Who should the USMNT call up vs. Mexico?

USMNTvsBrazil (Reuters)

The U.S. Men's National Team returns to action on Wednesday in the highly-anticipated friendly vs. Mexico at Estadio Azteca. We already know who Mexico will be bringing to the showdown, but U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has held off in announcing his team until the weekend.

Back in June, Klinsmann suggested that he would be fielding a full-strength squad for the trip to Mexico City, but circumstances might keep that from happening. When you consider that Clint Dempsey is in a bit of limbo, as are the Americans at Rangers, you wonder whether Klinsmann will bring those key players in or let them deal with their current club situations.

When considering the squad Klinsmann may actually bring to Mexico, it should be noted that since the friendly is a mid-week friendly, there won't be a lengthy training camp before it. The team will have just two days to work and not much time to get acclimated. That quick turnaround usually prevents completely new faces from being called in, but with Klinsmann, you can always expect a surprise or two.

So who is Klinsmann calling in for the Mexico friendly? Here is a roster we could see getting the nod:


GOALKEEPERS– Tim Howard, Brad Guzan

DEFENDERS– Timmy Chandler, Steve Cherundolo, Carlos Bocanegra, Geoff Cameron, Clarence Goodson, Fabian Johnson, Edgar Castillo

MIDFIELDERS– Landon Donovan, Michael Bradley, Clint Dempsey, Jermaine Jones, Jose Torres, Kyle Beckerman, Chris Pontius

FORWARDS– Jozy Altidore, Terrence Boyd, Herculez Gomez, Chris Wondolowski


Some thoughts:

This would be a full-strength team, and while many of these European-based players are in pre-season, Klinsmann has made a point of saying that he wants his best players coming in for friendlies. It will be interesting to see if he sticks to that.

Yes, that's Timmy Chandler on the roster. Reports out of Germany have suggested Chandler is set to return to the national team fold and a game at Azteca would be a good chance for him to help repair his image among USA fans who aren't happy with the perception that he's not fully committed.

The LA Galaxy have a game on Wednesday at Columbus, so you might think Landon Donovan would be left home right? Don't be so sure. With the number of games Donovan missed last year it's tough to think Klinsmann would pass on a chance to bring him in. Also, Donovan loves playing Mexico, and a chance to play at Azteca again is something you would think he would not want to miss.

Clint Dempsey has not been training with the first team at Fulham as his future with the club remains in doubt, so he's probably not match fit. That said, Klinsmann will want to bring him in and have him around the team. He might not be able to start, but you would expect Dempsey to be a safe bet for minutes if called.

Chris Pontius fills the "New face in camp" quota. He is a talented goal scorer capable of playing on the left flank. I'm sure many will suggest that Eddie Johnson should be called in. Yes, he's playing well right now, but with the current crop of forwards available, I'm not sure now is the time for Johnson to be called in.

Goalkeeper is a bit of a tricky one. Brad Guzan is in a battle for the starting job at Aston Villa, so you wonder if Klinsmann leaves him back to focus on that. If so, Nick Rimando, Sean Johnson or Bill Hamid should get the nod. Based on current form, and a chance to bring him back into the fold after the Olympic qualifying disaster, Johnson would be a good call-up.


What do you think of this squad? Who would you like to see called up that isn't on this list? Who is on the projected roster that you hope does NOT get called in?

Share your thoughts below.

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149 Responses to Who should the USMNT call up vs. Mexico?

  1. Colin says:

    Jürgen Klinsmann can no longer pretend that he doesn’t need Joe Corona, Benny Feilhaber, Freddy Adu, Mix Diskerud, and Joe Gyau in his midfield.

    He can’t continue to call up players like Edu and Beckerman and overload the roster with defensive midfielders.

    At forward, any real roster must include the superior skill and direct attacking play of Agudelo, Gomez, and Boyd. The roster must at least include these forwards plus real playmakers.

    It’s also time to stop pretending that Bocanegra and Goodson are technically skilled enough to dribble and pass out of trouble; they also don’t possess a basic quickness that is anywhere close to international levels comparable to good national teams.

    Geoff Cameron definitely needs to start, but DeMerit needs to start too if Klinsmann is unwillingly to use Gonzalez or John.

  2. Vic says:

    Everything looks good. One change I would make is calling in Joe Corona.

  3. RLW2020 says:

    i bet Guzan is left in England. gaining the Villa keeper job is more important that backing up Howard, bring Rimando or maybe even Kennedy or Greenbaum.

    chandler … idk only if he plays vs. Jamaica and we have that in writing signed!

    overall looks good, I would have expected more MLS players but if the Euro-based players are available call them up! Really look forward to Gomez starting! and how the GerAmericans play in Azteca.

  4. Colin says:

    José Torres has never demonstrated that he is a good playmaker at the international level. Torres has been incorrectly described as a deep-lying playmaker, and this is also incorrect because deep-lying playmakers provide defensive coverage and play right in front of the defensive back four, which is where Bradely plays as a defensive midfielder with good passing and attacking skills (but not true playmaking skills despite his excellent dead balls)

  5. Peter says:

    Dempsey deserves far better treatment in England. Can’t believe he hasn’t been transferred yet.

  6. RLW2020 says:

    i agree we need more youth/depth on this roster, but not sold on Benny, Adu, Mix or Gyau.. especially not DeMerit. not vs. Mexico!

  7. ManicMessiah says:

    I would leave Donovan to play against Columbus specifically because he missed so many US games. But I’m spiteful like that.

    As far as Timmy Chandler, nothing is going to be settled until he plays in a qualifier.

  8. Schizzle says:

    I’d like to bring in as many Mexican-Americans as we can for this one, I think it would be a great opportunity for those players. Plus any other player in Mexico like Demarcus Beasley. Michael Orozco-Fiscal, Castillo, Gomez, Corona…I think it would be interesting to see these guys get playing time in this type of game. Throw in Donovan and Dempsey and we would have plenty of motivation and talent to get a result. Just my opinion. Also the Timmy Chandler angle would be intriguing as well.

  9. ManicMessiah says:

    Disagree about deep-lying playmakers. They play further back to find space away from where defensive midfielders usually play.

  10. Vic says:

    Staying at Fulham may not be the worst thing. He is more likely to continue his form and get guaranteed playing time. After this year he could leave on a free transfer making it easier to sign for a Champions League team which Liverpool is not right now.

  11. Old School says:

    …..Timmy Chandler…..so we meet again….ugh.

    I agree on the midfield, though, I think Edu should be the odd man out. I would also like to see more of Corona at this level.

    I disagree on the backline, as I think Boca has transitioned the best of any of our defenders to the style Klinsmann wants to play.

    I would, however, like to see a Boca/Cameron pairing develop going forward to Brazil, while Goodson has still be fairly steady. DeMerit, whom we all love, is past it, imo.

    I simply do not have faith in Tim Ream or Gooch.

  12. ManicMessiah says:

    I completely agree about the midfield. Considering how Adu, Mix, Corona and Gyau led the u23’s to the Olympics…

    Oh wait…

  13. T says:

    I wouldn’t bring Castillo, he goes forward way too much and is slow to get back. The roster suggested above seems pretty reasonable.

  14. Old School says:

    One change I would also like to see is: Wondolowski for Eddie Johnson…

    Wondo is a fantastic MLS servant but I’ve literally never seen anything that warrants belief he can perform at this level.

    Johnson, on the other hand, (even if flashes) has the type of speed and ability to play up top and attack.

  15. Felix says:

    I’d prefer to leave Cameron and Bradley with their clubs.

  16. Rik says:

    Agree on Corona – especially based on proximity.

    Love Benny and Adu and want them there, but as painful as it is to say, neither are ready. Benny has been dubbed ‘that guy’ by Bruce, Bob and now seemingly Jurgen too – great ability, but it comes with a bad attitude and unwillingness to suffer. Freddy is fantastic but needs to do it consistently for JK to bring him back. He’s getting there. Like Mix too but he’s way too soft for senior nats.

    If you’re knocking Boca on speed, Gonzo is slow as molasses and coming off injury. John – never was sold on him, and West Ham snub + mediocre season back at FCD serve to prove that.

    Like it or not, this is the team for awhile until guys like Gatt, Gyau, Freddy, etc can start breaking through.

  17. Eric says:

    You lose some credibility when you claim DeMerit needs to start because Boca and Goodson aren’t skilled enough. DeMerit’s biggest strengths are his positional sense and his toughness but he is no more skilled than Boca. The truth is that outside of Cameron and Ream, the US currently lacks any truly skilled CBs playing at a high level and Ream needs to be dominating the championship before deserving a call-up.

    As for your call for the young midfielders, Mix needs to get settled and he has yet to prove he can play defense as a center mid in a 4-3-3 system to deserve a call-up. Corona might be worth but Adu needs to be a little more dominant in MLS for my taste. As for Benny, he hasn’t been that impressive at NE as far as I’m concerned and I think JK still questions his attitude.

    Also, don’t knock Beckerman. I suggest you watch his games closely. He does a lot of the little things that cut off passing lanes, he tackles pretty well and he looks to go forward on his first pass better than Edu does.

  18. Eric says:

    My wild guess at the gameday 18:

    GK: Howard, Rimando (could see Guzan omitted to continue his push for the #1 spot at AV)
    DF: Cherundolo, Goodson, Bocanegra, Johnson, Castillo, Cameron
    MF: Dempsey, Donovan, Jones, Bradley, Beckerman, Torres, Corona
    FW: Altidore, Gomez, Boyd

    Am guessing we don’t see Timmy Chandler unless he’s also willing to be called up for the upcoming WCQ matches and the cap-tying chance that comes with them.

    And Klinsi will continue to baffle us by once more omitting Eric Lichaj and Sacha Kljestan.

  19. Old School says:

    I agree.

    He’s fighting a number of things; American-stigma, age-stigma and Jol simply not wanting to sell him.

  20. DavidKamerun says:

    Ask any Union fan, and they’ll tell you with great certainty that Adu is *not* “getting there.” At all.

  21. Matt says:

    Joe Corona will be called in for this one, filling the Mexican quartet with Castillo, Gomez and Torres. Also, I can’t see Guzan, Jozy and Bradley being called in given their fight for spots at their clubs with the new season beginning.

  22. Old School says:

    Lichaj will stay at AV for the same reason you’re “omitting” Guzan.

    Kljestan on the other hand, simply doesn’t have a spot / isn’t good enough, imo.

  23. Adam says:

    What’s the deal with Beasley? I haven’t seen much of Puebla, but from what I’ve read, he seems to be doing well. If nothing else, he could be a super sub going forward.

  24. Eric says:

    You’re right that Torres isn’t a true deep-lying playmaker, like Pirlo. Torres’ problem is that he doesn’t have a true position at the international level, at least in Klinsmann’s system. What he does well is circulate the ball and control tempo which is extremely useful in JK’s system, but he needs to offer a little bit more than that.

  25. Drizzl says:

    Charlie Davies, if only for nostalgia.

  26. chris says:

    hahahahaha Feilhaber? Adu? Mix? These players are no where near National team quality.

  27. Eric says:

    I agree with your roster for the most part. Absolutely agree with the part about Chandler. I don’t see him getting the call unless he agrees to be there for the WC qualifier.

    Don’t think we’ll see Castillo though. Klinsmann has been willing to give him a chance but he hasn’t done anything with those chances. You’re more likely to see Parkhurst I think since Klinsmann seems favorable to him. I think a DeLaGarza call up or a Anthony Morrow call-up is also a possibility over Castillo.

  28. Ryan says:

    Can Brad Davis get a look anytime soon?! Geeeeez

  29. Rik says:

    I admittedly only get to see Union games in flashes, you could be totally right. From what I’ve seen, there’s always that sense that he can break a game open. He sees things and can do things that other guys just flat out can’t, but it’s putting it all together and finding the game that he struggles with.

  30. ET says:

    I need to see Pontius called up. Also why isn’t anyone talking about Jalil Anibaba?

  31. elgringorico says:

    Sadly it seems we will never see that name in the mix for USMNT ever again

  32. biff says:

    I disagree that the Mexico friendly is the right time for Timothy Chandler to repair his image. No more call-ups for Timothy Chandler for friendlies until he first plays for the USA in a cap-tying game. What happens if Chandler plays against Mexico only in the hope of doing well to catch Jogi Low’s attention for a possible Germany call-up in September, when they begin WCQ. After Chandler’s snub of the cap-tying invitation for World Cup Qualifying games in June, Klinsmann should instead call up one of several other deserving players who would give their left one for a chance to play in a US shirt in Mexico City.

    In September, Klinsmann can give Chandler a chance to redeem himself by inviting him to play on the USMNT in WCQ cap-tying games against Jamaica. If Chandler accepts, as the great Terrence Boyd did unequivocally and without hesitation for the June WCQ’s, then we can welcome Chandler back with open arms. If he declines yet again for a WCQ, then Klinsmann should slam the door in his face and never call him up again. I don’t give a damm how good Chandler is (and I think he is very, very good), I only want him on the team if is fully committed right now and not later when he gives up hope for a phone call from Jogi Low.

  33. chris says:

    Jesus you people are crazy. Castillo is not an international LB, he is soft gets muscled off the ball way too much. Orozco? Liability in the back not even worth looking at and Beasley come on it is time to move on

  34. THomas says:

    Good point, except Jogi could likely give two schweinsteigers who the US is playing or who Tim Chandler is.

  35. elgringorico says:

    Really hope we see Pontius v Mexico. I think he has the speed and 1v1 attacking prowess to give them issues. Sub out Wondo for Beasley, and one other young defender for DeMerit and you got a good squad.

  36. Eric says:

    I understand the sentiment but I don’t think that’s the way to go. What I think you do is go to Chandler and say, “I’m calling you in for this Mexico game if you agree to also play in the next qualifier.”

    Also, there would be little reason for Chandler to use this game only to catch the interest of Jogi Low. He could do that in Germany without the help of international friendlies.

  37. Madaoua05 says:

    My lineup (I prefer first names/nicknames in order to harness our inner-Brazilian identities):

    —Landon——Party Boy—-
    ——–Coach’s Son———
    –Jozy—Tuberculosis (TB)–

  38. elgringorico says:

    I dig.

  39. ted says:

    You forgot Landycakes

  40. Jeffrey says:

    I would go one step further and suggest that Torres will never be a good choice at the international level. It is just not in his personality/style. He is too passive. He seems to lack the passion.

  41. chris says:

    GK: Howard, Johnson(deserves a look)

    DEF: Cherundolo, Cameron, Boca, Johnson, Goodson, Parkhurst

    MID: Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Jones, Torres, Pontius, Corona

    FWD: Jozy, Boyd, Gomez, Wondo

    -leave Lichaj and Guzan at Aston Villa to battle for starting jobs
    -leave Edu to find a new club (underrated at what he does there is a reason Valencia had strong interest in him)
    -if Gatt can stay healthy he needs some looks soon

  42. AB says:

    This is the moment where Chandler needs to decide if he will commit to the US. If not, bring someone else into camp consistently instead of someone who’s on the ropes. Bring Lichaj who is still young and has a promising future in the EPL. I haven’t been impressed by Castillo at all. Torres is way too inconsistent – he looked terrible during the Brazil game. You could bring in Beasley (or slide Fabian Johnson up) to play on the left hand side as a wing. Overall, the back line needs 4 consistent starters.

  43. NE Matt says:

    Give me some “Bend it like Beitashor” bros

  44. kash says:

    Right I would like to know what the hold up is on that, hasn’t he shown how useful he is? Lately he is not such a forward player but more a diagonal player, ie play maker.

  45. Alex says:

    when has JK ever put out a 4-4-2 diamond? with bradley as a #10? this is hilarious.

  46. KL says:

    would this be the first game Bocanegra has missed since he’s been captain 5 years ago? He’s always called in

  47. Jay says:

    Why not Lee Ngywen? Anyone been watching how solid that dude has been playing?

  48. KL says:

    why call WONDO? I understand this is a huge rivalry but the dude needs to focus on MLS. He needs to beat the 27 goal record. He’s ten goals away with like 14 games. he gotta focus

  49. Tom says:

    I still don’t know why, if Goodson is getting called up, why Matt Besler isn’t getting called up. He’s smart, takes good positions, and is skilled with his feet. His distribution is spot on nearly every time, and he rarely gets beaten. Maybe not against Mexico at Azteca, but at some point he should get an opportunity.

  50. lubs says:

    Re Anibaba, he’s only the second best US CB on Fire behind future MLSROY (and Jan ’13 camp cupcake invitee) Austin Berry. As a RB, Anibaba has only recently moved ahead of Dan Gargan as starter.

  51. ET says:

    He can also Play CB, he did good last year and he has the speed and is not bad on the ball.

  52. BF says:

    How has Torres lacked the passion? Passive??

  53. Jake says:

    They already have been bringing others into camp instead of him. WC Qualifiers are actually the moments when he needs to decide. Everything else doesn’t tie anyone to anything.

  54. bryan says:

    you are incorrect about a deep-lying mid, the regista. they do NOT sit in front of the back four. that is the box to box mid. trequartista is the #10, regista is a pirlo type, and box to box is the destroyer type.

  55. bryan says:

    i’d drop beckerman for corona or williams. it would be nice to see lichaj over castillo, but i can see the reasoning for why he is unlikely to get the call this time.

    i really hope pontius gets the call. and it sounds like he will.

    why does the USMNT always take so long to release the roster? it’s annoying.

  56. Darwin says:


  57. Darwin says:

    Klinsmann will not call up EJ. He is simply not a quality player. Scored some great goals this season, but his limitations are well known, as is his ceiling. Wondo consistently scores the most goals in MLS for the past few seasons and is on a record-breaking pace this year. He scores by intelligent movement and finishing ability. EJ depends on athleticism to score.

    They both scored against Chelsea in the all-star game, tell me, which goal goes in 9 out of 10 times?

  58. JRP says:

    Agreed. EJ is done and deserves a call up the same time as Robbie Findley. It is not going to happen.

  59. Call Up Lichaj says:

    I don’t think Lichaj will get the call (or even that he necessarily should–for the same reason Guzan shouldn’t), but this is getting frustrating. Leaving him off the September roster will be all too easy for JK if he doesn’t come to this camp.

    And Kljestan–I feel bad for the guy. What more does he need to do? Please stop calling in Beckerman and give that spot to Kljestan. We don’t need so many players at the DM position, and KB isn’t international class.

    No one has been talking about Williams lately. Does anyone know whether he’s still injured? I think JK likes what he sees and wants him part of the team no matter what, so he’ll probably only miss out due to injury.

    I hope Shea gets back in the picture sooner rather than later, too. His performances this year certainly don’t merit a place on the roster, but I’d like to see him remain acclimated with the team and get his confidence up.

  60. Eric says:

    Parkhurst over Castillo? I dunno. They’re very different players…I feel like Parkhurst is a centerback first and a fullback second, and he’s a right-sided player at that. This makes him fairly redundant to Cameron (ie, both versatile, right-sided central defenders), and so Klinsmann would likely have one or the other, but not both.

    I agree that Castillo hasn’t made much of his chances with the USMNT, and if it were up to me, it’d be Eric Lichaj getting the call-up, but I think Klinsmann will want Castillo.

  61. Benjamin C. says:

    Jurgen should think long and hard about bringing in Eddie Johnson, at least to get a close up look in training. I know a lot of people soured on him, and for good reason, but in the Seattle games I have watched this season, he looks like a completely different player. He is scoring goals consistently and is generally in good form, and plays the position where the U.S. desperately needs someone to step forward and put in some good performances. This is a friendly: it is the time to take a chance like this.

  62. bottlcaps says:

    I would go heavier on the MLS and Mx Lg players and bring in only a few from the preseason Euro leagues, especially any marginal players. From Europe: Bradly, Jones,Dempsey and Howard. Maybe Boyd as he is on fire. Altidore isn’t fit enough yet. I would bring in Corona, Castillo and Torrez as well as Herculez. The rest from the MLS. Remmber the altitude, heat and smog at Azteca, these factors will make those working on their fitness, a very tough slog.

  63. andrew in tally says:

    Wondo might break the MLS single season goal scoring record, but that doesn’t make him international quality. Don’t think he has the skill or physical ability to be an impact player on the international level. I believe EJ, his critics aside, can give us a threat off the bench. At the risk of sounding like an EJ apologist, EJ can still contribute to the national team. Anyone who denies that hasn’t been playing attention.

  64. wiger toods says:

    Interesting, so far no mention of Gooch in any comments. For or against – simply forgotten.

  65. Alex says:

    That was certainly depressing.

  66. QuakerOtis says:

    I understand your reservations about Wondo, but I disagree on EJ. If you watched the Open Cup Final, you would see why: he still skies the big shots, just doesn’t have the composure for the big time. Leave him at home, unless you want a Michael Findley reboot on the pitch. Wondo lacks the *Rud Gullit voice* Shexy football shkillsh, so leave him home too.

  67. Alex says:

    You’re getting way to hung up on semantics. You’re describing a position that can be dubbed a holding midfielder, defensive midfielder, the Makelele role, the destroyer role, or any number of things. If you really want to argue semantics, I don’t think you’re even using box-to-box correctly. A player that sits in front of the back four is, by definition, not box-to-box. They sit in front of the back four to provide defensive cover and rarely leave that spot because it’s likely that the defensive responsibility in the midfield is on them, and vacating the spot to go up to the other box would leave the team open to counter attack, especially if they’re using attacking full backs, which most teams do.

  68. 2tone says:

    Replace Wondo with EJ, and Beckerman with Williams.

  69. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Completely agree with this post. Wondo is not international class. He has looked lost every time in the USNT uniform. And who could forget that horrendous miss in the Gold Cup? Johnson showed flashes in the Open Cup the other day but doesn’t look like a complete player. I’d say he’s a forward version of Adu right now.

    I don’t think we need more than 4 forwards–Jozy, Deuce (if you’re going to call him a forward), Gomez, Boyd. Only call in one of the others if Deuce stays in Europe. And I think Agudelo, not Wondo, should be next in the pecking order.

  70. Darwin says:

    The modern version of a deep-lying playmaker is a good tackler, can spin on a dime and hold possession, responds well to one-touch passing, and has good movement and positioning to clog passing lanes.

    Torres, Feilhaber, and Kljestan all possess these qualities and should be battling for the role, but Torres is clearly ahead of the pack, captaining his team and focusing less on the attack. Feilhaber and Kljestan try to get into scoring or assisting positions, whereas, for Pachuca, Torres creates by playing the second to last ball and doesn’t have the statistics to show for his output…which is exactly what the position asks for.

    Kljestan has issues with the one-touch aspects, and Feilhaber has issues integrating his team and trying to go for the killer pass. The result is that they both commit too many turnovers for the position.

  71. Jokojoko says:

    Wait, the game is in Mexico City in five days and they players don’t know they’re playing? How much notice do they get? Will they be out jogging Tuesday morning and grabbed by a bunch guys in ski masks, then shoved into an unmarked van? (This may sound like a joke, but that’s typically how the Mexican players get to practice.)

  72. Mike Ufford says:

    Anyone else want to see Osvaldo Alonso get a shot? He’s a naturalized citizen now, this is ‘just a friendly,’ so there won’t be any eligibility issues, and he’s equally as in-form as Beckerman or perhaps even more-so right now. He’s also settled in his club situation and won’t have pre-season rust, unlike some of the Euro league guys who are in the conversation.

  73. Shane says:

    Interesting since Adu and Feilhaber have contributed a lot more in a USA jersey than Beckerman or Torres

  74. Mark says:

    Boyd and Herculez up top to start baby!

  75. Mark says:

    Replace MLS’s top scorer for three years in a row for EJ?? hellz no!

  76. elgringorico says:

    i lol’d. also agree. Though it’s possible the guys who are coming have already gotten the calls and just the team hasn’t publicly announced the rosters yet.

  77. louis z says:

    no love for Williams? is he still hurt?

  78. QuakerOtis says:

    Great MLS player, but that position is too crowded. If he were as creative as he is solid in defense… still probably not.

  79. biff says:

    I will bet anyone a million dollars that Danny Williams will get called up for the Mexico friendly. Yep, I will, by golly.

  80. Bird says:

    I vote to one up Germany, and call up John Anthony Brooks. I watched him play the other day for Hertha, he certainly has the size to play, good distribution too. Needs to work on his positioning and reading the game but he is still very young. Germany called him into the U20 camp, so why not give him a call to the US Full side and let him meet the guys. Also I would prefer Danny Williams to Beckerman or Torres and Eric Lichaj was snubbed last match wouldnt mind seeing him this time around, move Castillo up to LW and leave Wondo at home.

  81. Wendell Gee says:

    US soccer has to be careful how they handle the Chandler situation. For the foreseeable future there will be many more US-eligible players with mulitple options for national teams. Getting “tough” (for lack of a better term) with Timmy gains US soccer nothing. Showing that they understand, and respect, the sometimes tough decisions people with mulpiple nationaities face could send a very good message to such people.

  82. Madaoua05 says:

    See: Venezuela, Italy. You’ll find 4-4-2 formations.

  83. Bird says:

    He has been playing great lately, but I cant see him getting called into a mexico match after such a long time away from the team. I think he needs to finish the season strong to show consistency and then look for a call in November or January camp…..

  84. biff says:

    Honestly, I would not trust Chandler’s handshake at this point, I mean if he would promise to play against Jamaica after the Mexico friendly. I mean, Chandler promised us a year ago his dream was to play for the US and that he has no desire to play for Germany.

    As for Chandler using the Mexico friendly as a potential springboard to catch Low’s attention, well, of course, Jogi Low can scout Chandler at the club level with Nurnberg to determine if he is worthy of a call-up. But don’t you think Chandler’s performance against a good team like Mexico in the pit in Mexico City would give Low a better barometer of Chandler’s potential to player internationally as a member of die Mannschaft? Low no doubt keeps track of every USMNT game now that his ex-boss is coach, and if Chandler were to have a world-class day against Mexico, Low would most definitely know about it and who know what might happen.

    Klinsmann needs to ratchet up the pressure, issue an ultimatum for the Jamaica games in September: “Timmy, it’s now or never.”

  85. 2tone says:

    Lets see EJ 8 goals for the USMNT Wondo uhm zero. Yeah I will take EJ any day of the week over Wondo.

  86. 2tone says:

    Alonso has not been cleared by FIFA to play for the USMNT. he has to make a switch from Cuba to the U.S.

  87. bryan says:

    Look, I agree about semantics, but I thought that is what the conversation was about. I can tell you, I am not using box to box incorrectly. Look up types of midfielders and the general three types are trequartista, regista, box to box…especially in italian footy. In a 4-2-3-1, I agree, none of those other than trequartista really make sense. But in a 4-3-3, that’s exactly what it is. Which is what JK is playing. Personally, we don’t have someone capable of playing box to box role like Khedira.

    “A defensive midfielder or holding midfielder is often likened to an evolved version of the old-school sweeper.”

    “Some players prefer to set up an attack from a withdrawn position, and are often coined deep-lying playmakers, mainly because of their ability to spread play and dictate the game from a withdrawn position. Despite their deep role, they are not classed as defensive midfielders as tackling and defence are not the main function of their roles, and they may have to be supported by a holding midfielder.”

    “An attacking midfielder is any midfielder who is stationed in a more advanced midfield position to assist goalscoring.[3] The attacking midfielder is an influential position and requires the player to possess good technical abilities, an eye for a pass, running and dribbling skills.”

    “The term “box-to-box” is often used to refer to the most dynamic all-round/complete midfielders, who provide both defensive and attacking prowess.[4] The most versatile of players, they typically possess exceptional stamina and are usually skilled at tackling, passing, shooting and also good at keeping possession.”

  88. pd says:

    This union fan disagrees with your assessment of Adu. What he needs to do now will be developed over the course of the entire season, not in a game or two. If he can stick this out for a season (or two) and continue to learn how to absorb content attention of every team he faces and still manages to find was to score set up assists, etc., then we’ll see him get a call up.

  89. pd says:

    Call up the U-23 squad that didn’t make it to the Olympics. Every last one of em.

  90. TGA says:

    Mix showed me nothing in the olympic qualifiers. he has white mans disease. no vert and no speed.

  91. RLW2020 says:

    DMB for sure! especially if he plays well @ azteca this weekend.

  92. RLW2020 says:

    january camp.

  93. RLW2020 says:

    while he has done $hit with the national team he has scored (and started scoring streaks) each time he returns from the national team

  94. Byrdman says:

    I agree. You can so no to the beautiful girl who comes back to after she rejected you a few times before, but that just leaves you with your second choice. It’s not a pride thing. It’s about how hard it must be to decide to give up your dream of playing for the German national team. He is german after all. As much as we like to count him as one of ours because his Dad is an American. He spent his whole life in Germany I believe. It must be tough and he is only 21 or 22. Patience.

  95. squirt-lover says:

    Jeff Agoos is available…so many ridiculous ideas have been thrown around, might as well throw his name in the hat…

  96. Louis z says:

    I thought he showed two things….1) a very good distributor 2) he needs a full 5 days before he can play again

  97. louis z says:

    If they don’t want to sell him, why is he not practicing with the team?

  98. boosted335 says:

    C’mon son

    John has played the same this year as he’s always played which is CONSISTENT(LY) VERY GOOD.

    Tell me Rik how many times in the MLS game reviews this year did you see John getting burnt 1v1, losing his set piece mark, or turning the ball over in his own end leading to shots or goals?

    Exactly…what the F is not to like about that?

    Look If you don’t want John to get an OPPORTUNITY to show on this team then

    A: You are ignorant of his game
    B: Your not a fan of US soccer

  99. Jake says:

    Does the fact that he’s played for Cuba competitively make a difference? If not I think he could make the USMNT a lot better.

  100. Travis in Miami says:

    Of course Chandler would come in – for a friendly. He gets to display his international soccer skills to Die Manschaft.

  101. Smpl says:

    I continue to be amazed by this mythology that has risen regarding Wondolowski and the national team. Too many misinformed “experts” seem to think he has actually been given a substantial trial with the national team. FACT: he has NEVER played a full 90 minutes- not even close. FACT: he has 4 starts in which he was subbed out early and he has subbed in 4 times, several just a few token minutes at the end. He has played less than 4 full games with the national team scattered over 8 caps. I’ve seen those games and he didn’t look “lost” at all. I thought he played ok and deserved a further look. And his “horrendous” miss wasn’t even the worst one in that game (Dempsey blew several that night). I think Wondolowski could be an excellent international player.

    Having said that I hope he doesn’t get called up if he is only going to sit on the bench game after game like his last callup…

  102. SHyndmann says:

    If you see these things about John, then my guess is the USMNT people see them as well.

    My guess is they view them through a different filter than you do. Or more likely John has had bad timing.

    He was called in to two camps where he could have demonstrated to the USMNT people what they were missing. The first one he missed through injury. The second one he passed on to try out for West Ham.

    So he has had the opportunities, he just did not get to take advantage of them. And opportunities are not available to you forever. Ream and Cameron have passed him by and Gonzo now seems to be getting ready to lap him as well.

    You make it sound like there is a conspiracy against John. As a neutral it seems to me he just has bad luck. A shot at the USMNT is guaranteed to no one. If you really want it that bad you have to seize the moment when you have it.

    John has had those moments but, for whatever reason it has not worked out for him so far.
    Some of that is bad luck and some of it is his fault but there is certainly not a conspiracy aginst him and it is pretty clear that the USMNT people know what he can do.

    He’s just not going to do it for the USMNT right now.

  103. GW says:

    How would you know? By what you see on TV? I’m sure that is extremely reliable way to determine just how passionate a person is about his profession.

  104. Rags from DC says:

    He should call Corona, Beasley, Torres, Herc for this one. Would love to see Licha, but I don’t think it’ll happen. Expect Morales and Williams if healthy as well, and then the many regulars. wouldn’t mind seeing Adu or Pontius get called in. Not saying Adu deserves the call, I just like the flair that he plays with at times.

  105. Taco says:

    Not one mention of Brek Shea. A few months ago he’s the poster child for the future of US Soccer and plays every game, and now he’s completely off the map. Don’t get me wrong, I know why he is, it’s just crazy what a few months will do.
    For those talks of George John in earlier post, I would see Zach Loyd from FCD, before John.

  106. Old School says:

    Those are fair points regarding EJ but Wondo has literally never shown anything on the international level, against anyone.

    EJ has, on the other hand.

    I don’t like EJ personality but I’d take him and put him on the bench every day of the week over Wondo if EJ is scoring goals.

    It should be noted, do prefer Wondo’s personality…I’m just realistic about his ceiling.

    …as for the Robbie Findley comparison, I read the response and that’s about the most positive thing I can say about the statement.

  107. Old School says:

    Because he isn’t happy.

    The same reason RVP didn’t travel with Arsenal and has suddenly joined after months and months of speculation (going back farther than Dempsey’s).

    Fairly common practice to not put an unhappy player with the rest of your squad. Having him train with reserves borderline sounds like punishment for wanting to leave the club.

  108. John says:

    No Williams? He’s going to get called up for sure.

  109. Old School says:

    Anibaba isn’t a RB and has never looked like a natural RB.

    Not that you’re implying it, of course. DLC putting him there during his rookie year was ignorant and would have been better served developing full time at CB.

  110. louis z says:

    and that is why I think Boyd is a special player, he doesn’t say he is American, he shows it!

  111. JJ says:

    What an idiot! Why would you start Bunbury?!?!

  112. John says:

    You’re being paranoid! Chandler is not playing for Germany he’s staying with team USA, he told the German media last month. A player who wants to play for Germany does not tell the German media that he’s staying with the USA team.

  113. John says:

    No Wondo and EJ both of them are not International quality.

  114. Eric says:

    Can’t tell if serious but that is Terrence Boyd.

  115. Benny says:

    I think he can too.

  116. Two Cents says:

    Goalkeepers: Howard and Guzan

    Defenders: Lichaj, Chandler, Dolo, Boca, Gonzalez, Cameron, Goodson

    Midfielders: Dempsey, Johnson, Adu, Edu, Bradley, Jones, Pontius, Gyau, Donovan

    Forwards: Boyd, Altidore, Gomez

    Depends how many he wants to bring up. What’s nice is that both Donovan and Dempsey can be played at forward if necessary. Thus, why I didn’t include more forwards. I’d like to see Johnson used on the left as opposed to LB. Although, for the team, LB may be where we need him, but I like Lichaj a lot, and Chandler (if he continues to play for the US) can take over for Dolo at RB.


  117. Two Cents says:

    Johnson on the left wing*, not LB.

  118. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Last time I checked, Torres has played in the World Cup for the US, while Adu has come nowhere near a World Cup roster. Major fail.

  119. Call Up Lichaj says:

    No FACTs on how he didn’t look lost, but that’s ok.

    I think we can agree that someone will sit on the bench the whole time if five forwards are on the roster.

  120. Edward Norton says:

    I can defenitely see Pontius being called up.

  121. beachbum says:

    Good call on the 5 day thing man…he tired badly in the Olympic qualifying fiasco

  122. beachbum says:

    But what did Torres contribute?and Iike Paco! But your major fail claim is not accurate

    Benny is a perfect player for Klinsmann seems to me but can’t get the call except for the January camp thing

  123. beachbum says:

    Agree! Corona reminds me of Dempsey and hope he gets the chance to show his stuff

  124. beachbum says:

    So true. For me his whole situation reflects very poorly on Klinsmann who had him in his clutches for extended periods of development and only sent the poor kid spiraling downward…big fail to date

  125. CplDaniel says:

    Oh yea. Me likes that!

  126. biff says:

    I totally agree with you when the player in question has not yet committed publicly. We need to give those players time and understand the dilemma. And that is exactly what we did with Timothy Chandler. But last year Chandler in several press interviews pledged to the US shirt, saying we had absolutely no reason to question his allegiance and commitment. As soon as he took that step, crossed over the boundary so to speak, it is a different story than a player who is being open and honest and saying he needs more time to make up his mind.

    Chandler is not a child. He is a grown man and it is time in September for him to either commit irrevocably to the USMNT by playing against Jamaica–or not. And if he does not accept Klinsmann’s invitation, then I am happy to cross him off the list and in the future fill his slot on the team with, perhaps, a player of lesser quality, but with more American heart who in the end might turn out to be a better cog in the team than Chandler in WC 2014.

  127. Andy says:

    Of course Chandler would accept the call-up… It’s a friendly, so won’t cap tie him leaving him still free to accept that Mannschaft call-up he’s holding out for.

    If he never puts on the USMNT jersey again, I’ll be a happy man.

  128. Shawn says:

    Klinsi has no reason to “pretend” he doesn’t need Adu. He simply doesn’t. When Freddy plays at a level that demands attention, instead of his usual flattering-to-deceive self, then we can talk.

    Until then, stop hyping a guy who is, to date, all hype, no performance.

  129. Shawn says:

    I have to agree. EJ is in good form, but even with that, if you’re going to bring in a MLS striker on form right now, it has to be Wondo.

  130. Shawn says:

    Jol would sell him (reluctantly) for a small fortune. The problem is, closing in on his age 30 season, people aren’t willing to pay what Fulham rates him. At least not yet.

    You don’t put an unhappy player in the full preseason program because you don’t want his discontent infecting the rest of the side. Jol has played Dempsey enough to show he knows what he has. But you can’t hold back the rest of the team for one player.

    I think at the end of the day, either Fulham’s going to have to lower their valuation, or Deuce is going to have to suck up his pride and play. And humility is not something that’s come easily to Dempsey so far in his career.

  131. Shawn says:

    Of those three, only Guzan is ‘fighting’ for a spot. Jozy and Bradley will be in rotation, at least.

  132. Shawn says:

    Agreed. And I also agree with the post above that one has to be patient with dual-nationality players. One of Rongen’s failures was his insistence 20 year olds “commit fully” to the US, and it cost us several quality players, IMHO.

  133. Shawn says:

    When was the last of those eight goals?

    Oh yeah. And didn’t 5 of them come in one week? Outside of that, how many matches has he played well?

    I don’t think either of them is full World Cup International quality. But if you want one guy who can give you a goal in 10mins today, it’s Wondo. If we’re going on MLS form. As far as ‘skills’ go, I’m old school on this. A point-of-the-spear striker only has 1 skill that matters: Putting the ball in the back of the net.

  134. Shawn says:

    I think this is the case. Klinsi already knows and he’s just trying to mind game the Mexicans a little.

  135. Shawn says:

    Yes. He’s played in official senior side matches (Gold Cup) with Cuba. Therefore he (probably) is not eligible for the 1 time switch.

    However, he ‘might’ be eligible by the rule that allows a player to declare for a new nation if he has been ‘discarded’ from his home nation. It hasn’t been used often, and was meant for forcible exile rather than defection, but it may apply.

    And personally, I’d rate Alonso above Beckerman. But that still puts him below Bradley, Jones, and Edu…well, unless Edu gets stuck in the 4th tier of Scottish football, then I think lack of competition will end his international career.

  136. Shawn says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t know what you think Klinsi did wrong. I think it’s more a question of what Shea’s ego did to him. Shea did a Freddy Adu. “Look at me, I’m young and on the national team, with Euro scouts checking me out. Aren’t I great?”

    He forgot the cardinal rule of the hyped player: You got the hype by playing well on the PITCH. Not by kicking a ball in trials.

  137. Shawn says:

    I like Besler, but I can tell you why he isn’t getting a call up.

    He had appendicitis, and hasn’t been able to play consecutive matches since his return. I doubt SKC would release him for a mid-week friendly, given they’re in a heavily congested fixture, with several injured defenders, and Besler himself isn’t 100% yet.

    That said, I do think he’s a player that deserves a look, but I’d rather they waited until January.

  138. beachbum says:

    Then we disagree strongly

    Klinsmann brought him in everywhere and had the chance to influence him in everything, including attitude

    All Brek became was a player who came under Klinsmann’s influence with abundant confidence and Belief who ended up losing both instead of one who gained more

    Shea has not been the same player since

  139. LJ says:

    Beckerman is way to slow against teams like Mexico. Benny is at least creative…Adu is past his prime…love Torres when playing Mexico

  140. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Die Mannschaft won’t be watching and won’t care what he does.

  141. GW says:

    Die Mannschaft? That is Germany right? Doesn’t Chandler play in Germany? And doesn’t Lowe live in Germany?

    If Chandelr wants impress Lowe wouldn’t it be a lot simpler to really play well for Nuremburg in Germany? I assume Lowe watches all the BL games?

    Why fly halfway around the world to fricking Mexico City?

  142. GW says:

    I can see how JK’s influence is ruining the young Terrance Boyd. And he is not young but Geoff Cameron is pretty new; terrible how JK is ruining his career.

  143. Ry says:

    What about Juan Agudelo? If given the chance he has proven himself mutiple times. And we need other younger players such as Corona to get a look.

  144. SD says:

    The keepers id take over Sean Johnson?
    Howard, Hamid, Guzan, Rimando. And 2 of them havent had a look at them either but id take them anytime over johnson

  145. GW says:

    There you go!