SBI MLS Team of the Month: San Jose Earthquakes

WondoEarthquakes (Getty)

The month of June could not have gone much better for the San Jose Earthquakes.

They had three matches against Western Conference rivals on the schedule, including two tough road games, and not only did they manage to win all three, they won all three in dramatic fashion. Comeback victories against the Colorado Rapids, Real Salt Lake and the Los Angeles Galaxy not only helped move the Earthquakes into sole possession of first place in the West. It made the Earthquakes the ease pick for SBI MLS Team of the Month.

The Earthquakes beat out the Chicago Fire and the Los Angeles Galaxy for this month's honors. Both the Fire and the Galaxy finished June with 3-1 records.

What did you think of the Earthquakes outstanding month? Which MLS team impressed you the most in June?

Share your thoughts below.

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18 Responses to SBI MLS Team of the Month: San Jose Earthquakes

  1. Todd says:

    To be fair and honest, DC and San Jose have been the cream of the crop this year. Both attacks are very lethal.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I’m sure they didn’t enjoy getting knocked out of the Open Cup at home…

  3. joe Creighton says:

    AVB joins Spurs!!!

    Happy Day!!!

  4. BSU SC says:

    San Jose fans have been through a lot over the years. It’s good to see them have something positive to cheer for.

  5. SwagginWaggin says:

    1 MLS CUP> Ten US open cups

  6. Mike says:

    Can’t really argue against this choice. This does show one of the good things about MLS and that’s parity. Last year the Quakes didn’t even make the playoffs and now their top of the table mid season. It gives hope to fans who’s teams are struggling this year. Keeps the league fresh. I’m pretty sure were not going to see Wigan or QPR at the top of the EPL at the mid way point. Just seems so frustrating to their fans that you really have no hope of winning the league title…MLS fans can’t say the same.

  7. Q.A. says:

    Ives is slow at providing updates from football news around the world. Ives and his staff use to be “Johnny on the spot” in regards to getting us this news quickly. C’mon Ives you can do better!

  8. d says:

    Bet your stomach is twisting into knots over Ives’ selection- your anti-Quakes bias is showing. The article is about MLS, not Open Cup.

  9. Skoman says:

    The league will not stand for this kind of parity for long…..Prepare for the 4th DP rule for LA and NY

  10. JRP says:

    Funny. It will kill me if they do. DPs hurt the league more than they help it. I can understand two DPs. Anything more plays against statistical logic. They system punishes a team for having 8 players that make $300,000 each but allows you to have three players that make $5,000,000 each. This doesn’t make sense. If we want the quality of play to improve we need more players who make $300,000. The ones that make millions may sell jerseys but they are not really building the quality of play in the league. Seriously, I would rather have a Wondo or Beckerman than a Beckham.

  11. ex_sweeper says:

    It’s been a great ride – may it continue! Gotta say, though that not having seen the Goonies movie, that rallying cry is getting old real fast (as opposed to this commenter, of course).

  12. Seriously says:

    Yay, finally the US men’s diving team gets the recognition it deserves heading into the London Olympics!…wait…huh?

  13. Jeremy says:

    Not really, I could care less who wins Ives’ special weekly and monthly awards. It was this sentence that triggered my response:

    “The month of June could not have gone much better for the San Jose Earthquakes.”

  14. Supsam says:

    awwww looks like somebody’s feelings were hurt when the quakes defeated their team. There, there…..

  15. Seriously says:

    Except I dont have a team. Looks like some Quake fan is a little sensitive about diving…

  16. Swift says:

    Lol. Only Shittle cares about the cup. But you keep trekking yourself that it matters.

  17. Swift says:

    And how are those DP working out in LA. In every sport there its a team that showed poorly the prior year and has impressed in the current year. You won’t see Wiggin but I don’t think its to far of for an Everton or Fullham to make a run mid year. No diffrence with the quakes year to yeat. The beauty of the mls is most teams have about the same talent it’s just a matter of chemistry and coaching well and Wondo. Lol

  18. Swift says:

    So what your sayings is your just a troll? Go back under your bridge knowbody cares.