Wednesday Kickoff: Fulham fend off Dempsey suitors, De Jong moves & more

DempseyLiverpool (Getty Images)

Clint Dempsey Watch has taken another unusual turn.

Despite a since-taken-down report on Fenway Sports Group's website Wednesday claiming that Liverpool had signed Dempsey, Fulham have reportedly insisted that not only is Dempsey still a member of the Cottagers, but that they have not received any bids for the U.S. national team star, nor is he for sale.

"We have received no offers from any club for Clint Dempsey," a Fulham spokesperson told the BBC. "We would discourage any club from making a bid for him."

This is the second time in as many weeks that erroneous reports have put Dempsey at Anfield. For Dempsey, who has a year left on his contract with Fulham, there are six weeks left in the summer transfer window to determine where he winds up playing to start the season. Dempsey has been open with his desire to move on to a UEFA Champions League club, which does not apply to Fulham or Liverpool this year.

Here are a few more stories to get your day going:


One of Europe's rising stars is moving on to the Bundesliga.

Dutch and former FC Twente striker Luuk de Jong has signed a five-year deal with Champions League club Borussia Monchengladbach after a reported transfer fee of €15 million was agreed upon by both teams.

De Jong, 21, scored the second-most goals in the Eredivisie last season (25) and was a part of the Netherlands' Euro 2012 roster, although he did not see any playing time during the team's futile tournament run


Robin van Persie might not have a long-term deal with Arsenal in place and may be hoping for a transfer move this summer, but the Dutch striker has joined his teammates for preseason training. Van Persie's deal with the club expires at the end of this coming season, and Arsenal reportedly has the Premier League's leading scorer from a season ago in their plans.

Manchester City and Juventus are two clubs said to be ready to make a big-money move for Van Persie, but as of now, he remains a Gunner.


Japan No. 1 goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima has signed a three-year deal with Standard Liege in Belgium, moving to the club from its rival, Lierse.

Kawashima, 29, was Japan's started in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has also helped Japan to the Asian Cup championship which clinched the nation's place in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.


What's your take on the Dempsey situation? Would you be satisfied if he remained at Fulham? Do you think Fulham is just trying to drive up the price and that he will ultimately wind up at Liverpool or somewhere else? Think De Jong makes Monchengladbach a contender in Germany? Do you think Van Persie should play out his contract with Arsenal? Where do you rate Kawashima compared to the other top goalkeepers in the world?

Share your thoughts below.

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56 Responses to Wednesday Kickoff: Fulham fend off Dempsey suitors, De Jong moves & more

  1. Anthony says:


  2. Don Pelayo says:

    …from this Liverpool nonsense.


  3. El Principio says:

    Am I missing something? Where does Fulham say that Dempsey isn’t for sale?

  4. Duneman says:

    If Spurs or Arsenal do not want Dempsey for example….has there been more talk from CL teams in other leagues (Italy, Germany, France, etc) or is his focus on CL team in the BPL only?

  5. Lorenzo says:

    Not sad to see Dempsey stay at Fulham if that is the case.

  6. Joe says:

    +1. SBI is adding to the rumor mill and madness of the Dempsey transfer saga. Or it is just a mistake, which hurts SBI’s credibility.

    (SBI-How is passing along direct quotes from a team official “adding to the rumor mill”? You might want to read a little more carefully before spouting off comments about our credibility.)

  7. Craig says:

    Makes sense in a way. Dempsey’s motivation to at least repeat his great year, so he can personally make a lot of money, will help Fulham succeed. The current market price for him isn’t all that high compared to what they would get if he were younger and from anywhere but the US. Fulham may lose some money by keeping him, but they may have their best success ever in the league. If they make Europe, he might even stay. If he can’t repeat, they can sell him for something in January. His, and my, concern would be do they have good enough players left on the team to give him the support he needs to succeed.

  8. Illmatic74 says:

    From the article “We have received no offers from any club for Clint Dempsey,” a Fulham spokesperson told the BBC. “We would discourage any club from making a bid for him.”

  9. Kev says:

    Leave it to american owner, John Henry, to make a mess out of this potential transfer of Clint Dempsey. That ownership group has no idea what they are doing and lately has been mismanaging the red sox.

    They probably jumped the gun on the potential transfer of dempsey and now have pissed off fulham with leaking reports. fulham is now playing hardball. of course, that is my speculation but based on my experience of this joke of an ownership here in boston, this is my theory. I am sad that Clint is involved in this BS.

    I agree with Duneman – the only other CL team I recall had any interest was PSG but they just loaded up and doubt they are interested. Any other suitors?

    He deserves a shot at CL football. I am hoping Arsenal has been playing possum and they swoop in.

  10. fish says:

    Did you not read the article? I think the fulham spokesperon’s second quote makes it pretty obvious

  11. Yusef says:

    Relegation is a lot more expensive than Clint leaving on a free transfer next year and the Cottagers turnover thus far looks to have them in a battle. Six weeks is a long time to turn their silly season around though.

  12. Illmatic74 says:

    I wonder if Fulham is keeping Dembele? He also has only one year left on his contract. Has he signed a new one yet?

  13. David says:

    To be fair to El Principio, that link does not include the second quote.

  14. Darwin says:

    The only quote in the linked article:

    A Fulham spokesperson told BBC Sport: “We have not received any bids.”

    Avi, why don’t you try to post your source? It might help solve the confusion that is created when you send people to the BBC link that you posted. Not reporting your sources, or doing so incorrectly DOES hurt your credibility.

    So Joe, I will go with your latter suggestion, that it is a mistake…despite SBI’s aggressively defensive response to you.

  15. Mig22 says:

    Yeah, they don’t say he’s not for sale. It’s implied, sure. It is a bit imprecise, I suppose, but I wouldn’t call it a credibility issue. Gotta lighten up on that.

  16. THomas says:

    To be honest…if Dempsey will only go for a few million, why wouldn’t Fulham want to keep him. They keep him, they have just signed Petric, Reither and Rodallega. If they hang on to Dempsey and Dembele to go alongside Ruiz, Duff, Hangeland, Riise, Schwarzer…that’s a damn fine team.

    Give them a year with no Europa League distractions where they can focus on the league and who knows where they finish. They could push for 5th or 6th an donce you’re there if the guys up top beat up on eachother, who knows? Look at Newcastle last year and how close they came to a Champs League spot.

  17. THomas says:

    Jesus guys, relax. If you click on the BBC link there are about 5 other links off to the right in the ‘this story around the web’ section which states Fulham say Dempsey isn’t for sale. The info was condensed for you here.

    Ever think that because SBI is a media outlet they may have access to things you may not? i.e. a press report, or direct access to different teams’ media relations department.

    Same quote on this site from a Fulham Club Spokesman:

    link to

  18. biff says:

    As a fan who desperately wants Dempsey to move on, I am starting to feel a bit uneasy about this. I think it was probably a mistake for Dempsey in the beginning frame his departure in terms of joining a CL team and I would not be surprised if he is regretting that. If you go to the Fulham Web site, lot of photos of the team in training and I bet Clint is feeling a bit uncomfortable out there with all the transfer talk still swirling around. Plus, a lot of new faces now on the team adding competition and Martin Jol no doubt feels jilted by Dempsey decision not to sign the contract extension.

    Dempsey is now in the same lonely boat as Robin van Persie, coming off a great year, pushing 30 with one long year left of contract still to go and a club management that does not want to let them go and might just be willing to let them suffer for voicing their desire to move on. I, ,for one, am going to plenty p!ssed if Jol/Fulham does not allow a man who paid his dues five long year and gave 1,000% each and every minute he played for the team to move on to a new opportunity.

  19. Charles says:

    Suddenly, the .500 dream season for Fulham is Clint’s worst nightmare.

    A .500 season would be a nightmare for superstars that decided to stay in LA too.

    Maybe I am stirring things up too much, sorry, but I have never been a Europe is the be-all-end-all guys. Screw jobs like these are a big part of why.

  20. Old School says:


  21. biff says:

    and another thing :-)

    as for the Luuk de Jong transfer, he is an excellent player and Borussia Monchengladbach has brought other good players on board and has in Lucian Favre one of the best coaches in Europe he plays exciting soccer. Even after losing Marco Reus and Dante, Gladbach could be a major force this season. If Gladbach would make an offer for Clint Dempsey to add some experience and leadership to the team, he should jump on that immediately.

  22. Old School says:

    “The American owner”…

    …go away, please. I expect that kind of initial commentary garbage on other websites but not here.

    Again, just please go away.

  23. wides says:

    Dempsey: What bids have come in for me ?
    Jol: Bids? What bids? We’ve received no bids.

  24. Old School says:

    Maybe I’m out of the loop but B-M’Gladbach kind of came out of nowhere on this transfer.

    I thought Weder Bremen was the front runner and had zero idea BMG had this kind of funds for a prospect.

  25. Michael F. says:

    Anyone else wonder why Fulham have had ZERO offer for Dempsey? And I’m not just talking CL teams. Seems a bit weird, no?

  26. al17 says:

    1. Please Go the Hell away. “American Owner”?
    What the hell is that all about? Are you American?

    2. PSG’s interest in Dempsey was lukewarm at best. I’d have love to see him go there but in all honesty, having him would have not been an upgrade for PSG prior to buying any of the players the club just bought. Dempsey over Nene, Gameiro or Hoarau? I’ll take them anyday over Dempsey and wouldn’t 2nd guess the decision.

    Fulham’s full of Crap for not selling him. Hell this is the same Fulham club that just signed a PSG youth player and that’s supposed to be a BIG signing for them? Pathetic.

  27. JJ's shin says:

    We should all know by now that “______ is not for sale” means nothing. That’s just one of many tactics clubs use to get the best possible bid for a player.

    At this point it would be kinda awkward if Dempsey stayed at Fulham. He’s made it obvious he doesn’t really want to play there anymore.

  28. NE Matt says:

    If Dempsey is sold this summer, they’ll cash in at the winter transfer window, so long as they are in a safe spot from relegation.

  29. Alex says:

    He’s pushing 30 and who knows if he can replicate a season like he just had. He’ll be available on a free in less than a year, and any money paid out in a transfer fee for him now by a club that buys him will be essentially sunk, as he probably won’t bring in any fee for the next transfer down the line because then he’d be really old. Just economics I would think in this situation.

    Also, Fulham could be taking the term very literally – there might not be any formal bids lodged yet, but the interest could still be there.

  30. Darwin says:

    I saw those. My comment was about journalism, plain and simple. One shouldn’t have to go searching for these sources.

    And don’t make excuses for SBI. Professionalism knows no excuse.

  31. Darwin says:

    SBI, you have a sourcing issue here and your response is to change the title?

    Now your title implies that there were suitors, and your article states that there never were any suitors.

    Please be accurate and lift the credibility of SBI there are tons of inaccurate sites and blogs out there:

    “Fulham fend off [potential] Dempsey suitors”

  32. K Bone says:

    I’d have to say 5th or 6th is quite the stretch. They are not going to finish higher than United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Newcastle, and Liverpool, and more than likely Everton. I’m not saying they don’t have a decent team, but compared to the teams ahead of them they are not as talented. Newcastle has a lot more talent then Fulham does…

  33. Alex says:

    You mean, if Dempsey is NOT sold, right? If so, I am not so sure – of course, if it’s clear Dempsey wants to leave, they’d probably be willing to sell for a ridiculously low price if they are out of the drop zone, but the calculus for a buying club might be – he’ll be free in a few months, and winter transfers are notoriously difficult to bed in with a new squad.

  34. RLW2020 says:

    I’d like to hear from Fulham, or at least their supporters, on what the direction of the club is. With Dembele, Dempsey, Ruiz, Etuhu, Hangeland, Sendros, Schwartzer and i m sure others in their last year of their contracts who knows what the future is. They are in the news for trying to bring in loaner players but nothing about re-signing top players… My favorite EPL team, and they have done well to rise the ranks and maintain position in the EPL but you have to wonder if they realistically want and think they can be a perennial Europa/Top Half club.

    I want Dempsey to stay but only if the club and him have the same short term goals..

    anyone have a good link to FFC forums?

  35. Old School says:

    I don’t see Fulham using those funds to “cash” in, to be honest.

  36. RLW2020 says:

    reading some liverpool blogs they seem to nit-pick for reasons why they don’t like him. I agree that he might have over achived but the English spend their money very foolishly IMO.

  37. RLW2020 says:

    +1 stirring the pot?

  38. El Principio says:

    I did read the article(s), Fish, did you?

    The quote is: “We have received no offers from any club for Clint Dempsey. We would discourage any club from making a bid for him.”

    That is definitely NOT the same as Fulham saying “Dempsey isn’t for sale,” which is exactly why SBI changed the title of this column so it now reads, “Fulham fend off Dempsey suitors.”

    Also, I didn’t ask those questions to call out SBI on shoddy journalism – I couldn’t care less.

    The reason I mentioned it is because, plain and simple, there’s no way that Fulham have shut the door on selling Dempsey. In fact, I’m willing to bet that by this weekend, Dempsey will be sold to Liverpool.

    And when that happens we can all meet back here at SBI and have a pow-wow about whether or not Deuce will be able to crack the Starting XI and how that will implicate the USMNT moving forward.

  39. Actually, BMG and de Jong have been trying to work out a deal for most of the summer. de Jong wanted UCL football and BMG needed a striker to replace Marco Reus, who was sold to Dortmund for 18M Euro.

  40. Eugene says:

    Fulham is posturing for negotiation purposes. I don’t believe for one minute that they think they will retain Dempsey, and it would be a terrible business decision not to sell him. They will let him go, and they’ve likely received inquiries, now its really about PRICE.

  41. Taylor says:

    yes, i would die if he went to Liverpool. i believe they finished one place above Fulham last year, how is this an improvement? he needs to go CL or stay, that’s it

  42. david m says:

    Dempsey is a good player and had a very good season last year. But he’s no superstar, and the repeat of last year’s form is not at all guaranteed. He has a very good situation at Fulham, and I’m afraid a move to a big club will result in him spending much of the time on the bench. He should stay put.

  43. Kev says:

    I am american. I live in Boston. I typed “american” in case others didnt know. So sensitive on this website. it is sad. I have seen what they are doing to the red sox and i guess that provides bitterness for me.

    2) Good call on PSG.

  44. Kev says:

    So freaking sensitive! I am american. i typed that so that others who may not know the ownership of Liverpool, to give reference. Call me bitter because i have seen what John Henry has done to the red sox and hope his habits as a sports owner does not translate into liverpool or anything else he owns. Just my “speculation”. Take it or leave it.

    Has nothing to do with me being a “euro snub” or whatever your initial impression was. Some of you guys are so paranoid on this website. CHILL!

  45. Old School says:

    What does his nationality have to do with his ownership? I can’t wait to hear this, considering every club has back and forth i.e. denial/speculation, regardless of the ownership nationality.

    …but to reveal you’re also American? Ignorant.

    Also, I’m not buying the “so that others may not know the ownership of Liverpool, to give reference.”

    Either you don’t come here that often or are simply implying that the average SBI reader is ignorant, too.

    Don’t assume everyone falls in the same category of ignorance that you dwell in.

    I think it’s a fairly safe assumption everyone reading this article is aware of the LFC’s ownership. However, I think a majority of them could do without the Eurotrash usage of “The American” before referring to said ownership.

    Like I said, please go away.

  46. PD says:

    I fond this silence over Dempsey offers baffling and annoying.
    Either his agent is terrible or something else is going on.

    Hearing that Fulham is shutting down any offers makes sense, but they are not the first club that have tried to hold on to an impact player looking for greener pastures. Players and thier agents find ways around this all the time. Now if there is another factor at work put in place by Deuce (i.e. I don’t want to move my family out of London and want to be able to drive home from work and n London clubs are interested) that’s another story.

    I hate being this guy, but I can’t help but wonder if this still is a matter of people undervaluing him because he’s a US player. If any other non-american player had had the season that Dempsey had put in last year in the EPL, there would be about a dozen clubs clamoring for him.


  47. Kevin_Amold says:

    +1 Michael Jackson Statue


  48. Kenny_B says:

    Ignoring the “American” reference for a moment and completely ignoring Liverpool but just referring to Henry’s ownership quality:

    The Red Sox were acquired by Henry in 2002. The Red Sox have won their only two world series championships since 1918 under Henry’s ownership. Said another way, In 94 years, two championships, both under Henry’s ownership. Two World Series Championships in ten years of ownership after an 86 year long drought.

  49. fish says:

    Alright then, I think we should all just have a good hug now

  50. bryan says:

    dude, SBI readers are really sensitive today. the guy was simply making the point that the Americans owners are embarrassing themselves with a transfer of an American. and that they (FSG)once again shown they are not very smart owners, in his opinion. you guys are acting ridiculous with these responses. christ.

  51. Eric says:

    Go Sox

  52. Old School says:


  53. Raymon says:

    Um, positioning is an age old universal and globally accepted negotiating tactic. There are no rules that require “Dempsey is not for sale” to mean Dempsey is not for sale. Every club has a price for every player on their roster, and it just means FFC has not heard their price for their prized Yank.

  54. Kev says:

    Dude? You crack me up. Are you serious?
    I think you are just looking for a fight – really stretching this one. Nationality has to do with the fact that he owns the Red Sox too – that is it! My only point, which I am open for criticsim, is that he is a crappy owner (regardless of nationality) that has no heart in sport – just quick about making headlines. (if you read, my theory was that liverpool pulled the trigger too fast and leaked the transfer reports for headlines – pissing Fulham off.) You can probably say that about most owners – I just know his track record as an “american” sports owner – uh oh, is that going to put you over the edge?

    How am i ignorant? Can you define that?
    “Fairly safe to say everyone knows about LFC”. Maybe, maybe not. I like to not assume in my postings though. Hence, my use of “american”. Sorry to offend you!

    Listen “king of this blog”, you got me, although i religiously go to this website and love SBI’s stuff, i do not go to “your” blog much. Once in awhile, I will be curious on what others say and once in a blue moon, if it is a subject i am fired up on, will comment. I am not going away because big, bad, Old School said so.

    I suggest putting as much effort as you do nitpicking here into life outside of this blog. You may get somewhere other than the cubicle or room, wasting life away refreshing this page for responses from peeps you comment on. Have a good rest of the day! :)

  55. Kev says:

    Haha, Kenny, good call – now we are talking. I was waiting for someone to bring up the championships with the red sox. You are absolutely right. I just can’t stand the ownership these days.

    I get the feeling that the two championships has created a monster in that ownership group these days. Red Sox, like Liverpool, are a storied franchise.

    John Henry’s group seems like they got very complacent and tried to buy their championships lately with bad moves. They then bought Liverpool in 2010 and let the Sox franchise just float on its own.

    The winning attitude seems like it took a backseat in the last couple of years to greed.

    Living in Boston area, they always seem to have poor decisions in regards to the media. My point of all of this is that my theory is that I wouldnt be surprised if they mismanaged the transfer reports and pulled the trigger on the transfer news of Dempsey.

    Bottom line – I may be wrong but I just am skeptical of that ownership group and everything they do. Listening to too much sports radio up in New England? Maybe….

  56. Old School says:

    I wasn’t aware you were a close associated to classify Henry as his “heart not being in the sport.”

    Is he a HUGE baseball fan? Was his “heart in the sport”? Because last I checked they won a few World Series under his reign.

    Here’s a little quote from John Henry,

    “I do not think any individual buys a sports franchise, or an English football club, to make money,” Henry said.

    “Maybe a few but they need their heads examined. It is about competing at the highest level in the world’s largest sport for us. That is why we are here.”

    I’ll trust his leadership of a club over yours every day that ends in Y.

    …king of the blog? No. While we’re throwing around titles, I’ll anoint you village idiot.

    While we’re making suggestions, too: go out, earn enough money being successful in the financial sector and buy your own club to show us “Americans” how a real club should be ran.

    We’ll be here, just drop in for a hello.