USMNT Notes: Chandler uncommitted, Klinsmann discusses roster and more

Timmy Chandler USMNT (Florian

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If there was any lingering uncertainty as to the real reason Timmy Chandler turned downed cap-tying call-ups the past two summers, U.S. men's national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann put them to rest on Sunday.

Speaking via a conference call ahead of the United States' Wednesday friendly against arch-rivals Mexico at Azteca Stadium, Klinsmann confirmed what most American soccer fans have suspected for some time: Chandler just is not committed to the U.S. team. 

There was no more talk about fatigue nor about Chandler needing to rest. Simply, Chandler just is not sure whether he wants to cap-tie himself to the U.S. team that has already begun its 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign.

"There's nothing new about Timmy," Klinsmann said. "Timmy is not sure yet if he wants to commit 100 percent to us and we don't stress it out. Simple as that. I told Timmy, 'Whenever you made up your mind, let us know. It's no problem.'

"But I don't want to bring in a player that is not 100 percent committed and we know about his qualities and we know about his character and everything and all we can do is show patience and understanding with all those players that sooner or later in their lives, with duel citizenship, need to decide what path they want to go. I think it's totally legitimate from his side, I think it's actually very honest from his side to say 'I'm not sure yet about this whole thing.'"

Klinsmann added that while he and his coaching staff do have discussions with duel citizens like Chandler about where they stand in terms of their national team preference, they do not try and convince them to pick the United States. Instead, the German-born head coach prefers that the players make the decision on their own when they feel ready.

"Sooner or later, make your call, follow your heart, do what you think is right for you," said Klinsmann. "You can't force anyone into a decision. It's not right."

Here are more USMNT notes from Sunday's conference call:


When the 22-man U.S. roster for the upcoming friendly with El Tri was announced, there were quite a few surprises due to the absence of several regulars as well as the inclusion of new players like Sporting Kansas City defender Matt Besler and San Jose Earthquakes fullback Steven Beitashour.

Klinsmann revealed the reason as to why his roster was made up that way is because of the timing of this FIFA international date, saying that several European-based players are still trying to regain their form and fitness while others, like Clint Dempsey and captain Carlos Bocanegra, are trying to secure moves to new clubs. That has left Klinsmann with the chance to see some internationally inexperienced but talented players.

"The case is made with European players, they are not there yet," said Klinsmann. "They are still playing preseason, they are simply running behind right now, some have a little bit of injury issues, like Michael Bradley for example with muscle problems, like Jozy Altidore has a injury issue that came out of the (AZ Alkmaar) game today.

"You work yourself through all those elements. … And that gives you an opportunity to see some players on a very high international level with a game in Mexico City, which is a great benchmark to have. Those are the environment where you want to see if they can kind of handle the situation and get a first impression of those guys. I'm not worried about having more younger players in there or even new faces coming in, like Besler or Steven Beitashour, because they've proven their qualties and values over a long period of time in MLS."


One of the more eye-opening selections on the roster was FC Dallas winger Brek Shea, who has endured some trying times in recent months at both the club and international levels.

Shea was one of the biggest pinatas for the public following the U.S. U-23 team's failure to qualify for the Olympics back in March, and his form at FC Dallas this year has not come close to replicating the MVP caliber season he had in 2011. Still, Klinsmann sees a lot of potential in Shea and he wanted to bring him in to show the 22-year-old support through a rough stretch while also further integrating him into the U.S. team.

"'I had good conversations last weeks with Schellas Hyndman of FC Dallas," said Klinsmann. "We both see a lot of upside in Brek Shea and we all knew that after the big disappointment of not qualifying for the Olympics, that our youngsters from their program, will eventually fall into a hole. They will go through emotional roller coasters. This is what happened with Brek. He went through an emotional roller coaster.

"He didn't have himself under control in some cirucmstances. He thought he was further than he actually he is. People may be feeding him information that he's already there, which he's not, so both Schellas and I, we try and kind of go through all those elements and we think he needs now also our support, he needs the feeling that we are there also when things getting tough and things are tough for him similar to an [Juan] Agudelo, similar to a [Teal] Bunbury, similar to a Bill Hamid, similar to a Sean Johnson, this whole generation that should have been in London these last two weeks.

"That was a tough pill to swallow for them and now we are at a part where we have to integrate those players in our plans and give them playing time and give them possibilities to be close to the international level and close to their senior national team. …Getting back to Brek, he has to learn to focus in, he has to learn to be a full professional 24/7, he has to learn that the highest priority is what you deliver on the field, and he has to learn how to live off the field and he's in the middle of that process and we coaches we are responsible to help him in that process."


Are you still open to having Chandler on the U.S. team in the future? Which young player are you most looking forward to seeing versus Mexico? Agree with the decision to bring Shea back into the mix?

Share your thoughts below.

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130 Responses to USMNT Notes: Chandler uncommitted, Klinsmann discusses roster and more

  1. Tyler says:

    Seems quite grounded and realistic. He’s giving Shea another opportunity to grow up, will he take it?

  2. Todd says:

    Bad move including Shea over Pontius. Pontius has way more talent then Brekken.

  3. 99 says:

    As a human… I get Chandler’s situation and empathizeto a degree.
    As a nats fan… cut the dude off.

  4. VA Law says:

    Yes, why no Pontius, again? Are we trying not to attack effectively or develop young American players?

  5. Why did Edu get a callup, then? He can’t seriously be staying in Glasgow.

  6. Kevin says:

    We as USMNT fans are quick to degrade Chandler as a traitor. I think Klinnsman has a good perspective, though. From an impartial view, why should Chandler be 100% committed to USMNT? Moreover, why should he pursue it if he isn’t yet 100% committed? No one would win in that situation.

  7. Tyler says:

    Most likely because he has no teams calling after him at the moment. What better way to showcase your talents for a move than a big time national team friendly?

  8. Siberian says:

    Of course I want Chandler on our team, but he has every right to play for Germany if that’s what he wants. I just don’t want any future drama out of it. If he comes back to the team, he better stay.

  9. Kevin_amold says:

    I think many USMNT fans actually respect Chandler’s desire to hold out for the German team. I don’t like it, but I respect it. It’s Germany, they’re a historic world power.

    I just don’t respect being lied to, which is what I suspect he was doing all along. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s not just using the USMNT to catch Lowe’s eye, but he’s lost some standing in mine.

  10. THomas says:

    I like how JK spoke about this and the general fact that they let the player decide, whether than trying to persuade them. They have to decide on their own, otherwise he’s right, they may not be 100% committed.

  11. Jake says:

    Or he has a move essentially done that we just don’t know about yet.

  12. Jake says:

    If he gets cap tied, staying will be his only option for international football, so I don’t get this comment at all.

  13. Brett says:

    Timmy is a grown man, he can make his own decisions. He’s a talented player, but the team isn’t falling apart without him nor are they locks for World Cup glory with him. Furthermore, I wouldn’t want him involved unless he was definitely in the fold and felt a part of the team.

    However, if you really want the player you need to be in his life at all times trying to persuade him. This is why we lost Subotic. Serbia was active in recruiting him and basically told him he’d be a centerpiece for their defense from the start, while we sat back and took the “wait and see” approach and made it known he would be behind the likes of Onyewu and Bocanegra who had paid their dues. Rongen’s snub didn’t help either, but the point is we lost out on a great player because we were passive. If that happens with Timmy Chandler, we can only blame ourselves.

  14. THomas says:

    To everyone who didn’t think the Olympics were a big tournament, JK’s statements should prove otherwise. That and the fact that Marcelo (w/ all his success at Real Madrid) was crying after they lost the game.

  15. biff says:

    Exactly, Kev. The point is that Timothy Chandler lied to us last autumn when he promised us he was totally committed to the USMNT and had no desire to play for Germany. I was gullible enough to believe him. And by lying, Chandler took a spot for several big games that could have been filled by players aching to wear the shirt and could be helping the team get ready for WCQ. And I think you are right that Chandler apparently accepted those invitations merely so he could show Jogi Low what he can on the international stage.

    As for Klinsmann’s statement intimating that he did not call up Chandler for the Wednesday’s Mexico friendly, that is in direct contradiction to an article in a local Nurnberg newspaper that claims Chandler received an invitation from Klinsmann but declined much to the satisfaction of his coach, Dieter Hecking.

    link to

  16. The Imperative Voice says:

    I thought I heard somewhere it may be Ipswich of the Championship.

  17. ernj says:

    Word is Edu is on the verge of signing with Ipswich Town in the English Championship. Not sure why he gets the call if he is in the same boat as Bocanegra and Dempsey.

  18. freaks n geeks says:

    If Shea ever wants to make it out of MLS, he needs to improve on his MLS and definitely his NT form

  19. Michael says:


    You need to replace all of your usage of “duel” with “dual.” A “duel” is a fight or competition. “Dual” essentially is a synonym for “double.”

  20. Jon says:

    There’s been Twitter talk about a move to Ipswich being done.

  21. biff says:

    Concerning the several European-based players who are A-Team USMNT players “still trying to regain their form and fitness,” well, it is interesting that Klinsmann last year in August on the same Fifa date called in the A-team and that this year seven super-hero who also play in Europe, seem to in good enough form and fitness to accept the invitation to play in Mexico City. Those studs are: Tim Howard, Geoff Cameron, Fabian Johnson, Maurice Edu, Jermaine Jones, Danny Williams, and Terrence Boyd. As for the injury issues, well, its amazing how little injury issues sometimes pop up right about the time of a call-up only to disappear a few days later in time for the next club match.

    That said, I am starting to like the story line of this game on Wednesday. And while common sense tells me we are going to get slaughtered, am hoping for a happy ending along the lines of “The Miracle in Mexico City” :-)

    Whatever happens, win or lose, the guys with the devotion and guts to make this trip (while others are “trying to regain their form and fitness”) have my total respect and support. I have my fingers crossed for them, that at the worst they can at least keep the game competitive and at the best post a monumental victory. Give ‘em heck, guys.

  22. neilla says:

    ^ I think you’re underselling how much bad blood Subotic really had for Rongen, but overall you’re right on. The USMNT just doesn’t have the cachet, or the talent stock, to not be aggressive in pursuing players who happen to have outside options.

    Of course, this is another situation in which none of us really know exactly what was said or done behind closed doors. Maybe Klinsmann gave Chandler a hard sell last year, it didn’t work, and now he’s backing off because he doesn’t really have any other options?

  23. Vic says:

    I agree with Klinnsmann’s take on Chandler. Some people on here want to get as many people that have never stepped foot in USA on the roster. Then demand 100% loyalty. I don’t blame Chandler for wanting to play for Germany first. He is more German then American, Germany is alot better and the travel is easier. If he doesn’t get called by Germany in the next year or two and wants to commit to USA at that point, i’m fine with that. Terrance Boyd is a great example of loyalty however, its unrealistic to believe that loyalty will be the case from all players.

  24. Rory says:

    It’s not a big tournament. It’s a big deal to the youth and can be a big deal to their development, but nobody would trade a spot at the World Cup for a gold medal in the Olympics. yes, the Brazilians cried… it is the last thing a Brazilian can win that no Brazilian has ever won afterall. That and the fact their coach is about to get fired for losing. The Brazilians care a lot, but nobody else can be too bothered at the end of the day.

  25. Mike r says:

    Chandler will get capped by Germany but never play in a WC with them.

  26. jerry says:

    the usmnt has eric lichaj, chandler is out. eric lichaj is better.

  27. Rory says:

    And people are idiots if they want us to slam the door on a player who hasn’t made up their mind yet. Imagine if Donovan was conflicted about playing for Canada, imagine if we said “Oh, sorry, you are not with us 100% so bugger off.”
    Sometimes you have to wait and see… Chandler has YEARS left to play, we just have to hope it is for us down the road.
    It is much more cynical for a national team to throw one cap-tying cap towards a player to win them over then never play them. i wonder how many people regret taking that early career cap-tie then never getting called in by the US.

  28. Rory says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you how things are going for you in Europe, Preston?

  29. Joe+G says:

    Well, he could come only for friendlies and never get cap-tied or he could get cap-tied and later turn down call-ups for one reason or another.

  30. beto says:

    and finish this sentance: “That has left Klinsmann with the chance to see some of the mor”

    Also calling Shea a pinata? that might be a new one

  31. jones says:

    Yeah, I get it too. Though when/if he says he wants back in (which is likely considering how unlikely it is he gets called up for Germany) only invite him to a cap-tying match to see if he is completely serious.

    Also, I can’t imagine he would get the warmest reception from the USMNT guys if he ever returns.

  32. beto says:

    glad klinsy does these chats to address some of the calls he makes. I think the roster is far from our best but exactly who needs to see a game in Mexico City. this game will be huge for these players and will really help us in the next round when it counts.

  33. Andrew says:

    Id like to say I wish Chandler good luck, but he has been dishonest and conniving up to now. I remember a press conference last year where he specifically stated “he only wants to play for the US, and has no interest in playing for Germany) “I’m proud to play for the U.S. national team,” he said via telephone. “I never said anything about [playing for] Germany.” (from, September 20, 2011).

    If he is not committed, then fine. But to claim in the past that he was injured, or needed “rest” and THAT was the reason he wasn’t joining our camp was both dishonest and manipulative.

    Sadly, Tim Chandler’s time has come and gone, and we will move on without him. Mr Klinsmann, we will not wait for Timothy to “call us”. We have pride and players with heart who want to and are proud to play for USMNT, so as far as I am concerned, Timothy Chandler’s number is lost. I cannot say I am too disappointed, as he seems to lack grace, respect and gratitude.

  34. MiamiAl says:

    Auf wiedersehen!!! Timmy Chandler is such a liar!!! We all know now, that him being tired was not the real reason he did not play these past two summers! He was just scamming us all along! Good luck getting p/t with Germany! I suppose we wont be seeing you after all in Brazil! R.I.P.

  35. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    He should be fired….starting the game with Hulk AND Pato on the bench? Yes a poor back pass led to first goal, and credit to him for bringing Hulk on at 35’…but that is some mighty poor game strategy.

    Kudos to Mexico. They played well all tournament and I’m especially pleased for Salcido, one of the good guys/sports on the Mexican team. He really anchored that midfield.

    OK on to Chandler…wasn’t it a ‘clue’ enough when he turned down 2 Gold Cup call ups that he wasn’t ‘committed’? Maybe one can read that he is toying with a potential Germany call up…but clearly he has proved that he isn’t going to ‘fight for the shirt’.

  36. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Add me to the list of people confused why Edu and not Boca…strange to go into Azteca without your Captain

    I’m remembering Klinsmann’s criticisms of US Soccer’s call up practices (chiefly the Copa America)- I’m wondering if now he’s beginning to understand their are reasons behind call ups that go beyond always calling in your best.

  37. ComoParker says:

    I think Siberian is attempting to say that if Chandler comes back to the team for a friendly, then he should be willing to be cap-tied. Unless and until he makes the commitment, there isn’t a need to call him in for friendly.

  38. dcm says:

    It’s the best interest of the team verse the best interest of the fans. He needs to keep new young players coming in to evaluate them. I understand that. But no one here wants to see a weak US roster go to Azteca, no one wants to see us get the stomped.

    Why would you call in a 30 year old Alan Gordon, or Beasley if the point is to see player who could contribute in 2014? Why not Pontius, why not Agudelo? Gatt? I just don’t get it. This is not going to be pretty. And I think Klinsy’s popularity will suffer greatly for it.

  39. Jamie Z. says:

    Probably because these choices are made on a case-by-case basis and every player’s situation is unique and fluid. Just because you can’t see everything that goes into specific choices and decisions doesn’t mean there aren’t good reasons for them. Same goes for Pontius: I’m sure he’s on Klinsmann’s radar, and there may be a very good reason he wasn’t called in.

  40. The Imperative Voice says:

    Just going to point out that this divided loyalties issue seems like an inherent potential problem if we recruit players born abroad who still ply their trade abroad. You almost have more security with a Jones who has to file for a permanent switch than one of these younger players with no commitment anywhere, and thus the ability to reverse course.

    The real concern is whether we can address the backline quality/ depth issue in the next two years, because like the U-23s, forewarning is fair warning, if we aren’t content with our backs, “make one.”

    The performance of Mexico and Honduras at London 2012 might give new perspective on the quality of CONCACAF U-23 this year. But then again they did not even send us home, Canada and ES did. Considering our U-23 qualifying offensive production that to me rests squarely on the defense, not Shea and the offense.

    The issue I see with Shea is wing is a workhorse position and he still has an early Dempsey mentality, along with similar technical gifts and useful height. But if he intends to contribute as a wing he needs to be fitter and perhaps faster and get up and down the line more.

    What position would Pontius play? That’s both a fair question and a rhetorical argument. Like, Boyd has a center striker build and developing tools. Jones is a destroyer DM. What is Pontius? The higher you go up the ladder the less you can finesse the role question. Once you set up the formation you need people to execute it, and hybrid players can be square pegs in round holes.

  41. 2tone says:

    Why do people say it’s unlikely he will get a call up to the German team? Why guys do realise that Germany does not have a true RB, and don’t even bring up Lamb because he prefers LB.

  42. Dimidri says:

    If he just doesn’t feel comfortable playing for the US (which kind of makes sense, I think his American dad walked out on him when he was a baby), then I totally respect his decision

    The only argument to dislike the guy is for leading the US on or wasting a spot that could go towards somebody else, but maybe he was just feeling it out in matches that don’t tie him, trying to force it but ultimately realizing it just doesn’t feel right.

  43. shelsilverstein says:

    “duel” citizenship? lol, learn to write

  44. Eurosnob says:

    On Chandler situation, I think that Klinsmann is playing it perfectly: saying all the nice things about Chandler (like him being honest and that is understandable that he wants to figure out what he wants), keeping the door open and saying that he is not putting any presure on Chander to commit, but that he needs to be 100% committed to get future call ups. This way, Chandler can no longer use USMNT friendlies against top teams like Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Spain to showcase himself for the German team and Klinsmann looks like a wise and patient coach. If Germany does not call up Chandler in the next year or so, Chandler will start thinking about whether he would be better off going to WC2014 as a member of the USMNT rather than watching the WC in his rec room. If Chandler commits to the USMNT, then great, he is a quality player and our depth is improved. If Chandler does not commit, no problem, other young players will get valuable playing experience with the national team and be ready for the WC.

  45. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    DUAL. Not duel. Jeeze.

  46. Ryan Nanez says:

    cought teal bunbury cough. i bet that dude regrets switching from canada.

  47. atd says:

    Shea has taken a beating, but no candy has fallen out.

  48. Ryan Nanez says:

    he might have not necessarily been lying. he coulda been commited before but changed his mind. for example if i was pro i would have the ability to play for both spain and the united states. i would be more than willing to play for spain, but it would be hard to put on the jersey and potentially play against the country i grew up in

  49. david m says:

    I’d like to see Chandler 100% decommitted from the US national team. For good.

  50. jcl says:

    You can’t start playing for a country and then get cold feet…especially after the comments he made about remaining committed last year… it’s immature, unprofessional, and a straight tease. He’ll have a lot of work to do to win the fans back

  51. THomas says:

    For some reason that banner ad of the hot chick wearing a shirt that says ‘I pooped today’ really bothers me.

  52. 2tone says:

    While he continues to exclude Lichaj; who has already proven his worth to the USMNT in the Gold Cup.

    While I understand Klinsmann’s reasoning on Chandler, but there comes a time for a decision to be made. Lichaj, Beitashour, and other RB prospects must be the focus now.

    Oh and calling up Gordon? Really, really. 31 goals in 134 appearances in his 6 year MLS career. C’mon. both Johnson and Cooper double that goal scoring output in the same amount of years with only 13 more appearances. Both Cooper and Eddie Johnson have 61 goals in thier MLS careers. Oh and lets not forget that Johnson has 12 USMNT goals and Cooper has 4. And Eddie Johnson has played against Mexico in the past.

  53. ben in el cajon says:

    Yes you can. You can also break off a relationship that isn’t working for you, quit your job for a better one, stop hanging out with your old friends, convert to a new (or no) religion, or move to a new city, state, or nation. That’s called freedom, and it is at the heart of American values. Of course you might annoy someone doing those things.

  54. Vic says:

    Gordon has 10 goals his last 18 games. He’s also 6’3. The height advantage against Mexico could be helpful.

  55. biff says:

    This is absolutely true. And Chandler’s decision in May to stay at Nurnberg instead of taking the firm offer to go to Stuttgart (Klinsmann’s old team) I think is because Nurnberg has a very close relationship to FC Bayern. I would imagine a little birdy whispered in Chandler’s ear that Bayern is watching him and if he continues to improve they will make a bid for him. Nurnberg will get a bigger transfer fee and Chandler will go to a top team in Europe. And along those lines, I have no doubt that Chandler would not be breaking his fake promise last year that he was 100% committed to the USMNT unless word had been relayed to him that he is on Jogi Low’s radar and rising on the Mannschaft depth chart.

  56. The Imperative Voice says:

    Maybe he’s in legal limbo with getting out of Old Rangers’ registration, and might as well be playing while it’s sorted by UEFA/FIFA. Akin to calling in Jones while suspended in B.1.

    I also think Edu is in a more competitive situation in terms of fighting for a US XI spot than Boca or Dempsey, who can basically presume upon starting. Edu is still needing to show he’s better than what’s behind Door #2, and that’s perhaps better done with the other options present for comparison purposes.

  57. Michael says:

    Gordon is on a two game MLS suspension so calling him into camp does not affect his club at all. Whereas calling in EJ or Cooper actually changes line-ups this weekend for their teams. Imagine the joy if they got called into camp, but did not even make the 18. Gordon actually makes a lot of sense, particularly with this roster.

  58. ben in el cajon says:

    There are a couple of things to look at here. First, the Azteca experience will be best for the inexperienced players coming up. Bradley et al don’t need to fly to Mexico to experience the 90 minutes of hate. Likewise, if we get crushed by the big brothers of a Mexico team that won the second most prestigious tournament open to CONCACAF, we can just say it was our ‘B’ team and save face.

    Second, has anyone else noticed that promising US players who might want to move to Britain but are locked out because of the Brits’ strict immigration laws suddenly go to the national team? ( Right, Cameron will be REALLY important as a 4th-string d-mid or center back in the next world cup.) Some of this youth movement is a way to give our guys a chance at the Championship or low-level Prem teams.

  59. biff says:

    Absolutely true, benny. and we, the USMNT fans, have the freedom to break off our relationship with Chandler and tell him to go scr*w himself. Had Chandler not promised his allegiance to the USMNT, I would agree with they people posting here who want to feel Chandler’s pain, i.e. hold his hand and give him time to make up his mind. But he promised and now he has broken the promise. Klinsmann should call him up for the Jamaica WCQ games. If he accepts and is cap-tied, then great. We forgive and forget and welcome him back with open arms. If he declines, then I never want to see Chandler again in a US shirt, especially for a friendly. All last year Chandler took a spot on the team that could have been filled by players aching to wear the shirt and prepare for World Cup 2014 qualifying. But apparently Chandler accepted those invitations merely to show Jogi Low what he can on the international stage.

  60. PD says:

    I would think as a NATS fan you would want to keep the best options for the strongest team open to the roster as soon as possible.

    If Messi spent the next two years considering an applications of citizenship to the USA but very publicly talked about the internal conflict about being Argentinian by birth and having spent his whole life in Spain, we’d all be totally cool with the journey he had to go on if it meant he wound up in the red white and blue. Because Chandler can fill a void in one of the nost think places on teh roster he has some leverage here and until enough talent comes long to make the prospect of his playing for the US irrelevant, we can’t really afford to play tough love with the kid, or any other wunderkind that comes down the pike in the near future. Sure it’s annoying as hell, but if the reality of the FIFA rule is that really talented “non-native” players can be added to a roster and it doesn’t make for a cancer in the locker room, I say we learn how to deal with these little sideline dramas with as little Benedict Arnold-ry rhetoric as possible.

    It’s a nationalistic business where emotions run high, but it’s still a business.

  61. PD says:

    unless that showcase is of you getting your a$$ handed to you for ninety minutes….

  62. PD says:

    that’s on him though…

  63. chris says:

    This is the problem with international soccer these days, players feel they are entitled to play at the international level and if they’re not first choice for one country then whats the point of working hard to earn a call up when you can switch to a lesser caliber team where you are guaranteed a spot. The fact that Chandler has taken so long to decide shows hes not 100% committed to the USMNT. I want players that bleed red, white and blue and if it takes someone to persuade you to play for the USMNT then I dont want you on the team

  64. Weaksauce says:

    chandler came out at a time when we didnt have a good option besides cherlundolo. We got players now getting better and other dual national options so Im not that worried about Chandler anymore

  65. Kevin_Amold says:

    I do demand that those that choose to represent the USA have 100% loyalty to the shield. If you’re uncertain, don’t take a valuable roster spot and minutes. This is reasonable.

  66. MiamiAl says:

    Yeah, I guess you are right. We probably would prefer Alan Gordon to get hit in the face with D batteries and bags of urine than Clint Dempsey… 😉

  67. Kevin_Amold says:

    The Azteca experience will only be worthwhile for inexperienced players if these players are involved in other Azteca games (or in other hostile environments) that matter.

  68. dcm says:

    I don’t see how getting your nuts handed to you at Azteca while being showered with cups of urine/beer is “valuable experience.” Field a competitive team Jurgen, leave the scrubs at home, try to win, then the experience will be valuable.

  69. Spank says:

    I completely agree! It’s extremely annoying that he lied but i can’t blame the dude for not being commited. His dad hit it and quit it and all he has ever known is Germany. I’m half Guatemalan and I’ve only been there once and i would never play for their national team even though my mom was born there. I’m not saying that he should be invited back or given the option but if he wants to play for Germany then fine. I’m ok with that. As long as he never uses the USMNT as a stepping stone again.

  70. Spank says:

    You’re absolutely right! Lichaj is a great player that needs a new club team. Villa isn’t helping his USMNT cause.

  71. Yoreau Snaub says:

    Aaron Burr was a duel citizen

  72. Eurosnob says:

    Weaksauce, you are right that our options are better better than they were two years ago, but there is still not a lot of depth. By the way, Chandler became a regular starter at the left back last year (as I am sure you are aware of), which is on the opposite side from Cherundolo. After Chandler bailed out, Klinsmann moved Fabian Johnson, who is listed as a midfielder, to LB, where he looked solid. The primary back up option at LB is Castillo, who is not nearly as good as Chandler. Plus, without Chandler, Fabian Johnson can no longer be deployed at midfield, where he looked great. At the right back position, Cherundolo is not getting any younger and there’s not a lot of quality depth behind him (plus Dolo did not look as good in recent games as in the past). Lichaj could be a good option, but Klinsmann has not called him in a while (which I think is due to Lichaj’s club situation). We are one injury away from having a significant drop off in quality at the LB or RB position and Chandler, if he commits, can help. Top teams need to have quality depth at all positions. Chandler immediately gives us good quality depth at both RB and LB positions.

  73. biff says:

    I’m not saying this is what happened because I do not know, but it is possible that Klinsmann invited some of the A-Team players who are now no-shows and they declined and then after-the-fact in order to put a happy Klinsmann face on it he declared them not fit enough to be called up…

  74. Jake says:

    I think the Olympics are a big tournament, or at least they should be, but a player crying or JK saying is big… those are two pretty useless points in the discussion.

  75. Jake says:

    If Ipswich is true, he’s in a different boat in that he essentially has a team. Boca and Dempsey do not. And in Dempsey’s case an injury would be absolutely dreadful for his transfer prospects at this time.

  76. loosek says:

    I respectfully disagree. I’m a DC United fan and LOVE Pontius and think he deserves a real chance to make it on the USNMT, but Shea just has WAY more pure soccer talent. Of course, so does Freddy Adi…so the clock’s ticking on Brek, no doubt.

  77. Jake says:

    But the next games are qualifiers and thus would cap-tie him. We won’t have friendlies for a while after Wednesday.

  78. Jake says:

    Unless it was true at the time for him. Of course, there’s no way to know, but to assume he was conniving is a bit much. You might be right, but there’s no real evidence to prove it. Are you saying he wasn’t proud to play for the US last year? If so, how can you be so sure.

  79. Jake says:

    Pontius should be given the chance to be a US national team peg before some of the other guys on this roster I think. He could be used in quite a few ways for the national team I think.

  80. Andy in Atlanta says:

    SBI… while plenty of inferences can be made…. did Klinsmann actually say anything about finding new clubs for Dempsey and Boca?

    I see no quotes mentioning those reasons…

  81. he did hadeed says:

    Chandler looked out of place at left back and he looked it.

  82. bryan says:

    i like lichaj, but this is a silly comment. chandler is a better player right now. hands down.

  83. biff says:

    Okay. I’m a big enough idiot to bite at the bait. This whole argument by some is being framed as Chandler needing more time in order to make up his mind, as if he were trying to decide whether to eat an apple or an orange. But that is not what is happening here. His first choice is to play for the German national team, not the USMNT. He is stalling and therefore is not willing to play for the USMNT in a cap-tying game, and he will not do so until at some point in the future that he decides that the German team will never call him up. At that point, whenever that might be–next month, next year, or May of 2014 right before the World Cup–he would signal Klinsmann that he is ready to accept a call up. Keep in mind, not that his dream is to play for the USMNT, but only that he will do it because the German team does not want him.

    Under this scenario, what happens? Klinsmann can say duck off, you had your chance. Or, he can say, great. Welcome aboard. And then, let’s say this is May 2014, Klinsmann would have go to a player who had sweat out for the team the past 18 months and say, sorry, you gotta go. Timmy is back and I want him to take your spot.

    I want to repeat, had Timothy “Benedict Arnold” Chandler never promised us he was committed, but instead had been open with coach and fans and told us it is a tough decision and he want time to see how things develop, then I would honestly be understanding about it and give him all the time in the world. But when he promised, and he did so in very strong language and he is a grown man and not a child and his spot was closed to other deserving players, then, in my book, he has to stick to that promise. I don’t want Chandler in two years or in two months when he realizes Low does not want him, to take the place of a player who was willing to give all for the team.

    I have been a supporter of Klinsmann, but not his position on Chandler. It could be that after Bob Bradley took a lot of heat when Chandler declined to play in the Gold Cup last year and then Klinsmann comes in and Chandler pledges allegiance to the USMNT and everybody is patting Klinsmann on the back for locking up Chandler while Bradley didn’t–and now Klinsmann does not want to admit failing also to lock him to the team. Klinsmann is going to look like fool if he leaves the door open to Chandler and Chandler accepts a Germany call-up.

    So, Rory, I am happy to be called an idiot for my stance on Timothy Chandler and that stance is this: Playing for the USMNT is an honor that many players are aching for and willing to do whatever it takes. Chandler committed last autumn unequivocally to Klinsmann, to his teammates and to the fans. He broke the commitment in May when he declined an invitation to help the USMNT qualify for WC 2014. Klinsmann should give Chandler one more chance in September to atone for breaking his promise. If Chandler accepts, welcome aboard, man. If not, the door should slammed shut in Chandler’s face and opened for one of many other deserving players. I would rather have a player at fullback not as good as Chandler playing with all his heart than a player like Chandler whose heart is not 100% into it.

  84. he did hadeed says:

    Fact is Pontius is playing better than Shay right now and has earned an opportunity.

  85. beachbum says:

    hope it works with Brek. My take is that Coach Klinsmann feels a responsibility with him and to where Shea has plummeted and wants the chance to address Shea’s fall personally because he feels a responsibility in his fall

    Good on Klinnsman in my mind to step up to it and not shy away from it

  86. beachbum says:

    good call. The physical players can do well vs. Mexico, force them into fouling on set pieces and force them to rethink fouling around the area because of the chance of conceding physical goals on set pieces

  87. Mark says:

    I say, Forget Chandler! And when I say forget, I really mean another word beginning with an F!

    Ideally, we want homegrown, American players with our own style. If these guys who grew up in Germany can help us out when we are lacking at a certain position and are willing, then great. But, if they are uncertain, then I would much rather give an kid, who grew up in our country a chance and lose, than win with guys who can barely speak English or don’t even know the National Anthem.

  88. jbrader says:

    You’re not so much an ‘idiot’ as ranting and unreadable. Also, I completely disagree.

  89. Mark says:

    I’m worried about not having Steve Cherundolo or Clarence Goodson on defense. I’m also worried about having Michael Orozco and Edgar Castillo present. They aren’t very good.

  90. Shane says:

    I read part of Subotic’s decision was that he plays in Europe and didnt want the long flights back to the US for International duty.

  91. Kevin says:

    biff – thanks for taking the time to write out your argument. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Klinsmann/Chandler decide come September. Here’s to hoping Chandler comes around…

  92. Eurosnob says:

    Aside from Fab Johnson, Chandler is better than any LB options that we currently have. Eventually, Lichaj could become a solid option at LB, but Klinsmann has not called him up.

  93. Getrealtime19 says:

    We like to make mountains out of mole hills on this website. All the guy is saying is chandler better be firm in his decision and not back out again. Who said anything about this upcoming friendly or qualifiers , heck it could be two more years before the guy chooses, and if he does chose the US he better mean it. Is it that hard to read siberian’s post…..

  94. Betamale says:

    Anyone remember Agudelo? What’s he been doing these days? I saw him trotting around against LA last night and realized I had totally forgotten about him

  95. evan says:

    USA is playin at Azteca with only 3 centerbacks on the roster who have never played together before with a combined total 9 caps… and then we add Alan Gordon… maybe i don’t blame Chandler for bein’ confused

  96. beachbum says:

    I read it all biff. You know we do not always agree but I feel you on this one.

    I love your passion too

  97. Benjamin C. says:

    I know he has had some injury issues, but he looked a far cry from the player in New York who was running at defenders and showing a lot of attacking promise. Of course, the entire Chivas USA squad looked completely overwhelmed last night.

  98. There’s also the possibility that he actually does have no interest in playing for Germany for unknown reasons, and feels uncomfortable playing for the USA for other unknown reasons, though likely his lack of relationship with his father would cause some conflicts. Dual nationals are weird like that. There is a level of discomfort that comes with being required to turn your back on your nation or your parent. It’s a very messy situation emotionally I’m sure. I wouldn’t call him in except for a cap-tier either, but he can have as much time as he needs.

  99. Dennis says:

    Not sure why Beitashour is a surprise, he has been playing very well, defensively and in the MLS all-Star game he defended very well against a tough opponent. For SJ, he has been getting forward to provide many of the crosses finished off by Wondo and others. Some day Dolo will fade, getting new talented prospects into the mix now is essential.

  100. even if you see Lichaj and Johnson as the starting FB’s long term, that doesn’t mean Chandlers useless. His most impressive stretches to me were at RW.

  101. Louis Z says:

    Then you can make the argument that nobody lies, they just change their mind.

  102. beachbum says:

    I’d like to see EJ get the call, never seen him playing better and with a more extended period of confidence. only bummer is he’s doing it for the Sounders :)

    I hope we see Gordon subbed in later in the game, give him 25-30 minutes to get after it the way he does, as he has been used in SJ a lot, and see if his physicalness and his game can translate effectively

    he can be a load, more so when others have tired late. he’s proven it in his MLS form this year. hope we see him get the chance in Azteca.

  103. amh says:

    according to the article, chandler felt the trip to Mexico would be too tiring and that he was focused on his club team. Sounds like everyone’s got his own spin on this.

  104. hogatroge says:

    Johnson played a significant portion (including the end) of last season at LB for Hoffenheim.

  105. hogatroge says:

    Edu and Jermaine Jones have both played CB at the club level.

    Not saying we’ll see it happen (esp. since we need JJ in midfield), but we have options.

  106. hogatroge says:


    Pontius takes the edge in current form (by far), but there’s no question that:

    1. Brek has more upsisde
    2. Brek has more international potential (size, foot skills, etc.)

    That said, after the USMNT core, Pontius would have been at the top of the list of new* faces for this camp/game.

    *I know he’s been in camp before.

  107. hogatroge says:

    He’s just a kid–who’s dedicated most of his life to soccer and has dozens of snake oil salesmen (agents, coaches, etc.) whispering in his ear.

    Cut him a break. I’m disappointed that he is retracting his “commitment” to the US, but we haven’t been in his situation before.

    From that perspective, it’s completely understandable.

  108. ignorant says:

    So…. in your tiny world, soccer goes on hold….. nothing else matters other than one month every 4 years. The world ain’t all or nothing… because the WC is the big-EST tournament, doesn’t mean others can not be big.

  109. senior ignoramus says:

    Perhaps you need another 10,000 words to make your point…. wait…. I didn’t even make it through the first paragraph.

  110. whoop-whoop says:

    Soccer imitates life. People, including my grandparents, have been switching national allegiance to this country for hundreds of years to take advantage of greater opportunity. I’m not sure why it comes as such a shock and seems so offensive when a soccer player does the same.

  111. hudson says:

    Still no Lichaj call-up? This seems like it would’ve been a good game to bring him in with Cherundolo and Chandler not available. (Of course, they may be permanent for Chandler). Presumably the reason against is because Aston Villa is still i pre-season training. But that didn’t stop Klinsmann from calling in Cameron after his stoke deal went through. And Lichaj is arguably more fit than Cameron at this point.

  112. pd says:

    Of course he “lied”. What player would go into a camp and act non-committal?

  113. pd says:

    Actually I loved that analogy…

  114. pd says:

    And who exactly the heehaw are you to demand anything? Until we’re an 800 pound gorilla like Germany or Brasil we really shouldn’t be too hurt when players weigh their options. Not very Polly Anna I know, but a lot more like real life.

  115. pd says:

    Have you not pooped today?

  116. pd says:

    Yeah, I’m baffled about Lichaj as much as everyone else. But giving bettashure is time well spent, as is Shaynan Willyamsfrom fill-a-delfeeya.

  117. peterjh says:

    Is Bunbyry cap tied?

  118. Kevin_Amold says:

    You’re reasoning is exactly backward. When we’re a Brazil or Germany we won’t care who weighs their options because we have 3 other solid players at every position.

  119. CrispyST3 says:

    What if Klinsi and Low have already talked it out and agreed thhat Low will leave Chandler alone and Klinsi, knowing this, is being “patient” about it, but in reality he’s just waiting for chandler to realize that Germany isn’t going to call him up

  120. Seriously says:

    The Olympics on the men’s side is not a big tournament. It is hardly a blip on the radar. Its a glorified youth tournament at best. The women’s game is another story, it basically works as a second World Cup because they play the senior sides and not some half-breed crap that is used in the men’s tourney.

  121. jerry says:

    although Chandler is better than Lichaj, he wants to play for Germany Lichaj why I say there is a better choice to depend on someone

  122. jerry says:

    i like chandler but …

  123. ben in el cajon says:

    Wow, biff, I’m not impressed by your wit, but I admire your passion. I was really only commenting on the statement about what people can do, and I think my last sentence shows that fans might be angry with him. That’s our right as fans, although I think we shouldn’t be childish about it.

    I doubt that you know what Chandler was thinking, however. While he might seem like a scheming jerk who was toying with your affections to impress someone else, he was probably confused, and trying to figure out himself and the word. These things happen, in soccer and in other sports.

  124. bryan says:

    i agree completely.

  125. bryan says:

    that is not the conversation. i’m simply pointing out that lichaj, right now, is not the better player. this has nothing to do if i like him or what his national obligations are.

  126. GW says:

    As far as I can tell from the Birmingham papers,Lichaj is battling to maintain his position as first call sub at both fullback and center back positions in the Villa defense. And maybe if he does realy well he could win a starting job. He and the USMNT are better off with Eric staying in England to secure the best spot possible at Villa.

    Cameron is in a very different situation. It looks as if this call up may have been part of a deal made JK. Besides, as long as Huth is in the hospital, Cameron will have less competition for playing time at Stoke.

  127. GW says:

    JK isn’t Brek’s dad and I doubt he feels responsible for his “fall”. That is strictly down to “Blondie”. He is the one who underperforemd with the Under 23’s.

    What Shea is going through is normal. JK has already invested quite a bit in Brek and it seems to me JK is just following up on his investment.

  128. Northzax says:

    And when I was his age, I told my girlfriend I’d love her forever. Didn’t work out that way. Happens.