SBI MLS Rookie of the Week (and Month): Austin Berry

Austin Berry (

The Chicago Fire enjoyed an outstanding month of June and one of the key contributors was one of the team's younger players.

Rookie centerback Austin Berry was a force in central defense for the Fire, establishing himself as a rugged defender and poised presence on a Chicago side that finished June with a 3-1 record, including three straight victories to finish out the month. Berry's contributions to that run not only helped him earn SBI MLS Rookie of the Week honors this week, it also earned him SBI MLS Rookie of the Month for June.

Berry beat out fellow rookies Ray Gaddis, Darren Mattocks and Andrew Wenger for this month's top spot.

What did you think of of Berry's performances in June? What rookie impressed you the most in the last month?

Share your thoughts below.

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18 Responses to SBI MLS Rookie of the Week (and Month): Austin Berry

  1. Matt says:

    The defense hasn’t missed a beat with Gibbs and Friedrich out. He’s a big reason why.

  2. David St. Hubbins says:

    he is a quality player… great pick by chicago

  3. shelsilverstein says:

    Article neglects to mention the 2 goals he has scored as well. Quality reporting.

    (SBI-Berry scored those goals in May, but thanks for trying.)

  4. Jeff says:

    Pretty solid rookie

  5. Mike r says:

    Best Chicago defensive rookie since Boca.
    Rugged yet athletic. Not as athletic ad Boca but not stiff like Gonazalez.

  6. Asdf says:

    quality posting! keep it up and you’ll make the sbi wall of fame for stupid comments!

  7. RLW2020 says:

    is there one of these?!? once a year top 10 would be hilarious!!!

  8. Greg says:


  9. abc says:

    Which of these young CBs has the best chance of making an impact with the national team?

    Prev group: Ream, Cameron, John, Gonzalez
    New guys: Soares, Anibaba, Berry, Hedges

  10. Modibo says:

    I was really nervous about the backline when Gibbs and then Friedrich went down, but our defense has been surprisingly good in spite of its youth. Berry and Anibaba have bright futures if they continue to mature as they have during their first years in the league.

  11. Excellency says:

    Because of his straight line speed I was thinking of Hedges at left back for the Nats (because of our lack of depth there). Not sure it is a position he would be comfortable with and don’t know how he will fare in attacking end in Klinsi’s prefered 433 but putting rookies in CB is always going to be dicey. There’s no back up to the CB when he makes a mistake. I’m feeling better about our prospects going forward with talents like this tho. Our back line will be needing reinforcements big time.

  12. Mike r says:

    I think Berry has a great shot not as dominant in the air as Marshall but close and much better with his feet. Much more athletic then Omar and Wayyy better with his feet. I’d say below Cameron below Ream.

    Anibaba needs to go to Europe. Has all the physical tools but sometimes lacks understanding. Steady in the air but not dominant. May not be good enough in the air for Nats.

    Soares a step below Berry right above Anibaba. Don’t know if Hedges has technical ability for intl play.

  13. Mike r says:

    Need to remember that with Spain starting trends possession is the name of the game.

    Future defenders must be good with their feet and posses technical ability. Big oafish strong CB’s are the past.

    The days of Lalas, Cle koinman and in afraid Gooch and Demeriitt at the intl level are gone.

  14. Lorenzo says:

    Knowing that we’re far off from a kick butt offense, I am really turning my attention to defense in hopes of seeing some real good defenders coming to the MNT. Johnson and Lichaj are exciting (who knows about that other guy, TC), but if we combined our hard nose work ethic and belief to a more talented back line I think that gives our team a shot to compete with anyone.

  15. abc says:

    I think the answer to my question is: Andrew Wenger.
    He has no international future as a forward, so hopefully he moves back to CB asap.

  16. Forza Lazio! says:

    just sell pappa already dammit!!! remember MLS 0% of 0 =0!

    he already has several teams interested and a few have made offers to the Fire

  17. 2tone says:

    Yeah Don’t expect Wenger to move back to CB. You never know if he has an international future at FWD or not. We have no idea how certain players will turn out in 3 to 6 years. He may just be in consideration after the 2014 WC for FWD. Right now Wenger is at best 10th in the FWD pool, but that doesn’t mena he won’t jump up these standings in 3 or 4 years. Here is my FWD list behind Altidore:
    1. Gomez
    2. Boyd
    3. Pontius( I thinnk he will be best suited at LF in Klinsmann’s 4-3-3.)
    4. Wooten
    5. Bruin
    6. Sapong
    7. Taylor
    8. Agudelo
    9. Bijev
    10. Wenger
    11. Bunbury

  18. mulletibc says:

    How about Ryan Meara and conor lade?