Mexico beats Brazil for men’s Olympic gold

OribePeralta (Getty)

Brazil came into the 2012 Olympics as the favorite to win gold, and they were expected to overwhelm Mexico when the teams met on Saturday in the Olympic final.

Mexico had other plans, and needed less than a minute to show that they weren't going to be content with Olympic silver.

Santos Laguna striker Oribe Peralta scored a goal in the first minute before adding a second-half header goal to help Mexico jump out to a 2-0 lead. Brazil struggled to deal with Mexico's movement and energy, and could have been down even more of a pair of Marco Fabian chances didn't miss narrowly. A late Hulk goal spoiled he shutout, but it wasn't enough to keep Mexico from posting a 2-1 Olympic final victory at Wembley Stadium.

The victory gave Mexico their first Olympic soccer gold medal.

Brazil never was able to flash the attacking qualities expected of a squad stacked with top young talent. Chelsea signing Oscar struggled mightily while Neymar was unable to take over the game against a tough Mexican defense.

The loss kept Brazil from winning their first Olympic gold, and reports suggest the loss could cost Brazilian national team coach Mano Menezes his job.

The Olympic gold caps an impressive run for Mexican youth national teams. The Under-20 team finished third at the Under-20 World Cup while Mexico's Under-17 team won the most recent Under-17 World Cup.

What did you think of the match? Impressed with Mexico's performance? Disappointed by Brazil? Which players impressed you the most?

Share your thoughts below.

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84 Responses to Mexico beats Brazil for men’s Olympic gold

  1. alboy says:

    the giant of concacaf

  2. chivalife says:

    Lets catch up!!!!

  3. nick says:

    hate…HATE to see mexico win, but good for CONCACAF. other countries around the world forget about us, think its all uefa on conmebol.

    now its on the USA to catch up, and show something in ’14 qual games, and maybe something during this upcoming friendly

  4. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    “…. sigh.”
    -American Soccer Fans Everywhere

  5. Trueth says:

    I hope Sunil gulati rots in hell

    Literally has been managing over a period of US Soccer where the only strategy was keeping the status quo

    Hired coaches based on their ability to keep the status quo

    Molded MLS to keep the status quo

    In the meantime MExico wins gold and looks great for WC14

  6. JRP says:

    Rivalry aside, I love to see Mexico play well on the world stage. Of course I would love for the US to smash them in the friendly, but when we aren’t playing each other I cheer for Mexico.

  7. steveo says:

    “who cares that Mexico is winning or coming close to winning all these tournaments, while our youth teams fold like a lawn chair and fail to qualify for the U-20 and Olympics?”-delusional Americans fans everywhere…. “none of the soccer powers (of which we are nowhere close to being) care about these tournaments, therefore why should we?”

  8. Roger says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved! Time to recognize Mexico a top ten team in the world.

  9. blokhin says:

    hey, at least we’ve beaten Mexico for the last two Gold Cups, where results really count….no wait….its the other way

  10. JRP says:

    If only we could blame one person for all of our US soccer woes. For me it would be you. I blame you for not developing your own skills to enable you to carry the US on your back to a World Cup final. Seriously, if it only took one person, we would be there. It takes thousands.

  11. T says:

    I have to agree with you, Sunil Gulati is not a soccer guy, he’s a freakin Economics professor (no joke) and only works part time as President. We are on a downward spiral. Get ready to get that a** whooped south of the border on the 15th, it will still be entertaining to see all the goals scored on us, wish we would’ve played someone else so the Mexicans can’t celebrate after they run us out of the stadium.

  12. JRP says:

    Double true. It all matters. Every single game matters. From 5 year old kids playing on Saturday mornings, to teenagers playing into the night at the city park. Every game builds the game. Be patient. It will happen.

  13. bizzy says:

    +1 exactly

  14. T says:

    It really helps when your Soccer President shows determination and vigor to develop the program at all levels….. he only decided to do that with Jurgen only after we started to lose habitually.

  15. Eric says:

    I think they won because they went back to those sweet athletica kits! Full Aztec print :)

  16. bizzy says:

    The Gold medal is not as impressive as beating a star studded team like Brazil, that wanted to so badly to make history and win their first Gold medal at an Olympic game, with mostly home grown players. Wow….

  17. Je-me-souviens-votre-mere says:

    Considering the way Honduras reaped all sorts of hurt onto Brazil, whose eventual victory seemed more luck-driven than an overwhelming preponderance of skill, I’m not crazy surprised that Mexico was able to pull it off.

    That doesn’t mean that Mexico is about to start winning World Cups (doesn’t mean they won’t, either) or that Brazil isn’t still a major power, but stars certainly did align somewhat for Mexico’ gold.

  18. Good Look says:

    I feel like a lot of people are getting carried away with this. No disrespect to Mexico, but the Olympics are basically a glorified U-23 tournament. Beating Brazil is tough, no doubt, but let’s hold off on crowning Mexico WC 14 champs, or even semi-finalists. A lot can happen in two years, and, oh yeah, the rest of Europe will be there with senior teams! Spain, Germany, Italy, France, England, Croatia, Portugal…

  19. GW says:

    Good for Mexico. Their success only brings more prestige to CONCACAF and by extension the USMNT.

    I understand the competitive aspect behind all the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the US fans.

    However, the reality is while Mexico is a good benchmark to shoot for, their success only directly affects us when we have to beat them to qualify for the Confederations Cup or if we meet them in the World Cup. It seems to me we rarely have to beat them to qualify for the World Cup. Otherwise a strong Mexico is only a great thing for the US.

    And we all know that “inferior” teams beat “better” teams in tournaments all the time.

    Look at what a well organized Mexico just did to a Brazil with superior talent.

  20. joejoe says:

    Buy you watched and here you are making a comment. I’m sure if USMNT would won it you would not feeling the same way.

    Congratulations Mexico Olympics 2012 champions.

  21. Lieth says:

    Sunil may rot in hell. Let us know.

    He is a figurehead president. One vote out of 15 on the USSF board. There are 14 other people you need to talk to while you are with Sunil if you want to really nail down blame.

  22. Tyler says:

    That’s awful. Knocked out cold. Good thing the medical staff were so quick to react or he could have suffocated on his tongue.

    I’m no Doctor, but it looks like he may have seriously injured his neck. Hopefully it’s just a nasty stinger that paralyzed him for a short while.

  23. Todd Marsch says:

    It’s kind of like seeing one of your classmates whom you didn’t really like do very well for himself. On the one hand, you’re kind of bitter and jealous. On the other hand, he still went to your alma mater, and you can’t help but root for other people from your school a little bit (especially when your school has always been less known and less respected).

    I think the proper response is to be gracious and polite in public, but in private, use the bit of anger to work that much harder and make sure that you’re the one succeeding the next time around. I’m hoping our boys come out with a chip on their shoulder at the Azteca and come away with a result (a draw would be great).

  24. Mike r says:

    OMG. Keep it real it’s a glorified u-23 win which players who played in Euro were not avail for. They are a good youth team nothing more. How many World Cups have been won by previous golfs medalist Cameroon and Nigeria?

    Most of those players are benchwarmers for their club.

    And now we are going to play them in Aztecs where we couldn’t beat a highs school team because of the smog and altitude and then we really won’t hear the end of this talk abouth the great mex team that wins kiddy cups which dont translate to Sr World Cup wins

  25. Mike r says:

    It’s not Sunil fault. Blame 80% of club team coaches who play run and gun soccer so they can win meaningless regional championships win impress soccer moms who know nothing about soccer but like winning because they want the $$.

    They should be more focus on technical skill. Even thou the women won most teams have more ball skills ( like Japan). I can honestly say whet I live out of all the club teams only about 4 are dedicated to teaching technical ability.

  26. AJ says:

    Bitter? Just a bit? You should try and show that you’re bigger than that. Instead, you do what’s easiest: Hate. Even the greatest of enemies all throughout history have been able to show respect.

  27. Mike r says:

    Exactly wrong. Games for 5 yr old are meaningless. Practice of doing balls skills matter more. Learning step overs, the Crutyd,, Maradona, Beckenbaur moves to perfection. Games are to practice those skills against competition In youth games, not to win to impress soccer moms into spending more money.

  28. Nick F says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool to see Miguel Ponce waving both the American and Mexican flags on the podium?

  29. Mike r says:


    No just tire of everyone annointing Mex world cup champs based on meaningless tournaments.

    A perfect comparable of Mexico is Nigeria. Winner of of multiple kiddy cups including the Olympics and a pretty good senior team , but nothing close to a superpower team whose going to win the next 3 World Cups. They will struggle to get out of the round of 16 just like us.

  30. RJ says:

    technically the kits had Myan print not aztec.. But meh.. who care’s right?

  31. Mike r says:

    Mexico always plays Brazil tough and often beats them kudos to them for that cause our sr team can’t do that.

    Who they can’t beat Is Argentina who we happen to usually play tough.

  32. TerkyJerky says:

    Mexico is a good team, and they deserve whatever praise put on them today. They beat a pretty stacked Brazilian team and should become the measuring point for all team in Concacaf. We can spout nonsense about how there has been teams like Nigeria that has won multiple youth tourney over the year but never amounted to anything. You have to start winning somewhere and what better place then your youth national team. Eventually some of these kids who has been custom to success at the lower level will move up and work hard to gain the same success in the senior level. It’s just a matter of time, country like Brazil, Spain and Italy just didn’t come out of nowhere. All those country always had good young talent and Mexico has shown over the last few year they are beginning to have good young talent.

  33. TerkyJerky says:

    Brazil has something to take away from this tourney too. You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t work as a team you can lose to a less talented team.

  34. Brian says:

    GREAT BRIATAIN AND SPAIN WERE AT THE OLYMPICS? Why didnt they win?? oh yeah..they didnt take it seriously right (sarcasm)

  35. SuperChivo says:

    This doesn’t mean that Mexico is suddenly a world power and will be competing for the Jules Remet anytime soon but it is a great victory and additional affirmation (U17 and U20 success as well) that Mexico is on the right path. Congratulations Mexico and I hope that this motivates the USA to work even harder to catch up.

  36. peterjh says:

    Mexico seems to be winning a lot of these tournaments, lately.

    Do they have a golden generation emerging?

  37. Brian says:

    congrats to Mexico. last 2 years have been great for them. the future looks bright and it wouldent be surprised if 2014 they are a top 4 team. Times are changing. Honduras, a team that wasent expected of much knocked out spain and gave Brazil a fight. The asian teams have showed that they have grown by leaps and bounds. countrys in conmebol are leveling out the playing feild with Brazil and Argentina.(uruguay,peru,ecuador,colombia etc) USA is no exception..Bradley(roma) Dempsey(TBD) a crop of young guns on the way. ITS all Gravey in the AMERICAS!

  38. Brian says:


  39. Good Look says:

    Again, let’s remind everybody that the Olympics are U-23 except for the overage players. So yes, GB and Spain were there and they didn’t win. But those aren’t the teams you’ll see at the WC.

  40. Brett says:

    Mexico’s youth teams have long been impressive. World Cups and now Olympic gold. Their senior squad is still disappointing by comparison.

    Congratulations Mexico. CONCACAF now holds gold in men’s and women’s. Pretty cool.

  41. JRP says:

    First of all I saw no mention of them being crowned WC champs anywhere above. They are mentioned as likely to make a decent run at the WC. They are as likely to make a decent run as any American team, including Brazil. Hell, they have a better chance than Argentina which can’t put together a legit team at all. They are playing really well. Not just the under 24 team but the full national team as well. There is only one, maybe two, super power teams. Spain. And maybe Germany. The rest are all wild cards. Don’t be a hater.

  42. JRP says:

    Any team can beat Argentina. They are more poorly coached than the US. They have a lot more talent but will not likely win a WC in Messi’s career. Too bad.

  43. JRP says:

    See Argentina. +1

  44. Old School says:


    That said, this is certainly how you lay claim to having a golden generation.

    Well done Mexico. Literally the only time I ever want to say that.

  45. Old School says:


    As much as I hate Mexico, I was happy to see the Brazilians in full disappointment mode.

  46. Benny says:

    TOP TEN !!!!!!! Not even close…not even close. They’ll have to do better than beaten a struggle El Salvador team 2-1. In two years they’ll be second in the hex. You guys are brainwashed.

  47. silversurfer says:

    That attitude is what is wrong with this country. Yes be creative in games, do not restrict children to kick and run in games or play a kid who has more size than skill but every game counts. From the street to the playground, rec, club, development academy, college, pro. It all counts. Our kids don’t care, we lose, they play xbox, coach in flip flops with the funny accent, goes to the pub, grabs a pint with his chums, and laughs at all the soccer mums who don’t know a lick about soccer but continue to sign checks because the club coach allows Bobby to play and have a nice time. Time for MLS to pony up and develop players. If you can’t cut it, there’s always the local club. Oh yeah, ask the girls on the Olympic gymnastics team if the Karoly’s are really nice people.

  48. ThaDeuce says:


    un$&@ingbelievable. They are world beaters. We are on the couch.

  49. ThaDeuce says:

    Then again… CONCACAF wins!

    Why don’t I feel like celebrating?

  50. GW says:


    If GB and Spain had taken the tournament seriously, and they did not, they would have sent better players and spent more time getting organized.

  51. Primoone says:

    How dare you educate SBI readers….

  52. Primoone says:

    Ok now….tell us ow you really feel. And dont hold back!

  53. Primoone says:

    First american born olympic soccer gold medalist? Sweet…no hate here baby…

  54. WlLE COYOTE says:


    Mexico has always had a larger pool of talented players than the US going back at least 20 years so this is nothing new.

    We always used to beat them not because we had better players but more because we had some sort of confidence edge. Actually, we just used to run them over and beat them up and eventually they wilted. Their senior players are tougher and smarter now than they used to be.

    Mexico deserves all the credit in the world but Olympic Gold does not necessarily translate into senior side success. Mexico has always been a respectable World Cup team but they have just as good a record in the competition as we do.

    Past Olympic gold winners:

    2008 Argentina
    2004 Argentina
    2000 Cameroon
    1996 Nigeria
    1992 Spain
    1988 Soviet Union

    See any World Cup contenders there? Argentina loaded those squads up with the likes of Messi and Tevez because they hadn’t been winning anything since the 1993 Copa America. And that Spanish side had little to do with the present one. They were pretty crappy until the present team emerged.

    We should always hope for Mexican success against anyone else but us since, in the World Cup we are unlikely to be seeded with them in the same group.

    And if we meet in the knockout rounds, it is great for both teams.

    Besides as competition for places on Mexico’s senior team heats up, it means it will be more likely that there will be dual citizens who will think it easier to make the US team.

    It’s all good.

  55. PACO F. says:

    More smog now in LA or Houston, altitude is something else. Look ,Mexico won gold, it was awesome. If the US and it’s terribly under informed fans want to hate then go ahead. Meantime, ,Mexico will continue working on developing young players, while dentists all over the US continue to make a killing by fixing terribly gnashed teeth. Instead of complaining, use that anger/frustration/jealousy to make US soccer better, cause the region as a whole is coming up, and your team did not even qualify. Don’t let it get to the point that you don’t qualify for WC 14 before you see the light.

  56. PACO F. says:

    No one competes for the Jules Rimet anymore.

  57. marden08 says:

    Great job El Tri. The first time you have ever won any significant world cup. Still a great accomplishment and it could have very well been 3 to 1.

  58. Oscar & cookie monster says:

    It should have been 2-2.

  59. Dimidri says:

    Serious question-have you ever watched a youth soccer game at a relatively high level before? I know plenty of for-profit youth clubs that absolutely do make a windfall and try to win but not at the expense of development-this artificially forced dichotomy between development and winning just doesn’t exist beyond the lowest levels of youth development.

    For-profit clubs present an issue in that they restrict who can play, both by their limited geographic reach and in their prohibitive cost, but very few actually advocate ‘kick and run’ style of soccer.

  60. rivaldo says:

    Why hate Mexico for their excellence? They have a plan.
    We don’t

    They have a president with a vision
    We don’t

    They have a national staff that is clear in their plan for developing players…..
    and what we have is a joke

  61. Angel of LA says:

    We have a group of kids coming up but is hard for them to play in the A team when they are not given the chances. Congratulation to Mexico for keeping a crop of players and a process, finally something the United State were know about and were envy not Mexico come to something like USA keep a process of player but somewhere this process broke down and it is time to bring that back USA, Klismann should make the USA a new Youth player with a mix of Veteran but that are a least in a good age to give us a least one or two world cup process. SO ONCE AGAIN CONGRAT to MEXICO

  62. Angel of LA says:

    Opps What I meant to say is that United State were envy by the Mexican Federation about how USA keep the coaches for a long time process and how well USA work with the Youth System and they were envy. Now Mexico come to do something like what the USA used to do and that work with the Youth and keep a process going and look what they accomplish. That what I meant to say on my last post. But I still have hope on my USNMT.

  63. Scott e Dio93 says:

    It has to do with the history of racist & hateful remarks from mexican media, federation, & their national team, always insulting any team or country.

  64. Jeff says:

    What’s your argument for that? What have you seen in the performance of the US team in recent years to support what you’ve said?
    For example, in any other sport, how do you determine a favorite? Is it track record? Talented players? Isn’t it a plus to have the ability to “draft” top young players who are successful in competitions against teams of equal skill and talent, or even against teams that may be stronger on paper than they? Don’t you want to have players on your team who are accustomed to winning in their young careers? Would you prefer to draft a QB from an NCAA winning team, or a college in Puerto Rico? Wouldn’t you begin to look at university programs with a history of not just identifying top talent, but helping them to develop into elite athletes?
    Based on your comments, you’d prefer to disregard all of these things. Maybe that’s the rationale that led to the US tying with Guatemala.
    If Mexico does end up being second in the hex, it wouldn’t be behind the US. Maybe Honduras, but not the US.

  65. GW says:


    First of all the Mexican team we will face in the Hex will be different from this team.

    The Olympic success is a great boost to Mexico overall, but it has no direct bearing on what will happen when we face them in qualifying. There is no reason to assume the US cannot beat Mexico twice or vice versa.

    At this time the senior teams of Mexico and the US are basically even, though the best way to figure out the odds before hand would be to go to Vegas and check the line on that. Since large sums of money are involved they actually research these things and they generally know better than even the people on SBI.

  66. Jeff says:

    Basically even? Before I even begin to point out how misguided that statement is, I’d like to hear your own reasoning for that.

  67. SurfGuyI says:

    Very very sweet that both gold medals were won by CONCACAF Nations!

  68. EmorySoccer says:

    “Brazil struggled to deal with Mexico’s movement and energy”

    Did you watch the same game I did? Brazil clearly dominated possession, but simply couldn’t put it together in the final third. Official match statistics state that Brazil had 60% of the possession (Mexico 40%) and had 19 shots to Mexico’s 11.

    Mexico did not beat Brazil, Brazil beat Brazil. That, plus the incessant Mexican fouls that repeatedly stifled the Brazilian attack.

    Regardless, not looking forward to hearing about this from Mexican fans and writers for the next 10-15 years.

  69. fortunate only says:

    How exactly are the US and Mexico “even”?

    The US lost the GC final to Mexico because the opponents were better and scored four unanswered goals.

    There really is no rational argument in your favor here buddy.

  70. fortunate only says:

    Care to share some links?

  71. fortunate only says:

    Brazil averaged up to 3 goals per game right before the final.

    Brazil did not beat Brazil. Mexico’s defense held firm and their offense, lead by Peralta and Fabian, were clutch when they needed to be.

    Real life is nothing like FIFA12.

  72. Dude says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  73. Dude says:

    The USA can’t even win these “kiddy cups” that’s sad.

    Go screw yourself Mike.

  74. Dude says:

    And I would’ve loved to see Mikes response if the USA beat Brazil for the Gold, oh man he’d over the moon I bet. Btw don’t compare Mexico to Nigeria, they’re not the same. Definitely one of the biggest Mexico haters on this site.

  75. Dude says:


  76. Dude says:

    EmorySoccer and Mike r are the type of USA fans who would never give an ounce of credit to Mexico for anything.

  77. EmorySoccer says:

    +1 to “Dude” on both accounts. As an American soccer fan, however, you have to understand the deep seeded rivalry between the two nations (I highly doubt you would ever see any Mexican National Team player congratulating the U.S. on any similar win), as well as the impact of past conduct by Mexican National teams when playing against the U.S. (dirty play, diving, time wasting, flagrant fouls on U.S players, Mexican coaches getting into physical altercations w/ U.S. players, etc.) that serves as the motivation for U.S. fans & players alike not liking Mexico or presumably not wanting to ever give them “credit.”

    I would, however, give more than “an ounce of credit” to many Mexican players who have become great players over the years (Dos Santos, Marquez, Salcido, Carlos Vela, Hernandez, Guardado), just not when they’re playing the U.S. . . .

    Regardless, my initial post simply pointed out that the article’s original comment (“Brazil struggled to deal with Mexico’s movement and energy”) was simply not on point given the nature of the game, highlighted by both the possession and shots on goal statistics. Absent a quantifiable measure like those metrics, one is simply left to argue from their on point of view that the game went one way or the other. Statistics, like the ones that I mentioned, are the only means in which one can tell the true story of a game (outside of one’s personal opinion), evidenced by their widespread use in evaluating every sport in the world.

    And as “fortunate” so aptly put it, Mexico “were clutch when they needed to be.” They didn’t dominate possession, they didn’t dominate offensively, they didn’t really dominate at all (albeit their defense holding firm). They “were clutch when they needed to be.” It was one of those matches where one team (Brazil) clearly outplayed the other, failed to capitalize on their chances, failed to put together that final pass in the offensive third, was held at bay by the packed defense of their opponent (Mexico), and their opponent (Mexico) capitalized on the few chances they did have. Soccer is a game that is won and lost by the score, yes, but to say a blanketed statement that the game cannot be analyzed to point out that one team clearly dominated the other (but failed to capitalize, the other capitalizing on the few chances they did have) would be both inaccurate and unfair to the overall game itself.

    My initial comment will be rescinded and revised: Brazil failed to capitalize on their possession domination and greater number of chances that ultimately cost them the game, while Mexico packed their defense, held Brazil at bay, and capitalized on the few chances that they did have.

    That better, “dude”?

  78. EmorySoccer says:

    Also, I have no idea who this “Mike r” you mentioned is (and I haven’t read the 800+ comments before mine, my apologies), so it would also be an inaccurate statement to blindly group the two of us together as “the [same] type of USA fans who would never give an ounce of credit to Mexico for anything.”

    In fact, and I naturally can’t speak for “Mike r” here, but I would certainly give Mexico “credit” for the “ounce” of product that I recently received. They definitely have my +1 in that market.

  79. Jeff B says:

    We are hosting an exchange student from Brazil. He wants to play club soccer and I told him how much it would cost to play. He looked at me funny and said “you have to pay to play soccer”? In Brazil, if you’re good enough you play for free. If your not you just don’t play. There’s the problem.

  80. EmorySoccer says:

    Hey dude (no pun intended),

    Are you “the type of Mexican fan who would never give an ounce of credit to the U.S. for anything?”

    I’ve checked the website and I can’t seem to find any comments from you giving the U.S. credit for beating Mexico last night.

    What gives, dude??