Jol: Dempsey transfer talks with ‘several’ clubs continue, Sunderland interested

Dempsey (Getty Images)

Time is running short on Clint Dempsey's hopes at moving clubs before Friday's summer transfer deadline, but Fulham manager Martin Jol revealed that potential for a move is there as the club has ongoing talks with others about a transfer for the U.S. national team star.

Jol used Sunderland by name in his latest comments, marking the second club he has specifically identified as a potential landing spot along with Liverpool. Jol did, however, offer the caveat that a move to the Black Cats would be "difficult" to pull off, and it is far from the Champions League-caliber club Dempsey has had in mind.

“There is still nothing on the table but discussions are ongoing with more than one club,” Jol said on Fulham's official website. “I expect a few things to happen soon. We are talking to several clubs, but it is up to him and his desire to go to a Champions League club.

“Maybe that won’t happen, but certainly I expect a few clubs to be in the mix for him. Sunderland is one of them, but I think that will be difficult. There are different clubs with different scenarios and different ideas, but we know exactly what we want, and if other clubs come up with the right deal then we’ll do it.”

What do you think of this development? Where do you see Dempsey winding up? Would you be satisfied with a move to Sunderland?

Share your thoughts below.

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92 Responses to Jol: Dempsey transfer talks with ‘several’ clubs continue, Sunderland interested

  1. gas huffer says:

    Go to Arsenal, Deuce!

  2. Gnarls says:

    Let’s all take the Sunderland suggestion with a grain of salt.

  3. Old School says:

    I swear, EVERY TIME I see this picture it makes my day. Most epic picture ever.

    ACBF = Any club but Fulham, at this point.

  4. Michael Bradley's Hair says:

    Jol is basically saying no to Sunderland without being rude

  5. WeatherManNX01 says:

    If he ends up getting transferred to Sunderland, I would think he’d play out the rest of the contract and go on the open market next season. Sunderland isn’t exactly a move closer to the Champions League, nor is it London (although with the Liverpool rumors floating around, perhaps he has lightened up on that requirement?).

  6. Old School says:

    I highly doubt Jol’s objective is to avoid being “rude”. Rude is outright lying/blatant defamation of character he’s committed against Dempsey’s professionalism. Maybe “rude” would be a nice term for that…perhaps classless is more applicable.

    I imagine Jol is not ruling them out simply because more clubs involved would be (potentially) a higher transfer fee by sheer competition to sign his services.

  7. Old School says:

    I have a hard time believing he’s transferred anywhere without signing a new contract (i.e. higher wages/security for the team that just paid for his services).

  8. Joe from El Paso says:

    He won’t go to Sunderland, becaue if they pay a transfer fee for him, they are gonna want to sign him to an extended contract. he won’t eb able to just leave after next year.

  9. Illmatic74 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if QPR make a bid. Since they are buying everyone.

  10. wides says:

    Jol isn’t going to be the one to say no to Sunderland. Dempsey will be the one to say no to them. If they’re a step down from Fulham, or get him absolutely no closer to European football, why would he want to go there ?

  11. The Imperative Voice says:

    The problem as I see it is that Fulham probably wants him out by now, but not at any price, and Dempsey wants out, but only “upward.” Considering the Reds and FFC were right next to each other last year, that was always mythic, and now unlikely because FFC reported Liverpool to the FA. Sunderland may or may not have the money FFC expects, and lacks the prestige Dempsey seeks. I’ll be interested if anyone meeting both criteria cares, and if not what happens. If Dempsey’s choice is teams like Sunderland, does he stay put? Would FFC even take him back, or would they push a “transfer anywhere” just to be done with it? Would Dempsey “transfer anywhere” just the same to escape?

  12. Old School says:

    Technically…they’re not buying a ton of players but getting a lot on the free.

    That said, Mark Hughes is quite the wheeler and dealer…so anything is possible.

  13. biff says:

    “There is still nothing on the table but discussions are ongoing with more than one club.” — Martin Jol

    Jol has certainly changed his tune, talking about “discussions,” instead of saying not one single club has made a firm offer, as he did in his untruthful attack on Clint two weeks ago. But the plot seems to be thickening, with Jol now admitting that Fulham are talking with “several clubs,” which I would interpret to mean at least three. Wonder who they are and whether we might be in for a big surprise.

    We cannot forget the Klinsmann factor, and the possibility of a German team swooping in. After Dortmund and Schalke, MB’s old team Gladbach would be my third choice. A young team that needs some experience and a great coach and in Europa League.

  14. biff says:

    that could be. they got Granero from Madrid today

  15. ld says:

    that picture is balls

  16. Reiter says:

    clint, just get back on the field! at this point, it doens’t matter where. the whole saga has been ugly. i want clint back in his boots and showing his crazy skill. he’s got to move though. i can’t see him returning to the field with fulham.

  17. That is my question: Is Arsenal one of them? I am not high on a Liverpool move. I would really rather see him at Arsenal.

  18. Eric K says:

    As a Sunderland fan, and a Revs fan, I would LOVE it if Clint went to the Mackems. MON has things pointing in a positive direction; they added two big pieces last week in Johnson and Fletcher. Frankly, if Clint wants to go to a Champions League-place contender in England that actually has room for him to play, that means Arsenal or Tottenham. Liverpool has a lot of work to do to get back into that top 4. Everton looks like a better bet to do that than the Reds at this point. I would say that Sunderland has almost the same chances of pushing for a Europa League place as Liverpool, but Clint could be a much bigger piece of the puzzle there.

    I used to follow how Fulham was doing but I couldn’t root for them. There was a significant anti-American feeling from their fanbase in their forums. Until last year, Clint wasn’t rated very highly by a lot of their fans.

  19. HansomeJake says:

    Jol! You just can’t let Clint leave with dignity can you? I remember the days of Fulhamerica, days when it was possible to see Americans like Kasey Keller, Brian McBride, Marcus Hanhemann, Carlos Bocanegra, Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey all play. Although only 4 I think ever made it to the 11 at the same time. Fulham used to be a haven for Americans. Those days have long gone and Clint has been the sole American for a while. It’s disgraceful to watch a team so many of us have given our hearts to publicly disgrace our and their best player. Now Jol is insisting on going with the highest bidder. Clint wants new challenges in his carrier, challenges Fulham aren’t in a position to offer him. They disgrace him publicly because he wants to test his skill at a higher level, that just seems ridiculous. He is the best player to have ever called Craven Cottage home, and they’d rather tarnish his legacy and the efforts of every American who thought themselves privileged to be granted opportunities with the club; because their star player has outgrown the team.

  20. buckyball says:

    With all respect to Sunderland, it’s not a step up, just someplace for Clint to not ride the bench for 2012-13.
    If LFC aren’t still interested, a German team could be a reasonable move with the possibility of some kind of eufa action.

  21. HansomeJake says:

    Of course Fulham would put him in the 11, he’s the best player to have ever played for their team.

  22. away goals says:

    Agreed. Also, do the same for every other suggestion.

  23. SNIFFLE says:

    Gotta wonder about Dempsey’s manager.

  24. Eric says:

    If if Fulham accepts a bid from Sunderland, Dempsey would have to agree to personal terms with them. If he makes it clear that he won’t do so, then Fulham can’t make the transfer. He still has leverage.

  25. happyjuggler0 says:

    “There is still nothing on the table but discussions are ongoing with more than one club,” Jol said on Fulham’s official website. “I expect a few things to happen soon.

    Translation: Okay, we lied earlier when we said we wouldn’t sell Dempsey. In fact, with the transfer window ending at the end of the day Friday, we are now desperate to do so because no one wanted to pay our ridiculously high asking price earlier, much to our incompetent surprise.

  26. happyjuggler0 says:


    Without Dempsey, and the absurdly classless way they treated him this offseason, I won’t be watching any Fulham games this year, unless of course they are playing an opponent I want to see.

  27. away goals says:

    Because professionals often make lateral moves within their careers.

    Maybe his relationship with Jol has become untenable and sunderland is the best/only alternative. MON is a well respected manager, there are worse destinations.

  28. Will says:

    This situation seems to have been incredibly botched by the Dempsey camp.

    A little disappointing but I guess we still have 24 hours to see what happens…

  29. MidWest Ref says:

    With Bolton down, Aston Villa doing who knows what with Guzan and Lichaj glued to the bench, and nwo Dempsey’s saga with Fulham, I feel that way for the entire EPL.

  30. MidWest Ref says:

    Here is what will happen;

    Murphy left on a free; Dembele leaves to Spurs with a sell on fee when they ship him to Real Madrid in 2 years;

    Clint does not leave. The shine on the new season wears off, and Clint gets blamed when Fulham are stuck in a relegation battle for the yeaar.

    He leaves on a free at the end of the season because Fulham can’t pay him the same wages in the Championship.

  31. Ben says:

    Oh the Mackems, everytime I hear that I can think only of the Honey Smacks and Dig ‘Em frog.

  32. Eugene says:

    A move to Sunderland would be a disaster. I thought Fulham would be better to Dempsey after all these years of service, but I strongly suspect that the club and Jol don’t care about anything he’s done in the past and are just playing hardball right now. It’s set up for a bitter ending after many good years.

    Liverpool would be ok, but I would really like to see Dempsey transferred to Arsenal or AC Milan, both of which are playing in the Champions League and could use a good striker of Dempsey’s caliber.

  33. CSD says:

    Odds are Dempsey will leave and the funds will be spent on others. So is how the biz works. Dempsey will get his last big contract at another club and the USMNT fans will keep thinking Dempsey was looking for something more than getting crazy money.

    link to

  34. Johnny Haynes says:

    I beg to differ.

  35. CSD says:

    Why would Fulham give a crap about what he did in the past. It’s business man. Don’t get your panties all in a wad about it, I am worried about you. It will be alright wherever he ends up. After his career is over maybe he will let you come visit him on his pimped out farm in Texas that he will be able to buy with the money from his soon to be signed mega-contract.

  36. Roy says:

    Fulham fans are Fulham fans first, not Dempsey fans first. It reminds me a bit of the Packers-Favre problems. Everyone found out who was a Packers fan, and who was a Favre fan.

    In the big picture Fulham has been better to Americans than other teams. Dempsey screwed up by telling everyone he was going to Liverpool. Maybe Jol didn’t handle it well as all the facts aren’t out, but Dempsey handled this poorly.

  37. Kenny_B says:

    It think it would be a drag if he ended up at Sunderland because IMO they lack the talent to push for anything more than Europa. O’Neil is a fantastic coach so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I just don’t see how Dempsey could mentally continue to push himself on a club that is satisfied with just staying in Premier league.

    I think Liverpool isn’t that far talent-wise from a CL spot, certainly closer than Fulham. I wish he would go to Everton or Tottenham but I don’t think it’s in the cards.

  38. biff says:

    That is a great post, as is Eric K’s up above. I have been baffled by the lack of overwhelming, strong and loud support from USMNT fans on this board for Clint Dempsey in this whole mess and its good to see other’s are as disgusted with Martin Jol and Fulham billionaire owner Mohamed Al-Fayedd and the Fulham fan’s now spewing their hate against Clint on their message boards. Clint has got to get out of that sorry situation at all costs and go to a team that wants him and will treat him better have him playing regularly. I think right now Champions League play is the least of his worries. Everton would be great, and like the guy above says, he could do worse than Sunderland. And maybe getting out of England and the whole controversy would be best. Some teams in Germany would be interesting–Hannover, Gladbach and even Hoffenheim–not to mention Dortmund or Schalke.

    And if Fulham does not let him go–I don’t even want to think about that.

  39. HansomeJake says:

    The EPL has never been great for an American, Clint’s the only field player to see this kind of success. Americans are definitely achieving more and more success every season though.

  40. biff says:

    ha-ha. very good–and so true.

  41. biff says:

    Highly possible, but also possible that Martin Jol and Fulham had the brass knuckles out from the very beginning and thought they if they kept beating on Clint he would break down and sign the contract extension. Shows how stupid Jol and Fulham are. Clint didn’t crack.

  42. The Imperative Voice says:

    Which is kind of where I’m headed. Fulham probably doesn’t want to let go of him cheap, and Dempsey has his own priorities. Factor into that that some teams may see his plight as their own bit of leverage, “FFC has to sell him somewhere,” which may be used to try to surpress the price. It feels like a situation where something may have to give. FFC may have to be content just getting him out of the team for a decent but not high fee, Dempsey may not get his CL, and the purchasing team may not get a total bargain. Or some mix of those.

  43. biff says:

    CSD, I now award you first place for the absolute stupidest comment up to this point on the Clint Dempsey transfer mess. If Clint still had two or three years to go on his contract and cried and wanted out, then you might have point. But it is common for players in the final year of a contract like Clint who don’t want to sign an extension to be transferred with the Club getting a nice transfer fee return. Most teams will do this, especially for a dedicated loyal player of 5+ years like Clint. But Jol and Fulham from the very beginning have put a massive fight and have treated Clint like sh!+.

    Your stupid comment probably is a pretty good reflection of how Martin Jol and Fulham management feels and shows that they have absolutely no respect for Clint as a human being or his young family.

  44. Dimidri says:

    You do understand it’s this notion that teams should just acquiesce to whatever players want because they’ll inevitably leave that helps make Europe the non-competitive, top-heavy, set of leagues it is? Smaller teams get blackmailed into this all the time, and Fulham is standing up and saying no. Dembele kind of proves my point, they held out, got way more money, and are better off for it. They are in no way obligated to sell Dempsey for less than they want, he signed a contract, he needs to play. HE can leave for free in a year, otherwise suck it up.

    Look, did Jol say some stupid stuff? Yes. Is it the most evil thing ever? No. Oh also Liverpool isn’t a bigger challenge.

    Not transferring him just because Clint wants out is not ‘classless’. Saying Clint won’t play was wrong, but it is more a function of an incredibly inequitable system than anything else. When you’re Fulham, sometimes you have to play hardball.

  45. Raymon says:

    Dempsey move now needed by FFC to pay for Berbie…Maybe Deuce still has the leverage after all. I cant bear this wait.

    The only red jersey I want him in is the one that has him slightly behind Podolksi and in front of Arteta and Cazorla.

    It’s prolly premature to say this but French strikers need to go home in favor of some Texas.

  46. Old School says:

    “clint, just get back on the field! at this point, it doens’t matter where.”

    Sure it does.

    That’s what this whole situation was about.

  47. Old School says:

    Clint IS NOT going to Sunderland unless he agrees to a new contract extension.

  48. FulhamDC says:

    Awww, did a couple of 14 year olds on a blog scare you off? There is no anti-american feeling among their fanbase, that’s just banter on a message board. I’m fortunate enough that my work takes me to London about 4 times a year. I’ve got dozens of friends among the Fulham fans, and they’ve been supporters for decades, like their fathers, and their fathers before them.

    Fulham’s been around for 130 years, and very few of them have been in the top flight. Their fans are just as devoted as any in England. Some American shows for the first time in a USMNT jersey or spouting “Dempsey is their best player ever” and of course they may get some grief, I’d give it to them myself. Clint has been rated highly by the supporters for most of his time there. He’s been player of the year twice and never finished lower than third during his tenure.

    If you can ever get to London, go to the Cottage, I promise you’ll have a great time.

  49. Old School says:

    My entire sporting hope this year, in any sport, is that Fulham get relegated.

    Not likely with some of the faces joining up (surprise, surprise…NOW they’re adding talent) but it’d make my year.

    Yes, I’m spiteful. Yes, I think Jol is absolute scum.

  50. biff says:

    I regret using the the word “stupid” (2x even) in my response. Silly thing to do. Sorry.

  51. HansomeJake says:

    Clint’s been on record for years, since he last signed a contract extension with Fulham in 09, saying he wants more challenges in his career and to play in the CL. I’ve never said Liverpool was a step up, we all know neither team is playing in the CL or UEFA. I don’t think Liverpool has anything to offer Clint besides a new manager. I’d much rather see him play for an established top tier team who is in the CL and is looking for a top rate finisher. Prior to this week Udinese looked like a great fit for him, as awesome a Di Natale is; he just can’t carry them in every competition as was proven with their departure from the CL.
    You do understand what Clint did in Fulham right? His first goal for the club, against Liverpool BTW, was the goal that kept them from relegation that year. Until last season Clint had to battle for his starting 11 spot because the manager turnaround at Fulham was ridiculous. Despite constantly finishing the season as their top scorer, he would continue to quietly battle for and win a spot in the 11 season after season. He led them to barely qualify for UEFA through the Fair Play rules and then led them to the final of the tournament v Athletico Madrid. Under Jol, Dempsey never had to battle for a starting role and he thanked his club by scoring 23 goals which included 2 hat tricks. Last season was his coming out season, a season worthy of top tier football.
    Listen, this can go on forever. I get your point about teams shouldn’t have to give into players demands, and it’s a valid point. For the record, the Dembele move was a fantastic move for Jol. Clint isn’t just a member of the Fulham squad, he’s a Fulham legend and to treat your legends with such disrespect is the disgraceful aspect of the situation that has so many US fans upset.

  52. Kevin_Amold says:


  53. Don Pelayo says:

    Sunderland = vomit on a soccer field.

  54. We shouldn’t be worried about Deuce going to somewhere like Sunderland or QPR because, while Fulham may agree to the fee, Clint won’t agree to the contract.

    You gotta figure he goes to Liverpool, Arsenal or a UCL team outside of England. If not, he’ll likely just stay at Fulham and dominate the next few months until the January transfer window opens and we start this whole process over again.

    That being said, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the sky falls and he ends up signing for Everton.

  55. dbearman says:

    Hopefully this whole transfer saga will end soon. He’s not getting any younger, if he plans to move to a big club now is his window of opportunity.

  56. beachbum says:

    it’s my desktop picture :)

  57. beachbum says:


  58. SteveE says:

    BBC is putting Andy Carroll in London to finalize a season loan to West Ham. One would think this could be to get Clint.

  59. MFP says:

    Probably not true, but does anyone think the Jol/Dempsey spat might be a gambit to gin up a bidding war, rather that the angry mess it’s made out to be?

    e.g., Fulham thought they’d get a couple of big-money offers by mid trade season, but overplayed their hand with the, “We don’t want bids and you’d better not give us one?” stuff. They received mild interest from a couple of clubs, but scared a bunch off.

    Then, transfer season is coming to a close and they realise they’ve made a mistake. So, they publicly state that the player and coach can’t work together and Dempsey needs out. The gambit is that Fulham loses their advantage of being able to say that they’d rather keep him than give him away cheap, but might also suddenly attract interest from a bunch of other clubs that never thought they could have been in the race in the first place (clubs like Sunderland for instance). Thus, fabricated bidding war.


  60. Gnarls says:

    Berbatov to Fulham! Think of what could have been between him and Deuce?
    link to

  61. bryan says:

    Carroll off to West Ham (loan w/ an option to buy if they stay up). this might be the final piece to get Dempsey to Liverpool.

  62. pgloerse says:

    Boyd and Mixx have both scored important goals today…we need a Europa running commentary post!

  63. Yoko Ono says:

    3 CL teams in France and Germany. Go to 1 of them

  64. Yoko Ono says:

    its so sad. Months ago we heard rumors of teams who were looking at Clint. Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Sunderland, Everton, several in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Biggest transfer ever for an American. Perfect world, Dempsey goes for 9milllion to a CL club

  65. RLW2020 says:

    the Berbatov transfer story is crazy. He was flying around Italy and Germany all in one day meeting with Juve, Florentina etc. only to skip his meeting with Florentina to and sign with Fulham out of nowhere.

  66. Alex says:

    If he doesn’t move, he’ll be lucky if he plays for Fulham. Definitely not saying it’s his fault, he’s dealing with notoriously hard headed management, and not saying it wouldn’t happen, just saying I could see Jol benching him.

  67. RLW2020 says:

    Schalke!!! they need more firepower to get past Arsenal, Olympicaos and Montpelier. Dempsey would be perfect there.

  68. Mobie says:

    Jol is a liar. Clint Dempsey would not be doing this unless Fulham had mislead the press. Smoke and mirrors here, the truth will come out soon enough. Sadly Fulham did a great deal from Clint but conversely he did more for Fulham. Arsenal it is Clint….take their offer and show them what you can do. With the Arsenal passing you will be scoring 20 this season.

  69. Bakeeeeeet says:

    Carroll gone, makes room for a bid for Dempsey I’d imagine. Maybe even Walcott now that LFC is trying to deal Adams. Who knows though….

  70. Bakeeeeeet says:

    But this is all from the guy who said that Sahin and M’Vila were going to be Arsenal players…

  71. Evan W says:

    Liverpool just got punched in the face by Hearts. Wow.

  72. Zak1FCK says:

    This story is two or three days old and Sunderland is already out.

  73. josh says:

    As I recall, Jol was the first Fulham manager in Dempsey’s time that came in and named Clint a starter from the beginning. I may be wrong, but weren’t we all singing his praises then?

  74. HoboMike says:

    And they punched back.

  75. Kevin_Amold says:

    I don’t remember. It’s possible. I’m not ripping on Jol, for what it’s worth. I think he has done pretty well last season, and in trying to overhaul the roster a bit.

    I haven’t been thrilled with how the Dempsey stuff has been handled, but no one’s perfect.

  76. wides says:

    Liverpool is a step up from Fulham, can you even argue differently with a straight face? And in case you hadn’t noticed, Liverpool ARE in Europe this year, even if it’s not CL.

    Last year was Liverpool’s worst in 20 years… and they finished 8th. I would bet good money that would be the lowest they land again this year.

    Champs league teams from England this year don’t seem to want him, so unless he’s going abroad, Liverpool seems to be his best option for moving closer to UCL.

    Arsenal it would seem would be a good fit, but they’ve already bought one player over 25 this window (Cazorla), can’t see them buying another.

  77. Old School says:

    Are we really supposed to praise Jol for having enough competence for starting his best player?

    Really? That’s the criteria now?

    While I don’t have a head count of how many people “praised him”, I do know if you use Google, you can find his first several interviews of Jol “praising” anyone was Dembele and Dembele alone.

    You know, the guy that wasn’t starting and was not their best player. No mention of Dempsey…but that’s just splitting hairs, which you were trying to do too.

    I guess that was a forecast of things to come, right?

  78. josh says:

    Yeah, I meant to reply to Old School…sorry.

  79. josh says:


  80. soccerhorn says:

    So you’re saying you like the MLS system?

  81. Gnarls says:

    That IS crazy! They don’t call it silly season for nothing.

  82. soccerhorn says:

    right? How fired should that guy be?

  83. soccerhorn says:

    Jol just looks like a man under a huge amount of stress, and is not happy that his star player won’t play Understandable. Dempsey on the other hand knows that he’s one month of poor form away from never seeing midweek play in Europe, or signing any sort of “never work again” contract that last season earned him. Both these guys are stuck, and I’m sure neither of them wishes they were in this current situation.

    Sad thing is, I get the distinct impression that if Dempsey held a Spanish passport he would have been snatched up by Milan or Chelsea months ago for a record-breaking amount of Euros. Eurosnobbery is at the heart of the Dempsey debacle.

  84. pancholama says:


  85. THomas says:

    So anti-American that the club decided to name the stadium’s pub, where the fan base can gather before a game, after an American? Or is it the statue that the beloved owner erected in honor of an American outside the ground? Maybe it’s the laundry list of Americans that have been fan favorites and voted by the fans as player of the year? Ya they’re totally anti-American.

  86. THomas says:


    I may have started supporting them because of their American contingent post world cup 2006, but after countless hours and dollars since then, fulham will alway have my support. Even if the starting 11 became half Mexican.

  87. hush says:

    You mean English passport!lol … Usually most who carry a Spanish passports live up to the hype. English players are the ones who are overrated and are made a big deal every year with high transfer fees.

    If Dempsey has an English passport he would have been snatched up a long time ago.

  88. CplDaniel says:

    Yea Arsenal was always the ONLY reasonable option. Liverpool is where good midfielders go to DIE! Just look at their track record for incoming players in the last two years. Arsenal is the ONLY choice.

  89. tony says:

    Apologize in advance for revealing a new source related to this.

    ESPN DEPORTES through the Show Jorge Ramos reported that Dempsey signed a deal worth 7 million dollars, its expected to be on the thetimes uk newspaper tomorrow. Hopefully its not true.

  90. tony says:

    the team dempsey signed reportedly is sunderland

  91. CplDaniel says:

    Mo’N did great at Villa, but Sunderland seems so bland still both offensively and defensively. He hasn’t built them up defensively or offensively. If Sunderland is a midetable team, it is luck. But Mo’N is respectable and I wish him the best of luck in proving me wrong. But I’d rather Demspey be great at Fulham and make himself a legend unless Arsenal come knocking with CL promise.

  92. Leonel Sanchez says:

    Your comments are worthy of reading, especially the last sentences. I feel sorry for Dempsey. His situation dosen’t look good at all. Old Father Time is the worse enemy…becasue at 30 years old every week and months that go bye in inactivity and surrounded by a cloud of rummors becomes more and more detrimental to Dempsey, especially if he is looking “upward” to a winning team.