Liverpool 2, Manchester City 2: Match Highlights

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3 Responses to Liverpool 2, Manchester City 2: Match Highlights

  1. biff says:

    This was a great match, and is an indication that Liverpool has the potential to do big things under Brendan Rodgers. Liverpool outplayed Man City and had it not been for Skrtel’s terrific mistake, Liverpool would have won. Am really hoping really fricking bad that Clint Dempsey can follow his dream move to Liverpool. Would love to see him in that line-up playing with guys like Luis Suarez and Nuri Sahin and Steven Gerrard.

  2. Robert Daniels says:

    That free kick from Suarez was a thing of beauty.

  3. K Bone says:

    I’ve never seen a team get so many goals off of defensive errors like City. And it’s not like City is making them make these errors either. It’s like every team decides to gift them at least one goal a game (in this case two). Happened a lot last year too in games I’ve watched. It’s amazing…