Wondolowski winner caps wild Earthquake victory in California Clasico

WondoDownsLA (Getty)

A week after coming back from a two-goal deficit to post a vital victory against Real Salt Lake, the LA Galaxy found themselves on the wrong end of such a comeback, with the San Jose Earthquakes finding yet another way to pull off a late-game result.

The Galaxy jumped out to a 3-1 lead in the first-half of Saturday night's California Clasico, but San Jose responded immediately to forge a comeback. Victor Bernardez made it 3-2 just two minutes after the Galaxy's third goal, then Sam Cronin equalized just two minutes into the second half to set up Chris Wondolowski's cheeky back-heel winner in the 61st minute to give the Earthquakes the 4-3 victory in front of a raucous crowd at Stanford Stadium.

The Earthquakes pushed their lead atop the Western Conference to four points with the victory, their latest comeback triumph, while the Galaxy slipped back into sixth place with the loss.

David Beckham had a bittersweet night for the Galaxy, scoring on a beautiful free kick in the first half to negate Steven Lenhart's opening goal, but also showing his nasty side when he struck Cronin with a ball as Cronin lay in the Galaxy penalty area recovering from a knock to the head. The incident cost Beckham a yellow card that will earn him a one-match suspension, a suspension that could be extended by the MLS Disciplinary Committee.

Here are the match highlights:

What did you think of the match? Impressed with the Earthquakes ability to battle back late in matches? Think there is anyone in MLS playing better than Chris Wondolowski these days? See the Galaxy rebounding from this loss or do you think this leads to another slump?

Share your thoughts below.

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66 Responses to Wondolowski winner caps wild Earthquake victory in California Clasico

  1. A says:

    Can be extended? Should be extended by a lot.

    He not only volleyed a ball at an injured player because he was frustrated they were losing, but he also hit the official with it. And then he shoved a bunch of opposing players.

    I’ve seen some chump moves over the past 15 years of MLS Soccer, but that’s near the very, very top. Volleying a ball at an injured player when play is stopped? Really?

  2. Swift says:

    Great game Quakes great to see such a good game for a crowd of 50,000k+

  3. BrianK says:

    Maybe he wants time off to attend the Olympics? Maybe he is upset that he’s not on the GB Olympic team? Maybe he’s upset Tom and Katie have split?

  4. Eric says:

    50,000 people and a thriller of a match. MLS at its best.

  5. QuakerOtis says:

    Great game! Brought some brand new MLS fans to the match. Couldn’t have planned a better intro to this rivalry. GO QUAKES!!!

  6. BastionK says:

    DeLaGarza has crazy eyes.

  7. abc says:

    DLG 9000

  8. David St. Hubbins says:

    the league has a very bright future thanks to games like this

  9. Brian says:

    Stupid move by Beckham but Cronin, and Chavez earlier, we’re being time wasting little b*tches

  10. Mr. Maxican says:

    but one more win and LA and could have been number one in all the rankings

  11. Sergio says:

    What a great game, glad I saw it in person. For those of you not there, Beckham was sill trying to start crap after the game.

  12. Michael F says:

    California Clasico? Are we pushing it just a little too much here naming this game ‘Classico’?

  13. Victor says:

    Please, yes what Beckham did was out of line but to say he kicked at an injured player is beyond bs…..as soon as the guy got hit he jumped right back up like nothing happened. I realize time wasting is part of the game but he deserved it, just like Beckham deserves being suspended though.

  14. Henry says:

    totally forgot about this game. There was very little media attention paid to it in Los Angeles.

    50k wow..nice. that’s amazing.

    who said there was no support for soccer? San Fran should get a team.

  15. Henry says:

    yes…cheesy branding gimmick.

    it doesn’t work. LA vs San Fran would be a rivalry. San Jose? meh

  16. Henry says:

    oh god..whats with the woman commentator!!! hahahah

    shes terrible

  17. AshortDeparture says:

    I was too busy doubling over with laughter to reprimand Beckham. Heh, classico indeed. At least they got the fighting after the whistle is blown part right.

  18. abc says:

    That is idiotic. By that logic it’s Carson not LA. MEH.

    Oh by the way, not only are the Earthquakes the only team in the bay area and norcal and therefore represent both, but San Jose is the largest city by population in the bay area / norcal. And the wealthiest. That computer you’re reading this on…?

  19. peterjh says:

    Extend a suspension that is the result of the accumulation of yellow cards?

    Somehow, I don’t see it.

  20. biff says:

    I wanted to see the Beckham tantrum and found this video on u-tube with commentary from what sounds like a 10-year-old kid from Texas. The kid is totally serious and the effect is totally hilarious.

    link to youtube.com

  21. Kosh says:

    That was a heck of a game! It was a treat to watch on TV, which has to have been 10 times better in person. Way to represent SJ.

    The rivalry games so far, the rivalries with history not the ones the league is trying to forces, have been juicy treats this year. Keep ’em coning.

    Wondo, are you kidding me with that goal? Man, if only this dude can take this to the next level with the Nats we could have a very decent striker. I’m not saying he’ll score all the time but his ability to show up in the seams will force defenders to think twice.

  22. kfly says:

    I don’t condone Beckham’s actions, but I can hardly blame him for being frustrated. Cronin was clearly fine and just trying to waste time, as the second the ball hit him, he sprung up as if his “injury” had never occurred. I HATE when guys do that. It’s pathetic.

    Beckham’s got to learn to control his temper, but I side with him on this one.

    As Jack Edwards would say, GET UP!!!!

    link to youtube.com

  23. Kevin says:

    The MLS has reviewed yellow cards and given suspensions to some of those players. Last weeks Sporting / Union game an Union player was given a yellow and after review was suspended for a game. I would be willing to say any other player without the name of Beckham would have seen a red card in the game and would have got another game on top of that at minimum.

  24. A says:

    The LA love fest in here is sickening.

    People are siding with a player for intentionally volleying the ball at a player on the ground during a break in play. Seriously, take off your blinders. No excuse at all for that kind of behavior. It’s so far outside generally accepted conduct, even when considering frustration.

  25. Gnarls says:

    It was a funny move by Beckham. If volleyed soccer balls were a health risk, we wouldn’t use them.

  26. Gnarls says:

    Wahhhh :'(

  27. Dynamofan says:

    If he was injuried then BEcks cured him. he should be awarded a medical licence.

    Cronin is an a$$ and I give becks credit for opposing fake injuriesthat destroy the game.

    give Cronin a yellow for simulation of an injury and being stupid on the field of play.

  28. A wise man once says:

    I agree with you for the most part. But it was pretty funny to see the “injured” player spring up to start arguing after being hit with the ball.

  29. WK says:

    Wasn’t that Beckham’s 2nd yellow? The announcers said he rec’d one in the first half for a foul on Corralles so should’ve been ejected

  30. jya says:

    Why don’t the Earthquakes play in Stanford instead of Santa Clara? Its a much nicer stadium and gets a pretty good turnout. Its also closer for people coming from the north> I know the new Quakes stadium will make that a moot point but until its up this seems like a better venue

  31. A wise man once says:

    Nobody’s siding with him. Every single commenter so far has said they don’t condone what Beckham did.

  32. Dynamofan says:

    The guy on the ground was faking an injury. he is a disgrace to soccer and he deserved a 2×4 across his head, not just a ball vollied at him.

    Not a big Becks fan but he was right, totally.

  33. A says:

    “Beckham’s got to learn to control his temper, but I side with him on this one.”

    Literally the comment before mine.

  34. A says:

    You’re saying that it’s okay for players to attack or hit another player if they time waste?

    Thanks, now I know to never read anything you write.

  35. Lil' Zeke says:

    Two things:

    (1) Not every backheel is “cheeky” — some are just good

    (2) Quakes look like this year’s Team of Destiny

  36. Bo says:

    It was a magic healing ball. He sprung right up!

  37. Dinosaur soldier says:

    Beckham absolutely deserves to be suspended. But the hilarity of this GIF makes what he did my favorite moment of his in a Galaxy uniform:

    link to gif.mocksession.com

  38. Bo says:

    … was made in Cupertino.

  39. Bo says:

    Julie Foudy blows. I can’t believe there wasn’t anyone else available.

  40. Jim says:

    Actually, I think it was probably made in China. 😉

  41. peterjh says:

    He threw a ball at someone.

    I’d say if it was someone other than SBI who stated it, we wouldn’t be taking this possibility seriously.

  42. ex_sweeper says:

    Steven Lenhart doesn’t get nearly enough credit for intelligent play. Watching Sam Cronin’s goal in slo-mo, the ball was headed away from goal before Lenhart, making a diagonal run to pull attackers out of the area, gave the ball a precise flick to redirect it right in front of Cronin.

    Wondo’s goal was a bit like the Danny Welbeck backheel in Euro 2012. I’ll bet Chris saw that one, said “I can do that!” and spent the last few weeks practicing the move.

    Great game in person, wonderful fireworks, hopefully many new fans were made.

  43. Swift says:

    Does it mater if the player was on his death bed our just had a cramp its a classless act from a spoiled little $itch. Any other player in the league and it would have been an instant red!

  44. A wise man once says:

    Exactly! He should be knighted!

  45. A wise man once says:

    *headdesk* Okay, besides that one. I still wouldn’t call it a love fest.

  46. d says:

    You might want to re-think that, if you’re talking about when Busch was being seen to and he and the trainer were making sure he was ready to continue play and right after that Chavez was down in the center circle. There was no reason for Chavez to be wasting time because 1)it was still the first half with plenty of game time left, and 2) San Jose were behind, so where is the logic in wasting time? With regards to Cronin, he may have been taking his time, but isn’t it up to the ref (who was right there with Cronin) to tell him to get up and play or get off the field and not Beckham’s to kick the ball at him (them, it turns out)? Cuz that’s not going to get a reaction that’s going to waste time?!?

  47. d says:

    Except that it was a drop-kick and the ball hit Cronin and it then it appeared to hit the ref on the bounce off. Not very professional from a guy with his world standing. Like a previous poster said…anyone else would probably have gotten a straight red for that.

  48. d says:

    He was already sitting up (no longer lying down) and getting ready to get up when the ball hit him. And he wasn’t as much injured as he was dazed after getting kicked/kneed in the face. Have someone do that to you and let’s see how long it takes you to see straight. You’re just p.o’ed because as a dynamo fan you probably hate the quakes (or maybe you just have a crush on Beckham?)

  49. d says:

    I take that back…San Jose were still up 1-0

  50. Weaksauce says:

    Because the football team plays there! Stanford will not allow all those people coming on campus when school is in.

    Santa Clara only competes with the soccer team

  51. Weaksauce says:

    DeLaGarza has cookie monster eyes

  52. jya says:

    Then they can play those last few games at Buckshaw. It seems like a poor choice to only have one game at Stanford

  53. John F says:

    No, it was Corrales who got the first half yellow.

    Overall, I thought the officiating was horrendous. LA were stiffed for not one but two penalties for handballs in the box. Way too much time was wasted for injuries, fake or not, with the obvious exception of Busch, who really should have been taken out immediately (not a safe fixture for goals, this one, it seems). Several of the six yellow cards were silly too, in my opinion.

  54. John F says:

    For goalies, not goals.

  55. kfly says:

    Um…I’m a DC United fan. How does that make me biased in this instance? I just hate guys who roll around on the ground like they go clobbered by an oil tanker in an attempt to waste time or get a call they don’t deserve. And that’s EXACTLY what Cronin was doing.

  56. peterjh says:

    That’s pretty good aim. Someone should have brought over a ball bag so we could see how many in a row he could connect on.

  57. KRe says:

    Cronin got kicked in the back of the head… He was a little dazed. He took longer than he needed (who wouldn’t) but it did look like he was getting up when the ball came in. Also, I think its worth noting that was Beckham’s 2nd attempt to hit them, and that rafa marquez got a red card for throwing a ball at someone last year.

  58. Brian2 says:

    Beckham’s aim was only 50/50. His first shot at Cornin missed badly and hit the wood work. So he grabbed another ball and shot again. He should get 2x the fine because he put so much effort into it.

  59. peterjh says:

    Even the greats need to warm up.

  60. super mario says:

    AJ , please dont kill me

  61. abc says:

    …and Cupertino is San Jose just as much as Carson is LA.

  62. Brian says:

    Marvin Chavez may have feigned injury on more than one occasion. He’s Central American…that’s kind of their thing. Cronin was just being a straight up b*&ch though. As soon as Beckham pinged the ball off of Cronin’s legs, he got up and totally forgot about his “injury”.

  63. Roblar says:

    Sad that all the commentary is about Beckham – this was an incredibly fun and entertaining game.

  64. kfly says:

    “He took longer than he needed (who wouldn’t)…”

    Answer: any respectable, genuine human being. If you can’t win the game the right way, why play at all? It’s just a game at the end of the day, so play it right.

  65. KRe says:

    That’s a fair point, and I agree. That being said, tons of players in the MLS fake injuries a lot. I don’t like it at all, but I said “who wouldn’t” because in any soccer game I watch, there are always floppers and divers.

    Also, I think Cronin had the right to sit on the ground for 20 seconds after getting hit in the back of the head. And again, it looked like he was about to get up right as the ball came in.