Altidore nets two more goals in AZ win

JozyAltidoreAZ (Getty)

Jozy Altidore can't stop scoring.

The U.S. Men's National Team forward scored two more goals today, both of the quality variety, in AZ Alkmaar's 3-1 win against Heracles. That gives him four in two matches, and gives him an outstanding start to the season.

Altidore didn't just score tap-in goals today. Both tallies were impressive plays that showed off his impressive range of qualities, as well as showing off the clear confidence he is playing with.

This summer, Altidore said he wanted to improve on his previous season's tally of 22 goals in all competitions, a goal that seemed pretty ambitious. Now it appears that goal is also pretty realistic.

Here are Altidore's goals today:



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109 Responses to Altidore nets two more goals in AZ win

  1. UnionFan says:

    You know, he’s a pretty good player. Isn’t he?

  2. Thorpinski says:

    so true..but there are still going to be haters

  3. Shaggy says:

    He’s American so he can’t be that good. :)

  4. chewp says:

    This will happen all season, hope he stays healthy.

  5. 2tone says:

    Awesome disply by Jozy again. He had a grand total of 5 goals in the first half of the season last year.

    Awesome to see Jozy starting to play to his potential. Still only 22 years old pretty crazy.

    If Jozy saty’s healthy and consistently puts the ball in the back of the old onion bag then I predict that he will finish the season with 30 plus goals in all competitons.

    It will be great to see him back in a USMNT again against Jamaica in a couple of weeks.

  6. Mike r says:

    The great downfall in many promising USMNT players. At least he’s not in hack a man England or MLS

  7. GunneRR says:

    Love it! Now he needs a few for the Red, White and Blue . . .

  8. ISAF says:

    Years ago we had Wynalda and McBride but now we have Altidore and a potential in Boyd. With Gomez and Wondo, we actually have a solid striking force for qualifying.

  9. ISAF says:

    25 goals this season for Jozy

  10. Pete says:

    Jurgen… Play him!!

  11. SwerveZ says:

    Anyone else notice the power he generates on his shots, with very little effort?

  12. Conrad says:

    Two of the laziest goals that I have ever — I can’t even pretend to troll. Always loved Jozy way back to his Red Bull debut.

    What’s new about this is how deceptive he is. On the first goal, his pass into the box totally freezes the defender; it looks no different than the touches he’s taking to run.

    On the second goal, his shot looks the same as the touches he’s taking around the defender. He doesn’t plant a foot and wind up. And still the ball rockets into the net.


  13. Kris says:

    Glad to see him in form so close to the Jamaica game.

  14. BCC says:

    The first goal illustrates the changes he has made since he was a younger player. Not sure he would have continued his run three years ago.

    I hope all of this translates to the national team. The Eredivisie is a goal-happy league; I would be more sanguine if he was doing this in Serie A.

  15. philmatt24 says:

    Well said; good eye. Just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is.

  16. biff says:

    Wow. Two great goals again. Incredible transformation in just 12 months. Jozy looks so confident and he is handling the ball so well. If he can keep it up and improve even more then some — should I say it? why not– then some top Premiere League and La Liga teams are going to be bidding for his services next summer, if not in the January transfer window.

  17. M says:

    He dos look healthier than ever… he had been hindered by leg and foot injuries.

    Also when you surround him with players than can make some of the passes that led to his goals is nice to see.

    The CB pass on the first goal was brilliant

  18. Dave says:

    Like the five he bagged in the 2010 WCQs? Or the three he scored in the 2011 Gold Cup? Or that one against Spain in 2009?

  19. jon says:

    love the way jozy is moving. so languid and fluid, and yet powerful and fast. Also so calm and direct when in front of the net. perhaps that movement is what folks misinterpret as laziness. reminds me a little of yaya toure.

  20. GW says:

    Follow your logic a little further.

    You are saying guys who score a lot in are devalued because they play in Holland where they stress offense. You are saying it is easier to score goals in Holland.

    That may be but did you ever notice how many really good scorers come out of Holland and do well in Serie A, Germany and England?
    That list is too long to put here.

    To be really good at something you have to practice the fundamentals a lot. It seems to me Jozy is getting a lot of really good practice.

  21. GW says:

    Players who move like that generally know where their teammates, and everyone else, is going.

    That was not always the case with his previous teams including the US.

    Anyone surprised by Jozy should read the interview Earnie Stewart gave when he first signed him.

  22. Good Jeremy says:

    lazy. Joggy Altidore will never reach his potential.

  23. ISAF says:

    Will JOZY become our first world-class striker?

    In 2 years I’d love to see him in Italy or France at a top team

  24. Old School says:

    Love it.

  25. 2tone says:

    What’s even more awesome is to hear the rowr of the crowd evertime Jozy touched the ball. They expect to see something special, and for him to make something happen everytime he touches the ball.

    It’s nice to finally see fans backing American players.

    Personally, I think altidore should stay at AZ until the WC. After the WC I would ratehr see him go to Germany or Italy over England.

  26. NE Matt says:

    I think this shows how effective and deadly Jozy is when he has someone up top to play off of. Putting him on an island and asking him to be a pure hold up guy is wasting his talents. Dont get me wrong, he plays that role effectively, but since Davies went down in 2009, we havent had a guy for him to pair with and showcase these talents at the national team level. Maybe Gomez will be that guy…

  27. Josh says:

    Love the first goal. In the last WC, it drove me crazy every time Jozy would receive the ball and try to split two defenders, only to lose possession every time. On his first goal today, he knows exactly when to pass, and more importantly, he continues with a great run that puts him in position to receive the return pass. Someone in Holland taught Jozy how to PLAY. Let’s hope this play translates back into USMNT goals!!!

  28. Dimidri says:

    Can some youtube sage do one of those montage videos for every goal he’s scored with AZ so far both seasons? Thanks :)

  29. Ben says:

    And that is the greatest part, he is starting to make it look easy.

  30. john.q says:

    beautiful. the future is bright!

  31. Ryan Nanez says:

    how many goals have you scored professionally?

  32. Ryan Nanez says:

    pretty much the strongest strike force we’ve had in a while. with Altidore, Boyd, Dempsey, and Gomez

  33. Dank says:

    How well calibrated is your sarcasm detector?

  34. Ryan Nanez says:

    yeah i was surprised how much power he got behind that second goal

  35. Ryan Nanez says:

    haha damn i guess not good.

  36. Lil' Zeke says:

    Nuh-uh, nobody hates a 2-goal-per-game guy

  37. bottlcaps says:

    What is important here is the goal in injury time. Jozy went the distance in this game, which was unusual lat season.

    The Dutch press castigated Verbeek last season from removing Altidore at around the 70 minute mark on most away and some home games. During that period (the last 20 min of game time) AZ lost or tied over 13 games, and as such, most likely lost, the Erdevisie title. Verbeek claimed Jozy was not productive and often looked gassed (he was questioning his fitness and will) but acknowledge when he took Altidore out, the opposing team usually threw one or two defenders into the attack, not having to double or triple team Altidore, and more often than not, scored a winning or tying goal.

    Verbeek insistence on Jozy relaxing and gaining fitness during the off-season should pay dividends towards the end of the season AND towards the end of games.

    The fact that Jozy played the entire game AND scored a goal in the 90+ minute speaks volumes on how the coaching staff have perceived Jozy’s progress.

    The fact that Jozy missed the Mexico game to concentrate on the Eredivisie games reflect his confidence in the season ahead. Not having to interupt his preparations by 12+ hour flights to and from Mexico added to the fast start. If you notice Terence Boyd sat out the Rapid Vienna win this weekend.

  38. ThaDeuce says:

    or Donovan, Dempsey, Boyd, and others. in a 433 even more like shea etc.

  39. ThaDeuce says:

    but not saying herc couldn’t be, i’d say he’s first chooce as of tomorrow and keep deuce donovan in midfield. though donovan may need to move up top…

  40. UnionFan says:

    Haha, how about our first world class player period?

  41. ThaDeuce says:

    Making men look like children.

  42. ThaDeuce says:


  43. CplDaniel says:

    27 in all competitions! You can do it Jozy!!! Beautiful attack setting up that 1st goal!! Way to read the field and anticipate!!

  44. cj says:

    Put Boyd and jozy up top with a speed guy sitting below would just cause havoc

  45. CplDaniel says:

    Great work rate! That’s what makes it look easy. He hustled and showed up where he was needed to make it look easy. 1st goal = Beautiful.

  46. g-dub says:

    OK – Jozy is entering beast mode. Don’t want to detract.

    But from the highlight it was not stellar defending by the other team, and looked kind of like a preseason pace to the game.

    Basically 2 on 2 for both goals, with midfielders jogging back after the play.

  47. primoone says:

    more impressed with his timely running off the ball in addition to his improved confidence with his first touch. But that is just me.

  48. primoone says:

    That right there is substance…

  49. VillageIdiot says:

    On pace for 68 goals!

  50. Artie says:

    ‘Cept his backup.

  51. jon says:

    heard of clint dempsey?

  52. GTV says:

    Very, very nice. 4 quality golazos so far in the season.

    I do hope Dempsey gets on with Arsenal and is not humiliated by having to stay @ Fulham. But even if Deuce never gets a chance to play for a CL club, I have a feeling Jozy might.

  53. WiscFan says:

    It paid off for Bradley.

  54. BCC says:

    The list of guys who score a lot of goals and fail in the bigger leagues is lengthy as well.

    Altidore has played in England and Spain and not proven himself as a scorer in either league.

    In response to the comment about MB: Bradley has been utilized differently in other leagues and has not scored nearly as much as he did when he played in the Netherlands.

  55. kubrick says:

    I’m sure you are aware he is an MLS product. The league has faults, but that’s an unfair statement.

  56. Todd says:

    my god! the dutch league is twice as slowly paced as MLS!

    at least jozy is finally learning how to play soccer.

  57. Alex says:

    Yeah, absolutely like those! We always need quality goals, and Altidore will hopefully keep bringing them for us! Not sure the guy was attacking him, but just hoping he continues to carry his success over to the Nats.

  58. Todd says:

    reminded me of a certain Thierry Henry.

    now if only he can demonstrate doing it at full pace. if you watch the goals he’s jogging basically.

    it’s good progress though and i’m glad he’s finally playing smarter ball.

  59. ISAF says:

    My thoughts exactly. Say he scores a ton of goals and either wins the championship or EL or a domestic cup, his solid play in the next WC will help him get on to a big team and I’m hoping its in Italy or France.

  60. Alex says:

    You’re right, but lesser players wouldn’t take such deadly advantage of lax defending. I mean to say, players SHOULD take advantage of poor defending because it happens plenty, and good players DO.

  61. Lorenzo says:

    OR the SPL

  62. todd says:

    that’s always been the case but he’s always thought that he had to really wind up and shoot hard to score. which led to him having ZERO accuracy in front of the net. if you watch his goals he’s shooting like Clint Dempsey shoots. he’ll be a good poacher. Pair him with Boyd and the US men’s national team will finally have an attacking duo.

  63. Alex says:

    He was very young and not the same player he is today when he was in those leagues. He’s much improved now, thanks to the time spent on fundamentals he’s gotten in Holland. As far as having not establishing himself as a scorer in other leagues, very few 18-20 year olds do, and those that do are truly, unquestionably world class. Maybe Jozy isn’t Messi, and didn’t cut it in the Premier League at 19. But now he’s 22, in a league where he’s been learning the trade, with his best years ahead of him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him doing this in the PL in 5 or 6 years’ time.

  64. Lorenzo says:

    I don’t think GunneRR was being critical, just saying now he wants to see Altidore bag a few with the MNT.

  65. Good Jeremy says:

    He is what, 22? So when he was 19 and 20 and not proving himself in England and Spain I doubt the rest of the world considers that as proof that he will never materialize into a top league player.

  66. Judging Amy says:

    If Boyd keeps coming along they will be a fearsome pair. Young, athletic and talented. Hope this is what happens for 2014.

  67. Good Jeremy says:


  68. Alex says:

    Bids will be there if, like you said, the form continues, but I think Jozy should, and will be, wary of jumping ship too early. He knows how important it is to be in an environment that allows you to thrive and he’s got that at AZ, something he has been missing since his time in MLS. Leaving AZ at the first bid isn’t necessarily the smartest thing to do. I think he will move on eventually but there’s no need to rush to the EPL again. Drogba didn’t do it until his mid-late 20’s and look how his career went.

  69. Judging Amy says:

    Well said.

  70. Good Jeremy says:

    Dempsey and Bradley may well be, and Howard and Friedel have been right on the border of world class, depending on what your level of “world class” is.

  71. Alex says:

    Who? The fourth top scorer in the PL? Oh, him. I guess he’s ok.

  72. Louis Z says:

    When the USA beat MEX i said that we did it with 6 starters missing, others argue that Jozy wasn’t a starter. I think Jozy still is our starter even tho I like Boyd better. These videos proves my point.

  73. BrianK says:

    I think that is the way it is headed. Jol was very gracious with his latest comments which leads me to believe that nothing really materialized and he is hoping Clint will see that and play out his contract.

    On the Jozie front,…loved his run on the first goal. He looks in great form. Couldn’t help but think of Arsenal. They have the money and they seem to need a strong forward. Jozie is only 22,….so it could pay off in the short term and long. Nevertheless, his time in Holland seems to be doing him good.

  74. Alex says:

    People get hung up on which league players should go to. What’s important isn’t the league, once you’re talking about the top tier Germany’s, England’s, etc. What’s important is a stable club situation with a manager and team that believes in and trusts a player enough to put him out every week.

    Now, I do agree with you. He’s got a stable environment at AZ and he’s clearly doing well there. He’s trusted by the coach and his teammates, and he’s delivering the goals in return. No need to rush off to some other “bigger” league. Keep doing your thing, and when the time and opportunity is right, move on to something bigger. Don’t jump at the first glitzy club to make a bid.

  75. Alex says:

    And Wondolowski, if he ever decides to replicate his club form in the red, white and blue.

  76. Illmatic74 says:

    Altidore is going to break Bradley’s record this season.

  77. Alex says:

    Got you by a minute ;P

  78. chewp says:

    I’m pretty sure he is just glad he is in a higher quality league now. The eredivisie is an amazing league to launch a career!

  79. Ryan Nanez says:

    true. true

  80. PD says:

    No, it’s not just you. I was going to comment on this very thing. It’s clear that Jozy can thrive as both a hold-up man with his back to the goal and now as part of a fluid 2 or 3 man forward line. Very cool to see how complete his game is becoming. Hope he stays healthy cause at this rate he’s gonna have a great season.

  81. RNG says:

    Agreed. Jozy is actually learning and improving game to game. This is a great situation for him. And he has a lot more upside to come.

  82. Tim M. says:

    He’s just ballin’ right now

  83. Judging Amy says:

    Even though Wynalda and McBride are undisputed Nats legends and played together, Wynalda was at the tail end of his prime when they were paired up. Mathis and McBride only played together a little while. Considering Boyd and Jozy’s age they could play together at their primes for a very long time.

  84. Brett says:

    Guy never had problems scoring. He knows where to be and has a killer drive from just about any body position. I can’t be the only one who remembers him scoring in his first or second appearance for Villarreal.

    What has eluded him was technique and work-rate (stamina) and those things seem to be coming along with regular minutes. Good for him.

  85. TerkyJerky says:

    At some point it wont be up to him, lets say he puts in 15-20 goals by the winter transfer window, someone from one of the big league is going to offer somewhere between 10-20 mil for jozy. That’s a lot of money for a player AZ paid 2 mil for. It would be hard for them to say no to that money. His best bet is to latch onto a club like Arsenal who doesn’t mind finishing the development a player who is close to being fully developed.

  86. beachbum says:

    excellent read, thank you bottlcaps

    fit to impact games late is a big deal :))) Go Jozy!

    some guys running around late in games/halves aren’t as good at that and those that win that battle have a clear edge; so much of the game to be had in the last 5-10 minutes. Adding Jozy to the list of USMNTers who can do it effectively adds a lot tactically if he can keep proving it, especially since he gets fouled aroung the area so much, and late that can be big too!

    this is some pretty pleasing news :)

  87. GTV says:


  88. divers suck says:

    Against pub league defense and Josy looks like he needs to lay off the broodjes….

  89. THomas says:

    Two great goals…not trying to take away from that. But good God the Dutch are terrible at defending.

    Regardless, top scorer in the Dutch league is perhaps more impressive than anywhere else because of the pace they score at there.

  90. Joe B NYC says:

    With the exception of Barcelona & Arsenal. England and Spain aren’t leagues known for giving Players time to delvelop. Hull isn’t a team known For turning young (or older) forwards into top scorers of the EPL. None of the forwards did good at Hull. Their dependable goal scorer was an Irish midfielder, but his name escapes me. Bradley scored a lot of goals while at Heerenveen because the coach (who is Jozy’s coach now at AZ) put him in an advanced position in Midfield. But in Germany & England, he did not enjoy being played as an attacker, and yet he still was a scorer for Moenchengladbach…

  91. GW says:

    What you are really saying is we won’t know if Jozy can translate this to a higher level like Italy until he does.

    Okay, a little downbeat but technically true.

    And let me take it further;if he goes to Milan in January and scores twenty goals for them, it is still no guarantee that he will play well for the US. History is full of great players who can’t replicate their form for their national team.

    All we have to go by is that he has shown steady improvement towards becoming a consistent all around attacking player and he is still very young. He is a much better player than he was the day he signed for Stewart. And I thought he was pretty good even then.

    And this kind of pattern is not one we have ever seen from another American at his age.

    Therefore I would say your Gloomy Gus stance is a bit extreme.

  92. downintexas says:

    Nah, he is just fat and lazy and lucky.


  93. Kenny_B says:

    First goal defenders are running at full speed. They get caught out by the poor defending on the initial pass to Jozy. The cross is pinpoint from his teammate. Sorry, I disagree on the first goal.

    The second goal, the marking should have been tighter. It looked like the defenders were playing him to pass.

  94. Alex says:

    True, if the club can’t refuse the money, he’ll go. As long as it’s up to him, I think he’ll make smart choices.

  95. mcm says:

    Thanks, used to be SBI had lots of comments like this. Would be nice to see the comments up top instead of wading through all the other stuff.

  96. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Already called 30! 26 to go

  97. Judging Amy says:


  98. Mike r says:

    ….and wasn’t he hurt a few times while in MLS? Im an MLS fan went to the Fire game yesterday … It’s definitely a hack a man league still.

  99. Tom says:

    Yeah, it’s unusual. He doesn’t look like he’s pounding it, but the ball rockets off his foot. Same thing in last weeks highlights.

  100. SwerveZ says:

    All great observations…question is: when’s his contract up because he won’t stay there for long if he keeps scoring goals like these…

  101. AC says:

    Beast mode

  102. GW says:

    Most goals scored are due to some sort of mistake by a defender.

    What separates the good goalscorer from the average goal scorer is the good one does a better job about taking advantage of those mistakes.

    For example, in the Mexico game,Chicharito had a couple of chances presented to him by the US and failed to properly exploit every one of them. Decidedly poor performance by Chihcharito on the night.

    And if you thank the Jozy’s chances were easy, watch the Guadeluope (sp?) game in last years Gold Cup and watch a great goalscorer in Clint Dempsey butcher sitter after sitter after sitter.

    On the first AZ goal Jozy “lost” his defender and that is why he was so wide open. I haven’t spoken with the defender so I don’t know if he thought someone else had Jozy or if he just lost complete track of him.

    Regardless I’ve seen plenty of other players have that exact same opportunity and shoot wide or over or into the keeper.

    On the second the defenders were trying to jockey Jozy wide and of course had to worry about both a pass or him shooting. Of course he shot but how many times have you seen a player in that exact same spot hit the defender, the keeper, the post or just miss wide? The defenders were playing the odds and Jozy threaded the needle. In other words he beat them, they did not screw up.

  103. BCC says:

    I am not trying to complicate the issue. Perhaps we can all agree that a 25-goal season in Spain or England is a greater accomplishment than a 25-goal season in Holland?

    I like Altidore and hope he proves to be viewed as a world-class player in the US and abroad. Rather than play at Milan, I would actually like to see him at Fulham, Everton, or perhaps Liverpool.

    Not sure I said anything “gloomy.” Internetters tend to be an extreme bunch; I like to be a realist.

  104. David J S says:

    +1000. You said it perfectly

  105. Dennis says:

    Jozy is 22. Remember less than a year ago people were saying he was washed-up, too lazy to be a player and had no skill?

    Glad to see his youthful, physical talents are now matched with a better understanding.

    Wondolowski continues to improve his game, who even noticed him until he was 26 years old?

    Would that Adu would show similar progress in the mental part of his game.

  106. crocajun1003 says:

    2tone with another prediction?

  107. GW says:

    Twenty five goals for Milan to me would be more impressive than the same tally in England or Spain, but I agree with your point.

    As it stands now Jozy has a chance to be the US’ first indisputably world class outfield player. Dempsey’s status is disputable (is that a word?) in that he has only done it for a year and he did it at Fulham, a comparatively obscure club. I happen to think he can do well for anyone but even amongst his rabid real Amurkin fans not everyone has the faith in him they should. And of course, we know all about Donovan’s “disputable” status.

    Jozy is young enough, and talented enough so that should he move to a glamour club in Spain or England in the next year or two and replicate his form at AZ for a couple of seasons that just might do it. He’ll have to beat out Mikey Bradley though.

  108. biff says:

    Depending on the teams which make offers, I would tend to agree, that sticking with AZ until after WC 2014 would probably be the best strategy for Jozy and the USMNT.

  109. RC Tiger says:

    As a Hull City supporter I can tell you that Jozy at 19 gave some of the top CHs in the Premier League such as John Terry a torrid time but had no support in a very low scoring team. With a good EPL team Jozy will be a real handful. EPL is made for Jozy.