Must-See Goal: Jozy Altidore

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  1. Evan W says:

    Nice bit of skill. Well done.

  2. PD says:

    Well, if that’s not the definition of “create and finishes your chances”… I don’t know what is. Hope JK sees that film.

  3. Cortez says:

    They play Born In the USA when Jozy scores, eh?

  4. Jon says:

    He scores when he wants….

  5. Jon says:

    …but doesn’t defend corners, I guess. Zonal marking, but Jozy didn’t move when a guy stepped right in front of him. Down 3-2.

  6. Ross says:

    The best goal i’ve ever seen Jozy score. He used some skill, created a chance, and picked his spot..and for once it wasnt right at the keeper. Well done sir.

  7. too soon? says:

    Looks like the ball is becoming his friend. A year ago he probably beats those defenders but the ball goes about 3 feet away from him with each touch. Very nice ball control and a solid, but not flashy, finish. I agree with Ross, probably the best goal he’s ever scored. Screaming shots are nice, but if Jozy can calm the ball down and then fire off those cannon shots where he barely looks like he winds up, he’s gonna score a lot more.

  8. guanaco20 says:

    Lol…that was awesome.

  9. guanaco20 says:

    Lol…that was awesome.

  10. stanford says:

    Just had an assist, 3-3.

  11. Leo says:

    Josh just set up a beautiful goal, great assist, 3-3.

  12. Jon says:

    Assist for Jozy! Headed the ball down in to space for his teammate to run on to and finish.

    Had a similar one just a few minutes ago, but the guy flubbed it.

  13. Jon says:

    Argh! Just had a chance to win it but missed a yard wide. Probably should have won it, honestly.

  14. Leo says:

    Damn you autocorrect. Josy.

    He put it all out on the pitch. Great performance. He looked to be the strongest performer at his respective position for AZ. They’re going to sell him for big bucks.

  15. Dennis says:

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing!

  16. b says:

    This is an interesting video because you can see the precise moment of laziness at 0:16… he is so lazy he finally stops using his feet altogether and just rolls around.

  17. Good Jeremy says:

    He has every bit the potential to be the best striker we’ve ever produced, and his work ethic is still improving. He’s gonna be a good one.

  18. matt says:

    here is what is interesting. its like he was motivated to make it happen on his own right….

  19. nocapnation says:

    Love the announcer around the :40 mark. JO-ZY AL-TI-DORE.

  20. ComoParker says:

    So there’s that. Wow.

  21. Eugene says:

    Nice! And they’re playing “Born in the USA” — I think Heerenveen used to do that for Bradley as well

  22. AC says:

    Man, Jozy has noooooo touch at all! haha!

  23. Mug says:

    Exactly. PD beat me to it.

  24. Mug says:

    Do you think he pictured klinnsman’s face on the corner flag when he kicked it?

  25. 32 says:

    He owns this league. Teams are going to be dropping 5-10 million dollar offers for him come next summer

  26. Reiter says:

    oh lordy…that was awesome. jozy is playing with a chip on his shoulder. nice to see.

  27. 32 says:

    they should play a sample of the “Star Spangled Banner” instead

  28. RNG says:

    The goal is impressive… but the celebration is really impressive. That’s four moves in one– slide… roll…. punch… kick….
    Nothing lazy about that celebration!

  29. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Best goal he’s scored imho. This has to be a major confidence booster. The possibilities of where he goes from here are truly unlimited. I’m pulling for him every step of the way!

  30. 32 says:

    Italian league if you ask me.

    A club like Lazio or Roma

  31. Dan in New York says:

    One of the best goals I’ve seen him score. He dribbled through half the team and still had lots of power on his shot. Beast.

  32. john.q says:

    yea he celebrations really aren’t up to international level. pity, he’s nearing the twilight of his career.

  33. Patrick says:

    Stay thirsty Jozy!

  34. Tyler K says:

    Best moment 0:29-31… Guy turns to his buddy and I feel like he said, “how did he do that??”

  35. #1 Jozy Fan says:

    The doesn’t really mean much, because the 4 defenders that he beat cancel each other out. Simple mathematics. So really he didn’t beat anybody. and that makes him lazy.

    Jozy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next qualifiers.

  36. Joe says:

    Tell me again klinnsman how Jozy needs to create chances from the midfield.

  37. 2tone says:

    I have a feeling Klinsmann’s face was that corner flag when he kicked it.

    Really awesome goal. Keep on keeping on Jozy. Prove all the haters wrong. A goal and assist today while continuing to be AZ’s best player. Never doubted his skill, and it seems Verbeek has Altidore playing at a higher level. Now it’s on Kilinsmann.

  38. 2tone says:

    I will say it again. The players of the USMNT need to catch up to Jozy; not the other way around.

  39. biff says:

    I think he is going to be at least a 10-million-euro man, probably much more. I really would like to see Klinsmann try Jozy at the point of a 4-2-3-1 like Jermain Dafoe played for Tottenham yesterday, with Clint right behnd him in the position he is playing for Tottenham. I think Clint and Jozy playing off each other could be lethal, with Donovan or Zusi on right wing and maybe Pontius or Shea on left wing.

  40. TomG says:

    SicksicksicksickSICK!!! That’s the type of goal I’ve seen world class European and South American players make and left me drooling for an American who can show that level of ball control. I haven’t seen an American do anything like that since Tab Ramos! And Tab couldn’t finish like that!!

  41. biff says:

    I hear what you are saying, but I think the problem is more a case of Klinsmann playing three natural defensive midfielders who have failed to provide service instead of playing natural attacking midfielders. We saw what happened when Klinsmann played Zusi at right wing and and even Torres at left wing in the Jamaica game in Columbus. I think if Klinsmann plays true attackers we would see a more productive Jozy Altidore. All that said, I am still a very big fan of Herc Gomez and he would benefit also form a more attack-minded line-up.

  42. Nick says:

    I’ve noticed thar he likes to go near-post. Anyone else? Not that it’s a bad thing.

  43. M says:

    If he were doing this in MLS would JK view it differently:)

  44. M says:

    The tuck and roll after the goal?

  45. Wild Bill says:

    Where was Jozy born again?

  46. Darwin says:

    Use the internet. Just use it.

  47. M says:

    I don’t speak Dutch but when the goalie jumped up I think he said what the …? to his defense

  48. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Bill was just making a subtle joke about the way AZ play Born in the USA for Jozy, not asking an easily-googled question.

  49. beachbum says:

    indeed :)

  50. biff says:

    Good catch. in Dutch they say: “Vhiit Dee Fauhk.” so if you are reading lips would look about the same as in English.

  51. Darwin says:

    I get it. But in a long comment string with sundry topics, it becomes non sequitur humor…which is poorly designed for internet communication.

  52. Kris says:

    Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Jozy’s on FIRE!

  53. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    He beat 3 defenders! (you can see the fingers)

  54. Bob says:

    What PD said^!!

  55. Rlw2020 says:

    Forget fulamerica, big respect for USAZ

  56. El paso, tx- soccer love says:

    Questions of the day- is jozy their only foward with potential or is the dutch league nothing special and does the mls have brighter future than the dutch league. Jozy is making me think donovan, dempsey and usa greats should go to the dutch league as a start to earn pride and skills in order to join a top league.

  57. Robbie says:

    Not hating, but the defense looked like my go kick the ball in the park Saturday morning beer league… nice skill and poise to finish it off. Id buy jozy a beer (he’s barely old enough to drink!)

  58. ben says:

    A super tactical league like Serie A could really sharpen up his awareness, vision and movement. Although thats already improving by leaps and bounds

  59. mikeandike says:

    if you liked that, just imagine what Gomez or Wondolowski would have done there, with their grit and hustle and all….someone needs to start calling out Klinsi on his B.S. (besides Ives)

  60. Adam says:

    The Dutch league isn’t as strong as it once was, but it does have a good reputation for developing young attacking talent.

  61. jlm says:

    i bet he is ashamed when they play born in the usa seeing as how he hates america and all (everybody knows that because he doesn’t put his hand over his heart during the anthem). i hope he plays for haiti until he learns to love the us and show some respect.

  62. lprevolution says:

    Praise the Lord Jim…. I love you man.. really… America F)(*& K Yeah!

    Get over yourself and watch some footy.

  63. TomG says:

    You say you’re not hating, but it sure doesn’t seem that way. Not sure how you can possibly watch that clip and say what you did. Jozy had 3 guys ALL OVER him. He had zero space and he beat them with SKILL, not by defenders stumbling or allowing too much space. He beat them by utilizing a level of ball skill that you pretty much NEVER see out of an American player. Nice skill and poise to finish it offf?? In saying the finish was the best part of the clip, you are saying you either didn’t watch the video or you just don’t know football (or you’re trolling?).

  64. TomG says:

    Ha! Funny. It’s very clear that Jozy is on another planet skill wise than any other striker in the pool. Anyone saying otherwise just isn’t watching.

  65. BigBirdLenny says:

    This is what I want as well. It has to happen at some point. I really hope Klinsmann brings Pontius in for camp cupcake, assuming he won’t be in earlier.

  66. PZimmerman says:

    You have it all wrong.

    Jozy’s infamous bent knee half crouch during the team picture that betray’s the basic split between Jozy and his teammates. It tells you he is not all in, that he is ambivalent about his committment to the USMNT unlike his teamates who crouch all the way or stand up straight like only real Americans can do.

  67. GW says:

    Then have your beer league team play AZ and let’s see what happens.

    Clearly the Dutch league is offensively oriented but I notice Holland still winds up in the World Cup and that Dutch players are important parts of many of the best club teams in the world.

    So at the very least, you can think of Jozy as doing really well in one of the best developmental leagues in the world.

    To put it in terms you might understand, it’s as if Jozy was the outstanding defensive player for Alabama. Odds are he will be a high draft choice and do well in the NFL.

  68. MensreaJim says:

    Which is exactly what Man U’s Defense looked like yesterday.

    He got hacked twice, and then had a lot of space after he, you know, turned on beast mode and ran past everyone who was kicking him.

  69. CroCajun says:

    The problems is the people who usually gripe about Jozy aren’t watching. They just watch the USMNT games and then hit SBI to bitch. The people paying attention understand his quality. It’s undeniable.

  70. Dimidri says:

    I don’t understand this ‘international play happens at a faster speed than the Eredervise’ argument.


    Guatemala’s defense is better than Twente’s? I’d be skeptical even about a better team, like Costa Rica.

    When I hear people bashing the Dutch league I always think ‘WWNSD?’ What would Nate Silver do.

    He would tell everybody they’re being stupid, yes the Dutch League has a ‘house effect’ that probably inflates his goal tally a bit but the end result is he is scoring a weighted goal/per game amount of 1.0 instead of 1.5. That still is hellaluva good.

  71. Paul says:

    Bodies the first guy off the ball then proceeds to wiggle around him again with a slick move. Nicely done, Jozy!

  72. sandtrout says:

    I loved that too. These old Dutch guy, probably lived their whole lives in Alkmaar, shaking their heads in amazement at “our” Jozy.

  73. Having trouble telling from the video – did he nutmeg that first defender, or just go around him? Either way, awesome goal.

    Imagining what Klinsi would look like if Jozy scored a goal like that for the USMNT makes me laugh at the stern-looking golf clap Jozy got from the AZ coach.

  74. TomM says:

    Interview in English- worth a watch. The Dutch are known to value attractive, intelligent football over winning. Listen to the announcer who is trying to praise Jozy for his nice bit of skills. Jozy’s response is classic American- didn’t mean crap, we gave up two goals. Cultural differences….
    link to

  75. TomM says:

    Oops- meant ‘gave up two points…’

  76. ThaDeuce says:


  77. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:


    If we can get him to combine that, with this:
    link to

    we’ll have a Drogba 2.0 for the USMNT. 😉

  78. Ryan in NYC by way of NC says:

    Hmmmmmmm….where have we seen that before? link to

  79. ThaDeuce says:

    Dude is *in focused. Never seen a player so locked on. He was being serious, not modest.

  80. Max says:

    What a beast.

  81. Goalscorer24 says:

    On a different note the announcers for the Villa game said the Lichaj is hurt. Seems like we can’t catch a break on keeping players healthy. It will ruin any chance of his being called in October.

  82. Goalscorer24 says:

    ” that” Lichaj is hurt.

  83. I says:

    He is the US’ first world class striker

    Wynalda, McBride, Mathis and EJ all came close

  84. I says:

    In 2 years Jozy will have scored 4 goals leading the USA to the quarterfinals of the WC and then leaving for a big club like say Roma or Tottenham or Bordeaux

  85. 55443333 says:

    best new show this fall?

    how crazy is Last Resort?

  86. GW says:

    Define world class.

    To me that would mean if you were picking a roster of the twenty three best players to play in the tournament, he would be on that team.

    Jozy is in fine form but I don’t think he makes that twenty three.

  87. CroCajun says:

    I get the comparisons to Drogba b/c of the raw physicality, but to me Jozy has always been more of a RVP. A highly technical striker that likes to touch the ball and have an impact on the play.

  88. 55443333 says:

    Hey Pres, I hear you’re doing very well in 3 Bundesliga. Can my pal who plays at Baton Rouge High join you? He’s a solid striker. Scored 12 goals in 19 games last season.

  89. OMEGA FAN says:

    8 league goals, 2 assists in 7 matches


  90. Da Trufth says:

    Aron Johannsson 11th goal of the season

    link to

  91. Cojosurfer says:

    Time and space example by Altidore. He is improving at combining well with teammates and making his own time and space. Near the box a forward has to win 1 VS 1 battles to earn a few yards or seconds to get a shot/goal. How about that Messi guy?

  92. PetedeLA says:

    One of the best goals ever by an American.

    I’d love to see him at one of the top 5 teams in England one of these days.

  93. FootyNut says:

    Do you have a PhD in internet communication or a stick up your rear? Both?

  94. Clayton says:


  95. Thatpageguy says:

    To me he is kind of like Ibrahimovic in that they are both physically imposing target men with good touches. Don’t know if Jozy has Ibra’s flexibility. He’s kind of a poor man’s Ibahimovic.

  96. Thatpageguy says:

    If he keeps this up he might go in January.

  97. Thatpageguy says:

    Because of his physicality I think England or Germany would be a better fit.

  98. Thatpageguy says:

    Luis Suarez went directly from the Dutch League to Liverpool. He’s not the only top player who got his start in Europe in Holland and then went on to bigger and better things. It’s a good feeder league.

  99. Thatpageguy says:

    I didn’t start watching that game until 5 minutes in. Thanks for the info. Bummer.

  100. Thatpageguy says:

    For years I have been reading haters who attack Altidore, but those who really know the game recognize his potential. When he was at Hull he was stuck, mostly as a lone striker, on one of the worst teams in EPL history and some people said his lack of production showed that he had no ability. I remember one time he was trapped against the sideline by two defenders, one in front, the other behind. Jozy did a backheel and nutmegged the defender behind him, spun 360 degrees and took his own pass down the field. I’ve watched thousands of soccer games and can’t recall seeing anyone doing that before. I knew then the kid had real talent. Now that talent is showing itself.

  101. Colin in MT says:

    Great interview. Thanks for posting. Love Jozy’s Dutch accent. It’s tough to communicate in foreign countries without altering and adapting the way you speak.

    “i know im not going toake you happy bu saying this but you did many lovers of football a favor by scoring that goal.”

  102. Darwin says:

    No, I have a PhD and a stick up my rear.

  103. TheFrenchOne says:

    Bro, I’m from Bordeaux, lived there 18 years, had a friend play for them (dugarry), so I appreciate the props. But get a grip, Bx hasn’t been a heavy weight in League One for a looong time

  104. PZimmerman says:

    Is he a real American?

  105. FootyNut says:

    Must have bombed out of reading comprehension.

  106. Andy says:

    Still wrong, but we’ll give you a break.

  107. TomG says:

    He has that option bc his shot is so powerful that he can get it past the keeper short side before the keeper can react.

  108. TomG says:

    Your definition is the logical one but not what most people mean when they use the term.

  109. Felixs9 says:

    Finally he puts in work. Good thing JK has him on the bench with national. You have to earn ur spot. Hopefully he will gets his form back and and learns to appreciate his role with the usmnt. Good luck!! I hate that people that always hate no matter what!!

  110. Darwin says:

    I’m pretty sure that I didn’t. For example, let me fill in your subject pronoun:

    “[I] must have bombed out of reading comprehension.”

    In that case, I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t let it get to you.

  111. Frank says:

    That defensive effort was horrendous. No way he does this in England.

  112. Frank says:

    LOL. Jozy is talented but no way near World Class

  113. Artie says:

    Jozy is so lazy he waits until the 86th minute before getting the game tying-assist. What were you doing the rest of the game, you bum?

  114. CrazyJon85 says:

    that ideal combination just gave me an erection…

  115. Judging Amy says:

    True. Unlike the excellent defending on display this weekend by average EPL representative Manchester United on Spurs’ first two goals.

  116. Judging Amy says:

    You know who else went straight to the Prem from the Eredivisie: Vermaelen, and Vertonghen. Two (gasp) half-way decent defenders. Just in the past 3 years. But I thought Dutch league defenders sucked…

    For comparison’s sake, the league of the guy playing in front of Jozy on the national team, has produced some serious Prem league defensive talent such as…such as…Carlos Salcido? Oh what’s that, you say he went straight from PSV to the Prem?

    Granted, I’m not saying because Jozy is scoring more, in a better league, than Herc who is having trouble getting off the bench for his team, Jozy automatically deserves to start. I suspect Klins’ refusal to pencil in Altidore just b/c he’s the chosen one has had a positive effect on Altidore’s game, effort and motivation. Bottom line whoever produces on the day of those international fixtures earns the start. Herc is very good, a solid finisher and has an impeccable work rate. The system has to be taken into account. But it seems obvious that a guy in such great form in a not too shabby league might be someone that you want to see if you can find a way to work into your system.

    I think Klins eventually finds a way to do so.

  117. Judging Amy says:

    The degree of difficulty on that goal celebration was like a 9.85: Running slide to the knees into a forward tuck and roll into a leaping fist pump into a righteous flag kick.

  118. terkyjerky says:

    Don’t forget the Mexican league

  119. terkyjerky says:

    Jozy also torched vander wier, i thinks thats his name from ajax, who appearently was being watch by arsenal as a potential transfer.

  120. Dudinho says:

    What you haven’t seen the Shep Messing Klinsi rants during red bull games. add him to the list

  121. jon says:

    i cannot stop watching this one. as someone else commented, he looks like robin freaking van persie here