A look at Freddy Adu’s frustrating season (and all the assists that could have been)

FreddyAdu (ISIPhotos.com)

Freddy Adu enjoyed his best game of the season last weekend, scoring two goals before suffering an injury that forced him to leave the Philadelphia Union's win against the Houston Dynamo.

It's just been that kind of year for the playmaker, who has endured a rough season along with the rest of the Philadelphia Union. His statistics, three goals and one assist, suggest that he simply hasn't been producing enough, something U.S. national team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann pointed out when asked why he hasn't given Adu a look since he first took over as U.S. head coach.

Adu's statistics might suggest that he has failed to create quality chances for the Union, but anyone who has watched Philadelphia play this year knows that his lack of assists is as much to do with the Union's poor finishing as with his lack of effectiveness. The reality is that, on a team with quality finishers, Adu could easily have a double-digit assist total.

If you haven't watched much of the Union this season, or if you haven't seen all the missed chances set up by Adu, here is a video that provides pretty thorough rundown of Adu's best work this season. It's a video that definitely captures the frustrations of a forgettable season for both Adu and the Union:

What do you think of Adu's season? See him returning to the Union in 2013? For non-Union fans, would you want your team to pick Adu up for next season?

Share your thoughts below.

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96 Responses to A look at Freddy Adu’s frustrating season (and all the assists that could have been)

  1. malkin says:

    Let’s just hope Freddy Adu doesn’t read this article. Victim mentality’d.

  2. Rowsdower says:

    Can we expect more posts on other players who have had frustrating seasons?

    • Al says:

      why does it matter? only Adu is put on the stage when he is inconsistent or has bad games. As a matter of fact, he is the only player on the USMNT pool who treated as such. Miss a pass, off the roster, forwards on union F up your crosses and passes for goal, YOUR of the roster, no touches because your backline and CDM players suck YOUR off the roster.

  3. chris says:

    Big time players make big time plays in big time games. He couldnt get it done no need for the excuses

  4. RChris says:

    Whether you like it or not, people like to read about Adu, and Ives knows it. Is there someone else in particular you want to hear about?

  5. atd says:

    Nice. You should do one for Benny.

  6. Steve says:

    I am in agreement with this guy. Whether or not you think he is worth your time, there are alot of us who would like to see him succeed at a high level and reach his full potential.

    I like reading about him, especially since I don’t get to watch his games. I hope he gets it put together and finds some mid-career footing. If you are a fan of American soccer, its in all our interest.

  7. elgringorico says:

    This is a great compilation for those of us who aren’t Philly fans and don’t get to see Adu regularly. It certainly seems like he could have doubled (tripled?) his assist total this season with better finishers.

    Also, as a DC fan, after seeing all of those Pajoy whiffs, it really makes me again wonder why we traded for him. He’s played well the last couple weeks though so I won’t complain.

  8. beachbum says:

    Yes they do, and he did for the Olympic squad that failed to qualify…others did not. why is he punished for getting it done when it was others who could not?

  9. solles says:

    I think the Union don’t score goals because they don’t want to have to hear that terrible song they always play after Union goals at PPL.

  10. John says:

    On one hand, Ives’ argument is valid and sound given the missed opportunities shown in the video. On the other hand, it seems that there is always an excuse as to why Adu has not performed up to his potential during his stops at all the clubs his played for: DCU, RSL, Benfica, Aris, Rizespor and now Philly Union, whether it’s the manager, his limited playing time, style of play of the team, etc… Maybe the answer to his struggles is somewhere in between, i.e. Adu is really not that good but at the same time, he isn’t given an opportunity to showcase his talents. We should probably just be realistic and think of Adu as an MLS worthy player who can contribute to the team but not someone who has the talent and skill level to compete with the “big boys” in the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc…

  11. Fifawitz1313 says:

    Haha! That was an entertaining blooper real. Man Philly’s finishing is terrible. Pajoy looks like a clown out there.

  12. downintexas says:

    Man I feel frustrated for Adu.

    Rather see Adu than Torres.

  13. philsoc8 says:

    This video contains footage that shows the Union’s problems, but the fact that the video even exists (and is being pushed) shows Freddy’s problem.

    Whatever agent/friend/relative put this together is just enabling his ego and victim BS.

  14. dcm says:

    I think this video does exactly what Ives thought it would do. It makes all of the soccer fans out there asking themselves “What happened to Freddy Adu” realize that he is just as talented and promising as he has always been. He is just, rather unfortunately, on a terrible team.

    You remember when Bradly called him into the national team for a few games last time? He had several strong performances. Freddy is young, and he brings something to the table that no other player brings to our team, the attacking threat of someone who is truly skilled with the ball and not afraid to run at the defense. That is just so rare in our player pool, I think we need to take advantage of it.

    He has not been the greatest on the club level, yes, I know. To me, it’s worth the risk.

  15. bottlcaps says:

    You put Freddy Adu on a Seattle, LA or SAn Jose team and he has 15 assists and probably 10 goals and is player of the week about 4-5 times. You put Freddy Adu in Philly or Chivas and you get a highlight reel brilliant assist and a lot of missed goals and blown opportunities. I really think JK needs to call up Freddy for some camps or at least a friendly if not a WCQ.

    The fact is Freddy has done a lot better on his few appearances on the USMNT than has Jose Torres. Freddy needs to find a new and better team, a coach who knows how to use and bring out his talents, and you will )finally) see Adu get his props.

  16. Adrian says:

    As I say constantly–he’s hands down Philly’s best player and shows it everytime he’s on the pitch.

    He gets blamed for those other clowns missing sitters he delivers on silver platters. The fact that HE gets benched instead of people like Pajoy (I mean are you f***** kidding me with some of those misses?) is outrageous.

    He is ALWAYS the most dangerous player on the pitch and some of the misses from the trash Nowak brought in would make a high schooler blush.

    Seriously, watch this video and ask yourself how the f*** Pajoy still has a contract.

  17. Shane says:

    Every time he has played for the senior nat team he has done well, made an impact. There are plenty of players who get repeated call ups you cant say that about

  18. MJC-DC says:

    What do you all think of Freddy as a withdrawn striker? Free to roam, limited defensive responsibility. Much like DeRo’s role at DC. And for all you Philly fans out there how about an attacking lineup of JackMac and Adu at forward, Marfan and Carroll at center mid, Cruz on the right, whoever you want on the left? Very attack minded but you’ll get great work rate out of Marfann and Cruz.

  19. Adrian says:

    What is Freddy’s problem?

    He’s too good for Philly? Because that’s all this shows. Maybe it was put together by a fan who is sick of seeing a star player get trashed because the coach’s favorites are trash.

  20. ron says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Torres is a bad version of Adu. Less skill and less imagination. I don’t think either belong in the starting 11 for the USMNT. But if I had to choose one. Hands down it’s Adu over Torres.

  21. ACW says:

    Interesting Freddy Adu – Jose Torres comparison. I agree.

  22. Shane says:

    +1. Torres seems like a great kid and he represents the USA well, but Adu has performed better for the Nats than Torres. With all of his caps, Torres has yet to register a single goal or assist for the US.

  23. Mike says:

    How in the hell does that Pajoy guy still have a contract? Wow some of those misses were simply awful.

    I feel frustrated from just watching this. I cannot believe adu had actually been left out of the lineup in favor of some of these guys.

    No wonder Philly is a garbage team… with coaching like that who even needs opponents?

  24. Shane says:

    Ives showing on a daily basis he is the best in the biz.

  25. Darwin says:

    Yes, Adu is very talented and is on a crap team. Yes, he is the victim of our expectations. Yes, you could slot him into a better team with clinical finishers, one that defends with possession and has a tremendous ball-winning midfielder and he would look world class.

    The question at this point has to be…why does Adu only (barely) get his chances to play his preferred position at crap clubs?

    I think that he fits into a certain type of team, and that he is a luxury player in our league. Slot him in for Juninho at LA, and we will quickly realize that the team has the finishers, has the talent to maintain possession, but doesn’t have the defensive cover to play a luxury player.

  26. Byrdman says:

    Don’t forget Hoppenot. Incredibly inept.

  27. James says:

    As a Union fan I agree that our finishing is bad a a legit #1, tall, strong DP striker should be our biggest need this off season.
    But as far as creating chances that are missed, do we actually know what the % is for Adu and if it is larger than normal? Because I am sure most if not all playmakers capable of producing changes are going to see most of them missed. I wonder if Adus % is any larger than the norm.

  28. Darwin says:

    You lose one dimension of Adu’s qualities. He is a playmaking midfielder, not a poacher.

  29. Gnarls says:

    No question about it. Adu is a creative player playing with (mostly) uncreative and untalented teammates.

  30. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I would say Adu is ‘one-dimensional’, he isn’t good enough in many areas (speed, size, defense) to warrant a solid place in an all 11.
    Yet, he has skills that if built around are fairly unique. He could be the Schelotto of Philly and yes…the Union would be a better team for it.

  31. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    Exactly….but it would be fun to watch.

  32. RLW2020 says:

    they just had a very young team! about half of those misses were close headers; if they pick up someone like Kris Boyd, Kenny Cooper or Conor Casey i bet most of those go in.

  33. RLW2020 says:

    i agree he is due for a callup, esp. over torres, but i can see Jurgen waiting until Jan camp. If he impresses in January then some more call ups in the hex.

  34. jayboy says:

    +1 Feilhaber is exactly who I thought of when I saw this post!

  35. dynamofan says:

    Why doesn’t Freddy score more?

    I suspect his “assist-lost chance” stat is similar to the rest of MLS. Who even keep this stat? Losers and someone trying to justify themself.

  36. Stephen says:

    I would like to see him get more burn with the USNT and I’d like to see him on a better MLS team, but it is what it is and Adu needs to do all he can to overcome where he’s at and get more shots from those in charge.

  37. Jim says:

    I’ve seen him more than a few times for Philly this year and he’s been completely invisible the vast majority of the time…still though, he’s always done pretty damn well in a U.S. I say give him the keys to the offense in the next few friendlies…throw out a front four of Alitdore, Dempsey, Donovan and Adu with Bradley and Jones/Williams providing cover…it’d certainly be more eventful then the D-mid extravaganza we’ve been forced to endure in the recent past. There would be a lack of speed out there but that lineup could probably create its fair share of chances, hopefully, maybe.

  38. dynamofan says:

    Put me on Manchester United and I get 15 assist.

  39. jb says:

    His touch and weight on the pass is sublime. Frankly its better than any of the starters for the nats. Very good vision as well. I know he’s a defensive liability, but shouldn’t JK be able to figure a way to make use of these skills? You know the very ones all us fans bemoan the lack of for the USMNT? I mean if he’s fit, he needs to brought into the mix.

  40. jphubba says:

    Adu did just fine with DCU. When Nowak was the coach he played outside midfielder in a 3-5-2 (which involves all sorts of running and defense) and did more than okay — considering it’s not his natural position. After Adu left DCU was hard pressed to find anyone else who could play the position. Adu was frustrated with the way he was treated in DC (and he had good reason to be) but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t play well.

    My understanding is that he did well in Turkey. As for the other stops along the way you have to remember that those clubs had more players than they knew what to do with and competition for playing time was fierce.

  41. kimo says:

    Couple things …

    i) Not all of those were legit goal scoring chances. I counted 16 solid chances created by Adu leading to 1 assisted goal and 1 goal which was a direct result of his cross. Of the 14 plays not finished, 5 should have been buried without question. I think his assist total should currently sit at 6 not 1.

    ii) He’s played 23 games … 5 goals and 6 theoretical assists are solid numbers, no doubt. However, the dominant midfielders in the league are registering roughly 0.5 assists per game. Adu is well off the pace.

    iii) 2 issues … a) He’s a CAM / withdrawn striker NOT a winger so he’s been played out of position, imo. b) Why? Adu’s work rate is atrocious, imo. I think most managers are frightened to death to play him in a central role due to his fitness issues. He spends loads of time each game, slowly jogging around the pitch. The great ones work MUCH harder than Adu.

  42. fischy says:

    You do know that they did more than bench Pajoy — they traded him for one of United’s bench players?

  43. AL says:

    I wish those highlights included all the teams Adu has played for….or maybe it did.

  44. fischy says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of Adu this year, but I have been impressed with what I have seen. He got in some wild duels with Andy Najar, as the two went back and forth trying to beat each other on the dribble. Adu has been the Union’s most effective offensive player that I’ve seen.

    The video is a bit misleading. You put probably put together a clip like this for many if not most MLS midfielders. There are three instances where the teammate should absolutely have finished it. Farfan’s miss was just horrible. Pajoy’s diving header should have been on frame, but he did a lot of power behind it. That would have been one of the two leading candidates for assist of the year, up there with Santos’ ball to Pontius, who then crossed to Pajoy against the Union a week ago. Adu made a great move to get free and then delivered a perfect ball to Pajoy, so it would have been a highlight goal, but it was not a gimme.

    At least a couple of the chances shown here should have been goals, but only if the Union player had unselfishly passed to a wide-open teammate…in which case Adu wouldn’t have gotten the assist anyway. There were some good saves, and there were some tough chances to to get a header on goal.

    Could Adu have had more assists? Sure. However, what strikes me from this video is how few chances he has created. Unless there are some more not shown, he needs to produce more than a moment or two of quality every couple of games. He’s got the skills to do so. Maybe the Union aren’t good enough for that to happen, but maybe we’ll see that change soon.

  45. Andrew says:

    Worth noting, for the naysayers: Adu isn’t alone on that team in his frustration. Michael Farfan’s played a lot better than his 4 assists (all of which came in the space of 3 weeks) indicate.

  46. Eric B says:

    I think the video allows us the opportunity to reflect about all the compnents that go into a soccer players performance other than just what he brings to the table. Our opinions of his ability/talent/skill are influence by the end result of a play….a result that is to a great degree an outcome of the final attacker, defender, and goal keeper. Freddy connecting with a great player that can finish 1/2 chances looks more adept than Freddy connecting with an average player that can muff easy chances.

  47. Jamie Z. says:

    Did you watch the video? Did you even look at it? Because if you did, I think it’s clear that Freddy IS getting it done on some level, and that he lacks the quality around him to take full advantage of his attributes. I think that’s worthy of mention by Ives on this website. Whether it’s worthy of notice from Jürgen Klinsmann is another matter. Your post, however, comes full of prejudice and loaded expectations. What do you personally expect from the kid?

  48. dcm says:

    link to youtube.com

    watch this video. there are many like this. we need a player like Adu with creative attacking skills to break down those concacaf teams that just sit back and wait for counters. he could come in mighty hand next month. i know, chances are slim.

  49. TomG says:

    Wow! Amazing job whoever put that video together. I had no idea. Pajoy and the rest of Philly’s strikers are just horrific. Love Adu’s creativity and ability to deliver balls in so many different ways. If Philly had a couple guys who knew how to head the ball, Freddy would have led the league in assists. Cahill would have 20 goals on this team

  50. TomG says:

    Troubling, though, is Freddy’s body language. There are many instances of him throwing mini-tantrums after the miss and even after a goal, he was seen celebrating by himself rather than running to his teammates.

  51. Mack says:

    Who filled your head with mashed potatoes?

  52. MJC-DC says:

    You think the DeRo role is the same as a poacher type striker? I’ll clarify my idea for Adu’s role. Staring off he plays between Farfan and Mac. He is granted the freedom to roam, find space and make plays in the attacking third, while not having to worry to much about defending, just to be hungry for the ball and have a high attacking work rate. That should give him plenty of freedom to exert his playmaking qualities without being exposed defensively.

  53. Marcus says:

    Is this, by any chance, a vague reference to The Guild?

  54. PD says:

    If they should be called up to address the USMNT’s lack of creativity then absolutely.

    I have said it before, the span that began with Adu on a 2nd tier Turkish team through these next two seasons will be his refiner’s fire; he will either come out of this period a disciplined and consistent 10# option for the US that then have about 8 years to really ake some noise, or he will trundle along as a case of what could have been. But when once considers the disappointment of not qualifying for the Olympics and a Union roster which was heroic at best and handcuffed or inept at worst, the journey has been slow going.

    As Chris Rock once famously said, “a man is only as faithful as his options.”. We don’t have many US players that can do what Adu does. We need to keep the faith.

  55. PD says:

    It’s nice you took a moment to pull you head out of your #$$ to share such deep insight as to what it takes to be a great player. Reminds me of that other chestnut knuckleheads like yourself are so fond of… Go big or go home? Please just go home.

  56. PD says:

    No offense, but you don’t make the bench.

  57. chuck says:

    I agree with your work rate comment. That is probably the main reason every single manager Adu has had gets frustrated with him. It is a shame because he probably has the most talent of any American player. If he had the work rate of a Jermaine Jones, it would be scary to think of how good he could be.

  58. PD says:

    Now this is a critique with some guts to it. Well done

  59. PD says:

    Why do you think that is? If those balls were finished don’t you think that would change?

  60. Mark says:

    Freddy Adu is always very creative and makes things happen in a game.

  61. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    I know I’m late to this article but Freddy should absolutely be in the Nat’s picture. I still don’t get how Klinsy won’t call him in. When he plays for the Nats he performs well. Period. I think if NYRB (reluctantly my team as Backe’s selections are so damn frustrating,) would dominate with Freey in the middle.

  62. Al says:

    Freddy hasn’t been a first teamer.

    How is he supposed to produce when he doesn’t see the pitch?

  63. Howie says:

    Philly hasn’t has any big time games….Nowak ruined this team on purpose.

  64. The Imperative Voice says:

    I might be a little dismissive of Altidore, but I still think he’s pretty good and belongs on the national team. But I think Adu is merely ok, and definitely overrated. The two goals at home against a flat Houston team consisted of abusing an isolated Sarkodie, his fellow U23 mate, who has played 6 games and 335 minutes this year and IMO doesn’t even belong on the field; and scoring a penalty he didn’t earn, during which he pulled a muscle. I don’t think he merits more than Camp Cupcake.

    Don’t get me wrong, Adu has re-proved he’s a solid MLS pro like he was for DC before the European nightmare. But to me he lacks a special quality to set him apart as a senior player that can contribute to the Nats. He is a good but not great technician. But he’s slow, short, sometimes unfit, not particularly athletic, etc. Other than being somewhat more technical than certain DMs and Jozy, I don’t see what he adds to the A team that other players don’t have, and many of the other players in the pool have size or speed or maybe even better technique. Kind of like Wondo….what does he actually bring to the table?

    FWIW, I also tend to think he’s prone to trying for home run balls and doesn’t have a high work rate, which means he goes absent and loses possession.

  65. Mendez says:

    He should be on the radar, but he shouldn’t be called in until he is a consistent starter.

  66. Dave says:

    I am a Union guy, and do watch a majority of their games.

    Frequently, he is like watching a 30 yr old play basketball with high school kids. He makes the right pass and nobody is home. To me, that is more practice habits and coaching. He also jogs when everyone else is running and his body language is horrible.

    I wonder if we can get Adu and Le Toux on the field at the same time.

  67. Cojosurfer says:

    Adu is a #10 playmaker. Adu has the vision and the always important ‘anticipation of play’. Adu needs to get back in the USMNT player pool as soon as possible Herr Klinsmann. Donovan is the #10 player not played as a #10. OK, on that thinking Adu should be the #10 player right now. In a diamond 442 midfield Bradley can play behind Adu. In a triangle 433 Bradley and Jones can play behind Adu. In a reversed 433 midfield triangle you can pair Adu and Bradley with Jones behind them. I would like to see Adu feeding Dempsey and Altidore. Dempsey, to his credit, creates ‘on his own’.

  68. bigprof says:

    freddy get no love. he’ll always have soft spot in my soccer loving heart after his performance against mexico in gold cup

  69. AMPhibian says:

    he has always performed well for us, he has a brilliant left foot, and wonderful, full-field vision. he is supremely creative, and moves around the pitch smartly.

    he is short, slow, flops too often, and sometimes risks too much. the gripe with his defense or work rate i never understood, but he hasn’t much success in his club stints, so there is likely something to that.

    i think freddy isn’t a top 11 player for us, but could be used valuably off the bench. he is always a set-piece threat, and if we have a size advantage in the box, he will find some heads.

    imo, the freddy adu hate was born from the freddy adu hype, and i find him interesting because i feel both sides of the debate we’re perhaps too quick and hyperbolic in their language, and freddy was deserving of neither.

  70. AMPhibian says:

    also, sorry to union fans for their season, i couldn’t watch the whole youtube video, it was that ridiculously frustrating watching all those blown chances. can’t say the rapids have treated me much better this year.

  71. Andy says:

    Altidore needs service. Freddy needs finishers. I see a perfect marriage.

  72. Music says:

    Um, he’s been a consistent starter for Philly.

  73. Cojosurfer says:

    I simply like Adu in the #10 role because by nature of the game he will get more touches in the center portion of the field. He can create that killer pass at anytime that simply beats defenders. The USMNT has never really had a #10 playmaker before. Seems as though we don’t know what that player is or supposed to do in a #10 role. We don’t know what to do with one if we had one (case in point Donovan and now Adu).

  74. Mr. Union says:

    As a STH for the Union, I’ve seen every game the Union have played thus have seen every minute that Adu has played for this team. Yes it is true, that if this team had a true goal scorer this year, Adu (and many other Union players; see Farfan, Michael) would have significantly more assists.

    The problem that this video does not show is the considerable amount of minutes that Adu gets lost in the game. There have been many examples of games where Adu is no where to be found. Adu has such a poor work rate and is such a defensive liability, that was regulated to the bench for many games.

    Adu is an asset if the FO of this team goes out and gets a true goal scorer AND solidifies the midfield. Adu playing a central withdrawn forward role in a 4-1-4-1 would be best for his skill set and his limited size in a league like MLS.

  75. Matteo says:

    You put Adu on a team with better finishers then most likely that team will have better playmakers. He’s good for MLS or some 2nd tier European team but definitely not Sevilla, Napoli, Tottenham kind of teams either.

    Maybe he should try his luck in the Mexican League. His style definitely suits a technique oriented league.

  76. beachbum says:

    Galaxy fan here. what if Freddy played for the Galaxy?

    Would not slot him for Juninho. Instead, he’d play off of LD or Robbie up front when either sits or sub for either, or sub for Magee/Wilhelmson whoever starts, or even start for either one of them. And on that team he’d become the best defender he’s capable of being (whatever level that is) because every player on that team is demanded to defend by the other players, even Beckham, LD, Robbie, whoever

  77. Rlw2020 says:

    Haha Adu and Le Toux on the field together, sounds like a perfect ying-yang.. Whats that? Philly dumped Le Toux before the season.. Oh ya.

    Adu should have sued Novak! For messing up his career multipule times.

  78. beachbum says:

    +1 on the workrate. just commented above about this if he played on the Galaxy hypothetically. He’d have to be played up top in a paired striker tandem imho to best utilize his skills while best covering his weaknesses at the same time. Also see Freddy as a player who could be inserted into a game to change the pace effectively, a vital role if one is able to do it

  79. Cojosurfer says:

    BS…this is what we always wanted:link to youtube.com

  80. Cojosurfer says:

    So Adu has been played out of position with the Union? Coaches fault? System fault? Adu fault?

  81. TomG says:

    Sure, but it’s not like he’s always been the manager’s favorite player at all his stops. I think this kind of behavior is one of the reasons he has trouble earning playing time.

  82. Stefano says:

    for 1 game????

  83. Stan Collins says:

    I wish there was an easy way to accumulate OPTA Chalkboard stats across multiple games. Then one could total up his “key pass” stats and compare to other center mids.

  84. Cojosurfer says:

    As a #8 box to box midfielder I agree with your post. No. We have Bradley and Jones as #8 players. As a #6 absolutely not. We have Williams, Edu, and Beckerman for #6 role. As a winger? Maybe. As a #10? Yes! My campaign is over…enjoy qualifying.

  85. Music says:

    For the whole season.

  86. Erik says:

    Stop being so naive. Torres and Adu play different positions so this mental midget jump of yours to swap these players will not work. What you ,and the others that agree with you, don’t understand is Torres is a number 10. A more defensive 10 but a 10 none the less. He is the anchor of our midfield and his job is to control and spread out the midfield with his passes and get the ball to the attacking mids and forwards. Adu is a pure attacking midfielder/withdrawn forward. His job is to attack and work the top of the midfield with his creative passes and dangerous runs. Another thing, Adu has always performed well when representing the United States, so show him the proper respect.

  87. GW says:

    How many competitive games have has the USMNT won with Adu in the lineup?

    How many competitive games has the USMNT won with Torres in the lineup?

  88. GW says:

    DeRo is a far better scorer than Freddy.

  89. Dan says:

    Adu didn’t play up to his potential at Rizespor??? They loved him at Rizespor and he played very well. Do you watch soccer at all or do you just repeat what your uneducated friends say?

  90. Dan says:

    Haha. Torres is a 10. a defensive 10. lol. Get lost.

  91. Catamount says:

    Freddy would not see the pitch in LA.

  92. Catamount says:

    Interesting article. Freddy’s history suggests that he sees minutes on weak teams and doesn’t crack the roster on strong teams. Creative players are defined by the goals they create, not the chances they create. To become a regular starter on any successful professional team Freddy needs to either score a dozen goals a season or become at least as good defensively as Landon Donovan. If he adds either of those qualities he will become an important player. If he adds both he will become indispensable.

  93. Music says:

    Embarrassing logic, blaming a player because his teammates don’t score when he sends them in 1v1. And I recall Adu starting for, and being our best player, in the USMNT Gold Cup Final match against Mexico. As well as being our best player in the semifinal match. In fact, almost every time Adu plays for the USMNT he’s our best player.