Chandler cites schedule and travel as reasons for latest USMNT snub

Timmy Chandler (John Dorto:ISIphotos)

photo by John Dorton/

There was yet another turn in the Timmy Chandler-U.S. men's national team saga on Monday, but it is not one unfamiliar to American soccer fans.

According to a German report, Chandler was called up for the United States' Wednesday friendly against Mexico at Azteca Stadium but he passed on the opportunity due to the scheduling and 'strenous' travel that would have been required. Chandler reportedly was not keen on joining the U.S. team as he would have returned to FC Nurnberg from international duty on Saturday, a day before the club's DFB Pokal first round game against TSV Havelse.

U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who said Chandler was not committed to the U.S. team on Sunday, was reportedly not pleased with the 22-year-old's latest snub but he accepted it nonetheless. Nurnberg sporting director Martin Bader also reportedly had a conversation with Klinsmann to help smooth things over.

What do you think of this latest development? Starting to give up hope on Chandler? Do you still envision him playing for the United States in the near future? Do you even want him to?

Share your thoughts below.

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155 Responses to Chandler cites schedule and travel as reasons for latest USMNT snub

  1. TADevil says:

    JK: Hey Timmy you wanna come play for the USMNT on Wednesday?

    TC: I’m washing my hair that day.

  2. Madaoua05 says:

    Fatigued from what – the strenuous schedule of laying on the beach during the summer months?

    This reeks of an unwillingness to commit and an inability to come up with a creative excuse.

  3. MVsoccerDad says:

    Whatever. I’m over it…

  4. Dimidri says:

    Before everybody hates on the dude….

    I think this is entirely possible-

    Timmy does enjoy playing for the US, he does feel a connection with the US for whatever reason (dad fought for country, etc.) and would love the opportunity to play for the US permanently. He just would love the chance to play for Germany even more.

    I don’t think ethnicity is so polar that for every 1% more you feel German you feel 1% less American, I think they exist largely independent of each other. There are plenty of people who are dual-national who do feel one more than the other but still love the other.

    I’d be fine if that were the case. These excuses though are odd.

  5. Patrick says:

    He needs to stop making excuses and just simply say whether or not he wants to continue playing for us.

  6. choochoo says:

    eventually we’re going to not ask him to hang out anymore since he’s always dissing us

  7. T says:

    I do not care, if he can’t find the time, then we’ll find someone else. I’m only concerned about players on the roster and in contention to play on Wednesday.

  8. Spank says:

    You forget his dad hit it and quit it so I’m not too sure if he cares about his dad fighting for the US.

  9. b says:

    I know a thousand people are going to respond with “F that guy” and “I’m over it” but none of this matters.

    All that matters are the next two games, qualifying vs Jamaica. If he’s there, he’s back, and who cares about the few games (mostly friendlies) that he will have missed. If he’s not there, no matter what the excuse, it’s time to forget about him.

  10. jerry says:

    Eric Lichaj is the option, no more call ups for chandler, lets go usa eric lichaj is the man.

  11. Brett says:

    Don’t care Timmy. Show up or don’t, but don’t be surprised if you’re left without a spot on either side.

  12. VB says:

    He is a good player but we are a much better looking team without him. Door will always be open (I feel) but yes he is a very unattractive person. 2 cents.

  13. brad says:

    I just wish Timmy would man-up and say I am waiting to see if Germany calls me up…

  14. Spank says:

    I was ok with him being uncommited. I think this excuse is even more annoying than him just not wanting to represent the US. But this is just a report so who knows if this is true or not.

  15. BigDave says:


  16. Call Up Lichaj says:

    This article seems more encouraging to me than the one earlier. After reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him against Jamaica. After reading the earlier article, I thought we surely wouldn’t see him in this WC cycle.

  17. Primoone says:


    And Alan Gordon is international quality.

  18. GTV says:

    Dear Timmy,

    Not sure how much English Sie sprechen. So hier it ist auf Deutsch:


    Have a gut life. Hope you make the Mannschaft some day.


  19. inkedAG says:

    He has to WANT to play for the United States. And if he doesn’t, that’s his decision.

    If he doesn’t and he scores a goal, I hope he’ll have the good taste to not celebrate it.

  20. UnionFan says:

    Look, Im sure he is a nice guy and is just trying to tip toe his way around this. He probably thinks he is doing the fans a favor and doesnt want to come out and say he is undecided. I cant hate him for this.

  21. MarkyMark says:

    Hey Timmy:

    Du kannst mich mal!

  22. Siberian says:

    Absolutely the U.S. needs him. I don’t really want him to waltz into the team six months before the World Cup when it’s become clear Germany won’t select him. But he has every right to wait for Germany if he wants and I’ll happily accept him back when the time comes.

  23. Dimidri says:

    Nah I didn’t forget that, I was posing one possible world.

    I think it is also entirely possible he cares little about the US and thus for the same reasons I say above he should play he shouldn’t.

  24. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Just saying…why would he bother to make a statement like then when JK did his dirty work earlier and announced that he hasn’t decided?

  25. Call Up Lichaj says:


  26. Davy Crockett says:

    Boy who cried wolf. I actually think this is the most realistic excuse he’s had because of the short travel turnaround. I agree that if he doesn’t play against Jamaica in one of the two upcoming games, then move on.

  27. somedude says:

    Hey Timmy, do you wanna go to a useless cash grab in Mexico City and have piss bags thrown at you, and probably get smoked because the rest of the team I’m picking sucks. Or do you want to stay comfortable in Bavaria, and enjoy rest before an important cup game this weekend while US soccer fans curse your name?

  28. WeatherManNX01 says:

    Dude, if you don’t want to play for us, just say so. Don’t jerk us around with all these lame excuses all the time. We’ll be much more understanding if you come out with the truth rather than try to play mind games.

  29. Scott says:

    We don’t have anybody that is nearly as good as him to play right back. He has enough talent that if he wants to commit to play for us even in the next couple months, he gets a place without a second thought.

  30. Ben says:

    Meh, I’m not thrilled but I understand for a friendly; however, if he doesn’t come for the qualifiers next month, I say let him take his chance with the German team; no more calls after that.

  31. Jake says:

    Is the first round of German Cup that important?
    Also, does he realize that if he does play for the US and play club ball in Germany, quick turnaround flights will be the norm for about a year and a half or each cycle. Before this quote I was giving him more of a chance. After this (assuming the translation was correct, cause it didn’t make much sense to me), he’s got a short leash in my mind.

  32. drew11 says:

    Wait, didn’t some other Euro based guys turn down this call up also? Jozy? Bradley?

  33. chris says:

    +1. I’d just feel better if we could see Lichaj in a nats uniform soon. It’s been a while.

  34. chris says:

    I kind of wish Germany would just cap him so we could all just move on. This soap opera is so lame.

  35. PD says:

    I can’t believe anyone is so naive to think that anything a professional soccer players says to the media is anything other than a strategy suggested by an agent of representative in order to finesse a situation. Even if he had said the USMNT can go pound salt, it would have been at the suggestion of his management team or someone trying to help get him to where he wants to be–the highest level of plau possible.

    Put your stones down and chill out, folks. If this guys ever does wind up capping for thr USA and figure in qualifying or success in the world cup you’re gonna feel silly about today.

  36. PD says:

    play, not plau…

  37. Eurosnob says:

    I agree. The issue with Chandler is not his talent, but his commitment. A 22 year old, who is a regular starters in Bundesliga, can be put to a good use.

  38. wides says:

    Ummm… Jozy and Bradley are both nursing injuries. It’s certainly possible that some did, but those two definitely didn’t.

    Jozy picked up a knock after his brace against Ajax. Bradley has been training separately for Roma (among others) for at least a week due to a right hamstring injury.

  39. wides says:

    That being said, I think this is a horrible date to have a friendly, I thought FIFA got rid of this single fixture window entirely. But maybe that doesn’t start for a year or two.

    If I was just about to start my club season and had a meaningless game like this a few thousand miles away, I might turn it down too. It’s only a big deal because it’s Chandler.

  40. Dw says:

    link to
    Timmy seems to be a little confused himself. This article seems to prove the point that he would enjoy a DFB call up and that the DFB is his fist option

  41. USA_pride says:

    Americans have not been beggars…we seem to forget this in international soccer. Let’s build with the committed and willing. It may take longer to reach our goals, but there will be pride in the process.

  42. T says:

    I’m saying that it is disrespect to players who are working hard to earn that spot, I know he’s talented.

  43. Dw says:

    But it does also leave the option open to play for the US. In my humble opinion, he seems to be trying to stretch the decision out as long as possible until he has to make one. Trying to join the DFB until, if he doesn’t get the call-up, time runs out on him and his next option is the US.

  44. Brett says:

    We aren’t exactly in a position to turn away talented players.

  45. Brett says:

    I agree. It is even worse than Subotic’s constant flipping and blatant lies.

  46. EA says:

    For some reason, the phrase “sh*t or get off the pot” comes to mind.

  47. Dw says:

    Ha i know right.

  48. Soccer Rules says:

    So long Timmy. Nice knowing you, sort of…

  49. Jeff says:

    Why do words keep being wasted on this guy… JK needs to move past him and stop waiting for him and Chandler needs to quit leading the federation along. Focus on guys that want to be there… he may be better than what we have, but he’s not a world-beater.

  50. 2tone says:

    I am over it already. Report when his decision is made. The media is just as bad in this whole situation

  51. Ricardo says:

    Let’s face it none of the Germans with passports AND “Klinsy” are going to bleed for the US national team.
    JK is bleeding the US Soccer checkbook with a $2.5 million a year salary which does not leave enough money for a full time assistant (joke) nor the proper youth development programs.
    He also bleeds the federation with players eating organic meat, staying in 5 star hotels and other expensive perks.
    I am not particularly a Bradley fan but he made 1/3 of what JK makes and would have taken a pay cut to stay on. The man bled for US soccer and this “rock star” they brought in keeps kissing a fellow German’s a$$ to play when he clearly does not feel it for the US.
    Another thing about Bradley, his players played hard for him and felt a connection. The ones that didn’t were softies.
    These guys will quit on JK when it gets tough. AND he is already losing the locker room. If JK does not get to the quarter final he did no better than BB and was paid 3 X’s the amount.
    Enjoy the game, Wednesday. I’ll be wearing my Alan Gordon jersey

  52. angst says:

    LICHAJ? but isn’t he a right back? We could still play Boca at leftback in an emergency

  53. pancholama says:

    If it is always the wrong time, it is always the wrong time.

    He also may be being snowed by a Germany who wants him, a little to medium bad, but wants more than anything to keep him from getting cap tied to us – it happens that he is talented. How talented remains to be seen – but keeping him from the USA, is as important, if not more important than having him make the German national team.

    He is an asset – we are an opposing team.

    And he is not very emotionally tied to the US, as someone else so poetically put it, “his dad hit it and quit it.” It’s not like he made a lot of trips to the USA growing up. He is much more identified with his German family, and heritage.
    So be it.
    It is ultimately his choice.

  54. dgoshilla says:

    The team is ugly enough as it is. Timayyy!

  55. angst says:

    If Chandler turns down qualifying next month, he’s out. No doubt about it

  56. Anonymous Coward says:

    The travel and schedule for USA internationals who play in Europe does kind of suck and is a legitimate factor if Chandler prefers to play for Germany. Just saying.

  57. Old School says:

    dumb comparison is dumb.

  58. Brad2 says:

    The way I see it, he’d be making an error similar to Rossi, sure he could very well get a call up but odds are he’ll only play in unimportant friendlies and just miss the cut for big tourney’s. Or he could be an automatic starter for the USA and end up with 50+ caps easily…

  59. Old School says:

    Like father, like son.

    Looks like he’s doing the exact same thing on the soccer level.

  60. Old School says:

    Naw, he just needs to stop. So do we.

    Time to move on.

  61. Jamie Z. says:

    Too soon.

  62. Old School says:

    Chandler is good, but he isn’t world class. Let’s slow down on the hyperbole.

    Lichaj has proven more than capable, when healthy, and he ACTUALLY wants to be representing USA.

    Until he’s ready, we have someone named Cherundolo who IS class and Chandler should wish he has a career remotely comparable.

    RB has never been an issue. LB on the other hand….

  63. Old School says:

    ergo, this post doesn’t even matter but those standards.

    why make it then?

  64. marden08 says:

    I think Coach should tell him the high school football (American) coach’s lesson to cocky players. timmy ” you are needed but you are necessary.” “doors do not remain open for ever”. I do not know the chemistry but I don’t think his bs can play well with guys that are committed to the team. i would be surprised if he is there next month. If not the door will likely close.

  65. Old School says:

    “Maybe not though…”

    -Omar Gonzales

  66. divers suck says:

    The proof will come in the first invite in WC qualifying to cap tie Chandler. We’ll all see where his alliances are.

  67. Old School says:

    Scores a goal against the US?

  68. Old School says:

    …when you put it that way.

  69. Old School says:

    “I can’t believe anyone is so naive to think that anything a professional soccer players says to the media is anything other than a strategy suggested by an agent of representative in order to finesse a situation”

    So what’s the point of this blog by someone in the media? Why even read it? Why even post in it?

    I’d feel silly if I typed that.

  70. Sarasota says:

    I totally agree with b! Timmy is a very talented player and a decent kid who would make us better and help us get to Brazil. Call him up for the next WC qualifiers, and if he refuses then we are done. He can try to make it with Germany.

  71. Old School says:


    -Alan Gordon

  72. Modibo says:

    This is totally uncalled for and offensive.

    If you have an actual opinion to articulate, fine.

    But using inaccurate ad hominem attacks is out of line and particularly offensive considering our coach and the composition and playing history of our current squad (not to mention the fans).

    Part of me thinks this comment should be removed, and the other part of me thinks that is should remain as testament to the commentator’s mentality.

  73. Old School says:

    Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson and lately Terrance Boyd have played their as*es off.


  74. Old School says:

    We’ve already passed that point once…but the next time will be different?

  75. Felix says:

    I think we all know Chandler is holding out hope for Germany.
    Klinsmann as well as us fans are aware as well, but Chandler is trying to play both sides here with as much tact as you would expect from a young athlete.
    I would respect this thing more if he was having second thoughts, but trying to play us for fools is insulting.

  76. Sheila says:

    Oh man-off already

  77. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    He’d be nice to have, but isn’t essential. He clearly isn’t interested in playing for us, so let him wait for the Germany call. I wish JK would stop calling him. Maybe it’s Polish Pride, but I always rated Lichaj higher anyway.

  78. Modibo says:

    “…an important cup game” against a 4th division side that “for most of its existence… has been un-storied local side” (wikipedia).

    OK. I get jet lag (I travel internationally for work all the time – try a trip to the Philippines from the US, Timmy, and then you can come crying to me). But you know what? The piss bags are part of the deal.

    Wilhelm-Langrehr Stadium, home of TSV Havelse where the DFB Pokal game will be played: 3,500
    Frankenstadion (home of 1. FC N√ľrnberg): 48,500
    Allianz Arena capacity: 69,000
    Berlin Olympic Stadium capacity: 77,000
    Azteca capacity: 104,000

    You want intense games where you’re going to grow as a player? You don’t turn down a chance to play in a Mexico vs. USA game in the Azteca, against the country that just won the Olympic gold medal. Either that, or you just don’t get it. Or you need to rest before playing in front of old men, children and goats against a Regionnnaliga side.

  79. Lil' Zeke says:

    With any luck he’s impregnated his second-choice team with some of that German know-how. Then the know-how will resent its absentee father and try to work against him!

  80. Modibo says:

    Agreed. The travel is part of it. Pity the fool if he thinks he could survive a month in the MLS.

  81. Lil' Zeke says:

    I don’t know – he’s pretty fly.

  82. Modibo says:

    This is a good point. Who would you want to have your back at right back in a tough match, Timmy Chandler or Heydude? What’s Timmy going to leave on the field if he’s worried about his seat assignment on the way back to Frankfurt?

  83. Lil' Zeke says:

    Hey anyone can be inaccurate… it’s the ad hominemm part tht really gets my goat!

  84. BOOM Lawyered says:

    Shocking, and depressing. I suppose it’s time to move on.

  85. Ricardo says:

    You think Jones is a good player? He is a functional and he is a hack who is guaranteed to get shown a red when times get tense.
    I notice you didn’t defend JK
    How do you defend “klinsys” salary?

    What is he doing that is so good it could merit putting US Soccer close to being in the red?

  86. Eric says:

    We don’t have anyone that is nearly as good as him to play right back?

    Steve Cherundolo and Eric Lichaj would beg to differ.

  87. Eric says:

    If we’re playing a 33-year-old Carlos Bocanegra at left back, we’ve already lost the game.

  88. Eric says:

    FWIW, Timmy isn’t even close to being king in the “lame excuses for avoiding call-ups” race. Keep in mind the only reason we can tap Edgar Castillo (for better or for worse) is because he “forgot” his Mexican passport prior to a couple of WCQ matches for Mexico during the 2010 cycle.

  89. mikeandike says:

    crazy thought, what if Timmy Chandler feels no national pride toward either Germany or US and is not interested in a National Team career? maybe he just wants to play club ball and that’s it…

  90. Jason B says:

    How many times has Jones gotten red carded for the US? None. Just sayin’.

  91. Josh says:

    Yes, and we’re all just suckers with low self-esteem.

  92. Josh says:

    Bingo. Chandler’s indecision isn’t even an issue because Lichaj is no slouch, and Fabian Johnson has looked more than capable at LB. If Chandler doesn’t decide, he may find himself frozen out of not one, but two national teams. No malice towards Chandler, but we’re good at RB and don’t need the drama simple as that.

  93. Tom says:

    Timmy, sh*t or get off the pot!

  94. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    It’s obvious what he’s doing. We don’t need him. Let’s move on…

  95. pd says:

    Because what people actually do is much more interesting than what they say, and in order to find out what they (players coaches etc.) do, you read the news. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Sorry if you find that silly.

  96. Ben says:

    Yeah, I’m on the verge of this. I’d call him in for the September qualifiers but if he decides to opt out of those, no more chances; he can then attempt to make the German National team.

  97. Eurosnob says:

    Cherundolo is a quality player, but he did not play up to his usual standards in the latest USMNT games and will be 35 by the time of the next WC. Lichaj has promise, can play either LB or RB, and may well replace Cherundolo at RB by 2014, but he has not been called up for quite a while (and that includes the latest WC qualification games).

  98. Mike r says:

    Call him up only for cap tying games. Don’t waste time and a spot for friendlies

  99. dan says:

    it’s pretty obvious. he wants Germany but doesn’t want to burn his bridges in US

  100. Weaksauce says:

    the Flight is 10 hours and 43 minutes

    I wouldnt want to go either…… Hmm lets fly that long to a meaningless game in a #@$% country where fans throw piss and $hit at you

  101. Call Up Lichaj says:

    I know World Soccer Shop and other places were selling Chandler US jerseys for awhile. Did anybody buy one?

  102. Kevin_Amold says:

    I sympathize with this, I really do. If we hadn’t gotten two summers of stuff like this from him, when games have actually mattered, then i’d give him benefit of the doubt.

    He gets none from me right now.

  103. Bryan says:


  104. theraccoun says:

    Really old school? Explain how you came to the conclusion that his post doesn’t matter, because I”m not seeing a logical follow up there.

  105. MiamiAl says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Alan Gordon scores in Azteca? ūüėČ

  106. Old School says:

    “Jones is a hack” is a response I hear on blogs from people who don’t watch matches and instead allow fellow bloggers to form their own opinion.

  107. Primoone says:

    Fu*k it timmy…your talent is wasted at RB/LB anyways….see you when your ready to accept a wingback career with the U.S.

  108. dcpohl says:

    I’m sure can go to the Berlin zoo and get the same reaction.

  109. Grant says:

    Rossi never played in a USA kit nor did he ever intend to. His heart and dreams were always with Italy no matter if he would get 50+ caps with them or not.

  110. dcpohl says:

    One should never question Bradley’s commitment to the national team. If you were in columbus in 09 you would know this. Straight up went after Marquez after a foul on a teammate. Lucky for Marquez, boca stopped him. Oh yeah, Bradley scored both goals that game. You’re stupid for saying Bradley is uncommitted as he is the antithesis of that.

  111. Steve McSteve says:

    Yeah I assume he’s referring to Rossi there

  112. Lemmy says:

    Stop calling him up.

  113. biff says:

    Absolutely correct, marden08. This is the big danger and Klinsmann needs to be careful as there is no better way to lose the locker room than a coach fawning over a prima donna player who thinks he is special and therefore is not liked by his teammates. It is disappointing that Klinsmann in his press conference Sunday appeared to try to make it sound as if he had not actually invited Chandler, who obviously now is doing a press offensive in an effort to catch Jogi Low‚Äôs attention before Germany‚Äôs first WC qualifer September 7 against the–ahem–Faroe Islands.

    It is surprising that Chandler would reveal a private conversation with Klinsmann to a news reporter, even naming him by name and telling of Klinsmann’s disappointment. And even more interesting is the fact that Klinsmann spoke with Nurnberg Sport Director Martin Bader. This suggests that Klinsmann was not as accepting of Chandler’s refusal as he implied in the press conference Sunday, but instead complained to Bader about it.

    I have no doubt that certain soccer big-shots in Germany are giggling with glee at this snub to Klinsmann, and Chandler is happily using it to his advantage to get press coverage and a call-up from the Mannschaft. Even the headline of the news story is provocative: ‚ÄúChandler: Lieber Club als Klinsmann,‚ÄĚ which could be translated as ‚ÄúChandler prefers Nurnberg FC to Klinsmann‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúChandler: Rather Nurnberg FC than Klinsmann.‚ÄĚ Klinsmann would be wise to end the Chandler saga unequivocally as soon as possible–like with a strong statement today!

  114. joel says:

    Dont care anymore about him, if he commits to us in the
    sept qualifiers then great if not then whatever.

  115. Swabb says:

    Dude stop calling him up, will he really make that much of a difference, I don’t think so. Let him join the German National team and let’s see how long or how many times they call him up. He has ever right to play for Germany, what I don’t like is us calling him up when we know is not truly committed.

  116. ricardo says:

    Whatever. If you think Jones is a good player that is fine. Tells me a lot about how you see the game.

    You still are avoiding my question in the last paragraph.

  117. TonyT says:

    Yeah I’m sure the USMNT wouldn’t want you to go either Weaksauce, so thanks for making it easy on them not calling you up. Name says it all “WEAK”.

  118. drew11 says:

    Where am I questioning Jozy or Bradley? My point was other players declined this call up.

    I wasn’t in Cowtown but I have been to Azteca for a qualy. It is not the place to send a half assed squad. Mex will rip that squad apart.

    USSF should have never scheduled this if they weren’t going to bring the A team.

  119. Helium-3 says:

    Hey Timmy, please stop making excuses. This is 2012 and it does not take 2 days to get back to Germany. There are nonstop flights from Mexico City to Frankfurt, and you would be home by Friday morning if you leave anytime during Thursday. I know you will be in first class so stop complaining.

    If you are not committed, then just be real and say so rather than make excuses.

  120. Jon says:

    He will be there for the September qualifiers. No worries, folks. He’s still with us.

  121. Jon says:

    Yes. I have one. I actually wore it to the US vs. Scotland friendly in Jacksonville.

  122. biff says:

    ha-ha. Love it. Best post yet.

  123. The Imperative Voice says:

    Except hmmmm he ditched us for the first set of games with potential for what you outlined, minus “meaningless.”

    At what point is this indistinguishable to the naked eye from Brad Friedel’s international retirement or Subotic’s outright switch? I mean, when was the last time he played for us, November 2011?

    Also, international scheduling and travel are not changing, his burden reflects his choice.

  124. The Imperative Voice says:

    There have from time to time been marquee players who got to take off certain games, particularly in early qualifying rounds, ho-hum, but this is trending towards taking at least the round off as well as all qualifiers, at which point it also becomes an integration issue.

  125. The Imperative Voice says:

    as well as friendlies I meant.

  126. The Imperative Voice says:

    I agree except with two years until the Cup we shouldn’t wring our hands about any depth issues this poses, we should be pro-actively filling the spot with someone up to the task, including converting players if necessary. Please do not approach this like the U23 defense or the US Left Back Hole where you see the train wreck coming but little is done to change the track we’re running on. If you need to make one of the young talents or Germans (Jones?) into a right or left back to fill holes in the lineup do it now where the player can get over growing pains now against middling opposition and thrive as we progress.

  127. The Imperative Voice says:

    Lichaj has barely played for the US in a year and some nights Dolo looks like he’s lost a step. He’s well O-30. There is a reason Chandler was heralded like he was.

    Also, the “but we got it covered” camp must not have watched the same qualifiers I did, the defense was a weak link and it’s not like we’re even to the Hex level of sides yet. I mean, Byers? From our minors?

  128. The Imperative Voice says:

    Or maybe it’s good cop bad cop, the player routinely disses us but his coach tries to smooth things over in case he ever needs a favor.

  129. The Imperative Voice says:

    Oh you mean against the fourth division side coming up? “Important?” I’d be interested if he plays. Those kind of games are usually high turnover, you run out the kids.

  130. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’m concerned about Boca and Dolo playing any prominent role pointed to 2014, that starts to sound like the 2006 team with Reyna and other old farts getting too much time.

    That doesn’t suggest Chandler gets a pass but the defense is a problem area and merely invoking the Lichaj name solves just one spot.

  131. The Imperative Voice says:

    The gist I get to date is we’ve politely refrained from openly calling him up and putting the question. Is it possible we’d call him up “involuntarily,” ie, put him on a qualifying callup roster, and basically demand he show up? If so, does the player have to come? I know technically the team has to let him go but can we force a showdown?

  132. TGA says:

    Amazing and ignorant. You kids don’t have a clue.

    If Timmy Chandler thinks he can play for Germany…the 2nd ranked team in the world…why on earth would he commit to playing for 36th ranked team in world?

    A team and country so thin on domestic talent that it continues to rely (and now heavily) on German/Americans and Mexican/Americans.

  133. The Imperative Voice says:

    Thing to me is this is not changing, Dempsey et al have to take the same type of flight to compete in the Americas. Price of admission.

    And it’s further complicated because he took the summer off to rest, when the flight could no longer be such an issue.

    He just seems to have an excuse on hand, and I’m discounting the specifics. He’s simply not here and over time that should have consequences. He can’t just show off the wares a handful of games and then lay out and perhaps wait for a 2014 callin at the World Cup itself. I get the idea he has that type of concept, “I’m not wearing myself out for Antigua,” but that is US qualifying reality, if he’s not up for it move on down the depth chart, and at some point it’s permanent whether he becomes motivated or not.

  134. Ben says:

    Oh and the German team doesn’t use Polish-Germans or Ghanaian-Germans?

  135. bryan says:

    before i read any comments, ill just say im glad he’s even taking time to back up his comments that he remains committed. i wasn’t expecting him to say anything.

  136. bryan says:

    um, he’s been playing preseason games for awhile now. further, the word “strenuous” was used in regards to the travel of flying from Germany to NY then down to Mexico City. and then playing a game and flying back from Mexico City to Germany for a game on Sunday.

    i’m not trying to defend chandler for what appears to be a lack of commitment, but i actually think this response from him makes sense.

  137. bryan says:

    dude, no one said he was world class, so the only hyperbole is coming from you.

    further, lichaj has not proven anything. i love the kid, but he needs to starting getting regular time at AV and with the USMNT before we can say he has proven anything.

    also, i think RB and LB have been equally troubling for the USMNT.

  138. bryan says:

    you guys have to stop with the lichaj stuff. i’m the first one to say i love the kid. but i have not, and no one has, seen enough from him on a consistent basis to know where he stands in comparison to Dolo, Chandler, or Johnson. do i think he’ll end up being as good? yup, i certainly do. but he needs to get playing time with AV week in and week out. he needs to be on the USMNT rosters on a regular basis. we’ve hardly seen lichaj play. why is it so bad to have both? i understand people are annoyed with chandler, but keep it on topic rather than making it one vs. the other.

  139. bryan says:

    i don’t normally agree with you, but i agree 100% with you on this one.

  140. bryan says:


  141. bryan says:

    probably because he hasn’t played regular first team ball with AV.

  142. beachbum says:

    Boca in the center is fine where experience is highly valuable, but on the wing you need some wheels and that’s never been Boca’s strong suit

    positional, decison making, leadership and toughness he still has in spades…no problem with Boca in the center. Center backs typically get better with experience as long as their bodies hold out

    like many, I prefer center backs with experience

  143. bryan says:

    not really honestly. any cycle will have a longer camp than what we have for this friendly. further, the games that are further west (like this one) tend to be scheduled when players have more time.

  144. beachbum says:

    hahaha!!! well played Ben…touche’

  145. bryan says:

    ” AND he is already losing the locker room.” – what BS comment.

    and reading the rest of your trash comments below, it does not surprise me you wrote that nonsense above.

  146. bryan says:

    and now after reading the comments, wow. lol i get the frustration, but WOW. he has until jamaica…and frankly i don’t blame him. although he should have never said he was committed 100%. that was a lie.

    also, everyone saying, “well lichaj is better.” or “i’ve always rated lichaj higher”…you are guys are ridiculous. is lichaj an awesome prospect? yup. does he play regular first team ball? nope. given we’ve seen Chandler MUCH more (club wise) it’s easy to see that Chandler is the better player. unless people are watching AV reserve matches, i’m not sure what info they have to “rate him higher” aside from a handful of appearances as opposed to entire seasons.

    again, i’m a big lichaj fan, but i think some of the comments are ridiculous in that regard.

  147. Getrealtime19 says:

    Already losing the lockeroom, please enlighten us? Also, Timmy said he had a bad occurrence within the German u-15’s. I believe he said he felt they were biased against him, his skin color, or his maybe something else I don’t remember. Wasn’t Jurgen Klinsman the Germans’ coach at the time?

  148. Getrealtime19 says:

    One last thing, since Jones is a starter on a champions league team I guess his coach sees him the same way many of us do, but you know better, right home slice….

  149. Chandler_dont_tread_on_us_pu$$¥ says:

    Let him be klinsman. He is useless in the cause, true he is great footballer, but, he want ‘s a German call up! It obvious . Call up someone who wants to wear the RED WHITE AND BLUE F’em! We don’t need him!

  150. Ashley Watson says:

    Since Lichaj has been pulled in the mix here, I understand the anger and frustration toward Chandler but I am holding out the hope that he would rejoin us and be capped. Once he become capped with either nation, I will accept it and move on. Historically, the world cup champions tend to have a very strong backline with DEPTH. So we would want both Chandler and Lichaj at RB.

  151. Kevin_H says:

    Klinsmann wants players who are committed to the national team. The underlying reason Chandler didn’t accept the callup is that he’s not committed, as we all know by now. I don’t hold it against him, but I think everyone would be a little less hostile toward him if he gave us the decency of admitting it.

  152. Excellency says:


    And that game IS more important to Timmy and if I were he it would be more important to me too. I am not he, but if I were…..

    Most people just pass opinions on this subject without ever trying in the least to put themselves in the other person’s position.

    Chandler has made the right decision, just as you point out. He would not miss that game in Germany for anything and I understand it totally. I would do the same if I were he. I’m not him, but if I were……

  153. Excellency says:

    Good luck with that one. I’ve been shocked at the quick sell out of the USMNT to economic interests. The old days are gone. You and I have our memories of teams that went up against giants and came out with their heads held high. From here on in its Globaloney McDonalds teams for the masses, stuff you can sell on the supermarket shelf on a box of cereal. Every country chooses its own path. England’s national team has always been subsumed to the EPL interests but everybody more or less understands it and people don’t expect the English team to do all that well. What? No Beckham in the Olympics? shock!!!! Doesn’t our national team manager know that his hair mousse contract is up for renewal? Spain and Mexico are going their own way and having success. Brazilians are going another way, and the USA, sadly, is going in the way that USA always goes. And why shouldn’t they? There is hardly a single post in this thread with any sense of pride and character.

  154. Catch 22 says:

    For those of you ripping this 22 yr old veteran apart, maybe you could create scenario and place yourself in it as an exercise. Something along the lines of growing up in the US and dreaming of playing for the NATS some day, but you had some avenue of playing for a lesser yet still very competent nation (Japan or South Korea would be a good example as they will likely qualify for the WC, but it is a geographic challenge and between MLS fixtures you get to jet over to the Far East for national team games). Remember you are 22 again so reflect on some of genius-like decisions we all made, and there is a chance that the US will call you in based on whatever rumblings that have been reported. Don’t get pissed, or do if you must, but honestly consider some scenario that makes sense to you. It sucks, but it is understandable whether we like it or not…… make matters worse he is a pretty good player and most of us would pencil him in on our line-up cards (of course as this continues he could be without a seat when the music stops). He probably is not enjoying the whole episode very much either.