Whitecaps stun Earthquakes off goals from Richards, Robson

Whitecaps Earthquakes (Getty Images)

Heading into their Sunday game, the San Jose Earthquakes were riding a three-game unbeaten streak in which they scored seven goals while only giving up one.

No one told the Vancouver Whitecaps that.

Barry Robson scored a second-half penalty kick and Dane Richards netted in the first half, as the Whitecaps picked up a surprise 2-1 win over the Earthquakes at BC Place on Sunday. Robson's decisive finish came in the 61st minute after Camilo Sanvezzo went down following a challenge from Sam Cronin on a controversial play.

Robson rifled his spot kick high and to the left and it gave the Whitecaps a permanent lead. Vancouver had originally gone up after Dane Richards netted his first goal as a member of the Whitecaps, but Alan Gordon negated it with a headed finish.

Here are the match highlights:


What do you think of the Whitecaps' 2-1 win over the Earthquakes? Agree with the penalty kick call? Impressed with Richards' performance?

Share your thoughts below.

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22 Responses to Whitecaps stun Earthquakes off goals from Richards, Robson

  1. Dive by Camilo. San Jose robbed. Again. This was worse than the infamous Marquez incident that broke Salinas’ clavicle in the box. The central referee didn’t say PLAY ON before being told to call a pk by the linesman like he did back then.

  2. Kris says:

    That’s not a dive. I don’t know who #4 for SJ is, but he tripped over his own right foot during his slide tackle (don’t ask me how lol)and that’s what caused him to run into Camilo. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but #4 idiotically stumbled into the defender due to lost footing. Simple.

  3. bcoug says:

    And we have the first of what is sure to be several SJ supporters claiming they were robbed by a soft foul on Camilo while managing to ignore the fact that Gordon’s goal was only possible because he cleared out the Van defender with a forearm to the head.

    Two wrongs made a right in this match.

  4. Kris says:

    Who says two wrongs don’t make a right? ha

  5. Clark says:

    San Jose have no room to complain about poor officiating after stealing 9 points from RSL this season, all of which were won as a direct consequence of awful officiating. Where were you then Yallop and Busch when the officials screwed your opponent? You didn’t complain then, so why start now. Just take your medicine.

  6. OutsideObserver says:

    You mean in the same way none of your precious RSL players came out and said the late penalty call last year in Salt Lake was complete BS and a complete dive from Saborio? (stop acting as though your team is the most upstanding team in the league.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. San Jose stole three points in Seattle when Lenhart dove OFF the ball early in the year to “earn” a garbage pk. Karma sucks doesn’t it?

  8. Dman says:

    i couldnt believe that elbow to the back of Rochat on the Gordon goal … no call?

    and then Wondo and crew cry vehemently when the pk call goes against them

    suck it up buttercups

  9. Dman says:

    btw … how is YP Lee not an MLS allstar

  10. Kris says:

    No offense, but how does he deserve it.

  11. David St. Hubbins says:

    he barely grazed rochat… rochat positioned himself poorly and when he realized he couldn’t make a play on the ball he went to ground and rolled over five times to try to draw a foul… good no call it was not a foul just really poor defending by rochat

  12. bcoug says:

    And by “positioned himself poorly” you mean anyplace in front of Gordon since he was going to just run him over or knock him down?

  13. ex_sweeper says:

    I can’t wait for the All-star game to be over, so that Justin Morrow gets his head back in the game. Two games, one goal lost through encroachment, one goal given up through overrunning his mark. Granted, the turf was making it difficult. But I’d bet that some part of his brain was marking Fernando Torres while he lost track of Dane Richards.

  14. Kris says:

    David, please tell me you’re joking. Bad positioning doesn’t warrant a forearm to the face lol. Come on, man. Get real. It’d be one thing if they were up in the air and Gordon was using his arms to defend himself. But, that is obviously not the case here. Good try, though.

  15. Otto says:

    Does anyone else think Robson blows?

  16. Tokyo Blues says:

    No offense? You mean no goals: he has consistently put fantastic balls into the box, and his run have helped open up the center of the pitch. He has definitely helped the Caps on offense.

  17. Andrew says:

    I feel no remorse for SJ.

  18. vince says:

    i want Joe Cannon back…Busch is pretty wack

  19. Marrufo is a lunatic says:

    Marrufo is the laughing stock of the FIFA referees and he always will be. No other referee with a FIFA badge would ever let an AR more than 40 yds away overrule them on a play they saw and called. If they didn’t see the play, then perhaps; but never when they saw the play and made the call already. The fact that clown of an AR got it wrong just makes it more obvious that Marrufo is most incompetent boob currently allowed to call games at the international level, Coulibaly included. There isn’t one other FIFA ref in the world that gives that PK because Busch is getting the ball. There isn’t one other FIFA ref in the world that let’s an AR 40+ yds away tell them otherwise.

  20. Jeremy says:

    Time for somebody to call the waaaambulance.

  21. Kris says:

    I meant no offense as in I don’t mean to offend you lol Damn the English language! I like Lee I just wasn’t under the impression he was all-star calliber.

  22. vik says:

    I thought Rochat went down pretty easily. Forearm came over his shoulder and, in my opinion, he realized he was going to get beat so went down. I think if he had just used his body he could have made the header a lot harder for Gordon.

    Anyway, good on the whitecaps for getting the victory. Robson was particularly impressive in the middle.