beIN Sport acquires television rights to USMNT road World Cup qualifiers

USAGuatemala (Getty Images)

Fans in the United States will no longer have to worry about U.S. men's national team World Cup qualifiers being shown on pay-per-view.

New sports network beIN Sport announced in a press release Wednesday that it has acquired exclusive rights to televise the national team's road qualifiers for the remainder of the 2014 World Cup cycle, starting with the final two matches of this round, Sept. 7 against Jamaica and Oct. 12 against Antigua and Barbuda. Assuming the U.S. men qualify for the final hexagonal round, the five road games will be televised on beIN Sport as well.

The network has also purchased the rights for all other CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers except games involving Mexico. Currently, beIN Sport is only available through DirecTV and Dish Network, but the network is in talks with other cable providers.

The issue of road qualifiers not having a home on cable television in the U.S. came to the forefront in June, when the Guatemalan federation, who controlled the rights for the home match against the U.S., elected to distribute them to carriers who only made them available on pay-per-view in the United States, with fans forced to pay $29.99 to see the match broadcast in standard definition. ESPN maintains the television rights to home U.S. qualifiers, whose rights are controlled by the U.S. Soccer Federation. 

What do you think of this development?

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155 Responses to beIN Sport acquires television rights to USMNT road World Cup qualifiers

  1. Frankie B. says:

    “Currently, beIN Sport is only available through DirecTV and Dish Network, but the network is in talks with other cable providers.”

    Hopefully they make a deal with actual cable providers that people use.

  2. Mark H. says:

    The more exposure soccer gets in America, the better. Especially the men’s national team.

  3. Smacking says:

    Rights going to some network that I’ve never heard of and only offered by two providers is of little improvement for the average fan. We’ve come a long way with television coverage, but I guess it’s still too much to ask to have WCQs on widely available networks.

  4. wides says:

    Ugh… they’ve also acquired the rights to La Liga, Serie A, English Championship and league Cup.

    La Liga and Serie A went for the cash to the severe detriment of the number of people actually getting the distribution.

  5. Steve says:

    So does this mean that beIn has purchased the TV rights from every CONCACAF federation except the US and Mexico? This is terrible news…

  6. wides says:

    “The ratings are going to be so low that they will be almost unmeasurable,” said Marc Ganis of the Chicago-based Sports Corp. Ltd., consulting firm. “Considering the push that European soccer is making in the United States, taking additional money and losing exposure becomes fools’ gold. They need to have a long-term strategy, not short-term.”

  7. chris says:

    Its no wonder illegal streams thrive

  8. Tim says:

    I’m hoping this network will be added to Xfinity very soon

  9. T says:

    I knew someone would find a way to mess things up…

  10. pgloerse says:

    This is terrible news. now Qatar has our broadcast rights!

  11. BrianK says:

    Qatar’s Al Jazeera Sports Network owns beIn sports.

  12. Steve C says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you….. The White Elephant!

  13. Jason says:

    How does a network acquire rights to games that are not scheduled? I thought home FAs held the rights to the games and until we know who is in the Hex how can the rights be bought?

  14. Todd Marsch says:

    Yeah, I’m not too thrilled by this. Where I live, there is only one choice for cable/satellite, and it isn’t Dish or Direct TV. So, this really isn’t that different than the game being on pay-per-view. I guess maybe bars won’t charge $10 cover, if it isn’t pay-per-view, so there’s that.

  15. Tim says:

    How is this bad news?? You guys need to chill out. tehre is no guarantee that any network in the US would have picked up the away games and that would leave you with PPV only. beIN will be on cable soon and if not most bars carry Direct tv and will have access. Stop complaning and be happy that it is eben on TV because the alternative could be way worse.

  16. Hopper says:

    If no one has access to the channel, then it might as well be on pay-per-view.

  17. Tim says:

    No beacuse you can still find a bar to watch the game. PPV there is little to no cance a bar will pay for PPV soccer. This is a great thing.

  18. DEAC says:

    This is being pitched as a positive development, but I don’t see how until this network shows up on my cable. Otherwise, I’d rather be out the $29.95. At least then I could see the games.

  19. Louis Z says:

    Any true soccer fan knows that you can’t beat DirecTV coverage of soccer games. I switched to them a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back since.

  20. Tim says:

    It’s not a great thing if you can’t see it at home (IE ESPN, Fox Soccer). Put the channel on my cable and I’ll be happy to call it a great thing.

  21. DEAC says:

    How is it bad news? I watched the first road qualifier on PPV at home. Looks like I won’t have a chance to see the Jamaica game at home.
    Bad news, obviously.

  22. Frankie B. says:

    Damn I didn’t know this. It’s a shame because I was looking to watch Roma games this year. Oh well.

  23. Tim says:

    So the better option would be PPV where people still bitch about having to pay?? No its guaranteed on a network and its bad…I dont follow. Its lose, lose for US soccer fans because most just find a reason to complain about everything.

  24. HDsnob says:

    I am sure Comcast will add it soon, but it only made sense for beIN to get DirecTV and Dish on board first considering the amount of customers DirecTV and Dish have compared to small cable companies.

  25. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    A few things:
    – beIN JUST launched on DirecTV as of like two weeks ago. Give them some time, I have a feeling they’ll be on cable soon enough.
    – After watching some of their coverage of LaLiga this past weekend (I have DirecTV, fortunately), I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of their coverage for a new network.
    – Almost every bar/sports bar I’ve ever been to has DirecTV, so there’s at least that.
    – They have Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson for commentators. They’re polarizing I know, but I freaking love them and I’d much rather listen to those two than anyone else who does USMNT games, with the exception of maybe Ian Darke.

    Give them some time to get settled. Obviously it’d be great if ESPN had the coverage rights to every USMNT qualifier whether home or away, but beIN is much better than some of the other alternatives.

  26. Ryan says:

    What are you talking about? DirecTV has around 20 million subscribers. Apparently “no one” uses it though? Maybe try encouraging your cheap cable provider to pay a bit of money to acquire it?

  27. ChiTownFireFan says:

    Comcast is Chicago, Chicago for God’s sake, won’t even entertain the thought of adding Fox Soccer HD let alone this new channel. There are enough soccer fans here to support it but they will instead treat us to a HD channel aimed a 2 – 5 yr olds (true story) Looks like I will be at the local pubs to watch more soccer. Pray for my liver

  28. Ed says:

    So in the hexagonal round, who would carry the USMNT @ MEX game? beIN has the right to teams except Mexico so if Mexico holds the rights then it could go to ESPN, Fox Soccer, or someone else correct?

  29. Nick says:

    If they acquire the U.S. TV rights to all CONCACAF home games other than the U.S. and Mexico (which would be pretty easy to do from a logistical standpoint, since they were all owned by Traffic Sports) and then purchase the English-language rights to the U.S.-Mexico game in Azteca from Univision, they would be guaranteed all U.S. road qualifiers. That’s apparently what they’ve done. These things are paid for in advance, not as games pop up.

  30. Kevl4R says:

    This is precisely why I switched years ago to satellite. I’ve been back and forth between DirecTV then Dish now back to DirecTV for the best possible soccer programming. beIN has been talked about for months and months as being a relative unknown and owned by al-Jazeera. I’m shocked that this has taken so many people by surprise.

  31. eric says:

    During La Liga games this weekend, the commentators said that there would be “good news” for the people that don’t currently get BEIn at the end of this week. Take that for what it is but @luis z is correct about direct tv being the choice of any fan. They have it all.

  32. alka246 says:

    DirectTV has been awesome for me as well. I dumped Comcast because their prices were so high and DirectTV now has even more soccer content available.

    Don’t need to remind anyone, but it is DirectTV who shows all Champions League and UEFA Cup games throughout the season as well free of charge if you have the soccer package.

  33. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Finally, Arab oil money does me some personal good

  34. Tim says:

    Yes this is true. I would bet on ESPN getting the Mexico game more now than before given the geat ratings from the friendly.

  35. Frankie B. says:

    I’m sure there are true soccer fans who don’t know about the DirecTV coverage and I’d be happy to listen. But I’m also a fan of local sports and like to watch them too so that’s probably not going to be my best option.

  36. sportzfrk says:

    Last cycle Telemundo had both English and Spanish rights, and thus USMNT fans had to watch it on mun2 for an english feed. They’ll probably have a high asking price again this time.

  37. Chris says:

    I second that…DirectTV is the way to go if you love soccer…the only problem I have with DirectTV now is that in order to get beIN Sports in HD you have to update to their premium package which is twice as much as what I pay now…but they do show it in standard definition on the package I I guess Standard definition will be…Kinda suck but at least I get to watch all the games!!!

  38. Wendell Gee says:

    Or maybe one set of fans complains about one thing and another set of fans complains about the other. The notion that it’s the exact same people complaining about both seems rather tenuous, and I am going to guess you haven’t done the research to back that notion up.

  39. bryan says:

    it’s so annoying this channel isn’t on most cable providers yet, but i went to a buddies place to watch the Madrid game and i will say the quality of this channel is fantastic. it’s slick, great HD feed, no commercials, great presentation, good studio, etc.

    i was extremely impressed. lets hope Fios picks it up!

  40. MidWest Ref says:

    I heard Ray Hudson promoting BeIN on the Football Show on Siruis radio a month ago.

    I don’t know if I am comfortable supporting an Al Jazeera based entity – my intention is to be patriotic not discriminatory.

    But that may be moot point as the channel is not offered by my cable provider.

  41. Tim says:

    Wow you are reading way too much into that.

  42. Dan in New York says:

    Any rumors about beIN Sport coming to Time Warner Cable? (BTW, I hate the network’s dumb capitalization: took me a while to figure out that it was “bein” not “beln.” Fail.)

  43. Dimidri says:

    Why in 2012 are we in a position where we are happy a channel that, best case scenario, is only available to people with high-tiered cable, has thankfully purchased rights to US WORLD CUP qualifiers instead of some evil PPV company? Are either of those really good options?

    I don’t think FSC should get WC qualifiers, let alone another channel on fewer providers with no track record.

    I get that it is a business, that ESPN isn’t in the business of charity, but really, the US National Team seems to do well enough rating and dispersal-wise where MLS doesn’t. While you might have fans with no other ethnic allegiances rooting for Chelsea and writing off DC United, I don’t think that’s the case with the USMNT and Brazil.

    And isn’t this just the sort of thing NBC Sports is supposed to be good for?

    Just disappointing that Fox couldn’t at least put it on FX.

  44. philmatt24 says:

    I have DirecTV with Sports Package (incl. FSC, GolTV, and now beIN, among others) and Fox Soccer Plus (separate from Sports Package). I can watch every Penguins, Steelers, and Pirates game no problem. Also get many of the other Root Sports / Fox Sports (Insert Region Here) channels. Can’t say for sure that every local sports team has a home on DTV, but as a Pittsburgher and soccer fan, I’m quite satisfied.

  45. Felix says:

    Yee haww!!!

  46. dcpohl says:

    I didn’t pay 29.99. I watched on a free stream.

  47. bryan says:

    also, go to link to and request it be added to your provider. they are clearly trying to get on every cable provider’s listing.

    and can i just say some of you are massive babies.

    1. essentially every single bar has satellite, so you can go there to watch.
    2. there will be A LOT more streams available online since a ton of people have satellite and not many ordered the PPV feed.

  48. James says:

    Directv sports pack has local sports for every locality in the USA.

  49. Eric says:

    Good news. I have Direct TV. Bad news. I’ll be a school for these games.

    (SBI-If you have an iPad (and DirecTV’s latest home internet connectivity) you can watch whatever your TIVO records at home on your iPad at school. If you don’t have the DirecTV internet connectivity there’s always Slingbox.)

  50. einar says:

    sweet! and i just got this channel! :D. Directv rules!

  51. bryan says:

    yes, they want to be available to everyone. just like when FSC launched, people needed to contact their cable providers. i provided a link below (or just go to their website) and you can send an email via the website to your cable provider.

    they literally have every cable provider listed. which means they want to be on them all.

  52. alka246 says:

    That’s more concerning – that I am now supporting Al Jazeera indirectly….

  53. Dimidri says:

    Maybe some people aren’t that mad for themselves (because seriously, who couldn’t go to first row, hdmi their computer to their TV, and just watch it that way anyway) and are mad that a station, even if it is AVAILABLE on every cable provider let’s say, that is only reaches a relatively small audience? Is that good for the growing popularity of the USMNT??

    I think a lot of the ‘World Cup’ only crowd could be convinced to also watch qualifiers were they on ESPN and ESPN hyped it enough, plus there are others who are soccer fans and would watch the USMNT if they’re on but aren’t serial Ives readers. This is just a bad omen for American soccer, not for Dimidri.

  54. bryan says:

    this channel also has a nice list of shows:

    The Express is the heart of beIN SPORT and keeps us tuned to the best soccer in the world. Every Saturday and Sunday, all the live soccer action starts from The Express. Watch as Terri Leigh & Temryss Lane present live games and provide the most updated facts and statistics of all soccer leagues.

    The Express Extra is a must see show for the football fan. Get an in-depth analysis of all the goals, saves, and important plays. The beIN SPORT Express Extra will keep you updated on the performance and stats of your favorite American and Latin American players.

    Gol Zap, the most curious, surprising and unforgettable moments in soccer presented in the most entertaining way.

    90′ in 30′. Missed the big game? Get your soccer quick fix with 30-minute versions of the best soccer matches of the week hosted by Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson.

    Highlight Zone; Get the complete and in-depth championship experience of the weekend’s best matches. Highlight Zone gives you exclusive behind the scenes with players and managers from La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

    This all in addition to their shows about EACH of the leagues they cover (La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1) and the documentaries they will have.

    I have a feeling this is going to become a fantastic network for soccer fans.

  55. Dimidri says:

    that only reaches a relatively small audience has rights to the games*

  56. bryan says:

    Also, for Barca fans, they will be showing Barca TV. Hopefully they do Real Madrid TV too. It also says they will have on-line and mobile platforms for subscribers.

    So, stop complaining. This channel rocks. 24/7 with no commercials! That’s Qatari money at its finest!

  57. Luke from CBus says:

    My thoughts exactly. Imagine if there was enough interest in these games that they were carried on one of the big 4 broadcast channels to reach the widest possible audience (i.e. – England games on BBC). It’s our National Team for heaven’s sake. Maybe someday….

  58. shutupayouface says:

    just called Comcast and the rep said they don’t carry it and don’t plan to in the near future. now, i have no idea how much she knows about negotiations, but that’s not comforting.

  59. malkin says:

    Fox is owned by an Australian. Is that any better?

  60. dbearman says:

    I wasn’t forced to pay $29.99 to watch the match, I just didn’t watch the match.

  61. Victor says:

    Is this the end of Gol tv?!…………

  62. AC says:

    This is Comcast in the Chicago area: No FSC HD, NO FSC+ (SD or HD), NO GolTV HD and now no beIN Sport USA… DirecTV; here I come!

  63. bryan says:

    well, that is a different argument all together. i agree it would be much better for US soccer if major networks picked up these games and showed them on channels that did not require an additional package. that is something i support.

    i guess my comment was more directed at the people complaining about it who already have FSC, GolTV, etc. but who don’t have satellite.

  64. bryan says:

    they still have the Bundesliga. which is weird.

  65. Falsify says:

    Not on most cable providers. This news is only relevant to Direct TV owners. This is a lateral move at best. Sad. JUSTIN TV here I come!

  66. bryan says:

    now, i WOULD be mad if the cable providers made this a pay-for channel like FSC+, HBO, Showtime, etc. $13 a month would be a lot to pay. would still be a better deal than FSC+ which is garbage.

  67. Anth83 says:

    There is nothing wrong or anti-patriotic by watching an Al-Jazeera owned channel. Possibly old sentiment from their coverage of the Iraq War (showing graphic footage of the civilian casualties. Al-Jazeera English is a respectable news network. And if beinTV carries all the away USMNT matches in the 2014 WCQ… then I am sold.

  68. bryan says:

    fill out the request form on bIN Sport’s website for your cable provider. that’s how most got FSC on their provider’s listing. then tell anyone you know to do the same.

  69. Jason says:

    So all the other FAs have already sold their US rights for home matches? Even Canada?

    And this doesn’t happen way in advance. The Guatemala game was only finalized about two weeks before kickoff.

  70. The Imperative Voice says:

    This sounds like an apologia in the classical sense.

    Think about this rationally. Al Jazeera can afford this but somehow ESPN (or FSC and NBC) can’t? Occam’s razor, it’s more likely upstart beIN has no incentive to play along with whatever seeming network gamesmanship has been driving the road qualis to PPV. I think the US networks wanted to force something re the internet rights and/or fee levels, and beIN has used their stomping hissy fit to sneak in and take half the pie. Which is all well and good except the network is not on my provider, so I continue to lose out on the rights games.

    If I would like to watch the road qualis at home on the couch, and I don’t have dish cable, I’m SOL and would actually have had more realistic of an option under PPV, which was at least available (but not desirable) from my cable provider.

    Does this cover spanish-language rights as well? Or is this just English? Because the gap around ESPN used to be covered by the spanish-language networks.

  71. TheRyan says:

    This is a step in the right direction. At least now most bars will be able to watch it and MANY people will have the games in their home as well. I don’t think most people realize that the only way to watch these kinds of games previously (besides doing it illegally of course) was to pay $30 for the PPV in your home or to have your bar pay a rate based on Sq. footage (which ended up being in the $700 to $1000 plus range) which made it hard for smaller soccer bars to carry the games without charging a HEFTY admission fee.

  72. Judging Amy says:

    Agreed with everyone else on DirecTV for soccer. Its pretty boss.

  73. elgringorico says:


  74. The Imperative Voice says:

    Comcast is the biggest provider at 22 million subscribers, followed by Direct TV at 19.8, Dish at 13.9, and Time Warner at 12 million. That’s a lot of people not “on board.”

    It really doesn’t matter if they spread in coverage c. 2014 or later because that will be a new cycle, no qualifiers for 2 years, new rights scramble. Bluntly, if they don’t have it now I start missing out on games in a few weeks when our next road game occurs.

  75. Rory says:

    DishNetwork is my provider. If you sign up for the 250 Channel package (a medium tier one about $10 more than the 200 package) you get Fox Soccer, NBCSports, and BeIn, plus you would have all the hispanic channels except Gol and ESPNU (which shows college soccer and some u-17 tournaments) on the 200 package already. Fox Soccer Plus is something like $14 more and only as an alacart.

    Quite frankly, for the first time in my life I have more soccer games on TV than I can watch… MLS (Espn,NBCS, Futura), EPL (Espn, FSC), La Liga and French league one (BeIN), Mexican and Brazillian (Ftura family of networks)… what a wonderful future we live in!

    Tell ’em Rory Miller in zip code 42350 sent you and maybe we will both get $50 off!

  76. Rory says:

    they were messed up already… paying $25 for a standard definition feed that floated back and forth between english and spanish was really messed up… that is over now.

  77. The Imperative Voice says:

    Oh come on it sounds like you work for them.

    And for x% of us, the nature of their content is like a tree falling in a forest and we’re not there. Except I kinda like to watch qualis.

  78. mo says:

    Not only are we giving our games to a channel NO ONE GETS but we are giving our money to f*ing Al Jazeera! They are the biggest machine of anti-american propoghanda in the world! If you speak arabic watch their arabic channel for 5 minutes and you will se what im talking about

  79. Rory says:

    I’m conservative as hell and I have to tell you that Al Jazeera English isn’t unpalpable to me. If anything, it beats several of the American networks when it comes to even handed coverage.

  80. Rory says:

    You don’t have a clear view of the Southwestern sky?

  81. bryan says:

    i literally just went to their website and read what they are going to offer. if that means you think i work for them, then fine.

    maybe i’m just happy to see a channel dedicated to the sport and has programming that is better than “dream team” re-runs or crappy dubbed shows (GolTV).

    have you watch any of the channel yet? i have, i’m telling you i went from being a hater to very impressed and optimistic.

    no terrible paid programming from 10pm to 8am , or commercials at all.

    yeah, that sounds terrible. anyone who would be excited about that must just work for them…

  82. Rory says:

    I’d say a new startup network realizes they need an identity and a fanbase and underserved soccer fans are setting there for the taking. ESPN would have to bump coverage of whatever they would normally show (probably one of 300 shows where people set around and talk about the NFL) to make room for the soccer game they would have to pay for which wouldn’t draw much better viewer numbers anyway. Meanwhile, BeIn needs the viewers and the identity. That’s the razor applied to it.

  83. Steve says:

    Looking at the DirecTV web site it looks like beIN is only available on their Premier package for $90/mo with a 2 year contract — that’s a lot more than I currently pay for my Verizon FIOS service. If/when Verizon gets around to adding beIN I’d expect it to be on an additional cost sports package. So, in order for me to get beIN (one way or another) it’s going to cost me more $$$. I don’t have an issue with this — beIN paid good money to buy the broadcast rights to these games/leagues and they want to make that money back. I have to decide if I want to spend the extra cash to get my soccer fix. This decision could get even harder next year — the broadcast rights for the EPL come up for auction and, from what I’ve read, it sounds as if beIN wants to take those rights away from FSC. Unfortunately, given the current state of the economy, I’m not looking to increase my monthly overhead — if anything I’d like to cut back on my current cable TV bill. And I think there are probably a lot of people out there like me. So, beIN coming into the US market at this point in time is not great for soccer — the hardcore fans will buy but for those on a budget (me) or who are just occasional fans will not. The end result, I believe, is that the overall soccer market in the US will contract — without broad TV coverage soccer will become even more of a niche sport than it already is…

  84. Rory says:

    Here is the hidden part of the equation. NBC and Comcast merged, and they are also trying to promote the new NBCSports network. This means that almost all comcast subscribers get NBCSports cheap while the Satellite guys had to pay more for it. I can’t imagine Comcast rushing out to put another new startup sports network on their packages to take viewers from NBCSports (and yeah, I know that’s not exactly what would happen but the NBC suits certainly view it that way).

  85. Rory says:

    As a Manchester City fan I can say “welcome to the club.”

  86. bryan says:

    haha you’re wrong my dude. not sugar coating everything so americans can be happy does not mean they are anti-american. in fact, AJ English is rated as one of the LEADING un-biased news networks in world. along with BBC. this is not to say they haven’t had reports that are overly harsh towards american policy, especially regarding israel, but unlike what Bill O’Riley thinks, they still can’t be lumped into “anti-american.”

    not to mention AJ’s offices have been hit repeatedly by American missiles and there was a whole scandal in 2005 about a purported memo showing Bush and Blair discussing the bombing of their HQ. Blair apparently talked Bush out of it.

    but i don’t speak arabic, so maybe everything i’ve read regarding AJ is wrong.

  87. Mean Bill says:

    The coverage may not be “unpalatable” to you. However, unless you are a massage therapist working on a male client named Al Jazeera, I am willing to bet that it is quite unpalpable.

  88. Ted says:

    DirecTV carries all the regional sports networks.

  89. bryan says:

    i forgot about that. i will say though, i have Fios and NBC Sports does not cost extra, assuming you have cable with ESPN, ESPN2, etc. it’s not lumped in with FSC, GolTV, MLB TV, NBA TV, NFL Network, etc. on the Sports Tier.

  90. KillerInstinct says:

    Your right it is COMPLETELY over…now that I can’t watch it, at least I had the option. I had Directv, got rid of it because it got really expensive. Now I have Verizon FIOS…again a no name network getting rights to view a sport that’s trying to gain viewership in this country….just dont get it!!!!!

  91. HDsnob says:

    Word is comcast will be adding it soon. The thing with Comcast is that local execs decide what channels get added so eventhough Comcast may have more subscribers the channel may not be available to as many people. Anyways, beIN Sport has made it pretty clear that they want as many satellite and cable providers on board. Its a brand new channel and has more subscribers in the United State than the PAC12 network which is showing college football games this season. Many would consider that a major upset. Patience is a virtue, but for those of you who don’t have it continue to request the channel to your provider like I and many other did before the channel started to DirecTV. If not switch to DirecTV. It’s the best provider for sports and soccer.

  92. Rlw2020 says:

    A Guarente that there will be no more pay per view games is huge!!! BeIn is legit too, if you cant get directv just go to you nearest soccer loving pub, if thats not good enough for you, well internet steaming? Like we have had to do in past. This is certainly an improvement and i hope comcast and other inferior yet popular providers pick up BeIn.

  93. HDsnob says:

    On DirecTV you can get beIN via the premier pack because that covers every english language channel that isn’t PPV or you can get a lesser package and add the sports pack to it which I do. For soccer the sports pack covers, FSC, GolTV and beIN. DirecTV also offers the champions league and europa league specialty channels for free so you can get every champions league game if you want. It’s all what you prioritize. If sports are the number 1 thing you watch on tv and want to have access to the most games get DirecTV. If your looking to keep your bill down then go cable and maybe find bars or friends house to watch the games you want. Until then you can always continually request that your current provider gets it.

  94. HDsnob says:

    checkout or beIN facebook page. THat’ll give you the latest info.

  95. the japer says:

    This is why pirating exists.

  96. Judging Amy says:

    Why do you characterize beIn’s move as a “stomping hissy fit”?

  97. RK says:

    We can only hope.

  98. felixs9 says:

    this has to be the best news for me today!!!!
    am very glad of this move to bein sports.. real soccer narrator..

  99. louis z says:

    I had to verify what you just said…beIN is in SD as far as the programing list shows, however, if you have HD subscription (anyone with flat screen should get it for an additional 10 bucks a month) like I do, the channel is showned in HD. There is no need to upgrade your subscription to the Premier package.

  100. RK says:

    He could be in an apartment or condo.

  101. RK says:

    Can you say Setanta?

  102. Judging Amy says:

    I’ve watched the channel and you’re right the programming is good. Much better than the non-game crap that FSC/Goltv plays. Does suck though that more people can’t get it. If we’re talking strictly soccer though, DirecTV really is the best way to go. I understand if people have other considerations in mind when choosing their providers (other sports and whatnot) but from a pure soccer perspective DirecTV has to be the choice.

  103. Raymon says:

    A good excuse to go to a pub or bar for the game with your mates (or mate).

  104. Judging Amy says:

    you can add it with the sports pack.

  105. Bryce says:

    BeIN Sports just made an awesome business decision

  106. louis z says:

    if third world countries can get it why not you?…

  107. Todd Marsch says:

    Exactly. I’m in an apartment near the coast in Florida, so satellite is a definite no-go.

  108. Ryan Nanez says:

    screw cable. thats where i watch any game i want

  109. Alex G says:

    In other news, TijuanĀ“s keeper, Cirilo Saucedo wants to play for the USMNT

  110. Shark says:

    That is in correct…

  111. Nick says:

    Yes to the first question. All the other FAs have sold their worldwide rights well in advance, and they all (with the exception of Mexico) sold them to Traffic Sports.

    The reason the Guatemala game wasn’t announced until two weeks beforehand was that was when Traffic decided how they would distribute the match (in this case, pay-per-view through Integrated Sports), but they bought the rights to it months beforehand, maybe even over a year. However, this isn’t a distribution deal with beIN. As I understand it, beIN has outright bought the rights to all these matches from Traffic, as did Traffic from the individual FAs. I suppose beIN could still re-sell them to ESPN or whatever, but seeing how they actually have a channel that they’re trying to get onto U.S. cable systems, that seems highly unlikely.

  112. Smacking says:

    No doubt those are all viable options and as a serious fan I’ll likely use one to view this and other games. I guess I just find it depressing that I have to jump through hoops to watch my own countries WCQ games. #wedeservebetter

  113. Nick says:

    The post says all U.S. road qualifiers for the 2014 cycle, which would include Mexico. We have to assume that beIN has purchased the English-language rights to the U.S.-Mexico game from Univision. In addition, all other CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers are owned by beIN as long as they’re not U.S. home games (which are owned by ESPN) or Mexico home games (which are owned by Univision). That’s how I read it, anyway. Whether or not this applies to Spanish-language rights for Mexico road games in places other than the U.S. is an open question.

  114. Dan in New York says:

    Thanks! I just tweeted Time Warner to add beLN Sport USA, for what it’s worth.

  115. bryan says:

    yeah, the programming is very good. their studio is freakin insane. and i like how the hosts use ipads instead of paper! lol

    but yeah, DirectTV certainly is a soccer fan’s best friend. but i personally will stick with cable for now. Fios is usually pretty good about adding channels. although, still no GolTV HD.

  116. bryan says:

    psh, who cares, the guy is 30 years old. he stands no chance. and i like how he said if mexico does not take him, then he’ll go to the USA. newsflash; the USA is more stacked at GK then Mexico.

  117. Andy in Atlanta says:

    DirecTV is just boss for sports in general… if you like college football outside the main BCS conferences (ahem gamblers) then there is simply no excuse not to get DirecTV unless you have no line of sight.

  118. Nick says:

    OK, so I looked into this further, and apparently they do not have the rights to the U.S.-Mexico qualifier in Mexico. Those rights are still owned by Univision for now, as apparently are all Mexico games (home and away) throughout all of qualifying.

  119. ben says:

    Anyone know what channel is on Directv? Sounds like this network is only available if you have the sports package

  120. Andy in Atlanta says:

    It is on 620 in HD…

    Yes it is only available on the $10 more per month sports package which is included in the top two tiers…

    Simply put, if you really want to watch the best football in the world… get directv and pay the $10 more…

    There are like 30+ regional sports networks that all show lots of live college sports too.. not to mention tape delayed replays of MLS games if you don’t have MLS package.

  121. Dillon says:

    First they steal the World Cup than our national team. This is bad for American soccer. It makes it harder to watch the team for most Americans. Last cycle most of these games were on basic cable. Now they are not and millions of potential fans will miss the games.

  122. DS says:

    Frustrating. I’m a longtime Roma fan, usually able to watch them every week on either FSC or ESPN3. Unfortuantely, I live in a large apartment building in Manhattan that only carries Time Warner, so no chance of getting the new network. For those who say “just got to the pub” – that would be a solid suggestion if the Serie A kick-off times weren’t often 9am EST. Not to mention, for those of us who can’t spend the afternoon (or early AM) hours in the pub, the ability to DVR or watch a replay on ESPN3 was huge. Anyway, I think this is the reason people are frustrated – not out of some inherent cheapness about buying upgraded cable packages. And yes, I know you can email your carrier about picking up the network – those emails go directly into the networks junkmail folder. Those rights aren’t bought because of public pressure, they’re negotiated and sold, sometimes at absurdly high prices – Time Warner didn’t carry ESPN3 for more than a year after its launch because of the price, and they’ve never been known for responsive or flexible customer service. Anyway, my two cents – for the time being, I’ll have to just catch games when I can on shady illegal streams with Turkish voiceovers. Forza Roma.

  123. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’m talking about all the other networks that have failed to carry recent qualifiers like the road Honduras game last cycle and the Guate game this one. I hear the same litany of how we don’t control the bidding and it’s too expensive and then somehow a PPV company and the sports wing of al Jazeera manage to find the cash to buy the same events, but without the same practical reach. I get the idea that the networks are refusing to “play ball” with the process and the public at large is paying for the gamesmanship by all parties, including the foreign football feds, CONCACAF, and the networks. IMO we’re paying because ESPN doesn’t like the process, in particular the internet rights and the level of the fees asked for. But ESPN can afford international tournaments (as well as a Mexican friendly) and usually televises the road qualis by a feed anyway.

    It’s a stomping hissy because they can afford it they just are throwing a public fit instead to justify not doing so.

  124. Andy says:

    I love DirectTV’s channel lineup, but afternoon thunderstorms are far too common in the Mid-Atlantic. After losing the signal for a few too many Fulham games, I had to drop them for cable.

    I hope Verizon gets BeIN soon…very, very soon.

  125. The Imperative Voice says:

    All due respect but ESPN has a jillion networks and at one point was showing US games on Classic, which is nothing but dated documentaries a lot of the time, which can be freely moved.

    Also, I’m not sure if fishing or bowling or WNBA or the like qualify as better ratings draws than US soccer. I hear that sort of self-loathing often enough but soccer is moderately successful, and you’d be coming off showing the Mexico game. To not capitalize upon that is a problematic level of indifference to the road qualis which in fact suggests there is something specific about the process ESPN is choosing to evade. Otherwise it makes no sense to own the home qualis, to show Mexico in Azteca, WFC, everything else, then magically the line gets drawn here.

    The flip side is beIN is probably hungry, but I can’t believe their appetite could be bigger than Disney/ESPN if they were motivated. They just aren’t.

  126. The Imperative Voice says:

    I don’t care what the word is or whether patience is a virtue, if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, because the road qualis start in like three weeks. The qualifying cycle will be over in something like late 2013 or early 2014. By that time my patience would reward me with 2 years of friendlies and a new rights competition in 2016.

    I’m not in the business of carrying beIN’s water and playing political games campaigning to my cable provider. I pay for cable already, put this on a channel we all have, regardless of provider. Anything else is greed and gamesmanship.

    The Pac10 Network is apples and oranges to the discussion. Are you suggesting the USMNT road games are going there? If not, so what, the relevant comparisons are the antenna networks, ESPN on basic cable everywhere, NBC sports on most sports packages, FSC fairly pervasive, etc. Even the PPV was widely available.

  127. The Imperative Voice says:

    “Have I watched the channel yet?” You’re ironically seeming to try to make the quality of programming many of us CANNOT SEE into some sort of shield against critique. I don’t care if it is perfection incarnate I CANNOT SEE IT ALONG WITH MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO LIKE TO SEE THE USA PLAY. You cannot make that vice into virtue by chastizing me for not having seen the channel, like I am criticizing a book I haven’t read, cause my whole point is I CAN’T SEE IT. I don’t care if I would see it after Dream Team, PBA bowling, or IndyCar. I simply would like to see it.

  128. Andy says:

    Warm up the illegal stream people.

  129. Scott says:

    Free of charge? Don’t you have to pay for the soccer package?

  130. SomeGuy says:

    Poke around the archives on al-jazeera’s websites and ask yourself if you’re comfortable supporting beIN.

    Particularly if you’re jewish.

  131. bryan says:

    Stop being naive. It’s already been made clear it will be available on cable. This is the FSC launch all over again. Bunch of people freaking out even though there is every intention to make it available to everyone. Christ.

  132. bryan says:

    no chance?! it says on their website Time Warner is one of the cable providers they’re targeting….

    and again, on their website it specifically says they plan to have online and mobile platforms. do some research.

  133. bryan says:

    me too. go on their site and request Fios adds it.

  134. Allan from Pittsburgh says:

    I try to explain this to people. If you have the means and love soccer, there is ZERO reason to not have this provider. #directv

  135. atpdc says:

    The dude that own Al Jazeera is a friend of the West and a rational actor. Only reason it is associated with negativity is because Fox News tried to paint them a radical Muslim news org. Why? Because they were reporting the news in Iraq that was contradictory to their own. I will admit I had a distaste for Al Jazeera as well until 60 minutes did a segment on the owner.

  136. The Imperative Voice says:

    All due respect to “have patience” and “but isn’t this just like FSC’s launch,” but I live in the present not the future and the rights are for an event that re-starts in two weeks and ends in 2014, WC qualifying.

    My impression is the exact opposite, of an upstart Setanta type channel buying up rights to try and get hype going and then spread to other cable providers. Hype, hope. When I turn on the TV in September they’re either on my provider or not, big hype and dreams aside.

  137. Shane says:

    Agree, Al-jazeera news network I find very good. Qatar obviously loves soccer.

  138. simon says:

    If your a soccer fan you should have direcTV, they carry CL and Europa league games free

  139. Eddie Vedder says:

    With people dropping cable service in record numbers why would anyone think these -their- cable brodacasters would bid on such a thing?

    rojadirecta folks.. FREE

  140. simon says:

    you should have direcTv if your a fan of any sport.. they have the sports field locked down, thats just common knowledge, and if you dont have direcTv your local bar/chilis/fridays etc.. does

  141. DS says:

    Someone else on here pointed out you sound like you’re a shill for beIN. Either way, you need to do some research. 1. Even DirectTV doesn’t carry the network through their online feeds at this point. 2. Not all DirecTV subscribers even have the network. 3. Of course they have Time Warner as a network they’d like to target – because they stand to make a huge amount of money if Time Warner ponies up to carry it. Which, frankly, is unlikely – Time Warner went to war with MSG earlier this year and New Yorkers couldn’t even watch Knicks games most of the season. Anyway, I’d love for your optimistic prognostications to be right, but you sound a bit naive.

  142. Seriously says:

    I dont see how this is much of a positive.

  143. Also this is a very important note *NFL Sunday Ticket is only on DirectTV, and has been fo years. Why is this important? Because almost every sports bar in america has switched to DirectTV so that they could get the NFL season on TV. It is going to be alot easier than you think to see these games. You are just going to have to step out of your house to do so.

  144. RBNY says:

    WTF is beIN Sport? Just as good as ppv to me…

  145. rkg says:

    Murdock has US citizenship. Try to keep up.

  146. Shane says:

    I hear it will be comcast. BeinSport has hired Ray Hudson to do their broadcasts and everyone seems to think this is a good thing. Am I the only one who finds his commentary a joke and that it alternates between grating and embarrassing to the ears?

  147. iToddyC says:

    Question? Say Comcast/Xfinity/cable network carries BeIn, which appears to be happening very soon, what does DirectTV offer that FSC, BeIn, ESPN, GolTV doesn’t? All the quality matches should be on one of those channels. For all you DirectTV loyalists please explain. I’d gladly make the switch if it’s really worth it but just don’t see how it could be any better once BeIn is available on cable. USA! USA!

  148. HDsnob says:

    All of those in HD some local comcast carriers refuse to add FSC GolTV in HD. But the extra thing DirecTV has that those other cable and satellite providers don’t have for soccer specifically is the Champions League and Europa League specialty channels which are free no matter what package you have. Those Champions League matches that aren’t on FSC, FSC Plus or Fox Sports Net are on those channels. So depending on who you support this may help. I suggest continue asking your provider for it, it works. Find a friend who has it and watch the game with him/her, Or go to any bar, they all have deals with DirecTV.

  149. bryan says:

    omg, because i spell out their plans (which are ON their website), i “work for them”. give me a break dude. i did the research and shared it so the knee jerk reactions would relax.

    1. what new channel has EVER released ALL their plans at once? never. i simply stated they PLAN to have mobile and online platforms per their website. nothing more, nothing less.

    2. what does that have to do with anything? not all cable users have FSC or GolTV. moot point.

    3. exactly, which should tell you they have every intention of getting onto every major cable provider’s listing. again, it states it on the website

    how do I sound naive when all i did was go to their website, read about their plans, and then bring back that information? to IGNORE that information is being naive…ignorant actually. i’ve even specifically stated that it is unknown if it’ll cost extra, like FSC+, HBO, etc. and then went on to say THAT would upset me.

    i also stated i was a firm hater on this network because im a La Liga fan and i don’t have Direct TV. but then i went to my friend’s place and watched it. not only did Phil and Ray specifically state viewers without access to beIN Sports would have good news soon (and to check the website for updates!), but i was extremely impressed with the quality.

    i have no stake in beIN Sports. i hated when i found out they got La Liga rights. but then i chilled out, went and watched it, then i DID do research and it is VERY clear what their intentions are. i’m not being naive by pointing out the facts. i also never said it was guaranteed your provider would get it. which is why i said, “if you want it, go request it via their website.”

    i cannot believe people are trying to act like i’m burning them by giving them information to calm them down. Fing internet…

  150. bryan says:

    what do you know? comcast and beIN Sports reached a deal today.

    link to

  151. Chris says:

    This is awesome. But you also need the Sports Pack from Directv ($13).

    If you have DirecTV with the Sports Pack (I do)you’ll get more soccer than you could possible watch. I’m glad I’ll be able to watch on TV rather than internet streams on a 3″ screen.