MNT in Germany: Steve Cherundolo (Part 2)

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7 Responses to MNT in Germany: Steve Cherundolo (Part 2)

  1. elgringorico says:

    I think he always just seems like he’d rather be taking a nap

  2. Frankie B. says:

    Give him a break. He’s an aging soccer player who may or may not have a cold.

  3. Matt C in Tampa says:

    Dolo = Class

  4. Number 4 says:

    what’s the MNT in Netherlands one? I’m curious to see. why not do 1 in DENMARK to feature Goodson or an upcoming 1 for Gooch in SPAIN?

  5. Number 4 says:

    14 seasons playing for the same club. Outstanding in today’s world where most players move away after 2-3 seasons. How do German fans see Stevie?

  6. StatesideSupporter says:

    The Steve Cherundolo story, starring Matthew Broderick…

  7. Number 4 says:

    maybe someone younger. Is Joseph Gordon Levitt free?