Jamaica vs. USA: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team will attempt to take a big step toward the final round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying when it faces Jamaica in the fourth match of the six-game semifinal round (8 p.m., beIN Sport). To get three points, though, the Americans will have to do something they have never done in their history: Win a World Cup qualifier on Jamaican soil (0-0-4 all-time).

With Landon Donovan and Michael Bradley out injured and Clint Dempsey's effectiveness unknown after his transfer saga, a number of questions face Jurgen's Klinsmann's side, which is looking to add to the momentum of the first U.S. win in Mexico last month.

Standing in the way of that is a confident, fast Jamaican side, headlined by MLS speedsters Dane Richards, Omar Cummings and Darren Mattocks. The Reggae Boyz, who have never beaten the United States (0-10-8 all-time) enter the night tied on points with the U.S. in Group A, and they go into the match knowing that a failure to win tonight makes the daunting task of having to play the U.S. again on Tuesday in Columbus all the more challenging and pressure-packed.

SBI will be providing live commentary for tonight's match, so please feel free to follow along with the live chat. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Commentary is after the jump):

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244 Responses to Jamaica vs. USA: Match Night Commentary

  1. GB says:

    Howard (c); Parkhurst, Goodson, Cameron, Johnson; Jones, Beckerman, Edu, Dempsey; Altidore, Gomez via twitter

  2. Derek Dupre says:

    Hey Josh, are you on the plane home?

  3. I like this lineup. Glad to see Herc, Jozy, and Clint up top. That may be out of hand.

  4. Shaun says:

    I’m currently in Bali, any guidance on how I can stream the match?

  5. james says:

    first row sports eu

  6. HoboMike says:

    Can anyone else not get the CoverItLive working? I get some ridiculous thing about setting a reminder and I can’t get it off?

  7. louis z says:

    I heard DOLO picked up an injury — calf strain

    I guess Boca’s game is not up to par for this one.

  8. Jared says:

    Parkhurst is too slow for this match. They are going to run by him like he’s standing still

  9. Dinho says:

    Nope. Not working.

  10. Matt H. says:

    If that’s true, very little creativity on the pitch…that midfield screams constant loss of possession with Beckerman, Jones, Edu.

  11. Well, I think they are going to rely on Beckerman covering. And Parkhurts reads the game really well. His speed isn’t really an issue for his game.

  12. Wispy says:

    Wow — Parkhurst over Dolo? Wonder if there is something to that, injury-wise…

  13. I’m sure Boca starts in Columbus.

  14. Daniel says:

    when does the game come on bein sports? i have argentina playing paraguay right now in the first half, are they going to just cut that short?

  15. Dinho says:

    According to the Twitter-world, Dolo picked up a calf strain.

    As for Boca, he’s healthy. Decision for him not playing was JK’s decision.

  16. Wispy says:

    Never mind, just saw louis’s post.

  17. louis z says:

    there are two BeIn sports channel, one has all of the south american playoff, make sure you got the right one.

  18. Nic D "the TX 2 Stepper" says:

    Wow. I didn’t know BeIn had two. I only have one right now (Direct TV)

  19. There are two channels for beIN…mine is on 620.

  20. RedCard10 says:

    Is first row legit? I tried to watch streaming once of an Everton match when Donovan was there and got a horrible computer virus. First Row is requiring a download to view the video…makes me nervous.

  21. Mike Z says:

    I am on Comcast and as far as I can tell I only have the Spanish Language version of BeIn which means the US game is tape delayed until 11:45 ET.

  22. Shaun says:

    Thank you.

  23. HoboMike says:

    For those with beIn sports, how’s the quality? HD? SD? Like when we played in Honduras a few years back?

  24. Puna says:

    so awful that my comcast guide says the US game is on but its really the argentina vs. paraguay game. Now i have to scramble to find a bar cause of comcast/bein sports debacle.

  25. Arkie says:

    Won’t let me load on iPhone. Only let’s me send myself reminders. Any solutions? Reloading and entering an email address doesn’t work…

  26. Pete says:

    Not broadcasting the game by ESPN or FOX or NBC Sports by being outbid by an unknown network shows a clear lack of vision by these companies that is very short-sighted.

  27. Dave says:

    If they ran a 3-man back line Parkhurst would be fit as a fiddle for it.

  28. Daniel says:

    ok i ordered the bein channel and it says the usa game should be on but it is not, its the arg vs par game eben though on the guide it says usa vs jamaica, comcast is about to pay

  29. Dave says:

    Anyone know if this is on UVerse?

  30. Spencer says:

    yes there are times it says you have to download, but never download something, you can still watch most anything on there without ever downloading something

  31. The Empty Bucket says:

    Not exactly, check the semi-colons, it reads that Dempsey is sitting beneath the strikers. So a 4-3-1-2 versus a 4-3-3. Could be wrong but reading it thats how it seems

  32. malkin says:

    Interesting that none of the 3 Jamaicans mentioned in SBI’s post are getting the start?

  33. Spectra says:

    I enjoy a t d h e . eu
    It has sevral feeds ready to go

  34. d says:

    uhhhh is cover it live not working

  35. RedCard10 says:

    Okay. Thanks. I’ll try and watch it there.

  36. Bob Bradley says:

    They may be fooling you with an advertisement, cause I thought it was asking me to download a plug-in but then I saw a “close” button at the bottom of the ad, and when I clicked that it showed me the game.

  37. B says:

    This happened to me awhile ago as well. Just make sure you have some good anti-virus software active, and you should be fine. I use avast now – it’s totally free and has kept me virus-free ever since I installed it.

    Also, you shouldn’t have to download anything to watch their streams. If one says you need to, just find another one that doesn’t require it.

  38. Michael Bradley's Hair says:

    What dipshit Klinnsman is. THATS WHY YOU CALL UP LICHAJ!!

  39. jones says:

    yeah, I dunno what’s up with that.

  40. Rich says:

    CoverIT Live is working on SI.com after the same issue

  41. ThaDeuce says:

    ditto. this is all i got

  42. HoboMike says:

    Hey SBI can you let us know why Cover It Live isn’t working? We’re dependent on you.

  43. jones says:

    looks like Howard has the armband

  44. Bryan says:

    Jozy needs to respect the anthem. Pathetic.

  45. Hans Solo says:

    Mexican refs just what we need lol

  46. jones says:

    Really wish the vuvuzelas had stayed in S. Africa!

  47. Dave says:

    I’m watching one of them now. I’ve never heard a rendition of the Jamaican anthem quite like this.


  48. Spectra says:

    Wow it’s been two minutes and I’m tired of this announcer. SUCH ENTHUSIASM

  49. TomG says:

    3 forwards and no linkup midfielders? Another mad scientist lineup for Klinsi. I can only imagine that they will be packing it in and playing long balls out to the forwards who can all play a little hold up game, though Jozy is the only true hold up player. He is going to have to be a beast and absorb a ton of punishment and keep,as much possession as possible. Interesting. Watch for runs underneath Jozy by Deuce a la versus Italia.

  50. TomG says:

    Yes……. He is…….. Positively……. Electric

  51. Spectra says:


  52. deepvalue says:

    holy hsit
    holy hsit

  53. jbrader says:

    Hahaha. Hello grumpy old man.

  54. TomG says:

    Goooooooooooaaallllllll! Deuce on the rebound! That’s why you start 3 forwards!!!

  55. Eric says:

    To easy to easy

  56. Leo says:

    LOL, Clint double-tapped the flag.


  57. malkin says:

    is the feed I’m watching (with the arabic on the top right) the bein sports feed? it’s in english after all

  58. Spectra says:

    Altidore down the right side pulls back fires blocked goes to dempsey slot it in

  59. deepvalue says:

    Gomez created the danger! Someone get the announcer a cup of coffee.

  60. Petaluman says:

    Bummer I can’t see a decent version of this game due to Comcast/BeIn fail. Sigh…

  61. malkin says:

    this is why we can’t start Edu. No connecting the attack. Oh, wait…

  62. TomG says:

    Good pass by Mo to spring Herc and awesome work by Herc to create space. Typical clinical work by Deuce.

  63. RK says:

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this announcer is boring

  64. Petaluman says:

    But I am able to watch the Arg vs Par match and a stream…

  65. TomG says:

    Hahahaha! True, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Good for him, though.

  66. cj says:

    It’s not there! the argentina paraguay game says US vs Jamaica in the info! WTF

  67. cj says:

    BEIN is not showing it live on Comcast. I think we have a right to be pissed

  68. Jeff says:

    BeIn broadcast – Mickey Mouse. Like watching a local broadcast of high school football. Should have spent more on capabilities before spending so much on broadcast rights!

  69. deepvalue says:

    Nice to see Jozy backtrack to at least midfield. Can’t just post up high when playing for Klinsmann.

  70. Spectra says:

    Vuvuzelas + Terrible Announcer = Muted TV

  71. soccerhorn says:

    first row shut down by the Feds. Nice one.

  72. TomG says:

    I don’t think boring even begins to describe him. Nice work by Parkhurst on the wing. US really pushing forward. Surprising.

  73. David says:

    I’m glad to see Goodson, an experienced defender.

  74. Evan says:

    My BeIn telecast is showing ARG vs. PAR. WTF??

  75. Petaluman says:

    Watching some feed where the announcer is english and he sounds like he’s doing it from his living room.

  76. This Guy says:

    Is this Marcelo Balboa?

  77. Petaluman says:

    You’re in my boat. My comcast has BeIN and is showing the same game but apparently the other BeIn channel (which I can’t find anywhere on Comcast)is showing the game live. Disappointing.

  78. filfisher says:

    so is mine. f these idiots.

  79. Benny says:

    If you have DISH, you get to see the U.S. Game

  80. david m says:

    If the US doesn’t score another soon, I’m afraid it will not end well tonight.

  81. RK says:

    The worst GOOOL call I have ever heard. This guy is pathetic.

  82. Dave says:

    Despite the goal, the US performance is like watching puke dry, over and and over and over.

  83. deepvalue says:

    Bad foul by Beckerman and then he deflected the ball into the goal. Howard had it covered if it wasn’t deflected.

  84. TomG says:

    Bad job by Beckerman in the wall. Got to keep your legs together. Basic, basic, basic. Shame.

  85. david m says:

    The US team is being totally outplayed by the Jamaicans.

  86. Benny says:

    That was a bad deflection off Beck.

  87. Jason says:

    Beckerman. Is he playing for us or Jamaica? The dreadlocks can’t seem to figure it out.

  88. deepvalue says:

    The commentator’s day job is court reporter.

  89. Spank says:

    It makes me sick how the US always makes teams look like Barcelona. No matter how good or bad the opponent is, the US always has the least amount of possession.

  90. TomG says:

    US starting to string together a few more passes.

  91. RK says:

    What the? “Dempsey…is he going to kick it. Yes, he kicks it” on his -shot-.

  92. Jason says:

    The passing tonight is shocking.

  93. TomG says:

    Long balls to Jozy are waaaaaaaay off target. Missing MB’s prowess in this department.

  94. cj says:

    thanks for the helpful comment.

  95. TomG says:

    Jones is a human turnover. Jermaine Jones drinking game.

  96. TomG says:

    Nice touches by Jozy there.

  97. Pope says:

    Where’s Wondo?

  98. TomG says:

    Don’t let him drive you crazy…. That is the referee’s job.

  99. ManicMessiah says:

    Klinsmann must be a fan of Ultimate Team. Parkhurst was an in form right back a little while ago.

  100. deepvalue says:

    Beckerman got away with another dangerous one there.

  101. TomG says:

    Good shield by big Geoff.

  102. Brian S. says:

    Between the awful broadcast by BeIn and the US being dominated by an inferior opponent, this is almost too hard to watch.

  103. Brian S. says:

    Is the announcer Ray Hudson’s old partner on Gol TV?

  104. TomG says:

    Wow. Really, really, really nice sequence of 20ish passes up the field ending with a Edu, Altidore, Parkhurst, Dempsey with a nice scoring chance.

  105. david m says:

    Boy, that was horrible!

  106. TomG says:

    US with by far the better scoring opportunities here. Totally disagree with you.

  107. Mike says:

    Jozy needs to be off. Now. If you don’t want to run and give effort you can sit on the bench.

  108. CPS says:

    Wow, we’re awful in the midfield without MB.

  109. Samson says:

    The interview with Messi and his bloody lip is amateurish

  110. CPR says:

    Check that…Landon

  111. Benjamin C. says:

    It is really hard for a striker to get into the game when your midfielders can barely pass the ball.

    The bigger issue is why Klinsmann promised a more attacking style and consistently trots out three defensive mids, one of which includes Beckerman, who does not belong in the player pool, much less in the starting lineup for a World Cup qualifier.

  112. Benny says:

    The U.S. played the last 10 minutes or so a lot better. Dempsey could have made it 2-1. Dempsey is looking a little gassed. Let’s see how long he lasts in the second half. Klinsi must make smart substitutions in the second half. The U.S. should get at least a draw here. Hopefully the U.S. plays better and gets the win.

  113. deepvalue says:

    this ^^^

  114. Benny says:

    I agree 100%.

  115. 2 tone says:

    Edu has the touch of an elephant. A little surprised we have more possession. Doesn’t seem like it. I would like to see Shea in the second half.

  116. iheartscotch says:

    I know this network is new with this whole soccer coverage thing but wow this is horible.

  117. CPS says:

    bring on Boyd

  118. TomG says:

    Don’t see eye to eye with the comments about Jamaica being the better side. I count 3 scoring chance to zero for the US. Jamaica with a ridiculous, fluke goal. Not sure what anyone expected with 3 D-Mids. We knew it would be ugly but we are still outplaying the Reggae Boyz.

  119. Spank says:

    Wow! That girl on beIN is pretty hott but damn is she horrible. She can barely string together sentences. Is she new to speaking English? Still nice to look at tho!

  120. TomG says:

    Jozy has been excellent when he has gotten touches, but the target balls from the midfield have been way, way off.

  121. gabe says:

    everytime edu or beckerman get the ball in possession it is like the field is made of molasses. we need a playmaker in there

  122. Conrad says:

    Oh, my lord, BeIn Sports is just a disaster beyond imagining. I’m speechless. Announcing is just atrocious. The woman in charge of the halftime report — I…I… what?

  123. YO says:

    Loving that new attractive attacking style of football the US adopted every since JK took over. Pathetic!

  124. Benjamin C. says:

    I know that we fans are notorious for complaining about lineup choices by coaches, but I feel a bit deceived by Klinsmann, much like I do with many politicians. He seemed to promise one thing, an attacking style, yet has produced something completely different, a midfield that consistently has three defensive midfielders and absolutely no wing play. Overall, I want the U.S. to win games, but in the end, we are extremely unpleasant to watch right now. I understand we have two key players out due to injury, but do have to respond by starting such a negative, defensive lineup? It just produces putrid soccer.

  125. iheartscotch says:

    We are defintely not getting dominated. Jamaica had maybe 2 chances all game and scored on a deflection because Beckerman. Yes it is disappointing we are not dominating, but you can’t just say we are getting dominated for that reason. The US has been the better team so far eventhough we have played like everyone is in preseason form.

  126. AcidBurn says:

    Wow beIN Sports halftime show was awkward. Not sure what that was.

  127. Thurl says:

    Bring in Wondo…oh, wait

  128. cubanraftparty says:

    Absolutely amateurish broadcast. horrid. awful.

  129. Gus says:

    That chick is hottt

  130. AcidBurn says:

    Jamaica would be more dangerous if they didn’t keep blasting the ball into row Z.

  131. biff says:

    Not a happy trooper here that Klinsmann started Edu, Jones and Beckerman in the midfield. I like all three players but not on the field at the same time as midfielders. Do not understand why Klinsmann would do this, although the possession game the last 4-5 minutes of the first half looked better. Why did it take them 40 minutes before they were able to string together more than 4 passes?

  132. Juan says:

    Why are you sure? Parkhurst has been very solid… is moving forward with pace and almost created a second goal had Dempsey hit it harder

    Beckerman however is responsible…twice… for their goal. Caused the foul that gave the kick… jumped in the wall and the ball went under him and hit his foot.

    There is little creativity and therefore few chances. Jones is a liability on offense… Altadore is invisible..Beckerman is not creating anything. Herc is playing well

    I think Altadore is off in the second for Boyd and maybe Torres for Dempsey

  133. Juan says:

    there are streams that are working

  134. AcidBurn says:

    Maybe the guys at al-jazeera who hired her were not fluent in English.

  135. godi says:

    where is Jozy?

  136. cj says:

    Why does he keep referencing the shots as kicks? its really annoying

  137. TomG says:

    Perhaps, but if my grandma had nuts she’d be my Grandpa.

  138. TomG says:

    Perhaps, but if my grandma had nuts she’d be my Grandpa.

  139. This Guy says:

    Announcer just said that Edu and Jones play in Hoffenheim. ?

  140. Jason says:

    What can Jozy do when the passes are abysmal and the the midfield is essentially non-existent?

  141. Michael Bradley's Hair says:

    How can Edu be a midfielder? It’s like watching a deer trying to ice skate. How does Klinsmann not see this?

  142. Michael Bradley's Hair says:

    Dempsey is a on a completely different level than anyone on the field. It’s so sad to see his creative passes and ideas lead to nothing because of incompetent players that shouldn’t be on the field – Altidore, Edu

  143. david m says:

    This must be one of the worst substitutions ever! Williams??

  144. Michael Bradley's Hair says:

    So take off one of the only guys that can posses the ball and look composed (Beckerman) for a guy that can’t possess the ball and looks like a deer in headlights (Williams). BRILLIANT!

  145. CPS says:

    so many facepalms, so little time.

  146. david m says:

    Not surprised at all.

  147. Brian S. says:

    This is becoming a joke now.

  148. deepvalue says:

    The commentator can’t yell goal too loud or his parents get mad.

  149. HammEggs says:

    Why do we keep fouling right outside the box?

  150. rational us soccer fan says:

    sorry, but Edu and Beckerman suuuuuuux. foul machines, slow, and Edu can’t do basics like trap the ball

  151. Brian S. says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to take off Dempsey now and put on another defender

  152. Incompetance says:


  153. AcidBurn says:

    So with Bob Bradley it was giving up goals in the first 15 minutes. We’ve now found Klinsmann’s Achilles heel: set pieces. Last 3 goals in WCQs all from them.

  154. Mike says:

    Jozy is a lazy f*#*#

  155. Gabe Cash says:

    Is it possible for us to generate anything going forward. This is laughable.

  156. Petaluman says:

    May be time to give Boyd a go. He may bring some fire to this lackluster US team.

  157. CPS says:

    sorry, but the GOP convention was last week. you missed it.

  158. Wtf says:

    Jozy should be benches permanently. Lazy *ss not running.

  159. Brian S. says:

    How is that in any way relevant to anything?

  160. topher says:

    Is it too much to ask for an announcer that speaks English as their first language on an English broadcast? His diction is incredibly bad.

  161. Jason says:

    What the hell is with these long balls to nowhere???

  162. Jimbo says:

    Welp..looks like I should figure out who to root for the next world cup…

  163. Brian S. says:

    Permanently? Seriously? One less than stellar half with no service from the midfield and you’re done for good

  164. Jason says:

    They need to put Torres and Shea on. At least they’ll put an attack in and Torres will act like a midfielder. Edu and Jones aren’t doing it.

  165. Illmatic74 says:

    Go watch an Aryan nation soccer team and take that bs somewhere else.

  166. topher says:


  167. CPS says:

    we look sooooooo slow

  168. chris says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Joe Biden.

  169. mike says:

    Can’t believe we started a midfield of Jones, Beckerman and Edu… they were never gonna create many chances.

  170. Petaluman says:

    Shea-uh…she..shea hahahah

  171. topher says:

    williams, uh , once again williams

  172. topher says:

    somebody get this man a color announcer

  173. Brian S. says:

    So the game plan at halftime to get back in this game by booting it up field and pray that we out run them?

  174. Petaluman says:

    Is he in his garage?

  175. Kent says:

    I love how we continually pass it onto opponent’s feet.

  176. Darwin says:

    beIN had some horribly amateur halftime analysis. What the heck was that?

  177. AcidBurn says:

    JJ90YC makes an appearance!

  178. Illmatic74 says:

    And the inevitable Jermaine Jones yellow card.

  179. Conrad says:

    The US will never be a power in Concacaf. US players are clattered with impunity; every Jamaica player that drops to the ground earns a free kick. I feel their frustration.

  180. AcidBurn says:

    Not only can’t they pass, it’s like they don’t even know where to be on the field. Jamaica is schooling them right now.

  181. Petaluman says:

    US finally playing like they care. Better later than never.

  182. david m says:

    Instead of getting a coach, the USSF went for a sexy name.

  183. Jason says:

    What are you talking about? They already are a power. It’s a bad game. No need to get too melodramatic.

  184. Josh says:

    SOOO SLOOOOWWWW. I liked watching the us teams with fast counter attacks and quick play. It seems like we just want to hold the ball with no purpose. Boring, boring soccer and its not working.

  185. blag says:

    Well i call this game over. I honestly do not see the US coming back in this one now.

  186. Petaluman says:

    No urgency…Jermaine Jones shambolic.

  187. blag says:

    i think the us still gets to the hexagonal…but the possibility of not making it is very real now.

  188. Josh says:

    Jermaine looks terrible.

  189. Spank says:

    Words can’t even describe how annoyed i am with Klinsmann. He entrusts Beckerman, Edu and Jones to run the midfield and be creative when the fact is that they aren’t creative at all. They are all Dmids! I don’t care if they play in a better league than other midfielders. Time to get your head out of your A$$ Klinsmann and call up some creative midfielders. Who can keep possession and be creative.

  190. Goalkeeper72 says:

    No passion, no work rate, no heart, no first touch, no urgency……………no qualification!

  191. Jeff says:

    I’m looking forward to reading the reactions/recaps/ratings for this shambolic display. Fair to say the JK honeymoon is over? It’s only one loss, but outside of the Mexico game there hasn’t been much to go on and believe that the program is further along now than it was under Bradley.

  192. Roy says:

    Hello, Bob? Bob Bradley? Ae you out there?

  193. Evan says:

    An upset loss next week and we are out of the World Cup….before the effin Hex!!!

  194. Chris says:

    Johnson – through the uprights, 3 points

  195. Kent says:

    We deserve to lose. 3 defensive mids. Team showing no initiative going forward. Also, you can’t pass to your teammate if a Jamaican player is in the way.

  196. YES says:

    Yeah!! We can win friendlies!

  197. Primoone says:

    If you think that torres doesn’t belong in the midfield…then Edu and Beckerman should never put on the USA kit again.

  198. Jason says:

    The US looked like they couldn’t be bothered. Jones, Edu, and Beckerman were all terrible. Beckerman needs to shave off those stupid friggin dreadlocks. He’ll probably be out trying to spliff it up in Kingston tonight.

  199. Petaluman says:

    Maybe BeIn was onto something here. They wanted to spare us from watching this horror show. The team just looked uninterested most of the game.

  200. Primoone says:

    Relax Roy…lets not get crazy.

  201. USA says:

    I want Klinsmann’s head!!!! This was awful, and don’t tell me it’s because Bradley and Donovan weren’t there. That is no excuse for losing to Jamaica!

  202. david m says:

    The US team played not much different tonight from how it’s played in the Klinsmann era. There have been a few results to fool us but no coherent game. Only once, the US team looked impressive under Klinsmann — the Scotland game. Later, of course, it turned that the Scots came here to party and enjoy the beaches of Florida, not play soccer. The sooner Klinsmann goes, the better. It’s not too late yet.

  203. Brett says:

    The game couldn’t have gone more perfectly for us, and we still lost. With better set piece play we might have won this game 1-0.

    What I learned from this match is that this midfield is LOST without Michael Bradley. Deuce will find his form again, but he really belongs at the top. He just clogs up attacks. There didn’t seem to be much communication and chemistry.

  204. Cannibal Hector says:

    How does Torres not see action in this match?

    And how was Wondolowski not brought in?

  205. MJC-DC says:

    A lesson in soccer tactics and squad selection for JK. He left Zusi, Shea, Corona and Torres (not say all should have started, at least one though). Our midfield was flat out overrun and passes circles around the US midfield.

    The upsetting thing to me is the two Jamaican goals came off of fouls, by the defensive midfielders (the failed to even execute their strong suits).

    Here’s to hoping for more positive tactics and more positive style on Tuesday.

  206. buff111 says:

    The US looked like a bunch of outplayed donkeys out there. Pathetic.

  207. BeOut Sports says:

    Donovan was the bigger absence. The last thing the team needs is another D-Mid…

  208. OtherJeff says:

    Like to see the Klinsmann lovers find the excuses for this one. Maybe we just need more German players?

  209. VMan says:

    Klinsmann’s 3 DMid approach produces the same crappy display over and over again.

  210. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    A deserved loss, I haven’t seen the US play such an uninspiring game in quite a while. I’m a big Klinsmann supporter, but I’m placing much of the blame at his feet. Midfield too defensive and uncreative, Dempsey shouldn’t have started, let alone go the distance, and the substitutions were ten minutes later than I would have liked. Really disappointing all around.

  211. Grover says:

    wow….US is really good in soccer. Why do they still even bother…GridIron football is their sport…not “soccer”. Their women’s team would beat these clowns

  212. Kent says:

    I don’t see how you could defend that set piece any better. It was a great shot on goal.

    The blame lies solely with Edu for giving them an opportunity at that spot.

  213. John says:


    Edu – His normal sloppy self on the ball.
    Gomez – Bad first touches all night.
    Boyd – Did he touch the ball?
    Altidore – ^^^

    They really missed Michael Bradley tonight. There just wasn’t that guy in the middle of the pitch to give a good flow to the attack. With less than 10 minutes, I was shocked that every time there was a loose ball behind the USA’s forwards, there was no one there to pick it up and hold pressure.

  214. Jason says:

    I’m still a Klinsmann support, but hopefully this game is a wake up call that he can’t try this approach again.

    I was hoping I wouldn’t see anything like it, but Beckerman is becoming Klinsmann’s Agoos/Bornstein.

  215. Jamaica after winning one game says:

    Gap closed.

  216. Ricky B. Free says:

    LOL. Love how we overeact to a win and to losses. We win we are on our way to the Elite. We lose we are doomed fire the coach I have said this since we hired him, blah blah blah.

  217. Der Verdammt says:

    Paging Steve Sampson…paging Steve Sampson…

  218. Greg Sage says:

    Yeah,, how about that feed?

  219. divers suck says:

    Absolutely woeful performance on all fronts, including Tim Howard..Worst performance by far under the JK regime. If they keep this up, The Raggae Boyz will win both and The USA will be in serious danger of not making Brazil ’14 at all!

  220. louis z says:

    where is the guy that was so hi on Beckerman’s stats?
    Tonight the only way Jamaica could scored was on a dead ball, so what do we do, we give them dead balls by losing possession. I’m ticked off.

  221. boosted335 says:

    hensounds like the “boom goes the dynamite” guy

  222. Dave says:

    The worst display I’ve seen in a long time. Every players should be ashamed. Slow, sloppy & weak!

  223. Tyler says:

    Deuce was probably the worst player on the pitch.

    WTF is he doing.

  224. Joe Hamilton says:

    The US isn’t good enough to win under the following conditions. Dempsey is clearly out of shape no Bradley or Cherundolo (there is no way Parkhurst is replacing Cherundolo who is playing very well in the Bundesliga), no healthy Donovan,no playmakers, the US looks like maybe the weather was bothering them and a coach who is brainless. He prefers Beckerman to Kljestan who is a much better offensive midfielder and ignores Lichaj who is faster than any player on the current US team and plays in the Premier League.

  225. puna says:

    agreed. especially since i jammed to Buffalo wild wings to watch the game with my 9 month old son to watch an amateurish performance by a bad Nats team…

  226. Todd Marsch says:

    I agree that things aren’t as bad as some are making them out to be. That first Jamaican goal was a complete fluke (I hate having the wall jump for this reason), and Jamaica basically had zero chances from the run of play. Probably 70-80% of the time, the game played by the US tonight results in them coming out with at least a point. Similarly, the game in Guatemala could have easily resulted in a US win if the ref hadn’t blown the play dead when Altidore was in on goal.

    However, I am tired of rolling out a midfield that can’t keep possession. I’m not sure what the options are without Bradley (I’m not sold on Torres, especially against a physical team like Jamaica), but the US absolutely has to be better with the ball through the midfield. Also, despite legitimate appeals to bad breaks, the US, based on points earned, is in a real dogfight just to make the hex now, which is clearly unacceptable given their talent level.

  227. Grover says:

    Bottom line…the US is terrible at soccer. There are 40 teams, at LEAST, that are better and thats an understatement. No athletes, no grass roots commitment, no gameplan that matches the little talent that exists. Any other assessment is really just an excuse. The US will always be the Washington Generals of the sport on the global stage

  228. Dave says:

    Red Stripe – Horray beer!

  229. T says:

    Long way to go, for the Americans jajaja. Next week is a very important match, they better hope thet don’t CHOKE like they did against Panama last year.

  230. This Guy says:

    Did the USMNT steal your boyfriend? Why the depressive demeanor?

  231. Dimidri says:

    I am scared. Just scared.

    We have a very legitimate chance of not qualifying for the next World Cup. No, that is not fear-mongering.

    In the sense that if we win at home we’ll be fine we are fine, but there is no reason to think we’ll play better at home than we did in Jamaica.

    I don’t even want to begin to think what would happen if the US didn’t qualify for the World Cup, let alone the Hex. Scary.

  232. Jidax says:

    wow what a waste of time !! we are played that game with no sense of urgency, and totally out muscled, we need to grow some !! and beckerman should not play in these games no physical play from him at all ! and Jamaica ! Jamaica had more possession !! Come on !! we need a real play maker in the middle

  233. RedCard10 says:

    Yeah, and that’s why the U.S. won their group in the 2010 World Cup and made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup in 2002.

  234. Greg Sage says:

    Where was Agudelo?


  235. smokeminside says:

    Well, I thought you were funny.

  236. dannyk says:

    Yes, you are scared. It’s human to be scared. You navigate the fear, stand up to it. At least your post didn’t let your fear spill out into premature whining, catastrophizing, or anger, as we see in so many other posts tonight. People just freak out. They don’t know how to handle it, so they lash out. I’m scared too, but I am trusting that in 4 days, in Columbus, we are going to win. And all will be right with the world again.

  237. Der Verdammt says:

    Jeez…the weeping and gnashing of teeth! The road is always tough. Just like we were likely to win away in Mexico someday, we were also destined to lose away to Jamaica someday.

    I’ve been watching horrid qualifiers since the 1990 campaign…trust me, we’re not going to get kicked out before the Hex. And even in the Hex we’ll be okay.

    Reality check:

    1990 made World Cup
    1994 Round of 16
    1998 made the World Cup
    2002 freakin Quarterfinals
    2006 made the World Cup
    2010 Round of 16

    Have a shot of tequila, go to bed,sleep 8 hours, and wake up refreshed and optimistic.


  238. Der Verdammt says:

    We’re going to qualify. We haven’t failed since 1990. It was an off night, and it was bound to happen eventually. Even when our side had little talent (think the 98 campaign—–David Wagner, really?) we quaified.

    These guys are pros—it’ll get put together.