Tuesday Kickoff: Canadian women react, Cazorla seals Arsenal deal and more

CWNT (Reuters Pictures)

After the dust settled from the U.S. women's national team's thrilling 4-3, extra-time victory over Canada in the Olympic semifinals, Norwegian referee Christiana Pedersen and her controversial six-second call are still at the forefront of the post-match discussion.

Pedersen enforced the seldomly called rule — one that says the goalkeeper must put the ball back in play within six seconds — on Canadian goalkeeper Erin McLeod, who said she was never warned by the referee and only told at halftime by an assistant referee to "Make sure you don't slow the play too much." Replays showed that McLeod had the ball for 11 seconds, so technically Pedersen's call was correct; however, for a rule so rarely enforced across all levels to be called upon on such a big moment has Canadian players and coaches fuming.  

Canadian forward Melissa Tancredi said she told Pedersen after Abby Wambach's game-tying penalty kick that followed the indirect free kick granted by the call that, "I hope you can sleep tonight and put on your American jersey, because that's who you played for today."

Captain Christine Sinclair, whose hat trick carried the Canadian women, said, "We feel like we didn't lose, we feel like it was taken from us. It's a shame in a game like that that was so important, the ref decided the result before it started."

Here are a few more stories to get your day going:


Santi Cazorla is the latest attacking player to join Arsenal.

The 27-year-old Spanish midfielder signed with the Gunners after moving from Malaga for an undisclosed transfer fee. The terms of his contract were not disclosed, but according to Arsenal Cazorla is signed to a "long-term deal."

Cazorla joins Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud as offensive signings this summer, as Arsenal prepares for the potential departure of Robin van Persie while overhauling its attack.

"Santi Cazorla is a great signing for us," Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said in a statement. "He is a player with good experience at both club and international level, who will add significant quality to our squad. He is a versatile, attacking midfield player who can play comfortably on either side of the pitch or centrally. He has good pace, is technically gifted and will be a huge asset to Arsenal Football Club."

Cazorla was a member of Spain's victorious Euro 2012 team, and he had spent his entire club career playing in Spain.


Eight months after breaking his leg, Barcelona striker David Villa is back. 

Villa was included in Barcelona's 24-man squad for preseason friendlies against Manchester United and Dinamo Bucharest, marking his return from a broken leg suffered at the FIFA Club World Cup last December. 

The injury forced Villa to miss the remainder of the season for Barcelona, which came up short in La Liga for the first time in four years. He was also unable to return in time for Euro 2012, but Spain was able to win despite his absence.


Raul Albiol plans on staying at Real Madrid for the long haul after all.

The 26-year-old Spanish defender signed a two-year contract extension with Real Madrid that will keep him at the Bernabeu through the 2016-17 season. The centerback joined Real Madrid from Valencia in 2009 but has not had a firm place in Jose Mourinho's lineup and was speculated to be on the outs despite having two years left on his initial deal.


What do you think of the Canadian women's reaction? Do you like the Cazorla signing for Arsenal? Do you think Barcelona is the Spanish favorite with Villa back, or is Real Madrid the team to beat?

Share your thoughts below.

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136 Responses to Tuesday Kickoff: Canadian women react, Cazorla seals Arsenal deal and more

  1. Mig22 says:

    Wow, David Villa. Forgot about him. Oh yeah, Spain won the Euros without him and with a nearly invisible Torres. Scary.

  2. shane says:

    Call a Waaaambulance for the Canadians. That’s all they do is whine. Both national teams coaches and now the players. Meanwhile they still all want to play div 1 NCAA soccer, MLS soccer, and Development Academy soccer, and the US lets them.

  3. SBI Faux Editor says:

    Before everyone starts bashing the Canadians, I just want each and everyone of you to think, what if the same situation had happened to the US, how would you feel this morning? So before you comment, think of how you would feel if the roles were reversed?

  4. WeatherManNX01 says:

    It’s like Bill Buckner or Steve Bartman.

    Yes, the ref made a bad call (well, technically a good call that’s just never called). There’s no denying that. But all it did was set up the equalizer. The Canadians had over half an hour to seal the game, but they didn’t.

    Blame the ref for bad calls. But keep playing the game and win it when you have the chance. Don’t blame the ref for not putting it into the net yourselves.

  5. Jim says:

    That’s the same Tancredi who intentionally stomped on Carli Lloyd’s face in the box? And the same one who steamrolled O’Hara right? Ok, yeah she should be quiet trying to blame refs for everything.

  6. briman says:

    Rules are rules so don’t break them. Is their strategy to count on the ref to not enforce the rules of the game? Case settled, free kick given.

  7. Mig22 says:

    oh, there would be 1000 comments with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Hey, it’s what fans do. :)

  8. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    If I was a Canadian I’d be upset, too. But their comments are classless. Say you’re disappointed, that you disagree with the referee’s call. Fine. Implying that the fix was in is baseless and crass.

    Oh, and Canada, the penalty only tied the game – how do you explain Morgan’s winner? In sports you have to deal with questionable calls, take them in stride, and keep going. You played well, but came up short. Stop looking for a scapegoat.

  9. THE GREAT KAR says:

    Honestly, Canada can have no complaints. The ref is in the right to make that call — that is the double the amount of time allowed. The Canadians can moan and gripe all they want, but there complaints are illegitimate.

    There are elements that should be taken out of the game, such as time wasting and diving (although Chastain seems to love time wasting i.e. ‘gamesmanship’). The keeper was clearly time wasting. End of story.

  10. karma says:

    I’m in shock. I actually dont like the Canadian team or their fans now. Poor sports. Herdman has infected them with a toxic attitude.

  11. Jake says:

    I’d feel unhappy, but I doubt we’d be blaming the ref for those two correct calls. There were a lot of tackles (football style) on Wambach, Morgan, and others that got no call… They should watch all the game film before complaining.

  12. SBI Faux Editor says:

    So the three separate occasions were Hope Solo held the ball for more than 10 seconds, the same handball in the box against Rapinoe 10 minutes before the US penalty . . . they all should have been called

    At the end of the day the US did WIN the game, but I want one US fan to say and admit that the 6 second call was BS and the Americans got lucky. For all we know the US were going to tie the game, they had the chances, but stop yourself for a second, and admit that there was a call made that never gets made. Yes the US WON the game and congratulations should be made, but Canada deserves plaudits for playing a hell of a game that unfortunately has a bad after taste north of the border.

  13. robbed says:

    Actually they did seal it. Outplayed and outclassed them until they game was handed to the Americans by the ref. No sour grapes. Just the truth.

  14. Jake says:

    If a team isn’t winning and time wasting, the 6 second rule isn’t generally called. I have to say I don’t remember Solo doing it, but she certainly didn’t do it when the US was ahead. They were only ahead for 30 seconds of the game.

  15. shane says:

    It happens to the mens team all the time. To the point where we expect it to happen

  16. juvi177 says:

    Shane, that sure was nice of an American college to “let” Christine Sinclair play for it and help deliver it a title. It’s so nice of DC United to let Dwayne De Rosario play for it. It’s so nice of MLS to have decided to let the Canadian clubs boost up MLS attendance. How charitable of them. I guess England is nice too, it “lets” Clint Dempsey & others play for it’s EPL sides and let’s Irish sides in its league.

    What was charitable was the ref to allowing a free kick in the box for holding the ball for more than 6 seconds, with 11 minutes left in the game and the US down by a goal.

    Funny how in every game in the olympics so far a goalie has held the ball for more than 6 seconds, but there has never been an indirect free kick awarded for doing so. Odd that for the first time it has ever been awarded in an olympics, it was with the US 11 minutes from being eliminated from the tournament.

    Yeah, why is it that Canadians are complaining?

  17. SBI Faux Editor says:

    And even worse to the men’s Canadian team . . . oh boy don’t get me started

  18. Alex says:

    If the tables were turned I would enjoy blaming it all on Hope Solo.

  19. bcoug says:

    Since a great number of people, on this forum and others, have said that the six second call was a bizarre one that they’ve never seen made before, you should be thrilled.

    Now where can we find the first Canadian to admit that Tancredi should have seen straight red for deliberately stomping Lloyd at the 55th minute. Think that would have changed the match a bit?

    Plenty have fulfilled your wish, now what about mine?

  20. Kevin_amold says:

    I love these assertions of opinion that are presented as facts.

    I saw an even game, with neither team clearly “outclassing” the other. So count me in the camp of those that thought both teams played well enough to win.

  21. Juvi177 says:

    If the ref was in the right to make that call, why did she not do so against Hope Solo? Making bad calls is one thing when the calls go both ways. A missed call for a tackle here and there, a hand ball called in the 18 sometimes and not other times. It evens out.

    But when a ref invokes a rule with 11 minutes in a 1 goal game and that rule has never been invoked before in that game or any other olympic game, yet the “infraction” has occurred in almost every one of those games, including that very game (by both goalies) then that’s a whole other story.

    You may be in shock that Canadians are reacting this way. I’d be in shock if a true fan of any country that got screwed like this kept quiet.

  22. Martek says:

    Canada played a hell of a game. The Americans got lucky that the one time the ref decided to make a correct call on the 6-second thing it went against Canada. Canada deserves plaudits for their efforts.


    Enjoy the Bronze medal game.

  23. Mig22 says:

    I have read 10 or 11 articles about the game (and seemingly 1000 fan comments), and I have yet to find anybody reference when an indirect free kick has been given for time wasting. Not once. I’ve watched the game for a 25-27 years, regularly for the last 18, and can’t remember it.

    If I’m wrong, shout it out, that’s cool. I simply can’t remember the call ever being made.

  24. pancholama says:

    Usually if the rule is enforced, and it is pretty regularly in professional soccer – the ref pulls out a yellow card. What’s rare is the ref deciding to enforce the rule by sanctioning the goalkeeper with an indirect free kick inside the area. That is what is a bit bizarre. But I have also picked up a lot of buzz in on-line columns and on SBI, about how physical the Canadians were, and how it seemed the referees where allowing too many unpunished fouls on the part of the Canadians. By some accounts Tancredi (who insulted the referee by telling her she was wearing an American jersey) should have been thrown out of the game at least twice over, based on the number of yellow card worthy tackles she committed, and for the unprofessional physical play she dished out.
    So the ref was wearing a jersey half Navy blue USA, and half Maple Leaf, red and white……..? The Canadians still had over forty minutes in which to have asserted themselves and scored a game winner – but they didn’t. That had nothing to do with officiating. Stop whining!

  25. THomas says:

    So now we get pissed at refs for making the right call? They didn’t score off the play, the Canadian player didn’t have to handle the ball in the box, the Canadian keeper could have saved the penalty, the Canadians could have scored a goal anytime in the next 10 mins or 30 mins of extra time. Get over it, you gave up a lead 3 times and instead of defending when it mattered you looked for every little call. Stop watching Real Madrid and get back to training.

  26. WFRW says:

    link to youtube.com

    Go to the 1:00 mark in this video. It is called on Hope Solo as a matter of fact.

    The opposite goalie in that game? Canada’s current backup keeper Karina LeBlanc.

    In the 78th minute of this game, a substitute was brought for St. Louis. Her name is Melissa Tancredi.

    Grant Wahl also said he said it in a PL game back in 1992 with Newcastle, where Shearer scored on the resulting indirect free kick.

  27. shane says:

    And why did Sinclair and DeRo not stay in their country and play for Canadian teams? Why does Vancouver apply to be in the United States Soccer Federation Development Academy league?

    What Irish teams play in the premier league?

  28. fifawitz1313 says:

    I believe the slogan of this site is “The world of soccer with an AMERICAN voice”. If Canadians are looking for sympathy, they have come to the wrong place.

  29. WFRW says:

    Actually a yellow card is given on a restart (usually a goal kick). When the ball is in play, there is no cautionable offense for time wasting, unless you wanted to call unsporting behavior. That said, if you booked the goalie for unsporting behavior while the ball was in the play, the correct restart by rule would be, wait for it, an indirect kick at the spot of the foul. Only when a card is given during a break in play does play continue afterwards as it was (again, usually the goal kick commences after the booking).

  30. Mig22 says:

    Diehard US fan here, and yeah, I will say that the call was BS, that it had a huge impact in the game, and that Canada deserves to feel cheated.

    “Lucky” I wouldn’t use that term though. There are a lot of moments in a game and a lot of calls made. But, paradoxically, I can agree that the Canadians were unlucky. 😉

  31. brando in SA says:

    As others have stated, the reason solo didn’t get called for it, is because she wasn’t doing it to waste time. It would serve no purpose to time-waste when you are losing. It’s called context. What is so difficult about understanding that? It’s not like it was called at 7 seconds. She was given 11 seconds, and yes, this followed other instances of the Canadians wasting time. I, for one wish this call was made more often. I’m looking at you, central american WCQ games! As far as Tancredi is concerned, she should have been sent off way before extra time, so she should shut her piehole.

  32. shane says:

    During the game I was giving the Canadian women tons of plaudits for how they played. But their reaction to the match and Herdman’s classless attempts to influence the officiating with his “highly illegal” comments prior to the match have left a bad taste. It’s like Luis Suarez. He plays very inspired soccer, but ruins it entirely with his behavior. When Americans show bad sportsmanship, I’m ashamed. Such should be the case for Canadians now.

  33. Mig22 says:

    Great stuff, thanks! I had just seen Wahl’s thing when you posted this but didn’t know about the Solo call.

    All this still backs up the point that the ref made a call, contrary to how the game is called all over the world, in a critical point of a game. Wild times.

  34. biff says:

    Okay, SBI Faux Editor. I’ll admit it. The six-second call was BS and a travesty. And I am 100% agreement with you up above that, had the table been turned, USWMNT players and fans would be going ape today. I personally think USWNT fans should lay off the Canadians on this one. It’s embarrassing to read some of the ridiculous comments against the Canadian team gushing out.

    Christine Sinclair was pure class yesterday. She was phenomenal athletically with all three of her goals totally deserved, two of which showed worrisome weaknesses in Hope Solo in particular and in the whole USWNT defense in general. The Canadians have every reason in the world to be screaming mad today, as we would if everything was reversed. Yes, the Canadians played rough, but so did some members of the USWNT, delivering some bone-crunching tackles and kicks into Canadian feet and shins and one particularly vicious stomp from Abby Wambach on Sinclair’s foot. And for those of you claiming Megan Rapinhoe did not handle the ball in the penalty area in the first-half, give me break. It was a blatant hand-ball with her arm moving to tap the ball away from the net so she could clear it.

    I think the big question is why Fifa provides highly qualified referees for the men’s Olympic soccer games but a mostly incompetent group of referees for the women’s games. It sort of makes a mockery of the whole tournament.

  35. Juvi177 says:

    Is it not obvious? The US has a much larger and denser population, many large cities and more teams. Hence more leagues and more competition, in a more dense geographical area. If you have a problem with that, too bad for you.

    But before you complain about DeRo playing for DC united, consider whether you disagree with US players plying their trades in the EPL and any other European league for that matter. If you also have a problem with that, maybe you should go live in another century from the past.

  36. Matt C in Tampa says:

    People keep saying “more than 6 seconds” as if the ref blew the whistle at the 7-second mark. On the play in question, keeper held the ball for a minium of 11 seconds (nearly double the permitted time) with 11 minutes left in the game with Canada up by a goal. CLEAR time wasting. Clear violation of the rule. And she’d been warned. Blame the keeper. Not the ref. Not the US.

  37. Mig22 says:

    Biff! Stop being reasonable! We must hate the opposition and feel nothing but contempt for their complaints. 😉

    Good point on the rough play but I’ll disagree with you about Rapinoe’s suspected handball. Thought is a clean play.

    But look, we can disagree about a call without hating each other! What a concept.


  38. juvi177 says:

    Sorry not Irish; Welsh: Swansea City. And others in other English leagues.

  39. biff says:

    And one other thing I just thought of, in extra time, I think in the second 15 minutes, when Buehler hurt her leg and dropped in pain, the USWNT had the ball but ignored their own teammate hurt on the pitch and were going to still try for a fast break goal. They lost the ball and when the Canadians moved the ball back toward goal, they saw Buehler down and kicked the ball out of bounds, even though they had a clear advantage for the winning goal. A class act, but I wonder if they regret it today.

  40. RLW2020 says:

    wow good job with the references!
    I was going to agree with Mig22.

    almost every game i have ever been to the supporters start counting out loud the seconds the keeper wastes, usually between 10-16.. never thought it would actually be called!, especially in a huge game!

    anyway the end of the story is Morgan got the goal in the end fair and square. if i was a Canadian fan i would be pissed! but at least we won on a good goal.

  41. biff says:


  42. WFRW says:

    I don’t disagree that is it wild, but it is a call that I wish was made all the time (yes against the US when it needs to be). I hate time-wasting and calls like this would dramatically curb the behavior.

    The other thing I would add is that we don’t know much about this particular official. Maybe this is a call she makes with regularity, but we don’t see her officiate games in Norway or whatever and she is consistent. Not saying this is the case, but it could be. Not like if a Howard Webb made a call where we know we’ve seen him ref 1000 games.

    As for all the criticism, it baffles my mind how so many people can complain about something that is so clearly in the rulebook. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Be mad at other refs for not calling it, of FIFA for having the rule in place, or whatever. And I don’t have a problem with blaming the ref for the handball (I certainly think it’s a 50/50 call that I’ve seen called both ways hundreds of times), but blaming the ref for enforcing a concrete by the book rule is nuts. Think about a ref doing that in another part of the game. “Yeah, I know the ball went all the way out of bounds, but I feel like playing on anyway and not awarding a throw-in, rulebook be damned!!!” Methinks this would not go over too well.

  43. RLW2020 says:

    agreed, there is so much gray area in soccer refing.. i wish every game had a shot clock on the keeper, but not some count in the ref’s mind but an actual one that everyone can see!

  44. shane says:

    I have no problem with Canadians playing in the US and in fact welcome it. Where did I complain about DeRo playing for DC? My point is that Canadian players and Canadian soccer benefit from the opportunity to play at American colleges, in MLS, and in our federation’s youth development league and then your players and coaches go around whining about how unfair things are.

  45. yankiboy says:

    I’m going to disagree with you on this one. I have a lot of sympathy for them. And I’m an American. On an American forum.

    Technically the correct call. Even though it is rarely implemented. I would have preferred a warning from the referee beforehand but by their own admission, an offical had warned them. The penalty was technically a correct call (even though there was no intent).

    When they play us, the calls don’t seem to go their way. I don’t blame them for being salty. There has been several calls that have gone against them when they have played us that I still don’t understand, several years after they have occurred.

    Harsh calls. Technically correct. Just my opinion. Which is pretty much most of what we share around here.

  46. KC says:

    Dumbest. explanation. ever. according to you the referee should only follow the rules of the game when they benefit the losing team. Just plain stupid

  47. yankiboy says:

    Bro, thanks a lot for articulating your points. They are clearly a minority here in regards to this subject. (Nobody overeact–I’m not saying that they have any more merit than any one else’s but I appreciate the guy’s take.)

    Had those two calls gone the other way, I would have been fuming so much that is would have been unhealthy (which probably just indicates that I take some of my teams’ results waaaay to seriously…)

  48. Mig22 says:

    I hear you but I have a couple of points.

    1. I wish it was called too.
    2. We can (should) criticize the call because keepers play according to how the game is called today. If we can only scrape up 2 cases (or even if it is 5-10 times) in 20 years, then keepers feel free to use extra time. Too much habit is ingrained to change the enforcement in mid-stream.

    Maybe FIFA can make this a talking point now.

    Good discussion.

  49. juvi177 says:

    No one is blaming the US. Both teams played an excellent match. The problem is the outcome was not justly achieved.

    So the rule is the rule apparently. The ref was within her rights and made a correct call and the same call was made twice before, once in 1992. lol, in 1992.

    Except Hope Solo also held the ball beyond 6 seconds. But wait, now the rule is not the rule. The rule is that Hope Solo didn’t break the rule as much as McLeod (except she was losing so of course she was going as quickly as possible- but the difference was about 3 seconds) Give me a break.

  50. Beachbum says:

    This is not the truth

    Of course I can understand Canadian angst this morning, but Tancredi has no foot to stand on…earned her ejection numerous times but kept playing the entire match, including for the final goal

    Canada employed thug tactics their coach wanted and it bit them in the a.s.s

  51. Rowsdower says:

    Not a real game but it did happen to this guy in a blog I read:
    “When I was 8 I was playing one of my older brother’s friends in FIFA ’98 Road to the World Cup, the greatest soccer game of all time. Late in the match I led 2-1. With the ball in my goalie’s hands, I waited for the final whistle, afraid of my opponent’s chances of a late equalizer. The result? Not a computer-mandated punt, but a whistle from the animated ref – Indirect Free Kick…Goal…Overtime…Loss.”

  52. WFRW says:

    I see what you are saying with number 2. I kind of feel like this is a bit similar to diving (though I’m unsure of the history of the crackdown on diving, whether or not refs started calling it and then it became a talking point, or vice versa), and hopefully will become a talking point moving forward.

  53. Egad! says:

    I bet all the money in the world that Solo will be called for the 6 second rule in the fianl. Every single keeper in the tourney has done that at least 5 times each game. With the backlash from not just the Canadian players and coaches, but from media all over the world who are disgusted that such a call was made, you have to assume that the US will have to suffer the call too, to “make up” for the terrible decision.

    Better hope the US is up by more than a goal when it happens…

  54. M says:

    Tell you what I will admit the 6 second call was BS if you admit that Tancredi is a goon even by hockey standards and Canada should have been down to 10 players

  55. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t be proud nor claiming to have a game stolen from me ….after I was trying to not only break the rules (stalling)….but to not even play the ball just to win. A bad call in the run of play and I would understand their frustration, but this is cheap. They wanted to NOT play in order to WIN.
    They LOST.

  56. Mig22 says:

    THAT is simply awesome.

  57. Scooter says:

    All this complaining and whining about the refereeing by fans denigrates the efforts of the women who played a great game yesterday.

    The officiating was poor. The game was allowed to become overly physical. The events leading the 3rd US goal were abnormal, so of course the Canadian players are going have a sour taste in their mouths.

    However despite the officiating these women played a one hell of a game. The 4th US goal by Morgan for US was a truly great moment. Sinclair’s hat trick was crazy, she carried a outmatched Canadian team on her back.

  58. shane says:

    Also the US did not play an excellent match. Canada was lucky they played so below their potential with such poor offensive tactics. I dont think the US deserved to win, not because of the officiating, but because they decided to only play long balls all match long. Other than Sinclair, who I believe is the best player in North America, all the US players are better than the Canadians and yet they decided the only way to win was to launch long balls to Morgan and Wambach. Why do we even pay a coach?

  59. yankiboy says:

    Being the dumbest, stupidest guy around here (hands down–no contest), I think what he was trying to indicate was that often, we will here about the ref using their discussion or commmentators and pundits will kick out phrases like “You’re not gonna get that call, this late in the game at such a crucial moment”.

    I don’t think that SA was saying anything about a ref only following the rules when they benefit the losing team. Canada wasn’t losing at the time of the series of calls that we are discussing took place.

    But like I said, you could be right. I’m not the brightest bulb in th box.

  60. Eurosnob says:

    Hey, it happens to almost every underdog in soccer. It is tough for Canadian women, who played the game of their lives against a more talented team and came agonizingly close to winning, but it is soccer. I think the US would have scored an equalizer with or without the call – this team was two goals down against France and still won. And, aside from a rarely made call, there’s plenty of blame to spread around. You’ve got to admit that it was pretty boneheaded for the keeper to try to waste time after the assistant ref specifically told her not to do it. She would have gotten away with holding the ball for 6-8 seconds, but 11 seconds is almost twice the amount allowed under the rules. Canadians can also blame the keeper and defenders for a terrible defending on the first goal. You don’t normally see goals scored from a corner flag area. Or you can blame Canadian players for failing to score in the overtime and allowing Morgan to score in the dying seconds. Great game overall by both teams. Canadian team can hold their heads high. If they use their disagreement with the refs call to motivate themselves for a game against Brazil, they will bring home the medals. If they sulk and feel sorry for themselves rather than focusing on the game ahead, Brazil will beat them.

  61. beachbum says:

    Can’t say the ref wore an American uni with Tancredi not being red carded

    Lots of calls/non calls both ways. Canada bullied the game up, got away with incredible amounts of crap. In the end they were punished

    And yes the indirect free kick was a questionable decision along with many others that went Canada’s way

  62. john says:

    In fact, she should have been ejected for THAT comment to the ref alone!!

  63. john says:


  64. jon says:

    I know this whole chain is about the ridiculous six second call. But Cazorla signing with Arsenal— huge. Best move by Arsenal in a few years. Technical mid who fits in perfectly. Van persie should stay.

  65. john says:

    Because they had adopted a victim mentality even before the match had begun, see Herdman’s “highly” illegal comments. It was a poorly officiated match all around, the Canadians do not have a monopoly on complaints.

  66. Seriously says:

    I have to agree that coach has a lot to do with it. He made the game plan to play like thugs, he started mouthing off before the game and then did exactly what he said the US would himself. It is no wonder the team is acting this way after his antics.

  67. Seriously says:

    Not even maybe. There could easily have been another 2-3 pk’s justly given and that Tancredi dike should have been off the field well before the game was over. They cry because a ref followed a rule, what the hell kind of complaint is that? Generally people complain when the ref doesn’t get a call right, but hey its Canada they can’t stand on their own two feet without being held up by the US so who is surprised?

  68. marden08 says:

    Tancredis should talk. She should have been sent off at least twice for here second yellow. Any ref that left her on the field should wear a maple leaf on their heart. Her fouls were to hurt an intimidate. She is a hack.

  69. Seriously says:

    After playing like thugs and getting away with it for most of the game I find it laughable that you could even consider being screwed. You were lucky to have a full team on the field and not to give up far more than the 1 PK.

  70. BF says:

    the drama of the match was exciting and yes that was a bizarre call by the ref. but boy in general its dreadful soccer to watch..stupid physical challenges, suspect technique by the majority of the players , long balls all over the place and no tactical brains!

  71. yankiboy says:

    GREAT point! Hope had better make sure that she releases the ball with a couple seconds to spare. The keepers (at least on the women’ side) are going to be under a microscope after this. Until the next time that it happens and the dust gets kicked up again.

  72. Seriously says:

    Syrup sucker

  73. Seriously says:

    When you play like thugs it will seem like calls go against you…because you freakin earned them. Canada got away with a whole lot yesterday, just not enough to save them in the end.

  74. Mike r says:

    Waa waaa!! Cry baby Canadians, had the goalie not participated in that sort of gamesmanship it would have been besides the point. The fact the rule is not often enforced does not mean it does not exist. In fact I hope we see it more instead of giving a goalie a wireless yellow card.

  75. Tyler says:

    Torres kind of won the golden boot….

  76. Neal says:

    Don’t think that Brazil has a chance against Canada in the bronze medal game, seeing as they play France.

  77. scooter says:

    I think its fair to say ref was not favouring either side, she just had a bad game. Perhaps she was not equipped to handle the physicality of the women’s game as its played North America

    The US women have always been know as the most physical side in the world. Canada seemed intent on countering that with even more physicality. To some extent you could argue the tactic and some brilliance from Sinclair actually enabled them to compete with the US. I wonder if we will see other team adopt this tactic vs the US?

  78. Mig22 says:

    buh bye. Moderation, anyone?

  79. Mig22 says:

    yeah, fair point. :)

    But really, he did manage to have little impact for most of the tournament, yeah. two of his three goals were ‘icing’ sort of things.

  80. scooter says:

    Question: What’s more annoying than Canadians whining about the officiating in this match?

    Answer: An American whining about the the Canadian reaction to the officiating.

    Great game by the athletes, bad game by the officials. The US is clearly the more talented team, that was known before the match. It was a great match because the Canadians almost pulled off the upset.

    The athletes were great, the comments on this thread really seem to represent the worst of the both nations supporters. Too bad.

  81. Canada Reality Check says:

    So the Canadian Keeper’s only warming came from the assistant referee???? WHAT MORE WARNING DO YOU NEED. If she said that at halftime chances are the referee won’t give you a warning because the assistant warned you not to slow the game. Its soccer referee’s make bad calls all the time. It not like that call eliminated you the goal from Alex Morgan did. Fact is you still had a chance to win it in extra time and you didnt capitalized. Just hold your heads up high and fight for the bronze medal.

  82. Andrew says:

    Somebody call the wambulance.

  83. Mig22 says:

    yes, it is huge. As a Chelsea fan, I’m not happy…which means it’s a good move for the Gunners.

  84. Byrdman says:

    I disagree. but as I write my reply I realized that you may be correct. The “advantage” is played many times in a game, when the offended team has not suffered any loss, and in affect would actually be punished by stopping the game to enforce the rule. Which was my original argument against calling it against Solo’s early violation. But now I realize that the Canadian team should have received the same indirect kick that the US received. So my original argument does not hold water.

    BUT all that being said, win with class and lose with class. There are always countless opportunities for the players to affect the game to gain a win. Take the high road and move on. Earn the respect of the world by handling adversity with class, instead of screaming that everyone should feel sorry for them.

    If it had happened to the US, I, as a fan, would have been upset. But as a former player and coach, I have to look and see that the team could have done many things to prevent the result.

    Just my two cents.

  85. Byrdman says:

    Thanks. I don’t think either side whining is anymore annoying than the other.

    Great game to experience. Not beautiful, but dramatic.

    Sorry Canada. Who knows maybe the next time you find a way to get the W. Learning how to win is as important has learning how to play.

  86. Impact1 says:

    OUtplayed them? Shots 24 USA to 7 CA.

    Canada was lucky to come so close.

  87. Impact1 says:

    Want some cheese with that whine?

  88. juvi177 says:

    “that Tancredi dike” and “Canada can’t stand on their [sic] own two feet” and “without being held up by the US”.

    Well said. Oh yeah, except your comment was ignorant, baseless, clearly you are lacking in intelligence and education and you don’t have a clue.

    Way to represent.

    PS victim mentality? Canada scored 1st & scored two more times after US equalized. The only time US went ahead there was about 4 seconds left in the game. Because Canada didn’t score a fourth goal in 11 mins reg and the overtime, that’s a sign of victim’s mentality?

    The coach’s comments were tactics pre game, not a sign of anything more than that.

  89. juvi177 says:

    Playing like thugs? lol. Are you suggesting the US was called for fouls and Canada was not? Please. There were numerous instances throughout the game where the US had free kicks in dangerous areas where there was incidental or no contact whatsoever. There were constant free kicks awarded to the US from the right side close to the 18 for marginal contact in the 1st half. There was one questionable tackle in the 18 by a Canadian defender. Though, there was also an arm to ball in the US 18.

    The ref was awful going both ways and she was inconsistent. No one is complaining about this as a game issue. It happens and that’s soccer. The indirect kick was more than inconsistent. Goalies pick up the ball every game. In almost every game they hold it more than 6 seconds. Yet people only seem able to refer to 2X this has been called going back 20 years.

    Moreover, if you watched the game, Canada was hardly engaging in stalling tactics like we have all seen over the years. One of the benefits of a Canada-USA match at any level is the game is usually fairly contested, with little play acting/diving or time wasting, compared to other nations in our region.

  90. pete says:

    Wambulance? What are you 12?

  91. Chris says:

    Compare the reactions of the Canadians with the reactions of the Americans after they lost the final in the World Cup last year.

    The Americans were just as heartbroken about losing, but immediately turned around and gave full credit to the Japanese for winning the game. Not a single whiner on the team that I can recall. They accepted their loss and used it to fuel their desire to show up at the Olympics even stronger.

  92. pete says:

    Most of these posts are really embarrassing. Grow up. It was a terrible call and the USA benefited from it.

  93. peter says:

    The two losses are not the same. Also, Hope Solo whined just a week ago that Chastain did not support the team enough. Talk about thin skin.

  94. Juan says:

    Tancredi is a total hack and should have been ejected after her 4th or 5th foul. By the end of the game, she was hockey checking players off the ball and getting away with it

    I thought Canada played well for the most part but they did get away with hacking the crap out of the USA, all game long. They have no right to complain about the call that lead to the PK because there should have been a second PK minutes later when Morgan was chopped down.

    This post game complaining is making me lose sympathy for their demise.

  95. juvi177 says:

    So it’s Canadians “whining”. What is it called when most of the rest of the soccer world, outside of Canada, is saying the same thing the Canadians are saying? What is it called when informed Americans say the same thing?

    link to prosoccertalk.nbcsports.com

  96. rob says:

    You actually think the keeper was stalling??? Wow. She was on the ground with the ball, got up quickly, looked for a quick outlet, didn’t find one, then hoofed it. Nothing in that sequence suggested stalling. But, as noted by the BBC game commentators, Wambaugh was standing beside the ref counting out loud. The ref caved in to US whining on the field. Solo could have been called for the same thing many times in that game. In almost any game, that call can technically be made, but it just is not called. Cdn keeper did nothing outrageous to stall. It was a bad call pure and simple, and if it went the other way against Solo there would be the same questioning and incompetent ref accusations as some canadians are doing now. And delay of game is a booking, yellow card. Not an indirect kick like that. It was a disgraceful moment in sport. If you are honest, you would see that. USA was given an advantage on that call alone. No need to be callous and disrespectful to canadians about it. Humble and thankful, yes, but to suggest you would respond differently if it went the other way is ridiculous.

  97. BrianK says:


    There is no Development Academy program for women. It is exclusively for men/boys.

  98. You want objective says:

    Ask most of the soccer world and “informed” Americans what they think about Tancredi stomping on a US players head and the handful of other non calls in the box?

  99. rob says:

    in this game, it was Wambaugh, standing beside the ref, counting out loud to influence the referee. the ref caved in brutal fashion.

  100. WFRW says:

    What’s it called when your player does this?

    link to youtube.com

  101. Natsalways says:

    I have been reading these comments all morning and thinking back to the 2002 World Cup when the US men were so obviously ripped off against the German team in the Quarterfinals. I don’t remember how the players reacted then, but it is a good frame of reference.

    I don’t agree this is the same level of egregiousness…the ref actually called a pretty even, if not very good, game, to my mind. But if I were a hardcore CA women’s fan, I would be crushed today. I can’t blame you for feeling that way….trust me, we gave been there.

    I still think it is classless of the players and particularly the coach to go off about it, and remarkably so given the class they showed in putting the ball out of bounds when Buehler got cramps. Fans are one thing: coaches and players should have a little more professionalism, to my mind.

    Great game.

  102. Joe says:

    While I agree that the call is strange in that it was enforced; however, McLeod had some form of warning albeit from an assistant ref not the main ref. Earlier in the game she had held on to the ball for far longer then the time it was called. Yes Hope had had a couple of instances where she held onto the ball for 7-8 seconds but so did McLeod so it could have been called on her more than once. As to the two handballs, they are unfortunately not consistent in how they call those so either one called have been called, both or neither. As to Tancredi, she is lucky she didn’t get carded for any of her reckless challenges as I believe her yellow was for dissent and may have been for her comment mentioned above.

  103. JSmiley says:

    I feel bad for the Canadians and their fans. They played a fantastic game and did not deserve that unusual time-wasting call.

    But the Canadian team benefitted more from officiating error than the Americans did.

    Tancredi should have been given a straight red card at about 55:00 for intentionally stepping on Carly Lloyd’s head. The game was tied at the time and Canada would have been playing 10 vs 11 for 35 minutes. I don’t think there would have been any way for Canada to hang on. Obviously, Canada’s 2nd goal would not have happened the way it did (Tancredi cross).

    If the ref doesn’t call the time-wasting, USA would have pressed on for 12 more minutes to try for the equalizer. Considering they had already equalized twice, there would have been a good chance they would have done so.

    Tancredi should be suspended for two games just like the Colombian player was suspended for punching Wambach.

  104. josh says:

    go away.

  105. Cyrus says:

    Meh, semantics, ECNL is basically DA.

  106. Shane says:

    Brian K, did I say the DA was for women? No. I was talking about both national teams coaches (men and women) complaining. The mens coach claimed that MLS rules regarding domestic players is hurting the development of Canadian players. MLS cant do anything about US immigratin law.

  107. rondo says:

    a goal is a goal

  108. Mig22 says:

    We’ll just have to disagree on that one.

  109. juvi177 says:

    If you can’t understand the difference between a missed call (there were many going both ways and will always be many in most games) and the basically unprecedented ridiculous indirect free kick given with 11 mins remaining, then there is no point in having any further discussion.

    You can say it’s a rule so it was right to enforce it. Fine, if it’s a rule then Hope Solo should have been called on it to; the circumstances should not vary the implementation of the rule. Further, if the rule is followed there can be no missed calls- it’s easy to implement: every time the goalie gets the ball in her hands, start the clock.

    You don’t suddenly decide to start enforcing a rule with 11 mins left in an elimination match.

  110. Will says:

    It’s part of the game when calls/fouls don’t go your way. The Canadians play a hard game but at the end of the day refs make the final call. It’s how you react to it that makes the difference. The Canadians could have done more for them selves instead of blaming a ref for their lose. I’m sad that the Canadians feel they got cheated and how they react after the game. It shows that the coach and players need to become more professional. Its a embarrassment for how the coach and players reacted to the post game interviews.

  111. Conrad says:

    Please refrain from exposing your bigotry.

  112. Mike Caramba says:

    Torres tied five other players with three goals and won on minutes played. Two of his goals came in a 4-0 win over Ireland, and one came on mop-up in a 4-0 win over ten-man Italy.

    “Invisible” is taking it one step too far, but Torres is still pretty far from his best.

  113. georgesd says:

    Bull, the game was physical on both sides, Tancredi or Wambach among many others, what about the knee Wambach ‘placed’ on Schmidt. Fouls, 20 for the USA and 19 for Canada.
    Soccer is a physical game. A couple of final points:
    -the ref favored the trailing Americans with the time call w 10+/- min remaining.
    -Canada held her own throughout the match.
    No glory in this victory for USA. Thank the ref. She won’t ref any semi game in the foreseeable future.

    USA, you were lucky. Don’t gloat.

  114. KarlthewonderYak says:

    On a different note, Cazorla for 15-17 million is a steal in my opinion.

  115. What I didn’t understand at the time was McLeod actually kicked the ball and then the call was made; I think we’ve all seen egregious time-wasting, but when this call was made it didn’t meet that definition by a long shot.

  116. Allouez86 says:

    If the keeper delays the game by waiting to put the ball back into play after a dead ball situation, (goal kick, foul) it’s a yellow card, not an indirect kick for the other team. If the keeper collects the ball during the run of play and holds it longer than 6 seconds, then it’s an indirect kick for the opposing team. I’m no expert, but that’s how it was when I was eight and would assume that’s how it still is 😉 Just strange when the rule never gets enforced.

  117. Joe says:

    Honestly it should be for a lot longer. A punch to the gut is bad, stomping on a downed players face is inexcusable. I had not seen the stomp before but now that I have I would like to see her get a fairly stiff penalty of 5+ games. You just cannot do something like that, I know the refs can’t see everything but how was that missed? The ball wasn’t far away, though it was moving across goal.

    Was this also the play where the US pushed forward while Lloyd was down but Canada kicked it out when they got possession?

  118. Sean says:

    The indirect free kick call did not make the score 3-3, the defender handling the ball in the penalty area did. The PK tied the game, the Canadians still had 40min to win the game and allowed another US goal. Why are ya’ll upset about the indirect kick, when your defense let you down twice to lose the game.

  119. Gene says:

    If the tables were turned, I am sure there would be a lot of complaining.

    But I don’t think there would be national team coaches and players insinuating that the game was somehow fixed.

  120. Mason says:

    Funny thing, rob…

    Q: If the referee had chosen to give a yellow card for Unsporting Behavior (or any other misconduct that is not in-and-of-itself a foul), do you know what the restart would have been?

    A: IFK for USA at the spot of the infraction.

  121. Mason says:

    Do you know why you never see that called?

    Because most GK’s above U-10 don’t make the mistake of establishing a pattern of holding on to the ball for too long, being warned about holding on to the ball for too long, and then persisting in their pattern.

    I see this call all the time. I make a few of them annually in youth matches I work. The kids get it. Why didn’t McLeod?

  122. Mason says:

    If the AR is warning you, consider yourself warned by the CR. There are three teams on the pitch. Ignoring a warning because it came from an AR is a good way to get booked.

  123. Joamiq says:

    Tancredi straight up stomped on Lloyd’s head.
    link to nbcolympics.com

    Canada should have been playing with 10 long before the controversial goal.

  124. NF says:

    I remember Donovan saying the team was “robbed” at the World Cup. That’s about it. I don’t remember a single time that an American player has ever accused a referee of deciding the winner before the match or of wearing the opposing team’s shirt. It’s shockingly poor sportsmanship. The manager is to blame with his unprofessional accusations before the match that basically gave his players the OK to be brutally physical (apparently to the point of stomping on another player’s face).

  125. Eurosnob says:

    You are right it is France, not Brazil, but my general point stands.

  126. VJM says:

    Confusing the Irish with the Welsh is like confusing Americans with Canadians…

  127. ChuckinBham says:

    Dear Canadian Women’s Team –

    Welcome to the woes of international soccer….

    US Men’s National Team

  128. ChuckinBham says:

    PS – This applies to the entire Canadian Soccer Nation as well.

  129. sagcat says:

    Does it also mean that a French player gets to stomp on a Canadian player’s face in the Bronze match?

  130. dog says:

    Great signing for Arsenal! Cazorla is the most underrated Spanish player followed by Ferni LLorente

  131. Miguel says:

    I agree with Gene wholeheartedly. When the referee in the US-Slovenia Men’s world cup game called back a totally legitimate Edu goal, without an explanation, players and coaches were upset, but never claimed that a fix was in. I think the Canadian Coach really set a poor example, perhaps setting his players up for suspensions, with his comments. Even before the game, he was at it, claiming the US use “illegal” tactics. To my eyes, both teams were physical, but the Canadians were more so.

  132. Miguel says:

    Joamig, Thanks for posting that clip. Tancredi is the worst kind of thug. A sissy, whiney thug. She should receive a 10-game international suspension for that stamp. That’s unbelievable and in a physical game all around, with Canada setting the tone, that attack stands out as a deliberate attempt to injure a player. I felt some sympathy for Canada, but this plus the whining and conspiracy crap from the fans and worst the team itself has done away with that.

  133. Smpl says:

    I have been watching the video of Tancredi deliberately stomping on Lloyd’s head when she was down. That was a clear cut red card that was missed. My question is this- why hasn’t she been suspended upon further review? It was flagrant and unquestionably intentional.