USA vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. Men's National Team takes on arch-rival Mexico tonight at Estadio Azteca, and the U.S. will be looking to become the first Americans to beat 'El Tri' on Mexican soil when the square off in a rare friendly in Mexico City (8pm, ESPN2).

The Americans will be trying to snap a four-match winless streak against Mexico, a streak that began with a 2-1 loss at Azteca in 2009 during World Cup qualifying. Jurgen Klinsmann will be without several regular starters tonight, but will be counting on veterans Tim Howard and Landon Donovan to lead the charge against a favored Mexican side.

Mexico will be lead by Manchester United striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez as well as a strong defense that will make things difficult for the American attack. Giovani Dos Santos is injured after Olympic duty and won't be around to terrorize the U.S. defense, but Monterrey playmaker Angel Reyna will be one to watch.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along with the live chat. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):


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208 Responses to USA vs. Mexico: Match Night Commentary

  1. Vic says:

    Not thrilled with the line-up. Johnson should be at LB where he’s comfortable, Williams should play RB where he’s played before and Castillo should play left mid where he’s comfortable. That would push Torres more into the middle where he’s comfortable. Switch four players around and make everyone comfortable.

  2. HoboMike says:

    Williams has very little pace. Not exactly the type of person to guard Guardado.

  3. ben says:

    I’m ok with it, given the lack of experienced fullbacks on the roster. If I’m not mistaken, Johnson is actually right footed.

  4. Spank says:

    Not a fan of the line up but i just heard that the attendance is only over 60 thousand. Which is much better than over 100 thousand so i say that helps our boys out….. a little… Go USA!!!!

  5. Jeff says:

    Not a fan of this lineup/roster. But that keeps the expectations low so go USA

  6. gabe says:

    alexi lallas needs to calm down…

  7. Vic says:

    Its not my birthday today but it feels like it. No Taylor Twellman. He is the most annoying dork announcer since Jack Edwards.

  8. Eric says:

    Alright drinking game. Everytime the annoucers says “Hand of God” “Thunderdome” and “Possession” you gotta drink.

  9. b says:

    What is the maximum number of defensive midfielders that any lineup has had in the history of soccer, and did Klinsy just break that record with this quintet?

  10. Eric says:

    That’s one for Thunderdome.

  11. AcidBurn says:

    Wait a second…Mexico only gets 60k for a match in Azteca while US-Mexico (any match) would sell out Cowboys Stadium in the US?

    So Mexico draws better in the US then they do at home.

  12. DJ says:

    Somewhat off-topic here, I know—anyone know anything new about dos Santos to Sporting KC? Vermes seems to remain highly interested even though Spurs aren’t eager to sell for less than they acquired him for.

  13. chris says:

    Why is Williams playing RM? I really am getting sick of these lineup gaffs

  14. Tyler says:

    Probably not as sick as we are of you constantly complaining about everything.

  15. Eric says:

    3 possessions thus far.

  16. Eric says:

    Does Beckerman know he’s allowed more than one touch?

  17. robert daniels says:

    Beckerman is playing like shite.

  18. Dirk a Dirk says:

    Donovan a step slow today.

  19. Eric says:

    I concur.

  20. Eric says:

    Seems like his passes are a step ahead of their targets as well. This goes for most of the team.

  21. A.S. says:

    Has the US had more than 2 complete passes in a row yet???

  22. chris says:

    Oh im sorry i didnt realize that was ok with you. Thank you for all your positive up lifting comments that enlighten all the readers to your immense knowledge of all things soccer.

  23. Seriously says:

    I’ve said it before, but it is becoming more apparent, Beckerman is Klinsy’s Bornstein. Dude is awful at this level.

  24. frank from sf says:

    wow. williams is BAD, going anywhere forward..

  25. DCU FAN IN SOCAL says:

    Beckerman sucks! And so does the live commentary above!

  26. Jim says:

    Danny Williams is a joke…he can’t even keep the ball, much less be an attacking threat on the mid. The right side is completely useless. Constantly back passing and pulling inside. I don’t know why we keep kicking the tires on these players like Williams, Beckerman, Torres who consistently disappoint.

  27. Kent says:

    Midfield loves coughing up possession.

  28. El solo says:

    I agree…

  29. Tyler says:

    Chicarito is a diving *****.

  30. andrew in tally says:

    Torres, Williams and Beckerman look overmatched. Let’s end the Torres experiment.

  31. Eric says:

    Back four has been masterful with the midfield being non existent except for Jones.

  32. Tyler says:

    You’re going to fault the CAM for the ball never getting over midfield?

  33. Scott says:

    As a Revs and Bruins fan i enjoy both of them!

  34. This Guy says:

    I hate gaffes too! Especially spelling gaffs!

  35. Texian1856 says:

    Cameron just sent Gooch into retirement.

  36. andrew in tally says:

    Solid defensive effort. Hard to watch Beckerman chase the game like his head is cut off. We need somebody who wants to hold the ball and dictate play instead of giving it away. Castillo looked shaky early but he made some solid defensive plays. Cameron….the more I see the more I like. 0-0 much better than anyone on his blog predicted. Let’s get Beasely or Shea on the right. Williams isn’t the answer.

  37. This Guy says:

    Torres is the only one of the three you mentioned that has looked decent, in my opinion.

  38. Eric says:

    After that 45 minutes I’m gonna start the bandwagon for Cameron in the starting 11 against Jamaica. He bossed that defense.

  39. chris says:

    At least we know Cameron is the real deal

  40. hudson says:

    U.S. passing woeful, even without heavy pressure from Mexico. Donovan doesn’t look sharp, but neither does Mexico, otherwise they would’ve scored by now with all the possession they’ve had. I say bring in Boyd for Torres and go with two strikers.

  41. Conrad says:

    I like Torres generally, so maybe that’s why I’m not complaining about him. He’s not getting touches — is that his fault? Possibly. But Beckerman: He’s just terrible. I haven’t seen a single positive touch from him. His one forward pass was a desperate stab that was a total hospital ball to Donovan. Cameron, on the other hand, looks good.

    God help us: Just realized Brek is on the bench….

  42. Tyler says:

    Cameron even looks like a Stoke player already haha

  43. Ted in MN says:

    Jones is the only one in the midfield doing anything to relieve the pressure on the back line. Given, Beckerman’s essentially playing within handshake distance of Edu and Cameron.

  44. Brett says:

    Can someone tell me exactly what Danny Williams brings to the table? He tracked back a few times but he looks lost with the ball at his feet.

    Too much lazy play in attack. Donovan doesn’t seem to like shooting anymore. He had two golden chances to test O-choke-a and withered. Cameron looks confident and Fabian is once again putting in a solid shift wherever we ask him to play.

    Lost in this is the fact that this poor side might sneak out of Azteca with a win today. There are so many empty seats they might make it out of Mexico without a riot.

  45. chris says:

    If gomez doesnt dive i think he finishes that chance

  46. biff says:

    Great effort thus far from the guys. Back line holding firm and Cameron and Castillo looking particularly good. I thought that the Danny Williams at right back experiment was over? Why does Klinsmann insist on playing the poor guy there? I am not a fan of Klinsmann strategy of playing so many players out of their club positions. Torres has hardly touched the ball. That said, I expect some substitutions and got a good feeling about the second half. Maybe we have a chance to put a couple in the net….

  47. biff says:

    *Danny Williams at Right Wing*

  48. Brett says:

    He’s getting touches, he’s just not keeping it when he does. Mexico clearly knows we want him to be the passing engine and they are pressuring him immediately.

  49. marden08 says:

    Fast fullbacks are better than big full backs. We basically have six defensive midfielders on the field (cameron, Edu, tores, Jones, Beckerman and Williams) Edu and Cameron look good. they can run and both can play better out of back than others that we have playing as center defender

  50. biff says:

    agree with all except Williams at Right Back. Williams should not have started-Period. He has not been starting for Hoffenheim in pre-season, plus was injured in May.

  51. Eric says:

    I do believe Scott and I just became friends.

  52. marden08 says:

    Castillo has been good as well because he has not got caught up and Guardado who usually kills us is being negated by Fabian Johnson.

  53. biff says:

    two times big, against Jones at 30 seconds and later with Donovan and the ref is falling for it…

  54. biff says:

    good point, Torres is playing out of position too far up top. Why does Klinsmann keep doing this, playing guys out of position. not smart

  55. boosted335 says:

    first lets see it for 90min then lets see it 3 games in a row.

    This is his first impressive 45min at CB since the end of 2011 with the Dynamo

  56. Tyler says:

    What the hell?!?!

    Lalas just claimed there is no gap between the USA and Mexico and there is no difference in what they’ve been doing in development. Is that a joke?

    Is this a joke? The entire staff outside of Twellman is claiming there is no gap. WOW. This is freaking awful.

  57. chris says:

    I think thats the problem, we want him to be our #10 but he is a deep lying midfielder.

  58. chris says:

    you sound negative

  59. chris says:

    Thats the problem we want him as our #10 but he is a deep lying midfielder by trade

  60. This Guy says:

    In terms of the ultimate goal of winning a World Cup; that is what Lalas said.

  61. Vic says:

    Glad to see Boyd not glad to see Beasley. Would rather see Corona. Hope are possession doesn’t go down.

  62. chris says:

    ooops didnt think my first comment went through

  63. The Imperative Voice says:

    Potentially ominous portent? ESPN’s qualifier schedule — mirrored by US Soccer — has no TV yet for @ Jamaica game coming up. [Ditto @ Antigua.]

    ESPN had better not be repeating the May/June trend of showing plenty of friendlies and the easy home qualis but not the road contests.

  64. Tyler says:

    Beasley brings a ton of speed and control. He’ll be a dangerous weapon if not just to give the defense a break.

  65. The Imperative Voice says:

    We need wing play not more central work.

  66. Seriously says:

    Between the two senior sides? There is no gap. At the youth level there seems to be, but ask Nigeria how important that is.

  67. Vic says:

    skill=possession, thats what we need.

  68. Robert Daniels says:

    He’s quickly becoming Javier Macherano to me.

  69. chris says:

    How is this ESPN’s fault? Why havent any other networks bought the game

  70. Eric says:

    Oh those naughty Mexicans waving lasers in Timmy’s eyes.

  71. Robert Daniels says:

    This game is screaming Dempsey.

  72. Robert Daniels says:

    Except the strips are horizontal.

  73. The Imperative Voice says:

    If that was true in practice Torres would be doing awesome. Reality is sometimes you need the speed to soften the defense to allow room for skill work (or perhaps just outright athleticism).

  74. Robert Daniels says:

    Wrong way Williams, where the hell are you going?

  75. Tyler says:

    What was that, 20 passes in a row for the USA? Nice work and good off the ball movement. Beasley’s speed has already been huge.

  76. Ted in MN says:

    Beasley adding some much needed patience on the ball.

  77. Kent says:

    US needs a facilitator on the field.

  78. Eric says:

    Sorry they’re all abroad.

  79. Robert Daniels says:

    Plus he’s familiar with Mexico.

  80. Tyler says:

    That’s why Beckerman is in there. Single handled shut down the counter attack like a destroyer should.

  81. Robert Daniels says:

    Or not American

  82. Tyler says:


    No wonder United just stopped playing him.

  83. Robert Daniels says:

    Did somerone just shoot Charichito? Becuase that’s what his face just looked like on that challenge, God I’m beginning to really hate that guy.

  84. Vic says:

    Have you noticed possession has gone down in the second half?

  85. The Imperative Voice says:

    ESPN plainly has the money to buy these rights and send a live crew to Mexico, but (maybe) can’t afford to buy the actual quali? Particularly when you advertise you’re showing at least some qualis, and make the whole process a big part of the commentary, to then not actually show half of it when we know they have the $ is uncool.

    I’m concerned ESPN, the traditional English language home for qualis (FSC only shows random friendlies and Gold Cup), is being stubborn at our expense. They buy rights for major tourneys they can afford this.

    FSC and NBC Sports could theoretically step into the breach but that doesn’t excuse ESPN from the absurdity of showing lots of WFC-type friendlies and this exhibition but then wussing out on the ones that count.

  86. KC says:

    Howard is such a classless clown. Does he really need to come off his line screaming to somebody after each play? I hope somebody punches him in the face next time.

  87. The Imperative Voice says:

    I’ve noticed us occasionally emerging from our half like Puxatawney Phil. You want Corona pull a DM from that set. But wide play and a second F are getting us downfield.

    You win at soccer by getting chances not possessing. And I actually think we’ve held the ball longer this half. Last half was an exercise in defense.

  88. Mig22 says:

    This game is a snooze fest. I had thought this lineup woudl be be a good marketing play for the various Mex-Amer and Amer-Mex fans. Holy crap this is lousy football and not just because the US has no possession.

  89. divers suck says:

    So far for the USAMNT?
    Parking the bus…….Check
    Playing on the road…Check
    Anything else?……..Zero

  90. Eric says:

    Is this for real?

  91. chris says:

    I see what your saying but when none of the networks buy the rights you cant really blame one of them especially when ESPN has really become the leader of soccer coverage in the US

  92. Gabe Cash says:

    Sweet mother of god we are pedestrian going forward.

  93. The Imperative Voice says:

    The question is if they respond to yelling. My youth club used to yell at each other all the time and we were quite successful. Fine if the players find it constructive.

    Also. It’s. Loud. Must. Yell. Ever played in front of a big crowd?

  94. Eric says:

    The man has tourette’s and its not uncommon for keepers to get upset at outfield players.

  95. Jamie Z. says:

    I’ll take it!

  96. Eric says:


  97. TYLER says:


  98. The Imperative Voice says:

    This gives both teams a chance to experiment. This is more like Camp Cupcake not Rehearsed Regulars. I’m impressed we’ve held serve this long.

  99. The Imperative Voice says:

    “Shea should be left off the roster blah blah blah” Ahhh, the moralizing.

  100. Gabe Cash says:

    shea with the meg of nut. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!

  101. Tyler says:

    Wow that’s an awful call that should have gone against Mexico for studs up into a 50/50.

    If we get screwed by the referee I am going to break something.

  102. Ted in MN says:


  103. Mig22 says:

    This may be experimental but that doesn’t mean it’s fun to watch. We parked the bus and stole a goal and that doesn’t change the fact that the soccer was so bad as to hurt my brain….by both sides.

  104. Dw says:

    Shea looks to have some skill with the ball here. Able to dribble out and make a pass. That is nice to see

  105. Gabe Cash says:

    How does Shea not start every game? I heard his form has been real bad. That sucks b/c that dude can ball.

  106. Gabe Cash says:

    i just sharted.

  107. Ted in MN says:

    Weird looking save that time.

  108. Eric says:

    Watch the 6 second rule Timmy.

  109. The Imperative Voice says:

    That little backheel (and the bike a few weeks back) is why Boyd will surpass Jozy. Jozy is a blunt instrument and Boyd has the potential for both precision and pivot play.

  110. Ted in MN says:

    its an ingenious move

  111. The Imperative Voice says:

    But the whole concept may be see if you can steal a road game not pretty etc.

  112. CPS says:

    The stars have aligned. I think it’s our night, boys.

  113. Jamie Z. says:

    TIMMY!!! AGAIN!!!

  114. Ted in MN says:

    TIMMAY you amazing sonofabitch

  115. Gabe Cash says:

    just sharted again!

  116. Paula says:


  117. The Imperative Voice says:

    They can’t play that leader role both ways. Leader has to bite the bullet.

  118. BrianK says:

    So I have a gap,….a gap between my……. BTW – Mexico will never win a World Cup with the organ grinders monkeys they roll out in goal!

  119. The Imperative Voice says:

    Howard go find a limbo contest tonight. How low can you go.

  120. TYLER says:

    WE DID IT!!!!!!!


  121. CPS says:


  122. Ted in MN says:

    Suck it Mexico

  123. Eric says:


  124. Old School says:





  125. Paula says:

    Wow … it ain’t the Olympic gold medal, but it still feels pretty nice for us …

  126. Jamie Z. says:

    Heil Herr Klinsmann!

  127. Conrad says:

    It’s not a zero sum game. Boyd’s success doesn’t mean Altidore’s failure. Did you SEE Altidore’s brace against Ajax over the weekend? We have, suddenly, forwards who can finish.

  128. beachbum says:


    Coach Klinsmann, Team USA, the playes


    Coach K…how you did it, I dig it. They listened to the message and believed the tactics.

    Cheers baby!

    GO USA SOCCER!!!!!!!

  129. BrianK says:

    Very Happy for Torres, Gomez and Orozco,….and the rest of the team.

  130. Old School says:

    Shocking right?

    Goes to show the whole “Gold Cup played in the United States” argument Mexicans constantly have is absurd.

    Hell, Mexico draws better in the USA than the USA itself for it’s own matches.

    That’s a fact and something that makes that silly argument, just plain silly.

  131. Carnifex2005 says:

    Didn’t see that coming. Wow.

  132. R.V. says:

    Someone build a statute of Jurgen now!!! (in Arnold voice)

  133. Jeb says:


  134. Conrad says:

    We almost got through the night without bigotry! Thanks for keeping it real!

  135. ben in el cajon says:

    And I just hit ‘save until I erase’ on the dvr. I will never erase it.

  136. Conrad says:

    “It’s only a model.”

  137. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Well said.

  138. Mig22 says:

    It’s more about the fact that Mexico looked disinterested. I see your point that winning ugly is necessary but damn, nobody even cared out there.

  139. Old School says:

    your name is ironic. that’s mexico’s game.

    Anything else you asked? Yes…a 1-0 win.

  140. gabe says:

    where’s the idiot critiquing jurgen’s lineup selections? #fail

  141. Jamie Z. says:

    Three fresh subs in on the winning goal. What a brilliant turnaround. And what massive performances from Timmy Howard and Geoff Cameron. I’m just going to enjoy this.

  142. Old School says:


  143. BrianK says:


    Excuse me? Please explain yourself? Why do you think that is bigotry?

  144. GW says:

    Well, I notice Williams started on the right side of midfield during our wins at Italy and at Azteca, places where we never win.

    I figure that is not a coincidence.

  145. Chris says:

    Shhhhh! I wish I were wittier in my response to your MOST ACCURATE OBSErVATION! :( Maybe I need a laser pointer? D’oh!

  146. This Guy says:

    Shea is the future regardless of the season he’s having in MLS. I wouldn’t want to play for a Front Office that lies about me either.

  147. ManicMessiah says:

    I agree. Victories against Mexico must come 2-0 or not at all.

  148. Brett says:

    The other federations prefer to broadcast only to pay-per-view. That’s why no other networks snap up the rights either. I just use the internet.

  149. This Guy says:

    They can have their gold medal; I’ll raise them a Michael Phelps and a win at Azteca.

  150. Conrad says:

    Well, typically, when people of a darker complexion are referred to as monkeys…. But perhaps you simply were drawing a parallel to the performance of Ochoa, one of the best goalies on the continent, with the well-known simian trait of….
    Well, I’m sure you had your reasons.

  151. GW says:

    I always find it easy to spend other people’s money, don’t you?

  152. BrianK says:

    “Winning the gold is just the beginning for Mexico.” – Grant Wahl

    The beginning of what?

  153. Alex says:

    If you think the USA getting it’s first win ever in Mexico is a snoozefest I have to questions your Nats fandom.

  154. This Guy says:

    Lost in the hysteria is that Geoff Cameron (sp) is amazazazazing!

  155. OSO NEGRO! says:

    LLORAR Y LLORAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA ALL THE WAY! Y si no les gusta a chiflar su…..madre!

  156. Jarad says:

    I know this has been said over and over, but have we finally seen the CB replacement we’ve all been looking for? Cameron KILLED it tonight.

  157. OSO NEGRO! says:


  158. Eurosnob says:

    Gentlemen, I don’t believe for a second that the Mexican team did not care about becoming the first team to lose to their biggest rival in the stadium where they never lost to the US. Their coach was on his feet pacing the sidelines nervously for the most of the second half. Azteca has fallen! From now on every US team that comes to Azteca will know that, altitude or not, it is possible to get a win, because it has been done! This is huge for the WC qualifiers!

  159. GW says:

    Mexico looked flat, not disinterested.

    There’s a difference. With all the falk they will get ovr this loss they can’t afford to be disinterested.

  160. MiamiAl says:

    Clearly, we need to continue to stick with Breck Shea and his development. They guy has loads of potential to really be something special. He is in a funk in Dallas, but once he leaves there and gets a change of scenery, he will be fine! Kudos to Klinsmann for continuing to stick with him.

  161. Eric says:

    Como se dice “Suck it Mexico”?

  162. Brett says:

    Happy for the win, but disappointed that Mexicans will say that we only won because we had so many Mexicans on the pitch.

    Which is a shame because Tim Howard was a beast in this match. Mexico blew a lot of chances, but when they didn’t Timmy was there. I was also pleasantly surprised with Cameron.

    There were positives, yes. The contributions of Shea were few but impactful and Boyd looked lively as well. Fabian Johnson once again did all we could ask.

    But some players failed to make any impression. Torres was lazy, Donovan seemed to be coasting a little, and Danny Williams is dreadful as a RM or RW. Beckerman broke up plenty of attacks but Edu is still not there for me, but he had a decent shift.

    In closing, I am officially tired of Jermaine Jones. Is it just me, or does he seem to be COMPLETELY unfamiliar with the ball when it happens to find his feet? It’s like he gets nervous when he has it for so long and doesn’t lose it.

  163. deepvalue says:

    There was no creativity in the scoring third until Brek came on. The makeshift defense played well. At times it wasn’t clear that the US knows how to trap the ball. [takes win and sneaks out the door]

  164. RLR says:

    New nickname suggestions for Klinsman?
    my entry= Special K

  165. jose says:

    Congrats to US Men’s National Team for winning 1-0 against Mexico in Mexico. It was about time!

  166. Chan says:

    Best post of the night! USA! USA!

  167. Eurosnob says:

    No, Gooch is still in the picture, but Cameron has definitely solidified himself as a starting CB.

  168. RLR says:

    Bad game for Jermaine but the guy is in our top 3 in the central mid. It was a tough game to play there though so the performance has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  169. Benny says:

    Where are all of these guys now that said we were going to get sliced and diced by ridiculous scores. They have disappeared. Where are you? Come out where ever you are? U.S., with their full strength MNT, will give Mexico hell in qualifying. If we play D like we did tonight with our full strength side, we will get a result in Mexico and a win in home soil. our B side beat Mexico’s A side in Azteca? HHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  170. chris says:

    I think you *might* have mistyped from “your … that’s mexico’s ‘game’.” Sorry to be pedantic on grammar and all (especially since I don’t care – we WON!) 😉

  171. Since the rights belong to the host federations to sell, they often feel as thought they can fleece the U.S. broadcasters and demand exorbitant fees for the rights. Why would ANY business spend far more than something was worth? ESPN is, first and foremost, a business. It doesn’t exist to lose money on a broadcast. Try being at least a tad bit reasonable.

  172. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Then why would he specifically call out the goalkeepers? Give the guy a break.

    Conrad, I’m sure you can find a great “controversial thread” to join on Soccernet.

  173. volpone says:

    Come on, Jozy hasn’t scored once this week.

  174. Eurosnob says:

    This is really funny!

  175. UMN says:

    Klinsmann’s strategy in Italy and Mexico seemed to be place Williams on the wing to shut down a teams attack from that side and either attack from the middle or substitute a winger in the second half after the other teams outside mids tire. Which has worked both times, I really don’t get all the flack he has received for it.

  176. Vic says:

    We got totally outclassed in the second half. If it weren’t for Howard it could have been 5-1 Mexico. I can’t and never do predict the score. I critique line-ups and I’ve been pretty accurate. I was worried that Beasley for Torres would hurt our possession and our possession went down. Regardless, this was a great win for USA, I’m very proud of them.

  177. OSO NEGRO! says:

    CHUPEN or CHUPA LA!!!!!!!!!!! I’m loving every single moment of it!

  178. hush says:

    If anyone would have said, a U.S B-team somewhat goes to Azteca and beats a A-team Mexican team I would have said, you cray boy!.. Especially not a game where the gold medal Mexican winners were giving a tribute.

    Everyone was solid. Can all the Edgar Castillo haters please stand up! This kid is solid against Mexico. It seems he PWNDS Barrera both times now, and still the kid gets no respect. Castillo and Orozco got bash consistently on this board, now I’m guessing they are somewhat liked? I’ve said those two guys are decent players, probably not my first choice in the starting lineup, but I would definitely start Edgar against Mexico every meeting between us.

    I’m feeling bien Feliz!!

  179. OSO NEGRO! says:

    WTF? mexicans? SIR WE ARE AMERICANS of mexican decent. There is a difference or at least I’d like to think aboiut it that way. They are all born and raised here….so…….?

  180. volpone says:

    Great win, but the inability of the midfielders to pass and control the ball was distressing. It shows how dependent the team is on Bradley. Torres evidently took the heat for the team’s inability to mount any possession, but he was on an island in the first half, useless the same way Juan Mata was against Barcelona at Stamford Bridge.

    That said, Cameron was excellent, not only defending but picking nice passes up the field to feet, and Shea and Boyd are both legitimate players.

  181. Scott says:

    All this complaining and we win. I guess JK can continue to tune out the complaints about his coaching.

  182. GW says:

    Lets see:

    Edu can’t play centerback
    Castillo can’t play left back
    Orozco Fiscal can’t play soccer
    JK looks down on MLS players
    Beckerman can’t play at the international level.
    JK was looking for an excuse for losing in Mexico
    DMB has no business being called up

    US fans are such a positive bunch.

  183. aaron says:

    It can be looked at as an “ugly” win or the type of victory a quality team gets against it’s biggest rival in their backyard. Azteca is not an easy place to win at. Great job breaking through.

  184. hush says:

    Why does it matter what Mexican’s say? They are Mexican-American and you and the haters need to live with it. They’re American and play for the U.S.A! Mexicans don’t consider anyone born outside their country.

    They are American whether they like or not, they can claim their league helped develop them, but anything else is just foolish.

  185. GW says:

    Oh and I forgot:

    Calling up Shea over Pontius was unfair and stupid.

  186. BrianK says:


    This is not “typically” and I resent your inference. FYI – An organ grinder monkey is an agile little creature that is a SIDESHOW for the real act. The real act, like the organ grinder, is the Mexican field team. Ochoa and like Campos years ago are SIDESHOWS.

    Everyone is talking about gaps,…well there is a Grand Canyon size gap between our GKs and Mexico’s SIDESHOWS.

    “One of the best goalies on the continent”. Are you kidding me? Are you serious?

  187. Brett says:

    I’m not hating on them. I’m stoked they decided to play for the USA instead of Mexico. I’m just telling you what Mexicans are saying about the win: that we only won because we used Mexican players.

  188. Kev says:

    USA USA USA!! Never thought tonight would be the night I saw a win in Azteca. Grabbing a win in the lion’s den, as they flaunted their gold medals at half time. PERFECT.

    What a year for a US fan – win in Italy and now Azteca. At times, I have been depressed about our progress. But you know what, as I think about the team and the years past, have we ever had the depth that we have today? Have we ever had a top 5 goal scorer in the EPL? Etc. What a year.

    Yes, we had the McBride’s,the Reyna’s, etc. But this is the most talented pool of players we have ever had. Maybe it is not much in the eyes of people that compare us to national team programs that have the most athletic youths in their country at their disposal because it is #1 priority. But watching this team since ’94, what a progression in a little less than 20 years. Nights like this really makes me proud to be a fan.

    We are not playing pretty soccer (Rome has not been built yet :) ) but I believe the shocking, fluke, once in a few years beating a world power, days are coming to an end.

    This win only builds on the confidence of our national team. Yes, it was a friendly and will be buried in the sports headlines tomorrow and forgotten – yes, I am at the extreme side of being excited for the team. But “f” it. USA…USA…USA.
    Until Jamaica…..

  189. OSO NEGRO! says:

    again…I’m an American mexican…and i live where the majority of the population is predominately the same and no one is saying that.

  190. Mig22 says:

    I think the distinction between flat and disinterested is a little thin. I see your point over the flak they will take for the loss though.

  191. BrianK says:

    Brett,…WTF are you talking about? The guys wearing the hoops ARE Americans?

  192. Judging Amy says:

    Can’t be picky bout the type of win when we’ve never won there before. Nothing ugly about that in my eyes. Cheers to all. Helluva job by klins and all the guys.

  193. Rich says:

    Chicharito must be watching all the Spanish League games the way he’s taken to flopping. The best one was in the 2nd half where he ran into Donovan from behind, flopped backwards, and Donovan got whistled for a foul. After a moment of disbelief, Donovan has the coolness to laugh it off and pat #14 on the head as if to say “Good acting job young man”. Chicharito’s too good to resort to those tactics. What a shame.

  194. Mig22 says:

    I think winning in Azteca is awesome. however, the fact that it was this game with this low level of energy is like losing your virginity to a passed-out hooker…not all we dreamed it would be.

    But that’s just one opinion. Cheers!

  195. JD in FL says:

    I will admit that in prior games I thought Castillo should have been on the bench, but tonight he was a stud. I believe that he’s earned some time at LB. He didn’toffer much of a threat in attack, but he was solid in defense.

  196. Mig22 says:

    yeah, what you said.


  197. Mig22 says:

    I got you what you meant. And that WILL be said by Mexican fans. But hey, they’re fans….it’s what fans do. (including us).

    But yeah, they’re US citizens….so all the Mexican fans just oughta check the scoreboard. :)

  198. louis z says:

    actually he also had a very impressive 45 in the qualifiers vs. guatemala. how do you think he got tonites gig.

  199. louis z says:

    good win for us. the question is can be do it again with only 2 sub for the whole game? that is where we got burned i the past.

  200. pd says:

    Snooze fest? Are you serious?

  201. louis z says:

    i think we found our starting CB in Cameron. I wonder who will be his partner….

  202. says:

    Nice move by Shea to get around that defender to get the cross in. Great back-heal by Boyd and what the hell was Orozco doing right in front of the goal as a defender? I don’t care! Awesome!!!! USA 1 Mex 0

  203. Conrad says:

    You know your intent, that’s all that matters. Calling someone a “monkey” is fraught, that’s all. But as for Ochoa being one of the best goalies on the continent? Absolutely he is. And according to the Castrol Index — for what it’s worth — he’s ranked above Howard. Campos may have been a sideshow; Ochoa’s great.

  204. beachbum says:

    congrats to Castillo…his best game in the US kit after a bunch of bad ones. That he was criticized before for playing poorly is his own dealing

    Orozco is an OK player still. Glad he scored but he has earned his bashings thru his poor play in the uS kit too…what have you seen before tonight?

  205. beachbum says:

    some of these are accurate much of the time. Very Glad it wasn’t tonight! but we’ve seen performances that merited the criticisms levied at some of the players you list

    but it is clear you see only thru rose colored glasses

    cheers to that

  206. beachbum says: