Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

NeymarOlympics (Getty)

Brazil's quest for a first gold medal in men's soccer will take its next step today as the Brazilians take on Belarus in group stage action in the United Kingdom.

The Brazilians opened Olympic play with a 3-2 victory against Egypt, and can secure a place in the quarterfinals with a victory today. Spain, which lost its Olympic owner to Japan, faces Honduras in what amounts to a must-win match for the team considered most likely to challenge Brazil for gold.

In MLS play, the Philadelphia Union take on the New England Revoluton in a key Eastern Conference showdown between two teams that desperately want to stay within striking distance of a playoff spot.

In Mexico, Herculez Gomez and Santos Laguna take on Chivas de Guadalajara in a key Primera Division showdown in Guadalajara.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's Soccer TV schedule is after the jump: 


7 a.m. - – Egypt men vs. New Zealand

9:30 a.m. - Telemundo/ - Mexico men vs. Gabon

10 a.m. - MSNBC/ – Brazil men vs. Belarus

12 p.m. - Telemundo/MSNBC/ – Senegal men vs. Uruguay

12 p.m. - - Japan men vs. Morocco

12:15 p.m. - - South Korea men vs. Switzerland

2:45 p.m. - MSNBC/ - Great Britain men vs. United Arab Emirates

2:45 p.m. - Telemundo/ - Spain men vs. Honduras

1 p.m. - Univision - Pumas UNAM vs. Queretaro

6 p.m. - Telemundo - Chivas de Guadalajara vs. Santos Laguna

7 p.m. - NBC Sports Network - Philadelphia Union vs. New England Revolution

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42 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. NE Matt says:

    Not sure whats going on with Bocanegra, but hes playing for the Rangers today. Edu is not, so he is probably close to signing somewhere. Bedoya is also not among the starters or subs so maybe he is moving on too. Boca still playing for them worries me though. Any injury could prevent a move away from rangers in this transfer window….

  2. Tim F. says:

    I didn’t catch Olympic soccer during the week but today’s games have been excellent so far: both New Zealand-Egypt and Mexico-Gabon. I hope the rest of the games are the same quality.

  3. A says:


    NBC is taking commercial breaks DURING the matches. DURING THE MATCHES.

  4. A says:

    Neymar just Messi’d the entire Belarus team until he was RUGBY tackled, hard in the penalty box and then intentionally cleated in the stomach.

    Nothing was called.

  5. A says:

    K goal of the tournament right there. A header nutmeg + three burned defenders + a turning back-heel, no look pass to a one touch upper ninety curling strike on the run.

  6. Tim F. says:

    Beautiful back pass by Neymar for a goal by Oscar.

  7. chris says:

    Hahahaha not even close. Neymar over does the flair turns his back and gets stopped by a clean tackle that gets the ball. Not even close to a PK, adrian

  8. CÉU says:

    They say that Brazilian football is in decline.

  9. nato says:

    Bedoya is supposedly heading back to Sweden to sign with 1 of their best teams

  10. A says:

    Senegal is a team of thugs. Period. This has to stop. An official HAS to stand up to them.

  11. what a unique goal to give Japan the win!!!!!!

  12. GW says:


    I’m not sure I agree with your version of events but when you play like Neymmar does the big boys will do that to you.

    I don’t see him play in Brazil but he can expect that and worse if he moves to Europe.

  13. jya says:

    Honduras is beating Spain 1-0

  14. Judging Amy says:

    almost 2-0. just hit one off the post. very close.

  15. Judging Amy says:

    Great stuff from UAE! They are fun to watch.

  16. Judging Amy says:

    UAE’s Eisa scores a great goal then on his next run in the box megs the Brit defender and passes for a nice chance.

  17. peter says:

    You are a joke.

  18. Judging Amy says:

    Team GB too relentless for the UAE as Sinclair puts a goal in.

  19. Cittonomics says:

    Great bend on Bellamy’s cross. GBR 2-1. Hoping 4 a pacy and open final 15…. And wouldn’t ya know Sturridge scores on a nifty chip. Well taken.

  20. Judging Amy says:

    Wow. Spain out. Caleb Porter looking much better after today.

  21. mike says:

    Amy this is a drug free soccer site. Stop with the nonsense

  22. Waterlewd says:

    Laughing at Spanish players surrounding the referees. Their own players holding them back. Really, they only have themselves to blame for wasting all those chances. Great second half!

  23. Skeeter says:

    Mario MArtinez #SSFC

  24. chris says:

    Hahahaha spain can’t win with class and they can’t lose with class either hahaha

  25. ben in el cajon says:

    She’s not wrong. Mexico has a good chance to win it’s group, and Honduras is likely to advance, so CONCACAF is well represented in the games so far.

  26. ben in el cajon says:

    Or he; movie fan or discerning woman? I dunno.

  27. uksubs says:

    win with class?

    what the hell does that mean?

  28. CplDaniel says:

    Spain is out (tape delayed by NBC)

  29. Heft says:

    Keep it classy Spain.

  30. chris says:

    I’m talking about diving and cheating to win

  31. uksubs says:

    cheating? did they score illegal goals all these years? i don’t recall any.

    and you get trophies for diving? i dont remember that either.

  32. Turgid Jacobian says:

    Jordi Alba and Juan Mata and a few other dudes were lucky not to see the straight red there near the end. To say nothing of the postgame bullcrap.

    On the other hand, I’d like to know if that Honduran who went down like he was shot in the dying minutes is anything other than the purveyor of purest bullcrap (I suspect not!).

  33. GW says:

    Comparatively speaking that Honduran “simulation” was no big deal.

    Look up Rivaldo in the 2002 World Cup some time.

  34. b says:

    Welcome back to the 90s


  35. b says:

    Except that Porter didn’t lose to Mexico OR Honduras. He got us third place in our GROUP behind Canada and El Salvador. In the US. Having won their first game 5-0. We finished behind two mediocre teams that are also watching the Olympics from home.

  36. biff says:

    The Spain-Honduras match was great fun. And, yes, Spain devolved into a total lack of class in the last 25 minutes as their frustration and desperation grew and they — shockingly, for Spain — started employing thuggish tactics. I like Spain, but by the end of the match was happy to see them lose.

  37. Annelid Gustator says:

    All simulation is unacceptable.

  38. bcoug says:

    The end of that match was horrible from every angle – awful behavior from the Spanish, a couple of terrible decisions from the official, and embarrassing flopping around from the Hondurans. By the end of the match I couldn’t stand any of them.

  39. uksubs says:

    look up jermaine jones vs jamaica.

  40. Judging Amy says:

    this is true but gun to your head which gap is bigger in terms of quality: us to canada/el salvador or spain to honduras/japan?

    its not a perfect example but i think it still shows that sometimes in international soccer, crap happens even if you’re a supposed superpower in your region. i was pissed at porter after we lost to el salvador. i’ve since softened my stance on him and spain crashing out just reinforces my mindset.

  41. GW says:

    Maybe to you.

    Bitch about it all you want but until the punishments outweighs the benefits ( they do not other than garnering your disapproval) it will continue as it has for at least the last 50 years.

    I would remind you than Jurgen Klinsmann re-inroduced the fine art of diving to England. Or at least made it popular.

  42. GW says:

    I get what you are saying but it seems a lot of people forget this was their Under- 23 team not the big boys. Just because they are Spanish and some of them have played with the big boys, it doesn’t mean other teams automatically bend over and spread for them.

    The real Spainb have been dealing with this sort of crap for their entire run.

    The biggest difference is the big boys almost never give up the first goal. They did in their losses to the US and Switzerland.