Americans Abroad: Bradley out for Inter match, McCoist talks Bocanegra & more

Bradley (Getty Images)

Michael Bradley's first season with Roma has hit its first speed bump.

According to Italian publication Gazzetta Dello Sport, Bradley suffered a muscle strain in his right leg and will be out for Roma's trip to Inter Milan this weekend. There is no timetable given for his return, and the injury will be monitored in the coming days, so it is unclear how it will affect his standing for the U.S. men's national team's upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica on Sept. 7 and 11.

Bradley started and played all of Roma's 2-2 draw with Catania over the weekend, assisting on the stoppage-time equalizer with a deep ball into the box that was finished off by Nicolas Lopez. 

Here are a few more items involving Americans abroad:


Rangers manager Ally McCoist has seen Americans Maurice Edu and Alejandro Bedoya depart amid the club's financial crisis and demotion to Scotland's fourth tier, but he is hoping to hold on to his captain and U.S. men's national team captain Carlos Bocanegra.

With the transfer deadline looming Friday, Bocaenegra is still at the Ibrox, having played in all six of Rangers' games across all competitions this season.

"Carlos is still very much a Rangers player," McCoist said on the club's official website. "There’s been no activity or movement or change in the situation regarding Carlos. So he’ll hopefully be involved in our next few games and he will be here post window. That’s where we are with Carlos, and the longer it goes the more chance there is he will stay.”


One American who is unlikely to be getting the call for the qualifiers against Jamaica is Edgar Castillo, who has reportedly been ruled out for up to the next three weeks with a foot injury.

Castillo suffered the injury in Tijuana's victory over Club America Saturday at Estadio Azteca, the setting for where Castillo started for the U.S. against Mexico in the historic victory that took place two weeks ago today. Castillo's absence for Tijuana could pave the way for 21-year-old U.S. left back Greg Garza to step into the starting lineup. 


If Alejandro Bedoya is to join Sacha Kljestan, Jermaine Jones and Michael Parkhurst in the UEFA Champions League group stage, then his club is going to have to come up with a major road performance.

After dropping the home leg of their UCL final qualifying round bout against Celtic last week by a 2-0 scoreline, Bedoya's Helsingborg needs to overturn the deficit at Celtic Park to entertain thoughts of advancing. Should Celtic maintain its edge and advance, Helsingborg would drop down to the UEFA Europa League group stage.


Disappointed that Bradley won't get to face Inter? How would you feel about the USMNT's chances against Jamaica if he were forced to miss out? Can you picture Bocanegra playing out the season with fourth-tier Rangers? Do you think a healthy Castillo should merit another U.S. call-up for upcoming qualifiers? Do you see any chance that Helsingborg overturns its deficit to Celtic?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Americans Abroad: Bradley out for Inter match, McCoist talks Bocanegra & more

  1. NE Matt says:

    So when are we expecting Klinsy to announce the roster for the Jamaica games?

  2. Old School says:

    I’ve said this in a previous thread but I have nothing but respect for Bocanegra as a player and person.While still taking that into consideration, if he does not move, I do not think he should be called up.

    I’m not of the mindset in rewarding players that have national team aspirations of playing in such a poor & lowly division, least of all, our captain.

  3. NE Matt says:

    More on the Bradley injury: So I did a little digging and found a good article explaining muscle strains. Pay particular attention to the expected recovery period for a Grade 1 or 2 strain, which Bradley is thought to be diagnosed with:

    A muscle strain is damage caused by over-stretching of muscle tissue. In football, this is thought to occur most frequently when movements such as sprinting, stretching for the ball or kicking the ball are carried out in an unco-ordinated manner. The muscle tissue becomes overloaded and reaches a breaking point where a tear or partial tear occurs. The player will experience pain that will persist if he or she attempts to stretch or contract the muscle. Depending on their severity, muscle strains are categorised into Grades 1, 2 or 3:

    There is damage to individual muscle fibres (less than 5% of fibres). This is a mild strain which requires 2 to 3 weeks rest.

    There is more extensive damage, with more muscle fibres involved, but the muscle is not completely ruptured. The rest period required is usually between 3 and 6 weeks.

    This is a complete rupture of a muscle. In a sports person this will usually require surgery to repair the muscle. The rehabilitation time is around 3 months.

    All muscle strains should be rested and allowed to heal. If the patient continues to play, the condition will worsen. If ignored, a grade one strain has the potential to become a grade two strain or even a complete rupture.

  4. NE Matt says:

    Get well soon MB4

  5. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Get out Boca!

  6. chris says:

    Looks like Lichaj might finally get the call. Looking forward to it.

  7. elgringorico says:

    Thanks NE Matt for the injury briefing.

    Double bummer for MB4 and Boca….

  8. louis z says:

    LD hasn’t recover from his and it’s already two weeks. Gatt’s I think it took him 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound good for us. This is when we know who can step up.

  9. Old School says:

    Glad to see it, especially, considering I’m ready to move on from Timmy Chandler.

    That said, Lichaj would have been called up a long time ago by JK if not for his lack of fitness/health.

  10. Kosh says:

    Agreed. 100%.

    If Boca is wants to build a legacy for rangers I am all about it and respect him for it too. BUT he cannot remain an option of any kind if he’s playing in such a crappy league.

    IF Boca is out, give the armband to Donovan, which should rekindle the spark and hunger. Also get someone else some regular PT in the CB position for the Nats sooner rather than later. I like Geoff there.

    Back to the point – if this is how Boca wants to go then all credit to him. Though I honestly think he should come back to MLS (well not unless he’s the richest man in the Scottish 4th division – he’s gotta do what he’s gotta do).

  11. QuakerOtis says:

    Count me as one who doesn’t want Donovan wearing the armband. I see a captain as someone who is consistently motivated. We’ve all seen Donovan disapear for games at a time. Not captain material, imho, however great he can be.

    Brings up the question of who should be the next captain, if Boca is indeed done starting at CB. I say Dolo, for now, but he’s somewhat doubtful for Brazil. Bradley? Maybe long term (wouldn’t that annoy some of the haters too?), but obviously not for this next round.

  12. Old School says:

    I would agree that Donovan is not national team Captain material.

    1: Cherundolo
    2: Howard (not a big fan of GK’s as captain)
    3: Bradley
    4: Jones
    5: Dempsey

    Jones may surprise some people being above Dempsey but I think Jones is a natural leader.

    Dempsey, on the other hand, I think likes being underneath the radar, if possible. Plus, while Jones play is rough, Dempsey literally wanting to fight people (which I love) may not be the best representation of a level headed captain.

  13. KNPonder says:

    Completely agree with everything. I believe that Dolo and Timmy are the co-captains so the band should pass to those guys for a bit. With that said, I think that the armband is Bradley’s in the future . . . just a matter of time.

  14. Smacking says:

    This isn’t a friendly, it’s not about rewarding players or what league you play in. It’s simply a question of who the best players are to help us qualify or rather who does Klinsy think are the best. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be hard for Boca to retain form if he plays out the season in the Scottish 4th, but he doesn’t automatically become a worse player because he changed divisions (same goes in the other direction). You can make arguments about the teams future interests, but for me its about one game at a time. Unconfirmed by training, I still rate Boca to be one of our top 4 CB heading into these next few games. Of course, no one’s paying for my opinions.

  15. Old School says:

    “This isn’t a friendly, it’s not about rewarding players or what league you play in.”

    Who said that was my criteria? Sure it’s about what league you play in.

    You’re welcome to disagree but I would never call up someone playing in MLS Reserve League and I would also never call up someone playing in 4th-tier Scottish football…regardless of the limited options aside from Boca.

    It’s fairly simple.

  16. Smacking says:

    Where’s the cut off? Surely it would be absurd to not call Dempsey, though he’s been training exclusively with reserves (right?). Perhaps we just disagree. I pick my best players regardless, unless they are out of form. Obviously, playing at a higher level helps you retain form.

  17. Old School says:

    Fair point on Dempsey and I would actually agree that calling him in right now isn’t suitable either if his fitness isn’t there/club status rather erratic.

    I don’t think any player with questionable fitness should be called up, regardless of quality. I also don’t think anyone in club limbo needs the added chaos of travelling internationally, either.

    If you’re looking for clear/specific criteria I would use if manager, it would be as follows…

    If you’re not in shape: you’re not called up.
    If you’re not playing: you’re not called up.
    If you’re playing in a pub-quality league: you’re not called up.

  18. torporindy says:

    I don’t like GK as captain either and let’s face it, Cherundolo is on the decline. I like Jones as the dark horse candidate for Captain, he is a natural leader. Eventually, it will be Bradley’s to keep.

  19. Mig22 says:

    So, if he transfers out today, then it’s okay to call him up? Did he get better than he was yesterday?

    In two more weeks, will he have lost his game because he’s playing in a crap league?

    It’s not about what league, it’s about what form he is in at this time.

  20. away goals says:

    Smacking’s point remains. Boca just finished a year as captain of the SPL runners up. During that time he was our undisputed top choice centerback.

    Then in the offseason his club is banished to the fourth division. So an FA ruling instantly diminishes boca’s individual ability?

    It makes no sense. Boca is our best centerback until the day his play in a national team uniform demonstrates otherwise.

  21. Mark says:

    This will be an interesting couple of weeks. It’s possible we won’t have guys like LD, Clint, Boca and Bradley on the roster. Makes me uncomfortable, but gives guys like Cameron, Herc, Jozy and others a chance to step up and show their quality.

  22. Old School says:

    @Mig22 & away goals:

    I’ve provided my rebuttal and given the criteria of the choice I WOULD make as manager.

    You’re welcome to disagree with them, if you’d like. Responding to each and ever disagreement with the opinion isn’t realistic.

    Boca would not be called up by me. Plain and simple.

  23. bryan says:

    why?! why does this always happen to us?!

  24. bryan says:

    So we probably won’t have any of the following players:

    1. Bradley
    2. LD
    3. Dempsey
    4. Boca (this one is up for more debate)
    5. Gooch
    6. Castillo
    7. Chandler (it’s D-Day for him)

    that’s a lot of guys to be missing. i really wish the roster was already out, i hate that they wait this long. but i’m thinking, if it’s 23, it’ll be the following 20 plus 3 unknowns:

    GK: Howard, Rimando
    D: Lichaj, Parkhurst, Goodson, Johnson, Cameron, Fiscal, Dolo
    M: Edu, Shea, Beasley, Jones, Williams, Torres, Beckerman, Corona
    F: Jozy, Boyd, Gomez

    I think Edu comes either way and he could easily be listed as a defender. I think given Castillo’s injury we’ll see Lichaj. I think Parkhurst will also get the call, especially if Boca and Chandler do not, which is debatable.

    I think Gatt, Spector, Kljestan, Bedoya, Ream, and even Mix have a shot at one of the last 3 spots. Without Dempsey or LD, and even with Corona, we need another creative mid. Only Mix truly fits that mold out of these players, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  25. TonyT says:

    Bunch of sell outs! That is not very American to leave a man behind, just because if he does stay with Rangers it will be out of honor and loyalty, which for those of you saying leave him out of the National team clearly don’t know the first thing about.
    Wish I could see you phonies tell Boca to his face that ” oh dude I respect you as a person and player but you should totally not be on the National team” I’d pay front row seats for that encounter! No matter where he is playing I’m sure Boca has the cojones to play top tier soccer.

  26. Mig22 says:

    No one was really asking you to reply to each. Smacking, Away Goals, and I each pointed out in similar ways why we disagree with your thinking. I think it’s an interesting topic and multiple viewpoints are possible.

    Funny thing about commenting in a blog. When you state an opinion, you get feedback.

  27. away goals says:

    Fair play to you, sir. The other responses weren’t there when I replied.

    vamos estados unidos

  28. jones says:

    It’s silly to think that Boca would so suddenly be left off during such a critical time. He still offers experience and security as the captain, and at this time is probably in no worse shape than other guys on the roster (it hasn’t been that long in the bottom tier…).

    Of course in the future, should his form decline as a result of his choice (or age), others will take his place.

  29. Daniel says:

    This is what I forsee





    Essentially a 4-3-3 with beckerman playing a defensive role while jones and torres puch the offense. I would rather see Torres on the bench after his last performance but nobody really stood out besides Cameron and Shea @ Mexico. If Kljestan shows he could get that spot next to Jones, I wouldn’t mind seeing what he is capable of doing but that is tough to do in Qualification.

  30. Kosh says:

    Points well made and well taken, indeed. I stand corrected and educated. Thank you.

  31. Perspective says:

    I agree that we will get to see a few more faces in the mix but not to a huge extent.

    Players who will NOT be called up:

    Players who WILL get a callup:
    Landon Donovan

    The captain is too important in maintaining organization in the back, he is fit at this time, and is our best CB. Dempsey hasn’t missed that much playing time, he is a baller, and needed. If fitness is a problem he can come off the bench, but he will be in camp. Donovan (likely) will be over his muscle strain by next week, also ditto same reasons for Dempsey above.

    Too bad about Bradley. Hope Klinsmann does bring in some of the players you mention (Lichaj, Mix, Corona). Leave Beasley at home please.

  32. Old School says:

    Repeating, regurgitating and piggy-backing on a view that’s already been responded to isn’t feedback, it’s simply repetitive.

    Funny thing about posting on a blog, everyone’s opinion is important. Just not everyone’s opinion are worth responding to.

  33. Bob says:

    It looks like we will essentially see the same guys that beat Mexico for the two qualifiers (drop Castillo and then add Boca, Jozy, and Dolo to the August lineup).

  34. Old School says:

    ——Johnson Lichaj

    *IF Dempsey/Boca are not called up, I think we’ll see something like this above.

    I think two wild cards to start would be Boyd and Corona and Gomez/Donovan or Williams could fall to the bench.

  35. Old School says:

    ha, and contrary to my failed Starting XI graph, Johnson and Lichaj are not double teaming LB to mark Dane Richards.

  36. KevHar says:

    OK sorry but who is GK?

  37. bryan says:

    Yeah, I do doubt that Boca will be left behind for these two games. And while I disagree that Dempsey hasn’t missed much playing time (he missed the entire pre season and three games so far), the transfer window will be shut by then and therefore he won’t be in club limbo. As such, I agree, on second thought, he will be there.

    As for LD, I’m not 100% convinced he’ll be there. But we’ll see.

    I also think it’s guaranteed Chandler is called up, it’s just up to him to accept it. And I think if him and Boca both get the call (and Chandler accepts it), then we won’t see Lichaj or Parkhurst.

    Lots of variables no doubt!

  38. Roy says:

    It has been klinsy’s position that players should start and at the highest level possible, so Boca has one problem here. Klinsy can’t push Dempsey to go to a Champion’s League club and not push Boca to move up, or is he going against his own history?

  39. somedude says:

    Tachtsidis would’ve probably started the next game

  40. Roy says:

    It is about Klinsy being consistent with his message. I don’t think people are anti-Boca, it is about the coach being equal in treatment of players.

  41. beachbum says:


    we know Boca’s abilities. If he’s fit then it’s up to Coach to call him or not of course.

    as long as he can still play and is fit is he all of the sudden not able? And age is something to consider, but seriously, and CB with his veteran savvy? That’s a luxury as long as he’s fit seems to me

    yes he’s 3rd Div SPL but he didn’t just become that level of player as well all of the sudden

    he’s got to move somewhere tho, sorry McCoist

    Klinsmann may use it as the excuse to excuse Boca tho

  42. beachbum says:

    no it’s not. things always depend on the situation. this is one unique situation. at least in my little view that means it may require a unique understanding to achieve the best solution

    who knows?

  43. beachbum says:


    didn’t read your reply to replying almost the same way :)

  44. beachbum says:

    bah…uniquie situation, unique player on the team–the Captain–allows Klinsmann room to operate on this choice if he wants

    I disagree 100% that this choice is about consistency on Coach’s and his message

    but it could be used as an excuse to not call him, no doubt

  45. jones says:

    Agree with your lineup – would love to see it. Thout Torres is running out of chances. It seems like his poor showings have a lot to do with being shuffled around and not playing his “natural” position, however he should be able to contribute more no matter what (regardless of position). He needs to step up.

    Otherwise, I wasn’t as excited as you were about Shea. He made a great play for the goal, had some solid work for the short time he was in, and has had a bit more drive lately at club level, but he needs to up his consistency/mentality overall before he starts for USMNT again. (Same with Donovan!) Would like to see Kljestan again also.

  46. Weaksauce says:

    Probably september 7

    Hoping to see Chandler on there!

  47. jones says:

    Lol, I got what you meant.

    This lineup is great, too, though I think we’ll see Boca at least starting for one or both of the matches.

    In general, I think Williams is a great player to have on the bench in the long term. He hasn’t done enough to be a regular starter, but always works hard and is mostly solid. Even when he is not as noticeable, it would be hard to call many of his performances “bad.”

  48. Old School says:


  49. Old School says:

    I think he’s pushed them to aspire for more/higher competition but he hasn’t denied a call up for MLS players.

    I think there’s definitely something to be said though for the (lack of) quality the 4th tier of Scottish football offers.

    If I’m the only one concerned by that, fair enough, but Boca wanting to stay says a lot about his character…I just couldn’t care less how it translates to his form.

    Judging from the lack of quality the top division offers, I can only imagine playing against the “professionals” in the 4th tier may offer.

    I’d love to be wrong, though. I really do love Boca – just not the level of competition he’s playing at or the precedent it sets.

  50. Old School says:

    Agreed on Williams.

    I’m not the biggest fan of his in an advanced role but I think JK still is willing to give him chances at that position. I think he and Torres have both disappointed with that responsibility.

    Some may not be hot on Beckerman but he hasn’t really had a “poor” showing. He just never really stands out. That’s often classified as “steady”, which isn’t a bad quality.

    I’m hoping Bradley’s healthy though.

  51. jones says:

    yeah, same with Beckerman. He’s never been “bad,” but has never stood out to me in a MNT uniform.

    I kinda hope Bradley sits. He just got the injury, and even if it’s the “Grade 1″ or whatever that person posted above, he would only just be “ready” for the qualifiers (and wouldn’t be in shape). With that type of injury, better safe than sorry. I had a strain years ago and sat 4 weeks. I have no idea what level it was, but if you aim for the higher end, you are good as new and won’t have to worry about lingering/worsening issues.

  52. GW says:

    This equal treatment business is more of a guideline rather than a rule.

    Players are not really treated equally because players are not of equal ability.

    Dempsey, for example, can provide things that others cannot provide as consistently.

    Boca is the captain and leader of the defense. At this point there is no reason to think he is any less of a player than he has been the last year or two. A couple months from now that may be different but I’m sure JK will worry about that then not now.

    If JK is to be truly consistent he will field the 11 most likely to win. And if Boca is available, he is in that 11.