FIFA 13: The Trailer

FIFA 13 hits stores next month, and EA released a trailer Tuesday of what fans and gamers can expect from the latest edition of the popular video game (watch for the cameo from New York Red Bulls DP Tim Cahill). Enjoy:

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19 Responses to FIFA 13: The Trailer

  1. Chris says:

    Now with more CAM!

  2. NE Matt says:

    Already got it on pre-order through Gamestop – bought the “Ultimate” edition.

  3. BSU SC says:

    I’ll definitely be buying this, I love these games…but in my mind the greatest soccer games ever are:

    Goal (Nintendo)
    FIFA International Soccer (Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis)
    FIFA 96 (Playstation)
    FIFA Street (Playstation 2)

    I still play all of these games on a regular basis. They never get old.

  4. Kyle says:

    not sure if i should get this again or actually have a life this year

  5. GSScasual says:

    any MLS stadiums?

  6. Old School says:

    I’m curious what features they’ve added to Manager Mode / Be a Pro.

    I’m really hoping they added National Team Call ups with BaP. To this day, it boggles my mind why they even removed it to begin with (then again, it’s EA…they’ll probably re-add it and call it a “new feature”).

  7. Eric says:

    They did re-add it. You can also manage a national team in manager mode now too. Plus, they added the world cup and such as actual tournaments.

  8. THomas says:

    Why did Joe Hart have to save that awesomely worked free kick? Bummer.

  9. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Is that Friedel at 0:36?

  10. Old School says:


    Now, I must do some research. I’m surprised they added the World Cup tournament to the game, since they normally milk that genre/segment with a separate title for more $.

  11. bryan says:

    hoping for MLS stadium, national team call ups, and better youth system.

  12. rees says:

    I’ve heard that there are noticeable differences between players first touches and their attributes like passing ability, etc. and I’m a fan of this. However, looking at this trailer, it looks like EA may have spent a little too much time incorporating goofy moves and tricks into gameplay. A little of that is great, but stick to making the game feel real. If anything, they should be working on the way players move off the ball, not on it. Leave all the tricks to FIFA Street.

  13. Chris says:

    They needed to fix the damn fouls. It got out of hand.

  14. RChris says:

    I feel the same. Manager mode completely sucked me in this year.

  15. Eric says:

    It’s not actually called the World Cup but we all know what it’s suppose to be.

  16. Vince says:

    in this years manager mode and be a pro they add new features like international breaks and you could managae national teams as well so it should be way more intersting. I actually thinking about taking one of the MLS teams and just build scouted american players just to see how go the national team will be on their breaks

  17. Fred says:

    Nice Michael Bradley comment at :44

  18. Fred says:

    *cameo* not comment

  19. Aryan says:

    PES 2013 IS a Million times better than FIFA 13!