Transfer Deadline Day: Live Commentary

Clint Dempsey Fulham (Getty Images)

Deadline day in the European transfer window is upon us, making today one of the busiest and wildest days of the year.

There have already been a number of moves completed or announced, and there should still be plenty more surprises and signings before the day ends.

American fans will want to know about American payers and today we should find out where Clint Dempsey will land after a dramatic summer with Fulham that should see him leave the club. Today should also see U.S. men's national team captain Carlos Bocanegra make a move away from Rangers.

SBI will look to keep you updated on today's transfer proceedings throughout the day so stay tuned here for steady updates.

Let's get started (and please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and updates in the comments section below):



1:27pm- Okay guys, we'll be switching over to a CoverItLive chat for the rest of the transfer window beginning at 1:30pm. We'll continue to track all of the latest happenings during this already-chaotic deadline day and as always, you're free to send us your questions and comments.


1:24pm- Reports surfacing out of Italy saying that Luca Toni has re-joined Fiorentina. No word on how many years the deal is for.


1:14pm- Malaga have reportedly signed Argentina striker Javier Saviola, formerly of Real Madrid and Barcelona, today. They are also being linked with a move to sign Roque Santa Cruz. Looks like they are trying to stockpile some talent for their Champions League campaign.


1:00pm- Reports out of Portugal are saying Onyewu is undergoing medical with Spain's Malaga. No word on if the deal is a loan or a transfer, but Malaga are in the Champions League this season.


12:41pm- SkySports is reporting that Tottenham and Liverpool have both made bids to acquire Dempsey. Which team would you rather see him land on? One would have to think Liverpool would give him better chance of more playing time, but Tottenham was qualified for Champions League last season until Chelsea won and demoted the Spurs to Europa League.


12:24pm- Nicklas Bendtner has joined Juventus on a season-long loan from Arsenal. The deal comes with an option to buy at the end of the current campaign.


12:11pm- Swansea City have confirmed that they have signed Valencia winger Pablo Hernandez on a three-year deal. Transfer fee was an estimated $8.8 million.


11:55am- Another cause for concern for U.S. men's national team fans: No word, not even a report or a rumor, about Oguchi Onyewu today. He has not dressed at all for Sporting CP this season.


11:30am– Things are starting to slow down a bit. Well, at least from that frantic pace that we had earlier, but there should still be more moves in the works.


11:16am– Another move from earlier this morning: AC Milan signed Nigel de Jong from Manchester City. Three-year deal. Attackers everywhere in the EPL breathed a sigh of relief.


11:02am- The rich get richer. Manchester City signed winger Scott Sinclair from Swansea City earlier today. The transfer fee agreed upon was an estimated $9.5 million. Are Manchester City trying to create a FIFA13 Ultimate Team?


10:56am- Reports out there swirling that Spanish second division side Racing Santander are eyeing Carlos Bocanegra, but there has been nothing out there saying he has made a move from Rangers. Not yet, anyway.


10:51am- A Clint Dempsey update: Aston Villa have reportedly jumped in the race to sign the U.S. men's national team striker. The Villans do have Eric Lichaj and Brad Guzan, but they are far from a Champions League team.


10:45am- After spending two decades with Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero is set to sign with Sydney FC in Australia. The 37-year-old is reportedly set to sign a six-month deal worth $2 million. Are you wishing MLS would have signed him?


10:38am- Earlier today, Hamburg SV reacquired midfielder Rafael van der Vaart. Tottenham Hotspur received an estimated $16.3 million for him from Hamburg.


10:30am- The Cottagers have formally announced another acquisition, signing Kieran Richardson from Sunderland on a three-year deal. The transfer fee was undisclosed.


10:25am- Fulham have made a huge signing, acquiring Dimitar Berbatov from Manchester United. Berbatov has signed a two-year deal with the club after being deemed surplus to requirements for the Reds. Are the Cottagers thinking he will be Clint Dempsey's replacement?


10:19am- Mexican international and one of U.S. men's national team fans' most disliked players, Giovani Dos Santos, has moved from Tottenham Hotspur to Mallorca in Spain with the hopes that he will finally put an end to his club woes. Dos Santos agreed to a four-year deal and he should see the field more regularly than during his time with Spurs.


10:15amManchester City have signed Brazilian fullback Maicon from Inter Milan for $5 million. Another physical defender with tools to add to an already-dynamic attack.

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179 Responses to Transfer Deadline Day: Live Commentary

  1. Illmatic74 says:

    Maurice Edu had the car window interview earlier.

  2. |RBNY| Maestro10 says:

    wow city seriously

  3. Mig22 says:

    I was slow on my comment. Deleted.

  4. greg says:

    lol right? sheesh

  5. GTV says:

    Come on Clint! You can do better than LFC even by staying at Fulham.

    I would love to see Berba and Clint together.

    Even if Clint leaves I will still follow FFC. Too much history with too many Americans (and now a Bulgarian, my second home) to not wish them well.

  6. Mig22 says:

    Fulham are going to be an entirely new team, I think. I count six moves not including Dempsey.

  7. biff says:

    Berba is not yet a done deal, although a very pompous Martin Jol last night was bragging to reporters about his capture of Dimitar Berbatov from Man. U., calling it the “the biggest signing in the history of Fulham.’ And the guy starts patting himself on the back saying of Berbatov “We have a good relationship. He knows he will enjoy his football with *me* that is for sure.”

    And then Alex Ferguson drops a bombshell first thing this morning Manchester time, saying that Berbatov might be going to Tottenham instead. Some are speculating that Sir Alex is just being mischievous, but others think there could be more behind the comments. Press reports yesterday saying that Man U would cover half of Bervatov’s huge weekly salary, with Fulham paying only 50k. I was surprised Man U would agree to pay half his wages at Fulham.

    I think it is possible that Sir Alex is getting ready to use the Berbatov situation to swoop in for a shock bid for Clint Dempsey. He’s got Rooney injured and Roy Hodgson this morning revealed that Ashly Young has a knee injury so was left of the England squad and Sir Alex has Champions League matches coming up and has sworn to make it to knock-out stage this time and he now very much needs another proven goal scorer and he has nothing against older players. Sir Alex needs Clint Dempsey and if he rescues Clint from the evil embrace of Martin Jol and Fulham, Sir Alex will become an American hero.

  8. MyPurpleUnderCracker says:

    With Lloris going to Tottenham, what’s that mean for Friedel? Is it time for retirement?

  9. Freddie Footballer says:

    I don’t know about other fans out there, but I don’t necessarily dislike Gio Dos Santos. He’s a good player and I hope he does well whereever he goes, just not against USMNT.

  10. Illmatic74 says:

    Yeah it is a real shame that his career at Tottenham was a complete waste of time. It is nice that he will go back to playing week in and week out.

  11. Illmatic74 says:

    The Berbatov deal is official now. Also, United already have tons of strikers and wingers(and I think CM is the position that needs improvement) so there would be no interest in Dempsey.

  12. Mike in Missouri says:

    With the signings Fulham is doing, I’m think Clint should have just focused all this energy on making Fulham into a Champions’ league team rather than trying to force a move to a CL team that’s not going to happen.

  13. crosebud says:

    I’m always just so moved by the strength of Giovana Dos Santos. She is an inspiration to all young women who hope to achieve in male dominated sports. She’s also very cute!

  14. The Imperative Voice says:

    BBC Sport says Dempsey turned down Aston Villa offer.

    I think what I’ve heard so far underlines the naivete of Dempsey’s ambition, you may want to move from occasional-Europa Fulham to the UEFA CL, but there are only so many CL teams out there, and it’s not for certain they want to bite the bait….after all, they’re already successful and can thus be picky. The sort of English team that would really love Dempsey unreservedly is actually at Fulham’s level or below….hence approaches from the Reds, Villa, Sunderland.

  15. Sergio says:

    Captain USMNT, Carlos Bocanegra close to signing for Racing Santander recently dropped from La Liga. You will be expected to hit the city this afternoon to sign a new contract!. I’m surprised this step of Carlos …. I did not expect.

    Hopefully it becomes official. As a fan of Racing Santander’s arrival me much joy but hoped for some better fate.

  16. wsfm says:

    FFClub already made it official; they even posted it on their FB page.

  17. biff says:

    Ooops. I see that now. Guess Sir Alex was being mischievous after all.

  18. The Imperative Voice says:

    McCoist had hinted that one reason he hoped players transferred their registration to NewCo was so that they could be transferred on for a fee that would fill Rangers’ coffers. But then you are beholden to Rangers and cost a fee and aren’t entirely free to pick a destination. And whether it’s sensible to do this and enable a liquidated team that perhaps needs to do a little less wheeling and dealing, is another question.

  19. USAmr says:

    I can’t fault Dempsey for this situation, even a little bit. The club left him off the summer tour, didn’t put him in the team book for the season, and Jol has been bad mouthing him non stop. All while Clint has not said anything other than “two sides” and “truth will come out”. Dempsey played full effort for FFC and deserved better treatment , even while asking, after season ended, to be moved.

  20. Vic says:

    Tottenham signed Jose Moutinho, sold Dos Santos and Van der Vart. They are short on forwards with only Adebayor and Defoe.

  21. blag says:

    I think Dempsey stays at FFC today. My guess is that if he cannot go to a CL team, he would rather stay and play for FFC.

  22. Illmatic74 says:

    They only play with one striker in their formation. Adebayor and Defoe could be enough.

  23. THomas says:

    It all sounds like he’s going to Liverpool. But if not, this Fulham lineup looks nasty:


    Even without Dempsey…slide to a 4-4-2 and put Petric and the Berba up top. Nasty.

  24. The Imperative Voice says:

    As a FFC fan, what’s the other side? He wants a transfer and seemed to try to force one to LFC that Fulham didn’t want?

    And two sides could mean anything from a massive he said she said to, I didn’t agree with two words in some random comment so my agent and lawyers tell me I can say “this is false and the truth will come out.”

    I mean, the Jol comment about no offer yet was literally true in the official sense, and when he more recently softened and suggested there was stuff out there but nothing official yet, that’s actually not contradictory, there still wasn’t an official bid.

    Perhaps the reason some of this grates is I was a Fulham fan before the Americans came and will be after, and I think the “we have to sell him” breed of comments rings somewhere between fanboy and fair-weather to me. Fulham didn’t suddenly become the evil empire because they’re protecting their interests, anymore than it should have become amazing just because in fits and starts it can be Fulhamerica to some.

  25. Dog says:

    no way this happens.

    they’ve got a weak back line and no good CM

  26. alka246 says:

    And he can play for Fulham this year and go anywhere he wants for free next year. He has the upper hand.

  27. mikebsiu says:

    Del piero to Sydney!??? What?? My team, the fire could have used him

  28. alka246 says:

    I’d put Petric over Dempsey anyway – he’s a beast and a clinical finisher.

  29. Gnarls says:

    Agreed. He’s a talented player who happens to play for Mexico. He doesn’t have a particularly bad attitude (*couch* Rafa Marquez), he’s just scored a few clutch goals against the USMNT.

  30. The Imperative Voice says:

    I don’t think a player under contract and shunted aside and watching Berbatov and others brought in can be said to have the upper hand. If nothing happens he will simply have his liberty one of the next two windows. That’s not really leverage to me.

  31. Gnarls says:

    Haha, *cough*, not couch.

  32. GTV says:

    Exactly. And Jol may be an a$$, but he’s no dummy of a coach. FFC would have a WAY better chance of finishing top 4 compared to LFC.

  33. The dog says:

    ottenham have agreed a fee with Lyon for Hugo Lloris. £10m rising to £12m

  34. Kevin_amold says:

    Weak backline? I don’t know, Hangeland and Hughes are a steady partnership and Riise does an okay job when healthy.

  35. Rory says:

    Well if they switched their facebook status to “in relationship” then it must be official!

  36. Rory says:

    It’s funny how we can all see what a waste Gio Dos Santos’ move to Spurs was, but yet so many of you are still hoping Clint goes to Man U or Man City and think that would turn out so much differently.

  37. Modibo says:

    Ugh. Your Fire might have used him, but my Fire wants a DP who’s not 20 years older than its homegrown players.

  38. Rory says:

    Having seen Rafa’s play for New York, I think couch might be pretty accurate.

  39. Rory says:

    You’ve been listening to the Kinks’ “Lola” too much.

  40. Illmatic74 says:

    I never wanted to see Dempsey head to Man Utd or Man City. At the start of the window I said Dempsey should stay at Fulham.

  41. Slowreno says:

    If Demps actually goes to Man U., I’ll be ordering my jersey today! Can’t say I see this happening.

  42. Geald says:

    Yes Lloris is London now to gets things sorted out

  43. Ben says:

    Like 6 or so hours left on the transfer window? Alright Dempsey, time to see if your agent should be fired or not.

  44. biff says:

    Martin Jol two weeks ago splashed gasoline on mildly smoldering embers and unnecessarily created a firestorm of fan hate toward Clint. The bridge between Clint and Fulham has been burned forever, I think.

  45. biff says:

    But Clint is not pure striker, much more versatile.

  46. biff says:

    Just had a thought here. We saw how Fulham quickly publicized the 7-million bid from Aston Villa–obviously an attempt to generate higher bids from other clubs. Could it be that Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal all realize that Fulham will do the same when they make a bid, that Fulham will publicize the bid and turn Clint into a public auction to drive up the transfer fee, so all these teams are holding off until — literally — the very last minutes to make their move in order to keep the auction time to a minimum and keep the price down. Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal could all benefit from Clint, and I think Man U could–but only for the right price. I think Clint will be at a good club in 6 hours and Fulham will be very happy with the millions.

  47. jlm says:

    stoke have signed a ton of cms. maybe cameron will be in at cb after all?

  48. Mike r says:

    Looks like Dempsey misplayed his hand

  49. biff says:

    I think Clint could fit into that squad wonderfully and he could play multiple positions.

  50. 20 says:

    weak back line? Have you ever seen fulham play? H&H has long been one of the best cb pairings in the league. Hangeland could have gone to arsenal but chose to stay. Hughes possibly the most consistent player in the squad. The fullbacks have changed but they’ve always had players like Kelly Baird riise etc that could do the job.

  51. biff says:

    I ain’t heard the fat lady sining yet…

  52. GTV says:

    Thom Gibbs on the Telegraph seems to think (as I do) that our man Deuce loves LFC more than they love him:

    link to

  53. SG says:

    this Dempsey saga not going well,and prob wont end well for him. not good for a 29 yr old who wanted to “cash in”

  54. Gunner George says:

    Arsenal has no interest in Clint. I don’t work for them or have a source, but it’s ridiculous that you think those clubs aside from Liverpool are interested in him. Spuds and Manure have no interest in Clint either.

  55. Waterlewd says:


    Al-Fayad won’t keep around people that aren’t 100% committed to Fulham, he’s shown this in the past dealing with Hodgson and Hughes. Dempsey is as good as gone, it’s just to where.

    Fulham probably lost a couple million on the public spat, but Dempsey made it very clear he wanted to leave when he didn’t sign a new contract. Why are Fulham dragging their feet trying to move him?

  56. QuakerOtis says:

    I’d love to be… hope to be wrong, but I think she’s warming up backstage.

    I doubt Clint would go to a non-CL side, especially one like Villa or Stoke, even if the alternative is clawing back into a spot at FFC under Shrek’s management.

    Biff’s post (above) is about the only shot I see for Dempsey landing at a CL club, and that’s a looooooong shot.

  57. TomG says:

    ESPN reports LFC have made a move to sign Deuce: “BREAKING: Liverpool have made a move to sign Clint Dempsey. Discussions are ongoing and it’s the move the American wants. Not Villa, who are also trying to sign him. ”

  58. jbrader says:

    Ridiculous to say things like that (and previous posts) until everything is done. ESPN and the others reporting the exact opposite with 6 hours left in the window.

  59. louis z says:

    barring injury from others not sure how much “playing” time he would get.

  60. Eric says:

    I can confirm that ESPN has said this in one of those live commentary type deals.

  61. biff says:

    ha-ha. Fulfam trolls already bad-mouthing Dempsey’s skills and sweet-talking his replacements. Pathetic. And this after Clint was fourth in Premier League goal scoring (first as midfielder) and, according to Martin Jol, Clint was solely responsible for 19 points of total Fulham points in the league standings.

  62. Brad2 says:

    Dempsey and Berba playing together would be too much languidness on the field at one time, it might open a hole in the space-time-continuum.

  63. Brad2 says:

    so there’s no change, discussions are ongoing…

  64. louis z says:

    you make it sound like Clint is a hot commodity, unfortunaly, he doesn’t seem to be for the major clubs.

  65. Eric says:

    Only way Dempsey stays at Fulham is if they sign Heskey. No man could turn down a chance to play with the immaculate Emile Heskey.

  66. Aaron in StL says:

    I don’t see LFC being any type of lock for CL any time soon… Deuce is better off looking in France or Spain if he wants that guarantee it looks like…

    If Malaga wasn’t such a shitshow that’d be a good spot for immediate CL time.

  67. alka246 says:

    No, Dempsey is awesome – but having watched Petric in die Bundesliga for years, he’s a heck of a striker. His partnership with Olic a couple years ago was one of the best around.

  68. Brad2 says:

    Malaga just got Roque Santa Cruz

  69. TomG says:

    Dempsey? Languid? I do not theenk that word means what you theenk it means.

  70. SG says:

    too bad no Bundesliga teams are interested in Deuce. Many Americans have done well there and he could evolve his game even more in Germany IMO

  71. Mig22 says:

    Agree but even more: I think we can safely say that Liverpool is not CL material at this point.

  72. TomG says:

    It is unfortunate that he has become so fixated on LFC. Not sure his agent is giving him the best advice.

  73. Shawn says:

    Its likley that LFC is the only real club in th EPL that is within shouting distance of the CL. Combining that is a likely starting role within a style of play that suits him.

    Overall Demps interest in LFC seems fairly reasonble. It would be great to go to a team already in the CL, but I haven’t heard any strong noise that they are interested.

    And Demps seems to be the type to always look for sometype of step up from his current stance. LFC seems like the best option out there, at least acccording to the rumours and limited reports.

  74. Aaron in StL says:

    The real risk for Dempsey going to LFC is in the fact that honestly, how long can Rodgers be assured of having a job there? It’s a club that still things its ‘big’ but doesn’t back it up with results (or spending, lately) for that matter.

    I think he could fit in well there with Suarez, but if it falls apart and Rodgers gets the boot, he’s back to all those Fulham years of trying to impress a new manager again… if the new one even rates him enough to keep him.

  75. Shawn says:

    Isn’t that the truth with any club though?

  76. rjrkr44krnnenwni2po33 says:

    why don’t Arsenal just sell Bendtner?

  77. Andrew H. says:

    Ives, I would actually be concerned if Onyewu were playing at Sporting…as this would mean that he might still be in the mix for the USMNT. He stinks. I would much rather he not be in our mix than blow another World Cup on hoping he can get back to what he never was.

  78. Old School says:

    The best female athlete I’ve ever seen compete in male sports ever.

  79. elgringorico says:

    Spurs bid for Dempsey

  80. Kevin_Amold says:

    I’m inclined to agree with you. I feel like the major clubs should be, but they don’t seem to want him.

  81. crosebud says:

    That man played well for our country for many years. His pro career was taken from him because of an injury he sustained playing with pride for USMNT.

  82. soccerroo says:

    I’d be happier if he were at Spurs than liverpool. But not sure with the turnover this year in coaching and everything if they will still be capable of champions league play.

  83. Shawn says:

    I wonder if thats a sign that other teams may try to swoop in soon such as Arsenal and ManU?

  84. TomG says:

    Spurs would at least give Deuce Europa league action and probably a better chance at a CL spot next year.

  85. jones says:

    would rather see him go to Spurs

  86. GTV says:

    Dempsey to Tottenham? I’ll buy a shirt tomorrow!

  87. beachbum says:

    pulling for Clint and other Americans abroad…and other players too

    not for Fulham

    that’s part of the two sides, where one’s stake is

    I appreciate the defense of your team you put out but Jol tooled up for management on this one and bungled it with regards to Clint publically. that’s unfortunate and weak but hardly indefensible as you are proving

  88. Spank says:

    I don’t think ManU would ever bid for dempsey. Plus that would be the worst move he could ever make. He would only be in front of Chicharito and behind every other striker they have.

  89. beachbum says:


  90. Waterlewd says:

    Cue Arsenal to make a bid for Dempsey at the last second. Wenger loves doing that.

  91. Tyler says:

    Noo…. please no….

    I want Gooch to succeed in his club life, but he needs to stay the hell away from the national team.

  92. froboy says:

    Interesting that the comments on that Gooch link are mostly in support of him and bashing the club for trying to get rid of him.

  93. Camjam says:

    I hope there is still one more chance. 3rd try is the charm, right? He was looking impressive again before that re-injury to his knee early this year. Maybe….MAAAAAYYYBEEEE…… he could pull it together for a couple more years.

  94. biff says:

    Ridiculous? Not really :-)

  95. RK says:

    Usually I would be excited about an American in the CL, and in Spain, but the Malaga situation is very strange. They ramped up spending, got into the CL, and dumped players — and reportedly didn’t pay some last year.

  96. Andrew H. says:

    You are right that he was injured badly and that diminished his game, and he never should have started for us at the World Cup. It is more Bob Bradley’s fault that he relied on him when he was clearly not good enough, but how long do we have to go through this charade? Show some respect to the USMNT fans to stop this nonsense.

  97. biff says:

    So true, Clint is a hot commodity.

  98. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I usually don’t pile on, but that was an absurd statement. Fulham’s chief strerngth over the past several seasons has been the Hangeland-Hughes partnership. Either you’re trolling or…

  99. YO says:

    First choice Spurs, I am not sold on the new Liverpool coach, he seems arrogant.

  100. biff says:

    Are you talking about Liverpool or Tottenham? Sorry, you are talking about his old club, Fulham. Yeah, Clint ain’t good enough to play there–right!

  101. crosebud says:

    Stop hoping for him to have a good club career? I also pull for Jay Demeritt and would be happy to see John Bornstein suceed at the club level. It doesn’t mean I want them called up for a Cup qualifier. There is no reason to bash on the players doing their best from one day to the next. Your beef is with Nat team coaches not Gooch.

  102. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Jol bungled nothing. The only people who think Fulham mishandled the situation are American fans whose loyalty to a top American player blinds them to the fact that Dempsey is at fault. Instead of honoring his contact he tried to force his way out, and there were no offers. What exactly has Fulham done wrong here?

  103. biff says:

    Liverpool would be great, if Clint could nail down a starting spot. But I do have some concerns about that. Rodgers does seem to be focusing on the youngsters–and he not afraid to bench or get rid of players he does not want as we have seen this past week. That said, Liverpool have scored hardly any goals thus far and if Clint could come and do it, which we know he can, then he could quickly turn into a hero. And I would love to see him team up with Luis Suarez and Nuri Sahin and new kid Raheem Sterling.

    I was previously not hoping at all for a move to Tottenham. But after seeing the players they have brought in, including Clint’s buddy Moussa Dembele, I think I could get real excited about Tottenham. And we still might see Arsenal and Man U. join in the bidding war. Man U would be my last choice, and any of the other three would be fantastic.

  104. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I don’t agree with my fellow Fulham fans that we’re better without Dempsey, but why are you calling anyone who disagreres with you a “troll” and “pathetic?” It doesn’t become you to use such petty insults, biff.

  105. Scott says:

    It’s unclear to me how Dempsey could have possibly handled this worse.

  106. Andrew H. says:

    I was responding to this post by Ives:

    11:55am- Another cause for concern for U.S. men’s national team fans: No word, not even a report or a rumor, about Oguchi Onyewu today. He has not dressed at all for Sporting CP this season.

  107. Rob says:

    Adebayor, Clint,Dembele, Bale, Moutinho, Parker is a very top 4 attack/mid. Hope it happens over downhill Liverpool

  108. TomG says:

    So a 4-3-3 at Spurs with a front line of Adebayor, Defoe & Deuce with Lennon & Bale on the midfield wings? That’s some firepower.

  109. TomG says:

    Yes, arrogance in a manager is such a negative trait. That arrogant Mourinho guy never amounted to anything special did he? 😉

  110. Jermaine Jones is the man says:

    Sounds like your brain needs new windshield wipers…

  111. louis z says:

    being good enough is not the question…I think because of the bad blood and the fact that Fulham has already found his replacement.

  112. Waterlewd says:

    Those players couldn’t play a 4-3-3. That looks like a 4-1-3-2 to me with someone like Sandro used to bust up any breaks. That’s a team I wouldn’t start, but maybe be out there in the last 10 mins of a game where you need a goal, and are willing to risk everything for it.

  113. 99 says:

    Dempsey back to New England! Nothing else seems to be panning out.

  114. TomG says:

    Fulham rejects bid from Liverpool :(

  115. Vic says:

    You think they will make Concacaaf Champions League next year?

  116. TomG says:

    Disagree. Lennon & Bale have enough speed to backtrack. Bale has played LB before. Deuce is an excellent backtracker.

  117. TomG says:

    And AVB likes 4-3-3

  118. Shark says:

    Yeah because they are low balling them big time…I hope he goes to Spurs…less than impressed with Liverpool over the past month in the way they have handled this…

  119. Spank says:

    Maybe they’ve accepted Spurs offer instead… You never know

  120. Jeff says:

    What do these comments mean? City have had a pretty modest transfer window compared to many rivals. Offloaded Johnson (10 million pounds), DeJong (3.5 million pounds), Adebayor (5 million pounds), Santa Cruz, Savic. Acquired Garcia (probably) for 20 million pounds, Rodwell for 15 million pounds, Nastasic for 13 mil pounds, Sinclair for 6 million pounds, Maicon for 5 million pounds and a third GK (Richard Wright) for free. Their bargaining tactics failed badly, so they ended up selling players last-minute at bargain-basement prices to free up wages, but they can no longer be accused of trying to build a fantasy team at this rate.

  121. Jeff says:

    Ugh. That’s all the world needs. More United supporters.

  122. TomG says:

    Yes, reported to be less than the $7M valuation. Maybe it is posturing and LFC will come up.

  123. TomG says:

    Not true! We will know in 3.5 hours! :)

  124. al17 says:

    Dempsey to Liverpool???

  125. al17 says:

    Onyewu is at Malaga and now on a Champion’s League team.

  126. Illmatic74 says:

    How did Malaga sign him? Since they finacial situation is disastrous right now. I have a feeling it is a loan like the Santa Cruz and Romeu signings.

  127. Illmatic74 says:

    Oh and it was just confirmed that it is a loan.

  128. RK says:

    For a total of 5 signings today…

  129. al17 says:

    I have no idea just reporting what I heard.

  130. RK says:

    Santa Cruz was a purchase.

  131. Illmatic74 says:

    No it is a loan.

  132. HansomeJake says:

    Dirk Kuyt, Maxi Rodriguez, Craig Bellamy, Alberto Aquilani, Fabio Aurelio and Carroll who have all been cut from the wage bill since the end of last season.
    Adam is set to join Stoke City in a £4m deal with Spearing poised to move to Bolton on loan.
    Even using conservative estimates Liverpool will have recouped in transfer fees and made savings on wages in excess of £20m since Rodgers took over.

  133. Dinho says:

    Good point, yet they’re (seemingly) still low-balling for Deuce. Sad state of affairs for Mr. Dempsey.

  134. Waterlewd says:

    What are you talking about? You serious think Lennon and Bale should play in the midfield of a 4-3-3? That’s insane. They are WINGERS!!

    Oh, and AVB has been playing a 4-2-3-1.

    Walker – Vert – Gallas — Assou
    Livermore — Sandro
    Lennon –Van Der Vart — Bale

  135. biff says:

    I ran across an old BBC Sport story that says Fulham paid £2 million for Clint in 2007.

    link to

  136. HansomeJake says:

    As of now Liverpools squad scored 28 EPL goals last season…Clint scored 17. 4£ is way to low. Not sure if Clint playing for LFC is gonna be worth it.

  137. HansomeJake says:

    The deal was done in USD. $4 million.

  138. biff says:

    Hot of the press:

    Sky sources understand Liverpool do not expect to make any signings this evening. Liverpool’s bid for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey was £4million and the club have refused to offer higher. Aston Villa bid £5m plus £2m add-ons. Stay with us for the full story.

  139. biff says:

    Time for Man U or Arsenal to swoop in–but they better make it quick

  140. HansomeJake says:

    28 EPL (2010/2011 season) goals from LFCs current squad and they’re so cheas as to bid £4 million for Dempsey who scored 17! Pathetic evaluation.

  141. Jason says:

    I would be so mad if I was a Liverpool fan right now. All they’ve done is offload players and have done nothing but play around with bringing attacking players in.

    Dempsey would be better off staying put considering the talent Fulham has brought in. They’ll probably finish better than Liverpool this season.

  142. biff says:

    Things can still happen, and that is only an unofficial news report so we still don’t know for sure.

  143. biff says:

    and it could be that Liverpool is just saying that to test Fulham’s resolve. Standard negotiating tactic. I am certain Fulham do not want Clint anymore and if they don’t sell him in 115 minutes now for 4 million, they have an unhappy player who in January signs a free contract as a free agent and Fulham gets not 1 cent. It ain’t over till it’s over, but, yeah, fat lady is preparing to sing

  144. Gunner George says:


  145. bottlcaps says:

    The deal with Santander is a loan. Which means he has not been sold and could return to the Rangers when they move up a division. It make sense in a weird way. Most teams send there players out to be “seasoned”, But Bocanegra is loaned out so his team can gain some “seasoning” in the lower Scottish divisions LOL.

  146. Gunner George says:


    Clint’s not going to Arsenal, Manure, spuds, and now not even Livertool!!!!


  147. HansomeJake says:

    This deal has been on again off again for months and it’s led to £4 million…I still don’t think Liverpool or the FSG is serious about bringing Clint to LFC

  148. abc says:

    It’s a crime that no MLS team would pay Del Piero $2 million.

  149. leftcoastmetro says:


    Here is some shock news as Tottenham Hotspur pull another surprise on deadline day. Sky Sports sources understand Clint Dempsey has signed for the White Hart Lane club.
    by Peter Fraser 1:31 PM

  150. DNYCE says:

    SkySports reporting Dempsey was seen at Tottenham offices…

  151. abc says:

    “Sky sources understand Liverpool do not expect to make any signings this evening. Liverpool’s bid for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey was £4million and the club have refused to offer higher.”

    Yeah there is no bias against Americans… that’s why #4 Premier League goal scorer (as a freaking midfielder) Dempsey is worth £1 million LESS than that failure Charlie Adam… I am incensed right now.

  152. Citronomics says:

    Rob Stone, announcing during UEFA Supercup, reports that Deuce is at Spurs training ground. Not sure what sources…

  153. B says:

    Yep, lots of folks saying Clint was at the Spurs training ground.

  154. QuakesInYourPanties says:

    BBC reporting Spurs is done deal. Duece is signed.

  155. Jason says:

    Word is that Clint is at Tottenham having a physical. Liverpool has lost the plot and messed around too much. They could have gotten a great player, and had the Liverpool brand expand even further in the US and they blew it.

  156. Arotolo says:

    Dempsey is at Spurs

    live on skysport radio

  157. biff says:

    BBC Sports is reporting:

    I told you earlier that Tottenham were sniffing around Clint Dempsey, and here is confirmation from BBC Sport “Clint Dempsey is at Spurs Lodge, the training ground. There is a very strong change he will be a Tottenham player come 11 o’clock. The fee has been agreed between the clubs and he is set to undergo a very quick medical.”

  158. GTV says:


  159. Waterlewd says:

    How are Liverpool going to score goals this season? I don’t get it. Borini has been slow and useless so far, maybe he’s still getting into form, but he has been poor. And after the starting 11, the LFC bench is pitiful. Jonjo Shelvey or Jordan Henderson is the first player off the bench? Really? And they can’t spend GBP 7M on a player like Dempsey? Ha!

  160. biff says:

    I am so happy!!!!!!!! And Clint is reunited with Moussa Dembele. A great day for American soccer.

  161. biff says:

    BBC Sports reporting:

    “The reaction of Liverpool fans on Twitter to Dempsey perhaps going to Tottenham has been very angry. They now see the prospect of not bringing in anybody today. Why have they not got anybody? They’ve let Andy Carroll go, Charlie Adam’s gone, they’ve got money in the bank. Yet no-one seems to be coming.”

  162. DC says:

    Spurs and Fulham have agreed a fee for Clint Dempsey
    And word is it’s for £6m.

  163. timothy says:

    Looks like more than just a bid. He’s apparently undergoing a medical

  164. Jon says:

    Deuce, you beaut. You absolute beaut.

  165. Dimidri says:

    I think it’s become clear that Liverpool were lowballing Fulham, and, guess what, ‘Darth vadar’s refusal to accept the first bid offered from Liverpool both a) helped himself by giving Fulham more $ presumably and b) helps Clint by having him go to a team that finished 4th last year IN LONDON and not one that finished 8th. Glad to see both sides benefited, can’t wait to watch both teams this year.

  166. kevin says:


  167. biff says:

    Tottenham vs Liverpool = November 28

    Fulham vs Tottenham = December 1

  168. GD10 says:

    Deuce for the number 10 shirt? it’s vacant.

  169. Conrad says:

    Well, the British always overvalue their own. Andy Carroll? Yeesh. I mean, my God, if Lampard didn’t take penalties, he wouldn’t have but two goals a year.

  170. biff says:

    Hey, Dimidri, I am too happy to give much thought to reply right now. But I will say Jol did make Clint suffer and he turned the fans against him, thus denying him the dignified exit he deserved.

    But yeah, I like the look of Tottenham and now Dembele is one of my faves. gonna be fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. NK says:

    NOOOO! I wanted an American at Liverpool so badly…Well I guess I gotta hope that Pelosi does well now.

  172. Andrew H. says:

    For all those saying Dempsey played this badly, it ended up perfectly for him. I don’t think he would have ended up at Tottenham had he not let it know he wanted out. What is Liverpool thinking not matching a GBP 6 mil offer? Jersey sales and increased US viewership alone should cover that. Liverpool could be in for a relegation fight.

  173. B says:

    ESPN saying Dempsey to Spurs is a done deal: 6M and a 3 year contract.

  174. Joamiq says:

    Dempsey is in at Spurs. Not a bad place for him and not a bad signing for Spurs. He’ll be a fringe first XI player as a wing midfielder/wing forward, will play plenty with injuries.

  175. beachbum says:


    PSYCHED about this move

  176. beachbum says:

    this makes me happy :)

    Go get’em Clint!!! An American in the middle of all this Euro transfer drama…I love it!

  177. ETGoodyman says:

    Went over to Spurs Mad forums and those fans are NOT happy with this signing. I hope they don’t represent the majority of Spurs fans or Clint will have a rough reception. I’m pleased with this move. Much better than Liverpool IMO.

  178. Dimidri says:

    Indeed it will. Oh and stop with the ‘suffered’ thing, as you’ve pointed out numerous times, most of the fans know what’s up, he will get a standing O when Tottenham visit, and you seem to forget that if Jol didn’t act like a d#ck, Dempsey goes to Liverpool. Glad Jol did what he did.