Report: Red Bulls targeted Kaka


The New York Red Bulls have taken MLS by storm with a recent spree of moves that have landed them Sebastien LeToux and most recently Australian star Tim Cahill, but there is an even bigger star who the club apparently had its sights on.

Reports out of Spain have linked the Red Bulls with a move for Brazilian star Kaka. Spanish daily Marca presented a front-page spread on the link for the Real Madrid midfielder, who looks set to leave the Spanish champions.

Kaka could potentially make a return to AC Milan, where he starred before his move to Madrid. Milan is in need of some star power after selling Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to Paris St. Germain.

With Cahill's move to New York (which has yet to be formally announced but is expected to be made official in the coming days), it would appear the Red Bulls' push for Kaka has proven futile. The New York Post suggests as much in a piece written earlier today.

A dream scenario for Red Bulls fans, and nightmare scenario for other teams in MLS, would be to have New York sell beleaguered Mexican star Rafa Marquez to make room for Kaka (or another attacking player), but with the clock ticking on the transfer window, a Marquez departure seems unlikely.

What do you think of New York's push for Kaka? Holding out hope it still happens? Think a return to AC Milan seems inevitable for the Brazilian?

Share your thoughts below.

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32 Responses to Report: Red Bulls targeted Kaka

  1. Camjam says:

    I guess there was fire to all the smoke the “Kaka to NY” rumor was making

  2. ThroughBall says:

    Envision this line-up:

    Henry Cahill

    Linpere/Lade Letoux


    Pearce Conde Holgersson Barklage


  3. alabamafutbol says:

    you know the women are about to start their olympic run, in 15 minutes? can we get a thread or something for that? TIA Ives

  4. al17 says:

    Dream for RedBulls, Nightmare for those of us whom support other teams. Whew…

  5. Luis Esco 2 says:

    According to the NY Post it seems Everton were quick to announce Cahill’s departure before the deal was done and if Kaka decides on the MLS then NYRB will have a choice between the two. At least that’s how I interpreted the wording of the article.

  6. bottlcaps says:

    Marques to Chivas. How many DP’s do they have? Angel could retire any moment. Marquez would be a popular addition to Chivas and would greatly add to thier profile here and in Mx. BUT the fact that Marquez would become a Chivas player would not sit well with some.

  7. Kaka would like to come to the USA, but it would honestly hurt his chances for World Cup 2014.

  8. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Marquez out by next season or his salary goes down for kaka- i say just trade marquez to chivas usa but he won’t go there due to his love team of Atlas from Mexico, chivas and atlas hate each other and marquez was born in atlas. He is just milking the cow the whole way

  9. Nick in LA says:

    So how can NY afford this under the cap? People get all crazy with the Galaxy, but 4 DPs? I’d like to see someone justify that.

  10. CozyJozy says:

    No one cares really until the olympics start… Or if Alex Morgan became single

  11. Shweazy says:

    did you even read the article smh .. the theory is they are looking to drop rafa like is hot; which then means still on 3 dps

  12. bigprof says:

    jesus, who do Red bulls think they are, the cosmos? the red bulls parent company should come out with a new drink if cosmos ever come into mls: cosmic bull. the team could change their emblem for that year to a cosmic swill with 2 taurus bulls outline…a big f u to mls

  13. Old School says:

    ” I’d like to see someone justify that.”

    Easy tiger.

    The article and Nick in LA just did.

  14. AL says:

    haha. …and LA was targeting Messi.
    Kaka still has too much football for MLS

  15. DCLee says:

    1. Impressed an Alabama futbol fan brought womens soccer in to the conversation. Not saying anything bad about that state but the usual football followed is the Crimson Tide or War Eagles so I was glad to see it.

    2. @CozyJozy – This is the Olympic opener as alabamafutbol said and the USA stormed back from 2-0 down to go up 4-2 with Morgan scoring twice.

  16. jo says:

    actually no one wants Kaka right now
    Real Madrid wants to get rid of him

  17. BoBo says:

    Marquez would not be popular anywhere…

  18. Weaksauce says:


  19. The Imperative Voice says:

    So NY was trying to push Kaka. And I hear they were also trying to recruit a Brazilian soccer player.

    See what I did there?

  20. ArsenFan says:

    If the red bulls were to transfer Rafa to some other team (any other team) and part of the deal was that the red bulls would pay all, or a larger part of his salary, would he still be counted as red bull DP?

  21. bryan says:

    except that Kaka’s agent specifically said Kaka will play in MLS at some point. and the fact that Kaka was in NY from the NY/DC game visiting his best friend, who plays on DCU. this rumor actually had more to it than most rumors.

  22. 2tone says:

    Wow. If this happens Ny just became an official juggernaught. Ny should definitely get rid of the waste of spce that is Marquez, and bring KaKa in.

  23. ag nigrin says:

    The Bulls should hire you as their new PR guy! Brilliant!

  24. Adam M. says:

    Dear Red Bulls: Would you like to sell thousands of new shirts in the US and Brazil? Would you like to fill up ALL the seats in Red Bull Arena every game? Would you like maybe to get local media attention for a change? Finally get your in to the local Brazilian/Portuguese community? Would you like to win MLS Cup? Make waves internationally? Would you like to sell more soft drinks and have an ambassador for 2014? Sign Kaka right this instant.

    Dear MLS: NY remains an seriously underperforming market for you. It isn’t making media waves, it isn’t selling out games, and although it has a spectacular stadium, a classy star in Henry, and this year is indeed promising, it still hasn’t won anything, which is all NY cares about. This single entity thing requires you to think about the big picture. Its good for the league if NY wins and gets lots of attention. Its good for the box office if a huge star joins what should be a high profile team (ask Yankees opponents about how much they appreciate the age when the Yanks visit). So find an out for Marquez, get Cahill and Kaka on board, and let’s get this going.

  25. Hogatroge Abroad says:

    We got ourselves a right expert on the state of Alabama here boys and he don’t even know that Auburn is the Tigers!

  26. Hogatroge Abroad says:

    Can’t NY just waive Marquez to free up the DP spot?

    They might still be on the hook for his salary, but if they did indeed put in the top bid for Kaka with Madrid, that extra million or so is a drop in the bucket.

  27. Andy says:

    lets just get of the salary cap and replace it with financial fair play. If NY can afford Kaka then they should be able to buy him.

  28. bigprof says:

    the red bulls could also sign effing Neymar to replace Henry…thus inflicting a death wound on the revived cosmos organization right at the starting gate

  29. Helium-3 says:

    Big deal, Mo Johnston played for Celtic and Rangers and Figo for Barca and Real Madrid. Never say never because $$$ always talks.

  30. This Guy says:

    This isn’t breaking news. The Fire inquired about Kaka also. If he would have signed, then it deserves a column.

  31. Dan says:

    To BigProf: Last I checked the Cosmos are starting in the NASL which is the second division. Kaka is not going to a second division side. Don’t worry about a so called rivalry that is not natural.