Studio 90: Post-Game Reaction to USA’s thrilling extra-time win vs. Canada

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13 Responses to Studio 90: Post-Game Reaction to USA’s thrilling extra-time win vs. Canada

  1. sagcat says:

    Fantastic amount of class from our team. Such a contrast with the shrill whining coming from the entirety of Canada tonight.

  2. PaulTheOctopus says:

    USA IS THE BAUS!!!!!!!!!

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  5. CSD says:

    No not really. The call against Canada was a joke. They got screwed. The US did not deserve this victory.

    Hope Solo was whining after the first game because she didn’t think the announcer was nice enough.

  6. scott says:

    Our 3 players appeared very articulate in the interview and carried themselves very well.
    GO USA!

  7. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Besides tossing out the “it’s never called excuse” can any of the Canadian fans admit that hte keeper had been warned, and that on the called play, she held the ball for more than 10 point in time when Canada was winning and it was in its interests to waste time.

  8. Turd Bradley says:

    Why couldn’t just one player say we got really lucky by a bs call to keep us in the game. bs calls are part of the game, but don’t act like you won bc you were so mentally tough. wtf is mentally tough even mean ?

  9. CSD says:

    Matt C I am not a Canadian fan. I am a Tampa fan though if you are wondering.

    My honest assessment is that call made the whole game a joke. If I am Canada and they win the bronze I refuse to go to the metal stand. If that referee is assigned to the next World Cup in Canada I do not allow her to enter the country.

  10. josh says:

    Key phrase: “Keep us in the game” not, “win the game”

    NEWSFLASH: You don’t win games with a tie score.

    Both the US and Canada had 40 minutes to score a winner. The U.S did. They were mentally tough becasue they came back from 3 different deficits, amid thuggish and ruggish Canucks and were able to score with 30 seconds left.

    Did the referee make the Canadians not defend and then allow the shortest player to head the ball in over the keeper who was ina terrible position? No?

  11. sagcat says:

    Because that’s Canada’s obsession. The US players have no reason to worry about Canada’s issues. Calls went both ways. No US player was saying “if only we had gotten X call, we could have won without going to extra time.”

  12. sagcat says:

    And what of all the numerous calls that could have gone the USA’s way during the game and didn’t? Oh that’s right, you all keep ignoring that.

  13. BLA says:

    The US, as much as I love their will to win DID NOT deserve to win that one guys. Even you die-hard US fans know that. The game was stolen from Canada.