Jamaica rallies from early deficit to earn first win over USMNT


photo by John Todd/ISIphotos.com


For a second straight month, Jurgen Klinsmann and the U.S. men's national team made history, but this time the result was not one they wish to remember.

Weeks after beating Mexico for the first time in a friendly at Azteca Stadium, the United States resumed its World Cup qualifying campaign by suffering a surprising 2-1 loss to Jamaica at National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica on Friday night. The defeat was the Americans' first to Jamaica in 19 games and put them three points behind the Reggae Boyz in Group A.

Clint Dempsey got the U.S. team off to a dream start by scoring 36 seconds in, but the Jamaicans rallied with a pair of free kick goals. Randolph Austin netted the equalizer in the opening 45 minutes and Luton Shelton scored the winner in the second half against a United States side that seemed to lack ideas in the final third.

The Americans now have four points at the halfway point of the third round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying. They will not have to wait long to get a shot at redemption against the group-leading Reggae Boyz, as the two teams will square off at Columbus Crew Stadium on Tuesday.

Playing in a 4-4-2 and without key players Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley, the United States came out of the gate flying. Herculez Gomez made a run down the right side of the penalty area before unleashing a pair of shots on goal that were blocked but not cleared. That allowed Dempsey to pounce on a rebound and put the ball in the back of the net from eight yards out in his first game at any level in nearly three months.

Jamaica were unable to muster up much of a response offensively, as the trio of Jermaine Jones, Kyle Beckerman and Maurice Edu helped negate the hosts' speed. The three defense-minded midfielders, however, had issues keeping the ball for the United States and that helped the physical Jamaicans enjoy some good spells in possession.

The Americans were forced to make a number of fouls to stymie the likes of Shelton and Ryan Johnson and Jamaica took advantage. Following a foul from Beckerman, Austin struck a low free kick in the 24th minute that deflected off of the midfielder's foot before rolling past Tim Howard.

Austin's goal gave Jamaica some much-needed momentum heading into the intermission and it also carried over into the second half despite Geoff Cameron and the rest of the U.S. back line holding steady from the run of play.

That was until another foul in a bad spot was conceded, this time by Edu, to give Jamaica another free kick from just outside the penalty area. Shelton then beat Howard with a free kick to put Jamaica up 2-1 in the 62nd minute.

The U.S. team tried to throw numbers forward as the match wore on but their inability to create clear chances allowed Jamaica to secure the three points with relative ease, evoking the Jamaican fans to run onto the field after the final whistle to celebrate the historic win with their team.


What do you think of the United States' 2-1 loss to Jamaica? What was the main problem in the defeat and what needs to change before the next match? How worried are you right now?

Share your thoughts below.

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217 Responses to Jamaica rallies from early deficit to earn first win over USMNT

  1. Petaluman says:

    Uninspired match for the team. They just look uninterested parts of the time. Klinsmann really needs to dump this 3 d-mid approach.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sorely missing Bradley. Very little flank play from fullbacks
    Cd looked very ( understandably) tired
    Desperately need a number 10

  3. biff says:

    I am stunned, I mean seriously stunned. Other than the first goal, that was a sorry performance and absolutely painful to watch. I am generally a Klinsmann supporter, but he blew it big-time with that stupid starting line-up of three defensive midfielders. Dempsey and Gomez were having to backtrack across midfield to try to get ball contact. And why would Klinsmann sub in Williams for Beckerman, with Torres and Zusi on the bench. (Is it time to give Kljestan a look.) But tonight, actually, nobody looked good. Even Fabian Johnson looked lost and was making bad passes. I will say that Jamaica was playing a very physical game and taking some cheap shots that were ignored by the referee, such as Jones getting smacked in the face, but that cannot be an excuse for the overall lousy performance by basically everybody on the field.

    If the U.S. does not win Tuesday and Guatemala wins, then the USMNT is going to be in deep stuff and WCQ will be in grave danger.

  4. Al_OC says:

    That was ugly. At lost for words.

  5. Ted in MN says:

    YES They can do our work for us!

  6. shutupayouface says:

    congrats to Jamaica, they deserved that win. the US was entirely devoid of spirit and creativity. let’s see how Klinsmann and the players respond.

  7. Dw says:

    Really tough game to watch. USA needs to pick it up

  8. Jim says:

    This team needs more defensive mids out there for sure

  9. Ted in MN says:

    It didn’t like Jones and Edu even wanted to move into the midfield which (with Beckerman essentially playing sweeper) was bound to sink us. Johnson and Parkhurst weren’t moving up the wings and there wasn’t a single American in the interior of the Jamaican midfield. It looked to me a bit like they set up a circle in the center of the midfield and we just tried to play around it.

  10. jonf says:

    ? Klinsmann not half as good as

    bradly haha idiots

  11. T says:

    Relax guys missing the World Cup isn’t that bad, we have the Gold Cup next year. The only problem will be all the Mexican fans riding our dickss into the near future. Always though of Klinsmann as our messiah….

  12. t says:

    I don’t understand klinsman.

  13. PaulTheOctopus says:

    The US played like chimpanzees on rollerskates! <– I don’t even know what that means!!!!!!!

  14. buff111 says:

    The US should have sent the women’s team. At least they play hard. This team didn’t seem interested.

  15. Eric says:

    Missing the World Cup would be a huge disappointment considering we have played in six consecutive World Cups previously,–and in some cases with personnel far inferior to who we have now. If the US were to not qualify (not saying they won’t–I think even with this loss, they’ll advance out of their group), Klinsmann will almost certainly be fired, as he should be.

    But like I said, I don’t think it will come to that.

  16. Ted in MN says:

    We blew it tonight, but we’re still in the competition. If Guatemala loses this one vs Antigua, they could have shot themselves out entirely. 1-0 A&B at half time. The pitch looks like a half drowned ragweed. Its a typhoon out there.

  17. CorkSoccer says:

    I’m glad BeIn TOTALLY f***ed my night.

  18. Eric says:

    Agreed re: needing to ditch starting three defensive midfielders.

    Somewhere in Belgium, Sacha Kljestan is sadly shaking his head while putting pins in his voodoo doll of Jurgen Klinsmann.

  19. BD says:

    Where is the 4-4-2 used in Slovenia or the high pressure and possession we saw vs. Scotland and at least attempted against Brazil. We had pretty good attacking success and threats in those games! The recent player personnel is not cutting it passing, attacking, and possession wise. Nor is the 3 D mids, they all want to turn around and pass back. It appears Jozy, Gomez, and Dempsey are having a bad game but its because they never see the ball! Horrible planning, execution, and refereeing tonight!

  20. Jimmorrison says:

    Missing more than one Bradley

  21. b says:

    I’m sick of this Bradley bunkering style full of defensive midfielders, we need to hire Klinsmann to play an attractive attacking style of soccer!!!

  22. Ted in MN says:

    On the positive side, we gave up two goals off of set pieces instead of from the run of play. Personally, it didn’t look to me like the back line was ever really troubled. I think that was due less to the 3 defensive mids and more to the fact that our central defense really has no problem containing Jamaica’s forwards. If Klinsmann moves to a more attacking midfield (which considering the shitstorm he’s earned, it would be unlikely that he doesn’t), I think we can win comfortably in Columbus.

  23. Eric says:

    That’s the problem with no Bradley and no Donovan–Dempsey, Altidore, and Gomez are all good players in their own right, but all three rely on good service to be dangerous. And that is what Donovan and Bradley can provide–vision to hit the passes necessary for our attack to be dangerous. Unfortunately, the US has few other players in the pool with that skill, at least as long as Stuart Holden remains perpetually injured.

  24. Ted in MN says:

    he seems a bit inflexible

  25. Rivaldo says:

    When is Gulati going to get fired? He created this mess by bringing in Clownsman and giving him $2.5 million

  26. Ted in MN says:

    He did what most fans and a decent section of the media were clamoring for.

  27. biff says:

    Not so fast, Ted. Antigua and Barbuda are not pushovers and if they win, then we are tied with them at four points each and on Tuesday they will have a home field advantage against Guatemela. They were able to hold Jamaica to a scoreless draw at home and the USMNT plays them next month on their home ground. The USMNT must win Tuesday against Jamaica.

  28. Rich says:

    2014 is definately in jeopardy. But then when have we ever played well on the road. Remember the really ugly 1-0 in Cuba a few years bac? On the road this group of players play DRECK! football.

  29. Conrad says:

    Bob Bradley has forgotten more coaching soccer than “Klinsi” ever knew

  30. slowleftarm says:

    Absolutely ridiculous lineup that never looked remotely like scoring after the somewhat fluky first-minute goal. Jamaica played well but let’s get real. This is a team that drew with Antigua last time out. I know we are missing some key guys but come on.

    One thing I’ve never understood about national managers – why would you ever play someone out of position (there are limited exceptions of course)? You can pick anyone. Why, for example, play Gomez if you’re going to play 4-3-3? Pick players who are suited for that formation if that’s what you want to play.

    That was quite possibly the most turgid performance I’ve seen from one of my teams this year. And I support NYRB and Blackburn Rovers so that is really saying something! Let’s hope it gets a lot better on Tuesday.

  31. Howie says:

    The poor production makes me realize how great NBC Sports is….

  32. guanaco20 says:

    Yep….missing BRADLEY. Hope today’s performance shuts all the xenophob and Bradley haters!

  33. Jimmorrison says:

    C’mon Biff don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Your boy Klinsman has a plan to find more (GWP’s) Germans With Passports
    Wasn’t it me who told you Jones is a waste of time?

  34. Ted in MN says:

    They’ve now played their two hardest matches of the round. If Guatemala loses tonight, it could essentially be a moot point cause the day A&B make it to the hex will be the day Brazil misses a World Cup.

  35. TGA says:

    pathetic. boot ball city

  36. biff says:

    Yeah, there was one play late in the game where the USMNT was threatening on the left wing and Williams received a pass at the top of the box. He could have passed over the right wing, but he shot back to midfield the attack wilted. I cannot understand why Klinsmann would yank DM Beckerman and simply add DM Williams, who plays only DM at Hoffenheim and actually has not been getting much playing time at Hoffenheim in thus far this season. When I saw Williams getting ready to enter the game as the first sub I just about choked. Could not believe and he added absolutely nothing to the mix.

    And true, Demps, Jozy and Herc did not get any service at all and the refereeing was disgraceful.

  37. Ted in MN says:

    We’re talking about a country with a population of 80,000 where soccer isn’t even the most popular sport. The US stumbled to a 3-1 win. Stumbled.

  38. 2tone says:

    The continued crap show of Jones and Edu needs to stop.

    Same problems:
    1. Lack creativity
    2. No person or person’s that can hold the ball dribble at defenders and push a defense back on it’s heels.

    Why call in Corona and not play him again. At least he has some attacking prowess to his game.

    Not a huge fan of eother Kljestan or Feilhaber, btu good god I would rather see them out there than Jones and Edu.

    Why does Chris Pontius continued to get snubbed. Not saying he is the missign piece, but at least lets se what the guy can do.

    Amazing the USMNT still relies on Donovan this much

    Don’t see what will change from now until the next game in Columbus. This roster is filled with CDM’s not attacking players!

    At least Danny Williams looked more than Capable at CDM tonight. Oh and I thought Cameron looked rock solid again, but please someone tell Cameron and Klinsmann that Goodson should not be distributing the ball up field anymore.

    What a horrible display! They played for the road point tonight not the three points, and it showed.

  39. b says:

    You don’t even need to travel to Belgium to find pissed off attacking midfielders. What about Feilhaber, Nguyen, Pontius, M Farfan…

  40. Ted in MN says:

    We’re playing a 4-3-3. They’re playing a 3-5-2 essentially. No wonder we’re getting drowned in the midfield.

  41. Rivaldo says:

    Right on the money Ted. The guy has to go.
    He is responsible for all of the hirings of late JK, Tab, Porter, Reyna…a disaster in the process although I like Porter and felt he was pushed into playing JK’s mindless system

  42. b says:

    So by giving the fans and soccer media exactly what they wanted?
    Yeah definitely don’t fire Klinsmann for being the clueless motivational speaker with no tactical knowledge that Lahm and the Germans warned us he was for the last five years….

  43. T says:

    I guess Preston Zimmerman was right we need real american playing for the team, because I know real Americans play with more urgency and toughness than that, Jamaica showed more thirst and hunger to win we didn’t have that.

  44. Old School says:

    Sacha Kljestan has the backup Quarterback syndrome with Nats supporters.

    He’s a hot commodity until he plays. Then you remember why he isn’t called up anymore.

  45. Sabella says:

    One of the worst US performances I have ever seen. We have a serious problem in the midfield. It’s kinda hard to win if you don’t touch the ball.

  46. Rigazzi's on the Hill says:

    How can you play a slow Beckerman against a speed team like Jamaica?

    His lack of pace led to the bad tackle/penalty that set up the first goal.

  47. biff says:

    I see that rabid Bob Bradley supporters are in a gleeful mood tonight, touting their man and going for Klinsmann’s jugular. I am not happy with Klinsmann’s coaching decisions tonight, but I am still happy as heck that Bob Bradley got fired and is no longer coach of the USMNT. He did a decent job while he was there, but he was faltering toward the end and it was time to move on and bring in a new coach. Whether Klinsmann was the best choice as his replacment, well, that question is open to debate. But best choice or not, I still rate Klinsmann as a better coach than Bob Bradley.

  48. 2tone says:

    Honeymoon is defenitely over for Klinsmann. Time to start earning your salary bud.

  49. 2tone says:

    The Jamaicans were showboating for F-sake. When have we ever seen a CONCACAF team not named Mexico showboating against the U.S.

  50. SuperChivo says:

    Totally uncalled for, Jones bust a gut out there. He may have been ineffective but he worked harder than anyone on the pitch. At any rate, if you have US citizenship then you are a REAL AMERICAN no matter what xenophobic morons might say.

  51. Dimidri says:

    Goal Guatemala. Tie 1-1. Crazy puddles everywhere. Pappa with sick pass. Tie would actually be a fine result, all things considered.

  52. Ted in MN says:

    Equalizer Guatemala 1-1. Now hold this score!

  53. Tyler says:

    I love how the players don’t get any of the blame.

    Klinsmann this, Klinsmann that.

    Where’s the blame for Deuce or Jozy dogging it? Where’s the blame for players just walking around the pitch and p*ssing around with the ball?

    Coaches can put players out on the field, but they definitely cannot play the game for them. Deuce was freaking awful. Awful.

    Our entire midfield was in complete disarray because our 3 best attacking players were injured or decided not to show up at all. Dolo picked up an injury right before the game which left the entire starting right wing out.

    Jozy didn’t try. Period. Deuce did not keep himself in form or shape. Beckerman was running himself ragged trying to make up for nobody in the front 3 coming back and playing defense. Jones was clearly thrown off his game by the late tackles. Let his anger get the better of him.

    The players failed the coach this game, not the other way around.

  54. TADevil says:

    That performance was crap, absolute crap. They looked like they just got off the plane minutes before the game. Terrible.

  55. THomas says:

    Yuck. Crow doesn’t taste good. At all.

  56. THomas says:

    That said. Williams did look good as the d mid. If we ever play 3 again it should be Bradley right Williams center and Torres or Jones left.

  57. T says:

    Citizenship doesn’t make me American, my willingness to support my team and criticize it when necessary. The American players don’t show the pride I expect of them when they play like other countries do (like Mexico). For the Record I don’t like Zimmerman, but most peolpe should know that people like Chandler who use the US as an audition for other teams makes it ver disrespectful to the Americans who come to play hard and are committed to this country and no other.

  58. Korglass says:

    With the exception of Robbie Earle, the broadcast sounded like a local MLS broadcast, speculating about “what if” rather than doing play by play. And the half-time chick should stick to commenting on Red Carpet outfits on E!

  59. Der Verdammt says:

    Three games left: home against Jamaica on Tuesday. Away at Antigua and Barbuda, and then again at home against Guatemala. At worst we’ll get five points (W-T-T) at best nine points (W-W-W). I’m predicting (W-T-W) for a total of 7 points with Antigua and Barbuda packing the box at home.

    I expect we’ll win the group by a hair. Why am I so sure we’ll beat Jamaica? Because if you’re upset, imagine the boys on the USMNT. No way they get sacked at home a few days later. The Jamaicans are in for it.

    Save your weeping and gnashing of teeth for the Hex.

  60. THomas says:

    Lol. Made me laugh when I feel like crying. Hahah. Well done.

  61. Ted in MN says:

    Antigua off the bar! Dangit

  62. Der Verdammt says:

    And…I love that the Jamaicans stepped up to fight us. The stronger our competition is in the qualifiers, the better prepared we are on the world stage when the Cup starts.

  63. Patrick says:

    Poop, the only word that can describe how the U.S. played tonight.

  64. Rivaldo says:

    B you are one of the few who doesn’t have his head in the sand about this guy. A lot of MNT players think he is a fraud too.

  65. THomas says:

    Are you guys serious? One early qualifying loss and you want the federation blown up? Get real. USA still advances top of this group and the hex is even easier considering 4th plays New Zealand for another world cup spot. We still have two home games and away to Antigua. Easily the easiest schedule of all teams in the last three games.

  66. d-bar says:

    Slightly off topic: I am stuck in Japan, and didn’t get to watch the match. I have beIN at home, but was curious to know about the quality of the English production (for anyone able to watch). Thanx in advance!

  67. Ted in MN says:


  68. THomas says:

    True. I was thinking progress. Instead of besting teams off set pieces a la the smash and grab. We’re getting best that way. In some twisted way…isn’t that progress???

  69. Call Up Lichaj says:

    Danny Williams is permanently capped.

  70. Ted in MN says:

    WOW. What a dumb keeper. Molvin James red carded for A&B for delaying after earlier being warned and receiving a card for arguing. He’s put his team down a player for absolutely nothing.

  71. DNYCE says:

    Completely agree. I feel like BeIn is just GolTv 2.0. There’s no need for endless talking throughout the match; a break is ok every once in a while.The bad timing on instant replays drove me nuts. That wasn’t really in HD was it? They should take notes from the likes of Telemundo and Univision.

  72. THomas says:

    Sorry for this I’m obviously drunk on my iPhone.

  73. ex_sweeper says:

    Replacement keeper for A&B is a college player. Don’t look, this could get ugly.

  74. Ted in MN says:

    Goal Guatemala. Dammit dammit dammit.

  75. ex_sweeper says:

    And just like, that our old friend Carlos Ruiz puts it in. Welcome to the real world, folks.

  76. Ted in MN says:

    screw you Molvin James. you’ve hurt not only yourself but us.

  77. reno says:

    This game is rigged as hell

  78. SuperChivo says:

    Well, they have a real hot chick that worked the pre-game and halftime shows. I watched it in Spanish and it was great how they would zing back and forth between English and Spanish.

  79. happyjuggler0 says:


  80. Vic says:

    Not surprised at all. Thats what happens when you play so many unskilled players(Beckerman, Edu, Altidore) together. Had Williams and Boyd started over Beckerman and Altidore we would have been able to connect passes. I would have also liked to see Corona. If Cherundolo is to old to play, Lichaj not Parkhurst should replace him.

  81. SuperChivo says:

    Chapines! Hey, if we have to depend on Guatemala losing to advance then we really don’t deserve it. At least one of my countries is on the right side of victory tonight.

  82. nick says:

    Given the level of players the US has today, missing the WC would be a massive under performance by the coach and players.

  83. d-bar says:

    ¡Gracias! How did the production compare to an FSC broadcast?

  84. jones says:

    yep, game plan: back pass, boom and run, let other team win the second ball.

  85. Folsom says:

    You are not worried? We had a half assed win at home vs Antigua, a very bad game against Guatemala and one of the worst games ever in Jamaica. Where are the points gonna come from? This team cannot string together 3 passes and are playing long balls like they used to in the 80’s

    I was a fan on Klinsman, but I am starting to have serious Bradley remorse right about now

  86. Shweazy says:

    The Jamaicans had a solid defense which thwarted out attack.. we will need Donovan to break these guys down with his speed and passes in tight spot. They way the jamaicans defended tightly i doubt even bradley will make much of a difference. we will need individual skill to break them down . Guys like Donovan Or even Freddy Adu.. yea i said it . Freddy Adu

  87. Ted in MN says:

    Ughhh 3-1 Guatemala. We’re in second on goal differential.

  88. PurpleGold says:


  89. Folsom says:

    One of the worst games the US has played since the ’98 WC. I had thought we were done with the “dump and run” offense that we played in 1990.

    A sad day for US soccer.

  90. Phil K says:

    Beckerman is a dead weight. I can’t understand why he was in a game against a team that relies on speed and physicality.

    I also don’t understand why we couldn’t pass the ball around until Jamaica ran themselves down to a point where goals could be scored. We had no possession and Jamaica is not a fun team to watch. They’re not very coordinated and run into just about anything in their path. Overall the game was rather poor.

    I was very disappointed. This result was unacceptable.

  91. Ted in MN says:

    scratch that. there isn’t an away goals. we’re knotted up.

  92. Neruda says:

    Maddox looked hungry. I’ll be surprised if mls doesn’t sell him in a few years for a boatload of money.

  93. YO says:

    What hurts so much is that we wait so long for these games just to be disapointed.

  94. Kosh says:

    Well put, biff.

  95. Lassidawg says:

    Beckerman in line up = loss for USA
    I am sure there are better options he is the most overrated in Mls

  96. Jamie Z. says:

    Listen, I don’t like that we lost, but this “Jozy Altidore has no skill” school of thought is patently ridiculous.

  97. Ray says:

    Sooo Mexico uses friendlies to practice and we take it all seriously. Thats is two now that Mexico loses to us before a friendly and come storming back.

    They are already qualified and we are in trouble.

    Maybe we should just ignore friendly results, because apparently they don’t mean squat.

  98. Lassidawg says:

    Just saw the first goal, dumb foul and even dumber to have the wall jump. If the can beat you around or over the top tip your cap

  99. b says:

    How can you expect Altidore, Demosey, and Gomez to do anything when they are dependent on three freaking defensive midfielders?? Of course they didn’t do anything. Blame Klinsmann’s 3x CDM fetish.

  100. JW says:

    Jozy has been showing in Europe that him not scoring is a symptom… but not of Jozy.

  101. b says:

    Jozy has no skill that’s why he has to play for a crap team in the bottom of the barrel league that is the Netherlands!!1!

  102. hush says:

    Historically the Costa Ricans have never been able to beat Mexico in their home soil… The MNT has their number.

    The U.S completely looked lost… missing one player who has technical ability to move around and create space for himself and teammates. One problem, he plays for the Union and most folks hate on him. We absolutely look like trash. I guess we’re back to the 10 defender strategy once again

  103. b says:

    MLB great Greg Maddux?

    Or Vancouver’s Darren Mattocks?

  104. b says:

    Wall jumping is such a boneheaded move. They all did it, so who gets the blame for that? Klinsy?

  105. CÉU says:

    Not New Zealand….Tahiti!!!

  106. SweatyCosbySweater says:

    But he has dreadlocks.

  107. Roger says:

    We’re a laughing stock :(

  108. USAmr says:

    We were trying to count how many touches Jozy had….
    Was it more than 5? I recognize that it was really more than that but it seemed that no one could get him the ball..

  109. Max says:

    Bradley is not a #10. No more D-Mids please.

  110. Doug W says:

    He was much better than the awful Jermaine Jones

  111. Gus says:

    Earle is class. He does the Timbers games. Local MLS productions a are superior.

  112. Herb says:

    Wondo is a bigger snub than Pontius

  113. bizzy says:

    props to Jamaica for their first win over the US. It’s even more impressive when you look at there player pool. What do you expect, when you keep moving players around. We had a team that didnt break against the best team in CONCACAF and all klinns needed to do was improve on that for now.




    1. Torres for Dempsey, good swap
    2. Altidore for Donovan, good swap
    3. Beckerman…..Beckerman, too slow for a speedy Jamaican side, out and Shea in (Spector is a better midfielder!!!!).
    4. No Dolo, no castillo….the only other 2 with wheels for that left side will be Orozco or spector.
    Thats why you play friendlies, to go against top opposition and get a team that is proven…AND USE THAT SAME TEAM, with players in the same positions, with just minor adjustments.
    Not moving a bunch of players around and getting 2 backs to play together in a WC qualifying game that have no chemistry with each other.

  114. Paco says:

    Beckerman is the best of the D mids….silly comment

  115. Pele's Boots says:

    The strikers weren’t much better. Lazy Out The Door is not good at the national level.

  116. Hill says:

    Agreed. Beckerman is outmatched at the international speed of play. Scrap the 3 cdm’s, Beckerman especially. At least Williams had few good ideas going forward even if they didn’t work out.

  117. Lassidawg says:

    Of course beckerman only jumped about 4 inches and left his legs wide open

  118. Syd says:

    Spector? What are you smoking….

  119. beachbum says:

    as big a WCQ next week as the Caligiuri goal game all those years ago


  120. bizzy says:

    You are right, it shouldn’t be all Klins….evidently he saw something in practice

  121. Hill says:

    Where you at JRP?

  122. bizzy says:

    +1 funny but true

  123. sandtrout says:

    If only instead of playing soccer, they’d had a telephone-book tearing contest!!!

  124. Goalscorer24 says:

    Disappointing but Klinsman is not playing the right players, Edu and Beckerman are not going to cut it. They were responsible for both the goals. Neither one of them can thread a pass. Klinsmann needs to try some other players. Same players, same results.

  125. bizzy says:

    Beckerman?? 2-1 Jamaica…do I need to say it?

  126. sandtrout says:

    Amen. It makes you wonder why you’re spending your time thinking about call-ups and lineups. I wish I’d have cleaned out the shed instead of wasting that time on a pointless game.

  127. b says:

    lol no.

    Best at impersonating a snail, sure.

  128. b says:

    What if Beckerman was secretly working for his Jamaican homeboys all along….

  129. Kenny_B says:

    How on earth do you call out Jones and Edu and ignore the train wreck of a game Beckerman had?

  130. soccerhorn says:

    I remember Kljestan absolutely destroying Jamaica almost -single handedly with his box to box attacking play in the Gold Cup two years ago. Backup indeed.

  131. kufismaker says:

    Edu’s long through ball to Gomez set up our goal, dummy.

  132. Old School says:

    A broken clock is right twice a day too.

    Which, if you count your reference (along with vs Finland), is the amount of times Kljestan has been worth a damn in a Nats kit.

    Sorry, backup QB maybe was too giving. Perhaps broken clock is more apropos.

  133. Old School says:


    Three years since a relevant game will do that to the memory.

  134. soccerhorn says:

    You’re referring to the squad that has beaten Italy and Mexico on the road within the past 18 months, correct? Just checking.

  135. primoone says:


  136. Kevin_Amold says:

    In 2009, in Saprissa.

  137. Leonardo says:

    why do we play so horribly on the road? (in games that count – not friendlies). JK’s answer: motivation. and this is a serious issue, more than formations or substitutions.

    it seems to me this is why Klinnsman hired that danny motivational speaker guy. JK saw that the team lacks motivation on the road, so he thought the phone book ripping dude would inspire them. however, the players were really laughing at him (you can tell cuz they are trying too hard to be respectful in their post motivational talk interviews). JK is trying to fix that. I agree with him. but that speaker sucked. they need something else. something like a pep talk from the American Outlaws or Sam’s army. cuz really, every time they play away it’s disgraceful.

    it’s either that or we just suck in humid weather.

  138. Baz says:

    If we crash out of qualifying it will make the Olympics debacle look like nothing. What happened to our team over the last few years? We’ve made the quarter finals of the World Cup, beaten Spain and almost Brazil in the Confederations Cup, been ranked as high as #4 by FIFA…

    Why all the suckage as of late? Any ideas?

  139. Rod says:

    Missing more than one Bradley? Ridiculous. The Bradley we were missing was mike.

  140. Dante says:

    I guess this didn’t work as well as Klinsi thought it would.
    link to youtube.com

  141. Brett says:

    What is really alarming to me is how many goals we have given up on set plays since Klinsmann arrived. Under Arena and Bradley we were terrific on set pieces both offensively and defensively.

    I thought the tactics were fine. Jamaica didn’t do much in the run of play and got plenty of chances on goal even without a creative, controlling midfield. You should expect with Jozy, Dempsey, and Gomez that some link-up play should happen. The real issue was the player selection. These games are important and Klinsmann should not feel like he’s got the German pool of players where there can be 3 or 4 different “best 11″s to sort through. You need ALL of your BEST players in these games. Bradley and Donovan should be there and without them I dare say we deserve to lose.

    I was actually really disappointed in Dempsey. He was in a good spot on the goal, but he really didn’t look like he was feeling the game very much.

  142. Hayes says:

    Ugly game. Our fist touch in the center of the field and up top was awful for the most part, but some of that was the lack of quality of the passes. We were too bunched in the attack with noone providing any real width.

    Howard did well. Did’t really have a chance on either goal.

    People saying Parkhurst can’t play need to go back and look at the match. He was the only player that looked dangerous all night on the outside other than an early run by Jones. Hard to expect either FB to get up the field much if the mids cannot hold possession.

    Cameron and Goodson were OK defensively but not good in distribution. Again, part of this were that they had few good options to pass to going forward.

    Mids in general were terrible from possession standpoint. They did not work well together and were horrible at switching the field of play. At least Williams tried to change the point of attack when he came in.

    If Dolo cannot go on Tuesday and assuming everyone else comes out of this game OK, would like to see something like the following.


    Boyd for Altidore would be OK.
    Zusi, I expect, would drift in and out of the center to combine with Dempsey and leave some room for Parkurst.
    Shea is the one guy that really likes to run at people on the outside.

  143. Jimmorrison says:

    Biff is dutch for clueless, dude you are soooo clueless

  144. divers suck says:

    I agree and would even add *can’t believe I’m saying this!* that Tim Howard looked aweful! His distribution was crap and him setting up the walls/defense on set pieces was borderline criminal!

  145. divers suck says:

    If US Soccer doesn’t get out of this group (certainly not a given anymore) much less make Brazil ’14, and on the heels of crashing out of making the Olympics, it will set soccer in this country back 20 years!

  146. Scott says:

    Or even look to your bench to find Zusi, Shea and Torres. Or slide Fabian into the midfield. Very early on, it was evident that 1. Beckerman was in over his head and 2. no one in the midfield knew what to do with the ball going forward. 3 DM’s and Dempsey? I love Deuce, however, he isn’t the guy you want running your offense in the middle. Withdrawn striker or outside mid, yes.

  147. Benny says:

    The U.S. will not miss out on the WC. They will end up winning this group in the end. They will bounce back this Tuesday and then take care of business the next two games.

  148. B 16 says:

    Bradley’s box to box play and overlapping runs from the outside backs would’ve improved the attack

  149. Scott says:

    I never understand the country population point that gets made after some losses. There is no relation between population size to soccer prowess. You never here anyone say, “I can’t believe we lost to Spain, we have states with more people”. A better point would be that we are tying or losing to teams that are basically MLS sides.

  150. Scott says:

    or Corona.

  151. al says:

    beckerman needs to go, shea needs to start, lose the d3 and guzan needs to be in the net. enough with the slow and elderly.

  152. ryanpatrickdownie@gmail.com says:

    Uruguay is about 50th percentile population rank in the world, and is the smallest country to have been in a knockout stage at the world cup in recent memory. It would be pretty anomalous for a country with a small population to consistently field 14 players with high enough quality to compete with larger countries.

  153. Benny says:

    I can understand why fans are worried, but I do agree that the U.S. will win their group. After Tuesday’s game, the U.S. will be back on top and never look back. A&B gives Guatemala a bad time. Let’s see if they can get a result at home without a player getting red carded this time.

  154. Mig22 says:

    good times. And it IS progress in an effed up way.

  155. Lynette says:

    Can someone please tell me how Shea is now a bench player when he is so exciting going up and down the wings? Wasn’t he partially responsible for the goal in the last game.

    To think that a hack like Beckermen is on the field with Shea, Torres and other on the bench leads me to believe that Klingsman is not what we expected as far as using talent.

  156. Vic says:

    If thats the case why did he wait until the 70th minute to sub?

  157. Vic says:

    How about other motivational speakers like Tony Robbins or Bob Bradley?

  158. Ted in MN says:

    Beckerman had a lot better night than Jones. That being said, the idea that we’d play three defensive mids again deserves a slap. The only real difference between what happened yesterday and this plan is that you have Torres playing Dempsey’s role from yesterday. Torres isn’t an improvement.

  159. Ted in MN says:

    Out of the 3 defensive mids, you decided not to harp on the one that had the worst night.

  160. WildDrawFour says:

    What an awesome home-and-home series

  161. Josh says:

    Yeah, this game shows that despite all the advances in our player pool, the USMNT remains desperately thin when it comes to our first-team midfield. The dropoff from Donovan/Dempsey/Bradley to anybody else is steep.

  162. beachbum says:

    when Williams receives the ball in anattacking position he has no idea what to do with it, has repeatedly shown that. good defender, inept going forward, devoid of ideas

    not his fault when he’s played out of position tho; anybody with a fundamental understanding of the game can see these things too, not rocket science

  163. beachbum says:

    true, but what 2tone said has merit to me

  164. beachbum says:

    come on Tyler, get off the spin doctor mode you’re stuck in

  165. beachbum says:

    you have got to be kidding…or you simply don’t get it. You choose

  166. beachbum says:

    oh yes, lots of ideas that have been articulated repeatedly, but the blindly faithful aren’t interested in listening to that

  167. MJC-DC says:

    I’d agree that there’s some backup QB syndrome, but there’s also some bias in the other direction (you! and I have zero shame in calling you and you alone out about that)about a player that has obviously matured after his moving to Europe. We can have a legitimate debate about who comes first on the AM pecking list (IMO its not Sacha), however after last night the one thing that shouldn’t even be a question is the 3 DM approach, negative tactics, negative style JK employs during road games. I really didn’t think it was possible for someone to employ more defense first tactics(on the road to be fair) then BB, but JK has proved me wrong, sad thing, at least BB’s midfield defended better.

  168. beachbum says:

    it’s because we don’t have the defenders who dominate the air anymore representing because they don’t play out of the back good enough or some other BS excuse. It’s not difficult to understand as Klinsmann has changed the focus of how the US plays BUT perhaps we don’t have the players to do it

  169. MJC-DC says:

    Bradley is a box to box mid with ever improving offensive categories, to suggest he wouldn’t have helped last night is flat out ridiculous.

  170. osorio says:

    isnt it the coaches job to motivate the players. Oh wait he tried that with phone book tearing. Guess he should try to some other stupid motivation tactic.

  171. beachbum says:

    perhaps…was thinking similar things. If it does go down like that, Klinsmann will have been in charge of the biggest debacle in USMNT history

    he’s teetering on the edge right now. we’ll see. hope he can right the ship, and pronto

  172. MJC-DC says:

    The women’s team would have beat Jamaica and quite possibly our own men. Soccer is by far the sport with the least gap between the two genders.

  173. joe says:

    Fire Bradley!!!

  174. MJC-DC says:

    I’m a huge BB supporter and not gleeful at all, we were promised grandeur and Klinsi hasn’t delivered. We need to have a legitimate debate about our approach, style and tactics. JK needs to grow a pair and play an attacking lineup on the road even when our player pool is a little short due to injuries. He really can do a lot to get this country to play the beautiful game the way it’s supposed to be played if he has a little more faith in the tactics he used previously (Slovenia as pointed out earlier).

  175. MJC-DC says:

    Fair, but Edu had a worse game the Beckerman IMO. He needs to be a defender for the Nats.

  176. Brain Guy says:

    The final game of this round against Guatemala is shaping up to be huge, as long as Guatemala gets a result in Jamaica.

  177. Brain Guy says:

    And I think Beckerman might just be past his sell-by date.

  178. MJC-DC says:

    You made some good points however you completely ignored Super’s point about Jones workrate, and Johnson’s (i’ll add) which renders your REAL american point ineffective. How about our REAL american’s (Edu and even Dempsey last night) play with more passion.

  179. MJC-DC says:

    I would also like to say I agree with you about Chandler. However, I would appreciate if you acknowledge the workrate and commitment of players like Jones, Johnson and Boyd because that commitment to the USMNT is as REAL as ever.

  180. GJJ says:

    Ok. Question for everyone. If Klinsman stays with a 4-3-3 and everyone was healthy and available,give me your strongest US lineup. I think I would go with Dempsey, Altidore and Gomez up front. After that it gets tricky. Please give some thooughts on why you think your lineup would be a good one.

  181. MJC-DC says:

    What? Jozy lazy argument surfacing its ugly head again a striker needs service and our midfield was overrun. Period. It wasn’t our defense, it wasn’t our strikers (I will agree that Dempsey’s workrate was down) It was the midfield and a huge part of that is Klinsman’s midfielders choice (and your also right that they failed him, they failed to provide anything in defense). However implying that JK has no blame in his tactical choices makes no sense to me.

  182. Shawn says:

    Rubbish. A striker has to receive service. Altidore had none. Even when they tried Route 1, the balls were so inaccurate Jozy wasn’t even in the screen.

    The midfield was atrocious, the defense was slip-shod, and as a result, Altidore was dropping back into his own half to TRY to get the ball. Even that didn’t work.

    Effort was not the issue with Altidore. Service was. Plain and simple.

  183. MJC-DC says:

    Man that Jozy guy has no skill, not a good soccer player, at all.

    link to youtube.com

    Disclaimer: I do not support the music in the video, why can’t we just get highlights?

  184. Shawn says:

    Honestly, I thought Shea was rubbish last night as well. Yes, he made a difference against Mexico.

    That said, I agree Beckerman didn’t belong on the pitch last night.

  185. MJC-DC says:

    For those that don’t want to watch the whole video, the goal around 1:33 is the literal definition of workrate and skill.

  186. Vic says:

    My line-up for Tuesday:

    Boyd Gomez

    Dempsey Corona

    Williams Jones

    Johnson Cameron Goodson Parkhurst

  187. The Imperative Voice says:

    There was arguably a similar arrogance/ hubris about the U23s when they beat an experimental U23 Mexico and then failed to qualify for the Olympics. Mexico then wins the Olympics.

    I think the omen of the 2-1 Jamaica win at home against Guatemala didn’t get across (repeated against us). When I put on the Matchtracker and saw the lineup, it looked underpowered like a Camp Cupcake unit. Parkhurst???? Goodson???? (Over Boca???) Beckerman??? 3 d-mids????? Jozy and Gomez together up top???? (Not Dempsey or Boyd???)

    One key element I see missing from our lineup is speed. Another is attacking skill. Looked like too much of a lunchpail unit and every so often when you run out a stalemate machine you still lose, and the unit lacks the firepower to come back offensively.

    I expect us to advance, we’re still tied for the second spot and have all the tough games in the books. But I don’t think fighting for first from this bunch, or maybe even sneaking in second, was the Klinsi sales pitch. Our Savior is not supposed to have a Learning Curve. He’s supposed to be teaching us a thing or two.

  188. The Imperative Voice says:

    I think Boca and Torres watching all night plus 40 total minutes from Boyd and Shea (plus Lichaj left out etc), weighed against the unit we did play, suggests sheer arrogance. I think he really thought he could send a merely OK set of Gold Cup-ish Americans out there and still win. Not enough attacking or defending speed, not enough tablesetting, a few too many second tier players.

  189. hogatroge says:

    I was a bit distracted during the game, but it seems to me Cameron and Goodson did fine at CB… don’t know how Boca would have helped when the 2 major defensive errors came from D-Mids.

  190. hogatroge says:

    No option for next week but the 4-3-3.

    Danny Williams was finally played in position and did well. He has the pace (or as close as this roster will come) to fill that spot against Jamaica.

    The backline was fine. I can’t even argue for Cherundolo to come in because Parkhurst was one of the Nats best players last night.

    Idea: Possibly put in Cherundolo & Parkhurst and give Fabian a run out at AM.

    Zusi or Corona needs a shot this next game, and JK shouldn’t be afraid to take a tired Deuce off the pitch.

  191. Momo says:

    Honest truth, this is what happens when you have a coach from outside the country (although he has lived in LA for the past years) He doesn’t know our domestic players well enough to know how much they really suck and which ones are good. Playing beckerman is awful, even Bob knew that and that’s why only used him in the B team gold cup and one WCQ match and that was just cause in what in his home team. I think JK is a great coach, I just dont think he knows the players well enough to know that a certain player doesn’t work well in a certain position but JK is not ignorant and will adjust before he gets the boot.

  192. Shawn says:

    I agree. I thought the entire announcing crew for BeIN was almost bad enough to make me wish for JP and Harkes.

  193. Shawn says:

    No. Edu made a very good pass on the goal sequence. Beckerman didn’t have 1 good ball the entire match. They both cost their team a goal with dumb fouls. So Edu had a (slightly) better match.

    All three sucked.

  194. beachbum says:

    we disagree plenty you and I, but I’m in agreement with what you said here

  195. Since 82 says:

    Amen. Especially when you consider the emerging talent and depth of our striker pool. We are playing into opponents hands by fielding overly defensive lineups.

    I will say it again too … Freddy Adu should be on this team. Period. He has a role.

  196. theking says:

    In two meaningless friendlies? Just checking

  197. Lucky Cowboy says:

    Altidore – Boyd
    Deuce – Torres – Jones- Gomez
    Boca – Edu – Cameron – Dolo

  198. Zac says:

    I can see you have a very short memory. Beckerman had a very good pass that freed up Edu to make that pass to Herc. There is your one good ball.

    In all seriousness, I completely agree that Beckerman was hurting us out there with his lack of pace and the fouls he was committing in bad spots to compensate, but I’m so sick and tired about myopic fans overlooking all of the good work he has put in over the last year. He is the kind of distributor out of the back that Edu, Jones, and Williams cannot hope to be. Bradley is a better distributor, sure, but we need him further up field.

    Face it, Beckerman was exposed by the superior pace of the Jamaicans, but few teams in the world are going to have that kind of pace all over the field.

  199. Zac says:

    Did you really just say that Williams has more skill connecting passes than Beckerman?! Seriously? Have you seen Williams play at all or do you just have a hard on over the fact that he plays in Germany? He has more pace than Beckerman and that is about it.

    Your assessment of Boyd vs. Jozy is off, too, although I have been pretty disappointed with Jozy in a Nats jersey, as well.

  200. Zac says:

    One of our best players on the field during the match at Azteca. What was the result of that game, again?

  201. Primoone says:


    Get real…that was a 4-1-2-2. Beckerman was the sole defensive mid. Jones and Edu traded off the advanced MF role. Gomez and Altidore did nothing but hang out in the last third and dempsey was given carte blanche doing nothing but poaching and minimal tracking. This happened for the majority of the minutes…which by the way is why we could not hold the ball nor connect the midfield with the attackers. That was a bunker ball selection that failed to bunker. They tried to possess the ball and wasted 3 attacking players leaving them on an island in the final third while using defensive midfielders in an advanced position. On what planet was this going to work? Black eye for Klinsi today.

  202. Primoone says:

    Only 9 players represented in that formation because dempsey was given carte blanche however, he wasnt really doing anything after he scored that first goal. not his fault however, he was a wasted position player.

  203. Old School says:

    Me out alone? Please, you can call me out for acknowledging reality, all you’d like.

    However, if you believe I’m alone in that, I can see why you believe Kljestan is the savior.

    See how I used hyperbole, too? It’s fun.

  204. Old School says:

    …but what about Kljestan!?!?!?!

  205. beachbum says:

    he can go forward better than ANY of the midfielders which played yesterday.

    you disagree? Jones goes forward better? Beckerman? Edu? Williams? please share your insights with us

  206. Will says:

    I don’t see the problem with Klinsman, The team looked uninterested in the fight. Jamaica away in the heat on a lumpy pitch with big fast strong men bumping you all night and a ref who believes in letting play go on? No thank you sir, I’d rather go back home.

    Oh well. Kudos to Jamaica. The second free kick was almost as good as Messi’s, which I was lucky enough to catch on the other stream.

  207. Clemsonuee says:

    The US women’s team plays and loses to teenage men’s teams all the time. I doubt they would be able to hang in vs. any full men’s team. There is a pretty big gap between the genders in soccer.

  208. SweatyCosbySweater says:

    Well, technically your video just shows an example of a level of workrate and skill. It is hardly the literal definition of the words.

  209. MJC-DC says:

    I never said your alone in your views, I just called out only you. Your great at twisting words, see how logic defeats your entire smug argument which in no way addresses my key point that you are just as biased against Sacha as those who favor his inclusion in the USMNT squad.

  210. MJC-DC says:

    Could you provide some evidence of this? I try to google USWNT friendlies and didn’t find any loses to men’s teenage teams. I’ll have no problem admitting I’m wrong if you can provide some sources supporting your argument.

  211. MJC-DC says:

    Upon reviewing the MLS.com chalkboard, I think I was wrong and you were right, surprisingly they both didn’t have horrible passing numbers, however they had a severely limited amount of touches on offense, the difference as you pointed out was Edu’s assist.