USA vs. Jamaica: Match Night Commentary

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COLUMBUS, Ohio- Just four days after Jamaica's historic 2-1 victory against the U.S. Men's national team, the Americans will look to get their World Cup qualifying campaign back on track with a win tonight against the Reggae Boyz (8pm, ESPN2/Galavision).

Jamaica is leading Group A with seven points and can move a step closer to the Hex with a victory tonight, while the Americans can pull even with the Jamaicans with a win at Crew Stadium, where the U.S. has never lost a match.

Jurgen Klinsmann will be looking to field a more attack-minded side against a Jamaican team that is likely to come out with a more defensive-minded approach on the road. Clarence Goodson is suspended, and will replaced in the lineup by U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra, who joins Steve Cherundolo as players starting tonight who did not start last Friday.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight's match so please feel to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):


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81 Responses to USA vs. Jamaica: Match Night Commentary

  1. Sly says:

    Got my Jamacia jersey right here ready. I think a tie is reasonable. I like the states hope they qualify. Just hope we do too.

  2. Benny Dargle says:

    Zusi makes sense out wide, but Torres?

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    That’s a much better lineup. It’s good to see Klinsmann is willing to make some positive changes. It’s also nice to see Danny Williams in his natural role in defensive midfield.

  4. Stuck in Cali says:

    Anyone have a streaming link that’s not ESPN3 (have Directv and can’t get access) for us west coasters still at work?

  5. B says:

    A couple pretty big surprises here – Zusi getting the nod on the right side and Gomez in for Jozy.

  6. jerry says:

    Jerry i don like torres in this role

  7. volpone says:

    I’m guessing Torres is actually supposed to play more centrally, with width on the left coming from Dempsey drifting and Johnson overlapping. If JK is using Torres as a winger, he should have picked Shea.

  8. fish says:

    touche. hope the us wins tonight, but I hope it’s them and Jamaica that make it out of the group

  9. fish says:

    I don’t like this lineup

  10. Wunderbar says:

    I trust Klinsman, but this is pushing my trust . . .

  11. david m says:

    Don’t like this lineup at all. Sure it might be enough to beat Jamaica at home, but it will be ugly. Torres is wasted on the wing. Jones as a playmaker?? What a joke! Klinsmann seems to be putting his trust in his Germans.

  12. byrdman says:

    firstrowsports dot eu

  13. strandedtraveler says:

    best place to watch the game in Boston?

  14. GTV says:

    Just get a win USMNT!

  15. Joe B NYC says:

    As an American of Jamaican Parentage, I hope the same thing too.

  16. Dimidri says:

    Danny Williams finally freed, if only Torres could ever play his actual position….

    Lineup doesn’t excite.

  17. Benny says:

    Paraguay vs Venezuela in a wild game so far. Hope Antigua and Barbuda get some kind of result at home. It should not matter if the U.S. takes care of business. I hope Klinsi knows what he is doing with this line up. Should get the win no matter what having home cooking tonight. The U.S. will push hard from the start I believe. I am looking for that early first half goal from the U.S.

  18. Jamie Z. says:

    Here’s to USA and Jamaica advancing!

  19. biff says:

    Do not understand Torres on the wing and worries me a bit? Torres has yet to really succeed there. Maybe he was looking good on the left in training and will surprise tonight.

  20. rigoberto says:

    Hey, pretty good anthem. That’s got to be a good sign, right?

  21. Good Jeremy says:

    Ugh. I think we’re going to struggle to create chances. One striker, one of whatever you consider Dempsey, and no true number 10 or winger.

  22. biff says:

    but danny williams finally as a DM instead of right winger is progress…

  23. Mike r says:

    Omg is Klinsman trying to lose? This lineup sucks Zusi Williams Torres?
    We already know Torres and Williams are not WC worthy

  24. biff says:

    but looking at the formation more closely, it could be that Dempsey will actually be playing left of torres. we shall see

  25. Moe says:

    calling it right now Jamaica 2-1. Bunker ball can only take you so much, when you have no creativity and only 3 substitutions.

  26. Dw says:

    I was never crazy about Cherundolo. Just knew he was a solid player. But after missing him last game and seeing him back in there, as well as Bocanegra, it brings a calming presence to the team

  27. Good Jeremy says:

    Cherundolo is a stud. He’s lost a step since South Africa, but he locks his side down and gets forward pretty well. I’d say he’s our most underrated player from the last five years.

  28. Dw says:

    Totally man. I agree totally. He is a player. He is there so often that you just take him for granted

  29. juan says:

    so how to score on a packed defense?

  30. juan says:

    OMG can somebody get a shot down

  31. Jeff P says:

    Well they’re clearly creating chances. Now finish one!

  32. Jamie Z. says:

    We’ve never seen him in his natural position thus far. I think we’ll see he may be one of our best defensive midfield options.

  33. Francois says:

    We look great, just need a finish now. Jamaica couldn’t possibly get this lucky all night long.

  34. Jeff P says:

    Bury it!!

  35. Francois says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I really don’t like the Jamaican team. Every player on their team plays dirty as f*ck.

  36. Jeff P says:

    And the ref predictably loses control fo the game.

  37. theraccoun says:

    how have we not scored??? so unlucky

  38. Brent McD says:

    Sub. Dempsey. Out.

  39. This Guy says:

    This comment shows up during every USMNT match; then Dempsey scores and you regret your comment.

  40. Jeff P says:

    No changes. They look great.

  41. Francois says:

    I kinda agree, he has killed a lot of our attacks, skipping easy passes out wide to try to force it down the middle.

  42. 2tone says:

    My personal opinion take out Torres(even though he has played well) and put Altidore up top with Gomez, and slide Dempsey over to the left.

  43. louis z says:

    i wonder if the raggee boys did a vodoo curse for us not to score. we are doing fine but we need to pickup the pace, give giving jamaica too much time to setup their defense.

  44. Bub says:

    You can’t seriously say anything negative about anyone out there right now. Deuce brings gritty nastiness that we need. Touch is a little of, but he is a stud. Danny Williams is tearing it up!

    Gomez and cherundolo are by far the most underrated players in a USA jersey. Gomez will put one away tonight if he makes it tithe second half, but wouldn’t mind seeing jozy or boyd.

    Let’s do this!

  45. This Guy says:

    We’ll be fine, keep the same tenacity and we’ll win 3-0 at least. No need for subs or a change in tactics.

  46. biff says:

    yes, the the midfield looking great, but not yet getting it to Gomez and Dempsey, who need some touches in the box. but jamaica barricading. Agree with Francios up above, jamaica a bunch of thuggish pr*cks

  47. Benny says:

    If the U.S. plays like they did in the first half, they will bury about 3 goals in the second half. They just have to keep on pressuring. They just have to have patience and not panic if the game hits the 75 min. mark and still 0-0. They will put a few in.

  48. ex_sweeper says:

    Can we like, borrow Peter Crouch for a game? England doesn’t want him anymore. I don’t see any of our current forwards getting on the end of crosses with 7 jamaicans in the box.

  49. ex_sweeper says:


  50. Good Jeremy says:

    Obama puts it in!

  51. Brent McD says:

    with a cat named Hercules!

  52. biff says:

    Honest got gosh, I knew that was goin’ in before it was kicked.

  53. Lava lamp says:

    The Jamaican goalie kicked the post after the goal. It seems he injured himself.

  54. Francois says:

    I hate it when we do this. We get the lead and then the next 5-10 minutes we just sit back and then kick the ball long. Dolo, I love you, but just pass the ball to somebody’s feet like you’ve been doing ALL NIGHT!

  55. biff says:

    Disagree with taking Torres off. need his ball-handlig. hope I am wrong, and Shea scores a goal.

  56. Jeff says:

    Wouldn’t be upset if that’s the last time Torres comes off the pitch in a USA jersey

  57. Francois says:

    Mo, what was that?

  58. Francois says:

    What are you smoking on? I thought Torres was great tonight, connected well with his teammates as well as playing well defensively tracking back when needed.

  59. Good Jeremy says:

    He’s a good player. He doesn’t fit our current scheme that well, but he is good enough in posession to mostly make up for it. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be a regular situational player.

  60. Francois says:

    It pisses me off the we finish off games we’re ahead in sometimes. I hate that we just hold on instead of playing the game the way we did and DOMINATED for the fist 70 minutes.

  61. Jeff says:

    Ihes almost a regular starter with JK and I don’t see his performance justifying that on a regular basis. He may be solid but there are other options or at least should be. It’s just my opinion but he was solid tonight because he was mostly anonymous for better or worse – he’s just as likely to be unsolicited though too

    He may be a nice situational player but to be a “lock” for camps is a stretch

  62. This Guy says:

    Jozy is horrible. JK should have went with Boyd

  63. Ted in MN says:

    Klinsmann needs to tell his midfield to stop playacting and actually move into the game.

  64. This Guy says:

    Steve Cherundolo is the most underrated USMNT player of all time!

    Geoff Cameron MoTM in my opinion.

  65. Dw says:

    +1..we are totally in control then we score and it’s like the whole game plan changes and you see us on our heels

  66. Joe Hamilton says:

    At least JK pointed out how the referee as always is the 12th man for any team the US plays against. He alluded the red card foul that the Reggae Thugs committed . Does anyone believe the island with 3 million had the 3 fastest runners in the world. I ran track and Jamaica’s sprinters with the collusion of their corrupt track federation cheat more than any country. Their “victory” was in large part due to their thuggery with the collusion of the referee.I spoke with someone who sat in the first 5 rows who said the thugs were getting away throwing elbows and other dirty play.

  67. Cornelius says:

    The rest of game proved you right. USA couldn’t figure out how to hold possession without him.

  68. Jason says:

    What was that about Williams not being WC worthy?

  69. Cornelius says:

    Zusi and Williams are MoTM contenders in my opinion.

  70. Jason says:

    What game are you watching?? As soon as Torres was off, there was one big hole in the midfield.

  71. This Guy says:

    The stat of the match is that Jamaica was only issued one yellow card.


  72. This Guy says:

    I tend to pick my MoTM during my second viewing but too much beer to wait tonight.

  73. Cornelius says:

    +2 USA completely took their foot off the gas after the goal instead of staying on their game and going for another one. I sure hope the goal differential doesn’t come back to bite us.

  74. Jason says:

    Zusi, Cherundolo, Johnson, and Williams were fantastic in my opinion. Williams over Beckerman any day of the week.
    Torres is underrated and under-appreciated.
    Dempsey wasn’t looking sharp at all.
    Altidore is just friggin lazy.

  75. Jason says:

    I’d say Williams just takes it, however Zusi I think definitely made a case for himself to be a starter.

  76. Cornelius says:

    True. And a phantom yellow on Zusi. At least Jamaica wasn’t completely getting away with the hacking like on Friday. USA players did a good job standing in and taking the fouls tonight. I guarantee everyone who played has bruises.

  77. Benny says:

    Great win by the U.S. but they needed to keep the pressure on. Also Klinsi should have subbed Demps. He was way too gassed. I think the ref stunk. He gives zusi a yellow and did not give yellows to Watson and others who deserved to be carded. Anyway, there is no reason for the U.S. to stop pushing.They have to keep on the pressure. They are on top of the group and will finish there.

  78. Roy says:

    Amen, man.

    I’ll throw in Break Shea as useless, and Edu as a poor passer.

  79. GW says:

    No reason?

    US fans never ever give credit to the other guy. You want a reason? How about after we scored Jamaica now had a real need to score themselves. So, after doing almost nothing for 45 minutes they increased their own level of play.

    Another reason? Very few teams not named Spain can keep up that level of play for 90 minutes.

    The US did well. Enjoy it while you can. Qualification is still a long way from assured.

  80. Old School says:

    I’m puzzled by your response. Perhaps you read Benny’s post incorrectly?