SBI Live Q&A (Sept. 18th Edition)


It is time for us to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

It has been a while since our last Q&A, but with so much going on in the soccer world now seems like the perfect time to catch up and discuss everything. Want to talk U.S. national team or MLS or international soccer, or college soccer? Let's do it this afternoon.

Submit your soccer (and pop culture) questions in the Q&A and I will try to answer as many of them as possible.

Let's get started (SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):

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10 Responses to SBI Live Q&A (Sept. 18th Edition)

  1. louis z says:

    what are your thoughts on the american Aron Johannsson making a swtich to the US. Would he do it?

  2. NE Matt says:

    Wish this wasn’t blocked at my work. Will this log be archived so I can read the Q&A later tonight?

  3. 457 says:

    if he wants World Cup experience he will

  4. Frank says:

    Speaking of the Union’s young group of players, any Philly fans out there know anything about what’s going on with Chandler Hoffman these days?

  5. Ben says:

    One things for the site redesign: can you make so that we can track our comments, enabling us to have conversations with other commentators without interminable scrolling?

  6. Vic says:

    So Ives predicts Altidore will go to Liverpool for 15 million and score 15-20 goals in the EPL in a season. Ives also thinks Klinnmann should change formation to suit Altidore. I’m glad Altidore is doing well in Holland. Some fans are too critical of Altidore but these predictions are too optimistic. When it happens then I’ll believe it.

  7. Spank says:

    It sounds slightly far-fetched but what if Klinsmann changes formations to suit Altidore and Altidore repays him with a bag of goals? AZs formation suits him and he’s been doing great. Why not give it a shot in the upcoming friendly against Russia…

  8. Vic says:

    Because Gomez and Dempsey are already scoring in the current system. Both Gomez/Dempsey do more off the ball than Altidore so why change the system just for him?

  9. Spank says:

    Ya but I guess I would like to believe that Dempsey and Gomez are much more versatile and that they would flourish under a new system. Imagine Jozy, Dempsey AND Gomez all scoring. Plus, Dempsey last scored off a lucky bounce and Gomez from a free kick which he only scored because of poor goalkeeping. I’m not saying that it’s the answer but why not give it a try?

  10. Jon says:

    Will MLS-country based EA Sports ever bring up the ratings for MLS players?