Houston Dynamo 3, CD FAS 1: Match Highlights

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6 Responses to Houston Dynamo 3, CD FAS 1: Match Highlights

  1. wides says:

    Wasn’t that Brian Ching on the first goal ?

  2. Spencer says:

    yeah it was

  3. hogatroge says:

    Three uncontested headers… wow! Feel sorry for FAS but happy for my Dynamo.

    Aguila’s flick on goal was pretty badass, too.

    That said, hope the boys in orange don’t get too overconfident and can pull out a road result against Olimpia, who are substantially better than CD FAS.

  4. Kris says:

    Good to see the young guys get some solid minutes in the CCL environment. FAS has some decent players, but they’re no contest for the boys in orange. Hopefully Creavalle isn’t injured too bad.

  5. Robert Daniels says:

    Solid win, don’t know if I like the new 8 group format. It’s going to be alot harder for MLS teams to come out of the group stages since only one team advances, especially RSL wtih the one loss…

  6. Dale says:

    No disrespect to CD FAS but that some horrible defending, either way GO Dynamo!!