MLS Notes: Thompson seeks trade, San Jose clinch playoff berth, and more


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Wells Thompson has seen his playing time dwindle in a big way this season, and now he's looking to move on to greener pastures.

The Colorado Rapids announced on Sunday that the midfielder has requested to be traded to another team in Major League Soccer. Thompson has appeared in only 17 of the Rapids' 28 games this year, and only five of those appearances have come as starts.

Last season, as the Rapids looked to defend their 2010 MLS Cup championship, Thompson started in a career-high 22 games, notching three goals and three assists, both also career highs. But this year, his playing time has decreased significantly, and he has drifted between a number of positions on the field.

Before joining Colorado and winning the championship with the Rapids in 2010, Thompson also spent three seasons with the New England Revolution from 2007 to 2009.

Here are some other stories from around MLS:


While the Seattle Sounders were certainly pleased with their victory over Chivas USA on Saturday, they weren't the only team that gained something from that result.

The loss by Chivas meant that the San Jose Earthquakes, currently in first place in the Western Conference, had clinched the first playoff berth of the 2012 campaign. It's no longer possible that five teams in the West could end up with more points than San Jose, meaning they clinch one of the West's five playoff berths.

Since re-entering the league as an expansion side in 2008, San Jose has only qualified for the postseason on one other occasion. The club made it to the Eastern Conference Final in 2010, losing to eventual champions Colorado.


With Major League Soccer currently on hold due to an international break, Saturday's matchup between Seattle and Chivas was the only league game this weekend. But they weren't the only MLS teams in action.

The Chicago Fire battled back from a two-goal deficit to draw with defending Mexican champions Santos Laguna in a friendly match on Saturday. After going down by a pair of goals when Santos' Benji Joya and Daniel Luduena each scored, Chicago managed to answer with goals of their own. Michael Videira and Corben Bone each scored second-half goals to rescue a 2-2 draw for Chicago at Toyota Park.

Meanwhile, in another MLS-Liga MX matchup, FC Dallas drew 3-3 in a wild contest with Leon on Sunday, only for the Mexican side to win a penalty shootout to decide the winner. George John, Jackson, and Bobby Warshaw all got their names on the scoresheet in a back-and-forth contest between Dallas and the newest team in Mexico's top division.


What do you think of these developments? Do you foresee Thompson performing at a higher level with another club? How will San Jose fare in the playoffs? And should MLS teams play more late-season friendlies like Chicago and Dallas did?

Share your thoughts below.

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20 Responses to MLS Notes: Thompson seeks trade, San Jose clinch playoff berth, and more

  1. Seriously? says:

    Haven’t followed him much since he left NE, but I can’t say he ever impressed me at all as a Rev. His greatest accomplishment in matches generally seemed to be being there, ensuring there were 11 players on the field.

  2. Seriously? says:

    Oh darn, I forgot to start with FIRST!!!! A proclamation that always leaves everyone who reads it with the impressive impression the he who stated it must have much manly vim and vigor, and no doubt leaves the ladies thinking he has great prowess in the boudoir

  3. drew11 says:

    Orlando City has a slot open.

  4. BFBS says:

    He was pretty feisty, while borderline MLS quality. He should go to Finland or something.

  5. tfcfan says:

    TFC is consistently looking for players! lol

  6. kfly says:

    Who would EVER want Wells Thompson??

  7. kfly says:

    Like why does he seem to think he has any sort of leverage here whatsoever?

  8. RLW2020 says:

    he has improved in his time here in Colorado and has had some quality streaks. Still I wouldn’t start him here and we are at the bottom of the league.

    I don’t see him taking a starting spot anywhere in league but can be valuable off a thin bench.. or he could be the big gun of a NASL/USL Pro side if he really wants PT…

  9. Chupacabra says:

    Hot headed hack can go . . . To hell.

  10. JoeL says:

    From this Rapids fan point of view, it’s time for Pareja to go before we lose anymore valuable players.

  11. timothy says:

    From this Rapids fan point of view, it’s time for Pareja to go lose more undesirable players.

    I’ll be happy to see Wellsy go. For someone who is so into Jesus, he’s really down with thugball. I thought I heard he went to Chicago

  12. The Imperative Voice says:

    You’re supposed to announce trade demands like this in the third person. “Wells Thompson wants more playing time. Wells Thompson wants to play for a contender. Wells Thompson is insulted by his salary and has a family to feed.”

  13. Scott A says:


  14. Mitch says:

    Once thug ball left, he did not fit in.

  15. Neal says:

    Love that SJ lost to Colorado in the 2010 EASTERN conference final…

  16. old phart says:

    Is Wells Thompson sad?

  17. RB says:

    Ha — that’s one place he’s definitely NOT going. Haven’t you been watching?!?

    I say good riddance.

  18. Egad! says:

    Like I always say, never trust a man with a last-name-first-name.

  19. Rory says:

    There never was a “thug ball” mentality in Colorado. Go check your stats… always amongst the teams that committed the fewest fouls and always amongst the teams that were fouled the most. Yeah, they can dig deep and win a couple ugly games by grit like they did the MLS Cup but it wasn’t them that tried to drag an injured player off the field in that game.
    Mullan had that one incredibly awful play but that was as much against the usual run of the team as a breakaway counterattack goal when you’ve parked the bus. Beckham’s kicked the hell out of a couple people every now and then and we don’t label LA a “thug” team.

  20. Scott A says:

    Shouldn’t rely on stats in soccer.