Injured Bradley out for USA’s World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica

Bradley (Getty Images)

If the U.S. men's national team is to take a pair of World Cup qualifying results off of Jamaica, it will have to do so without the services of integral midfielder Michael Bradley.

Bradley's agent told FOX Soccer that he will miss the Sept. 7 and 11 matches against Jamaica after picking up a right thigh injury in training with AS Roma on Tuesday, one that is expected to keep him out for the next 2-to-3 weeks.

"The hope is that Michael can return after the international break or very soon thereafter," New York-based agent Ron Waxman said. 

Bradley's absence means that the onus will likely fall on the likes of Jermaine Jones and Kyle Beckerman, who started in the midfield against Mexico with Bradley unavailable a couple of weeks ago, to control things in the center of the field against the Reggae Boyz.

What do you think of this development? Do you think the USA will have a problem against Jamaica without Bradley.

Share your thoughts below.

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55 Responses to Injured Bradley out for USA’s World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica

  1. Ted in MN says:

    Dangit Roma.

  2. Kevin_Amold says:

    This isn’t great news, but our depth at CM should be enough to get us through these next two games, right? Right??

    /swigging a bottle of Maalox.

  3. jb says:

    I’m ok with Beckerman and Jones in central midfield against Jamaica. However, if you add Bradley’s absence to a possibly out-of-form Dempsey, then add that Edu hasnt played in awhile, Boca has been playing against lesser competition, who knows what we get from Donovan…it begins to make me nervous.

  4. TomG says:

    This is awful news, especially with Torres looking so poor last match. I don’t see any combination of CMs able to string together passes.

  5. hogatroge says:

    …alternatively, ****
    …also, *********.

  6. elgringorico says:


  7. Old School says:

    “Next man up”…as my coach used to say.

  8. bryan says:

    to be honest, we should have enough depth (and i think we do) to beat Jamaica either way.

  9. tmack says:

    can feilhaber get a look???

    with bradley out, and potentially donovan and dempsey out, and torres looking less than stellar, why not get benny in there???

  10. HoboMike says:


  11. Brett says:

    Put Zusi in the middle, better upside compared to Beckerman and more stable then Jones

  12. ex_sweeper says:

    Red card countdown starts now….

  13. Nate Dollars says:

    I can’t remember the last time he was injured. Has it been that long? That’s pretty impressive for (usually) playing as a d-mid.

  14. SND says:

    Cameron playing in front of the CBs? Looked pretty good last weekend.

  15. biff says:

    I don’t think Jamaica will be easy, but I don’t see why all the concern if we are missing Bradley and Dempsey. Against Mexico were we missing six regular starters — Carlos Bocanegra, Steve Cherundolo, Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore, and Clarence Goodson (and Timothy Chandler, if you want to count him) — and we achieved the Miracle of Mexico City. And, who knows, maybe we would not have won with all those starters. Personally, I would like to see Klinsmann reward those Mexico guys for their valliant effort by calling all of them back up, and any that are injured try out some new faces–such as Tim Ream. I think that the Mexico friendly roster can beat Jamaica 2X next week.

    Also, I think Klinsmann should name Tim Howard captain again, even if he calls Boca back. Howard did a good job in Mexico City, he’s a top goalkeeper in the Premier League and he certainly commands respect. Klinsmann has been head coach now a year and has earned the right to name his own captain.

  16. Charles says:


  17. BigBirdLenny says:

    Is it time to take a look at Sacha? Sounds like it.

  18. ChelseaMatt says:

    What jb said

  19. Mig22 says:

    RIGHT! {trying to be positive}

  20. LIUnited says:

    Who? Feilhaber’s ship has sailed. Has he done anything in MLS lately? I would much rather see Sacha get a call.

  21. Mwing09 says:

    Bradley is a key peice, but lets remember this is Jamaica. Yes, concacaf road games are tough, but we should come out of this with 4 points. Beckerman helped shut down a very potent Mexican attack, he can handle himself against Jamaica. Also you have to assume Jones is going to play better than he did against Mexico (might be the worst ive seen him play, and we still won!). Stop freaking out everyone. If we lose to Jamaica because Bradley is out, then we have MUCH more to worry about than just Bradley being out.

  22. Ryan in NYC from NC says:

    Any idea when the roster’s gonna be announced?

  23. hogatroge says:

    Statistically, Feilhaber is one of the leaders in MLS for chances created.

  24. hogatroge says:

    Pretty sure JJ drew (not earned) an RC against Jamaica in the last matchup.

  25. Yankeedom says:

    Very good point!

  26. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Quick FIFA, clear Ossie Allanso to play for the US

  27. fifawitz1313 says:

    It all seems to be unraveling at the wrong time…

  28. Dat Dood says:

    Give Corona a shot?

  29. jimmy says:

    i wish he would, he would make things happen in the 10 role

  30. Kenny_B says:

    Did you see him in Champion’s league qualifier? He was terrible. He did absolutely nothing. Even the TV commentator made the same remark about Klejstan.

  31. RLW2020 says:

    ya, he has been a steady and constant part of the US lineup forever. I can’t remember the last time he was injured..

  32. RLW2020 says:


  33. Fred says:

    A la “Why not Taylor” before the 2006 World Cup. WHY NOT BENNY? He can ball, has all the technical skills. It just seems like for some reason (being on the NE Revolution) he is light years away from even getting a look by Klinnsmann.

  34. Fred says:

    B-b-b-Benny! BENNY! Benny and the rest.

  35. Tyler says:

    Sometimes I feel like people just throw names out there because they sound cool.

    Feilhaber? Has been very poor.
    Sacha? He is not a national team caliber player and has been AWFUL.

  36. MidWest Ref says:

    When was the last time the USMNT had our best 11 on the field, in form and healthy at the same time?

    1-0 at home and 1-1 away

  37. Weaksauce says:

    Good, put in a player with ball possession skills and one that wants to go at a defender instead of passing it backwards.

  38. leftcoastmetro says:

    I just thought Mikey was unbreakable. Some players seem to never go down, and I thought he was one of them. Get well soon, Mikey!

  39. Soccer Mad Dad says:

    yeh there’s hope and my vote for Benny. as a Revs fan i agree he hasn’t been stellar, doesn’t always start even, but his quality is still apparent.

  40. tom patton says:

    anyone who does not understand how important Bradley is to the USA national team just has lingering hate for his Dad.

  41. Evan W says:

    Torres looked really good over the weekend against a strong Santos side. The announcers were saying he deserved man of the match.

    It certainly wasn’t his strongest game against Mexico but he was out of position with really no one moving off the ball. I will take the passing of Torres over the passing of Bradley any day.

  42. away goals says:

    Probably never, because it’s so statistically unlikely.

    Especially for a team like ours with such a clear gap between the first XI and the next tier of players.

  43. Stephen says:

    NOT BECKERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. He is a waste of time!!! CAll me, I can do more than Beckerman, other that foul as much as he does.

  44. Stephen says:

    We could well be down with this group of players. Please not Beckerman. Jones is a red card waiting to be issued. Torres is not strong enough. The Jamaicans will be looking to muscle us all night and we need to tough players to handle them. Dempsey is a must, Donovan has to step up his game and Howard better be in top form. I am predicting 1-0 Jamaica. It will be sad indeed.

  45. Stephen says:

    I did not hate his dad but glad he is out. Michael Bradley is his own man. Get well soon Michael and show the ITIES what we have in the USA!

  46. louis z says:

    although qualifier is the time or place to try new things. we may have to. With JK you really don’t know which way he is going to go next. Already he has Ream coming, is it to get a better look or actually give him playing time, if the latter, then it means other CBs are not available or not playing at their best. I wonder where Edu will be playing time.

  47. biff says:

    That is the biggest crock of stuff I have heard–absolutely not true. He played 90m and he played well and he helped the team score two late goals to move to the CL group phase. If he had played poorly the coach would have subbed him.

  48. louis z says:

    I meant “is NOT”

  49. KillerInstinct says:

    wow…really??!!! Just dont get why people are enamored with Torres, he is NOT A NUMBER 10!!!!..he doesn’t even play that role in his respective league and to state that he controls the midfield better than Bradley, is just a ridiculous statement. He is a turnover machine and doesn’t track back to recover or defend. He is there because Klinsi feels that he has to fullfill his Mexican-American quota. It’s like trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. In fact Colombians, Hondurans, Costaricans, Brazilians and Argentinians are recruited in the MLS over Mexican-American players, which come from the largests hispanic demographic in this country (30 million plus). There are plenty of creative midfielders…Benny feilheber (World Cup experience), Farfan (Mexican-American not capped yet), Freddy Adu(as super sub…just saying.

  50. left back 16 says:

    I agree. how many times can you loose the ball in a game?

  51. GW says:

    JK got a good look at Benny in the January camp.

    It seems he did not like what he saw.

  52. GW says:

    National teams, by their very nature, often have a hard time getting their best players all together in one spot at one time.

    And the US has it harder than many given how far and wide our best players are spread.

    Brazil and Argentina would have the same problem but they have so many good to great players it is less of an issue with them.

    JK understands this which is one reason why he seems to be working hard on developing a team philosphy akin “to the next man up ” ethos.

    JK seems to reminding his players that it is an 11-14 man game and it doesn’t matter who is missing, they will find a way to make up for it.

    Which is what the Mexico victory was all about.

    A lot of SBI posters are all about their fave individuals, almost as if the USMNT were a fantasy league. So when a Bradley or a Dempsey is missing they go batshit crazytown. The reality is the USMNT depth has gotten better and better,very quickly. About a year and a half ago, Juan Agudelo and Teal Bunbury were the designated next big thing, the US’ striking pair for the 2014 World Cup. Where are they now?

    Over a longer span may be another story but if you are only talking about one or two games everyone in the player pool can be adequately replaced.

  53. GW says:

    First of all, as far as I know, a source at Bolton said Ream was coming, not JK so maybe we all ought to wait.

    And if it’s true we don’t know what JK has in mind for Ream. There may be no need to panic and declare a national emergency.

    JK has called Ream in a number of times without giving him any playing time.

  54. GW says:

    “Klinsmann has been head coach now a year and has earned the right to name his own captain.”

    JK is the manager.

    The minute he got the job he had the right to name anyone he wanted captain.

    He wanted Boca. If he wanted Howard, or Beckerman or Brek Shea as captain he can do that. JK will do what he feels is right. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks seeing as how he named JJ as captain for the January camp games.

  55. Kenny_B says:

    Sorry Sacha’s dad, but I stand by what I said.

    It’s absolutely factual that the announcer made the disparaging remark about Klejstan. He did play 90, but he had zero involvement on either goal and now you’re just making stuff up. Talk about a crock. He played back passes and square balls all game long, not a dangerous pass to even be sniffed anywhere near the man.