Klinsmann names squad for Mexico friendly

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Jurgen Klinsmann named the 22-player roster for the U.S. Men's National Team for Wednesday's friendy against Mexico, and there are several new faces in the mix.

Newly-crowned U.S. Open Cup champions Graham Zusi and Matt Besler were among the players chosen to take on Mexico at Estadio Azteca on Wednesday in a rare friendly in Mexico between the two rivals. Besler is a newcomer to the national team set-up, as is fellow call-ups Steven Beitashour.

Here is the full roster:

GOALKEEPERS (3): Tim Howard (Everton), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)

DEFENDERS (6): Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City), Steven Beithasour (San Jose Earthquakes), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Edgar Castillo (Club Tijuana), Michael Orozco Fiscal (San Luis), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim)

MIDFIELDERS (9): DaMarcus Beasley (Puebla), Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Joe Corona (Club Tijuana), Maurice Edu (Rangers), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Jose Torres (Pachuca), Brek Shea (FC Dallas), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim), Graham Zusi (Sporting Kansas City)

FORWARDS (4): Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy), Herculez Gomez (Santos), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose Earthquakes), Alan Gordon (San Jose Earthquakes)


Here are some quick thoughts on the roster:

As you can see, Klinsmann has left several veterans out for this trip. Players like Clint Dempsey, Carlos Bocanegra, Michael Bradley and Steve Cherundolo have been left out. It is clear Klinsmann wants to give some young players some playing time, or at the very least the experience of being with the team in a hostlie environment like Azteca. It is still a bit surprising to see Klinsmann go with a younger squad than expected.

Tim Chandler is NOT on the squad. There were rumblings out of Germany in the summer that Chandler would be part of this group. Now it's safe to say that if he isn't called up by Klinsmann for September's qualifiers against Jamaica then it may be time to close the door on the German-born defender.

Brek Shea is back. Apparently his recent club team issues didn't dissuade Juergen Klinsmann from calling him back into the mix. Shea has looked good since returning from being benched by FC Dallas Schellas Hyndman.

DaMarcus Beasley is also back. He's earned a look after playing so well for Puebla in the Mexican League. He's someone who won't be fazed by the atmosphere at Azteca, which is why it wouldn't be a shock of he started on Wednesday night.

Besler and Beitashour are the new faces as Klinsmann looks for some new defensive blood. Both have had outstanding MLS seasons and could help in the long-term at centerback and right back. Besler is also a young left-footed centerback, something there aren't many of in the pool.

The two players who didn't get calls that are probably surprising to some are Chris Pontius and Eddie Johnson. Johnson shouldn't be a big surprise because right now there are several other forward options. Pontius seemed like a better bet because of his versatility and ability to fit in well into Klinsmann's 4-3-3 system.

Here's a quick look at what the USA starting lineup could be on Wednesday night:

Howard; Beitashour, Cameron, Orozco Fiscal, F. Johnson; Beasley, Jones, Torres; Gomez, Boyd, Donovan


The USA takes on Mexico in the first meeting between the teams since a 1-1 draw in a friendly in Philadelphia in Klinsmann's U.S. national team coaching debut in August of 2011.

What do you think of the squad? Who are you happy to see make the team? Who are you disappointed not to see on the roster?

Share your thoughts below.

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244 Responses to Klinsmann names squad for Mexico friendly

  1. Alex says:

    Okay where the F*** is Pontius?

  2. Mike says:

    He is an alternate.

  3. Mike says:

    And not as good as the forwards called in.

  4. UnionFan says:

    Brek Shea? BREAK SHEA

    What a joke.

  5. Aquaman says:

    This should be interesting

  6. Ryan Nanez says:


  7. Delarge says:

    Oooof, we’re lacking some depth at the back. Orozco fiscal and Cameron our starting cb’s? That could get iffy quick…

  8. that guy says:

    that defense is going to get destroyed.. :(

  9. Ryan Nanez says:

    i know this is only a friendly, but its against MEXICO at MEXICO. this looks like a january camp roster.

  10. Alex says:

    You can’t say that Pontius hasn’t been in better form than say Shea or Beasley.

  11. Jon says:

    I’m scared.

    The bar will be fully stocked before kickoff.

  12. Chuck Sheik says:

    This has to be one of the weakest rosters I’ve ever seen outside of camp cupcake. I’m really starting to sour on Klinsmann. After Mexico calls in all of their top players, he wants to go into Azteca with no Bocanegra, Cherundolo, Bradley, Dempsey and Altidore and build these guys confidence? I really don’t get it.

  13. kevin_amold says:

    Hmm, this roster isn’t a roster that can beat Mexico in Columbus. I was hoping to have a go, but it looks like we will not. But maybe these guys will surprise.

  14. Mike says:

    Everyone relax we can’t pull our best players away at the start of the season especially with all the moves.

  15. Dw says:

    Lot’s of new faces. Looks like we will see if some of these guys have what it takes against Mexico at Azteca ha

  16. Chuck Sheik says:

    This guy is smoking some serious strudel.

  17. Dave says:

    Where is Brad Davis? He has earned a call up.

  18. Djchubakka says:

    I think he should be looking at Lade and McCarthy.

  19. ManicMessiah says:

    Then why can Geoff Cameron come here when he just moved to Stoke and are a week away from the start of the season?

  20. hogatroge says:

    Than Shea, yes.

    Than Beasley… no you can’t say that.

    Beasley was THE bright spot on an underwhelming Puebla team during the last Apertura and Clausura seasons. Plus, he’s been in offseason the entire time Pontius has been in season.

    Yes Pontius has been having a great season, and since he’s been called to camp before, it’s strange that he’s been left out.

    But no, you can’t really say Pontius has been playing better than DMB.

  21. Mig22 says:

    tweener lineup. Not experimental, not an ‘A’ side. No reasonable expectation of a result but a few names. Generally, just a good marketing lineup for a game at Azteca.

  22. Ed says:

    Actually it’s the two teams’ first meeting since the Philly friendly last August…

  23. Ryan Nanez says:

    i just crapped my pants when i saw this roster. we’re gonna get destroyed. if you were gonna call mediocre mls players in you shoulda called pontius. atleast he’s actually good. brek shea…god i feel sick to my stomach now..

  24. dcm says:

    Small chance of beating Mexico at Azteca with our best squad, absolutely no chance of even competing with this squad. I don’t get it.

  25. evan says:

    wtf is Klinsmann doing? who is gonna play centerback? Cameron and Orozco? does he want us to get blown out by Mexico AGAIN? is he tryin’ to make them overconfident after they kick our @sses AGAIN? i don’t get it. i’m almost afraid to even watch this game :(

  26. hogatroge says:

    I’m sure there are reasons that better CBs weren’t called up (beginning of Euro seasons, new club situations, etc.), and it could get ugly.

    That said, Jones or Edu could play CB if needed.

    Also, at least we brought some decent attacking pieces (Donovan, Boyd, Gomez).

  27. JD in FL says:

    My initial reaction was shock, but I’ve gotten over it. I think it’s a good attempt to “blood” some guys in what could be a rough friendly. All of the forwards are threats and we have some steel in the midfield, if needed. The D choices are interesting. Sorry not to see Dempsey and MB, but I presume that they were probably left off to settle into their respective situations.

    Buckle up…

  28. bottlcaps says:

    This was pretty much as I expected. A heavy MLS/Mex Lg roster with some Euro’s thrown in at some key spots. Yes, I think the back line may look suspect but it fits in with the goal of Klinsmann’s rational for this team: to give some real seasoning to players who may have to step up big in WC qualifying by exposing them to some real adverse conditions. In short, he’s thrown them in the water and it’s sink or swim BUT, he’s going to be grading them should they, make it or not, to shore.

  29. Rlw2020 says:

    Good group here; a lot of new faces Good time to gain some depth

  30. RNG says:

    No Dempsey. No Chandler. No Cherundolo.No Altidore. No Bocanegra!
    Not sure exactly what they’re marketing except Donovan.

  31. Henry says:

    Because he needs to justify playing for the nats to keep his work visa. It would look very fishy if they he didn’t come to play in Mexico.

  32. Galaxy G says:

    All my Mexican friends (they are knowledgable soccer fans at all…) will think this is our A squad and will make fun of me relentlessly when Mexico will kick our asses.

  33. Rabid RBNY says:

    If this is supposed to get players who have never played in Azteca the chance than it makes sense. If you are trying win in Azteca for the first time than not so much.

  34. hogatroge says:

    It’s a friendly at a very inconvenient time for almost every notable club in the world.

    Be glad that at least Howard, Johnson, Jones and Boyd were released.

  35. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It’s as meaningless as a game with Mexico can be. This is the sort of line up you should have – some vets, some guys you need to get bloodied.

    As for guys I’d like to see, Tim Ream deserves another chance and this would have been a great opportunity. And of course, Ossie Alanso…but that’s another story

  36. ManicMessiah says:

    I’m just very confused about this roster, and outside of them might be getting squeezed by their clubs/don’t want to come, not having Altidore, Chandler, Dempsey on the roster is odd.

    I thought JK had more clout than this. And if he didn’t feel confident about getting all his players, I don’t know why you’d schedule a US/Mexico game, especially in the middle of summer.

    Would they willingly schedule a friendly with the US in Columbus in the middle of winter (I probably should’ve googled this instead of asking a rhetorical question which might blow up in my face?

  37. hogatroge says:

    And before you try to point out that Mexico has their top flight players…

    1. Gio never plays for his club anyway
    2. Chicharito lost his starting spot last year
    3. Many of Mexico’s best play in Mexico, and a Mexican club would be loco to not release a player.

  38. Amru says:

    Holy crap we are going to get torn a new one. Brek Shea and no Pontius? Fiscal our starting CB? JK what are you thinking.

  39. Spank says:

    Everyone needs to take it easy. Klinsmann is just trying out some new faces and going to experiment. Yes i know Brek Shea was a crappy call up but we can’t say that the Edu, Bradley , Jones pairing was all that great. They are good players but way too defensive minded with exception to Bradley. I’m glad to see something different, We’ve seen dolo, boca and the rest of the gang enough. I don’t mind seeing some mixing up of the roster even if it is against our rival.

  40. hogatroge says:

    The window to call up Davis has passed, no matter how much we all love Brad.

  41. Vic El Paso texas says:

    Really castillo, corona, Beasley, orozco, torres, it looks like he loves the Mexican division.
    Rimando is over rated bring in new blood.
    Shea ,zusi, cameron are not ready for Azteca atmosphere,smog,heat,altitude.
    Beckerman kills the speed in the center.
    Poor Donovan, captain America is going to be embarrassed of the 7 to 0 loss.
    Mexico has not started the Olympic party until they harass Usa in Azteca.

  42. WFRW says:

    This is how I feel about it. There are some different names I’d like to see in there, but we are going to see a couple new guys in a tough spot. Good learning experience.

  43. ManicMessiah says:

    I get what you’re saying, but any game with Mexico in Azteca is a chance to break this hoodoo they have over us there.

  44. Ryan Nanez says:

    this is true

  45. SD says:

    my guess is he will have a good excuse if we get crushed. Lets see what happens when he puts in Castillo and Orozco. Make a lineup out of quality players, not players that will be comfortable in the enviorment. PATHETIC…

  46. hogatroge says:

    When this friendly was scheduled, nobody expected:

    1. Rangers to get demoted and 2 starters to be in club limbo
    2. Dempsey to not have landed at a CL team by now
    3. Timmy Chandler to turn down a WCQ call up

    As a national team coach of a non-top-20 team, you have to sometimes make concessions so that your players aren’t punished by their clubs (by losing PT) when they play for their country.

    Be glad that Rapid released Boyd, that Donovan cares enough to skip a mid-week LA game, and that we have 3 of our Germericans.

  47. SD says:

    Overall, this roster could have done much better. ALtidore season just starte though, and Dempsey has club issues. I think we should keep Traitor TImmy out becuase he will not help contribute in qualifying. But Orozco, Catillo, and Beckerman are just pathetic choices. I think he is trying to have an excuse IF we lose.

  48. Eric says:

    This will be the time that these guys prove if they are worthy of being on the team come next month. Talk about trial by fire.

  49. WFRW says:

    Not having Chandler, who may play no further part for our national team is odd?

    Dempsey has an up in the air club situation, and Jozy’s club season has already started (and we already know how AZ feels about releasing Jozy at times). It’d be nice to have them, but I wouldn’t say they are necessarily odd.

  50. SuperChivo says:

    I though JK’s first match was a one one tie vs Rusia? This isn’t an ideal lineup but it is difficult time to schedule a big match like this. We rely on Europe for our plaers and it is a long trip for our voys; many of whom are settling into new clubs.

  51. TerkyJerky says:

    Going to be hard calling Altidore, last time Klinsy called him in for a friendly Verbeek almost lost his head. After just putting in 2 against Ajax today if he got called in I’m afraid Klinsman might have to watch his back.

  52. Ryan Nanez says:


  53. SD says:

    Are Orozco, Castillo, and Beckerman really new faces? if he wanted ne faces, he should have gone with guys like Lichaj, Demerit… instead of these pathetic goons.

  54. biff says:

    No doubt about it, this a shocker of a roster. Big questions are why did Cherundolo, Bradley,Altidore, and Bocanegra wimp out and decline invitations. Dempsey is understandable as he sweats out a transfer. No way would Michael Bradley have turned down an invitation from a coach named Bob.

    I tell you, the guys who had the ba!!s to accept this call up for what might be the toughest match of their lives are heroes to me, especially the guys flying in from Europe and I hope Klinsmann takes that into consideration in future call-ups.

    As for Timothy “Benedict Arnold” Chandler, a story in the German press claims that he turned down an invitation from Klinsmann and if this is true, I am pi$$ed that Klinsmann would offer him a chance to play in a friendly before he is cap-tied. Here is a link the story (in the second to the last paragraph).

    link to nordbayern.de

    And for all you Chandler apologists, here is another story with the headline “Chandler hoping for a call from Jogi Low”

    link to nordbayern.de

  55. Anti- RAfa says:

    The Klinsmann Era has to be the least exciting era i can remember, my interest in my own national team has never been lower and for the first time in 10 years I am actually afraid we may not qualify for the WC in 2014.

  56. kevin_amold says:

    Do you mean dax? He was part of the legendary 09 gold cup team….that ship is long gone.

  57. Krdowney says:

    Cameron played in Houston for five years, all he knows is heat and smog.

    Really, we need to figure out who can potentially play on the back line if need be, and against Mexico is as good a trial by fire as you can come up with. I have no issue with what is happening

    Also, I am sure JK had his full roster, and then let players or their teams opt out if desired, and that is what happened. It is a friendly, lets just see what happens.

  58. Spank says:

    I get your point but in no way are Lichaj and Demerit new faces either! Demerit is a 2010 World Cup veteran and Lichaj a 2011 Gold Cup veteran. I would love to see Lichaj back but just be happy he didn’t bring in Bornstein!

  59. hogatroge says:

    People are making some pretty stupid and uninformed comments on here.

    The roster is heavily MLS and Mexico based because those are the players that can make it here without adversely impacting their club situations.

    Let’s remember that the 5-0 loss to Mexico in the GC was to a true B team. Yes, our defensive roster is very thin here, but not Bornstein thin.

    Lineup (even though Edu at CB is highly unlikely):

    ——- Beasley – Boyd – Gomez

    —————- Donovan

    ———— Torres – Jones

    -Johnson – Cameron – Edu – Beitashour

    —————– Howard

  60. Illmatic74 says:

    Look at the squad we named, the squad England named and the the squad Spain named I wonder why is there even a Fifa date this week?

  61. pancholama says:

    shredded, sliced and diced
    it’s going to awful
    Mexico will score at least 5 goals

  62. WFRW says:

    I think just about everyone agrees this one should be gotten rid of. No one likes it.

  63. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I agree…but think of the impact if this team breaks it. On the other hand, if we lose, it’s not the “A Team” (Which was never going to happen anyway for this match)

  64. Mig22 says:

    Six players that play in Mexico make this a ‘fun’ game. Scheduling this one served nothing other than making a paycheck for the USSF so why not maximize and call in all the Mexican league players and a few MLS’ers to take a look at/reward/encourage.

    Strangely, the lineup makes good sense.

  65. Dimidri says:

    Congrats to Sean Johnson-well deserved. He’s been beyond amazing the last month or two. Sure he’s had one or two not great goals (thinking Robbie Keane) but he has had at least 3 games where he saved 7-9 points collectively by himself. Seems like he’s rebounding well from the qualifying failure for the Olympics, hope Hamid can too.

  66. JD in FL says:

    How could you possibly come to the conclusion that Cherundolo, Bradley, Altidore, and Bocanegra “wimped out”? We don’t know what kind of conversations occurred. All of these guys have played under adverse conditions for the US in the past so I find it hard to believe that they each would have declined an invite because of the opponent, or the venue.

  67. pancholama says:

    If they are truly knowledgeable soccer fans they will know that this is NOT our A-squad.
    It will still be ugly.
    1.5 miles above sea level, + smog, plus 100,000 screaming Mexicans.
    Feet like lead, legs turning into wet noodles and lungs burning like scorched tortillas in the second half –

  68. fortunate only says:


    Luis Garcia was the “lone bright spot” at Puebla last season.

    So much so that it was Garcia, not Beasley, who earned a transfer to a bigger club.

    Don’t get me wrong, Beasley has been great for Puebla but certainly not their best player nor their “lone bright spot.”

  69. SuperChivo says:

    Rusia means Mexico

  70. pancholama says:

    True: having Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson, along with Landon’s experience means we are not totally dead in the water.

    Still, the back line looks shaky.
    Porous, even.

  71. Aero says:

    It’s a friendly, that’s when you try out new players… the whining here is ridiculous…

  72. Tom says:

    F*ck Chandler if this is true! If he doesn’t come in and play against Jamaica next month, I say f*ck him and we need to move on!

  73. Ryan Nanez says:

    there is no such thing as a friendly against mexico.

  74. rivaldo says:

    yes and while we are on the topic how about
    Klinsman what a joke

  75. bradsdsu13 says:

    Orozco fiscal is not a national team defender!
    Beckerman, Edu, Jones, Williams. We only need TWO, maybe three defensive mids MAX!!
    Boyd and Gomez already tallied in their respective leagues.
    Torres is overrated. Although skilled, he’s small, weak on the ball, and is never put at his natural attacking mid position. Put him there or don’t select him.
    Does anyone think attacking mids like Benny Feilhaber or Freddy Adu deserve a shot?

  76. Seriously says:

    I agree Mig. Its a win-win. We get to see some guys looking to break through in the toughest environment possible and if they manage to be competitive against the top mexicans then it only bodes well for the guys.

  77. Bob says:

    Who will be the Captain? Howard? Donovan?

  78. Seriously says:

    Hey look there are some rational people on this site. WFRW you seem to speak sense more often than not.

  79. GW says:

    DId you forget to take your meds or soemthing?

    I think it was Mark Twain who said believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, or something like that.

    What makes you think you or the German press have any idea what the phone call between JK and the vets went like? Your Bradley hatred is boiling to the surface again. For all you know JK told him to stay and win a starting spot with Roma, his NEW club where he still has to prove himself.

    This match comes at an awful time for almost all those guys.If it were a qualifier it would be one thing but this is a friendly.

  80. GW says:

    Benny and Adudinho? NO.

  81. biff says:

    Sorry, I forgot Clarence Goodson. I would like to add him to that list…

    True, we don’t know the conversations between Klinsmann and the players. But we do know that Klinsmann is competitive and wants to win friendlies and that he expects his players to accept invitations. He has said that several times quite clearly. So there are basically only two possibilities: 1) Some of the no-show A-Team players declined invitations or 2) some were not invited.

    Of course it is possible that Klinsmann did not invite some of the no-show players, but unlikely. I think it is more likely that they declined.

    As I said before, I see all the guys on this list as heroes, but some are super-heroes, Tim Howard, Geoff Cameron, Fabian Johnson, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, and Terrence Boyd.

    I would love to see us pull out a win without the A-team players who declined invitations.

  82. Seriously says:

    Then you are an idiot.

  83. 2tone says:

    Pontius is an attacker not a straight up FWD. Pontius should have been on this roster.

  84. Mike r says:

    This roster is crap. Mex 3 us 0

  85. Call Up Lichaj says:

    GUARANTEE Chandler will get a call for the WCQ matches against Jamaica. Whether he accepts is a different story.

  86. bryan says:

    wow some of you are ridiculous with your complaining. Yes, it would have been nice to see the A team, but we all knew there was a chance the roster would like this. I would have liked to see Pontius in this lineup though.certainly going to be an interesting game!

  87. juan says:

    how do you say beat down? This team cant win and Im starting to lose faith in Klinsmann’s ability to produce a winner

  88. evan says:

    i’m just sick and tired of being embarrassed by Mexico. it all started with Bradley playing a weakened lineup at the ’09 Gold Cup and we lost 5-0. people said it wasn’t a meaningful game but every game against Mexico is important. USA was dominating Mexico up until that game, but ever since then they have figured out how to beat us. i thought Bradley should have lost his job after that ’09 game. and then in ’11 they beat our full-strength team and Bradley lost his job. and then we failed to qualify for the Olympics and Mexico won gold. and now Klinsmann is bringing a weakened lineup to Azteca. he doesn’t seem to have learned from Bradley’s mistakes…

  89. Goalscorer24 says:

    Why does everyone want to see the same old faces go against Mexico? It is a friendly. The only way to find new players that are capable is to try them out.

  90. Todd Marsch says:

    Like most others, I was initially disappointed by the roster, but after some reflection, nearly every pick/exclusion makes some sort of sense.

    Dempsey needs to sort out his club situation. Bradley needs to settle in fight for a spot at a new club. Altidore’s manager is a pain and you have to pick your battles. Other veteran Euro guys like Bocanegra, Cherundolo, and Goodson might not have warranted to extra travel/fatigue for a friendly when qualifiers are coming up just a couple weeks later.

    Besler and Beitashour are young MLS all-stars at positions of need. All of the Mexican league guys are at least getting consistent starts, which presumably implies they’re playing well (I don’t watch FML), and obviously, they’re close. Cameron probably needs caps to make the work permit look legit.

    I’m in the “Shea is overrated camp” (he seems like a bigger, slightly better version of Robbie Rogers to me), so that one is still a bit of a head-scratcher (especially given his lack of form in MLS).

  91. Siberian says:

    +1. A lot of hysterical comments on this roster. The sky is not falling.

  92. 2tone says:

    I bet Donovan gets the Captains armband

  93. NF says:

    OMG, the sky is falling!

  94. Mike r says:

    We are putting what would be mexicos C team players out their had try picked Mex over the US vs Mex a team

  95. Alex says:

    What are you talking about? How is it “more likely that they declined”? It’s a friendly at the beginning of a European season. All the big guns are starting their seasons…no need to fly out halfway across the world for a friendly in Mexico.

    With that being said, whatever backline we use on Wednesday has the potential to be mighty shaky…

  96. Sense and Sensibility says:


    People’s angry reactions here are ridiculous. It’s a friendly! It may be against Mexico, but Klinsmann is rightly using this tough test to try out up-and-comers and MLS-ers.
    Look, we know Bradley, Cherundolo, Dempsey, and the rest who were “snubbed” are good players and almost certain to start in a competitive game. But this is a friendly, it would be a waste to use the same starting 11 over and over again in friendlies. Klinsmann knows this, and knows what an opportunity this match is to test some untested players against top competition and a hostile atmosphere.
    We don’t need to see those proven players again (as much as we’d like to), we need to test unproven ones.

  97. TheJester525 says:

    ha, “loco,” that’s spanish for crazy.

  98. Mike in Missouri says:

    It’s a roster for a horribly timed midweek friendly on the wrong side of Europe. Anyone reading anything into what was always going to be a makeshift side needs to take a chill pill or 5.

    That being said, hope Zeus and Besler do well.

  99. LoS... says:

    Not hating or anything but most Mexico fans don’t keep tabs on who is USMNT starters. Safe to say Donovan is well known (right), then maybe Dempsey, Howard and Adu (I know). People will assume this is the starting line-up since this is a rivalry game.

  100. GW says:

    Then it is a good thing we aren’t playing them in Columbus isn’t it?

    I wonder if Vegas has a line on this game?

  101. Jon says:

    I second.

  102. Vic El Paso texas says:

    For all the real soccer fans out there, usa vs mexico is not a friendly. Its played with a high intensity and will never be a friendly. Is brazil vs uruguay a friendly, never. Klinsman does not get this rivalry, Mexico will never do this and guess what Usa will not grow as a soccer nation because new soccer fans want usa to beat Mexic and the old fans love usa beating mecico. Espn, wants usa to beat Mexico, garber needs usa to beat Mexico. get it right usa fans!!!!!

  103. GW says:

    Faster, more mobile center backs

  104. Primoone says:

    How dare you,sir….there is no room for perspective in this forum!

  105. T says:

    I’m sure we will get our a** kicked really hard, but at least we get to see a few new faces.

  106. Jon says:

    Boyd, Corona, Cameron, and Shea… the future, folks.

    Stop bitchin’.

  107. oscar says:

    And Fabian Johnson too!

  108. hogatroge says:


    Last senior result against Mexico: T, 1-1, 8-10-2011

    Last U23 result against Mexico: W, 2-0, 2-29-2012 (against the team that just won Olympic gold*)

    *minus overage players, but had the US qualified for the Olympics, they would have had overage players too

  109. hogatroge says:

    Totally forgot Danny Williams.

    Put him in at CB instead of Edu and debate whether Torres or Edu will have a better game.

    I’d personally go with Edu. Results with Torres in the lineup don’t usually turn out that well.

  110. w says:

    Matt Besler is a very good CB, please learn about the players.

  111. M says:

    Germany or Lowe have expressed zero interest in Chandler. There is no doubt that he will be capped this year.

    I’m glad Bradley and Altidore and Chandler are not being called in..they need to continue with their clubs.

  112. hogatroge says:

    Who’s “us”?… your rec team?

    Mexico 2 – 1 USA

  113. MFP says:

    Well said! 😉

  114. dcm says:

    Playing mexico in azteca is just not a good time to “experiment.” this game means a lot to players and fans, so that is why people are reacting strongly. If this was any other concacaf team, there would be a totally different reaction.

  115. ET says:

    Boca plays in Scotland, in the 3rd div. This is a strong roster, you just don’t know the players.

  116. hogatroge says:

    Good point.

    Also, the US has nothing to win by fielding their true starting XI in this game.

    Any sort of loss could be demoralizing heading into September WCQ.

  117. Old School says:


  118. Old School says:

    guarantee it? i wouldn’t hold you breath.

    fyi, Lichaj (should) will be available and I’d much rather have him than Chandler, for the simple fact that Eric plays hard and wants to be there.

  119. Old School says:

    and if they don’t score 5 goals, they are not a golden generation anymore.


  120. ET says:

    Your saying Steven Beithasour, Graham Zusi and Matt Bealer are mediocre mls players, shows you have no clue at what you are taking about.

  121. dcm says:

    All of you who are telling people to stop reacting so strongly, let’s see how you feel after we get stomped. A Friendly? Yes. No one cares. If JK actually won at Azteca he would be a legend. Why not try?

  122. Old School says:

    Country before club.

    Geoff is still trying to earn a spot on this national team. The others are locked in, basically (again, with the Nats).

  123. Ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    I wish Freddy Adu got the call. His club play hasn’t been up to par but neither has Shea’s. I would like to see his creativity and national team determination out there against mexico. Disappointed that MB and Deuce are missing but not unexpected. Tim Ream and Lichaj should’ve been called in while we’re on the tsubject of getting experience in mexico.

  124. Dan in New York says:

    Dax will be back.

  125. Lil' Zeke says:

    Good that the tree of your ignorance falls deep in the woods where few can hear it…

    Going back to his days in charge of the German national team, Klinsman is ultimately competitive only about games that count for something. Wednesday isn’t one of those.

  126. Louis Z says:

    I think there was an implied agreement that Cameron would be available for the Mexico game.

  127. bryan says:

    it’s been discussed. it’s a terribly timed friendly requiring a LONG flight from Europe. given the situation multiple “A teamers” have at their clubs, it makes sense they would not be included. if this was better timed, we would have seen a full lineup.

  128. Scott says:

    Whatever you do, don’t wait for any facts to come out. They might just get in the way about your opinion. With many players at new teams, in limbo, or just starting the new season, it is highly like likely that many A-team players just were not invited. JK’s history shows that he does not call up players that are sorting out their club team situations. The Mexican and MLS players have a shorter travel time and are later in the season. The exceptions appear to be young players that need the 1st team minutes due to the teams need to rely on them going forward. Boyd and Cameron. Or, a guy like Williams that needs 1st team minutes after being out for the previous 5 game period. Looking at the roster, and understanding the individual player situations, this roster makes sense. Try out a few MLS players, give some new/recent starters minutes, rest some aged veterans, take another look at few and let other veterans sort out their club situation. After all, this game is probably just a money game for both parties involved. Add to that…What club team wants their starter playing Mexico, in Mexico, a week before the season starts. You are asking for injuries, or at least a lot of wear and tear leading into the season opener.

  129. Call Up Lichaj says:


    Wouldn’t Germany call him for this meaningless friendly, not a critical WC qualifier? I think we can safely say he isn’t on Germany’s radar right now. I think I even read somewhere that the German federation has a policy of not competing over dual-nationality players. If they choose Germany, then great.

  130. beachbum says:

    you’re making good calls up and down this thread man, thanks

  131. Javier says:

    I was also surprised to not see certain names on this list, but is this an international FIFA date where teams have to release players? It is possible that Klinnsman wanted to go with a younger roster, it is also possible he didn’t call in other European based players because their clubs were under no obligation to release them. At this point it’s all speculation.

    Calling these guys cowards for not going to Azteca is so wrong. Especially the quality of some these players and the big games they’ve played. How about we show these players respect for the games they have played and the contributions they’ve made to the U.S. team.

    I will agree that Pontius is probably a better option that Brek Shea, but Klinnsman has always favored Shea. Maybe he just wants to give him another look. I would hope Pontius gets a call in September. It might happen if Shea doesn’t play well against Mexico.

  132. Scott says:

    Correct. I saw this very same comment a few days ago. Some article stated that he would probably be called up due the argument that Stoke used to secure his work visa. A Stoke official said as much. He didn’t want to release him, but had to do it.

  133. beachbum says:


    any other angle on any game with them saddens me as a USA soccer fan back to the days before Caligiuri’s shot

  134. beachbum says:

    the 5-0 loss in 2009 involved the Confederations Cup roster not being included remember? the team that beat Spain in an international tournament to earn the right to play in an international final for the first time in US men’s soccer history, remember? all accomplished under Bradley

    Gulati should never had brought him back for a second cycle, but that has more to do with Sunil and Klinsmann’s inability to reach a deal to end Bradley’s tenure

  135. beachbum says:

    on Benny, yes

  136. Mwing09 says:

    So because his team went bankrupt he is now a poor CB? Smart guy we got here. If you think. Besler is better than boca or goodson you need a check-up.

  137. beachbum says:

    a friendly against Mexico??? get real

  138. Stephen says:

    Well Orozco plays in Mexico so he’ll be familiar with some of the players. Also, most of Mexico’s attacking presence is on the wings, with Gio playing on the left (typically) and Johnson can lock down Gio. Jones and Torres will provide veteran presence in the midfield and can cover lots of ground. Donovan and Beasley will provide cover on the right side. Overall not ideal but wil have some solid players in the squad.

  139. Tim m says:

    I third that

  140. beachbum says:

    “Also the US has nothing to win by fielding their true starting XI in this game”

    except to finally win a game at Azteca!!!

    maybe they will win with this squad, I don’t know, we’ll see. But this statement is wrong…they have everything to win any time they step into a game vs. Mexico, especially in Azteca…like making history by actually winning there!

    hope they do it

  141. Stephen says:

    I mean Gio plays on the right with Johnson on the left.

  142. Jake says:

    I’m not sure it works that way. I don’t think they rescind work visas. It wouldn’t look fishy at all.

  143. Jake says:

    They ARE mediocre players (on a international scale) and they play in MLS.

  144. Jake says:

    I assume there are 6 subs in this friendly. That could help the burning lungs situation quite a bit if I’m right. Also, will this really be a sellout? I heard they were around 25k a few days ago.

  145. Tom says:

    No I didn’t forget to take any meds. Did you forget how to read? Notice I said if it is true. I am a straight shooter and don’t play games or put up with that kind of bullsh*t!

  146. MMark says:

    All said and done, what score do any of you predict? This may turn into a big laugher for Mexico. 3-0 at least.

  147. beachbum says:

    Hey Tom, not that it’s my business, but in the spirit of straight shooters (and out of respect for them, like you) it looks like GW was replying to biff on the medication thing, not to you


  148. marden08 says:

    I think that if Klinsman is ever looking for new assistants he would first look to posters on this site. What better expereince for international coaching that posting on Soccer by Ives.

  149. Robert Daniels says:

    I don’t speakaze deutch.

  150. simon says:

    Its called building a depth pool.. I for one am glad to see new faces and not the same old roster every game we play (friendly or not) like all the other US coaches have done. We have a WC qualifier in 2 weeks, thats is when you will see your safe and comfy roster, why fly the same guys back and forth? Games like this are meant to see what kind of depth we got, so many of you are scared too take a chance. Plus all you that beat the MLS is a good league drum should be happy guys are getting a look and playing tougher competition

  151. evan says:

    yeah i know all that. but USA wasn’t much better than Mexico during the Arena years and yet we dominated them because we had the psychological advantage. we had their number. then Bradley squandered that advantage when he played a lineup that no prayer of winning in ’09. and by ’11 Mexico had the advantage and made our A-team look terrible. they made Tim Howard cry. and if Klinsmann plays this lineup in Azteca and we lose 5-0 again USA will fall farther behind in the psychological battle. unless he wants Mexico to become overconfident? idk…

  152. Good Jeremy says:

    In English!

  153. ET says:

    They are not mediocre players. How did Honduras do in the Olympics? Their key players are MLS players. Learn something, stop being stupid.

  154. Ryan Nanez says:

    yes. this^

  155. Good Look says:

    Did we not see what our A-team can do against Mexico in the Gold Cup final last year? Why bother bringing that group back in? I’m excited to see some new faces, even if that means our defense is inexperienced. I also agree with the comment on Shea, yes he hasn’t played great, but he is an attacking option in the midfield. That seems worth a shot after we’ve deployed 2 sometimes 3 DM’s in other matches.

  156. Ryan Nanez says:

    it was the olympics. and thats honduras. they are mediocre players. good in the mls. mediocre on an international scale. do i hope they prove me wrong? of course i do. but whether you like to admit it or not they’re mediocre. and theyre only place fillers for better players that werent able to make it

  157. I have Mexico winning 4-1. The defense is just not strong, and even if Mexico do not field their best XI, they’ll still be a forced to reckon with.

    Below is an article I wrote today about why Mexico will destroy the US, and also win the World Cup.

    link to thetightangle.blogspot.com

  158. YO says:

    Sean Johnson?

  159. Chuck Sheik says:

    I know the players plenty, and I know that this roster, with unproven MLS’ers is not a team to bring into Azteca and give the U.S. ANY chance of coming away with a victory. And regarding Boca – he has an excellent chance of making the World Cup roster, if not starting, and his time on 3rd division team is most likely temporary.

  160. really? says:

    ahh is this friendly being playd again? Craptacular timing.

  161. Dave says:

    It’s true. At SKC, Besler is perhaps the best finesse CB in MLS.

  162. ET says:

    No because he can’t handle speed anymore, and he NOW PLAYS 3rd tier soccer. Matt Besler, has speed to keep up with players, plus younger. Right know, he is better, Boca has gotten old and slow, father time is catching up.

  163. Dave says:

    Sorry buddy/friend/guy, Beithasour, Zusi, and Besler aren’t mediocre–they are MLS stars, and easily in the conversation for USMNT.

    Someone is good at internets comments but bad at watching actual games.

  164. SD says:

    do we even know if gio will play? he got hurt with the olympic team didn’t he?

  165. Colin says:

    Bob Bradley never brings in any new guys… Fire Bradley

    Who are these new guys klinsmann brought in… Fire klinsmann

    Remember those few times mix, Freddy and Benny played some pretty balls? Why aren’t those guys here?

  166. ET says:

    Honduras beat Spain and almost beat BraZil, if not for the ref. The main players, play in MLS, got better in MLS. So if they are not mediocre, why would these MLS players be mediocre? Steven Beithasour is a very good RB and we should be lucky he is american. Matt Bealer is a up and coming CB, with speed and can play the ball out the back, something Boca and Gooch lack.

  167. Scott says:

    So who are the starting CB’s? Based on history, I say Cameron & Fiscal. Would like to see Cameron & Besler. Left and right footed, ball control CB’s. Either way, the midfield needs to supply pressure. Letting the Mexican team run at the D is never a recipe for success.

  168. ET says:

    Boca is 33 years old, he would be 35 years old by the time of the world cup. Mexico have guys with speed, and speed is not Boca’s strength. Matt Besler has speed and plays the way Jurgen wan’ts his CB’s to play, good CB passers. Also since you know the players you should also know the qualities of Steven Beithasour, right? If you do, you would know about his crosses and speed.

  169. beachbum says:

    you know all of that already…are you sure?

    Bradley did not squander anything…are you saying he should have brought the Confed Cup team to the Gold Cup??? Actually I was mildly surprised that Gold Cup team made it to the final considering ALL of the top tier guys were used elsewhere and not there. That Gold Cup didn’t even mean qualifying for the next Confed Cup

    I get what you’re saying about the psycho battle and what may lie ahead regarding this game Wednesday, but disagree with blaming Bradley how you do and that game. I blame Bradley being hired for a second cycle because Gulati and Klinnsman played chicken with the National Team; he should never have been rehired, many said it at the time, and those who did were proven correct

  170. beachbum says:

    we saw them play with Bornstein as the left back once Dolo went down, and he was attacked by player after player and shredded, picked on like a bully picks on a victim. That same team with Fabian Johnson at left back instead sounds pretty good to me. Not saying that should be the team today, but responding to your remark “Did we not see what our A-Team can do….”

  171. seattlesoccer says:

    Another USA roster, another WEAK central defense.
    George John please

  172. Benny says:

    BS… BS!!!!!!!!!! The U.S., will have a great chance if they are healthy come qualifying.

  173. boosted335 says:

    They took the wrong “hoop”

    This is game grades from last night courtesy of 3rddegree.net

    Shea: 6/10 – Another small step to getting back into form. Still a ways away from being that game changing player everyone claims him to be

    John: 9/10 – What a night. It would be a massive haul if Dallas could re-sign him. I know, dreaming. John’s passing, specifically those longer attacking passes into the middle third, are the stuff Dallas really needs.

  174. Benny says:


  175. jlm says:

    don’t like that boyd is there.

    Gomez Wondo

    Torres Williams

    Johnson Cameron Fiscal Beithasour

  176. Alec says:

    They are mids. He is a forward. And Beasley has been in great form in a better league than the MLS

  177. jlm says:

    pontius and zusi might be redundant

  178. jlm says:

    whatever. klinsmann is right to show confidence in shea at this moment

  179. Alec says:

    Who said he would play? He likely won’t start. Geez people, worry about the starters not the reserves. Shea is not starting so he is irrelevant

  180. Alec says:

    He will play Cameron and Besler. Both are VERY GOOD centerbacks. Castillo? Orozco? No wonder you don’t coach the USMNT… Don’t worry about Mexico scoring once or twice, our midfield and attackers will score. Kilnsmann has a lot of attacking talent in the camp.

  181. Alec says:

    NOBODY SAID THOSE 3 WOULD PLAY! But Beckerman is a really good holding midfielder

  182. Alec says:

    I fourth. They will be mi=uch better than Bradley’s team was.

  183. Alec says:

    The U-23’s beat Mexico 2-0 IN MEXICO we are not unable to beat them. We also tied them last year with a B/C squad.

  184. Alec says:

    Mike! hogatroe! Have you seen the attacking talent USA has in camp? VERY good,some of our best are there. 2-2 tie.

  185. The Dude says:

    I still trust Klinsman. I admit I do not know the MLS players. But what I do know is the U.S. team lacks three things: 1) speed and youth in the central defense; (2) a solid offensive center-mid who can distribute; and 3) better forwards. Hopefully Stu Holden is on the mend [which goes to number 2]. Dempsey, Altidore, Boyd and Gomez are showing some promise [which goes to number 3]. It seems like Klinsman is making moves at address issue No. 1. Seems logical to me, but Mexico in Mexico is tough . . .

  186. Ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Holden, Davies, and Gooch. 3 nats haunted by tragic injuries.

  187. JoeW says:

    First, Pontius is in excellent form. That by itself shouldn’t be cause for a call up.

    Second, Pontius has shown well at forward AND outside midfield. In fact, he’s a very good fit in a 4-3-3 role (either as an outside forward who drifts back or an outside mid who runs hard in both directions).

    Quite simply, you have to figure that he took Shea over Pontius. And given the season (on and off the field that Shea has had) that’s hard to figure.

  188. Eric120 says:

    Gio isn’t playing. He was injured in the Olympics, and in any case wasn’t in the list:

    1. Alfredo Talavera. Toluca
    2. Guillermo Ochoa. Ajaccio
    3. Francisco Javier Rodríguez. Stuttgart
    4. Héctor Moreno. RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
    5. Severo Meza. Monterrey
    6. Hugo Ayala. Tigres
    7. Jorge Torres Nilo.Tigres
    8. Enrique Pérez. Morelia
    9. Jesús Zavala. Monterrey
    10. Manuel Viniegra. Tigres
    11. Edgar Gerardo Lugo. Santos
    12. Adrián Aldrete. América
    13. Pablo Barrera. Cruz Azul
    14. Elías Hernández. Tigres
    15. Andrés Guardado. Valencia C.F.
    16. Ángel Reyna. Monterrey
    17. Aldo de Nigris. Monterrey
    18. Javier Hernández. Manchester United

    From link to centraldeportiva.com

  189. boosted335 says:

    Matt is good…id say better than Cameron if we judge him on PERFORMANCE. Unfortunately we dont do that in America otherwise George John would have been selected today (as well as frequently over the last two years) but anyway Besler is most certainly the strongest CB selected for THIS game by coach…I hope he does well with this opportunity.

  190. GW says:


    If you could read you would have read that my comments were directed towards biff.

  191. Club before country is how it goes. Because it is the club that pays your bills, puts food on your table and clothes your children.

  192. GW says:

    Do you know who Usain Bolt is? It turns out he is trying to get a tryout with Man U. Do you suppose they will sign him? Because he certainly has more speed than anyone.

    Bornstein is probably as fast if not faster than anyone in the USMNT pool; same with Findley and EJ. But if JK called up any of those three SBI would explode with pain and grief and anguish such as you have never seen.

    There is lot more to playing this game than speed.

  193. boosted335 says:

    Yes Cameron showed us how VERY GOOD he was at centerback all this season (barf) OH and don’t forget about the outstanding (read: MEH to UGH) performances he put in during his last call ups. Stop lying

    Besler has been playing well however but I doubt any of his teammates are gonna help him look good next week.


  194. boosted335 says:

    But wait.. Stoke bought him so he must be godly. I should ignore what he actually DOES on the field and accept his greatness a la Ream last year.

    No thanks

    Ill believe Cameron and Ream are VERY GOOD CB’s
    when I SEE it

  195. Rlw2020 says:


    Not betting on a win, but it should be interesting to see how it works.

  196. ET says:

    However speed is a must, for CB, yes positioning is also very important, however so is speed. Certain great CB can get away with not having it, that is why they are the greats. They understand positioning better at the CB spot.

  197. ET says:

    I heard Alan Gordon is joining as well.

  198. Dude says:

    Wtf are you talking about? that friendly in Feb.? it was in Dallas.

  199. Dude says:

    “Last U23 result against Mexico: W, 2-0, 2-29-2012 (against the team that just won Olympic gold*)”

    That game is irrelvant, the USA choked in qualifying when it mattered.

  200. Dude says:

    Nope it’d be the same thing if cherunoodle never left. It was only a matter of time, Mexico was having so many chances early in the game. Could’ve been 2-0 before the USA scored.

  201. Dude says:

    Mexico should win by at least 2 or 3 to nil.

  202. Dude says:

    Let me see your war face beachbum!

  203. Dude says:

    Smartest comment I’ve seen so far from Mike r.

  204. Dude says:

    That is more than likely.

  205. pd says:

    Well… I guess the one advantage here is that there are many unknowns. Mexico will have to learn quickly and the USA could capitalize on this with an early goal. Forcing Mexico to chase in their home court could force them to tighten up and give up a second on the counter. The ability of the back line to work as a unit will truly be the difference in this game and is really my biggest worry. If they can’t get it together this could be a bloodbath. That said, there is a lot of good talent on this roster a lot of people who will figure into the future of USMNT. It’s a risk to try a unit like this for the first time in such a brief window. It’s ballsy, but better to risk it now than in a qualifier.

  206. Rlw2020 says:

    Good points, but mexico beat brazil in tx 2-0, even more they are a force to reckon with these days

  207. Angel of LA says:

    link to nordbayern.de TRANSLATION

    Timothy Chandler no this autograph hunter who press himself on a picture with its hereos. It would have been able to become one if it the club had not discovered. Chandler kick until 2010 in the 2nd team of harmony Frankfurt. For the national league, one said it Chandler, would not pass it. Therefore Chandler left its home town, went to the 1.FCN. It played also there in the 2nd team. One was not able to promise whether it would become for the first rich, it also in the club. Now, two years later, is Chandler US national player. Whether it remains it, has to do also with Joachim Löw. Chandler had come as an offensive player at the Valznerweiher, but Rene Müller, the at that time trainer of the regional league team, made it to the right defender – and therewith too well for the regional league. Sometime Müller asked its superior Dieter Hecking to give this Chandler yet a chance. Hecking gave Chandler the chance – and Chandler used it. On the 22nd of January 2011, Chandler in Freiburg was exchanged for the first time, was later two months it national player. Chandler, son of a German and a US American, was invited of the USA. Two tests stood on the program: against Paraguay and Argentina. Against Argentina, Chandler was exchanged, that emerged is picture with Messi at this evening.

    Chandler at that time often said, occurs that he himself like in a dream. It, that was too bad for the harmony, led suddenly duels with Messi, the best. In the back round 10/11, it became the tribe player. In its second national league year, Chandler was not allowed to make 30 games, to be sure all on its haunt. In December against Hoffenheim, Chandler red saw was represented, in the next game it of Markus Feulner so well that that was allowed to continue as a right defender. Chandler should play henceforth on its old position: in the right midfield. Playfully yet more strongly

    Chandler did not disappoint also there, was however nevertheless happy when it was allowed to defend again. Now Chandler goes as a right defender number one into the new season. In the spring, it extended its contract in the club although it the VfB Stuttgart also with the prospect for Europacup games attracted. “a heart decision” names Chandler its confession to Nuremberg, “34 games” wants it make in a team, that it “playfully yet more strongly” estimates than the year 2011/12. For another team, that is to be estimated playfully something else more strongly, it could also assemblies: It was during the EM when one had to think in Germany suddenly about a small defense problem. With Philipp, one lamely had only a right defender of international format. On to the right, Jerome Boateng had to play, that sees itself as an interior defender. When Boateng was missing, must Lars Bender, a midfield player, assist. Chandler is now right defender and for Germany, he would be allowed to play also: It graduated yet no duty game for the USA.

    First in September it would have festival played itself, start the USA into the World Cup qualification. Does and if previously the DFB report itself with it? “me still has none called”, says Chandler, “and I wants me not impose”. A refusal sounds differently. Fit it would become yes: The next time plays Germany on the 15th of August – against Argentina with Lionel Messi.

  208. Dude says:

    Seriously man you are very misinformed.

    Mexico didn’t have its A squad either in that friendly.

  209. Dude says:

    The friendly you’re referring to last year it didn’t have its A squad. Hobbit Bermudez and Sinha were on the roster ffs.

  210. Angel of LA says:

    link to nordbayern.de

    THIS ARTICLE TALK ABOUT KLOSS, CHANDLERS KIYOTAKE and few more players from Nurmberg FC not taking part of any Internation Friendly so they can take care and prepare for the league.

    In London graduated the offensive midfield player altogether three groups and three K. -o.-Spielen and probably already was able to increase its market value with convincing achievements. To the joy of the trainer, he declined participate that in a friendship game to protect around itself – like also Timothy Chandler and Timm Klose.

    “Sometime the boundaries certainly are reached. But I know my body and hear fall well there, so that I not into a hole”. Kiyotake has stand will concentrate me motivation problems in any case no: “I now before a new experience, on that I now. For of me, achievement is expected also in Nuremberg”, said it and wrote further autograph.

  211. GW says:

    Do you know who Carles Puyol is? He never had any speed.

    Johann Cruyff once said, in all seriousness, the faster player is the one who starts running first.

    A guy like Cameron is very fast but there are a number of slower, older, more experienced strikers who would give him all kinds of problems because there are a number of different ways to score other than by beating a guy in a foot race. Boca played and started in France a Lige with an awful lot of speedy attacking types. And he did just fine and he never had any speed.

    You are a USMNT fan and like most of them your first thought is towards bigger, faster stronger players. Nothing worng with that but first of all, do they know how to play soccer? You never would have given small guys like Xavi, Iniesta or Leo Messi a chance.

    You want to pick the guy who can get to the ball first. My question is what is he going to do with the ball once he gets it?
    Most of the time Boca, for example,does something good with it, even in a place as hostile as Azteca.

    The Japanese women’s team are physically and athletically inferior in every way to the USWNT. But they are equal to our women because they are better, smarter soccer players.

  212. cairo says:

    Man, this is the lamest fan base ever. This is going to be fun. Instead of seeing the same guys manning the back line that we’ve seen a thousand times (Boca, Gooch, Goodson, Cherundolo), we might actually see something new and learn something. We’ll certainly find out who the tough guys are, who doesn’t back down against the hostile crowd. That alone makes this must see viewing. The lineup I’d like to see:


    I’d be most interested in seeing Williams at DMid and Beitashour, because Dolo is getting older and because he’s looked good for the Quakes.

  213. Grant says:

    Biff, I can’t agree with you in your speculations on why the veteran national team members weren’t called up but the link you posted on Chandler was very interesting. It kind of confirms the feeling I had about him all along. As a dual national I’m sure he’s had dreams of playing for Germany rather than the US. Growing up in German culture you’d have to expect it, the chance with the US was just convenient. He may be a US citizen with an American father, but he’s very much German in every other way.

  214. beachbum says:

    Maybe it would have but who knows, you don’t nor I…the point. We know Bornstein was not up for it tho.

    on could’ve been 2-0 Mexico, it wasn’t though, and Bornstein’s insertion gave that Mexican team confidence, happening basically right after MB had scored

    then they went after him, smart really, and it sucked being a USMNT supporter

    but it was 2-0 USA after 23′

  215. Dude says:

    Mexico still would’ve at least tied it before the 90′. They were attacking relentlessly.

  216. bradsdsu13 says:

    you would rather see torres in there? what has he done since he’s been on the team?

    Benny has proven that he can play well against top level teams, and there is a reason he was selected to the most important USMNT rosters (Confederations Cup 2009, World Cup 2010). While Torres was also selected to the 2010 WC, he has also been consistently selected to the latest rosters and he hasn’t given me anything to suggest he continually deserves a call up. Basically this specific squad is a young and experimental side, and I believe he needs to try NEW things.

    When it comes to ADU, He isnt ready to start for the US in the attacking mid, but I think he has shown in his brief appearances for the US that he can compete at the USMNT level and he has the skill and ability. He can take players 1 on 1, something 98% of the team can’t do, he is quick and he isn’t afraid to be make mistakes.

  217. beachbum says:

    the crystal ball sayer has arrived!

    anyway it is what it is by now

  218. hush says:

    What has Benny done better than Adu?? Adu is our Gio Santos… a type player that struggles with his club, but when he wears the national team jersey, these dudes are beasts!

    I take Adu any day!

  219. beachbum says:

    IF it’s the situation like Cameron’s case as stated, looking to break in for country!

    but NOT if the case for Boca and his situation with Club/$$$/etc. right now and others in a similar position who are already locked into the team

    get the point now?

  220. hush says:

    I would have rather have Adu on the roster than most who were picked. The Mexican national teams always struggle when Adu gets on the field. He attracts a lot of defenders, could have benefited us.

    Mex 3 U.S 1

  221. Dude says:

    USA’s defense was pretty bad, you think they would’ve held on for 70 more minutes….

  222. GW says:


    So you are big on on-field production?

    George John has produced nothing on the field for anyone other than FC Dallas.

    Owen Coyle, a man who correctly evaluated Holden, brought in Ream, made him a starter for Bolton in the EPL and by all accounts Ream produced for Bolton. Their relegation wasn’t his fault and in some sectors the thought is if he had come in sooner it might have made a difference.

    So Coyle thinks Ream is a good centerback, one who has produced in the EPL, and you disagree with him? Okay, the difference here is that Coyle has backed up his opinion with money and by entrusting Ream with the fate of Coyle’s job. If you are right about Ream and Coyle is wrong, then Coyle could easily lose his job.

    Just because things are not going as well for John as you would like, it does not mean every other US centerback should be run down by you.

  223. Dude says:

    Sounds about right.

  224. Dude says:

    Keep your expectations low or you will be very disappointed.

  225. beachbum says:

    hey calm down, I like Freddy and felt worst for him when the team failed to qualify for london…he played a great game to help bring the team back and in position to play for the Games…then what happened happened

  226. beachbum says:

    Benny’s typically performed well for the USMNT off the bench, lots of eveidence, he’s played well vs. Mexico before.I’m not complaining just discussing. When Benny can go for 30 minutes off the bench surrounded by talented players he has brought a change of pace the team has responded to

  227. boosted335 says:

    Lets see…someone who is good to very good yet inconsistent in MLS is better then someone who is CONSISTENTLY very good in the same league purely because he got an opportunity (and was again inconsistent) in a USA kit?

    Cool story bro…but its getting old. Our D needs consistent dominant defenders and ASAP. Enough with the promise lets see some ‘deliverance’ (no homo)

    We need George John and Omar Gonzalez integrated LAST YEAR

    Oh and btw please remind this blog of the article/interview/story/practice report which stated John’s play, and not any number of other reasons, was why terms weren’t agreed between him and Blackburn and/or West Ham

  228. GW says:

    I saw Benny’s first game for the USMNT and I thought he and MB90 would be our central pairing for the next however many years.

    It’s been downhill ever since. He had a fine World Cup but he proved that he was best suited to be a good 20-30 minute sub.

    I hear he has been better this season but I haven’t seen the Rev’s this year. In any event, it is irrelevant because we know Benny can handle Azteca and if we need veteran MF leadership we have DMB and Donovan. Right now JK needs to find out about some other guys. Let Benny really tear up MLS and if he does that then maybe he could get called in then.

    As for Freddydinho, I could take what you wrote about him and find the exact same quote on a post on SBI every year for the last four or five years. It’s always the same with him.

    He has to prove to JK this year that he has gotten better and for starters he could think about being consistently brilliant for the Union instead of fading in and out like he does. If he can’t produce more consistently in MLS then he will remain what he has always been for the US a wild card to be thrown in there when we are desperate to juice the offense.

  229. Kevin_amold says:

    What I was hinting at is this isn’t a team that could beat Mexico even if the game were in Columbus.

    Commenting during church doesn’t allow me to be as involved mentally as I should be.

  230. Kevin_amold says:

    Perhaps. At what position? Central mid? Behind Bradley, Jones, Edu, Beckerman, Williams, etc? He’s got a long way to climb.

  231. GW says:

    When was the last time Adu was on the field with a senior US team that beat Mexico?

    Adu is fun to watch but other than the Panama game in the Gold Cup, Adu does not seem to help us win.

  232. PabloP says:

    Posters need to calm down and put this match in perspective. Yes this is Mexico and yes this is at Azteca but it is only a friendly and a great opportunity to mix in some new blood and give guys a first chance to play in this kind of environment.

    Defensively 3/4 of the proposed backline(Beita,Fiscal,Cameron) are in season players who will not have the rust that say a Boca or Dolo might have from not playing for 2 months. Let’s not forget that Orozco-Fiscal started the Mexico game last year and did not embarrass himself. Cameron’s career is in ascendancy and Fabian Johnson has looked good at LB.

    Attack wise only disappointed with the Pontius omission and mildly surprised not to see Altidore. I can see us using Donovan and Beasley to play of Gomez with Wondo and Boyd coming off the bench.

    In midfield, Edu or Beckerman as the deep lying CDM, Torres as the facilitator and Jones in a two way mode, free to roam. Not ideal for me, but that’s how I see it playing out.

  233. smokeminside says:

    You can say that again.

  234. john says:

    What has Zusi done to be ahead of Pontius??
    Pontius has been great for two straight seasons, only marred by his (admittedly self-inflicted on a reckless tackle) injury late last year, and topped off by the goal against Chelsea at the All-Star game.
    Zusi was great last year but every time I have seen him THIS YEAR he has been somewhat average, and like he’s lacking his earlier confidence, topped off by the horrific PK miss in the US Open Cup final.

    I’d much rather look at Pontius (who we haven’t seen before with the USMNT) than Zusi, based on both current form and potential.

  235. Ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    +1 Adu raises his game when he wears the US shield. He reminds me of Jack Johnson of USA Hockey. Not the greatest regular season player. But when the chips are on the line for country he WANTS IT.

  236. john says:

    I’d start Besler over MOF. But isn’t the whole point of MOF that he plays in Mexico and will be familiar with the environment?? Yes, and that’s exactly why I wouldn’t play him, he is lousy, and the Mexican national teamers surely have all his weaknesses figured out by now.

  237. DC Josh says:

    This defense is going to get rocked.

  238. Vic says:

    Danny Williams needs to start somewhere in the defense. Either central or right back. He’s flexible and has played pretty well at a high level. Unlike some of the other players people are suggesting start.

  239. Joe Dirt says:

    Relax, this is friendly ya’ll.

    Not a bad lineup, here are my starters:

    Donovan — Boyd — Gomez

    Jones — Williams


    Johnson – Cameron – Besler/Fiscal – Beithasour


    Couple of points on the CBs:

    This is a great chance to let Cameron get a feel for the Azteca environment. He’s going to be one of our starting CBs for a while it seems, better to get him into the mix of what it feels like in a Concacaf qualifier now in a meaning less friendly that next August when we will be there for the qualifier.

    As for the other CB either Besler or Fiscal, both have some nice qualities. WOuld have like to have Goodsen here but he’s in season and its a friendly and we have REAL qualifiers in two weeks, it does not make sense to have him make two round trips across the Atlantic in the time or for any other European based CB, ie Ream, Boca or Gooch.

    As for Fiscal, he plays in Mexico and of all our CBs has probably had more games played in Azteca while playing for his club team than anyone else in teh pool. Belser has had a stellar season in MLS so far and I’m sure he’s getting looks for some European teams if he keeps it up.

    And Beithasour, what can I say, he’s definately got a lot of upside. He did really well in the MLS All Star match against Chelsea. Don’t care what you say about preseason, he was shutting down the likes of Eden Hazard and some world class talent. He has touch, speed, and is well positioned.

    This lineup is okay, by far not our best, but I will be watching the new guys to see if they can hold up in Azteca. Besler and Beithasour in particular. Remeber this time last cycle Stuart Holden was still with Dynamo.

  240. Joe Dirt says:

    One last point that is a good take away from this group. 4 or 8 years back we would not have had the depth to field a B side with this much talent. It seems the days when we have to start a Jonathon Bornstein or Robby Findly becasue of lack of depth are over. Our depth has taken leaps and bounds in the past several years and only seems to get better with some of the other youngsters like Gyau and Gatt comeing thru also. The 2014 WC squad selection will be the hardest US WC squad to make ever, and there will be some real professionals that won’t even make the squad come 2014. This has me really excited, especially that now I can finally say we will never see Jonothan Bornstein in US colors every again, maybe Hondorus will take him.

  241. Joe Dirt says:

    Adu played exceptionally well in the 2011 Gold CUp final. Yes, we lost that game but not due to Adu or any of our attacking players. Its not his fault Dolo gets hurt and Bob subs in his man crush Bornstein who got toasted the rest of the match. In fact if you go back and watch the match you’ll notice Mexico didn’t even attempt to attack the other side of the field the rest of the night, once they saw Bornstein all the attach came at him. Adu was playing on the right wing most of the game, the opposite side of the field. It still boggles my mind that one of our top talents for attacking and setting up goals scoring opps in the last third doens’t get more looks. For all his club issues when he puts on the shirt and plays for the USMNT he is great. Gio Dos Santos has had the same club issues over the years but you don’t see Mexico sitting and not even calling up their most dangerous attacking player. Just want the games before you comment please.

  242. bradsdsu13 says:

    I respect your position, but I ask who you would want to see against mexico as a trial, and who you think deserves to start in the next upcoming world cup? Also who you would LIKE to see start next world cup.