Orozco Fiscal’s game-winner vs. Mexico

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51 Responses to Orozco Fiscal’s game-winner vs. Mexico

  1. The Dude says:


  2. Tyler says:

    That was exactly what Klinsmann has been asking for.

    A DM plays out wide to a winger who beats a few on the dribble and puts a ball into the forward who possesses the ball and exhibits world class skill to put the other forward in front of an open net.

    Skilled possession.

  3. Alex G says:

    Great pplay from Shea, absolutely amazing, now mexican run your mouths again, Puto!!, not in our watch

  4. Kevin_Amold says:

    Oh, you beauty….

  5. CplDaniel says:

    Hey, I saw that same goal in my pick-up game last night!

  6. Eddie Vedder says:

    I’ll be eating my shoes

  7. Spank says:

    WTF is Twellman talking about? Nice work by Boyd but if it wasn’t for Shea’s run and nutmeg, Boyd wouldn’t of had that opportunity. Kudos to Shea and Boyd… Give credit where it’s due!

  8. ViC El Paso Texas says:

    cant wait for the revenge of mexico, and that was USA’s B team. Imagine what could have been the Olympics………… It could have been a USA vs Mexico final. But what can we say, now we should look foward and understand USA is not behind, USA is toe to toe. I never lost faith in USA, only in their attitude after the star players gave us the wrong idea. i cant wait for the young players to develop and TIMMY CHANDLER to suck his thumb.

  9. JRP says:

    And to all the Beckerman haters….the play started with a pass from the RSL captain.

  10. ted says:

    Hopefully the US can build on this and doesn’t turn into Costa Rica after they beat Mexico at the Azteca and not beat Mexico for the next 10 years.

    I remember telling my buddy”watch we beat Mexico at the Azteca and we don’t qualify to the World Cup”

  11. A.S. says:

    Still don’t understand was the heck Orozco was doing all the way up there. I mean, sure, you want your backs to attack then I guess, but that’s a bit ridiculous. I’d be interested to know if that is Klinsmann’s plan or if Orozco was freelancing.

  12. Carlos says:

    I wouldnt say thats its toe to toe. Mexico has a leg up on us. You have to admit that we got lucky…we were not the dominant team and didn’t play well.

    I think Shea is a threat on the wings because of his confidence and willingless to run at defenders(real players make their own luck.) For me, Donovan is done and its time to look at an US future without him. He lacks the heart, desire, and dedication at this stage in his career. Barely in your 30’s and youre talking about retirement but you want to be the captain..give me a break.

  13. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Minority opinion here but…

    We played like crap. I don’t think there was anyone I’d rate above a 5. Take away the scrappy goal, which we have to admit had a little luck on it’s side, and put Bob Bradley on the side lines, and we’d be screaming for blood.

    Yes, it was nice to win. Yes, it was nice to stick doubt in Mexico’s mind. But this game doesn’t fill me with optimism that Klinsman has a plan or that it’s working.

  14. Seriously says:

    It was the only positive play he had all night…

  15. Al_OC says:

    I replied to you on your other post. Watch from the 78:48 mark if you have espn3. It started with a throw in at the Mexico’s half. Orozco took the throw, as a right back typically does.

    Beas then fed Orozco the ball which made him go to Mexico’s penalty area. He was about to go back to his spot when he saw Shea got the ball. Good instinct to stay around and not go back if you ask me.

  16. NF says:

    I had a strange feeling this might be the one. You had the post-Olympics hangover and no one expecting anything out of this US roster.

    That’s why the win is important. The pressure to get a result there is gone at least for a while.

    The best part is that three players of the future (Shea, Boyd and Orozco) created the goal, and a possible defensive pairing of the future (Cameron and Edu) kept the shutout. They all should have a huge amount of confidence going forward. Klinsmann also deserves a great deal of credit after being panned for this roster and the WCQ matches.

  17. TerkyJerky says:

    Really no one above a 5. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be the only person who watch this match that would believe no one on the US team play better then a 5. I don’t even have to think and I can already point out 1 person who play better then a 5 and he was probably everyone man of the match.

  18. NF says:

    I agree the midfield was terrible, but what more could you ask from the defense (except for the one free header at the end)? Cameron and Edu were great. Don’t forget Howard either.

    If you get Dempsey and Bradley back in the midfield, that would help with possession and composure going forward.

  19. Benny says:

    Carlos, this was our B team and our defense was outstanding. We were missing 6 starters and Donavan is far from over. He was playing injured.

  20. d says:

    We were not the dominant team because its azteca, plus it was not our A-team and we still won. So sorry if I won’t see this leg up. I see a team with big heads, I see a US B team beat a Mexican A-team.

  21. Al_OC says:

    A win against Italy and a win against Mexico in Azteca.

    One thing JK brought to the team that’s WORKING is he’s had instilled a believe into these players that they can win anywhere!

    Btw, I’m 100% believe if it was Bob on the side lines and the US got the same result, no one would be screaming for blood. Remember, when this roster was announced, people were calling for JK’s head. I don’t hear those comments tonight.

  22. Benny says:


  23. JRP says:

    Thanks for your needless input. MLS.com ranked him a 7. The only player that got higher was Tim Howard who was for sure the man of the match.

  24. Old School says:

    It’s cool bro.

    We’re feeding Donovan tainted meat from now on.

  25. Vic El Paso texas says:

    But can usa beat Mexico in azteca in the real heat, smog and altitude when it counts. usa and Mexico had a bad game but its ohio vs michigan, so who ever won made a difference. I think Philly made a mistake by letting go orozco bcus he is a though one. In reality, A team Usa has never played together, scary news. by the way espn will jump the winning wagon, f*ck Them

  26. Ben says:

    Yeah, thats ridiculous, even if you didn’t rate the midfield tonight, the defense, especially Cameron, Edu, and Johnson were all easily above a 5.

  27. Old School says:

    “You had the post-Olympics hangover”

    …I don’t buy anything of that. Different team played Wednesday night.

  28. kermit says:

    Mexico was only missing 3 starters

  29. bigprof says:

    that was a hardcore mexican….scoring on mexicans, haha…as a mexican-american, trust me when i say it stings more when one of “their own” scores “or turns” on them. Speaking of mexican-americans, i never saw what folks were seeing when they criticized francisco torres, however, i have to say Beckerman looked much better. it was his tricky passes on the left side that eventually led to the one-on-one situation shea took advantage of. i say dump shorty

  30. SilverRey says:

    I was specifically watching Beckerman through out this game (go back and watch it again on ESPN3). He didn’t make a single mistake tonight, and rarely passed in backwards making almost all of his passes forwards. He was up in the attack the few times we actually pushed forward as a team, and ultimately started the goal with his pass out to Shea.

    Beasley is the one you should come down on. 6 turnovers, 3 led to chances on goal – on of which Chichrito should have buried.

  31. SilverRey says:

    Had the game gone as I expected (yeah I admit I thought we were going to get blown out) I would agree with you. But despite the possession being something like 99-1, our 6 man back line defended admirably and didn’t give them any real chances (2 shots on goal). That and a 1-0 win counts above a 5 for most of the players out there tonight.

  32. biff says:

    This is true: Beckerman was one of several Super Heroes who played a key role in this historic victory–his defense was basically excellent the whole match and his passes late in the second helpmed make the difference. And can Brek Shea please get the heck out of Dallas to a better situation and keep his mouth shut and work hard to improve his skills and become the great player that he is capable of. The one-on-one was totally frickin’ aweseom. And, please, no more senseless attacks on Edgar Castillo. That was an excellent performance from the guy who endured a continuous wave of attacks down his side and he calm and stole the ball a few times and looked technically highly skilled. And let’s hope Maurice Edu’s fine performance gets him a job as central defender within the next few days as some are speculating.

  33. biff says:

    “The Miracle of Mexico City”
    Starring: THE LEGENDS
    USA : 1-Tim Howard (capt.); 23-Fabian Johnson, 20-Geoff Cameron, 7-Maurice Edu, 15-Edgar Castillo (4-Michael Orozco Fiscal, 77); 13-Jermaine Jones (14-Joe Corona, 89), 5-Kyle Beckerman, 6-Danny Williams (8-Graham Zusi, 60), 16-Jose Torres (18-Terrence Boyd, 45); 10-Landon Donovan (17-Damarcus Beasley, 45), 9-Herculez Gomez (11-Brek Shea, 78)
    Subs not used: 3-Matt Besler, 19-Chris Wondolowski, 22-Nick Rimando
    Head Coach: Jurgen Klinsmann

  34. Tom says:

    What a beautiful f*cking goal! Beating Mexico in Mexico and Italy in Italy. Not to shabby folks.

  35. biff says:

    Seriously, Seriously, that is a seriously ridiculous statement…

  36. Shane says:

    Orozco? he’s the guy that ruined our hopes in the Olympics, you know the olympics before the one in which Shea ruined our hopes. Hey, that’s soccer. One game is nothing . . . except when it matters. Tonight didnt matter . . . uh, the other games mattered. This is not to criticize very good players but to point out there are different kinds of players that can handle different pressures. Klinsmann needs to stop jerking around and find the ones that can handle the pressure to qualify for the WC.

  37. biff says:

    This is how Grant Wahl explains it: Orozco Fiscal had come upfield for the throw-in, and even though he’s a defender, he stuck around in the Mexican penalty area.

    “Shea took him one-v-one,” said Orozco Fiscal, “and I was like, ‘I’m gonna stay here and see what happens.'”

  38. biff says:

    Goal had luck on it’s side? Give me a break–or should I saw a Brek who took a defender on one-on-one and beat him bad handing him his a$$ on a platter and made a perfect cross in the box that Boyd controlled and a sweet little flick and YEAH!!!!!!

  39. biff says:

    Just to add, I am not surprised to see the Bob Bradley fans and JK haters trying diminish this historic victory.

  40. Old School says:

    “Klinsmann needs to stop jerking around and find the ones that can handle the pressure to qualify for the WC.”

    Like playing a young, inexperienced and non-A team squad in the most hostile environment in our region and arguably the world?

    Yea, I agree. That’s why I’m happy he did just that.

    What exactly was your complaint again?

  41. TerkyJerky says:

    Don’t forget he was able to get a win with this young, inexperienced and non-A team squad in the most hostile environment in our region and arguably the world. Must be doing something right.

  42. Shawn says:

    Actually, I thought Cameron was man of the match. I don’t know how he rated lower than Howard.

    Let me put it this way. For 84 minutes last night, we could’ve had me standing in goal, and that would’ve been enough to defeat Mexico. Timmy was great when he needed to be at the end. But he was undisturbed for the vast majority of the match.

    That goes to the central defense pairing. Edu was sloppy in possession a few times. But Cameron didn’t put a foot wrong all night. Man-sized shift.

  43. b says:

    It was great to see not only all the Mex-Ams, but every US player from league MX, get into the game. Hopefully many many more will be joining them in the coming years.

  44. b says:

    You’re not used to them by now?

  45. biff says:

    Austria is celebrating the US victory over Mexico with photos of their (and our super) hero Terrence Boyd celebrating like a beast…

    link to kurier.at

    link to relevant.at

    And even this story with a video of the winning goal. love it…

    link to nachrichten.at

  46. biff says:

    I agree 100%. How in the heck could they have blown that game last night that would have given the USMNT an historic first ever victory over Mexico in Mexico after being up 1-0 on an absolutely superb goal. I guess they just couldn’t handle the pressure because they didn’t have the big boys with them to hold their hands–No Carlos Bocanegra or Steve Cherundolo or Michael Bradley or Clint Dempsey or Jozy Altidore or Clarence Goodson…

  47. Brett says:

    That was shaping up as a nothing chance after Shea’s heavy touch almost sent the ball out. He recovered in time to play a ball through the forest of legs in the box, but once Boyd got it you would have expected Mexico to clear. Boyd made the goal by beating the keeper and two defenders with his backheel. That was next level footballing by a very young player.

  48. Brett says:

    I agree with this. The fact that Cameron was SO solid and Howard turned on beast mode made everyone else’s errors vanish. Mexico could have put in 4 or 5 chances and suddenly all this praise turns to muck and finger-pointing.

  49. Helium-3 says:

    This is why you need players with instinct and not just guys who learn soccer by paying coaches $2K to “learn”. You can’t teach instinct or feel for the game. You have to play it yourself outside of structured environment.

    Who are the players who have the feel for the game? Dempsey, Adu, Nguyen, Shea (that was a cheeky move last night).

    This is why Klinsi still extended the invitation to Shea because he’s seen what he can do/will do.

  50. Luis says:

    Finally, someone who knows what they’re talking about. Was really impressed with him. Not so much with jones.

  51. Shane says:

    It was a joke on the irony of who made the difference in the historic win. Klinsmann genius, maybe, but I seriously doubt it. My only point, aside from the joke, is that we had a historic win but probably with a group that wont be doing our WC qualifying. The win was great but how does it prepare us for WC qualifying. If I felt we were prepared that would be one thing but I dont feel the US is prepared. Based on what he has done, I have no idea who the kaiser will call for qualifying and if they will be ready. I’m afraid he is over confident about qualifying just like the olympics. It aint that easy. Jamaica has some dangerous players.