have a dog in this fight. Mattocks knees the defender in the back of the head, and than rides on his shoulders well before he makes his first contact with the ball. I don’t know what the ref was thinking (besides being open jaw’d looking in amazement at Mattocks ups). If you don’t agree with me on this- you’re most likely a Whitecap fan (hints biased).

  66. Four Cents says:

    Look at the 58 second mark on the video above- clear as day foul. Your not even suppose to use your elbows, or hands to help boost yourself up higher than the opposition. I guess with Mattocks being added to the league- they’re going to have to add knees to that list as well…