SBI Men’s College Soccer Top 25


We are just mid-way through September, and the number of college soccer teams with perfect record has already been paired down to just four, and of those four, none are teams you would have expected to be part of that select company.

Notre Dame, Old Dominion, UC-Riverside and Marquette have all enjoyed dream starts to their 2012 campaigns, with the Fighting Irish looking the most impressive of the bunch. Their 3-1 victory against Akron earlier in the month served notice that they are to be taken seriously as NCAA title contenders this season.

Old Dominion has also scored a victory against an established power to establish their credentials, beating Creighton last week to send a message that they have national aspirations this season.

ODU will be taking a run at the top spot tonight when they take on unbeaten Maryland. The Terrapins have boasted the most dangerous attack in the nation, having scored 21 goals in six matches this season. In fact, they have scored fewer than three goals just once this season, against UCLA in a 2-2 draw on Aug. 31st.

That draw is the only blemish on Maryland’s record this season, but it hasn’t stopped them from taking over the No. 1 spot in the latest SBI College Soccer Top 25. The pre-season top team, Akron, has had some stumbles in the season’s first month, but their 5-0 thrashing of South Florida last Sunday reminded us that Caleb Porter’s team will continue to be a force all season.

UC-Riverside is the most surprising of the perfect teams remaining, but their soft early-season schedule has helped them rattle off seven straight wins. The Highlanders will get to prove that they are a legitimate team this weekend, when CSU-Bakersfield presents them with their first tough test of the season.

Here is the new SBI College Soccer Top 25:

SBI Men's College Soccer Top 25

1- MARYLAND (5-0-1)

2- NOTRE DAME (7-0)

3- UCONN  (5-0-1)

4- UCSB (5-0-1)


6- GEORGETOWN (7-0-1)


8- AKRON (4-1-2)

9- NEW MEXICO (5-1)

10- MARQUETTE (7-0)

11- UCLA (4-1-1)

12- CHARLOTTE (5-0-2)

13- ST. JOHN’S (5-0-3)

14- CREIGHTON (5-1-1)

15- INDIANA (5-1-1)

16- N.C. STATE (6-1)

17- NORTHWESTERN (5-0-2)

18- XAVIER (4-0-2)

19- DAYTON (6-1)

20- FURMAN (5-1-1)

21- UC-RIVERSIDE (7-0)


23- WEST VIRGINIA (4-2-1)

24- SOUTH FLORIDA (4-2-1)

25. PENN STATE (5-1-1)


HONORABLE MENTION– Virginia (3-2-1), UAB (4-2-2), Wake Forest (3-1-2), Washington (4-2-1), SIU-Edwardsville (5-2), Louisville (3-3), Duke (3-3), Brown (5-1), Monmouth (5-1-1), SMU (4-2-1).

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13 Responses to SBI Men’s College Soccer Top 25

  1. Michael Stypulkoski says:

    ODU! Go Monarchs!

  2. Mike says:

    Let’s Go Bruins….keep working your way back up

  3. sagcat says:

    I’ll take full credit for harassing Ives with ND Soccer results right as they happen to bump us up to #2. Of course, I guess I should share a little, tiny bit of credit with the team that actually went out and won the games.

  4. David St. Hubbins says:

    U C L A




  5. mls to raleigh says:

    NC State looking good after a long time in the cellar!

  6. gunner04 says:

    odu-md game called tonight due to pouring rain and the odu field looking like a lake. md was up 1-0 at the time on a patty mullins goal, but it wont count. would bet on this game never being made up, based on the schedules. too bad.

  7. Phillip says:

    Not often UCR gets a mention, go HIGHLANDERS!

  8. Tim says:

    & Galaxy Academy #2

  9. Dennis says:

    Further down the rankings, Cornell is also undefeated at 5-0-0. Not the toughest schedule, but the Ivy league always has a couple strong teams so we’ll see how they do as the season goes on.

  10. Shane says:

    If I look at Maryland’s schedule, I see 3 draws. What’s up Ives and go Zips

    (SBI-Two of those draws were in pre-season games.)

  11. Shane says:

    Ivy league teams are often quality but Cornell has yet to play any of them (you likely know that) and I just cant see Cornell having what it takes to hang with the top teams over an entire season or in the college cup tournament, which is brutal. Hope I’m wrong though because I love an underdog.

  12. Wild Bill says:

    Three A10 teams. None of them St. Louis? Rising power conference?

  13. iToddyC says:

    Don’t forget about the High Point University Panthers! They are undefeated, but obviously haven’t played the most difficult schedule.

    link to