Must-See Skills: Andres Iniesta

Iniesta (Getty)

If you watched Thursday's Spanish Super Cup first-leg between Barcelona and Real Madrid, chances are you were left amazed by the stellar skills of Andres Iniesta. He was the best player on the field at Camp Nou and helped set up two of the three goals.

In case you missed the match, or if you just want to see Iniesta's magic again, here is Iniesta's performance against Real Madrid.


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21 Responses to Must-See Skills: Andres Iniesta

  1. Ben says:

    My favorite player to watch in the game today.

  2. Mig22 says:

    Simply ridiculous how many quality touches this guy manages in a single game.

  3. NE REVS says:

    Wow, just post video of the entire game next time.

  4. Darwin says:

    Daily Mail is claiming that Stoke have signed Maurice Edu from Rangers along with Huddlestone.

    link to

  5. matt C in Tampa says:

    That’s not fair.

  6. Tyler says:

    That’s why Barcelona is so dangerous. Double and triple man marking Messi gives Iniesta room to operate and he’s equally dangerous.

  7. TheFrenchOne says:

    he’s aiight … 😉

  8. elgringorico says:

    Yeah Mo!!

  9. dan says:

    Guys like Iniesta make you realize how beautifully diverse soccer is, no sport comes anywhere close. Can you imagine Iniesta being a star in any other sport, especially in USA? No way, he just doesn’t look like an athlete. But in soccer every shape, form, look is always just as likely to become a top player. There are brilliant slow players, player thats are too small or too big, that are too strong or too weak. It’s the beauty of the sport and refreshing after every single nfl, nba or baseball player all pretty much look alike in stature

  10. Roberto says:

    I sometimes can’t help imagining Iniesta playing in the premier league at Man U, (Im not a Man U fan) and reading about how Iniesta and Xavi both had Scholes as their favorite player in their positions, makes me think of all the similarities between them. What if Iniesta wanted a new challenge in life? He has won everything there is to be won and if he does a Guardiola …..just imagining

  11. al17 says:

    I’m convinced that the New Nike Pupper Master ad with him is Voodoo. Tell me if that’s not creepy. Sweet ad and the man throws down with phantom as moves in the match – granted he does this anyway but this still creeps me out.

  12. m says:

    what a nightmare .. who would want to imagine such a horrible thing

  13. EARL says:

    NFL and NBA players have extremely diverse body types. Look at the difference between a center and a point guard, or an offensive lineman and a wide receiver.

  14. BSU SC says:

    3rd best player in the world behind Messi and Ronaldo. That’s pretty elite company to be in.

  15. Tom says:

    What makes Iniesta so amazing is that he has about 80-90% of Messi’s dribbling ability, and he’s probably the only one who can say that.

  16. Tyler says:

    They’re both little dribble ninjas–would make Ronaldihno proud and that guy never lost the ball.

  17. primoone says:

    Im a big xavi/iniesta fan myself however, Lets be honest…you could have cut that down to 3.5 minutes. Now if you are showing that to USSF hopefulls then by all means…Sit those little Fookers down in a video room and play it for them all day every day.

  18. jai_brooklyn says:

    What are the chances for a player who’s 5’6 to play–let alone be the best player–in the NBA and NFL? Very little to none.

    In soccer, skill can completely neutralize sheer physicality.

  19. mike says:

    was that donovan?

  20. jai_brooklyn says:

    Man, where is Ray Hudson when I need him? I’ve run out of adjectives here.

  21. luq says:

    Not third but first, ahead of messi n ronaldo. :-)