Dempsey discusses leaving Fulham for Tottenham

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Clint Dempsey took part in the U.S. Men's national team practice sessions on Monday in preparation for the team's upcoming qualifiers against Jamaica, but it was the subject of his club status that drew the most attention on Monday.

Dempsey's last-minute transfer to Tottenham from Fulham ended a roller coaster ride of a last month, one that saw him ostracized from Fulham as he pushed hard for a transfer. Dempsey was portrayed as the bad guy for wanting to leave, but his push ultimately led to a dream move to North London.

Dempsey discussed the move on Monday, offering up some insight into the move and the bad taste that the ordeal left.

"I'm disappointed in the way I was portrayed, in the end, with Fulham," Dempsey told the Associated Press. "I always wanted to play at the highest level possible. That was never a secret. That's something I always said. It would be a dream of mine to play Champions League and you want to play on the best team possible to try to get there. That's definitely a team with a lot of quality in it, but now it's all about the team that I'm with."

What do you think of Dempsey's comments? Agree that he was treated unfairly? Like the idea of him playing for Tottenham? See Dempsey being ready for Friday's qualifier in Kingston?

Share your thoughts below.

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102 Responses to Dempsey discusses leaving Fulham for Tottenham

  1. Eugene says:

    I follow Clint on Facebook, and he is constantly writing “COYW” ahead of Fulham games, expressing his love for this club. I don’t blame a player at all of for being ambitious and Fulham doesn’t have the resources to be more than a mid-table club in the EPL. The way the club handled his transfer request was disgraceful, although I understand it is a business and needed to maximize his transfer value, given that he was a well-known want-away.

    However, I think Jol went above and beyond what was required to be difficult, and they frankly could have kept all discussions/negotiations private rather than drag dirty underwear through the media. I blame Jol for how that was handled, although I can’t say it’s something new for him.

    At the end of the day, Fulham got a transfer payment that was smaller than I expected for the 4th highest goal-scorer in the league last season. But even more disgracefully, Fulham tarnished its reputation with the way the club treated its former star player.

  2. dikranovich says:

    what did fulham actually do wrong? they have a player and they are not going to give him away. the villan in all of this was liverpool, this is the team that tampered and this is the team that was lowballing and this is the team that will get their due on nov. 28.

  3. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Fulham did nothing wrong here. That being said, Dempsey does come off well with these comments. As a Fulham supporter I won’t be rooting for him in the Premier League, but I’ll continue to cheer as loud as anyone when he pulls on the US jersey. I’m just happy the situation is resolved and when can move on.

  4. rjrkr44krnnenwni2po33 says:

    How much is Tottenham paying Clint?

  5. AL says:

    It’s not about the money. All Clint wanted was to play CL that’s why he went to….what do you mean they are not playing CL? What was all this drama for then?

  6. rjrkr44krnnenwni2po33 says:

    why are Fulham fans upset? Clint said all year he wanted to move to a bigger club. He was loyal to them for 5.5 years and is their record PL goal scorer. He never said or did anything bad to the club. He just wanted to leave as he earned it.

  7. Juan says:

    As a Revs fan, I am not at all surprised in this whole process… it was much the same as when he left the Revs. Clint is always me first

    I hope he’s as understanding when his career in on the way down and his club seeks to renegotiate his contract and pay him less than he had signed for… He’s never shown any loyalty to clubs that hes been on on the way up.. he certainly can’t expect a club to show him loyalty as his career starts to wind down

  8. Tottenham(formerly Fulham)Pete says:

    I think both sides played hardball with each other. Fulham wanted more than what was being offered from Liverpool, as is their right. Dempsey wanted to play in the CL as is his right (a right to want, not a right to play).

    I’m just excited to be rooting for a team with CL aspirations/expectations rather than “Let’s hope for a fair play entry into Europa.”

    COY Whites, er, Spurs!

  9. lions says:

    I read Spurs offered him 90,000pounds a week.Sweet

  10. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I can’t speak for others, but I’m upset at the way my club has been trashed by my fellow Americans on this and other sites for absolutely no reason. I get that most American fans are loyal to Dempsey and not Fulham, and that’s fine. But dragging the club’s name through the mud and insisting that they in some way mistreated Dempsey through this whole episode is pointless and just flat-out untruthful. If one reads British forums and news sites, it’s clear that if anyone has come out of this looking badly, it’s Dempsey (and Liverpool) – Fulham are pretty much blameless. But frankly, the issue has been blown out of proportion by us on this side of the ocean, and it was a relatively minor transfer controversy to non-Americans.

  11. You can probably count on one hand the number of players in the Premier League who play with the same club their entire careers. Wanting to play at the highest level possible is just normal for players and most of them want that. Dempsey made no secret in the past three or four years that he wanted to play Champions League football.

    Clubs, including the Revs and Fulham, are a business. A player is an idiot if he treats his profession any differently. Yes, loyalty is good, but if a club is not going to show loyalty, why should a player. As a Revs fan, what did you think when Shalrie Joseph was traded?

  12. anton says:

    No loyalty? Clint is a competitor and it’s about getting to the next level. He’s always wanted an opportunity at Champions league and Fulham was nowhere near that. Good for him for trying to better himself.

  13. apw40 says:

    Maybe just call yourself DempseyPete, no sense claiming to be a fan of the team when you’re actually just a fan of the player (which isn’t a horrible thing to do).

  14. Brett says:

    What Fulham did “wrong” was to try and save face after their best player voiced a desire to leave. I was disappointed that Clint chose the tact he did, but he deserved no malicious treatment.

    Fulham always planned to offload him at the 11th hour. Whether that came as a result of the lack of big offers for him is unclear to me, but it was clear that their remarks about him “refusing to play” was intended to minimize the backlash from supporters after they let him go and protect them against losing a potential gain if he were to get injured in a match or in training.

    The handling of it from both sides was regrettable. Dempsey was foolish to think he could just choose his way onto a club in the Champs League anyway.

  15. hogatroge says:

    Things Fulham did wrong:

    1. Make a huge deal about something that happens very often–players wanting to leave with a year left on their contracts. Often, contract extensions are used to lock up value in a player so that they don’t leave for free.

    2. Make untrue claims that Dempsey “refused to play,” which we know as USMNT fans can’t possibly be true.

  16. hogatroge says:

    Aside from their head coach making at least 2 deliberately false statements about Dempsey’s character…

    1. He refused to play
    2. He insisted on moving

    …you’re right, they did absolutely nothing wrong.

  17. Illmatic74 says:

    Last summer Arsenal sold Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri to Manchester City. When Clichy went to City there was no bad blood and almost no fan outrage. Overall the transfer was handled quietly. On the other hand Nasri’s transfer led to a lot of burned bridges and hurt feelings. The difference in reaction was probably because Nasri handled it in the wrong way while Clichy handled it in a professional way. I have a feeling it is a similar situation with Dembele and Dempsey. Dembele went through the process in a mature, professional and let it to be taken care of behind the scenes. Dempsey probably didn’t handled it in the same professional fashion.

  18. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I’m confused by what you mean about “saving face.” Every club has players who want out during every transfer window. This is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. Even the best players at the biggest clubs sometimes want to leave – Ronaldo at Man U, Modric at Spurs, RVP and Cesc at Arsenal, just to limit it to English clubs. The idea that a mid-table club would feel the need to “save face” because one of their top players wanted a transfer just doesn’t hold water.

  19. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    You beat me to it, I was just about to bring up Dembele, since it’s odd that no one had. Pretty much the exact same situation – they even ended up on the same team! Dembele made it known that he wanted a move to a bigger club, but he kept his head down and honored his contract until a deal was made.

  20. dikranovich says:

    the irony in this whole situation was the fact that dembele played for fulham during the beginning of the season and still signed with tottenham, the team dempsey would sign for just a couple of days later. the actions of the players speak as loud as any words. the main thing is that deuce is somewhere close to being ready for a tough road WCQ on friday. we all know everyone will be ready for columbus on 9/11.

  21. john.q says:

    $22.2 million over 3 years.

  22. jbrader says:

    This. The Fulham-did-nothing wrong team need to stop.

  23. what??? says:

    So the Revs fan and the Fulham fan wants to talk about loyalty and what did he do… He gave both of your clubs the greatest period that your teams have ever had. Europa League finals, MLS finals Open Cups highest places ever for clubs in standings. Sports fans need to really learn to respect These athletes owe nothing to your teams or to you. Enjoy the time you got to see there talent and treat them as the legends that hey are.

  24. AL says:

    And he did it all for FREE!!
    The fact is both of these teams took a chance on Dempsey and he re-paid them by stabbing them in the back on his way out.

  25. Leo says:

    I can’t comment on what Fulham did right or wrong, but I won’t hide my annoyance at the “Fulham faithful” that trashed Clint pretty ruthlessly after everything he did for that club. It’s pretty obvious that Clint did not play (to the benefit of all parties involved) due to his impending trade; any injuries prior to ink being put on paper would have jeopardized the payday for Clint and Fulham equally. No “proof” of this is required as this is fairly standard practice for a player with more than average value. He wasn’t a prima donna. He didn’t go out and trash Fulham by calling them “lacking in ambition” like many big name players might do. He said, “I want to play Champions League football”. If you were a footballer with the opportunity to do it, you would say the same.

    As I see it, Fulham was lucky to get the £6 million. They should’ve let him walk with his head held high.

  26. Lorenzo says:

    He definitely gave back to Fulham what they gave to him. He played his balls off for NE Revs. Don’t really see what the heck you are talking about.

    With respect to NE, I’m glad he didn’t get stuck at NE Revs like Twellman or Joseph.

  27. Lorenzo says:

    I think when people “trash” Fulham, its more so Jol and ownership, not the club/fans. People would probably be happy to see an emergin MLS player to land there.

  28. dikranovich says:

    7.4 million US per season over three seasons. its always about the money.

  29. Travis in Miami says:

    Steve Nichols seems to have a different memory of what happened as Clint was leaving the Revs. he said on ESPN Clint handled that situation professionally and thought what Jol was saying didn’t sound like him. Just sayin…

  30. whoop-whoop says:

    Took a chance…. repaid?Little risk, with high return is what I see. If you balance his salary with his production, he paid them back plenty. He then speaks fondly of the organization and thanks it and its fans for his time there.

    If after 5 years of loyal, hardworking service a player wanting to pursue other opportunities is a back stabbing, what do you call it when a player is sent packing because a better prospect is available. Both are a routine, accepted part of the BUSINESS.

  31. Travis in Miami says:

    The US has never won a WCQ match in Jamaica???

  32. Tyler says:

    I’d say Dempsey repaid Fullham by keeping them from being relegated during his first season with the club… Idk maybe it’s just me.

  33. Old School says:

    I’m over it.

    Clint was a professional throughout and has avoided throwing his old club/manager under the bus in the fashion that was done to him.

    Other than wanting to see Fulham relegated and Jol fired as a result, I’m over it.

    Totally over it.

  34. Old School says:

    I’ve been on that soapbox for weeks. They don’t get it and it’ll only continue.

  35. Old School says:

    Weren’t you the person that called Dempsey a “mercenary” in another thread?

    I’ve lost the ability to take what you say with any merit. Sorry.

  36. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    First, he did insist on moving, so there goes that argument. Second, while none of us were privy to the discussions that took place between Fulham, Jol, and Dempsey, the fact that Dembele continued to play for the club even though he asked to be sold and Dempsey didn’t sure makes it seem like he refused to play. Until and unless we are told exactly what happened, the most likely situation is that Dempsey refused to play. Third, Jol making an off-the-cuff remark which was retracted a couple of days later can hardly be construed as the club being in the wrong in the whole controversy.

  37. USAmr says:

    The claims that Dempsey didn’t want to play only came from Jol who admitted he wasn’t telling the truth about the situation. Fulham did not put Dempsey’s picture in their team book this year, they left him off the tour roster and sent him to practice with the youth team. Not sure why, unless Clint said something to them behind the scenes, but for now the only evidence of that would be Jol who isn’t reliable.

  38. Will says:

    I think Dempsey should have shown a stronger willingness to come to work for his pay. Fulham was right to expect a decent offer for the contract; why should they give him away to the Reds for chump change? Liverpool is the real screw-up as the notion that that deal was in the bag probably scared away other offers.

  39. jimmy says:

    clint acted like a complete jerk in this situation. i have lost a lot of respect for him. also the spurs wont be close to the top 4 any time soon.

  40. insider says:

    Yes Mike the British fans, forums, media trashed Dempsey without knowing the truth. Martin Jol and Sarah Brookes (Fulham employee) did their “interview” about how Dempsey refused to play. Then Jol back tracked on how that representation wasnt totlally fair once he had to talk to the real media. How is all that proof of anything other than then man Englis soccer fans and media are bigots. The Fulham fans yelled “F@$k Dempsey” after what he gave them for 5 1/2 yrs yet they wax on about how much class Dembele showed in leaving even though it was very clear he never intended to stay at Fulham. I was a diehard Fulham fan for 6 yrs, went to the cottage, but they threw Dempsey under the bus. If there is not an apology I will only dislike Liverpool more. Fulham is not blameless. Name ONE thing Dempsey did wrong in his time with Fulham. ONe thing that deserved this type of treatment. Brian McBride and Dempsey’s former manager, Steve Nichols (not american) both backed Dempsey on this and said there is no way he would refuse to play. Brian McBride does not lie and he visited Dempsey in person when all ofthis was happening

  41. jbrader says:

    I understand all your arguments, and I have no interest in trashing Fulham. No one is disputing he was want-away. But everyone and their mother knew that Fulham had decided to sell him (something that wasn’t as clear with Dembele who is 25, not 29, and went for 15mil, a deal that Fulham couldn’t pass up). It’s not the same situation. I completely disagree with a likeliness of a scenario where Dempsey refused to play. It’s far more likely he would have honored the contract, but Fulham was playing games in order to try to get a good price for him. Fine, both arguments rest on what you think is ‘likely’, but Fulham did nothing wrong? You should know Jol better than that.

  42. insider says:

    Great photo of Clint . Get this pedophilic Kappa and Fulham crap off of me ASAP

  43. 2tone says:

    Looks like someone needs to stop crying. As stated he gave everythign for Fulham in 5.5 years of service took them to new heights as a club, and never once tarnished Fulham’s reputation eventhough Fulham tried their hardest to soil Dempsey’s reputation. He continues to thank the club and fanbase.

    There is no loyalty in club football. You really think Ryan Giggs would have stayed loyal to lets say a West Ham with his talent uhm, no. These guys get a small window for teh most part to make the most money and play at the highest level’s possible. Maybe Fulham should be happy that they made a 5 million dollar profit off of Dempsey. Because he was going to leave the club for free next season anyway.

  44. Dimidri says:

    I’m just tired of all the talent being pooled together by a few clubs. Poor competitive and financial model. I get that Clint isn’t going to change anything by himself, but it’s always easier to root for Fulham than Tottenham.

    Same teams always win, same teams get relegated, same teams finish mid table with little material change over the years sans crazy economic changes.

    Relegation+Moderately Soft Salary Cap=Greatest thing ever.

  45. 2tone says:

    Lol. Go cry somewhere else.

  46. Eugene says:

    For sure Liverpool was wrong in all of this, and played a bizarre, ineffective game. Liverpool is a shell of its former self; the club is in complete disarray.

  47. 2tone says:

    Hilarious to see people talk about loyalty with Club soccer.

    There is no Loyalty in club soccer. If there was then you wouldn’t see the best players playign for the best teams. There is only loyalty when a player isn’t good enough for the best teams, or if a player came through said big clubs youth ranks, and is a supremely gifted player i.e. Beckham, Giggs, Raul, Gerrard etc… Even then you see players leave for other big clubs i.e. Beckham to Real Madrid, Paul Gascoigne from Newcastle to Tottenham etc…. Loyalty don’t write about loyalty. These players have a small window to make the most money and play at the highest level’s. I don’t begrudge one player for trying to reach the pinnacle of his or her sport while making boat loads of money. Thats life. It’s like a regular joe schmo resigning from his work place for another work place because that said workplace is more prestigous and willing to pay said Joe Schmo more money. Loyalty is for family members, close personal friends, and Country and even Country is debateable.

  48. Eugene says:

    Seems like the negotiations escalated out of hand and I’d guess the “Dempsey didn’t want to play” had more to do with Dempsey’s agent than the player. I don’t think it would be too surprising if his agent created the “not wanting to play” in order to put a lot of pressure on Fulham. Going to the media is Fulham’s way of putting pressure on Dempsey’s camp. It’s not very different from the hold-out that Maurice Jones-Drew just did in the NFL with Jacksonville — ultimately he was going to play out his contract, but in the meantime he was trying to pressure the club.

    I just wonder why those tactics were necessary, and why Fulham wasn’t more cooperative in moving him. They certainly had plenty of time to negotiate with other clubs since Dempsey first expressed his desire to leave.

  49. Eugene says:

    Dempsey did a ton for Fulham, he put that club on his back. The Fulham fans should revere him, not condemn him. But ultimately, I don’t blame them for feeling this way, since it was Jol and Fulham management that painted Dempsey as a traitor.

    I’m confident Jol will get fired soon enough anyway.

    I wonder if Fulham essentially “slapped the franchise tag” on Dempsey, making him a key person to Jol’s team and that’s why Dempsey’s camp had to strong arm his way out of there.

  50. Eugene says:

    Please. The Revs problems with player management run deep and are probably the #1 reason the club has struggled to win in recent years. Did the Revs treat Shalrie Joseph particularly well? Where is the soccer-specific stadium, and why hasn’t the ownership made more significant progress on that? How much money is the club spending on DP players to make the team better?

    The ugly truth is that the Revs are Kraft’s red-haired stepchild and the Patriots get all the real love.

  51. Brett says:

    Fulham expected some big bids for Dempsey. They didn’t get them. In order to save face, they decided to hold Dempsey out from team functions (making them appear to have a strong position) and try to drive up his value by holding him on the line like a lure until the closing of the window.

    What they were ashamed of, in this regard (I wouldn’t quite call it shame, but it’s the word you chose), is that their valuation of the player was way below the actual market value.

    Why else does a manager lie about a player refusing to play? Only to later come back and say that “well, injury is the real concern” (he never said Clint was the one afraid of getting injured, a key point)…

    It’s not that he wanted to leave, but that he made his desire public. This made him a malcontent, which took a lot of potential leverage from Fulham (it costs more to pry away a happy player than a disgruntled one).

  52. Rlw2020 says:

    In the end everyone got what they wanted, its too bad it took so long and was so ugly but thats what it takes sometimes. I dont think either side did anything bad, except Liverpool, its all business.

    Looking forward i think fulham looks okay with their rebuilding, certainly Jol’s squad now. And Spurs look great! They should have a 3-5 finish this year and its a perfect fit for Clint.

  53. RAMONE says:

    +1 re: loyalty in club soccer.

    There is no loyalty anywhere in professional club sports in this modern era. It is what it is. Sure, Fulham fans would have loved for him to stay and toil away the rest of his career mid-table at best for a club that cannot afford better. I am not sure why his transfer was such a public saga, other than he is American so the media took a special level of interest (on this side of the pond at least).

    The fact of the mater is only a select few rich clubs have any shot at being the best clubs in the world’s best leagues. I can’t fault Clint for wanting to win more games and maybe a trophy during his career. That is every athlete’s dream. EPL is structured such that there is simply no way that that would ever happen at Fulham with or without Dempsey.

  54. Rlw2020 says:

    Well enjoy mls where 14 of the 19 clubs are still in the title run

  55. Rlw2020 says:

    I know, right! Keep hearing that, hard to believe.. But i guess jamaica hasnt been in the past 2 hex’s and we drew in kingston back in ’01..before that; the dark ages of US Soccer doesnt surprise me.. Im pretty sure its not a 0-23-1 situation like Mexico its just a lack of oppurtunities

  56. Rlw2020 says:

    +1 what if he even picked up a small injury in fulham training some time in August.. I bet he wouldnt transfer come back a play the remaining season with fulham and leave on a free, would that be better?

  57. pd says:

    I’m sorry, the guy is not a comic book hero, he’s a professional athlete doing business. Get over it.

  58. hush says:

    Ok who cares about which side is was much more loyal, frankly I can care less about Fulham now since no Americans play there. The fact is Clint gave the Fulham fans and owners more than was expected from him. I don’t live in London nor do I care for what goes around there economically or fan base wise. I watch the EPL because of American players and good Futbol. I like most on this board are American fans before any EPL team. I personally are not a decedent or have ever lived in England, so I can switch teams along with my players and totally support that team whether is good or bad… shoot, I remember being a Reading and Hull fan, and I’ll do it again if one of our dudes end up there!… with all that said, “F” Fulham and their fans.

  59. hush says:

    ^^^I’m pretty sure some of ya’ll know what I was trying to say. Iphone is funny at times

  60. Dimidri says:

    If that’s sarcasm, there is a middle ground, I didn’t say anything about playoffs or EVERY team every year being able to win, but each team should theoretically be able to have upward movement (and downward movement) without significant changes in fiscal policy.

  61. Bryan says:

    Clint (like RVP, Albert Pujols, et al) acted in his best self-interest. This is a given in modern professional sports.

    He should have handed in a transfer request as soon as last season ended. That way there would have been an appropriate amount of time for Fullham and Dempsey to maximize the situation. In waiting till weeks before the season started to voice his desire to transfer, he put his employers in an uncomfortable situation.

    And while Dempsey will see a tidy pay increase, he will unfortunately see a significant drop off in his playing time this year. Coupled with the fact that the Spurs will not qualify for a CL position this season, his decision seems puzzling.

  62. Drew says:

    I don’t think Dembele engaged in some of the transfer politics Dempsey did. Also, I believe Dembele’s contract had a clause where if a club offered Fulham 15 million pounds for him, Fulham had to accept the transfer fee. With that said, I don’t blame Dempsey for saying he wanted out. Players do it all the time, and it was in Fulham’s best interest to sell Dempsey because he wasn’t going to sign a new contract with Fulham. Furthermore, I think Dempsey would have played if Fulham allowed him to.

    I think Liverpool screwed up by announcing they signed Dempsey when the never bid.

    I think Fulham screwed up by how the treated Dempsey during the whole situation.

    I think Dempsey isn’t without blame, either. He was perhaps too aggressive in his desire to leave.

  63. Dennis says:

    Ah, who really cares. People acted in what they thought was their own best interest at the time. Sometimes that meant taking liberties with the truth. In the end, worst case, Dempsey missed playing in a couple Fulham games and some Fulham fans learned that Clint honestly had his own interest at heart more so than he did Fulham’s. Dempsey fans learned that clubs can be difficult negotiators that do not always play fair. In the ned it pretty much all worked out. Good luck to Clint and to Fulham (who may need the luck more than Dempsey will).

  64. Rlw2020 says:

    While he wont be the central point of attack any more demps should see plenty of time with the loss of VdV, Modric and Parker (injury) there should be plenty of opennings in the CM/CF area..

    Also Spurs did qualify for UCL! They just got booted by lucky Chelsea! I think after this transfer window they are built better for the future and a deep Europa League run. I think its an ideal place for him

  65. Rlw2020 says:

    As a fan of a mediocre mls team i have mixed feelings about the effects of guarenteed “parity”, the caste system of most of europe isnt perfect either

  66. eddie says:

    We love America and we love American players. We’re not buying your English advocacy bandwagon. We love Clint Dempsey and will support him fully. He’s one of us and represents America first and the club he plays for second, not matter which club it happens to be.

  67. Dimidri says:

    There’s no such thing as ‘guaranteed parity’, the difference is the metric by which teams are successful is smart management, not high payrolls.

    If Europe were to adapt parity-mechanisms for example, it wouldn’t include things like the draft, allocation order, etc. things which you presumably make owners feel complacent (though doesn’t the threat of relegation solve that?).

    It would just be a salary cap. Well-run teams win. Those that don’t don’t. Simple as that.

    No team has a guarantee to anything. They have a right to be successful though within a reasonable bound.

  68. Joamiq says:

    I doubt that that’s accurate. Tottenham’s wage ceiling is around 80k, and Dempsey would not going to be at the max end of their wage scale.

  69. Joamiq says:

    Uh, they were top 4 last year…

  70. Joamiq says:

    Er, do you realize that Spurs turned a profit of 13-14 mil pounds in this transfer window? It’s not like they’re going out there and spending like drunken sailors.

  71. Fan Futbol says:

    Liverpool (my club) really whiffed on this one. We only have two senior strikers — Suarez and Borini. Clint was available for a pretty cheap price: 6 million for a guy who scored 23 goals last year. LFC need goals wherever we can get them, and we would have got them with Clint. Plus, because of his never-say-die nature, Anfield would have absolutely loved the guy. Loved him.

    The failure to get him is a fairly big deal for Liverpool fans. Owner John Henry actually wrote an open letter to club supporters, posted on the team site, defending/apologizing for the club’s crummy transfer behavior. He indirectly crapped on Rodgers and Dempsey (and he’s wrong about that, Clint was available at a great price and would have left everything on the field with Pool), but the point is that this whole f*ckup is a big deal.


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  73. Leonardo says:

    The Deuce doesn’t make mistakes. He makes US soccer fans’ dreams come true.

  74. dikranovich says:

    ah, the old club or country debate

  75. Leonardo says:

    Klinnsman played at Tottenham -> became superhero.

    Dempsey is playing at Tottenham -> will become superhero!

  76. Old School says:

    Shouldn’t really be a debate, in my eyes.

    It’s more laughable if the people that are in the camp of “I won’t cheer for him other than in a Nats jersey” are the same people that have NEVER attended a single minute of a live match of their “club”.

    I’ll never get that, no matter the reasoning.

  77. divers suck says:

    I believe “fault” runs both ways. Including Dempsey. In the end, is it really any of our business? Who are we to speculate one way or the other? He’s inked to Tottenham and I’ll continue to root for him in both club and country, period!!

  78. Hayes says:

    I think the bigger issue for Fulham is that Dempsey was willing to play out his contract and was not going to re-sign with them. Dembele was under contract for a couple of more years.

    Fulham had to get rid of Clint or his tranfer value would drop by Jan or be nothing next summer. Jol did not like the fact that Clint turned down an extension.

    Interesting that Dembele talks about what a professional Clint is that he will bring the edge to the team that they need. Can’t see Tottenham signing him if Dembele had been in the locker room saying Dempsey was a bad apple.

  79. FulhamDC says:

    Show me. Show me exactly where Clint “insisted on moving”? Did he post something on his web page, like RVP did? Did he hand in a transfer request? What did HE say. Don’t show me what Martin Jol said he said, show me what Clint said beyond “I’d like to play Champions League football.”

    Your taking the word of a manager who believes that a lazy Bulgarian is the “biggest signing in the history of the club”. Your a Fulham fan, do you really believe that?

  80. Andy says:

    Checking the Spurs website, Clint will be wearing Number 2.


  81. Gray says:

    Only one of those statements was false. And I don’t blame them for the other one.

  82. Gray says:

    “Doing business” just as Fulham was. As you say, “Get over it.”

  83. Erik says:

    All Clint did was tell the truth. He just wanted to play for a team in the Champions League…

  84. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I may have to buy FIFA13 now just so i can play as Tottenham / Dempsey.

  85. AL says:

    Spurs are NOT in the CL.
    He could’ve played his contract out and then sign with a team that actually qualified if they offered him I contract, which I highly doubt.

  86. Dave from Charlotte says:

    Van Persie commanded a 24M pound transfer fee versus Deuce at 6M pounds..a 4x difference, and they are very close in age!

    Is Deuce as good as RvP, no! But is RvP 4x the player…also absolutely no!

    John Henry and the money men didn’t play money ball they smoked too much herb and fell asleep at the wheel…Rodgers got screwed by the management group.

  87. Thebumswillalwayslose says:

    Here’s my issue with the way Fulham handled this. They KNEW they were going to do their best to sell Dempsey before the end of the transfer window. If you believe the whole “he’s not for sale” line, ask yourself why Dempsey, their two-time player of the year, all time leading goal scorer in the Prem, and generally speaking fan favorite, did not appear in ANY of their preseason marketing materials. Including the promotion of their fancy new kit design, their website redesign, or any of their printed programs. If he “wasn’t for sale”, why would you leave one of your most marketable players out of all that?

    It was pretty obvious they were entertaining bids for him. Why not just say so? Why all the nonsense? You see it with other clubs – think Luka Modric and Tottenham – where managers just say “he wants a transfer, his head’s not right, we’re waiting to see what happens.” Granted, I don’t know the details of the situation since Dempsey won’t talk about it, so I can’t say that he’s blameless. I just think Jol and Fulham could’ve shown a little more tact throughout the process.

  88. Four Cents says:

    Both sides are pointless arguing because we don’t have all the facts and it’s in the past now- lets move on. I’ll still continue to support Deuce (the only real reason I watched Fulham play in the first place). Lets Go You Yanks!

  89. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Surely you’re kidding? Of course Dempsey insisted on moving – that’s why he’s no longer at the club. Small clubs don’t make it a habit of trying to offload their best players to larger clubs when they don’t want to leave. It’s not a good business model. Fulham knew it was get something for him now or nothing for him next summer – either way, Dempsey was gone.

    I hadn’t considered it before, but now that I do I can’t think of a bigger signing than Berbatov. You can argue that he’s past it (we’ll see if he still has anything left this season), but can you name a more accomplished, higher-profile signing? There’s Bobby Moore, obviously, but he was past his prime and Fulham were a second division side. A case could certainly be made for Edwin van der Sar.

  90. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    That’s quite an assumption there, Old School.

  91. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    My “English advocacy bandwagon?” What does that even mean? This isn’t a club or country debate. My loyalty, as it were, is 100% with US Soccer. And when Dempsey plays for the national team, I’ll root for him as loudly as any of you. But when it comes to club soccer, I support Fulham, and Dempsey did not handle his departure from the club well. As long as he is playing in a league where his success is detrimental to the success of the club I support, I cannot root for him. Or, more exactly, I cannot support his team. An ideal situation for me would be Dempsey scoring a boatload of goals and Spurs finishing mid-table.

    Geez, some of you guys are taking this so personally. it’s just sports. Lighten up!

  92. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  93. FulhamDC says:

    Again, where was that said? Jol said he quit on the team. Jol said he refused to play. They publically trashed Clint and it cost them money in the end. Small clubs often make it a habit of selling players when they are in their late 20’s and have only a year left on their contracts. Especially when the manager has pledged himself to a “youth movement” but knows the only real money he will have to spend will come from moeny earned on sales. You practically said that yourself.

    And the “past his prime” Sir Bobby Moore made more than 120 appearances for Fulham. I will be surprised if Berbatov makes that many. Alan Mullery was a pretty big pick up when he returned to the club durng that same period as Moore. All they did was lead Fulham to their only FA Cup Finals appearance. Maybe Berbatov can do that as well, but I’m skeptical to say the least.

  94. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, Dembele’s contract also ended next summer, but Fulham had an option for another year.

  95. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    Then why was he so keen on moving to Liverpool, a team which finished level with Fulham last year? (Just playing devil’s advocate.)

  96. biff says:

    In general I agree with what you are saying, but I think Jol until the very last minute, including his infamous attack on Clint before the Norwich match, was still hoping he could break down Clint and force him to sign the extension (and make no mistake, Jol tried very hard all summer long to break Clint). But as long as Clint held firm, I agree, Fulham was no doubt going to sell him during the transfer window for many millions rather than let him go next year for free–but they made sure he would leave with a tarnished reputation. That said, I have a feeling the Fulham fans at some point in the future will realize that Jol and Fulham management were the jerks in all this and will again hold Clint in the high esteem that he deserves.

    As for Dembele, I agree that after he arrived at Tottenham they most likely asked his opinion of Clint and Dembele gave the big thumb‘s up. I like Dembele and can’t wait to see him and Clint partnering again.

  97. jbrader says:

    For the record, I’m think FulhamDC is talking crazy.

  98. Dimidri says:

    a) And yet, transfers are only part of the equation-the wages they are paying Adebaydor I am willing to bet are more than what the lowest spending team spends on their entire squad.

    b) doesn’t account for built-in advantages the club has, nor does it account for what the club has already spent money on (Defoe, Lloris, Adebayor, Bale, etc., aren’t exactly cheap).

    c) Psychology effect-even if individual clubs may make a profit, the centralizing tendencies of players to play where winning is guaranteed (modric) or much easier (dempsey) negate the ability of small clubs to even the playing field by offering larger amounts of money in specific instances (see Aston villa, dempsey). This occurs because without a cap (and with Financial Fair play codifying status quo statuses) there is no reasonable hope for Dempsey to stay at Fulham and reach the top. In the NFL, even the NBA pre-Lebron, it is/was theoretically reasonable that any team could rise to the top and players were incentivized to stay loyal and bring winning, not join it.

  99. Joamiq says:

    a) Highly unlikely – Tottenham has a wage ceiling, rumored to be around 80-90k. The Adebayor transfer took a long time because he had to accept a massive paycut.

    b) What built in advantages? Being in London? There are plenty of teams in London. Being fairly successful? That was built and earned. Lloris was actually a steal at that price. Bale was extremely cheap – 7 mil. Adebayor cost only 6 mil.

    c) Tottenham was not always a successful club. It wasn’t long ago that they were thought of as being perennially on the outside looking in. Nor are they huge spenders. Whatever psychological effect they now benefit from is one they earned through building the team wisely. And they still suffer from the reverse effect, as with Modric.

    Basically, I don’t think your criticisms make sense applied to Tottenham. This isn’t the club you’re looking for. Maybe Chelsea, Man U, or City.

  100. ThaDeuce says:

    Hardly. He Did not insist on moving, he can’t! he has a contract! he refused to sign a contract extension with a team he wanted to leave. that should, if business minded, force them to sell, and if principled, with etiquette.

    Dempsey didn’t go to the press, Jol did.

    Dempsey didn’t have to retract statements, Jol did.

    Grow up.