Red Bulls in talks with third DP

BackeSoler (Getty Images)


With a little more than two weeks remaining until the close of the MLS summer transfer window, the New York Red Bulls have a Designated Player in their sights.

According to head coach Hans Backe, the Red Bulls have targeted and are currently in negotiations with a potential third DP to join the likes of Thierry Henry and Rafa Marquez.

"Yeah, absolutely, we are looking for that, and we are in negotiations, but that will probably take time," Backe said after Wednesday’s practice.

When asked whether the team was negotiating with a club or the player himself, Backe stated, "It’s always difficult to finish personal terms. It takes time."

One possible hint as to the type of player the team may be looking for came when discussing the status of Luke Rodgers. Though the team says they are still leaving the door open for the English striker, whose visa situation has still not been cleared up, Backe made clear the team still places the acquisition of a quality starter as a top priority. In terms of other forward options for the club, former Colorado Rapids forward Quincy Amarikwa has been on trial.

"We hope for (Rodgers), but you never know," he said. "That’s the target; to get one quality guy up front.  We trade one or we buy one from Europe, we don’t really know yet. It takes time. It’s not overnight we do these trades or buying players from Europe."

Negotiations between New York and a potential third DP will continue, and, according to the coach, there is no league interference in the team's dealings, it is just a matter of the two parties coming to an agreement.

New York has recently been linked to the likes of Aston Villa's Stephen Ireland and German star Michael Ballack, both of whom would require a DP style contract. As recently as last month, though, general manager Erik Soler stated the team would look toward a younger player for its final DP slot. 


Who do you think the Red Bulls' third DP will be? What kind of player do you think the team should be targeting?

Share your thoughts below.

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62 Responses to Red Bulls in talks with third DP

  1. James says:

    And NY continues to show us how NOT to run an MLS team.
    And this is the city the MLS is trying it’s hardest to get in bed with!?

  2. Murphy says:

    Shouldn’t this comment be held until we find out who the DP is? It just seems like you’re trashing them for simply trying to improve the team

  3. Tim says:

    Wait, more quality up front? That’s the issue here?

  4. DavidKamerun says:

    hahah +1

  5. luis says:

    I keep repeating Red Bulls need a creative midfielder,
    or will never win anything,bedides the DP’s play only
    have of the games.

  6. Rigazzi's on the Hill says:

    Maybe they should sign Carvalho, so he can play all the games Marquez misses.

  7. Chris says:

    If this team can get healthy they are going to destroy everyone.


    Bench: Ballouchy, Richards, Holgersson, Lade, Miller, Palsson, (maybe Rodgers too?)

    Health is the concern.

  8. d3 says:

    Oh James is Seattle rainy again today?

  9. Mike says:


  10. Tim says:

    And why is the city to blame and not management? You’re making yourself look silly!

  11. Murph says:

    NY Post is reporting that Stephen Ireland is NOT an option. Does that leave Ballack? What about Riquelme?

  12. Dope Solo says:

    Huh? your butthurt is showing.

  13. beto says:

    half* ; good point tho. id be pissed if my club’s big investments were sitting that much.

    certainly need a younger player if they are going to add.

  14. Old School says:

    The article said, “As recently as last month, though, general manager Erik Soler stated the team would look toward a younger player for its final DP slot.”

    …then again, how good is Soler’s word?

  15. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’d be interested if the DP (“buying players from Europe”) and striker ideas are the same single idea. Why not sign Sheva and use Henry as a wing where he has played some? Play something like

    Sheva Cooper
    Richards McCarty Lindpere Henry

    I don’t understand the Rodgers obsession, he was a solid but only somewhat productive player. Cooper has more goals by half season, playing among most of the same players, than Rodgers did all last year. Consider it an upgrade and move on.

    Ballack is past it and even preparing for TV work, Ireland is not productive enough to change anything. I’m surprised that the same Red Bull entity which has bought F1 titles hasn’t taken more advantage of the DP rules and gone out and bought themselves someone young and productive. I know lots of players’ goal is Europe and traditional success but there are mercenary players like Asamoah Gyan (or maybe Shane Smeltz or some A-leaguer) who should respond to a bank truck backed to their house. Weird for Red Bull to be more passive than LAG. [I know Marquez has not gone well, but that’s a write off…]

  16. Brain Guy says:

    If the next DP is over 32 years old, I may blow my top.

  17. Felix says:

    Could Carlos Bocanegra be the 3rd DP?
    We’re all aware of the Rangers newco situation, and Boca is looking for another club.
    Alot of chatter appears that he is returning to MLS. NYRB does need defensive help.

  18. Big Chil says:

    Aw, man, I love Rigazzi’s.

  19. Michael F says:

    Exain to me again why the NYRB traded DeRo? His quality at 300K was a steal.

  20. Eugene says:


  21. Eugene says:

    Or Lampard

  22. stpauljosh says:

    Who cares…It’s DC’s gain and we aren’t looking back. Maybe the RB’s can send us the next MVP they get a hold of too.

  23. fish says:

    Lampard has already stated emphatically that he isn’t coming here

  24. Charles says:

    Actually you can check out the sun on for the Lamar Hunt USOC semifinal tonight !

    Se4444tttllle ! Sooooouuuunders !

  25. Charles says:

    Pretty sure NY is NOT top in the allocation order.

  26. Mitty says:

    The next DP should be a new head trainer. All these injuries are caused an overall lack of fitness.

  27. Eugene says:

    link? Because he was in LA recently and rumors were swirling. Even emphatic statements are sometimes just posturing for negotiations.

  28. fish says:

    Google Frank Lampard MLS and look at the news section. There’s a ton of links, and he specifically addressed his LA visit

  29. Matador says:

    Luke Rodgers? Seriously? Why? please tell us WHY !!!

    Why is NY obsessed with him? Season 2011 10 Goals and few assists.

  30. TomG says:

    Sheva is EXACTLY the type of player MLS should avoid like the plague. He played uninspired football with Chelsea 3 years ago, yet somehow playing MLS will motivate him? NYRB needs someone hungry or someone with an edge or someone with something to prove, not someone just looking to collect a paycheck.

  31. TomG says:

    They could acquire the spot if they’re not. Boca would seem to be a perfect fit.

  32. TomG says:

    Because they are stupid.

  33. dan says:

    Why another striker? They have the 2 best in MLS right now! They need a world class CM

  34. dan says:

    dero was crap at ny

  35. beto says:


  36. Dulliwhig says:

    Because DeRo and Henry played similar roles and the chemistry was just not there.

  37. AcidBurn says:

    Um…NY needs a CAM and Boca would be terrible there. He could hoof passes over the end line and watch Henry have a fit.

  38. Cubillas says:

    I agree with you 100% there Michael but you need to understand that Backe does not have it in him to be creative when it comes to using the talent this club had, it shows in our style of play very predictable, uninspired and inconsistent. We don’t need another striker. What we need is an attacking mid/ playmaker but I’m tired of saying the same thing. Other shortcomings we have is playing with a lone striker, it does not work for us. Backe and Soler need to deliver something…

  39. Camjam says:

    haha LMGTFY

    link to

    look right up at the top there. it very well may be posturing, but emphatic is really the only way to describe his statement

  40. bryan says:

    thanks, we ALREADY KNEW THIS. how many articles are going to be out saying NY are “in talks with another DP”. we know, we know, we know. please write something when we know WHO it is.

  41. bryan says:

    yeah dude, he specifically commented on him being in LA.

  42. Rod Radley says:

    Too bad Salomon Kalou already penned a deal elsewhere. Would have been a great fit (in all aspects: team, as a younger solid DP w/ storied career, to the NYRB franchise, MLS as a brand, etc). Based on the recent Steve Nash fundraiser, it looked as if Kalou to the MLS was likely. Guess he wants to wait until he’s 30+ to get a call to the states.

  43. Scott A says:

    It’s weak that some DPs can’t/won’t play on turf, but it’s even weaker that there are 3 new teams, plus 1 old team, in MLS that play on carpet.

  44. Sabella says:

    We very clearly need a YOUNG, skillful, creative, attacking central midfielder. The fact that Backe is suggesting a striker in addition to Henry and Cooper demonstrates his incompetence. Yes, Henry is injured all the time but if we play possession oriented football and spread the field, we’ll score plenty of goals even with Henry on the bench

  45. El Torito says:

    I guess Riquelme is looking for a new place.

  46. THomas says:

    Ireland sucks…I don’t even like NYRB but I’d be angry if an MLS designated player slot was used on his bald @$$.

  47. THomas says:

    lol…almost lost my coffee

  48. KG says:

    Tribune’s been reporting in the that NYRB are after some young dutch striker named Sherjill MacDonald.

  49. KG says:

    my bad, thats the fire

  50. Anti-Rafa says:

    Looks at watch…counting down minutes until New York City has a new team.

  51. LA G says:

    Seriously! DP’s are not there regularly. I think young DP’s from South America make more sense, but they don’t sell tix as well. I’d rather have a great team and great chemistry then a team of egos and no shows. IMO.

  52. Nick says:

    +1 on Rigazzi’s.

  53. b says:

    1. Chicago
    2. Not a DP

  54. Felix says:

    Bocanegra isn’t technically gifted, but he’s cultured and experienced enough to know to pass it off to Marquez, Ream or whomever.
    You could easily put Bocanegra in the backline, push Marquez up next to McCarty and go more 4-2-3-1 and drop Henry back behind Cooper. Henry seems to drop back anyway.
    Just my two cents.
    I don’t know if a “glamor” club like NYRB would want to spend money on two defensive DPs like Bocanegra and Marquez.

  55. Getrealtime19 says:

    Ream?? Didn’t know Boca could pass it from Harrison to Bolton.

  56. Phlub says:

    It’s hard to complain about injuries when you’ve invested so much in senior veteran players not just as leaders in the club house but as core position players. Henry, Marquez, Conde, Taino – all between 29 and 35. Ballouchi, Solli and Linpere are right up there in age with them and are also now likely being over relied on at this point.

    McCarty is a workhorse who’s a great example of being young/motivated, experienced (enough) and remains healthy. Cooper, Richards and Miller are a little older but still in their prime physical form at least.

  57. Roger says:

    Kaka would be awesome but he is still in pursuit to represent Brazil in the World Cup

  58. Rabid RBNY says:

    And you could probably win this and the next four before the rest of the league gives the Open Cup genuine interest.

  59. Stew says:

    Ill take a fish bowl and toasted ravs

  60. Franklin says:

    You can’t be bald if you have the ability to grow hair, which i think he does. He simply has a shaved head.

  61. Anthony Bouts says:

    Ideally the 3rd DP would be the creative attacking central midfielder the team has been lacking since Guevara or even Djorkaeff, as everyone and their mother (other than the actual team management apparently) has recognized… it would make perfect sense if these negotiations were with Riquelme, he fits the bill and just announced his intentions to leave Boca. I know hes pretty old now, but the guy still has it

  62. Conrad says:

    Cleverest response in a long time.