Classic Must-See Goal: Francesco Totti

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10 Responses to Classic Must-See Goal: Francesco Totti

  1. Frederick says:

    That goal was from a couple years back. Horncastle posted it as a “look back.” Today’s game is at the Olimpico and that video is in Genoa.

  2. malkin says:

    Uploaded by lenza84 on Nov 28, 2006

  3. malkin says:

    Totti did score a goal today and Roma are up 1-0, just not that goal.

    Still no Michael Bradley.

  4. Debs says:

    Pretty sure Mexes doesn’t play for Roma anymore

  5. Crazy Fan says:

    Spaletti is in Russia now, too..but nice strike nevertheless…

    (SBI-You know, I watched it and thought “When did Spaletti go to Sampdoria? Haha. Still a great goal.)

  6. Dinho says:

    Regardless of the date of the goal, that was special.

  7. abc says:

    Obviously Ives misread the Horncastle thing, but eh, who cares if it’s not from today.
    In fact, I’d like MORE videos of classic goals from the past. Maybe give them a different name, though, so people know it’s not current like the Must See Goal segment.


  8. TADevil says:


  9. DS says:

    l’angolo impossibile! love the classic Totti goal.

  10. Tweaked says:

    You gotta respect that even some of the Sampdoria fans are clapping in appreciation.