What should Beckham’s punishment be?

DavidBeckhamVillain (ISIPhotos.com)

David Beckham lost his cool, and now we will find out just how much Major League Soccer is willing to let its biggest star get away with.

In case you missed it, Beckham deliberately kicked not one, but two soccer balls at San Jose's Sam Cronin as Cronin lay on the ground late in Saturday's LA Galaxy-Earthquake match. Beckham was issued a yellow card at the time, but the MLS Disciplinary Committee could add something to the one-game suspension he is set to serve for yellow card accumulation.

The big question now is whether MLS will really do that, or will the league let Beckham off lightly yet again. In my FOX Soccer piece on the incident, I discuss the league's history of letting Beckham off with little or no punishment for offenses that have earned other players fines and suspensions.

Here is video Saturday's incident:

What should happen to Beckham now? Based on precedent, Beckham should at least face an additional three-game suspension along with the one game suspension he is already set serve (FC Dallas' Brek Shea was hit with a three-game suspension for kicking a ball at a match official earlier this season).

A combined four-game suspension would send Beckham the message that he simply can't get away with such behavior. Anything less and MLS will look like it is favoring its biggest star yet again.

What do you think MLS should do? Does Beckham deserve a longer suspension, or is the one-game ban punishment enough for his latest transgression?

Share your thoughts below.

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189 Responses to What should Beckham’s punishment be?

  1. kpugs says:

    He should have to re-enact this whole temper tantrum in 5-year-old fashion but without his teammates to protect him from getting his scrawny, whiny little butt kicked from here to the moon. The end.

  2. maka says:

    A kiss on the forehead from Garber as always.

    Oh, what should it be? Retroactive yellow for Cronin and nothing for Beckham.

  3. Samdcu says:

    Does the fact that Cronin was clearly feigning injury enter into the discussion at all? I do think that he should be punished, but so should the theatrics by fakers to waste time (bigger discussion I know).

  4. john says:

    the original yellow card accumulation suspension and a decent fine nothing more

  5. Gnarls says:

    Becks just offered the Smurfs a free clinic on how to make an accurate pass from the wing. It was a freebie. Where’s the gratitude?

  6. Brian says:

    5 games. But he gets a 1 game discount for the comedy provided by arguing near the mascot.

  7. Dashiel says:

    Not to distract from Beckham’s inappropriate behavior (and yes a 4 game ban is warranted) it was … interesting how quickly Cronin “recovered”

  8. Keith says:

    I would expect MLS to act in the same way the NBA would with LBJ or Durant; a handshake and verbal warning…with a wink.

  9. Gnarls says:

    That doesn’t actually happen in MLS. It’s all posturing and stern finger-pointing.

  10. curmudgeon says:

    As Ives wrote, the League has laughably demonstrated that they have no desire whatsoever in standing up to Beckham. Any sanction over this will be token at best.

  11. bmvaughn says:

    Punishment? He got a card. He was immature, but not wreckless. Punishment was complete with the card.

  12. HoboMike says:

    I love the blue guy with the “SportsCenter Is Next” sign. Cracks me up.

  13. Gnarls says:

    10% of his annual salary would fund a fourth DP.

  14. MLS Fan From NC says:

    Beckham should be punished…but what about Cronin who was obviously not hurt?

  15. starks says:

    Watching Cronin immediately hop up out of anger and abandon his fake injury leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

  16. dcm says:

    Exactly, this is the problem. Not Beckham.

  17. The Rhoff says:

    And a great advert for SportsCenter by the Quakes mascot. High-larry-ous.

  18. andy says:

    this right here. Who needs the magic spray when a ball to the knee works better? Cronin should have been yellow carded as well for time wasting

  19. BSU SC says:

    Umm…was that the San Jose masot trying to hold Beckham back?

    In any case, an additional 1 game in addition to the suspension for yellow card accumulation shuold be sufficient. Bad behavior in a rivalry game but nothing dirty or dangerous. Besides, Cronin does look like a young Stuart Pearce at least I’m sure that’s what Beckham was thinking.

  20. dcm says:

    I am an Earthquakes fan, and Beckham is not the one who should be punished. Cronin is a disgrace to soccer for that BS. It’s what ruins this game.

  21. elgringorico says:

    No punishment. He got a card and that’s all that’s warranted. People faking injuries, wasting time and diving should be punished ten fold. That is cheating and tarnishes our game.

  22. tom says:

    They should take their time and suspend him for two weeks during the olympics. That way, he can go to London and handle his diplomatic duties without making MLS look like an afterthought.

    Win win.

  23. Gnarls says:

    You know who deserves a life time ban? That female commentator. And I use that term very loosely. Good god, she was awful.

  24. BoBo says:

    I heard the Vatican is looking at his healing power in regards to how quick Cronin got up after being hit by the ball. Poor Cronin was on the ground, near death, then miraculously leaped up after being hit by the ball. He should be praised not punished!

  25. elgringorico says:

    And I am no Beckham lover but I love how much of a fierce competitor he is.

  26. Brain Guy says:

    Should be at least as bad as what Marquez got for soft-tossing the ball toward Donovan last year.

    By far the best part of the video, though, was the “injured” Cronin bouncing up to run at Beckham. If MLS has any guts they’ll suspend him for a game too. I know there’s no place in the game for what Beckham did, and he deserves a suspension, but in the grand scheme of things, blatant time-wasting by feigning injury probably does more harm to the sport.

  27. DanO says:

    2 games. One for the yellow card accumulation, one for that haircut…

  28. elgringorico says:

    Thank you. This is correct.

  29. elgringorico says:

    5 games? Are you serious? He is concerned about the future of the game and these whining babies… there’s no way a ball can actually hurt anybody, it’s a totally innocent act. The confrontation afterwards maybe not but this does not deserve punishment, regardless of who does it.

  30. Jonathon says:

    Yes, Cronin getting kicked around the head / neck area and being down for 20 seconds, starting to get up prior to Beckham’s ball hitting him, is feigning injury.

  31. Tom A says:

    Enough games (delayed) so that he can go sit in the stands and throw angry eyes at Mr Pearce during the London Games. He will still make some sort of appearance as a Famous Face.

  32. Michael Vann says:

    Let’s not ignore that a ref was there, too. What if Beckham had hit him? He actaully may have but it’s hard to tell. Beckham obviously didn’t care who was there. He was trying to hit someone. He needs to sit for 3 games. MLS has already suspended a player, Brek Shea, for kicking a ball albeit towards an official and this is of the same vein. It was diliberate and stupid. Cronin was in the wrong but that still doesn’t excuse what Beckham did.

  33. Jonathon says:

    Everyone who is saying that Cronin is faking injury, are any of you watching the video? He clearly gets a knock in the head / neck area while trying to clear the ball, at 91:52. He starts sitting up at around 92:10, right before Beckham’s ball comes in. Being down for 20 seconds after getting hit in the head / neck area is nothing. And again, he was already getting up before getting hit with the ball.

  34. Annelid Gustator says:

    “…the “injured” Cronin bouncing up to run at Beckham. If MLS has any guts they’ll suspend him for a game too. I know there’s no place in the game for what Beckham did, and he deserves a suspension…”

    I fully endorse this portion. Becks should get three games, an undisclosed fine (read: enough to fund some ref training), and a sternly worded letter. Cronin should get a yellow card and an undisclosed fine (read: enough to buy a few of the pinnies or cones needed for next year’s MLS combine)

  35. Tony in Quakeland says:

    He should be forced to wear a hideous haircut

  36. iheartubuntu says:

    Just let Beckham play. How many hand balls do I see every LAG game then NEVER get called? There were at least two in the SJ game. The refs just let that sh!t go time after time, but all too happy to fine people who have spirit and passion.

  37. U_Sanchez says:

    He might not have been faking it. I twisted my ankle pretty badly at my rec league all by myself (dont know what happened, went up for a header and then landed totally wrong). A couple of the guys on the opposite team thought I was faking it and got pretty pissed so they tried pulling me up to stand on my feet (which wasnt happening, it hurt like hell) so when the pulled me up and I pulled back one of the idiots threw a kick.

    I RAGED after this and somehow got up and shouting match ensued while people held us back. A minute after the adrenaline wore off afterwards it went back to hurting like hell. Long story short doctor told me it was a bad idea to get up and put all my weight on the injured ankle after that. I was out 6 weeks.

  38. Felix says:

    I know it has become something of a nouveau pasttime to take shots at Beckham.
    I watched this incident, and being as impartial as I can feel he probably did enough in that whole melee to earn around 3 yellow cards between taking free kicks at Cronin (who was wasting time) to shoving opposing players.
    I think a 3 game suspension would be appropriate. That being said, I’m cynical when it comes to the league and its treatment of Beckham, and think it will maybe at best give him a 1-game suspension.

  39. Nate Dollars says:

    no, both are the problem. if the MLS DC wants to suspend Cronin, i don’t have a problem with that.

    but no one, not even beckham, has the right to kick the ball at another player because he thinks they’re not really injured (or for any other reason). Should’ve been a straight red in the first place.

  40. Duneman says:

    Basically GB said “We like you bought dont think players in MLS are worth much” so because he has played in MLS and done so much for the league he got passed over. He signed on for 2 more years….if he had gone to one of the EPL teams or PSG like he was offered I would have expected they looked at him more seriously and he might have gotten one of the only things he clearly cares about which is a chance to play for his country again. So they should let it go or maybe some token “community service” option. If they have to do something they should delay things until he would be leaving for some Olympic duties and count those games missed. They should give a yellow card or ban to Cronin for clearly faking, diving, time wasting, etc.

    Seriously, I hope he doesnt need to miss any games other then for the yellow card. They can just make a rule “If an MLS players gets a card during the same week he is told that he is not welcome on his country’s Olympic or World Cup Team when hosting the game, after being one of the key players to help promote the game and win the bid for that host country then no additional punishment will be applied post-game.”

    Seriously….England doesnt rate MLS or a player spending time in MLS….so for someone that has offered so much to the league after getting snubbed like Becks did…I hope the league stand by him here and doesnt had any more to what has been a crap week. Its not going to teach him any lesson…the issue was extenuating circumstances given all that has happened recently. I am surprised he was able to get up for the game to begin with.

  41. Jeb says:

    one game suspension for unprofessionalism. hitting a ball at a referee is not the same precedent as hitting a ball at another player…albeit injured, “injured”, or healthy.

  42. Jeremy says:

    Don’t even pretend he wasn’t feigning injury. He popped up the second that ball came in. Cronin and the Quakes are known for their time wasting and diving. This is coming from someone that can’t stand LA and thinks Beckham should get at least a 3 game ban by the way.

  43. Jeremy says:

    Thank you. So many Quakes fans are blind to this crap. You are one of the few that I’ve heard call it like it is.

  44. Chim says:

    Agree; I thought he should’ve gotten a yellow for time wasting.

  45. Jeremy says:

    Cool story bro. Cronin was faking.

  46. Nate Dollars says:

    if he was ‘concerned about the future of the game’, he would speak up everytime someone wastes time, and not just when it involved his team losing.

    call it what it is: a tantrum.

    and it’s certainly not ‘a totally innocent act.’ it’s against the rules, and categorized as ‘violent conduct’. whether someone got hurt is beside the point.

  47. al says:

    I think it’s a sweet kick that forced Cronin out of his fake injury. For that, give Cronin the yellow card and Becks a medal for accuracy awesomeness.

  48. Nate Dollars says:


  49. Jerome1977 says:

    Just because Cronin gets up to defend himself doesn’t mean he wasn’t hurt. I would have done the same thing in that situation, and if you’re the type of person that would just lay there and take it, I wouldn’t be going around calling people fakers if I were you

  50. JGD says:

    Beckham shouldn’t have any additional punishment. He rightly received a yellow card and will sit out a game on accumulation. That’s enough.

    Cronin was being a little turd, wasting time when he clearly wasn’t injured (which he proved by immediately jumping up when Beckham’s ball hit him).

  51. carver says:

    but look at that accuracy…

  52. KC says:

    If MLS wants to stop being thought of as a Mickey Mouse league then they need to deal with Beckham as they would with any other player…of course they won’t.

  53. Creige says:

    It’s funny but that was my takeaway too. Beckham is the Peyton Manning of MLS, unbelievable accuracy. I say fine him and then give him an award for one of the best plays of the year.

  54. Kris says:

    Becks is a tool, but Garber loves him. Break Shea did a similar thing and got suspended 3 games. Precedence and logic would dictate that Beckham would get a 3 game suspension too. But most MLS fans should be expecting a pat on the back for Becks. I get Cronin was wasting time, but come on, be a professional. Almost every team has players that do that. It may be annoying, but losing your cool and kicking a ball at the ref/player is just juvenile. He’s still fuming from not making the Olympics. Poor old man.

  55. Kris says:

    And what of Break Shea receiving a 3 game suspension for a similar instance?

  56. dcm says:

    Yep, and it just happened to be in stoppage time when Beckham is taking a free kick to tie the game. Don’t be so naive.

  57. dcm says:


  58. Jeb says:

    Brek hit a referee…which brings with it a higher penalty.

  59. AAA7 says:

    Couldn’t they do away with the whole faking and rolling around with an injury, by just stopping the clock, case closed no lame attempts at wasting time. Seems like a simple fix to me.

  60. Rodney says:

    Right on. That was a brilliant strike – Becks even curled it around the ref.

    But perhaps he deserves a suspension for shanking his first attempt.

  61. Mark says:

    Anything less than a suspension for Beckham means the MLS Disciplinary Committee has failed to live up to the precedent they have already set. Plain and simple. And of course Cronin was faking it but it’s hilarious to hear the homers try to say otherwise.

  62. Artman says:

    Beckham is THE FREE KICK SPECIALIST, spot on, got both Cronin and the ref from 25 yards out……….

  63. Spectra says:

    My first reaction was that’s impressive. From 20 yards I don’t know if I could have hit a drop kick with that accuracy. Bravo Bravo.
    Most of all I like things in MLS that get us all riled up like this.

  64. LA G says:

    3 game suspension no more, no less.

  65. Jonathon says:

    So clearly you didn’t watch the video. Anyone else?

  66. 2tone says:

    You do people refer to MLS as a Mickey Mouse League? Mickey Mouse was and still is one of the biggest and most famous cartoon characters for over 80 years.

    In all reality you are saying that MLS is a very famous league!

    Anyways, Beckham should get fined; he will already be sitting out due to yellow card accumalation.

  67. Gnarls says:

    Agreed. Any game that draws 50k+, ends with 7 goals scored, a couple yellows, and a mascot caught in the middle of a brawl is a win for MLS and its fanbase.

  68. Brain Guy says:

    I totally believe your story, but Cronin wasn’t pulled or kicked, and he had a whole bunch of teammates already on Beckham’s case.

  69. Joey Barton says:


  70. TJ says:

    MLS may be wishing they could go back and reduce the suspension for Shea now. That looked harsh at the time, particularly since it wasn’t clear whether Shea intentionally hit the sideline ref or if he was just kicking the ball in frustration and accidentally hit the ref. Now that sits as a precedence that has to be in the equation here.

    There is no question Beckham was intentionally kicking the ball at an opponent who was laying on the ground holding his head. The ball also clearly hits the ref, who is standing right next to the “injured” player. In either case, kicking the ball intentionally at the ref or at the opponent on the ground holding his head looks just as bad as the Shea incident.

    Seems like MLS has to suspend him for at least 3 games on top of the 1 game for yellow cards. Anything less is a clear sign of preferential treatment.

    I’m all for stepping up enforcement against players faking contact/injury, but that needs to be handled by the league. You can’t open the door for vigilante justice on the field while players are still laying on the ground holding their heads.

  71. Kris says:

    The ref was standing RIGHT there lol. It should be the same penalty

  72. ex_sweeper says:

    Naw, he missed his first attempt to hit Cronin by at least 3 yards. Second attempt was good, but you don’t get do-overs in soccer.

  73. Tweaked says:

    Handbags at 10 paces will settle this. Blue mascot guy officiates.

  74. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately time wasting works. Look at how much time got eaten up. When they finally started back the ref quickly blew the whistle. There was no compensation for Cronin injury or the scuffle.

  75. KP1935 says:

    LA visits Chicago on Sunday in a prime NBC Sports Network game, with that being said, Garber and Co. leave it at the yellow accumulation (he’ll miss the Phil game midweek) and just fine him.

  76. jimluk says:

    Three games, precident set for Marquez, Shea. Additionally he should not be allowed to serve them concurrently with missing time for the Olympics, same as international duty. I’m sure he already has it in his contract which games he will be missing for the Olympics so any suspension will have to be served in addition. Time to cut him from your fantasy team for sure.

  77. EA says:

    Yellow accumulation + one game for doucheyness for Beckham.

    Apply whatever suspension was handed down to Charlie Davies for diving last year (1 game? 2 games?) to Cronin for diving/simulation as he clearly wasn’t injured enough to not IMMEDIATELY pop up and start chasing after Beckham. Cronin can take that Carlos Ruiz BS elsewhere.

  78. a.a. says:

    His punishment?
    Be Victoria’s bi#@h for the rest of his life.

  79. mks says:

    The ref was next to Cronin. Furthermore, nothing was called on the field for what Brek Shea did and he still got punished retroactively. If the MLS committee can do a 3 game suspension for something not called on the field it seems the same punishment should come down on Beckham.

  80. slyboy says:

    Funny you say your are an earthquake fan, if you where you would make a rational statement saying that EVERY team time wastes, like Cronin was, including LA!!. Ive seen Beckham do it, ive seen Donovan do it…they have all done it.

    Btw i don’t believe you are a SJ fan…i have never seen you post about the quakes before

  81. divers suck says:

    LOL at the mascot getting in the middle of the little scrum!!
    As for Beckham, I didn’t really see any malice in a ball kicked from 40 yards away. Boys will be boys from both sides…Coming from a neutral non Galaxy or SJ fan.

  82. beachbum says:

    That Cromin rose immediately and in fact was not hurt at all says it all

  83. Aaron in StL says:

    Given the distance I was pretty impressed by Beckham’s accuracy. Given the situation I don’t think this is a big deal. Nobody is in any danger of being physically maimed by a soft punt of a ball

  84. soccerhorn says:


  85. a.a. says:

    hey Beckham fan boy, you didnt see malice how about stupidity & arrogance ?

  86. d says:

    So if Beckham had gotten his pretty face kicked by an opposing player, do you think he would not have gone to the ground and needed a couple of minutes to clear his head before getting up to resume play? The referee was right there talking to him and could have signaled to the trainer and had Cronin moved off the field (it was just a couple of feet from the end line). This is all on Beckham- quit trying to make excuses and pin the blame on something else. He behaved poorly, period, and deserves to suffer the same consequence as every other player who behaves that way. Kicking the ball at a player with the referee right there…really?

  87. Ben says:

    How about, any stoppage in play, the injured player should sit for 5 minutes minimum? This would be another simple way to fix the problem.

    I’m always going to side against the time-wasters because I hate that, even if Beckham is a bit of a prick.

  88. M-O-O-N spell Jim says:

    Chemical castration.

  89. soccerhorn says:

    Thank you. Beckham may get an extra game suspension, but Cronin’s behavior is exactly what drives American sport fans away from the sport of soccer. Leave the fakery to the Italians and the Argentinians.

  90. A wise man once says:

    At least it’s better than the headband.

  91. soccerhorn says:

    “that female commentator?”. You do know who Julie Foudy is, no? You know, former captain of the US team that actually wins stuff? She wasn’t great but she’s better than Cobi “Captain Obvious” Jones. Jim Watson where did you go!!

  92. d says:

    Yeah, you’re right. Let’s make restitution to Rafa Marquez for the suspension he had to serve at the beginning of the season for throwing a ball at Donovan (AFTER the game, mind you) last season. Especially since “there’s no way a ball can actually hurt anybody.” By the way, was Beckham behaving like a “whining baby” or a whining tough guy?

  93. soccerhorn says:

    +1. Here’s guessing that Pearce won’t be invited when Beckham is made a Knight.

  94. Gnarls says:

    No, I didn’t know that’s who was boring me to tears with her horribly obvious and dry comments. But yes, I do know who July Foudy is. I hope to god she never adds commentary to a televised soccer match again.

  95. Gnarls says:


  96. manny says:

    Glad to see a journalist with the courage to write that article. I have no doubt that MLS locker rooms around the country are cheering and high-fiving while reading it. They know only too well about Beckham’s temper and trantrums and preferential treatment–and what a total jerk he can be at times. Plus, he makes more money in a few hours than a lot of the MLS players make for a full season. Totally ridiculous.

    You want a laugh, listen to this 12-year-old kid comment on Beckham’s tantrum.

    link to youtube.com

  97. SoyDeMetro says:

    We’ve already suffered enough.

  98. soccerhorn says:

    -1. You actually think the reffing is better in other leagues? Like where, Italy? They have a point-shaving scandal every three years. Spain? Dive capital of all Planet Earth. Mexico? They cheer leg-breaking fouls there. Wake up.

    That said the ref for this game was astonishingly bad.

  99. Kevmueller says:

    If Beckham does not get more here is the issue I have. He gets the same punishment as Jimmy Nielsen. Jimmy came out of his area as the captain of the team after Rolfe was “injured” 5 yards off the field crawled back on the field by 5 yards to get play stopped. Jimmy came out and told the officials (maybe told them off to) what had happened and got a yellow. The officials then talked and gave a yellow to Rolfe for time wasting.

    So if Beckham does not get more of a punishment the MLS is saying the next time Jimmy should kick a ball at the player instead and get the same punishment.

  100. euroman says:

    I think David can see the end now (of his career) and after kssing out on the Olympics he just did a very stupid thing (twice). It put’s Garber in a difficult position because not he has to appear consistent with his actions. Of course this is MLS and there really are no rules and no consistency so who knows how it will be handled if at all.
    BTW, props to Ives for at least bringing up the issue.

  101. Snyder says:

    There’s already Galaxy precedent for this–Magee’s one-gamer for kicking the ball within a foot of the ref.

    Regardless of Cronin, kicking the ball like that even close to the ref is showing him up and warrants a suspension.

    So the answer is: one game on top of the one he’s already missing from cards. Anything less would be a farce.

  102. d says:

    He was kicked or kneed in the face while trying to head the ball away. There were no teammates around Beckham until after he kicked the ball at him.

  103. BoBo says:

    This one time, and band camp, I…..

  104. Nate Dollars says:

    not all disciplinary actions come from someone being put in danger. nobody really thinks zidane could’ve hurt materazzi with that soft headbutt, right? or when rafa marquez threw the ball at donovan?

    the only reason we’re even debating this is because it’s beckham, and not some regular guy. give him the three games, and let’s move on.

  105. BoBo says:

    That wan’t a kid. That’s what guys sound like in San Jose.

  106. BoBo says:

    Magee threw the ball 5 yards from the ref.

  107. josh says:

    David Beckham has lost his temper while playing for some of the great European teams of his career, and now he is doing it in MLS! It is an honor to be included in that pantheon! It means we are being taken seriously!

  108. deepm says:

    Random appearance of a mascot in the middle of a scrum. Classic.

  109. Jeremy says:

    So you admit, as a SJ fanboy, that Cronin was faking it?

  110. BrianVT says:

    That kick kinda makes you wonder if the garbage-can-on-the-beach footage is legit.

  111. E says:

    I’m sure the Quakes are gracious for the 3 points the Gals gave away.

  112. Michael says:

    Cronin appeared dazed at first and was slowly getting up. If Beckham hadn’t kicked the ball Cronin probably would have been up in seconds. Watch the reply! This was not a player writhing in agony that suddenly arose, but rather a player who got knocked woozy and was recovering. Beckham’s actions were classless and nobody should applaud things like this. What if Cronin had suffered a concussion, would all of you experts in the audience applaud Beckham’s actions just because Cronin suddenly popped up?

  113. d says:

    Everyone here making light of the situation, i.e., miracle cure, excellent aim, no big deal, and so on, are all being apologists and siding with the very same MLS they chastise when any other player gets away with inappropriate conduct, and the very same people who will defend a player from their team milking an injury, tossing a ball around 3 or 4 players before taking the throw in, walking ever so slowly off the field during a substitution, etc. You all put your credibility in question, that is if you have any to begin with.

  114. Michael says:

    Throw in, not free kick

  115. soccerhorn says:

    Beckham already has one game suspension coming due to Yellow accumulation. That will be Philly game on the 4th of July. Probably one or two more for the ball kick, which was dooshy but in no way dangerous.

    Cronin will hopefully get one game for simulation, but I doubt it.

    You know who really deserves a suspension is that ref. forget about the fact that he misse two handballs in the box. He let that game get completely out of control. Terrible game management. And at the end – he faile to add more time when Cronin lay dying in the turf, which is the whole point of extra time to begin with. It was like watching a WWF referee out there getting distracted by the Shiek while behind his back the Rock is grabbing the folding chair.

  116. divers suck says:

    Nope, no Beckham fan boy here in the least. I thought it more childish and petulant than arrogant. I do agree with stupidity and add immature. Again
    it seemed more like boys being boys and not
    that big of a deal.

  117. d says:

    Seeing how Beckham’s idiocy also added to time wasting, he probably just decided to call it even and blow the whistle and end the game.

  118. a.a. says:

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  119. soccerhorn says:

    And you know what else no one has mentioned? The fact that San Jose has ended their last two games with brawls. I’m sure there’s plenty of Quakes apologists who will jump in and say “not our fault! Not our fault!”. But SJ seems to be building their identity around the Lenart/Cronin “well known a-hole” routine, which is a pity. Too much talent to play such shabby football.

  120. Don Pelayo says:

    Nothing. Cronin was wasting time, and he deserved a ball sent to his face.

  121. Judging Amy says:

    Agreed. Not a Galaxy fan but I like that Beckham cares enough to get that pissed. He could just slack, collect his paycheck and retire. Those who are bothered by his fame and looks will use this as more ammo to feed their dislike of him.

  122. Jerome1977 says:

    Sorry guy, but that’s not a fact. You obviously have never been in a situation where someone was trying to mess with you while you were hurt. I’m giving Cronin the benefit of the doubt. he was on the ground holding his head. He wasn’t unconscious, he wasn’t acting dazed, he just acted like he took a knock on the head, sometimes it hurts. And like I said, if someone like Beckham was kicking a ball at me while I was on the ground, I don’t care how much my head hurt, I’d get up and go knock that silly mustache off his face

  123. Alka246 says:

    How about nothing since the dude jumped straight up from his fake injury. Should he also get suspended for deliberate time wasting/ cheating?

  124. slyboy says:

    He probably was, but it is disingenuous to show this much uproar about a time wasting act that took exactly 18 seconds between “injury” and beckhams second ball hitting him, when every single team does something a long the same lines. Beckham does this thing where he kicks away a ball after a foul because he knows he wont receive punishment, that act probably adds ten seconds to the clock. Same goes with constant arguing of calls with the ref, that wastes time as well. It is unfortunate that this happens, but if you are going to throw a fit about a 18 second time wasting…then you will be protesting every single game you watch, period, especially if you enjoyed the Euro’s every single match had far more feigning.

  125. Jerome1977 says:

    A good ref would just add it into stoppage time. That’s how that is fixed

  126. Judging Amy says:

    David Foster Wallace 2.0 over here. Your all caps of “RAGED” was an extremely visceral aesthetic choice. I was hooked bro. Bravo.

  127. slyboy says:

    he lay “dying” for exactly 18 seconds.

  128. Jeremy says:

    I agree with everything you said, but you are completely ignoring the fact that this time wasting crap had been going on for awhile in this game. Beckham is way out of line, I would never argue that. Just because other teams waste time doesn’t make it okay for SJ to flop around on the pitch all afternoon. Lenhart and Wondolowski are both flopping pansies.

  129. Judging Amy says:

    This. There could have been babies on the field, a resurrected Mother Theresa, Jeff Agoos’ great aunt. Or that incredibly adorable dog that invaded the pitch a while ago. Diliberate and stoopid indeed.

    David Beckham hates dogs and babies.

  130. Charles says:

    It is MLS’s fault in the first place. Time wasting works and because it works it will happen.
    Solve the time wasting, it would take about 1 second. Stop the clock, why don’t they ?

    That should be the arguement…..Why don’t think just stop the clock ? Maybe we could argue this…has there been a game played where clock wasting wasn’t complained about ?

  131. Judging Amy says:

    Its true MLS rules is very serious bizness.

    Bottom line, personally, I’m okay with players getting carded for kicking a ball at each other when the game is stopped. If Brek was retroactively suspended for 3 games for a similar/same incident, it doesn’t mean Beckham has to get the same treatment in order for soccer justice to be met.

    It might just mean that a 3 game suspension is too harsh.

    Is Beckham treated differently by the commish than your average MLS player though? Probably. But that’s life.

  132. Mike r says:

    Much ado about nothing. 1 game suspension and dont let him go to the olymipix. Or suspend him for the time frame in the Olympics .

    Shea had tried to hit the ref Becks was aiming for the dirty player.

    If anything that player who did the NFL tackle should get three games. THAT’S what the league needs to crackdown on not kicking balls and girly shoves.

  133. Judging Amy says:

    Exactly. Its a sport tempers flare. Soccer doesn’t need to continue to head in the pillowy soft direction its been going.

  134. GreatB says:

    Rafa & Shea both got 3 game bans, so should be the same

  135. Mike r says:

    Your right. It’s the Donald Duck league

  136. shelsilverstein says:

    David Beckham: Doing his level best to miss matches @ Chicago since 2007.

  137. soccerhorn says:

    Sheesh you guys. The laws already allow for this. “time shall be added at the end of the match for “deliberate time-wasting,” and “stoppage of play due to injury.”. This includes adding time due to stoppages in extra time. That’s why they always say “NO LESS THAN x amount of time added.”. It’s to allow for the ref to deal with just such scenarios. Which this idiot failed to do. Either Cronin was hurt, in which case more time should have been added, or he wasn’t, in which case more time should have been added. Blown game by the guy with the whistle.

  138. kkicks20 says:

    I think it should be the same that Brek Shea got for pinging a ball at a linesman. It’s essentially the same thing. It will be interesting to see if it actually happens, though.

  139. Bumby Hemmingway says:

    The sport needs more enforcers willing to punish divers and time wasters.

  140. Eric says:

    Death by chocolate.

  141. jmadsen says:

    “Should’ve been a straight red in the first place.”


    I know, everyone will think that’s crazy, that it “wasn’t so bad”, but the rules actually allow (not require) a red-card in cases of “ungentlemanly conduct” such as this, specifically where they are outside the normal play.

  142. beachbum says:

    There were two handballs in the box, not called. Everyone in the stands around me saw them too…all Earthquake fans btw

  143. RLW2020 says:

    +1 its not like Shea driving the ball at the ref from 10 feet away. It was a soft punt from 30 yds away directed towards a group of players, one of which was should either move off the field or get carded for wasting time.

    Im all for being careful around potential concussions, but the game must go on. Players like this need to get off the field within 30sec or so or be carded.

  144. RLW2020 says:


  145. RLW2020 says:

    Shea’s was at a ref and a lot more malicious.

    Rafa’s was actually similar.. a bit more heated and less deserving, Cronin deserved that!

    Id say 1-2 games should be fair. I wonder if he will serve his suspension in London.

  146. Swift says:

    I agree 100%. if that were any other player it would have been instant Red and talking 3 game suspension.
    I’m not saying cronin was right but this is the came thing LA was doung at the end of the first half when they were up. Bottom line is Beckham is a punk and he will stay the same if nothing changes.

  147. getanewnumber10 says:

    good game. bad mustache. make him shave it.

  148. chris says:

    be forced to keep that haircut for the rest of his life

  149. CrispyST3 says:

    I chuckled……

  150. tim says:

    3 games minimum… They set the standard with Brek Shea already.

  151. CLEVELANDFC says:

    The act was not nearly as bad as what I had read about. To look at it a different way, is the act being over blown because it is Beckham? I also think danger plays a part, and there was no danger from a soft lob 30yds away. Silly

  152. ex_sweeper says:

    This thread is why the MLS D..C needs rethinking if not disbanding. The LOTG gives the center referee plenty of authority to control bad behavior. Knowing that the D.C. will step in after the game gives a strong incentive for refs to wimp out and abdicate that authority. It shouldn’t be the DC’s role to ensure Fairness, Justice and Just Plain Goodness. Sometimes life just ain’t fair, and trying to make it that way has unintended consequences that the game isn’t over until the D.C. says its over.

  153. sevsarkissian says:

    I’m curious as to the discipline for the referee, Hilario Grajeda, not calling the 3 handball violations he acknowledged….

    And yes, Cronin or SJ should get fined for simulation, something MLS had a point of emphasis on this year.

    2 games for Becks…and we move on.

  154. sevsarkissian says:

    This and what Brek Shea did are not the same. Shea kicked the ball directly at the referee in frustration…

    Becks kicked the ball in the area to wake up Cronin from his obvious flop/simulation in stoppage time.

    The ref should understand it is a MINIMUM of 3 minutes, he blew that one too…

  155. sevsarkissian says:

    Other than this article campaigning for a lengthy suspension of Becks, the after match exaggerated “melee” was heavily instigated by the San Jose back-up Goalkeeper & a few other San Jose players

    …it was funny to see joker Lenhart talk things through with Becks after the game…

  156. soccerhorn says:

    All MLS refs are assessed after every game and their schedules adjusted according. If Grajeda continues to get games as a Center Ref, you can assume that, in the eyes of US Soccer, he did nothing wrong. Which would be a travesty; dude blew that game six ways from Sunday.

    And as to Beckham’s soft punt of the ball, that was actually pretty funny. Nice shot! And since Cronin was obviously near death at that moment, he should be thanking Bex for bringing him back to life!

  157. Eddie says:

    break shea was a light kick also, beckham was deliberately in anger….i think he deserves at least a 4 game suspension if not maybe 5, with fines, if they dont it will be BS, and the committee has some explaining to do

  158. Joe says:

    He kicked a ball twice at a player and he headbutts another. His actions deserve additional time. Cronin was starting to sit up, was down a short period of time and probably just had the wind knocked out of him. As many others have said others have gotten 3-4 games for similar actions (Marques and Shea) and MLS should not treat Beckham any differently. It should have been a straight red but unfortunately USSF refs are not upto the task sometimes. I think that is one of the worst aspects of MLS compared to the top divisions is that the refs are below international standards.

  159. sevsarkissian says:


    Yes, USSF refs are a joke and can’t handle a top division game. They lack the quality and professionalism.

  160. PGS says:

    beckham should get an award for this. also, the clock should just stop for “injuries.” enough of the nonsense already; it’s embarrassing

  161. LondonCalling says:

    give him time off to attend the Olympics

  162. joe k says:

    marquez was suspended 3 games last year — for both throwing the ball at donovan and also simulating injury. so an equivalent punishment for beckham would be 2 games.

  163. sevsarkissian says:


  164. Duneman says:

    Becks has better aim…he was able to hit the player from across the field and avoid the ref 😉

  165. ViperLAG says:

    Before I write anything on the matter, I will admit I am a Galaxy season ticket holder and supporter. Most likely I would give Becks an addtl. 1 game suspension (since he is already suspended one match for yellow card accumulation). That being said, as a fan, I support him 100% for caring that Cronin was deliberately stalling for time while lying there injured (as you can see he wasn’t injured once he felt the ball hit him he quickly got up unfazed). There is my 2 cents on the matter.

    What I want to know from the league is when are they going to start policing the piss poor officiating that constantly takes place game in and game out. I have yet to see a match that I could actually walk away from and say that “that was a well officiated match.” Sadly, I cannot. From the side officials that can never keep up with last man and miss offsides calls to the inept head official on the field that spends more time in the gym working out there upper body (ala Ed Hockely for you NFL fans) rather than boning up on the actual rules of MLS. One word – PATHETIC! It was my understanding that a new body was formed to manage refs in MLS. I think it is called PRO. So much good that has done thus far.

  166. Peretz48 says:

    Without question, his punishment should be to shave off that ugly goatee and mustache

  167. Me says:

    How has no one noticed the fact beckham was kicking the ball at the San Jose player that had punted the ball downfield instead of throwing it over the end line 5 yards away. Cronin was caught by a mis-hit kick. Beckham even starts pointing angrily and yelling at the guy. Rewatch the video just as it switches to the wide angle you can see the guy punt the ball downfield to delay the game.

    Beckham’s reaction was certainly over the top, uncalled for, and deserving of punishment, but everyone saying he was attacking a referee or an injured player is flat out ignoring the evidence in front of them.

  168. El Camino says:

    Ives, you’re overreacting. The yellow was appropriate. Cronin should get a yellow for faking an injury. Look how he pops up after being hit with the ball!

  169. Rudi says:

    You know what would eliminate the “success” of feigning injury to waste time? Stopping the clock. Saying the ref “should just add more time onto” the stoppage time”… fact is that they DON’T. A whole stadium full of people screaming at you to blow your whistle is very influential. This has been statistically proved- referees stoppage time at home team games are longer when it benefits the home team because of the pressure from the fans.

    Eurosnobs- go ahead and bash… but the league WAS onto something with the countdown clock. For all the calls for goaline technology (an obvious good change to the game albeit through a new method) counting down to zero and stopping the clock for injuries, ball out of bounds, etc. would end the “success” of injury faking.

  170. Scott says:

    My thought exactly. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Except if a ball is kicked at me. Then I am not really hurt. Suspend them both, or none at all.

  171. bsnowden222@gmail.com says:

    honestly, I loved it…that guy was flopping’ and Becks was fed up. To those who were “appalled” or “shocked”….quit being such a Nancy, seriously! Becks shows some passion and get up in peoples’ grills! You keep that attitude up and we see more games like that and you might actually start to see Americans start to care about soccer

  172. Ben says:

    Saw what Beckham did and can’t believe the “outcry”. Damn right he kicked the ball at the “injured” player who was miraculously healed by the incident. It was hardly a cardinal offense..flopping and laying around like babies is probably the single largest criticism of Americans who don’t like soccer. Wouldn’t hurt them to toughen up a bit…maybe more Americans would watch

  173. Rory says:

    A three game ban served during the Olympics, of course so he can be a special ambassador for Team GB.

  174. A reprimand from his wife!

  175. smores says:

    Starting Chad Barrett and Adam Christman at forward would be adequate.

  176. tim says:

    They have thought of this. If this rule is implemented, one team could simply rough up the other team so they have to play short handed.

    Good in thought, bad in practice.

  177. monty says:

    Alright guys lets give credit where credit is due. That was a great hit by beckham.

  178. peterjh says:

    The dude was time wasting , so Beckham starts volleying balls at him. Call it what it is: hilarious!

    No LA fan here, but Beckham gets my respect for that. Great stuff!

  179. Goran Hunjak says:

    I want MLS to have the countdown clock again. And I like shootouts to be back too. Who say shut up to me?

  180. Brain Guy says:

    MLS will never adopt a “stop the clock for injuries” rule. The folks at FIFA would have a collective meltdown. As an alternative, how about a stadium or TV clock that kept track of the aggregate length of stoppages in a half — sort of like checking on the fourth official’s work? Then we could see if the added time really accounted for all of the time-wasting. I also favor automoatically adding an extra minute for any substitution where the departing player walks off the field instead of running.

    Even though I was at the game, I don’t recall how forcefully Marquez threw the ball at Donovan, but I don’t think it was thrown with anywhere near the force of Beckham’s kick. Anyone else remember?

  181. Jeb says:

    haha, oh ok…proceed with the lynching 😉

  182. Ceez says:

    First of all, they’re called “laws”, not rules. Secondly, the “rules” say that? Really? I’m a referee, I’ve read the Laws Of The Game inside and out but I’ve never seen that (nor the word “gentlemanly”) anywhere in the Laws. Law 12 (Fouls and Misconduct) says this act — Unsporting Behavior — is punishable via a caution. It’s NOT a red card offense.

    There are seven cautionable offenses and SEVEN send-off offenses. This clear offense does not fit any of the send-off offenses. Ergo, the caution was appropriate.

    My point is the following: let’s not let our emotions takeover and blow things out of proportion simply because of how we feel about his special privileges. The Laws are the Laws and they need to be upheld as written…not just made up on the fly.

  183. Four Cents says:

    I like that Beckham still has fire in his belly, but he went overboard with his actions and should be punished accordingly (three game ban like Shea received). With David’s ball kicking skills increasing when he’s pissed off- his Galaxy teammates should find a way to do that before every free kick he takes.. 😛 GOOOOOOAL! Also, Cronin’s punishment should be that he has to wear hello kitty band aids all over his persons for being such a little whinny girl…

  184. S. Pearce says:

    I blame myself…for making the right decision to not include him in Team GB. Behaving like a 5 yr old lad does not impress me. Maybe he was trying to show he should qualify as a U23 player based on maturity. Act like a professional. The English FA would not put up with this behavior and neither should the MLS. “Ten Brave Lions, One Stupid Boy”

  185. DjB says:

    a nice shoe kick in his face..

    (eerrrrrmm… a deja vue… it seems)

  186. Leveller says:

    Well Cheez you have never been a referee for long or are quite young and given the website not British.

    I am a referee or was and retired of 30 years and the wording was changed in 1997 as it was felt that non-Brits could not grasp the concept of acting ungentlemanly. That said nor can many players understand unsporting behaviour as most attempt to cheat to some degree or other.

    I also disagree with you on hitting another player with the ball. Depending on the how and intent there is violent conduct (with force and intent to hurt) and or not with indent. It is clear that Beckham wanted to put the ball into the group, was it the intent to do with force no. If I see the video correctly he did put his face into another player and although the final whistle gone he is still on the field of play and under the jurisdiction of the Referee and the Laws of the game. That is a red card.

    As for Team GB not liking MSL, well as we say in England a load of old cobblers. There are a number of withdrawals due to injury and cover is required, Becks cant provide that cover plus given the Olympic games are for young men and his legs are gone. This is from an admirer. No room for sentiment I am afraid. Look at Spain, same issues many talented players will not be there.

  187. Josh says:


    what are you people on about? that was brilliant!

    you guys whine about the smallest things hyped up by the media. Put on some glasses!