Mourinho refuses to open up about Ronaldo situation


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If Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho knows the reasoning behind why star attacker Cristiano Ronaldo is currently unhappy, he is not sharing it with the rest of the world.

Mourinho has remained mum on the subject of Ronaldo's public unhappiness with the club and when he was pushed for a response about the situation by a reporter, the Portuguese coach responded by saying that he did not want to talk about the situation.

"Excuse me, but this interview is quite interesting," said Mourinho. "I am here to talk about everything and I have responded with in-depth answers and with sincerity. But do not ask me about Cristiano. You should understand me. I ask that you do not insist on an answer."

While Mourinho is not open to talking about the matter, Real Madrid president Fiorentino Perez did state that Ronaldo's unhappiness has nothing to do with wanting a move away from the club and that there are other reasons behind it.

Do you think Mourinho should open up about Ronaldo's unhappiness? Why do you think Ronaldo is discontent? Should the Special One should just invite Ronaldo on his show to help make things better?

Share your thoughts below.

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15 Responses to Mourinho refuses to open up about Ronaldo situation

  1. Nate Dollars says:

    You forgot the most important question:

    “Why the hell should we care?”

    I mean, I know that writers have to come up with something to talk about every day, but I’m surprised every time I see another article about this (4+ on soccernet alone!).

    Yeah, I click on every one of those “Will Player X Re-Sign?” page-fillers (hey, i have a gov’t job; you expect me to work?), but does anyone besides me think that repeated coverage of this story goes beyond the pale?

  2. Tyler says:

    This is getting out of control and ridiculous.

    How anyone can like this guy is well beyond my comprehension.

  3. kajagoogoo says:

    @puppetronnie misses ‏@TheBoyLike

  4. Herb says:

    Bring back Special 1 TV !

    Great show, they would have a lot of fun with this situation.

  5. Number 4 says:

    So Ronaldo doesn’t celebrate his goals a week ago and claims he’s sad and the club knows why and suddenly everyone figures it’s due to money and contemplating where he will soon leave to.

    Oh yeah I’m sticking with my support for Messi. The media doesn’t run crap like that with him

  6. jon says:

    agreed, he is a complete buffoon. i expect he’ll have a reality show at some point

  7. bryan says:

    while nothing is confirmed, it’s rumored CR asked for rest to “observe” the 7th anniversary of his dad’s death (he died in September 2005). this could explain wy, for the first time this season, JM subbed CR out early after scoring 2 goals.

    and based on what we DO know (it’s not a money problem or he’s bored at madrid problem), we can assume it’s a personal issue.

  8. Vic says:

    Ronaldo=Great Player, terrible teammate, bad person!

  9. Dave from Charlotte says:

    I would pay a lot of money to put Ronaldo and Ray Lewis in the same room, even at the same table…and when Ronaldo looks over at Ray and says, “I’m sad!”, Ray would slap him so hard he would fly out of the chair.

    Standing over him, menacingly, Ray would say intensely “Don’t be such a p@ssy Ronaldo!” You play the game because you love the game! You play it so that you don’t let your teammates down! You get paid a princely sum so quit your crying!”

    If that could really happen I would die a happy man. If Ray Lewis played soccer we’d win the World Cup, or at the very least see an epic red card in the 1st 30 seconds of a game.

  10. Artman says:

    Coincidence that this all comes up when Iniesta topped him and Messi tied him in the UEFA Player of the Year voting? Pouting?

  11. Number 4 says:

    Oh yeah

  12. irant irave says:

    I’m sad too.

  13. Kevin_Amold says:

    I thought Mourinho preferred to be called “The Only One” now.

  14. Gnarls says:

    To quote Eric Cartman, he clearly has sand in his vagina.

  15. Gnarls says:

    I’m not a CR fan by any means, but is he really a bad teammate? He’s arrogant, yes, but I haven’t heard any rumblings of discontent among his teammates at Real Madrid. The Portuguese national team always seems to be in disarray, so I’m not sure that’s his fault either.