Must-See Goal: Julian deGuzman

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8 Responses to Must-See Goal: Julian deGuzman

  1. 19561 says:

    GOW hands down game winner in the 96th minute by chesting it down to a half volley – GOY candidate

  2. MASE NJRB says:

    candidate yes but King Henry wins it this week….COYRB!!

  3. 19561 says:

    Garbage time goal v game winner ??
    Granted mad skill and wiley but as awesome as it was in person DeGuzman was better

  4. Adrian says:

    It’s a decent, technically sound strike. Context aside and it doesn’t come close to Henry’s.

  5. NE REVS says:

    What!?!?!?! Henry’s shot was essentially a remi galliard trick shot. Any chest to volley is difficult, forget scoring. I’m only left to conclude you are trolling or haven’t touched a ball in years. Doesn’t come close? Decent? Go be a charlatan somewhere else.

  6. solles says:

    whats with the f&!# vuvuzelas, Dallas?

  7. DCLee says:

    And on his off left foot! Great to se a great atmosphere and a good crowd in Dallas!

  8. hogatroge says:

    Amazing end to my first live game at FCD Stadium.

    Happy to see JDG doing well after a transfer that I’m sure came as a surprise to him.

    And, if FCD make the playoffs, there’s a slightly >0% chance the Dynamo come to the Big D to play, though I’ll probably make a playoffs road trip to Houston in any case.