Must-See Goal: Jose Villarreal

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12 Responses to Must-See Goal: Jose Villarreal

  1. angler23 says:

    18 years old, dropping your first professional goal, and putting a big smile on Keano’s face in the process – priceless.

  2. downintexas says:

    I don’t think Cannon nor anyone expected him to take that shot.

    That said, well done Mr. Villarreal

  3. SilverRey says:

    I think that’s the first time Keane has smiled since he got here…

  4. CplDaniel says:

    Wow…The settup play was very elaborate but precise. Took a lot of intelligence, skill and coordination to set that goal up and put it away.

    F|N Awesome Man!!! F|N Awesome.

  5. El_Gringo_Ronaldo says:

    Since no one else has said it, guess I will:

    CAP HIM!!!!

  6. yameson says:

    Fabulous goal! I think we also owe thanks to whoever put the clip together. Too often, the highlights are just the shot and the goal, with no lead-in/build-up. The highlight of Henry’s 71st minute goal yesterday, was also very well put together. You saw Le Toux take the ball, saw Henry start a tentative run, Le Toux saw the run and launched it…and Henry finished beautifully. Let’s hope a new standard is evolving.

  7. Michael F. says:

    Great touch pass by Becks, Brilliant shot by Villarreal. The confidence to take that shot at 18 is huge. I honestly don’t know much about him…is he a starter for LAG? And what position? Thx!

  8. jimmy says:

    This was his first game in the mls and I think he’s a midfielder.

  9. John F says:

    Second game actually; he came on for about ninety seconds replacing Keane at Portland over the weekend. He has also played three games for the US U18s and one for the U23s. And yes, he is a midfielder.

    Given his age and experience, and the implication it had for the result, this was probably an even better goal than Beckham’s long-range blast at Portland.

  10. beachbum says:

    that was freakin’ awesome baby!!!

    what a goal, what a time for it. WOW

  11. Gnarls says:


    Seeing the veterans celebrate with the Villareal was the best moment of the game, in my opinion.

  12. dan says:


    hopefully he blossoms into a star