Must-See Goal: Wilman Conde

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16 Responses to Must-See Goal: Wilman Conde

  1. MensreaJim says:

    “Uhhhh, good goal there, Billy, but let’s work on a new celebration, k?”

  2. felipe says:

    great goal – and the look on his face is priceless

  3. Will_SBI says:

    Yea what’s up with the Nazi salute? Hm.

  4. Tim F. says:

    Thank you Wilman!

  5. Dave says:

    Would have been nice to see that goal from behind the net. Did that thing bend much?

  6. Bozeman says:

    It looked like it took a slight deflection..?

  7. Hitler says:

    Thanks for the salute Wilman

  8. Winston Churchill's parrot says:

    F*ck the Nazis!

  9. Scott A says:


  10. Eva Braun says:

    Shut your mouth parrot! How dare you say that to my beloved sweet boy.

  11. gsscasual says:

    no it didnt

  12. JayMah says:

    As much as Hulk has gotten better, the 2 goals that Gaudette blundered on charging for the ball, it appeared to me that Hulk just completely gave up on it. Had Hulk kept a body on DeRo last night, DeRo would have never been able to leap up for that ball. Mush as it was Billy’s fault for poor decision, I blame Hulk on that one.

  13. QuakesInYourPanties says:

    Why is this a must see goal? Defenders score often enough to be one step removed from the must see category. Sercan’s goal vs. Timbers reserves deserves to be seen over this.

    link to

    Just saying

  14. Why the hate? The goal is important to the game and playoff standings by a guy’s weaker foot on the bounce that bent to the upper corner. Give the guy some credit.

    Thats a fun goal by the Quakes player in a reserve game.

    Nice aspirational screen name

  15. Use Common Sense, Idiot says:

    Conde 1. Defender 2. Weak Footed, upper 90 sublime finish 3. Half volley, got the point for his squad.

    Hater. You show a reserve match clip? Really?

  16. QuakesInYourPanties says:

    I guess if you aren’t drinking the kool-aid err.. Red Bull that flavors this site or a D.C. fan you’d see the point. It was a nice finish that looked like your run of the mill finishing drill.

    Sometimes they go in, even if you’re Conde. Good for him and it is a nice goal but hardly fit’s the bill of Must-See, in caps none the less.

    Save that for Epic misses like Kei Kamara’s
    link to
    or Roberto Carlos type of goal.
    link to

    Something that actually fits the bill.