Gordon added to USMNT roster for Mexico friendly

Alan Gordon (AP)

Alan Gordon's penchant for late-game heroics have saved the San Jose Earthquakes a number of times this season, and they have now also helped earn the forward a call-up to the U.S. men's national team.

U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann added Gordon to the roster that will take on Mexico in a rare friendly at Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, U.S. Soccer announced late on Sunday. The addition of Gordon brings the roster count to 23 players, and gives Klinsmann another option up top to join the likes of Landon Donovan, Herculez Gomez and Terrence Boyd.

Gordon has had a knack for scoring late in games this season, and that has been a big part of the Earthquakes' success this year. The 30-year-old forward has nine goals on the current campaign, and four have come in San Jose's last six games.

What do you think of Gordon's inclusion? Happy to see Gordon make the team? Wishing it would have been someone else like Eddie Johnson or Chris Pontius?

Share your thoughts below.

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106 Responses to Gordon added to USMNT roster for Mexico friendly

  1. Josh says:

    Okay… And with a single stroke I have gone from assuming Klinnsmann had a secret plan that wouldn’t really be understood until we blazed through qualifying, to now knowing that he is on LSD. I mean… what?

  2. Jeff says:


  3. somedude says:

    Trollers gonna Troll

  4. Jeff says:

    It isn’t trolling to say that Alan Gordon as a selection for USMNT is nuts. That is just the truth.

  5. Henry says:

    Does he even start for his team?

  6. MemRook says:

    The last thing I thought I would EVERRRRRRRR read on SBI???????

    Yep. That just happened.

    *mind blown*

  7. MemRook says:

    The last thing I thought I would EVERRRRRRRR read on SBI???????

    Yep. That just happened.

    *mind blown*

  8. MensreaJim says:

    There is some surreal USA/Mex juxtaposition going on over the last two days.

  9. Delarge says:

    Man, I was joking with my friends six years ago that Alan Gordon would never get a sniff of the nats he was so bad. And now….

    It must be a joke. April fools, right?

  10. freaks n geeks says:

    Are we intentionally trying to lose to Mexico?

    I understand our Euro based players are either looking for new clubs or trying to hold down their spots after just moving to the clubs

  11. TheDude says:


  12. blag says:

    unless someone was hurt, I am extremely confused why bother. At a maximum, 17 people reach the field in a friendly (11 + 6 subs) last time I checked. So, are you going to give just a random chance to Gordon and waste the chance to play other people who have been hanging around more? And, you already have herculez gomez. His primary attribute is the same as Gordon (aka scoring late goals and clutch goals) and he is better than Gordon at scoring overall. I understand he probably underloaded himself at forward with only 3, but this specific selection is just very perplexing, but you never know….you never know. If you are going to bring in 23, I would have thought Pontius or a really young forward would have been brought in so Klinsi could get a better look for a couple days.

  13. MemRook says:

    Is this what being on Bath Salts feel like??????

  14. jimbo says:


  15. MemRook says:

    But how much would SBI implode/explode if Gordon scores the game winner??? Ok i want that happen just to see what happens.

    What if Gordon is the missing link to USA winning our first world cup we’ve all been hoping for? He probably is. This is probably when JK reveals his master plan.

    A new era has begun.

  16. ThaDeuce says:

    Where is Lenhart from?

  17. blag says:

    same thought went through my head

  18. Paul H says:

    Gordon scores the winning goal in the 93rd minute… Heard it here first.

  19. ex_sweeper says:

    He’s suspended for the next Quakes game, so he’s available for a spur-of-the-moment callup. And the MNT could use a player with his feisty attitude. Yes, he’s been mostly a sub, but so was Herculez Gomez until last year, and Herc grabbed his chance and ran with it. It surprised me too, even though he is having a career year for the Quakes. But JK is clearly looking at this as a chance to check out some beyond-the-fringe players.

  20. Karen says:

    Looking at klinsmans roster and the fact that he added gordon proves he must be on something. Cocaine is a hellva drug.

  21. TheDude says:

    I am just so glad we’re taking this great opportunity of this very rare opportunity of a friendly at Azteca against our biggest rival, the team we often contest for the hearts and minds of the next generation of Mexican-American players, the team that comes home celebrating another victory in a global tournament we crashed out of, to try out some of our most promising, young, up and coming players who may one day contribute at the World Cup—players like Alan (freaking) Gordon. Stellar choice, Juergen. Argh.

  22. ex_sweeper says:


  23. blag says:

    I didnt realize that he was suspended. Well, if he doesn’t make the field, then no one should complain bc it just meant JK wanted to see him for a couple days and he was just an extra guy on the roster. In other words nothing changed. If he goes on the field and fails miserably, then JK made the wrong choice. Even still, Johnson/Pontius, hell even Will Bruin and Kenny Kooper may (and many would argue would) be better for that role.

  24. David H says:

    He also adds a bit more experience to the line up. Gordon is a guy who’s been around and has come on in high pressure situations and performed this season.

    He’s obviously not going to start, but going to Mexico City is about the definition of a high pressure situation. Who knows, maybe who’ll make us all eat our words head one in in stoppage time.

  25. Andrew says:

    lol Jurgen. You funny.

  26. ET says:

    Alan Gordon is a good player, to me this is a deep roster with forwards that can score goals. This in the first time in years we have had Forwards scoring. He is a nice player and can put away goals.

  27. ET says:

    Have you even seen his games, I have. Having someone of the bench to score goals is never bad, the only people complaining is stupid F**** like you.

  28. ET says:

    You got nasty players, Nasty is Alan Gordon, pesty player.

  29. Carl says:

    Gordon’s having a great year. His hold up at has been incredible, and his passing completion percentage must be extremely high.

    He was # in the Castrol Ratings recently, I believe.

    I like the selection by Klinsmann.

  30. Carl says:

    should say #1 in Castrol, obviously 😉

  31. Carl says:

    And should say “his hold up play” …sorry posting on phone on treadmill 😉

  32. ET says:

    I agree Alan Gordon is a great choice,I would him and Boyd up top.I know what Herc can do, lets see what Gordon can do.

  33. mcfly says:


  34. 2tone says:

    Uhm, okie dokie. my only guess is that Olsen told Klinsmann that Pontius is needed with all of their injury issues. If Klinsmann just excluded Pontius for no good reason then folks I hate to say that Klinsmann has lost his mind.

    Gordon over Cooper or even Eddie johnson is still a huge head scratcher

  35. somedude says:

    Simba’s pride.

  36. Gnarls says:


  37. Louis Z says:

    I never thought Gordon was MNT material but to call a 30 year old for his first cap? where is the logic?

  38. BigBirdLenny says:

    You guys are really freaking out about nothing. Alan Gordon makes some sense for the following reasons:

    1) Big body, great in the air, fair at holding the ball up. Great for a sub in late moments of the game if we need set-piece magic or if we have to start lumping the ball into the box. This is a HIGHLY LIKELY scenario.

    2) We need someone like him to air raid our very green back line for a couple of days in practice.

    3) You could call Pontius in, but JK seems to have decided others will get the playing time anyway. I’d rather Gordon in the final 10 minutes of desperate long passes than a player like Pontius.

    4) This is about having a valuable role player on the bench, not about creating the next American striker pairing.

    Breathe people

  39. REALITY says:

    So klinsmann, he is the national team coach we have been wanting as ussf.

    maybe the reality is this is where are national team is at this point. struggling. scary thought but is that whats happening here. we need to trust our coach. Is alan gordon where our USMNT is at???

  40. Neuwerld says:

    He missed the Quakes’ last game due to suspension and is going to miss their next match as well. It’s as good of a time as any for Klinsmann to bring him in to see what he’s got, since he doesn’t have a game coming up.

    Not many (any?) other Americans are currently fit, on form, and don’t have a game on the weekend.

  41. biff says:

    WTF! I am not passing judgment on Alan Gordon, but I thought the whole idea behind waiting to announced the rosters late Sunday afternoon only 72 hours before game time was to avoid–late corrections. Can anyone tell me why, if Klinsmann wanted Gordon, he did not include him on the original roster. Is it possible that he had expected another striker to accept an invitation but the striker who balked at the last minute?

    Something strikes me odd about this whole roster. All the big-name media soccer talking heads in their pre-roster guesses had included Cherundolo, Bradley,Altidore, Bocanegra and Bradley among those who would be called up. Is this a one-shot change? Or is this a signal that the roster is going to be going through big changes? I hope some reporters quiz Klinsmann on what happened and what his intentions are going forward. I am flabbergasted by this roster. In Germany, Jogi Low always holds a press conference after he announced rosters and reporters quiz him on his decisions.

  42. Eric W says:

    just because connor casey scored twice in world cup qualifying doesn’t mean he should have been called up.

  43. WTFman says:


  44. ET says:

    Suck my cock. Hows that for grammar?

  45. Sandy says:

    There’s some logic in calling up someone who’s been scoring clutch goals RECENTLY, as opposed to people like Donovan or Brek Shea who’ve been in a malaise.

  46. Eddie Vedder says:

    I love it.. Imagine.. Gordon gets the game winner at Azteca ,, people will still hate on him

    Get some footie Edjukation Gringos

  47. Old School says:

    Are we playing Mexico in basketball?

    If so, I understand this call up.

  48. bcoug says:

    Plausible explanations for this would include mistaken identity, egregious spelling error, lost a bar bet, owes someone a favor, cruel joke … an implausible explanation would be that JK actually intends to put him in the match.

  49. Old School says:

    “Have you even seen his games, I have.”

    I’m the resident expert, bow down to my greatness…I have 4 people that read my blog daily!

  50. Benny Dargle says:

    If I had to rationalize this, I would say that Klinsmann decided he needed some size late in the game for an air raid attack on the shorter Mexican defenders. The only forward that is target forward like is Boyd. We usually have Altidore, so this is maybe a Boyd backup.

  51. theraccoun says:

    Whoa. That escalated quickly

  52. Old School says:

    “Alan Gordon is a good player…”

    …I’m going to stop you right there.

    Love the optimism. Reality is on hold and wants to talk to you.

  53. jpc says:

    I wouldn’t call them trolls. I mean 3 years ago this guy was laughed off the field nearly every week. The fact that he’s scoring a few in MLS doesn’t mean he’s a national team thought. eddie Johnson has been really good, he needs to be there

  54. Old School says:

    Castrol Ratings…is he racing NASCAR in his spare time?

  55. Old School says:


    Donovan had 4 assists tonight.

  56. jai_brooklyn says:

    Ehem. It’s not the world cup yet. It’s 2012. A friendly. Let the coach tryout whoever.

  57. ET says:

    Well, I let his play do the talking, 6’3, holds the ball up and scores goals.

  58. MemRook says:

    In all honesty it’s probably too big for that to be a reasonable request. Clearly.

  59. MemRook says:

    To anyone getting worked up or offended by comments:

    Clearly you don’t get sarcasm or humor.

    No one is upset about this. On the contrary, we are pleasantly bemused by this unique turn of events and cannot wait to watch how this plot twist unfolds.

    Stop being killjoys and let an anonymous Internet poster have his or her fun.


    People with average to normal senses of irony

  60. Hesyourlifelight says:

    Donovan just had a 4 assist game tonight…

  61. Amit Ch says:

    Lets see what happens in upcoming friendly!

  62. GAME ON MEXIS says:

    Love this!! We need more guys with heart like AG!
    Alan Gordon is an ANIMAL!! I cant wait to see him sub and and prove all ya’ll wrong. Wondo has the Energy and Boyd has got the finishing skills I am stoooookkked!!

  63. dodd says:

    It’s a friendly our best players have been excluded. Chill jk will have the right roster in the Jamaica game that actually matters

  64. Tom says:

    + 1,000,000!!!

  65. Bob says:


    i few years ago this guy was making 25k/year with the Galaxy with a winter job working at the Jack in the Box. Now he’s on the nats?

  66. Old School says:

    Ok, Mrs Gordon. We get it. You’re proud of your son.

  67. Natamus says:

    My last name is Gordon…

    I ran to my cell phone to make sure I wasn’t getting a local call from JK to head down the 405 to Carson…

    I’m still pretty sure this article is a fluke and I’m the Gordon he’s looking for. Might as well if we’re calling up Alan.

  68. john says:

    I’m going to apply what you said about Alan Gordon to Eddie Johnson:
    “The fact that he’s scoring a few in MLS doesn’t mean he’s a national team thought.”
    u c what i did there?

  69. jimmorrison says:

    So this is what US Soccer is getting from their $6,800 a day head coach?

  70. Jake says:

    It’s slightly easier to do that in Buck Shaw than it is in Azteca. Waste of a callup. Pontius is better, much more versatile, and younger. EJ is as good or better and has national team experience. I don’t understand this at all

  71. Jake says:

    If you want that, why not call up Lenhart?

  72. Jake says:

    Does he start for his own team?

  73. Mike r says:

    Gordon??? Wtf !

    Are we aiming to lose 5-0

  74. DC Josh says:

    If you have read Grant Wahl’s Beckham Experiment, you know how crazy this must be for Gordon. He has come a long way. Good for him.

  75. NE Matt says:

    Just living the American dream. I bet he owns a house with a mortgage and drives a Ford too!

  76. 99 says:

    Huuuge DCU/Pontius fan here…I could see Klinsman leaving Pontius at home as Olsen has been without a number of players due to Oly qualifying, injuries and the olympics.
    I would have like to have seen Pontius, but I’m pulling for Gordan- even if it’s just crashing the D in practice. Good for him. Here’s hoping he gets the game winner in the 100th minute of extra time- wait, it’s not at Buck Shaw… maybe in the 92nd then.

  77. kpugs says:


    Easiest prediction ever: The U.S. national team will NEVER have any type of noteworthy success if Alan “I’m a huge piece of garbage who sucks at life” Gordon is part of the team. The end.

  78. gene says:


    FWIW, Lenhart is a better player.

  79. dcm says:

    what an effing joke. it’s like JK has no idea who is in the US player pool.

  80. MiamiAl says:

    Is Klinsmann an idiot? No disrespect to Alan Gordon, but he is no Chris Pontius!!!

  81. beto says:

    off the bench in the 90′ and scores off his knee by accident in the 93+’.

  82. Aaron says:

    Alan Gordon? I know our striker pool is bad, but come on. Klinsmann what the heck? San Jose fans come on now Gordon is nowhere near national team level, you cant even try to defend this!

  83. BigBirdLenny says:

    Nope, I’m pretty sure a lot of these people are genuinely freaked out and think the USMNT is going down the toilet because JK called in a role player.

  84. joel says:

    makes no sense at all…its a waste of a spot considering we have guys that should be given a look and havent been.

  85. Felix says:

    Its a heart-warming story, but he won’t be an impact player. But he has deserved it.
    My three big gripes are these though:

    1) scheduling a high-profile friendly against Mexico in Azteca during August. The timing means we can’t call-up a full side, which defeats the purpose of this particular fixture. If our young guys get their asses handed to them on Wednesday, is that really a “learning experience” or is it only going to humiliate them and hurt their confidence to the point they aren’t in the USMNT picture for years.

    2) Pontius instead of Shea. Chris Pontius has been mature and productive for a few seasons now, only injuries have set him back. Shea has been immature and inconsistent. Yes, he has alot of talent, but with such obvious options such as Pontius, I don’t agree with the call-up.

    3) only one true RB in Beitashour. Its his first cap, and he’s young. If he goes out there and stinks it up – they don’t really have another option there outside of Danny Williams.

  86. Enos says:

    This is a joke, right? Right?

  87. Game Changa says:


  88. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    So, if #1 in your list is correct, I’m to assume that ‘Friendly’s matter”? of course this is a contradiction to what Klinsmann said earlier…what will we learn by ‘lumping the ball forward’…will that teach us how to build up from the back?

    Got to agree if Klinsmann wanted a ‘player’ Lenhart or even Braun would have been a better choice. Still ‘Lumpy’ Gordon won’t back down in tough circumstances…but this move just reeks of a lack of logic. strike that. It just reeks.

  89. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Edjumakate us Eddie….
    Why Gordon?

  90. Helium-3 says:

    Yes, Gordon is the guy we need if we are tied or down by a goal with 5 mins left. We will start to hit long balls over the top or from set pieces, and need a target like Gordon to head it in or down to another player.

    This is Gordon’s specialty and it is good to have this option off the bench since the other forwards are really out and out strikers. You know this guy is not going to back down from anyone going up in the air.

  91. bottlcaps says:

    I am happy that JK brought up Gordon for the Mexico game. He is a tough, blue-collar type of forward and can play in the lone striker role. JK is bringing in new players to have a look. Gordon is having a good year and is in form. More importantly he puts in a frenetic and hard-boiled time in coming in late in the game. He gets the goal(s) needed for SJ. But I seriously doubt he will see any action as the strikers ahead of him are all top scorers for their respective clubs. As a lone striker,though, he plays a good holdup game and is a good aerialist. I can see him coming in late to hold a US lead.

  92. bryan says:

    what a waste. this is bornstein level. seriously, this call cannot and should not be defended. pontius deserves it way more. what a joke of a call up. bad move JK.

  93. bottlcaps says:

    The US has NEVER won at Azteca, so having their head handed to them will not be front page news. The game is all upside for the US as I see it. Lose, no big deal, as it’s a friendly, US players got to play at Azteca BEFORE it counts at a WC Cup qualifier, and I doubt the USMNT rookies will ever play a better team in a more hostile atmosphere.

    But if the US wins, without some of it’s stars against Mexico, in Mexico and at Azteca…well that would be BIG news.

    Either way, it is a good opportunity for the USMNT in exposing it’s in-form players.

    The big word of the the day here is fitness. That’s why many of the Euro’s were left off the team. Playing this game will require much fitness, so bringing a team heavy with MLS and MX Lg players makes a lot of sense to me.

  94. Primoone says:


    and just for good measure…


  95. Primoone says:




    ok…im done.

  96. primoone says:


    What the hell is Alan “Ground and Pound” Gordon and Chris “where is” Wondolowski going to do to Sh*t hot Mexican team at Azteca?

    In klinsi we trust…but that mother-Effer better keep it competative.

  97. Darwin says:

    Yesterday I was hating on EJ. Now I realize what a waste of time that was.

  98. Somebody says:

    LMFAO and SMH at all the Eurosnob worshippers/groupies whining at a reserve player being added to the squad. I also suppose they’re going to complain about Beitashour starting agaisnt Mexico because he plays in the MLS, despite playing well against Chelsea? Wow, I don’t need to say much about those f#&king cretins..

    Keeping sucking the Barcelona/Manchester/Real Madrid/Chelsea and other team’s appendage. Euro-groupies = enemy of US Soccer. This website is laden with them.

  99. Advocate says:

    No one hates Gordon. By all accounts, he’s a very nice guy. And if a team doesn’t have someone with more skill to bring in late in a game, he is at least a big body that might shake things up. I watched him play for all his years with the Galaxy. He’s the equivalent of a 6’3″ post planted five yards in front of the goal. Almost all passes that reach him just bounce off; some, of course, bounce goalward, and a few will even go in. Except for his current streak of luck, he has nothing to commend him as a member of a national team roster.

  100. Jess says:

    Or, it grazes the top of his head with his eyes closed.

  101. Matt says:

    Think of it this way – if you knew nothing about Gordon except what he has done this season (and right up thru this past weekend where he scored the GW goal in extra time), this is a fine call up. He has been playing very well for SJ and has great scoring stats and his team is in first place.

    I think he may also be suspended from MLS atm, so that could be a major factor in the timing of this call-up in terms of why him over other MLS guys.

  102. Max says:

    Eddie Johnson and Chris Pontius before Gordon and Shea

  103. Greg says:

    Casey > Out The Door

  104. Joe says: