Diskerud returns to Stabaek with uncertain future

Diskerud (Reuters Pictures)

Mix Diskerud is facing a critical juncture in his young and burgeoning career.

Diskerud has returned to Stabaek after his loan to Gent expired at the end of July with the top-flight Belgian side electing not to exercise its option to purchase Diskerud's contract outright. The U.S. international midfielder made seven appearances (three starts) with Gent, and in an ideal world he would have used this summer's Olympics as a springboard to something bigger.  

Instead, the U.S. Under-23s did not qualify for the London Games, and the 21-year-old Norwegian-American is back with cash-strapped Stabaek, which sits in last place in Norway with just seven points through 17 matches (2-14-1) and is 11 points clear of relegation, for the rest of the 2012 campaign.

It is not as if Diskerud has no options. He had trained briefly with Norwegian club Sogndal last month, and current Norwegian leaders Stromsgodset are reportedly showing interest in Diskerud for after this season, when his contract with Stabaek is up. The one thing that appears certain is that Diskerud's time with Stabaek is reaching its conclusion. Just where his next stop will be is the great unknown.

What do you think about Diskerud's current situation? Were you disappointed that he didn't catch on permanently in Belgium? Where do you think would be a good next step in his progression?

Share your thoughts below.

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32 Responses to Diskerud returns to Stabaek with uncertain future

  1. chris says:

    He looked bad at Gent. I personally think hes overrated by US fans but i wish him the best next season

  2. 2tone says:

    Personally, this guy needs to leave Norway. I would say at this juncture MLS would be a hell of a better destination for him than staying in Norwegien football. He needs to make the move to a better league i.e. Denmark, MLS, Championship or Premier league in England, Eredivisie in Holland, somewhere. At his age he needs to leave. And I will say the same thing when Josh Gatt is about to turn 22 as well.

    Norwegien football is worse than Scottish football.

  3. josh says:

    Disappointing. He looked good for the U23’s.

    I can;t even watch soccer at the Olympics this time, all i see is that desperation shot slipping into the goal..ugh.

  4. 2tone says:

    He has talent and technical skill, but what he lacks is sustained fitness and mental stamina throughout a game. I think a league like MLS would be the next progression for him.

  5. RLW2020 says:

    agree with most here, time to step it up and move to MLS.

  6. Yoreau Snaub says:

    He looked bad at Gent, because he was always on the bench. Not sure if that was due to the manager or to Diskerud, but I don’t think he ever managed to get into the starting XI, let alone play more than 20 minutes in a game.

  7. Old School says:

    Becoming another story of an American fading away in Europe.

  8. Ben says:

    He has talent but he needs to find a stable club situation in a decent league as quickly as possible.

  9. Bryson says:

    Are you serious? He is 21.

  10. atd says:

    Agree. If he had Holden or Bradley’s physical makeup, he’d be a top-five league guy. As is, it’s an open question.

  11. Seriously says:

    Only problem with Mix to MLS is the damn US international alocation rule. That is one that really needs to go away.

  12. Old School says:

    How old is: Gale Agbossoumonde?

  13. hogatroge says:

    I disagree with you slightly… when the U23s beat Mexico last August, Diskerud played very tough despite his slight build.

    He could use some time in the weight room, but I think the major issue here is mental toughness.

    Plus, Holden’s certainly no bruiser, and Diskerud’s taller (meaning at least equivalent ability to potentially bulk up).

  14. Players come players go that’s the way it is in soccer. Hope he will find a decent team to play with.

  15. kevin says:

    Go to Holland Mix. Go to Holland if you want a spot for the WC squad

  16. kevin says:

    Agreed. Positive for him he has a EU passport

  17. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    That’s a little heavy, don’t you think? Mixx had one rough six month loan spell after 3 plus years of consistent PT (30 matches +/year). That happens to players all over the world, all the time and many regroup, find a better situation and pick up where they left off before the loan. Let’s see where Mixx lands before deciding that he’s on the same career path as Boss.

  18. kyuuimusikq@gmail.com says:

    That’s stupid. Norwegian football is worse then Scottish football in what sense? They are more technically sound then the Scots and are probably tactically more astute as well.

  19. Jon says:

    Mix is a good player. I’m confident he’ll find his way back on track. He was good for us in the Olympic Qualifiers.

  20. bryan says:

    “seven appearances (three starts) with Gent”

    what is it with people not reading the article before commenting…?

  21. kyuuimusikq says:

    MLS is not where this man needs to be. I’d rather see him in the Adelante liga in Spain or the Eredivisie in Holland.

    The notion that in order to become a wc player you have to adapt well to the hectic pace of the premier league is complete bs.

    He just needs to find a team in an aforementioned league, with a coach that appreciates his talents and gives him pt.

  22. kyuuimusikq says:

    MLS is not where this man needs to be. I’d rather see him in the Adelante liga in Spain or the Eredivisie in Holland.

    The notion that in order to become a wc player you have to adapt well to the hectic pace of the premier league is complete bs.

    He just needs to find a team in an aforementioned league, with a coach that appreciates his talents and gives him pt.

  23. jones says:

    He was excellent in some games but completely disappeared in others. Even Adu, who is often inconsistent as well, was more consistent than Mix in that tournament.

    He is certainly capable of great skill and passing vision, but like others said it seems the mental fortitude isn’t where it needs to be.

  24. jones says:

    oops, meant for this to be a reply to the post below…sorry bout that.

  25. b says:

    This is ridiculous. Diskerud has lots of talent and he’s quite young. But then people around here called Jozy a bust at the same age (and worse, where are the “Lazy Outthedoor” folks now?) so such idiocy is to be expected….

  26. Joamiq says:

    That’s what some were saying about Michael Bradley at Villa. He hasn’t quite faded away now, has he?

  27. atd says:

    I meant lungs and legs more than strength and height. Holden and Bradley can seemingly run all day without losing much. They’re nearly world class in that respect, whereas it looked to me like Mix tires easier.

  28. Eugene says:

    Would love to see him in MLS

  29. GW says:

    Has it ocurred to you that if you want to play in Holland or Spain or anywhere really, a team there has to want you?

  30. Aquaman says:

    I think one thing that had a little bit to do with him not catching on perminently at Gent was because he was gone so much with the U23s with their camps and friendlies and then tournament. I think he was focused so much on Olympics and US teams (which isn’t a bad thing) that it might have hurt his status at Gent. It is unfortunate that he is going back to that situation at Stabaek, but unfortunately I see teams waiting until his contract is up at the end of the year to pursue him.

  31. GW says:

    If you look at the latest rankings the leagues in Scotland and Norway are ranked 27th and 28th respectively by UEFA.

    Both are close to third tier European leagues.

    As for Mix, if he weren’t American, would anyone be noticing him?

  32. Piaggio says:

    Dudeeee I’m with you there… I wanna cry everytime I see olympic football on TV :(