CONCACAF World Cup qualifying: A Look Ahead


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The U.S. men's national team will be looking to get a few steps closer to the 2014 World Cup when they take on Jamaica in their third match in the third round of CONCACAF qualifying on Friday, but they won't be the only ones in action.

All 12 remaining CONCACAF teams vying for the four coveted spots for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil will be in action on Friday night, and the games should prove to be intense as they can seriously help or hinder teams' chances of getting into the Hexagonal round of qualifying.

Mexico will be one of the teams trying to build on their strong starts to the round, but they will have a difficult test to pass as they visit Costa Rica in one of the biggest matches of Group B. Honduras, meanwhile, is in desperate need of a win when they travel to Cuba after having picked up only one point in their first two matches.

Here is FOX Soccer's breakdown of the CONCACAF qualifiers, with Ives pointing out that the teams current trailing in the qualifying groups having a great chance to catch up this week.

Here is a full rundown of Friday's CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers:


Jamaica vs. United States

Guatemala vs. Antigua and Barbuda


El Salvador vs. Guyana

Costa Rica vs. Mexico


Cuba vs. Honduras

Canada vs. Panama


Which matches are you most looking forward to? Do you see any upsets in the works? Think Honduras will be on the brink of elimination after this round of games? 

Share your thoughts below.

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24 Responses to CONCACAF World Cup qualifying: A Look Ahead

  1. Spectra says:

    Did the earthquake in Costa Rica change anything for their game with Mexico?

  2. ex_sweeper says:

    No, TV reports said there was minimal damage to the stadium and the game is going ahead as planned. The players got a fright, though. Costa Rica has a brand new stadium financed by China in return for some sort of business deal.

  3. Number 4 says:

    I would love for the next WC that in addition to USA/Mexico qualifing that Canada makes it. Also some small nation like Belize or Guatemala/Panama. Costa Rice was so close last time.

  4. 2tone says:

    Mexico and Costa Rica will be a tasty game.

    I predict that the U.S.wins 2-1 in Jamaica, and 2-0 in Columbus.

  5. I was wondering the same thing, but I think we would have heard something by now.

  6. Felix says:

    On paper, the Mexico v Costa Rica matches should be good, but El Tri really has really seemed to have their number in recent years. I even remember them trouncing Los Ticos in Saprissa in 2010 WCQ.
    Canada v Panama are interesting fixtures. The Panamanians have finally taken their Gold Cup form into WCQ, but Canada seems to be playing with some confidence themselves – they have a good blend of experience and youth (and if Hoillet and De Guzman ever come around they will be very dangerous).

  7. Andy says:

    I thought you had some big story today? Any word on that?

  8. 2tone says:

    But Hoillet could just as easily opt for Jamaica. I get the feeling he is waiting to see which country makes it to the next round, but he is also still waiting for that England call-up as well.

  9. I really hope the US can pull off a win in Jamaica and get all six points. I’m sure Guatemala will handle Antigua at home, and probably get a point on the road. I can see Costa Rica winning their home game and really make that group interesting. I really hope Honduras and Canada get wins too.

  10. Number 4 says:

    It would be great IF Altidore scores in 1or both of these games

  11. sly says:

    Jamaica and Panama need to qualify. Jamaica has alot of talent in the EPL and championship they cant cap cause they havent made a World Cup in awhile.

  12. Weaksauce says:

    Still wondering if Miguel Ponce never gets called up to the mexican senior team “if” he would consider playing for the US ???

    Please dont tell me was cap=tied in copa america because he wasnt

  13. WK says:

    Hard to believe Honduras are 3rd. Expect that to change this week.

  14. Mat says:

    Anyone know if Jamaica vs USA is on TV?

  15. TheRyan says:

    It’s on BeInsports. You should have it if you have any kind of dish or comcast.

  16. NC Jeff says:

    If you’re interested in the scenarios, the USA (or Jamaica) can clinch at least 2nd in the group with 2 wins and Guat. / A&B drawing either Fri. or Tues.

  17. Mat says:

    Eh crap, I have Time Warner. Frustrating.

  18. Big Chil says:

    I wish they’d put the standings in when they write these things.

    Group A
    USA 4
    Jamaica 4
    Guatemala 1
    A & B 1

    Group B
    Mexico 6
    Costa Rica 4
    El Sal 1
    Guyana 0

    Group C
    Panama 6
    Canada 4
    Honduras 1
    Cuba 0

  19. Big Chil says:

    The top 2 teams in each group are all facing each other home & away this weekend. Huge qualifying weekend. Gonna see some shaking out.

  20. BBB says:

    was thinking the same (re: your first comment). Thanks for adding it, BC.

  21. Number 4 says:

    does Canada have any quality players? Seems Faroe Islands might have better players

  22. Gobletto says:

    I wish this idea of an England call up would finally go away. The realistic options for Hoillet are Canada and Jamaica. Having said that, I suspect your comment about him picking the team that makes the hex is on the money.

  23. Gobletto says:

    Simeon Jackson–Norwich
    Atiba Hutchison–PSV Eindhoven

    Oh, and some guy who just scored his 100th goal in MLS…but I’m sure the rest of the team are bums…

  24. mr_coolio says:

    The stadium is a gift from China for 30 years of economic partnership.