Dempsey joins Tottenham in last-minute deal

ClintDempseyDeuces (Getty)

The long, drawn-out saga surrounding Clint Dempsey's club future has finally come to an end, and it has ended with his long-sought move to a bigger club than Fulham.

Dempsey has completed a transfer deadline day move to Tottenham. According to FOX Soccer, Dempsey moved to Tottenham in a $9.6 million transfer. Dempsey arrived at Spurs Lodge on Friday afternoon to undergo his medical and has now completed the move, signing a three-year contract.

The transfer ends a summer ordeal that saw few real offers made for the 29-year-old U.S. national team star. A potential move to Liverpool dominated headlines, particularly after Brendan Rogers admitted having interest in Dempsey, but that never culminated in an actual offer from the Reds. At least not until Friday.

Other clubs expressed interest, including Sunderland and Aston Villa, but it was ultimately Tottenham that stepped up with the offer that finally satisfied Fulham.

What do you think about Dempsey joining Tottenham? Think it's a great move? Wish he would have wound up elsewhere?

Share your thoughts below.

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176 Responses to Dempsey joins Tottenham in last-minute deal

  1. Dakota Sillyman says:


  2. N1Yiddo says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Deuce!!! I’m so happy!!!

  3. Crosebud says:

    Well Done

  4. KEEP says:

    Good stuff

  5. ComoPark says:

    Happy for Deuce, but worried about him in AVB’s formation. Still think LFC was the better destination, but they really bungled it up.

  6. QuakerOtis says:

    Man, crow sure is a tasty bird.

  7. chris says:

    I really hope Dempsey tears Arsenal a new a.sshole this year. Cannot stand Piers Morgan

  8. John says:

    I think Liverpool was a better destination. Wish they would have stepped up and made it happen.

  9. Camjam says:

    So stoked. He should be able to get good time there…. based on fit, he can play in just about 4 different positions for AVB

  10. Adam says:

    Fantastic move. Is he eligible for tomorrow’s game against Norwich?

  11. tyler says:


    Liverpool fans are FURIOUS on Twitter. Haha.

  12. ManicMessiah says:

    Was secretly hoping Newcastle would make a bid, not that it seemed likely. Would rather have him at Spurs than Liverpool, but I’m not a fan of either team.

  13. smashfamous says:

    he has the skill to break into the spurs XI.
    also spurs will have a better chance of getting into CL than Liverpool.

  14. jmadsen says:


  15. Rigazzi's on the Hill says:

    Good for him. Would have been even happier for him had Bayren beaten Chelsea last June.

    F’n Schweinsteiger!

  16. Sean says:

    Yay now I don’t have to hate Clint Dempsey outside of a US shirt! Don’t know where he’s going to slot in, as they have Gylfi Sigurðsson as a #10, Gareth Bale on the left wing. On the right or up front, maybe?

  17. jbrader says:

    Anyone know if the Moutinho bid is completely dead? 45 min left…

  18. FELIXS9 says:



  19. Judging Amy says:

    wonderful. and dos santos gone too. tottenham you couldn’t be more lovable.

  20. MSNats says:

    That face. In that picture. Always makes me smile. I imagine Piers Morgan seeing that face when deuce scores on arsenal this year.

  21. I knew there was something going on behind the scenes. Deuce did well to keep quiet while this was being worked out. Now I have to buy new kits for my boys, still waiting on Clint’s # as I think 23 is taken. What about 8?

  22. NateinSF says:

    I don’t know if he would have fit into Liverpool new system, if he did it probably would have been in midfield. Their wingers have a lot of pace right now, something that Dempsey doesn’t offer. I think playing in the hole for Spurs might be an ideal situation. He will have more competition in the squad but that’s not a bad thing.

  23. Plus he can hang with his old team mate Dembele (not that I know if they got along or not, but on the surface it seems like it will help transition)

  24. SwerveZ says:

    Great move. He’ll get PT for sure and if AVB has any brains, he’ll make it work for a scorer like Deuce, by putting him in his desired position. With the service he’ll get at Spurs, he’ll score. I’m an Arsenal fan, and bet your bottom dollar, I’ll root for the Texan to score against my boys. Dempsey is the man. Good job, even if it’s $6 mil.

  25. Kevin_Amold says:

    What teams fans really take Fulham seriously enough to hate Clint Dempsey outside of a US shirt?

  26. SwerveZ says:

    $9.6 mil.

  27. Gunner14 says:

    Can’t blame a man for wanting ‘more’ in his career. You can, however, blame him for his perception of what ‘more’ actually is. Interested to see if any of the stories between Deuce and Jol come out. Fulham looks to be impressive so far, especially with the latest signings. I don’t see Tottenham in the CL next year, either.

  28. Chris says:

    Can someone explain the $9.6 million to me? Is that per year, or is that divided over the 3 years?

  29. He was never a good winger anyway. While you’re right he doesn’t have pace, he’s not exactly a fat boy. He did have two break-away goals late in the season as well, because what he lacks in pace he makes up for with experience and timing. I think he will have 12 goals this year if they play him enough at Spurs. Odds anyone?

  30. A.S. says:

    With van der Vaart gone, Deuce can step right into his role, I’d say.

  31. PTM9 says:

    This is way better than a move to pool, which is a sinking ship.
    I would have loved Arsenal, but Arsene has his head up his derriere. Then again with Fabregas, RVP, and Song gone with Walcott on the way out maybe it’s a good thing.

  32. Yoda says:

    Happy I am

  33. sef-one says:

    Hell yes. Made my year.

  34. jbrader says:

    One-time rights to contract I believe. Personal terms are separate.

  35. froboy says:

    Neither, its what Spurs paid Fulham for his rights. In US sports terms they traded $9.6 million for him.

  36. Why not? Bale’s chronic injury’s? Van Der Vaart absent? I think Spurs have the depth to finish 3rd this year. Look at the problems Chelsea had today keeping things tidy in the back, they are going to have to score a lot of goals if they want to win anything.

  37. biff says:

    Man, this really sux. Who does Clint Dempsey think he is, anyway? He had a year left on his contract at Fulham and they wanted him to sign a contract extension and he should have signed the extension so he could keep playing for good ol’ Martin Jol. It’s not fair that he followed his dream and wants a new challenge. He should have sucked it up and stayed at Fulham and been a good wittle obedient boy and done what they told him to do and signed that contract extension.

    But seriously, this song by Tom Petty pretty much describes Clint Dempsey.

    link to

  38. apw40 says:

    That’s what Spurs are paying to Fulham. Clint surely has a comfortable wage package, but the $9.6 million is the transfer fee paid for his services, and is separate from what he earns

  39. A.S. says:

    Why not UCL next year. They should have been in this year. No reason to expect less.

  40. WayDownInTexas says:

    Couldn’t be happier for my FELLOW TEXAN! Shooting my Kimber 1911 (gun)off in the air RIGHT NOW! GO Duece!

  41. Gnarls says:

    Way to go, Deuce.

  42. biff says:

    yep, that 1-0 loss to Sheffeild Wednesday was pretty impressive.

  43. Gnarls says:

    Seriously? If I did that here in Long Beach, I’d A) be arrested within minutes or B) someone would shoot back.

  44. Andrew H. says:

    YES! TOTTENHAM>>>>>>>>>>liverpool. Liverpool couldn’t pay GBP 6 mil for Dempsey?

  45. WayDownInTexas says:

    We like our guns WayDownInTexas 😉

  46. Spencer Johnson says:

    Watch Fulham finish ahead of Tottenham in the league this season. Spurs are very marginally in a better position than Fulham and Dempsey nearly made a complete fool of himself with this whole ordeal. I’m happy he got it sorted, but come on Clint.

  47. soccerhorn says:

    Piers Morgan calling ANYONE else an arrogant twerp is the definition of irony. Dempsey will be fine – he was the highest scoring, and highest rated midfielder in the Prem last year, bar none. Will he lose some minutes? Sure. But that can’t hurt when you’re playing a lot of midweek games and making deep FA Cup runs, etc. Congrats to Dempsey. He’s earned it. And thanks to Fulham for supporting American footballers when few else will.

  48. Chris says:

    Ahhh, yeah. Thanks.

    Thats good, I figured he was worth about 10 million. I wonder what his salary will be…

  49. FulhamDC says:

    So Dempsey gets to play for a top 4 team, AND stays in London. Fulham have a good window, they get younger, bring in some attacking talent, and turn a profit. And Liverpool look like idiots and their fans are in complete meltdown.

    Is like Christmas in August!

  50. yea says:

    Someone link me to a site that sells the long sleeve away tottenham jerseys please.

  51. soccerhorn says:

    I’m sensing some sarcasm here.

  52. ManicMessiah says:

    I assumed he was talking about the potential Liverpool move.

  53. solles says:

    end of the day, I think this was the best of his options, and I think it is a damn good move for him, Tottenham is closer to the CL than Liverpool frankly.

  54. bottlcaps says:

    Liverpool just showed that you will really have to love this club to even understand it. After Fulham cry “foul” to the FA about Liverpool “queering the pitch” by making overtures to Dempsey and then not bidding and only then at the dying hour come up with a low ball bid of 4.6 million?? Yes, they upped it to around 5m. Leaving Tottenham to swoop for 6m, 1m short of the initial asking but good enough for Fulham who probably wanted to see this end quickly.

    And yes, Dempsey almost got his “Champions League” club, but for Chelsea winning the CL and usurping TFC’s spot and relegating them to Europa League. Tottenham showed that they can compete for the spot with the traditional top 4. ie., ( Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool.) and now Man City. All’s well that end’s well.

  55. Yaznasty says:

    Scott Parker. Could be #10? Or is old #2 is open, even though I always thought that was a weird number for an attacking player.

  56. solles says:

    no way, Fulham are mid table at best, they’re like a “London Everton”, they’re well supported but the owner isn’t quite as completely mad as he needs to be to make that club into another Chelsea/Man City/possibly QPR. The Spuds should be right in the running for a CL spot this year.

  57. Robert Daniels says:

    Yeah I really hope so, just hope he doesn’t go all Gio Dos Santos on us, not that they’re similar players but still…

  58. ld says:

    you are a true fan, hoping that “your” team concedes goals…you are an American Idiot

  59. soccerhorn says:

    I think he meant £6 mil

  60. Roger says:

    Good luck Deuce! Did Tottenham

  61. Nathan says:

    This is the team I hoped he ended up with all along. He has a clear path to consistent play time. He can play the withdrawn striker role van der Vaart played. They get great service into the box and Dempsey will thrive on it. And now he has his teammate Dembele there, who I thought he worked very well with at the end of last season. He should accomplish his dream of playing Champion’s League football next year. And it reaffirms Spurs as my favorite club after SSFC. The only real question mark is AVB, but it should be an entertaining season.

  62. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Fulham fans do now.

  63. biff says:

    troll-lah-lah–careful folks, they are going to be swooping in to attack Clint

  64. Drew says:

    People were throwing this idea around on these boards after last season and I said it wouldn’t be a good move for either Dempsey or Spurs because Van der Vaart was playing the off-the-striker Dempsey role and Dempsey would be a downgrade over the Bale-Lennon winger combo due to their speed. Then VDV transferred to Hamburg and I could not be happier about this deal.

    Spurs have really upgraded their squad this window with Vertonghen, Dembele, Adebayor, that Icelandic alphabet of a name and now Lloris and Dempsey. Suddenly, this is a club deep enough to play and do well in both the league and a the CL.

  65. Bo says:

    So true in the LBC!

  66. Kevin_Amold says:

    Ah, the liverpool move. That was dumb of me.

    I am a Fulham fan, yet I don’t hate Dempsey. Glad he got an acceptable move.

  67. deepvalue says:

    Glad to see Deuce headed to Spurs! So not that guy, but i might…actually…buy a jersey! Liverpool’s loss. Gerrard to Dempsey to Suarez would have been a pretty sweet combo.

  68. solles says:

    I think you’re over estimating Fulham and under estimating Tottenham. They’re still two completely different clubs, and while Fulham is growing they are no where near the Spuds yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fulham solidly top 10 but I would need alot more convincing to think of them as a CL contender, which Tottenham clearly is.

  69. Robert Daniels says:

    I think I just beacame a Tottenham fan.

  70. Roy says:

    I hate Tottenham, but it is a move up professionally and he can keep his family in London, so good for them.

  71. solles says:

    absolutely, how delicious will it be to see Liverpool fans suffer through yet another season of delusions of grandeur while finishing 9th.

  72. soccerhorn says:

    oh and someone named Friedel in goal. +1!

  73. Eurosnob says:

    Unlike Gio, Dempsey does not have a reputation of frequenting London nightclubs and being late to team practices.

  74. Tom says:

    Everyone keeps putting Dempsey in VDV’s spot. Spurs already have Gylfi there, and Dembele will probably slot next to him. Then there’s still Parker. Dempsey could end up top with Ady or Defoe. Or take Lennon’s spot. I read somewhere that AVB wasn’t thrilled with Lennon and was looking to get rid of him during the window. Could still happen. There’s 10 mins left.

  75. RChris says:

    I had to go check out some forums once I read your post and you aren’t joking. They are fuming! The thread at the top of the list was titled “Ashamed, Embarrassed, and Angry”

    Tottenham is my favorite BPL team. Love it!

  76. Dimidri says:

    So let’s see…

    Clint really wanted to go to Liverpool, a worse team for a lower transfer fee than what ended up happening with Tottenham.

    Fulham held out like any good small club should, didn’t accept lowball offers, and made off well just like they did with Dembele.

    Meanwhile because of what Jol did, Clint gets to stay in London for a better team, something that would not have happened had Jol just acquiesced to his every whim.

    And no, there is no long-term impact to what Jol did to Dempsey, he will get a standing ovation when Tottenham visit Fulham. Fans were just happy their team was up 5-0.

    Was what Jol did the nicest thing ever? No. Did it work out better for every single party sans ‘Pool? Without a doubt.

  77. biff says:

    Some reports in early July, when Jol was still trying to force the contract extension down Clint’s throat, said Fulham were asking 10 million (despite Jol’s untruths about there being no “firm” offers). At that time Liverpool was said to be offering 6 million and it was not accepted.

    My feeling wojuld be that Fulham did not want to sell Clint to Liverpool under any circumstances. Fulham sees Liverpool as a direct competitor and Fulham knows how good Clint is and did not want to do anything to help the enemy (Liverpool). Ditto with Everton. But Tottenham is at a higher level and Fulham knows Tottenham most likely will end the season at a higher level–with or without Clint Dempsey.

  78. tv says:

    so long fulhamerica; now we’ve got tottenhamerica!

  79. Conrad says:

    van der vaart hardly saw the pitch in the first three weeks

  80. ThaDeuce says:


  81. THomas says:

    Agreed. I’m glad he ended up at a team who is currently good enough for the champions league. Still a rough loss for fulham tho losing Dempsey and dembele. However bringing in Berbatov and Richardson should suffice.

  82. kurgen99 says:

    Awesome Move.
    Time for a new jersey.


  83. biff says:

    Agreed. And let’s not forget Nuri Sahin. Yeah, Liverpool could have potentially been exciting. But as the dust starts to settle, it seems to me that Brendan Rodgers heart was not really into capturing Clint. Maybe the owners were hinting that he should move for Clint and if Clint would have gone to Liverpool to a coach that in his heart didn’t really want him, it would have had potential to end up being an ugly situation.

    Tottenham’s upgrades look exciting and I can’t wait to see Clint partnering again with Dembele.

    Tottenham vs Liverpool = November 28
    Fulham vs Tottenham = December 1

  84. kevdflb says:

    While I don’t know enough about what has happened to Spurs regarding transfers in and out to know how good or bad this move is…. its a club I do rather like – even if I’m not a supporter.

    And after getting robbed by Chelsea, they seem to have a good change at a long Europa league run… Maybe as long as Fulham’s a couple years back.
    It ain’t CL, but it is better than nothing, and probably a better move than to Liverpool.

  85. VADCUfan says:

    That was because they were planning on selling him. Had he been in their future plans and/or had he wanted to stay, he probably would have started.

  86. biff says:

    You don’t really believe that Darth Vader is a nice guy do you, Dimidri :-) Jol fought this transfer tooth and nail for months and was putting pressure on Clint to sign the contract exension, culminating in the Press Conference Massacre before the Norwich game during which Jol splashed gasoline on smoldering embers to ignite a firestorm of hate toward Clint from Fulham fans, denying him the dignified exit he deserved after five years of faithful high-quality service. What Jol and Fulham put Clint through is unforgivable. And in the end, they sold him for 6 million, the same fee that Liverpool offered in July.

  87. froboy says:

    not much longer, they just bought Lloras from Lyon

  88. Jason says:

    Would have preferred Liverpool. I hate Tottscum.

  89. biff says:

    you got it–dripping with sarcasm, I might add…

  90. THomas says:

    As a fulham fan, I realize tottenham are a bigger London club. Even with fulham on the rise, expanding the cottage, investing in big players, etc, they’re still well behind tottenham. It would have been awesome to see how far behind had they kept the band together but I think berbatov can easily replace Clint’s goals with regular minutes. A top 5-7 finish is not easy but without extra European or cup games is certainly a possibility. Ahead of tottenham tho would be tough, but possible from what we’ve seen after two games that Dempsey didn’t play in anyways.

  91. SwerveZ says:

    I’m a 100% PURE Dempsey fan. Call it what you want, but P*ss off with your American Idiot bull.

  92. THomas says:

    How’d they get younger? I thought berba and Richardson were two years older than Dempsey and dembele respectively. Did I miss a signing with all the Dempsey madness?

  93. Hurray! This is what I was hoping for.

  94. HansomeJake says:

    Really? Wow! AVB loves outside wingers who tuck into the midfield. Hulk at Porto and Sturridge at Chelsea are both examples.

  95. Lil'Zeke says:

    But enought about you…

  96. HansomeJake says:

    Liverpool is a shell of the team they were last season when they failed to reach CL. Tottenham only built upon their team that missed out on CL because Chelsea won the tournament. It’s better to go to a team who built a better team than a team who deconstructed theirs.

  97. The Imperative Voice says:

    Correcting everyone’s old posts to read, “He deserves EUROPA league football this season, and maybe CL ball some other year.” How many times has Tottenham been in the CL? Once? I think some of y’all don’t realize the degree of stranglehold of the really big clubs, including Chelsea.

    People do realize who Spurs’ coach is, right?Obviously Dempsey will make Spurs better but anyone who watched Chelsea last season might snicker at the extent of the giddiness at him hooking up with AVB. If he can’t pilot Chelsea to where it belongs — then diMatteo comes in and wins two cups with the same people — I’d be a little leery of setting up my pilgrimmage to White Hart Lane for ’12-’13 CL footy just yet.

    As a Fulham fan I think environmental-consideration suggests we should set up some sort of a jersey recycling scheme so that every time a fanboy follows their player to their next destination, we can limit the environmental footprint left behind by their discarded old jerseys. Perhaps clothes donations like Goodwill, or maybe we can make the jerseys of such fans from biodegradable materials intended to wear out roughly around the length of their welcome.

  98. soccerroo says:

    Glad it is finally over. Now time for Dempsey and Dembele to go out and show that they can help a team make the CL.

    Glad Fulham got some cash and i hope they can develope some more American talent over the next few years. link to

  99. HansomeJake says:

    Dude…you said it all.

  100. HansomeJake says:

    return to the Deuce?

  101. NateinSF says:

    Bale on the right, Deuce on the left. Easy.

  102. GTV says:


    I want the pic of Deuce with his Spurs shirt!

  103. Dimidri says:

    And I guarantee you that Clint would take what he went through to stay in London with a better team every day of the week. You conveniently keep forgetting that part, don’t you?

    Also every single thing you talk about is in such generalities, once again, dude did an about face the next day, as YOU HAVE POINTED OUT, very few Fulham fans believe what he says, no harm, no foul.

    But please, keep exaggerating what happened. In your world I hope Clint is having a good time in rainy liverpool.

  104. Old School says:

    -Is there a lot more competition for a spot at Tottenham? Absolutely.

    -Have people counted out Dempsey every step of the way in his career? Absolutely.

    -Did he get a pay raise? Absolutely.

    -Do Tottenham have the strength to make it to the CL? Absolutely.

    Advantage: Dempsey.

    Suck it Jol. I hope he gets the axe, only after Fulham are relegated.

  105. Scott says:

    Welcome to the Champions League…wait

  106. dcm says:

    So rad. People were forgetting that Fulham were tied with Liverpool on points last year. Spurs!!!!!!!!!

  107. PD says:

    Thank the baby Jesus. Liverpool would have been a disaster.

  108. HansomeJake says:

    The Texan will be rockin some Spurs!

  109. HansomeJake says:

    Chelsea kicked Tottenham out because they are returning champs.

  110. 2tone says:

    Very excited for Deuce. He will get plenty of playing time in many different positions in all of the different cup competitions Tottenham are in. Lets not also forget that Lennon, Adebayor, Bale, and Defoe are all injury prone. Deuce will get more than enough minutes. Tottenham usually plays into the deeper rounds of all of the cup competitions.

    Should be another great year for Americans Abroad!!!!!!!!!

  111. Scott says:

    That’s quite the straw-man. Also, they’ve lost Modric and Van der Vart. Honestly, there was more than a hint of Tevez to this. He completely went on strike. It’s 100% up to Fulham’s discretion whether not to sell him. I lost some respect for him. This coming from a huge fan ever since he played for my Revs.

  112. HansomeJake says:

    High hopes for Tottenham’s midfield, they have a lot of talent there.

  113. HansomeJake says:

    you and a ton of other Americans

  114. KillerInstinct says:

    Relax…Don’t get your panties in a bind…he is merely happy for Dempsey and wants him to succeed as most USMNT fans, becuase that’s good for soccer here in the states.

  115. HansomeJake says:

    Really, a players fate is in the hand of a corporation? You think that’s the way it should be?

    If he stayed they would have lost our on every penny of that transfer in Jan when he signed for free. Why pay him his wages and loose out on $9.3 million?

  116. Scott says:

    He made the choice to sign the contract. And he made the choice not to extend it. So ,yes, his career are in the hands of a “corporation.” It’s not like he was an idiot and didn’t understand how transfers work.Just like 90% of American sports athletes, he can be traded, or not, by the “corporation.”

  117. biff says:

    Jurgen Klinsmann
    1994-95 – Tottenham – 41 appearances (21 goals)
    1997-98 – Tottenham – 15 appearances (9 goals)

    Klinsman also was a Germany national teammate of Steffen Freund, current assistant coach of Tottenham.

    link to

  118. David JS says:

    Yep. Fulham were asking more from Liverpool than they were from Tottenham, Villa, and Sunderland. I think it was because they despised the arrogance Liverpool have shown thru this whole saga. Certainly Aston Villa and Sunderland are also Fulham’s “direct competitors” as well, but they were willing to sell at the same price Spurs got him at. Fulham weren’t going to sell him to Liverpool unless they “Downing/Henderson/Carroll”ed them and made them look foolish.

  119. Spank says:

    I think everyone should check this out! Look how happy he looks!

    link to

  120. soccerhorn says:

    Dempsey was the highest scoring midfielder in the premier league last year by a lot. You really think an unknown Icelander gets the attacking midfield spot over him?

  121. GW says:

    Clint doesn’t the have moving expenses he would have if he had to move North.

  122. GW says:

    Hey, be kind to Gio. If he doesn’t move to Spain, this deal does not happen.

  123. beachbum says:

    of which I am one :)

    Go Spurs!

  124. biff says:

    Man, you beat me to it. and i was thinking the samne thing. He looks happier than heck and, actually, like a pretty nice guy, not like the villain some have made him out to be.

  125. GW says:

    Transition? He and Dembele can both keep living right where they have been.

    And of course you all seem to forget about Friedel. It is so rare to get a big move and stay right where you are.

  126. GW says:

    Lighten up Swerve, that is one of my favorite records.

  127. Bob says:

    I wonder how high JK jumped when he found out that his best USMNT player was moving to his old EPL club! Awesome!!

  128. beachbum says:

    oh, so scrunchy right now :)

    good points up until your hurt little view of how people should show their support

    you have your allegiances and reasons, others have theirs mr. fanboy

    what a day! time for a cold one

  129. CplDaniel says:

    Liverpool was NEVER a good target. First – Liverpool is where good midfielders and forwards go to disappear.

    Fulham stacked his AM/Fwd positions during the window, clearly preparing for the day that they would not have dempsey who was in the last year of his contract. He had to get out. Arsenal would have been the best, but Spurs would be the best reasonable 2nd choice. Glad he avoided getting stuck at Fulham who were preparing for life without Clint. Glad he avoided Aston Villa (a shell of what M.O’niel had made it). Glad he avoided the graveyard that Liverpool has become, and the unintelligible language they speak there. Glad he avoided having to live in Sunderland (NE England). Tottenham, Arsenal or out of England were always the best choices.

  130. GW says:

    Typically, the player gets 10% of the total fee on top of whatever salary he negotiates. However, I’m not sure if he has to pay his agent out of that.

    Regardless, he can now afford to go to Bass Pro once in while and splurge on fishing gear.

  131. GW says:

    Whatever it is I’d take it. Hell I’d take half.

  132. GW says:

    What are you paying for 45 ACP rounds now? I guess Clint is worth it.

  133. Mike in Missouri says:

    Does this mean he won’t get the pub at Craven Cottage named after him like McBride did?

  134. Old School says:

    Yea, she’s a good kid.

  135. GW says:

    Fulham are an interesting team. They have a lot of new parts and it will be interesting to see how Jol puts it all together.

    Kieran Richardson may be the key if he can get back to the promise he showed at Man U.

  136. CplDaniel says:

    West Ham, QPR, Millwall, & Chelsea??

  137. GW says:

    One thing, I haven’t seen mentioned yet is Klinsmann is a Spurs legend. It is where he reinvented diving for the Brits.

    I guarantee you he is ecstatic about this

  138. apw40 says:

    Well said Dimidri, 100% agree, the fulham bashing is undeserved

  139. Spank says:

    Not a chance!

  140. CplDaniel says:

    Eaxactly what I was thinking! At a $1.50-$2.00 a shot, that Kimber celebration is going to run up the bill fast!!

    But, Clint to Spurs? Definitely worth celebrating. Maybe with 2 sets of 3-rounds each into the air. $12 — And then the Beer!!

  141. CplDaniel says:

    Everything he said +1

  142. GW says:

    Maybe you should wait until the whole story comes out before passing judgement.

    Everyone involved was an adult and no one died.

    And seems to me just about everyone did okay for themselves, even Liverpool.

    After all if they really wanted him they would have had him. So they couldn’t have wanted Dempsey that bad and therefore it’s probably a good thing for all concerned that they did not get him.

  143. Brett says:

    If he can break into the first team, it’s a great move. Good luck Deuce!

  144. Warren says:

    Congrats to Deuce for winning his game of Texas hold’em.

    Or maybe it was more a game of chicken with Jol?

    Well one thing we know about Clint,he wasn’t going to be the one to turn away.

    Anyway, Fulham lost quality and gained quality, so would not have been end of the world if Clint had to play one more season there. But yeah would have been serious bummer.

    Now Clint and Fulham move on, and Liverpool look foolish again for overbidding for players a year ago and underbidding for a needed replacement this year.

  145. hush says:

    I’m happy for all the USMNT players that got into pretty good teams. Boca & Onyewu were a big surprise. Going from Rangers to Racing is a step waaaay up even if they are in the 2nd div now. Gooch to Malaga, had me and Joey Lawrence going , “woaah”.

    Demps to Tottenham is a brilliant move! The U.S has pretty good players playing for great teams this year around. I think a tear is coming down… now to get some of our young players into some good clubs in the next 2 years. Or at least make themselves starters for their respective clubs for those who already play in the best leagues. Guzan and Lichaj come to mind

  146. Arne Friedrich says:

    That’s awesome.

  147. hush says:

    Soooo is Dempsey going to tweet all the shenanigans that went on or what?! Anyone find a link with gossip flying? :)

  148. Kevin_amold says:

    QPR might qualify of those four. Maybe.

  149. oscarinfw says:

    I would have preferred Arsenal and Dempsey would have had an easier time getting minutes at Liverpool but Tottenham looks to be a pretty good bet to finish in the top 3/4. With a decent rotation, Dempsey should get plenty of minutes and I would not be surprised if he managed to work his way to a regular starting role.

  150. FulhamDC says:

    You are right about Berbatov and Richardson, but i was referringto Got to the whole window. Got rid of 3 over 30 guys, Etuhuu, Johnson and Murphy. Brought in only 1, Berbatov.

  151. PD says:

    Is this your first rodeo when it comes to football transfers. It’s an ugly business and I’m pretty sure a year from now no one involved will be feeling bad blood. This “Polly Anna” scouts honor BS is pretty naïve.

  152. Spurs are overrated in the U.S. says:

    Spurs are in such turmoil I doubt if this is a good move for Dempsey. Still he managed to cash in on his good year, two years in Spurs reserves he’ll be set for life and can finish out his career in MLS. It’s a shame he had to settle, Spurs are not a top EPL team and obviously not the Champions Leaugue team Dempsey said he wanted.

  153. Conrad says:

    My point I’d that van der vaart doesn’t leave an open space because he wasn’t used.

  154. agnigrin says:

    Brilliantly written!

  155. agnigrin says:


  156. agnigrin says:


  157. Fan Futbol says:

    Two favorite sports teams, in order: (1) USMNT, (2) Liverpool. No other team in any sport is close. Terribly disappointed with no Dempsey transfer to Pool. Man, it would have been awesome wearing that Demps jersey. A little annoyed by the anti-American bias (not on this site, but in England) re his transfer; hope he scores 20+ goals again and makes his doubters look silly.


  158. Francois says:

    Haha word! I’m from inglewood, and people don’t pull guns out unless they’re shooting at someone out here haha

  159. jjzaps says:

    uh, yeah they upgraded their squad. They lost Modric to Madrid, and VDV. Not sure the players added equal that.

  160. kevin says:

    really? u dont know soccer

  161. Neruda says:

    Haha. Does she still get perms?

  162. Seriously? says:

    Yeah Jol, how dare you not play a guy who said he doesn’t want to play for your team anymore, what a jerk that manager is

  163. jjzaps says:

    Is clint playing tomorrow against norwich? maybe as a sub? What’s his number?

  164. Drew says:

    We’ll see. VDV never could go the full 90 minutes, and for a player as good as Modric is, he had long stretches of being anonymous. The point I was trying to make is that Spurs have finished top 4 two of the past three years. The year they didn’t, they had Champions League responsibilities and the squad wasn’t deep enough to succeed in both the league and the CL. With the slew of additions, that problem has been lessened.

  165. Ted in MN says:


  166. goyim says:

    Spurs finished in the top 4 (i.e. Champions’ League positions) in two of the last three years. 99% of the time a top 4 finish gets you into CL qualifying (at minimum) last year (with Chelsea winning CL with a 6th place finish in EPL) was the 1%.

    There are no guaranteed CL teams in the EPL this year (looking ahead to qualifying for 2013-14 CL) besides the two Manchester teams. Chelsea looks to be the third team in (although today’s meltdown against Athletico Madrid may indicate otherwise).

    Dempsey never had a chance of going to any of those 3 teams. The 4th CL spot comes down to Arsenal, Newcastle, or Spurs. With Arsenal’s turnover this year Spurs, IMO, are the favorites for the 4th spot.

  167. Seriously says:

    Hey now, someone is trying to steal my handle. Poser

  168. Old School says:


    “How dare” a manager for lying to the media, leaving a player behind and attempting to ruin a reputation of a player that’s been nothing but outstanding in all capacities.

    YOU…on the other hand, would play for that kind of manager with the above criteria. Bravo?

    Sorry, not everyone are pacifists.

    Shocking as it may be, some athletes have ambition and are honest about that ambition, 12 months in advance.

    Jol was complacent given this acknowledgement and is certainly NOT the victim. He’s just the bully that tries to paint himself as such in the media.

    What a jerk that manager is…you’re right.

  169. Matt Snyder says:

    You’re pretty ignorant and naive if you think Dempsey “refused” to play and “wasn’t committed to the team”.
    That was all dirty posturing and negotiating tactics by Fulham. The team and owner have/has a Looooong history of handling players that way when they are near the end of contract and have elected not to re-sign and simply play out their term.

  170. Juan says:

    Clint has a habit of leaving clubs on less than good terms. He was suspended once with the Revs over practice drama and left them as soon as he could for a better team. Now he’s done it in England. In two years, expect the same thing with Tottenham.

    I used to like him a lot when he was a Rev. He was fresh, exciting, did a lot of high skill moves on the field that were popular with the fans. I started to like him less as his head started to grow. Now I look at him as basically a mercenary. What can you do for me now is his attitude.

  171. meyers7 says:

    Sad day. My favorite American player going to scum. Can’t even cheer for him anymore. :(

  172. Sooth Sayer Hate Stoppa says:


    All of you from above makin comments like “Come on, Clint” and “Dempsey made a fool of himself” can stop now. Da Hate is the only thing that got to stop.

    Da Deuce is Prime Time Baby. PRIME TIME. THAT’S RIGHT PRIME TIME. It’s simple. He performs. He does it everywhere he goes. And he wanted out of Fulham. Period. If that’s what he wants, dats what he can go for. If yall haters want to eat lots of popcorn today, den do it!

    This is professional sports. It’s a business. If you want someone who stays classy- it’s da Deuce. He did what he had to do to force the move. I’m happy for him. And we’ll see what happens. His play will do all da talkin he needs to do.

    Nuff Said.

    Da Hate is Over.

  173. Sooth Sayer Hate Stoppa says:


    All of you from above makin comments like “Come on, Clint” and “Dempsey made a fool of himself” can stop now. Da Hate is the only thing that got to stop.

    Da Deuce is Prime Time Baby. PRIME TIME. THAT’S RIGHT PRIME TIME. It’s simple. He performs. He does it everywhere he goes. And he wanted out of Fulham. Period. If that’s what he wants, dats what he can go for. If yall haters want to eat lots of popcorn today, den do it!

    This is professional sports. It’s a business. If you want someone who stays classy- it’s da Deuce. He did what he had to do to force the move. I’m happy for him. And we’ll see what happens. His play will do all da talkin he needs to do.

    Nuff Said.

    Da Hate is Over.

  174. Old School says:

    A history? Hyperbole much?

    Steve Nichols, his only previous professional manager…stuck up for Dempsey’s character/professionalism when Jol was feeding blatant lies to the media.

    Again, a history? We’re talking one time prior to this and he left for the very reason he’s leaving Fulham: He’s better than his current residence/level and has ambition.

    Seriously….mercenary? Are you even familiar with that term and how it’s actually applicable in that the soccer realm?

    I’m baffled by your post and even more confused at where the logic comes from.