USMNT top Mexico to pick up historic first win at Azteca

USMNT Mexico (Getty Images)


Mexico had lost just eight times in 119 matches at Estadio Azteca and never against the U.S. men's national team heading into their friendly on Wednesday night. But thanks to some disciplined defending, key saves and an opportunitic goal, the Americans changed all that en route to making history.

The United States grabbed its first win inside of the famed Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, beating its southern rivals, 1-0, thanks to a late second half goal from substitute Michael Orozco. The victory was not only the first for the Americans at the soccer cathedral, but also on Mexico soil, having gone 0-23-1 prior to the latest match in the heated rivalry.

While Orozco's 80th-minute goal, his first at the international level, was the difference, the Americans would not have won had it not been for their gritty defending and a pair of late stops by goalkeeper Tim Howard. The United States netminder spectacularly denied Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez on two potential equalizing chances, giving the U.S. team a confidence-boosting win that has been 75 years in the making.

Orozco netted the winner three minutes after entering the game on a play that a trio of American substitutes combined in. Brek Shea beat a Mexican defender down the left side before hitting a low cross to the middle of the penalty area to Terrence Boyd. Boyd trapped the ball and ensued by hitting a heeled pass to Orozco, who stabbed home from close range to stun the less-than-full Estadio Azteca.

Playing without some of their top players, the Americans had kept the game scoreless to that point due to some dogged defending from Geoff Cameron and Maurice Edu, who started alongside one another in central defense despite lacking experience as centerbacks. The duo also benefitted from some timely interventions from Kyle Beckerman and Jermaine Jones, who ran tirelessly as Mexico sent in attack after attack for much of the match.

The hosts, who were also without some of their regulars, dominated possession in the opening 45 minutes and had chances to go ahead in the second half. But Hernandez failed to put away some decent looks, including on an open header in the second half.

That opened the door for Jurgen Klinsmann's team to do the unthinkable and take a lead that they would not relinquish, sending El Tri and their fans with their first taste of defeat in the past five games of the North American rivalry. Klinsmann, who debuted as U.S. head coach against Mexico last August, is now 1-0-1 against the Mexicans.


What do you think of the United States' 1-0 win over El Tri? Who was your Man of the Match? How much confidence does this give the Americans going forward?

Share your thoughts below.

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274 Responses to USMNT top Mexico to pick up historic first win at Azteca

  1. Dan in New York says:

    USA! USA!

  2. Ilikefreddyyesadu says:

    Oh Shea can you see!

  3. chris says:

    F*ck yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  4. Neumannator says:

    now that was fun!

  5. ET says:

    Brek Shea, was great. Castillo surprise me and Camerone time in MLS has improve his game, he should improve more at stoke.

  6. simon_m says:

    Freakin totally awesome!

  7. Modibo says:

    I eat f***ing crow. GLADLY.

  8. biff says:

    Oh, man! Wow! The Miracle of Mexico City–with the B-Team–and no doubt about it this great victory signals the official end of the Bob Bradley era. Beating Mexico in Mexico City for the first time ever with a roster peppered with young, courageous, hungry players who succeeded without the help of a half dozen old veteran regular starters. (Are some of these guys going to become former starters?) No Carlos Bocanegra or Steve Cherundolo or Michael Bradley or Clint Dempsey or Jozy Altidore or Clarence Goodson–and, of course, no Timothy “Benedict Arnold” Chandler, who is now sitting by his phone hoping for a phone call from Jogi Low. The players who fought for this great victory just rocketed up the depth chart and it will be very interesting to see Klinsmann’s roster for the two World Cup qualifiers in September.

  9. Shawn says:

    Slap down the Gap. At the end of the day, it’s the SENIOR side that matters. Are the Jurgen-haters convinced ‘yet’?

    Italy in Italy and Mexico in Azteca. That is some serious battle-hardening.

  10. biff says:

    Just gotta add, man they played with heart

  11. SwerveZ says:

    Good victory for a team with no #10. Loved Shea’s run, Cameron is the future of center back. Otherwise, pretty lackluster game.

  12. JJJ says:

    Some players stock rose this game
    1. Cameron played very well gained good experience.
    2. Castillo has developed over the last year.
    3. Boyd was active and has a huge upside.

    Some players stock dropped
    1. Torres looks lazy and unmotivated to make an impact.
    2 Donovan is close to being a super sub,

    Nice disciplined win. Viva USA

  13. Joe Dirt says:


  14. Kosh says:

    We were supposed to get creamed. JK picked a horrible team. JK should have taken Pontius over Shea. Edu in D???

    Let’s see did I get everything?

    JK and the boys had a plan and it was awesome to see them execute it tonight. The little tactical battles all over the field and subs were pretty fun to watch. Was it a sexy, pretty game? Heck no. But in CONCACAF you don’t get too many sexy, pretty games. You play for the result.

    Awesome games guys. I am so happy to have witnessed this historic moment.

  15. Modibo says:

    When the Indians won the AL East to go to the Series for the first time in 40-odd years, I was living in a small village in West Africa where NOBODY understood the importance of the occasion.

    When the US beat Algeria in the World Cup to get into the next round, I was at work with a Godzilla of a boss and NOBODY understood the importance of the occasion.

    Now I am at home and the US beats Mexico IN THE AZTECA and NOBODY understands the importance of the occasion.

    God I wish I was at Slainte (Baltimore soccer bar).

  16. JJJ says:

    And Shea payed back Klinsman’s faith in him.

  17. d says:

    Donovan was injured, yet he still played.

  18. bottlcaps says:


    Kudos to the USMNT.I was really surprised on how well the US defended. I think it’s lost on a lot of people that possession doesn’t mean you are a better team, just better at possession. What you do with your chances defines what you can do and the US proved it has the “can do” attitude. Sublime run at goal by the castoff Shea, followed by a technically astute backheel pass by the “new kid” Boyd and put home by the forgotten Orozco-Fiscal shows how well Klinsmann picks his player, not on reputation but by attitude and proficiency.

    Also I think the Van Persie announcement caught Chicharito off-guard as he will probably be thinking, is how much he will be riding the pine at Man U this season.

  19. Tyler says:

    Terrance Boyd is going to be nasty. His first major game and it’s at Azteca and he gets an assist on a composed off-foot backheel while holding off two defenders.

  20. Josh says:

    I agree with everything you wrote, but lemme tell ya, if that backline puts in more performances like that, they’ll be the A-side in no time. Cameron was particularly solid.

    And what great build-up to the goal. That goal was the result of some cheeky play you don’t typically associate with the USMNT. The future’s looking bright!

  21. pancholama says:

    Simply wow!
    Mexico had some chances – but as the Mexican announcers said on the Univision telecast, “This is the kind of game that isn’t won by the team that deserves to, but by the team that puts one in the net.”

    I only saw the second half – where we had only a few stretches of actual ball possession and decent passing, but generally defended quite well.
    Klinsman’s substitutions were timely and appropriate and helped compensate for the altitude and fatigue that was starting to show around minutes 50-65.
    Great confidence builder for the USA.
    Timmie “el pato” Howard was man of the match. As is his custom, he stood on his head and saved our bacon with some clutch saves when it really counted.

  22. d says:

    I see now what Hyndman of FC Dallas and Jurgen see in him.

  23. pancholama says:

    Fighting Waldos indeed!

  24. Lem says:

    That’s RIGHT M*THAF@CKA!!!

    USA!! Howard, Cameron and Shea!!

  25. BFBS says:

    Least likely field player on the roster to score a goal scores the goal, redeems himself for the red card against Nigeria in the Beijing Olympics. Awesome.

  26. Todd says:

    Tim Howard played one of his best games ever tonight in the US jersey. Props also goes out to Geoff Cameron. Possession though was pretty horrible.

  27. B says:

    Brek Shea was fantastic tonight. Hope this performance puts him back on track with both FC Dallas and the USMNT.

  28. I still think Pontius should have been in the game. Brek Shea sucks.

    What a great win and a historic day for the USA.

  29. Shaggy says:

    USA would have won 5-0 if Freddy Adu was on the team and 10-0 if Beckerman wasn’t on the MNT.

    Oh and does MB still suck?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  30. Good Jeremy says:

    Shea looked really good whenever he found space.

    Castillo didn’t offer much offensively and got burnt a couple times back there.

    Fabian looked invisible out there, and so did every Mexican on his side of the field.

    Williams didn’t offer much at midfield, but made a couple good defensive plays. Maybe put him at RB?

    Edu’s cameo at CB was good.

    Beckerman looked completely lost the first half but seemed to figure it out in the second half.

    Boyd looked pretty good but was too isolated to really tell.

    Howard impressed me. His reflexes were as good as ever but he seemed to get his concentration back too.

    Ref missed some big calls but seemed to level out in the second half.

    Win or lose, Mexico gains nothing from this match. Aside from the win, we learned a lot about how the newcomers handle pressure and the atmosphere there.

  31. WildDrawFour says:

    I really liked my job until I missed this game because I had to work.

  32. Good Jeremy says:

    Brek Shea killed it out there.

  33. Scott says:

    I just moved to Iowa. I am not entirely sure that anybody has heard of soccer.

  34. Lem says:

    Since putting one in the net = a goal, which is required to win, then we deserved it. Possession without goals is overrated.

  35. Brett says:

    Loved Boyd’s play on the goal. Total Swag.

  36. A.S. says:

    I thought Mexico was really really off their game. I don’t know what it was – gold medal hangover? – but they were just not sharp the entire game. And it wasn’t only the players – the crowd seemed really dead too.

    It’s not to diminish what the US did there, but I was just surprised how many times Mexico just kicked the ball out of bounds, or missed an open player.

    On the US side – Boyd’s backheel was really nifty. It’s like Altidore’s goal against Spain in the Confed cup – where I go, wow, this guy’s got something.

  37. Dave says:

    At the half, Kasey Keller said”A lot of easy giveaways by Jermaine Jones”. Thanks for that news flash Kasey. We have to get some midfielders capable of completing passes and maintaining possession. Good win, but please upgrade Jones.

  38. Lem says:

    Brek ROCKS. Pontius will have his day.

  39. A.S. says:

    Also, a question: WTF was Orozco doing in the middle of the field 2 yards from goal??? Should he have been back at right back?

  40. Kevin_Amold says:

    I owe this roster an apology. And a hearty USA as well.

    Well done Yanks! Broke the Azteca hoodoo…

  41. Kosh says:

    These kind of declarations are just as bad as the predictions that we were going to get creamed. Torres is having a hard time playing in this system right now. I would not call that a lack of motivation at all. I just see a young inconsistent player who needs to adjust his game or be forced out of the of the line up.

    There are many more games to come and I am sure many who tout the future this and that will be the first to hang these guys on a bad night. Let’s just let these guys enjoy the W and get back to work. No one is the future of anything just yet.

    What a pretty sweeeeet W indeed!!

  42. Je-me-souviens-votre-mere says:

    Fighting Waldos! Love it. Can we make this our official nickname!? (beats yanks or nats)

    As a morning doubter now eating crow strudel (happily), Klinsi now looks like a goddamned genius. Among other things, when did Edu become a possessed backline crazy-man?! He put in a shift that I never would have expected.

  43. Seriously says:

    I thought Castillo was fantastic.

  44. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Thanks to the handful of people who supported Shea in the last few days. He is our most tremendous young talent. Let’s not forget that Dempsey and Donovan have had some really rough patches in their careers.

    I saw a lot of people dismissing Danny Williams on the Live Commentary page, but the guy has played out of position virtually every time. He is a pretty sound Bundesliga player, by all accounts. Hopefully JK will give up on Beckerman ASAP and Williams can take some of that positioning/playing time.

    Edu is a good player to have on the team, but I’d rather see him as a reserve when we get a full-strength roster.

    I know they don’t play exactly the same position, but Kljestan deserves to take Torres’s spot on the roster.

    Let’s hope that JK will judge Orozco (a la Robbie Rogers after the Mexico game last year) by his overall body of work, not one tap-in goal.

  45. Richard says:

    Really didn’t think I was going to witness history tonight, but very glad that I saw every second of it. Still having a hard time believing that Orozco Fiscal scored the winner lol. Congrats to the USMNT!

  46. Jimmie Olsen says:

    This just in… Tim Howard is set to replace Henry Cavill in next summer’s blockbuster movie Man of Steel.

  47. Seriously says:

    Where in the world do you live? I’m in freakin Alabama and my facebook is flooded with people who get it. If the people in this college football crazy state get it then I find it hard to believe others dont, unless of course you manage to be in Mississippi or Louisiana.

  48. USAmr says:

    We defended strongly without parking the bus. We played possession soccer in stretches! We attacked the goal at times! And….. We won in Mexico!

  49. JW says:


  50. d says:

    Beckerman does the dirty work, he breaks up playes, you need a guy like that.

  51. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    If it’s anywhere near Davenport you need to look harder…

  52. d says:

    You can say the same about the US. However this is Mexico’s home turf and they had played together before, more then the US.

  53. Ski Fast! says:

    Milestone win. Now let’s get back to working on our first touches.

  54. Benny says:

    Great result for the USMNT. The U.S.A’s B team defeated Mexico’s A team in the Azteca. Yes, it was friendly but Mexico put out their best side minus a few players so they could destroy our B side. The U.S.A.’s “D” held strong.This friendly showed that there are certain players that can contribute immensely during qualifying. This friendly just made the USMNT side stronger.

  55. Slowreno says:

    Putting the ball in the back of the F’n net!!!! That’s what! Deep players score, sometimes that’s what it takes!!

  56. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    I would add two more to the first list…

    4. Beckerman is great as a DM. It’s when he is asked to go forward that he stumbles. Play him in position and he is solid.

    5. Brek Shea. Off the bench, wicked run, nutmeg, ridonk pass to set up the goal. And he tracks back for defense…

    Oh and by the way…who made that great pass to Shea to set up the run?….Beckerman

  57. d says:

    Listen Beckerman broke up alot of plays, hes not a flashy player, he does the dirty work. Kljestan gives up the ball to much. Also both Castillo and Orozco played well.

  58. Old School says:

    Did we eat tainted meat?

  59. 2tone says:

    Klinsmann just pulled off one of ther greatest soccer rope-a-dopes I have ever seen.

    Really impresse4d with Cameron and Edu.

    Shea- I said he would have a good game, and he did. I told people that mexico dopes not match up well against Shea, and obviously they don’t. Not a starter yet agin for teh Nats, but I think we have found a lgitimate second half super sub for the time being while he comitnues to regain his form.

    Still a lot of things to work on.
    1. Torres and Jones are just not bringing much to the table.

    2. Play Willaims at his desired position CDM.

    3. Bring in more possession oriented CAM’s/Cm’s. I.e. Adu, Feilhaber, Nguyen.

    4. Play Corona more.

    5. I like Johnson more at LB. But he shut down Mexican player’s both on the right, and on the left tonight.

  60. JRP says:

    I just kept saying, it is one game, anything can happened. And anything did. Go USA.

  61. Drew says:

    Geoff Cameron was huge tonight. Tony Pulis is giving himself high-fives in the West Midlands right now.

  62. OSO NEGRO! says:

    KLJESTIAN SUXS! that is a negative ghost ryder!

  63. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    MB does not suck. Freddy Adu is our future. Beckerman always gets played out of position. And if Stuart Holden were healthy everything you said would have been irrelevant…

  64. Old School says:

    Also, I thought Kasey Keller put it best:

    “Gaps can come and go in an instant.”

    Mexico, all the props in the world for winning Gold at the Olympics but the senior level of national team duty is a whole other level.

    Let’s give praise but slow down on the victory trot.

    Mexico just pulled a “Leon Lett”. Welcome back to reality.

  65. SwerveZ says:

    I was asking the same question, but damn, he scored!

  66. pd says:

    I watched a patient USA side allow the home team to have possession and wait for their chance. When it came they took it and finished it.

    Once upon a time I could have never said that about a US side.

    This win represents so much about the “big picture “changes JK is trying to make. When you have the right system and talented players who can buy in to that system, you get results like this. It’s funny to see there are moments where the pace of thought is still not quite advanced enough (the ball moves fated than the awareness does) but just a few years ago the only one who was striving for that level of vision was Dempsey, not it’s clear that it’s something the entire team is shooting for… Seeing where the ball is three steps before it gets there, not once it’s in flight.

  67. JRP says:

    And you say your name is Joe Dirt? Yawn.

  68. TomG says:

    More than anything else, I think Klinsi proved that he has his finger on the pulse of this team to a greater extent that many of us (myself included) believed. Many of his moves leading up to the game seemed to contradict his stated goals, and /or seemed experimental and potentially disruptive, but clearly he is not just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. There is a distinct method to his madness.

  69. Roger says:

    USA! USA! USA!
    1. Clearly Mexico was the better team, results is what matters
    2. Cameron is the man. Big ups to the entire back line
    3. Danny Williams???! What the heck was he doing?
    4. need major work on the offense. I think we only made more than 5 consecutive passes twice.
    5. Great to beat one of the top teams in the world, now let’s crush the concacaf

  70. pd says:

    Congrats to the entire USMNT on a great result. The time was right and they took advantage.

  71. Alex says:

    Is the preferred midfield 3 now Beckerman-Bradley-Dempsey?

  72. Brent McD says:


  73. steveo says:

    thanks to whoever decided to jack up ticket prices at Azteca, keeping their fans away! let’s do it next year again! also, glad to see Bob Bradley’s much-derided bunker-ball payoff…although we are now coached by a possession-oriented genius… just sayin…

  74. bottlcaps says:

    Jones looked to me like he was suffering from what we cyclists like to say “jambe de bois” or “legs of wood”. His passing was week, soft and not sharp, he kept get tangled up in his runs and loosing the ball waaaay to much. This is often caused by fatigue caused by long airplane flights (like 14+ hours from Europe) 48 hours before the game. You can tell when he was subbed off he looked knackered. Still he put in a solid unscored upon 70 minutes. But yeah he looked better in other games.

  75. TomG says:

    Big win for sure, but I personally don’t see this as a big picture win. This was more of a classic, practical, absorb punishment, stay organized, keep your shape, and hope to counter win of the sort we’ve seen before under Bradley and Arena. Mexico dominated possession, but it’s still a great win, especially considering the roster we brought.

  76. This Guy says:

    Brek Shea sucks based on what? The kid has been called a liar by his own front office, played 18 months straight without a break, and was played as a lone striker for much of the MLS season.

  77. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    Call Ups That Need To Happen:
    1. Lichaj
    2. Ream
    3. Adu
    4. Holden (when healthy, because lets face it Landycakes is done…Blasphemy? No. I prefer pragmatism.)
    5. Pontius

    Get Them Out Of There:
    1. Jones because he’s too old and slow
    2. Gomez because he’s too old and slow
    3. Bocanegra because he’s too old and slow
    4. Dolo because he’s too old and slow

    I’ll Gladly Eat Crow:
    1. Beckerman (no one hated Beckerman more than me, but after tonight? Worth another look. He’s gritty.)
    2. Boyd because he’s young
    3. Castillo (solid game…especially after his last showing)

    The Rock:

  78. TomG says:

    Yes, but it’s good to see Klinsi can recognize when he needs to be pragmatic and play bunker ball.

  79. JD in FL says:

    Not to take anything away from Beckerman, but MB does the dirty work as well – with a bit more attacking threat. In any case, Beckerman was solid tonight. Looked like his key pass set things sup.

  80. hogatroge says:

    Heard of DVR?

    Or VCR?

  81. Todd says:

    I can’t take anyone serious who suggests Kljestan get another call up. He has proved time and time again that he doesn’t have international quality. Nice guy but no place for him any more.

  82. The Dream says:

    Tim Howard absorbs lasers and uses them to charge his special meter.

  83. Dw says:

    Agreed..I like D Will and wanna see him at CDM as well

  84. Scott e Dio93 says:

    Sounds to me; Shea isn’t 90 minutes player, Shea is far better as Supersub. Good to hear Boyd having good streak. Too bad I couldn’t see the game (do location & timezone.

  85. hogatroge says:

    You have to realize it’s preseason for all the Euro players, AND they’re forced to play at 6000′ of altitude, AND it was freaking hot until the sun set behind the stadium bowl.

    Jones was a beast for the US in January when he was in mid-season form. After he gets some Bundesliga games in, he’ll be sharper.

  86. Old School says:

    Last note, too:

    I don’t see the usual “latin” usernames that were incredibly confident it would be a blood bath prior to the match in the week build up.

    Can’t wait to hear the “we didn’t have our full team” retorts. When you compare line by line, that argument goes the wrong direction in a fast way.

    Somewhere, I’d like to thank Johnathan Bornstein for not suiting up. He deserves some credit for this victory.

  87. d says:

    I don’t think Mexico is a better team, alot of it was th affect of Azteca and not having M.bradley. Danny williams is a mid-player, not a outside mid.

  88. JD in FL says:

    “Fabian looked invisible out there, and so did every Mexican on his side of the field.” Fabian looked great last year vs. Belgium in more of an attacking role. He didn’t make much noise tonight, but his presence really did stifle Mexico on his side of the field. I think he is a key piece for WC 2014, but we need to find the best way to integrate his play.

  89. beachbum says:

    agree with all of this.

    very similar tactics used before…beliveing in them just that much more because Jurgen Klinsmann is selling them…PRICELESS

    Congratulations to Jurgen Klinsmann…Cheers!

  90. volpone says:

    The defending was great, and Boyd and Shea were excellent, but was there anything encouraging in possession or attack until Shea was on? It’s a wonderful win to get, but if we’d lost we’d be saying it was just a friendly. A result against the run of play shouldn’t convince us the team is there.

  91. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Beckerman looked overmatched tonight, like he has virtually every time he has played at this level.

    Admittedly, Kljestan has not looked great for the US, but he has been playing well in a pretty decent league the last two years. If national team accomplishment was a prerequisite for a call-up, we would have no place for Castillo, Orozco-Fiscal, Wondolowski, Beckerman, Williams, etc.

  92. 2tone says:

    If Holden comes back strong; then for me he immediately takes Torres starting role.

  93. beachbum says:


  94. volpone says:

    Is there any indication Dempsey would be dropped back into the midfield? But you’re right we need someone technical to link with Bradley and it’s not looking like Jones (though isn’t he just a destroyer for Schalke, and why couldn’t he do that for the NT?).

  95. CJ says:

    How bad was Chicharito tonight? He squandered several clear-cut chances that could’ve made this a very different game.

  96. Al_OC says:

    If you have espn3, start watching from 78:48. He and Beas were attacking from the right side. He actually tried to find Shea, but his pass was intercepted.

    About to go back to his position, when he saw Shea got the ball. So, he went to the penalty box and the rest is history. BEAUTIFUL!!

  97. josh says:

    Some of us do know what soccer is and those of us who do love it. I’m not ashamed to admit all my friends and i were acting like idiots when usmnt went up 1-0 in the 80th min. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  98. Call Up Lichaj says:

    We simply haven’t had a consistent threat on the wing. As long as so many other mediocre players are getting second, third, and fourth chances (see above), why doesn’t Kljestan deserve another look?

    Even Alan Gordon got a call-up.

  99. hogatroge says:

    Happy to see Shea pull through, and agree that Danny Williams is being criticized too harshly for being played way out of position.

    Majorly disagree with a couple things.

    1. Beckerman had the game of his life in a USMNT shirt tonight.

    2. Torres was awful tonight, but Klejstan is not the answer.

    3. A year ago, when Anderlecht was tearing it up, I was calling for Kljestan to get a call up. He did (against Italy I think), and he laid a heck of an egg. Kljestan has had multiple camps to impress Klinsmann and has failed. That says something. To make another USMNT cap, he first needs to win his starting spot back with Anderlecht. Then, he needs to start making assists and posting shutouts.

  100. d says:

    What? castillo played against a talented outside mid and kept him from doing damage. Beckerman broke up plays and nearly got a goal out of it. Fabian played out of position, at RB, not LB, and still did well. Williams is a CM not a outside Mid. This is not a friendly, Mexico, not against each other, they lost to a B side US team.

  101. C(note) says:

    I sincerely doubt Boyd was trying to pass…but I’ll take it everyday of the week and twice when we play Mexico.

    Shea plays d and dribbles at defenders. He’s good with room to be great

    Beckerman is a slower less agile Bradley

    Cameron just won himself a starting job

    Good win and I for sure ripped off my jersey and ran around the bar in Austin shirtless when we scored

  102. pancholama says:

    Edu played R ctr back in the Beijing Olympics and acquitted himself quite creditably.

  103. hogatroge says:

    Finally someone talks sense! Jones didn’t have a great one, tonight, but he’s in preseason form and just hoofed it across the ocean midweek. If you’ve noticed, the players who excelled tonight have been playing in MLS all summer.

    He was a beast in January and played well enough in WCQ.

    Some of these people seriously need to get a clue.

  104. d says:

    Beckerman kept breaking up plays, Castillo played very well and so did Orozco-Fiscal when he came in. Jurgen knows what Wondo can do, score goals and after the Brek Shea play, I will never question him again.

  105. beachbum says:


  106. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Louisiana here. We get it.

  107. beachbum says:

    +! again

  108. hogatroge says:

    It’s a huge moral victory, and the US owes FCD a bit of credit for breaking the Mexico curse last year.

  109. beachbum says:

    the hat trick :)

  110. Enrique says:

    Lmao, wink wink!

  111. Rich says:

    I’m more than thrilled with finally getting a victory in Mexico after 75 years. But that was some of the worst passing I’ve seen at this level by both teams. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mexico kick the ball out of bounds as many times as tonight. And the US constantly gave the ball away while trying to bring it out from the back creating countless opportunities for Mexico. Shea actually took someone on, beat him, and made a nice centering pass setting up a brilliant goal. Howard came up huge a couple of times. And some clutch defending overcame a lackluster performance by both teams.

  112. d says:

    You must be new, When Mexico and USA play its not a friendly, Mexican fans was very angry after the lose.

  113. hogatroge says:

    So much FAIL I don’t know where to start…

  114. A.S. says:

    That’s why I was so surprised at how poorly they played. Sure, the US back line played very well in stuffing them in the immediate box area, but Mexico certainly wasn’t sharp there. And I thought Mexico was poor even when they had little pressure on them in the middle of the field.

  115. Myles says:

    Cheers from Mississippi

  116. Jose Martinez says:

    I played div 3 soccer in iowa

  117. A.S. says:

    You doubt Boyd was trying to pass? Really? SMH

  118. Charlie says:

    USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Keeping_The_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    Well at least try…don’t come on here and Wondolowski a comment ….

  120. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Maybe still too early to jump on the Terrence Boyd train, but we should at least be running alongside it.

    Probably will by one of my favorite NT players by WC 2014.

  121. C(note) says:

    He had his back to goal two yards from it and never saw orozco. He was trying to score not pass but I’ll take it. SMH

  122. islandofmind says:


  123. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Call Up Lichaj!

  124. Kosh says:

    Oh yeah, I new I forgot one – JK has done nothing that we haven’t seen before.

    I’ve made it pretty clear on here that I was and still support BB. the thing is I also can appreciate it when a boat has actually sailed and support my team through thick and thin.

    I know I am forgetting something else here too, oh well.

  125. ehhh says:

    beckerman starting for us in any game at any level is a total joke. jjones looked heavy legged as noted, gomez is not the answer up top, mo edu is obviously not a international level cb, cameron doesnt play as he did and were losing this game 3 or 4 nil. i thought we looked awful for 75 mins of the game, ill give us a couple of mins where we looked dangerous lets be honest. did torres dwilliams even play? ghosts out there to me. and boyd getting praise is absurd, guy was all over the place with sloppy hold up play and luckily back heels a ball and he gets good ratings. we were out classed and got lucky, but hey isnt that the game?

  126. A Coach says:

    Yea, but still second to Keller in 98 against Brazil.

  127. Seriously says:

    See even these guys get it!

  128. Joe Dirt says:

    Only if she’s mt sister!

  129. HoBo says:

    Donovan played up top. you can not show much if you don’t get the ball, right?? Same for Gomez.

    Midfield could not hold up the ball and create chances at all. Passes were sloppy and we turned the ball over continuously. That’s where the game is won or lost and that’s where we were losing the game.

  130. islandofmind says:

    I heard it said on about three different podcasts that Geoff Cameron wasn’t a Center Back! You can’t tell a Dynamo fan that . . . or anybody else now I guess.

  131. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith... says:

    + 100

  132. Georg says:

    After playing 90 minutes in the first USwin Om Mexican soil and you still want to slam Beckerman, fact is Beckerman makes the US look more composed and better.

  133. Seriously says:

    Your 4 has to be a joke or you must be a huge RSL fan. Did you watch the game? Beckerman was horrid. His D was bad his passing was bad his hair was bad. You want to credit him with one good pass all game? He played the whole thing at that was the only good thing he managed. A blind hog will find an acorn every now and then.

  134. Seriously says:

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    We are the Fighting Waldo’s

  135. Georg says:

    You are clearly a idiot, Beckerman was composed and clinical in his distribution tonight. The US is a better team with him on the pitch.

  136. Seriously says:

    What game were you watching? The one I did saw Beckerman do two good things. Almost score a fluke goal and make one pass that led to the goal. It may have been the only pass he did complete. He was not good defending, passing, going forward, etc.

  137. C(note) says:

    I’m not slamming beckerman. If anything I gave him a compliment. Smart player good vision and passing. I just said he’s not as fast or agile as Bradley.

    And does Bradley not make the NATS “look more composed and better”

  138. Boswinga's Unibrow says:

    no, Jones >>>>>> Beckerman even if it didn’t quite look that way tonight.

  139. Georg says:

    Only a complete idiot would say what you said tonight of Beckerman. If you really watched this match and any of the past few US matches you would have to have seen that the US played the ball out of the back soo much better with Beckerman on the pitch than without. Yes he is not fast, but teams need players who can posess and distribute the ball cleanly and consistently out of the back. I look forward to seeing Beckermans passing efficiency tonight, bet efff would be surprissed.

  140. Seriously says:

    You are a moron. Beckerman completed one pass all night, it happened to lead to a goal. Clinical in his distribution? What a joke. I’ve seen some fanboys before but this one takes that cake. Whatever you are smokin’ must be some good stuff.

  141. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Geez, what’s up with the Soccernet-style name-calling?

    I’ve seen mixed reviews on Beckerman. Unless your view of the game is the only valid one, maybe focus on why you thought he was so good.

  142. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Georg, you will have a lot of idiot tickets to hand out if you are patrolling this site for every anti-Beckerman comment.

  143. away goals says:

    Look at all of us iowa folk. Living in iowa and what not.

  144. GW says:

    Alan Gordon is not a winger. Gordon was brought up because he is red hot and is a teammate of Wondo’s.

    We’ll never know now but it seems the idea was to pair him with Wondo late and see if the two, the poacher and the wide body, could come up with a goal.

    What makes you think Sacha is a winger? If you want wing play from this roster it will come from Fabian, Edgar Castillo or Shea. But this Mexican team requires so much defensive attention that it is hard to break out a winger on them.

    JK just showed the world that he understands his US player pool and can put together a roster to win a game.

    You obviously think you know better than he does.

    And by the way, Kljestan is alway getting looks. It’s just that the impression is, to this point, unfavorable. Right now Sacha neeeds to focus on keeping his club job, never mind his role with the USMNT.

  145. whoop-whoop says:

    I totally agree with the part where you say we won in Mexico. Fortunately, it is what matters most.

  146. Call Up Lichaj says:

    In fact, hand me another one. Beckerman should not be considered for a national team above the caliber of, say, Canada.

  147. Joe says:

    I can’t believe something wasn’t done about that and it was happening all game. Maybe they don’t have rules against that in Mexico like we do here? Is that something FIFA should address? At least it wasn’t a pinpoint laser as that would have been more detrimental.

    As to the game, I feel we were lucky to come away with a victory. Mexico had the better of the possession and scoring chances. If chicharito puts away any of his several strong chances it would have been lucky for us to tie. Fortunately this game does have a way of surprising you. The great play by Shea, the smart pass by Boyd, the finish of MOF (I think he used his off foot?), and the stellar saves by Howard meant the US was able to steal a victory at their house of horrors. The US win here was actually more impressive to me then the win of Italy for the simple reason of the horrible record south of the border. In 75 years we only had 1 tie and no wins? That was domination, and breaking that is huge. I hope this means more positive results in the future for us.

  148. Terrence Boyd says:

    Yo, I was like in front of the goal and decided to back-heel. America is awesome.

  149. Seriously says:

    I got this for ya hogatroge.

    OK your call ups. Ream and Adu are meh right now, dont deserve to be called in at this time. The rest are fine.

    You want to cut 4 of our best players and you think Beckerman played a good game. This is funny. Gomez is far from slow and is a goal machine. Boca and Dolo are two of our most solid defenders and Jones is great when in form, he’s still in pre-season right now.

    Beckerman made one good pass all night and broke up a very small amount of plays. For the 90 minutes he was on the field his body of work was less than stellar. Yay for that one pass, but it does not mean he played well all of a sudden.

    That is about all of your fail, the rest seems to be fine.

  150. C(note) says:

    Haha. Great comeback. Classic

  151. Call Up Lichaj says:

    The Alan Gordon comment referred to the caliber of player, not a specific position.

    My call for Kljestan has nothing to do with tonight’s game. It’s a specific request for the future.

    The purpose of these boards is to debate and question these things. Have you never done it?

    I understand a lot of anti-Kljestan sentiment exists here, but how unreasonable is the suggestion that he is of the same or slightly higher caliber than some of the players on this roster?

  152. Seriously says:

    I’d go down even further to Scotland. He was not good tonight. He connected one positive pass that led to the goal, other than that he was bad, did not do the d any favors, Cameron was screaming at him half the game. He looked lost hell he even had a ball that looked like a shot at our own goal at one point with nobody around him.

  153. Georg says:

    One pass? Be honest you did not watch this match did you.

  154. QuakerOtis says:

    I was saying out load that I couldn’t believe how solid Castillo was. It seemed like he spent all, and mean ALL of his energy defending, which is a hugely positive change. Not going to anoint him a starter at this point, but it’s good to have competition at LB 😉

    Also, JK should be sporting those Chelsea armbands: respect.

  155. GW says:

    “was there anything encouraging in possession or attack until Shea was on?”

    Absolutely! The score was 0-0 when Shea came on. That means it was as if he started what turned out to be about a 25 minute game. A minute or two after he came on it was 1-0 US.

    What is it about this that you do not find encouraging?

    Unless you are betting on the numbers of corner kicks or throw ins, the run of play means nothing. Nada.

    What means something is the US had more goals at the end of the game than Mexico did. Under the rules that means the US wins.

    Waht is your problem with that?

  156. Brian S. says:

    Brandon, MS here and we’re die hard. My wife is in labor right now and I had to have the game on in the hospital room. It was well worth her yelling at me

  157. QuakerOtis says:

    * out loud

  158. GW says:

    We won.

    They did not score.

    Beckerman was fine. He did a great job.

  159. d says:

    Bad passing, who found Brek shea open? Beckerman. Who broke up plays when they had numbers? Beckerman.

  160. d says:

    Go look at the highlights, he saw Orozco at goal and pass him the ball.

  161. blindcommish says:

    i have never been a fan of beckerman… but besides a couple of sloppy plays tonight i thought he was really solid.

    cameron and howard were awesome. castillo was surprisingly solid.

    johnson and shea will be key for future success.

    edu, jones and williams were weak links tonight. torres not sharp and barely saw the ball.

    can’t wait for the qualifiers next month to get MB and Dempsey back on the field with some of the younger guys we saw tonight.

    Also hoping that Holden gets back healthy and Omar Gonzales gets a chance when he returns to form.

    Psyched about the 1st win in Azteca!

  162. Georg says:

    Fair question.
    I will admit that I am very sick of Beckerman hate just because it is Beckerman hate.
    In my opionion the US plays better with Beckerman because he does control and distribute out of the back. He controls and distributes balls in ways that allow the US to move the ball forward. I think that perhaps I and many US fans and Klinnsman, saw the same thing tonight.
    Sorry (seriously) watch the Match again you may learn something.

  163. d says:

    Kept breaking up passes, he does go forward, thats not his game. You must be knew to soccer, a DM job is to defend and he did.

  164. pd says:

    Really? I seem to recall that one of the biggest mantras chanted by US fans post matches were “we need to learn to finish chances, especially when they are limited.”

  165. DJ777 says:

    Brek Shea Shut me up. I’ve bashed him for months.
    Good job dude!

  166. pd says:

    Holden should not see the field for the US until he has at least six months of match-level fitness in him. Until then we might as well be talking about calling up Charlie Davies.

  167. QuakerOtis says:

    Excellent ironic use of the “If Stu were healthy” trump card, formerly known as the “If John O’Brien were here” supposition

  168. evan says:

    Torres isn’t lazy, just small, weak and slow…

  169. GW says:

    It’s Azteca, everyone was screaming at each other if they wanted to be heard.

    Cameron is a new guy and probably didn’t realise no one could hear him anyway.

    As for Beckerman, you need to have new insults because he will be playing again for this team. He was solid tonight. Mexico did not score and we won.

    You cannot do better than that.

    All that other stuff you guys bring up is for style points or gambling and that doesn’t get you anything in this game. It’s not gymnastics, platform diving or ice skating at the Olympics. It’s football.

  170. Georg says:

    Agree and apologies for mixing you up with a seriously uneducated soccer fan.

  171. QuakerOtis says:

    I assume you were being sarcastic…

  172. alabamafutbol says:

    Random question- has anyone been to any of the US-Mexico qualifiers here in the states? I’m set on going wherever it is during the Hex, whether columbus or KC. What will an average ticket cost? Ready to start saving up. TIA for any insight

  173. Georg says:

    Sorry but you cannot bench Gomez.

  174. Natsalways says:

    What a great game. Gladly eating crow. My thoughts:

    Cameron – imagine what this guy will be like after a couple of years in the premier league!
    Boyd – Looking forward to the development of the Boyd/Altidore partnership..and having it last 8 years.
    Howard – Amazing.
    Johnson – liking this guy more an more. Locked down his side.
    Shea – Just for a couple minutes, but it was enough.

    Castillo, Edu – good enough for tonight…need work.
    Fiscal – way to take the goal, not enough to judge otherwise.
    Beasley – similar comment. Not enough to judge.
    Bekerman – is still too inconsistent from me, but played his role fairly well.
    Jones – Obviously lost his legs at about 50 mins. Pretty solid first half.
    Donovan – was not much involved but looked dangerous when he was. His absence made the team struggle the first 15 mins or so of the second half.
    Zusi – Not bad.

    Torres – another not great game…I want this guy to be good for the nats and he just hasn’t so far.
    Williams – just not great. Would like to see him where he usually plays. Did seem to link up with Johnson a bit.
    Gomez – not his best form in recent games but should have won a penalty.

    Any others I have no judgement. All in all, a great win.

  175. d says:

    Beckerman did’nt look lost and did great, the people who say otherwise don’t know soccer.

  176. Natsalways says:

    Columbus is a seriously rocking place to watch a game. I was there for the USA-Mexico game last cycle and it was insane…..a huge hurricane force wind blew through and took out half the power grid. A Tim Howard kicked ball literally travelled 20 yards sideways because of the wind. Unreal. If you go, stay with the fan group. It would be a great experience.

  177. turdblossom says:

    Iowa lotta money. Does that count?

  178. turdblossom says:

    This morning the comments were all about how this is the B team and we suck. Now we’re suddenly as good as Brazil! Brek Shea to Real Madrid!

  179. turdblossom says:

    Si, I have. In 1997 at Foxboro. Tickets weren’t crazy expensive—-you can afford it if you’ve paid for MLS games. In fact, this was a double header with the Revs and Tampa Bay (?) playing before. (After? No before.)

  180. C(note) says:

    You’d take beckermanbover Bradley. Is that what you’re getting at? You have lost your mind

  181. Roger says:

    It’s probably because it’s bittersweet. If they ever were to lose might as well come from a player with Mexican roots lol

  182. Primoone says:

    I’ve never seen Italy beaten at home…and I have never seen Mexico beaten at home…Until now.

    Let go Kosh…just let it go.

  183. Jamie Z. says:

    Agreed. Boyd has more swag than Money Boy: link to

  184. Really don’t get the complaints about beckerman. He made a lot of great passes in tight spaces, is one of our best defensively players. He might get squeezed out between the wealth of dms we have but hes clearly a quality dm.

  185. primoone says:


    Just because someone was a part of the winning effort…does not mean they are free of criticism. Should we be complacent with a sub-par performance from a particular position? f*ck no.

  186. Lauren says:

    Clinton, MS here! Have a good sized group of friends who religiously follow the game at club and international level – usually have brackets for most major tournaments. Mississippi isn’t COMPLETELY backwoods :)

  187. Chris in Des Moines says:


  188. house says:

    Let’s get real: the only one that played a great game was Howard. Everybody else was regular to poor.

  189. Ryan says:

    I still think we need to develop Jones and Edu into CBs…may sound farfetched, but they aren’t good enough on the ball for mid, and end up playing defense mostly anyway. At least one of the rotating to defense permanantly would open up a spot in the midfield and fill a need. They both have the size and tackling ability for CB and would have plus speed and technical ability with their background as midfielders…

  190. Dude says:

    i imagined our first win to be less chelsea like

    what an ugly win.

    lets hope we get another during qualifying

  191. Dude says:

    Now we know why Mexico wont play us in Azteca in the evenings.

  192. camjam says:

    Yet some how they won, which no team has EVER done there. Suffice it to say, he proved you wrong and you won’t man up.

  193. Old School says:

    Hard to say Gold Medal hangover when an entirely different side was playing.

  194. Mwing09 says:

    Im not ready to anoint Beckerman a starting role on our first-choice team, but he played well tonight. What is it with everyone thinking central mids need to be assist machines? He’s a defensive mid, no one on that coaching staff is telling him to go out their and create goals (but he did anyway BTW). Why are you judging him on the number of positive passes he made? His role is to break up attacks, get in passing lanes, and win 1v1 battles in our half of the field, and thats exactly what he did.

  195. Ben says:

    No matter what the route, it was a great win for the program. I think the big take away from tonight is how important it is to have mobile centerbakcs playings. Edu and Cameron weren’t flawless, but they clearly discomfited Mexico’s frontline with their ability to move and run. I think and hope we will see more of this going forward, if not this particular pair.

  196. Ben says:

    Along with Castillo, I should add. I hadn’t rated him in the past, but he has improved a lot.

  197. Ben says:

    And no Bradley, no Dempsey, and a halfway Donovan.

  198. KlausG says:

    Cameron had 5 completed forward passes and a 75% completion total on the day

    How is that an example of “flawless distribution” as quoted on

    Cameron was responsible for 3 of Mexicos best chances in the 76th, 84th, and 88th minute!!

    Explain to me why i should be excited about a a player who plays 3/4 game solid only to Ream it up at the end? I mean don’t we have Ream for that?

    But ignore all that and say he did actually put in a MOTM performance tonight…
    It literally would have been his first good performance at CB (for club or country) in nearly 6 months!!

    So with this win our CB issue is now solved you say? GTFOH

  199. Brett says:

    Why does it seem like the ball and Jermaine Jones are complete strangers whenever they run into each other on the pitch?

  200. Ben says:

    I think he is very decent, but just a bit small and slow for this level. The stature can be overcome, but the lack of footspeed hurts him. I mean he did have some facepalm plays, especially the boot out of bounds for the corners kick after some great defensive work by Danny Williams.

  201. Brett says:

    Cameron and Fabian both put in a stellar 90 along with Howard.

  202. Ben says:

    Better than with him off of it? Certainly not if we have Bradley. I like Beckerman and think he is a nice player, but he definitely has some perplexing moments, or did you forget the corner kick he gave up for no apparent reason and some of the passes that were off target? Again, I like Beckerman, but he is clearly limited.

  203. kfly says:

    There are currently three WORLDWIDE trends on Twitter pertaining to this game…#USMNT, Tim Howard, and Azteca. This is almost 3 hours after the game ended.

    So yeah. This is a big deal.

  204. Kenny_B says:

    WOW, way to use a statistic in a way that completely distorts Cameron’s performance. His positioning was excellent most of the game. He headed away multiple crosses. MOTM is awarded strangely enough to the MOTM not MOTP6M. Cameron had a good outing, not flawless, but it was good. Give credit where it’s due.

  205. Junior says:

    I’m naming my kid Tim Howard.

  206. Kenny_B says:

    You rock Brian. You’re wife will immortalize you with that story.

  207. BL says:

    For all of the talk of this helping the U.S. side’s confidence, I actually think that the doubt it creates in Mexico will be far more important. Mexico has always been incredibly talented but a bit fragile between the ears. This loss could really have some lasting impacts on their confidence….good to knock them back to reality a bit.

  208. Jeremy says:

    For Fabian I meant invisible in a good way, the way you don’t want to notice a cornerback in a football game because nothing happens on his side.

    I’ll stand by what I said about Castillo. He was identified as the weak link during halftime adjustments and was getting torched in the second half.

  209. BL says:

    back 4 played well as did Shea in his short time…but otherwise i agree with you. Also not overly encouraging when we are talking about our Future at CB and he is 27.

    Good result though…cant overlook that

  210. Kenny_B says:

    Pretty astute regarding Chicharito. I think it affected him also.

  211. Kenny_B says:

    DM’s also connect the back line with the other mids. It’s equally important to get some distribution from the DM. The fact that Beckerman is one dimensional keeps him solidly in the MLS.

  212. d says:

    Castillo had a brilliant game, and this is for a guy who didn’t like him.

  213. jai_brooklyn says:

    Whine, whine, whine, HOORAY! USA! USA!

  214. Nave says:

    I think the key was getting Donovan off the field. :)

    Am I the only one who thinks Boyd may have been trying to back heel the ball into the net?

  215. Kenny_B says:

    His job is also to connect the defense with the other mids and forwards. He did not do this well at all in my opinion. I disagree with “d”s comment that I don’t know soccer. DM’s that prove to be invaluable do more than break up the other teams play. They also consistently help the defense move the ball out of the back without turning it over. To me, that is the real weakness of Beckerman’s game.

    Under pressure, Beckerman turns the ball over way to much.

  216. Andrew says:

    I don’t know of this Timothy Chandler person. Who is that?

  217. Andrew says:

    There are no sexy games in Azteca.

  218. Andrew says:

    Agreed. I’ve wanted to see him at CB ever since then.

  219. Tom says:

    Hell yeah, what a great win! f*ck you Mexico!!! I love beating them at the only sport they care about.

  220. Tom says:

    LMFAO off at you Mexico, we just beat your A team with our C+ team. USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!!

  221. biff says:

    ha-ha-ha-ha. I mean really, lol, great response…

  222. biff says:

    Agreed, Josh. Unbelievable that some are calling that goal luck. a snazzy pass from Beckerman to Brek who rocked and rolled past the defender and a cross to Boyd who held and it coolly heeled it to the open man. And the people trying to diminish this great victory, well, you know what I mean…

  223. d says:

    If that was a knock on MLS, show how little you know. If US is going to improve, MLS is needed. The fact Brek Shea did so well, even though he has struggle for most of MLS, should tell you something. Also Beckerman was the only one keeping the ball and passing it out the back. Jones kept giving it alway and torres, thats another story. If it wasn’t for Beckerman, the mexican team would had numbers many of times. Torres wasn’t defending.

  224. SilverRey says:

    ’cause I’m Brek in the saddle again!

  225. d says:

    Really one corner kick, come on, really. Maybe the passes was off target because they only had one tiny practice. Also small, how big do you think soccer players are? MB is not the fastes guy, yet is a great player.

  226. d says:

    How about Italy,he didn’t play well? your Beckerman hat is starting to piss me off, because he did well tonight.

  227. SilverRey says:

    @ Seriously, ….seriously?!? No giveaways, positive passing (no backpasses), moved forward during our few full team attacks, and provided the build-up pass to Shea’s double meg to Boyd’s back heel flick put away by Orozco. Beckerman had a big positive affect on this game, and should get a few more call-ups based on this performance alone.

  228. SilverRey says:

    Watch the replay on ESPN3.

  229. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    You know what they say about assuming…

  230. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:


    I can’t let this go.

    The US should be looking to the future and building a solid WC team. That means getting a core group of players together now. There is some great young talent out there, and they need to be given a shot. Do we really need anyone on The Fighting Waldos come WC that is the wrong side of 30? Especially with all the fantastic young players coming up.

    Of course Beckerman played a good game. A good 1st half? No. But he played 90, not 45 like Donovan. He deserves another chance. Did I say replace Michael Bradley? Of course not. (MB will shine at Roma.) But come on…I think one more chance is merited.

    And if you’re going to give Jones the benefit of the doubt for being in “pre-season” shape then please do the same for Ream. And secondly don’t fault the guy for transferring to a team that had, quite obviously, the worst run of bad luck I have ever seen.

    Why does everyone hate on Freddy Adu? It makes no sense. Rather like all the England fans who hate Walcott…

  231. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    True. I’m not the coach.

    A top scorer in Mexico does not mean a good performance on an international level. Who was the top scorer (joint) in MLS last year, and the top scorer this year? Isn’t his name a verb?

    We need Altidore. His two goals against Ajax are a sign of things to come.

  232. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    At least he made Neymar cry…

  233. Keeping_the_Brek_Shea_Faith says:

    Nope. His eyes were as big as dinner plates when he saw Orozco Fiscal put that in.

  234. Shawn says:

    Cameron was ‘responsible’ for those chances? Umm, no. Mexico was throwing everything into the box on the last two. You might say Beasley was at fault for the 84th min chance, for a bad giveaway that started a counter.

    And yes, Cameron was MOTM, and has now played man-sized shifts in two historic wins. Of course, that’s pure coincidence, I’m sure. Howard could’ve been doing pull-ups on the bar for 84 minutes. He was remarkably undisturbed. Who is responsible for that? Oh right.

    And 75% pass completion isn’t a bad stat, given that 80% is considered solid gold, and the US midfield was overrun most of the match, meaning he had few chances to play to someone who was unmarked. He certainly didn’t kick the ball out of bounds a half-dozen times like the profligate Edu did. (Not that Mo didn’t defend heart & soul, mind you. He was just wasteful, as always, in possession.)

  235. Shawn says:

    Agreed. Easily Castillo’s best shift in a US jersey. Man-sized performance with heart & soul defending.

    “Wingback isn’t fullback”? I’ll have me another helping of that wingback’s workrate, thank you much.

  236. volpone says:

    I said the defending and the result were great, but it’s ultimately a friendly, even in Azteca, and what you’re looking for in a friendly is progress in quality of play.

  237. volpone says:

    “When Mexico and USA play its not a friendly”: the single most annoying cliche in American soccer. Sure, it’s a rivalry, but if it’s not a friendly, then where were Bradley, Dempsey, Bocanegra, and Altidore (and Dos Santos etc)? It was a friendly.

  238. Helium-3 says:

    Yep I remember that Gold Cup game and afterwards Romario said Keller was the best goalkeeper he ever faced !

  239. Josh says:

    I was at Slainte, it was awesome.

  240. Helium-3 says:

    Tim Howard to Real Madrid ! Why is one of the best teams in the world not interested in Tim Howard ?

    Why is he still playing for Everton ?

  241. robert daniels says:

    Hey remember that back pass that should have been a soft touch from 3 feet that Beckerman blasted out for a corner kick, yeah he did really well.

  242. Kosh says:

    LOL. Primoone, I think you’re talking to the wrong guy. That was exactly the point I have been and was making in my post. OK, granted sarcasm does not work so well on the internet, but trust me that’s where I was going.

  243. robert daniels says:

    +1 I feel like I’m taking crazy pills with all the comments about a great game. Like were we watching the same game.

  244. david m says:

    By the way, what happened to Beasley at the end of the game? He was on the ground, clutching his head, with trainers around him. Was he struck by something?

  245. Kenny_B says:

    Wow, way to debate and win an argument I never made, congrats. Of course MLS is important.

    Brek Shea had a good outing, first one in a while. Again not anything to do with my post. Jones had a rough game, yep, nothing to do with my post. Torres didn’t defend well, ok, so what, it as nothing to do with my pst.

    I disagree that Beckerman passed well out of the back. His passes were Inaccurate, leaving other mids lunging to just get a foot on the ball. He basically trapped the ball out of bounds for a corner. Beckerman is a destroyer. He doesn’t pass particularly well or help with possession as a real strong DM should. That is why he hasn’t drawn much interest from clubs in higher paying leagues. You should stop with the straw man arguments and quit claiming other people are ignorant because they disagree with your position.

  246. Mark says:

    Fantastic win. Sadly I was only able to watch the second half, and I didn’t think this team could do it. Really special stuff, but it’s a friendly, so use it to build some confidence and lets go do the business in our next set of qualifiers…

  247. Dennys says:

    Was a great victory.

    Danny Williams, Jose Torres and Mo Edu were KILLING me in the first half though. Jermaine Jones is a nice prescence, but was outplayed by far by Kyle Beckerman.. here is a lineup I’d like to see in the future:


  248. Bags o' uran says:

    There’s no competition at LB. Johnson is by far our best option there. But DEPTH, now if you would have said “it’s good to have DEPTH at LB” I wouldn’t have felt compelled to write this.

  249. Kodi says:

    Louisiana is coming around. Tons on youth are involved. New soccer complexes built in Baton Rouge. I even have a ton of friends in Thibodaux that play and watch. I think I pulled a muscle in my post goal celebration. Geaux USA!!!Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!

  250. Dax>Jones says:

    My ironometer just pegged out. Who is saying what, and who means it?

  251. B says:

    Agree about Beckerman. I only caught the second half of the game last night, but every time the US had a good spell of possession, he was integral. His distribution, overall, was great last night.

  252. KlausG says:

    Take a look at the highlights.
    Cameron was responsible for ALL but one of Mexico’s chances in the second half.

    Cameron was 9.5/10 in the first half and a 5/10 in the second half.

    The storyline changes DRAMATICALLY if Howard wasn’t such a stud.

    Take off the blinders

  253. KlausG says:

    1. 5 forward passes in 90min.
    2. he WAS out of position and/or misplayed balls leading to Mexico’s chances despite whatever Beasly or any of his teammates did seconds or minutes prior

    Playing 45min of great soccer followed by 45min of meh soccer isn’t impressive to me. I understand that those of you that celebrate mediocrity have a different opinion.

  254. Bag o' uran says:

    Shea played inspired and relaxed. good job.
    JK should have taken Pontius over Williams.
    He did not have a good game, and hasn’t performed very well for the US ever. He needs some more seasoning and Pontius has earned some camp time.

  255. Bag o' uran says:

    Beckerman played his most complete game for US. he’s not taking anyone’s starting spot, but he proved his worth. ie, not worthless.

    Good Job, Beckerman.

    Leave it at that.

  256. THomas says:

    I kind of see what JK is doing now, and I realised it at the end of a game we were dominated in, but ultimately one.

    He’s not trying to completely change the USA way. He’s merely trying to improve upon it. This was the greatest example. Yes we will try to play it out of the back and press high up the field defensively and yes we can do that against mid-level teams and yes we will ultinately be able to do that agains the best teams.

    However, when all else fails, we still have that rosolute, never say die, fight until the end spirit that will pick up wins when we’re outmatched. I can see it now and I can’t wait to see it in Brazil 2014

  257. THomas says:

    God that was awful grammar…sorry guys (and girls)

  258. bag o' uran says:

    Is Orozco a left back for his club team?

  259. ben in el cajon says:

    I think Mexico had gotten complacent in their victory. We probably did their coach a favor. Now they’ll remember that winning everything in North America isn’t their birthright.

  260. ben in el cajon says:

    God yes. At times I thought we had a contract with a Dutch athletics equipment company because it looked like we were wearing wooden shoes.

  261. bag o' uran says:


  262. bag o' uran says:

    what about “entertaining game”?

    Entertaining, not like Brazil Argentina, but like Bum Fights, Vol.4.

  263. Kryptonite says:

    Not worried Mex had the run of play. Mex would have more possession than Germany head-to-head, but Germany would win 9 out of 10 times.

    Chicharito missed one easy goal o/w he was stoned. There were no passing lanes into the box for Mex, and Mex had to settle for aimless crosses to no one. The end score should have been USA 2-1 (Chicharito gaffe and Gomez wild shot that should have been a cross to an uncontested Boyd who is clinical). Lot of poor play by Mex relates to frustration.

    Overall a solid match for USA when not sporting Demsey and Bradley. Hoping that Castillo continues improving by leaps and bounds or Lichaj can step in with Timothy Chandler rejoining the US at RB as the midfield needs Johnson, Bradley, and Holden badly.

  264. TomG says:

    Klinsi’s goal isn’t to improve finishing. That’s not something a USMNT coach has much of an affect on. That’s an individual skill. Klinsi’s big picture goal is to play a more fluid, one-touch passing style with the team moving as a whole and dominating possession and scoring opportunities.

  265. TomG says:

    I hear what you’re saying, but with that roster, the pragmatic approach was to play the way we did. That was really our only chance to win. The Mexicans brought much more of an A roster than we did.

  266. bryan says:

    you are dumb dude. i’m not even a Beckerman supporter but he was good last night. nothing more to say. you were just blind.

  267. beachbum says:

    I saw what yiou saw Klaus, and respect your reporting going forward. Cameron played some excellent ball btw, but he was imperfect as you state. He played well though

  268. beachbum says:

    he was!!! All of the reports we heard about Barrera struggling were true, and Castillo helped keep that genie in the bottle. Great shift from him, my MotM. His play allowed Johnson to man the right back spot and blunt Guardado, which he did very well whereas if Castillo had struggled, who knows what Coach would have been forced to do

  269. beachbum says:

    +1 HoBo, that’s what I saw too

  270. beachbum says:

    his was the surprise performance to me, the difference maker; Mexico wanted to attack him, tried, and basically failed. Huge matchup win for the US that most of us didn;t see coming

    Yeah baby!!!

  271. beachbum says:

    single most annoying FACT…get used to it, it’s no cliche dude

  272. beachbum says:

    I was there too! Crazy weather made for the perfect atmosphere. That game was AWESOME

  273. Cory says:

    You have to realize that this Mexican team was very diluted, as a matter of fact I read in another story that 4 players are bench players in their respective teams, but the the Mexican coach wanted to try them out, and still dominated us in the game. I think the real test will be when Mexico comes at us with a full squad with all their stars.

  274. Reil says:

    Not really, this Mexican team was put together 1 week before the game, many of the players are bench in their teams. The Mexican coach wanted to give some other players he thinks have potential a chance, but according to a report on, Mexico didn’t field 9 of their star players, with the exception to Chicharito and 2 other players, the rest of the team were fairly new, 4 of them were 18 yr olds and was their first appearance on the Mexican national team.